217-I'll tell you later that I'll be ready for the bri...

'Hey, you guys!Let's get ready for the party!

There are idiots.
A huge crowd of idiots.

''Shake your antennae!Shake your wings!Don't hesitate to shake your big tits!

The one who is leading the charge and encouraging the people is ...... well, me.

''That's a lot of heat.
''That's because it's the first festival in a long time!
'No, Mr. Umaro!It's my first wedding!
'You should change your ...... mind.'
'Yes, sir!I'm at Magda's mercy!
'What?I said the same thing first!Hey, Mr. Umaro!Hey, look at me!Oh no!

Everything in my way has been removed.
All that's left is to make it a big party!

We've spent a lot of time running around since we started talking about having a wedding.
From here on, we'll roll up our sleeves and get ready at a rapid pace.

'Ukrines!How's the dress and antennae catsuit coming along?
'They're coming along without a hitch. The wedding dress has been made with a bit of flair, so please look forward to it.

Uclines smiles quietly but reassuringly.
Okay, the dress should be fine.

'There's just one problem: ......'
'There is!'

It was unusual for Ukrines to say something like that.
All at once, my anxiety begins to rise.

'Half-naked tights man...... excuse me, it's Mr. Thibault's clothes.'
'What ...... is Ukrines a person with a lot of back and forth?If so, I'll be careful how I treat him in the future. ......'
'Hmmm. If you love clothes, you'll be fine.

Thibaut is a clothes desecrator.

'No matter what kind of clothes I put on Mr. Thibaut, Wendy would burst out laughing. ......'
'You can't help it there.
'But if we don't, the bride will be half-laughing the whole time. ......'

Oh my god!You're dragging me down everywhere, that perverted tights man!

'It can't be helped!Until the wedding, lock the clothed Tibor and Wendy in the same room and force them to get used to each other!

Wendy screams out.
What are you so surprised about?We're family, right?

''Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh... Hero-sama!That's right, if you do that, I ...... will probably ......'
'Are you saying that your facial muscles will collapse and you'll be left smiling?
'No, that .................. criminal record is ......'
'What the hell are you doing?

You're freaking me out!
I'll try not to piss Wendy off. I'll try not to.

'I'll do my best!I will make a bloody effort not to laugh at my own father!So please be generous!
'...... That's a hell of a thing to say about your father.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's going to get laughed at by your daughter for wearing clothes.

'Well, Wendy. Think of it as your bridal training, and work hard.
'Is this what bride training is like at ......, yes. I'll do my best!

It's Wendy, anyway.
I'm sure she's already perfect at cooking and washing. That's the type of person she is.

............, I thought.
Theron's acting weird.

'What's wrong?'
'No,......, I'd be happy if you could do the other bridal training as well,.......'

What's with this guy?
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Hero-sama, do you remember Medora-san?
'If you ever forget that thing, it's probably when your brain delt all your memories.

It's the kind of thing that sticks in the hippocampus until the very end, his memory.

'Do you know what her cooking is like?
'Oh, you mean "Grilled Hexenbiest", right?She served it to me once before.

I don't think I'll be eating it again.

'I've had the opportunity to eat with her before, but ............ Wendy's cooking is very similar to that.
'That's not true!Oh my god, Theron. You're overreacting. Even I'm not that devastated.

Poison, poison!
You're spreading a little poison!

'By the way, what's Wendy's specialty?
'Yes, sir. I'm sure you've heard of it.

You just tore off a piece of lettuce and put it on a plate, didn't you?
That's not cooking.

It's not a dish.

Theron says with a thin twitch of a smile.

'Fresh grilled fish sashimi wrapped in herbs, unbaked'.
'Something's not right here!

It's already a 'unique dish'.
It's just sliced grilled fish wrapped in fresh herbs, isn't it?

I've heard of .......
I've heard a lot about it!

I heard it all!Magda and Loretta suddenly appeared.
I turned around and saw Ginette and Estella, as well as Delia and Norma.

'...... Wendy needs bride training.'
'I need it!I'll train her even now!
'Yes, but... Theron will do his best to eat my cooking.'
'No, Wendy ......, make him a dish that he can eat without having to work hard.'

Estella made a good point.

'Besides, if you want something good to eat, Theron can make it for you!
'It would be nice to share the household chores.
'But you know what? But don't you want him to have some delicious homemade salmon?

What's homemade salmon? ......

'That's because ...... if I could, I'd love to make them happy with my homemade food. ............ But I've never had anyone to teach me how to cook. ......'

I see.
He's been living alone since he was a kid, right?
He never had a chance to learn to cook from his mother. Then it makes sense that he's a terrible cook.

'Hey, Norma.'

Delia turns her pure eyes to Norma.

'You're a professional bride trainer, right?You should teach her.'
'I'm not a pro!I'm just good at housework in general, as a woman.

Just because it's the truth doesn't mean you can say everything you want.

'I'll never tell you!You'll have to look elsewhere!
'That's the kind of stingy thing you'll get from .......'
'It's not that there aren't any!It's just that you're not here right now!

I don't dare to ask how long this 'a little while now' has been going on.

'...... question. How long has this 'little now' been going on ......?
'Yes, Magda stop!

I pick Magda up and instead of holding her mouth, I fluff her ears.
I don't want to see you cry, Norma, I do. I don't want to see Norma cry. ............ She looks like such a pain in the ass.

'...... Mwah.'
'Aiming for that, I deliberately made a dangerous statement. ............ Magda, you've improved your skills again!
'You're steadily becoming able to control Yashiro, Magda.

Loretta and Estella reveal their faces in fear.
Who is being manipulated.
No ............, right?

'...... That's a good idea.'
'Yes!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we'll be relatively free until the wedding.

The preparations for the wedding will keep Umaro and the others from Torbeck's store, Bertina and the other matrons from the church, and the dressmakers led by Ukrines very busy.
Those in the food business had nothing to do but make prototypes of the menu.
The day before is going to be a battlefield, though.

'So, if I may be so bold, let me teach you how to cook to the best of my knowledge.

Ginette might be a good cooking teacher, since she had taught the people in Sirach's house to cook.

'...... I'm willing to teach Magda while I'm at it.
'Ah!Yes, yes!Then I'll do the same!
'I think I'll learn too, ......, in case of emergency.'
'Then I'll do the same!I'll be able to make more than just salmon and surprise Yashiro!
'That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to join you then.
''''What, you still need more bride training? ''''
It's a great idea!I want to become a better cook!

Ginette is a pro at this. Well, she is a professional.

''Then, we're going to have a cooking lesson at the Sunlit Pavilion!

Ginette announced the opening of the meeting with a rather happy face.
Since it's a good opportunity, I'd like to learn how to cook too.
Then, we all went to the sunny pavilion.

'Come on, everyone. Let's cook up a storm.

The one who took charge of the place was, as expected, ...... Bertina.
I think her sense of smell has reached the realm of the divine, don't you?I think his sixth sense is really close to his sense of smell.

'...... Yashiro is positive.'
'I think there's something behind this .......'

That's not true.
I've already seen this coming. It's not a good idea to waste time fighting against it, and the ingredients for the dish were bought in bulk at a reasonable price at the sunny pavilion.
If you cook with these ingredients and leave Bertina satisfied, you can ............ then make a prototype of the food for the wedding.
He uses first-class ingredients that are both tasty and expensive. I can't compete with Bertina's warriors.

Let's fill her up while we can and send her away.

'So, what are you cooking?

Delia was more enthusiastic than Wendy. She has a prime seat next to Jeannette. '......, come on.

'Delia. House.
'What's that, Yashiro?I want to be a good cook too!
'...... If you're a good boy, you'll receive a carapace at the end of the day.
I don't care if I'm on the edge!I don't mind being on the edge!

Delia moves to the edge of the workbench with Magda's help.
Good job, Magda. At ......, does 'carapo' mean caramel popcorn?

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.

So, I guess Ginette's plan is that if it's a different day, we can focus on Delia or Magda.
How sweet, Ginette. To anyone.

'So, Wendy. What kind of cooking would you like to learn?'
'Anything's fine. I'll put any fresh vegetables on top!

Why are you only allowed to serve it on top?
Use the fire, use the fire!

''Tell her what Ginette recommends.''
'What?I'm not sure what to do............. Well...'

Perhaps Ginette has too much of a repertoire to make such a decision.
In the first place, I don't think she understands the feelings of people who can't cook. Only those who are not good at it can understand what is difficult and how to start learning.

'...... suggestions'

Magda offers a helping hand to the troubled Jeannette.

'...... I recommend takoyaki.'
'That's just because you want to look smug that you can do it better than the rest of us!
'...... Mmm. Yashiro is too sharp.'

No, no, I get it!

'Yes, yes!I think it would be good to have coffee then!
'Other than Magda, does anyone else have a request?
'Big brother, please stop ignoring me!

Loretta, you.
What kind of newlywed family serves coffee as a side dish for dinner?
It doesn't go well with rice, does it?I'll make you coffee tea and feed you.

'Then may I make a request?

Norma raises her hand with a slender, seductive hand.

I see. Norma might be able to suggest a beginner's dish or something easy to understand.
After all, she's a professional bride trainer.

'So, Norma-san. What would you like to learn?
'Yashiro's favorite food.'

All eyes are on me.
......?My favorite food?

'Oh,...... Oh. You're right, I'd like to learn that too.
'...... Hmm. That's Norma. You're a badass.
'She's a bad girl.'
'Shut up, will you?There's nothing wrong with that....... I just want to feed you a good meal when you come to my house.'
'...... You're so clever!
'Very clever!
'Oh, come on. Don't say that about Magda and Loretta. You're just too old for that.'
'You know, you're the worst, Delia!

The kitchen is getting crowded.
...... Well... What should I look like?

'You're a popular guy, aren't you, Yashiro?

Estella gives me a cold stare as she fumbles with her knife. It's ....... It's kind of scary, the collaboration of the knife and that gaze.

Pan!Ginette says in a cheerful voice, clapping her hands.
What's my favorite food? ...... What are you going to make?

'......Hmm, speaking of Yashiro's favorite dish,......'
'Oh, that.'

Magda and Loretta said with a look that said, 'I got the idea.

'...... boob pudding.'
'That's for sure!
'That hero-sama. Pudding for dinner is ......'
'Be careful with your assumptions, they can hurt people sometimes, can't they?'

If Jeannette starts making titty pudding here, I'm going to run away from home.
It's all ...... too much of an image, and it's being misunderstood.
I'll just deny it.

It's not titty pudding that I like!It's the raw boobs!
'Yes, everyone, wash your hands! Oh, Yashiro. Can you move out of the way?

I've been solemnly removed by Estella in the corner of my kitchen. ...... Isn't it awful?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to get a chair in the corner of the kitchen and sit there all alone. I'm not sure what to do.

'So, Mr. Manager!What are you going to teach me?
'...... I want something on a level that Magda can make.'
'Do you want to post it?Mr. Manager?'
'Salmon is good, but not salmon this time?What?
'If you can, I'd like you to tell me about the secret ingredient of this .......'
'I don't care what it is, why don't you make it soon?I've been waiting for you for a long time.
'Um, everyone, please calm down!We'll start right away!We'll start right away!

The members of the group who were closing in on Ginette, and Ginette who was being closed in on.
It must be hard to deal with such a dense group of people.

'It's really ...... very popular, isn't it, Yashiro?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm not sure what to say.

''''' Scrap vegetables? '''''

All the members except Estella and Bertina nodded their heads.
They don't know the days when the only thing the Sunlit Pavilion could serve was stir-fried scraps.
Since the establishment of the Garbage Collection Guild and the start of receiving vegetables from Momat, the main dish has been stir-fried vegetables, and since the reconciliation with the Peddler's Guild, they rarely serve scrap vegetables to customers.
It still remains in the corner of the menu, but I rarely see it nowadays.

'As for me, this is a nostalgic menu.

'I liked it too, you know.

The 'too' in Bertina's 'too' tickled me strangely.

'Yashiro, do you like that?
'I'm surprised.
'...... Yashiro likes things that are surprisingly poor.'
'I know that!The skin is nutritious, isn't it?

Well, if you say so... ............

That was the first time I ate Jeannette's homemade food.

...... Ew. That tickles.
That's your favorite food. ............ Oh, that tickles.

'This dish may look simple, but it requires a lot of preparation and great care in cooking. I think it's good for practice. And the ingredients are inexpensive, too.

That's true.
If you don't use the proper cooking method for each vegetable, you'll end up with raw or burnt vegetables, making this a rather difficult dish to prepare.

I thought this was going to be a relaxed cooking class, but ...... I think Ginette might be pretty spartan.

'So, let's start with the big ones and prepare them in order.

With Ginette's order, the bridal training of the forty-two district girls began.

'...... This is going to take quite a while,......, isn't it?

The only person next to me whining was a sister who had no intention of becoming a bride. ...... Well, let's ignore that.

'Aaah!............Ugh, I cut my finger.'
'...... Loretta is a screw-up.'
'Huh. ...... I'm embarrassed.'
'No, Loretta!That's good!That's an essential skill for a new wife!High points!
'What, did she just compliment me?

Cut off your finger and suck your index finger into your mouth. ...... I like that!
I'm not going to get into the details of saliva or hygiene at this point!I'm not going to get into that.I'm sure you'll agree.
...... Well, I'd kick your ass if you dribbled it all over my side dish.

Ideally, the man would say, "You idiot. ...... Are you okay? The best thing to do is to lick your index finger while saying, 'Are you okay?
'Huh?Is that so ......?
'Well, that's a promise.
'Hmm, ............, then ......, please!

And then Loretta holds out a thinly sliced forefinger. The ...... tip of her finger is slightly wet.

...... Yeah. No, no, no.

'It's just an example of what two newlyweds should do. ...... Now, no.'
'Niyo!I'm sure you're right.I'm not sure what to make of it.

Don't pick up on the 'now' in 'not now'.
It'll make it more meaningful.

'Okay!I'll cut it too!
'The food!

Delia was about to cut her finger with all her might. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing, and how you're going to do it. ...... You're going to be completely cut off if you use that kind of power. ...... It's not going to be a disaster if you use that kind of power.

'...... Medrama has broken knives before in situations like this .............'
'The episode is as rich as ever, Medora!

The finger and the knife made contact and the knife lost!
It's steel!

'I used to cut my fingers when I was inexperienced, too.
'You're talking about when you were young?

Hey, Delia.
Since Norma went to the trouble of saying 'while you were still young', that's fine.

'Well, well. Cutting your fingers is just the beginning. That wound will heal with some licking.'
'So Norma used to lick herself?

I don't know if I needed to add the word 'by myself' to that.

Well, judging from Norma's reaction, there probably wasn't.

'Sorry,......, cooking is all about getting used to it. You'll get better and better at it.
'So it'll take a long time to get to Norma's level.
'Delia, are you trying to fight with me?
'What?I'll give you my honest opinion at ......!

'That's why you're so bad at honest opinions!
'It's not safe to be violent in the kitchen!
'Both of you have knives!

Ginette and Estella stopped the beastmen who were staring at each other.
I can't handle it if they get serious.
I can't help it: ......

'Ah, I can't wait to eat it. I can't wait to try Norma's soothing taste and Delia's first attempt at rice.
'Come on, manager. Let's make it quick and easy!
'That's right. The palm ...... is waiting for you!
'...... Ah, yes. Then let's hurry up.
'......You people are so ............ simple.'

Estella's gaze turns to me.
You just made the two rampaging men quiet.

You know, Yashiro-san.

Bertina, who was sitting next to me and watching the whole mess, said in a calm voice.

'Could you please tell everyone to make it in forty seconds?
' "'Wait a little longer.'
'Ugh ......Yashiro-san is very strict sometimes ......'

A gloomy foodie sister.
You're the one with the biggest problem here. Especially when it comes to food.

'If you don't hurry, we won't have time to eat the delicious food that Yashiro-san and Ginette will be making for the wedding later. ......' Fidgeting.

I can't believe it.

You're going to eat it too, aren't you?

'Ms. Wendy. Your work seems to be going well.
'Yes, sir. Cooking is fun when you try it.''
'Mm-hmm. It is, isn't it?'

Jeannette is talking to Wendy.
I'm glad to see that Wendy is enjoying herself.

'But you should use a knife when cutting vegetables.
'You're tearing them up again, Wendy!

'If you're going to say that cooking is fun to try, you should learn the basics first!

'I'm sorry, Hero-sama. I have a little bit of confidence in my grip strength. ......'
'No, it's fine that you're confident, but ............ Jeannette, teach him.'
'Yes, sir.

Well, it's a cooking class.
This is probably a good place to start.
Eventually, you should be able to make something reasonable.

'Hey, manager~'
'Yes, sir. What is it, Ms. Delia?
'I'm out of vegetables.
'...... You cut them too finely.'
'How finely did you cut them?

...... This is not the first time I've done this.
Who said anything about turning vegetables into powder?

'...... Manager.'
'Yes, sir. What can I do for you, Mr. Magda?
'...... It was delicious.'
'Don't eat it, man!

What's with the satisfied look on your face?

'Mr. Manager!
'Ha, yes. What's the matter, Loretta-san!
'I want something to happen, but I can do it normally!
'That's fine, Loretta!

You're too frightened of being 'normal'!It's okay to be normal!
There are times when normal is good!

'Hey, Jeannette!
'Ah, yes.
'This knife has a beautiful edge. ...... Where do you sell them?'
'Don't show any interest in knives, you knife freak!

Somebody get serious about cooking!

'Mr. Store Manager. How about something like this?
'Wow!Norma, you're very good!Your knife work is perfect!

'As expected of Norma.'
'Hmm. It's just like this in my hands.
''With that, how did you get a wife from ......?''
''Shut up, you three beastly girls!

So, Norma. Don't wield the knife. See?

And so the cooking class went on for several hours.
During the course of the class, we gave some of the prototypes to the guests (mainly Umaro and his associates) who came along, and by the time dusk was falling, Wendy was able to make something reasonable.

'It might be interesting to serve a dish made by the bride at the wedding reception.
'Oh, that's a good idea. Let's have them come a little early and mix one in with Theron's meal.'
'What?I wonder if I can do that?
'I'll see what I can do. Ginette will.
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you!
'Then, please take care of .......'

The wedding was in a little over two weeks.
The forty-second district was once again bustling with activity before the festival.

By the way.
According to what Theron told me later, Wendy treated Theron to a home-cooked meal after the cooking class.

'The stir-fried torn vegetables were very delicious! ......, she said.

............ Wendy. You don't know how to use a knife yet. You need a refresher course.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.
Assunto's been--

'The last few days, more and more people have been asking for scraps instead of vegetables. ...... What did you do, Mr. Yashiro?

-- or so he asked. ...... It's not my fault.