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People are creatures that are easily influenced by the atmosphere.
No matter what kind of race you are or what kind of character you have, you are influenced by the atmosphere around you in no small way.

A famous myth. Even the sullen Amaterasu could not sustain negative emotions such as anger, resentment, sadness and loneliness in a pleasant atmosphere, as described in the story of Amagiwato.



'Oh ~~~~yyyyyyy ~~~~!Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~!'

I sang and danced to a cheerful rhythm.

What's going on, it's so noisy in the morning!

As we sang and danced to the cheerful rhythm, an angry Valeria appeared in front of us.
...... Funny. She's having so much fun, but she's not smiling at all.

'Yashiro-san. Aren't you having enough fun?'
'Okay, you guys!Speed it up!

Zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod!
Zundad zundad zundad zundad zundad zundad zundad zundad!
Zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod zundadod!

'Don't you dare!You're disturbing the neighbors!
'Yashiro-san, aren't you being too violent?
'Okay, you guys!Slow rhythm!

Zun, da, dong, toto, zun, da, dong, toto.
Zun-da-dot-tot, zun-da-dot-tot.
Zun, da, dood, toto, zun, da, dood, toto.

'Enough!What is it!Are you here to harass me?

Hmm. Apparently, the Cirque de Jassilontu entertainment group is not well received.
Was it because they didn't have acrobatic performances like the original?

'But, but. Ms. Valeria came out properly, didn't she? It was a great success!
'No, Ginette-chan ......, great success is indeed an overstatement.'

Ginette is getting excited by the cheerful rhythm, and Estella is unable to be cheerful due to her original cynical nature.
Estella. You need to be more honest. Dancing is good, right?Isn't it fun?
That's it, folks. Let's get Estella in the mood for some fun!

Zundadood, zundadood, zundadood, zundadood!

'Oh, ~~~~, oh, ~~~~!Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~!'
'Can you please not do this to me!I'm a little scared.

It's funny, because I'm having so much fun playing .......

'...... Yashiro likes this kind of thing that makes others feel uncomfortable, doesn't he?

Estella is looking at me with a dumbfounded expression.
...... What the hell is he talking about?I don't get it at all.


Umaro, dressed in the native garb of the Americas, comes running towards me like a decorated hero of his people.
He points to Estella and explains to me.

'Bongo, baba moru, eere oo'.
'What's that?What's that?

Estella is confused, so I have no choice but to explain the situation to her.

'I'm an interpreter.
'You don't need one!There's forced translation magic!
'I mean, you're really speaking the language right now, aren't you?

You know. He doesn't understand anything about "direction".
By paying attention to details like this, Valeria will open the door of her closed mind and listen to us more openly.

'Yashiro-san, we're in trouble!Valeria-san is going home!
'Wait!Wait, wait, wait!Uma~ro!

'BONGO!Ba-ra-bo, er-er-er-oh!
'Oomarot, we don't need an interpreter!Are you guys going to be serious?

Estella, who always complains about the nice combination of me and Oumarro.
Hahaha~ ...... So you want to mix it up, huh?

'Hahaha ......, so you want to mix it up, huh?
'...... I'm going to stab you?'
'Oumalo . No, of course not. Think about it for a second.'
'Huh?I don't know what it is, but I feel so betrayed!

If someone flashed a knife at you, you'd turn.
Oumalo. It's your fault.

Your fault. Every time you come here, you make a scene. ...... Do you have something against us?
'Why is that?We're so friendly.'
'What's wrong with that?I'll tell you when you get rid of that fancy feather first!

Apparently, they don't like the native costumes of the Americas.

'It can't be helped. I don't have any spare clothes, so let's talk naked.
'Wait, wait, wait!Wait a minute!Did you come here dressed like this?You're from District 42, aren't you?Are you an idiot?

You idiot.
We didn't have room to change so we just wore it from home.
That's just cosplay etiquette.

'Let me introduce our members. This is Umaro, Bekko and Use from the rhythm section.'
'Don't imprint unnecessary information on my brain!I don't even want to remember them, they're such a nasty group!
'Pfft!I've been told I'm in a nasty group!
'Hey, you're a nasty leader.
'By all accounts, the leader of the band is Mr. Yashiro, that he is.'
'I have no objection.

Three beautiful people dressed like natives of the Americas saying terrible things. That's disgusting.

'Hey, Use......, you've completely turned into one of them, haven't you?
'Ugh, shut up!My ...... mom told me to cooperate with you. ............ Clench your fists.'
'It's tough being a guild member, huh? I feel sorry for you.'
'I'm sorry, ...... I'm so lucky to have a good lord.'

Use and Estella are creating a kind of damp atmosphere.
I don't like it when they give me that kind of air this time.

'What happened to you, Car ............?The forty two districts!

As usual, a half-naked Tibor in black tights comes out of the house.

'...... Ah, you didn't like Ukrines clothes,...... hmmm...'
'No, no, no!No, no, no, no, no, no, no!It was a waste to wear it to bed!I don't want it to get wrinkled, and I'm the one who drools in my sleep!

Thibaut made a desperate excuse.
He must be really scared of Uclines.

'Oh, by the way. I thought Ukrines was coming to District 35 today.
'I'll go get dressed!I'm going to get dressed right now!

Thibaut turned around and ran into the house.
He's been trained well.

'What are you up to this time?
'Scheming? ............ Do I look like I'm going to do that?
'I see you!That's what it looks like to me.

Oh, man. You'll always be a hard ass.

'What are you going to do?This time, we're going to have a fun atmosphere to get him to agree to our demands! You were saying that. The atmosphere is terrible.
'It's difficult, isn't it ......, you see, because I can only get along with big breasts.
'That's probably some kind of sarcasm against me, but if I admit it, I'll admit that I don't have big tits, so I won't admit it.
'Shut up about it!What the hell is this?

It's a little after five in the morning.
The sky is dark, and the city is probably still in the midst of sleep.

'Don't shout so loud. You're a nuisance to the neighborhood.
'Whose fault is it?

That would be you, your mother, who didn't educate you properly, or else ......

'...... Umaro?
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

I'm sure he's excited to wear a costume he doesn't normally wear.
Oumalo's in a groove.

'If you don't have anything to say, please leave. I don't have anything to say to you.
'I have business. That's why I'm here.
'I don't see any here.
'What, I told you in advance I'd be back.'I'll be back.' If you don't keep your word, you'll be turned into a frog.'
'Think of the time and the situation!
'Scales, you're flying.'
'............, you're flying!

That's not how it works. You can't just say that. ......

'Well then, I guess I'll formally invite you.
'What's wrong with you, you ...... creepy.'

I acted like a gentleman and held out my hand to Valeria.

'There's something I want you to follow me to. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.'

Staring at my hand, Valeria remained silent.
I don't know what kind of emotion she was expressing, but her antennae were fluttering busily.

'Hmm,......, who's going to lick your ...... advances, you little shit? You're ten years too young to be asking me out.

says the woman who has fallen for the perverted tights man.
I'm sure this tsundere ...... is a little slippery.

'Don't say that. ...... Will you go to the flower garden with me, young lady?

When she consciously uttered a low, dandy voice, scales scattered from Valeria's body. The scales scattered from Valeria's body. Hey!Stop flying!

'Shh, shh, shh, I can't help it, it's only for a little while!

My heart's in turmoil!
You're going crazy!

'...... Yashiro. I'm afraid of you.
'I didn't think you'd be this naive either, ......'

Really, I'm just a little worried. The honesty of the bug people.

'Wait, wait, wait!

Tibor came running out of the house, wearing a custom-made dress.
He's angry, and his scales are flying all over the place.

'Don't you dare touch Ka-chan, I won't let you!
'You ......'

Tibor stood in front of me with Valeria at his back, protecting him.

'I'm not going to do anything to Valeria. I just want to show you something. You should come with me.'
'No!How many sub-systems have shed tears because of your sweet talk like that? ............!

He clenched his fist,......, and his fist shook, as if afraid of us,......, but Tibor dared him strongly.

'I'll protect you, Ka-chan!
'You ............ haven't been ...... cool ...... in over twenty years,' he said.

I've had enough of old people making out with each other. Can you please stop?
I don't know what to do.

'What the hell?I don't care what you say, I'm not backing down!
'......In the 42nd district, a mysterious overnight stay.'
'Ka-chan!This guy looks like a gentleman. ...... No, he's a gentleman!I guarantee it!Let's go with him!It'll be good!Even if it doesn't, let's go!What?Curtis?For God's sake!

Thibaut has fallen.


Hey, Estella.
Can you please stop calling my name with that sigh?This is for everyone, right?I'm doing my best, right?

I mean, what's the point of calling someone's name and then not saying anything?

'Miss Valeria. If you're not busy, could you spare a few minutes of your time today?
'Umm ............ mmm. But hey ......'

Ginette speaks to Valeria with a face devoid of hostility.
Valeria also seems to be unable to come on strong with Ginette, and is slurring her words.

Ginette. Isn't your aura of warmth just too cool?
I want one of those.

'...... Okay. I'll follow you.'
'Thanks for the ............ help, Kar-chan!
I'm not sure why you're the first to thank me.I don't understand your husband, at all!

Because, depending on your reply, Tibor's life will be buried in the dark by ...... you, of all people.

'So, where are you taking me this early in the morning?
'I think I told you before, the flower garden.
'...... What are you doing in the flower garden this early in the morning?'
'Hmm?Oh, no. We're still getting ready, so I guess ...... we'll go out around ten o'clock.'
'Then why are you here so early in the morning?

No, because.
If you came just in time and I wasn't home, it would be a disaster, right?
We're trying to move a huge number of people, and we can't just go to ...... and say 'Canceled! You can't just say, 'I'm canceling!

'Book it!
'You've got to learn some common sense and civility!
'Are you telling Yashiro to 'die'?
'It's impossible for Yashiro-san to do something so advanced!
'If you can do it, I can do it myself at ......!
'In this world, it's important to give up, ma'am.
'All right, Estella, Umaro, Becco and Use. Come on, one by one, I'll take you on.

I have common sense and decency!
I've got common sense and decency!

'Well then, I guess you've decided to join ...... Ginette, Estella.'
'I've been waiting for you.'

Ginette and Estella pinned Valeria from both sides.
In their hands is a large bag. In the bag is the coat of arms of Uclines' store.

'What's ...... this, you guys?

Valeria steps aside as Ginette and Estella lean in close.
Thibaut seems to have completely given up on helping his wife. He's standing upright next to her.

Come on, Valeria. Let's give it up.

Let's get this over with!

At my signal, Ginette and Estella pounced on Valeria.

At ......, it's about ten o'clock in the morning. It's about time.

'What's with all the ...... flouncy clothes?

Valeria is grumbling and complaining.
You can find a lot more information on the web at .............
I'm not sure what to do.

'Car ............ is beautiful'.
'What?What are you talking about?You're an embarrassing husband in front of people................... But I'm happy. Thank you.

Aah!I've had enough of your elderly lovemaking!
Wendy!Theron!I don't care if it's you guys, just let me see some fresh lovemaking!

I'm not sure if I like the sound of these shoes, but I think I do.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that suits you.

'It suits you well, that yukata'.

As Ginette said, Valeria's yukata was quite a sight to behold.
It reminded her of the good old days of Japan, with its quaint finish.

There was only one thing to do with it on.

'Ka, Ka-chan!Over there!You're doing something!

Thibaut notices something strange in the garden.
Normally the garden is filled with the laughter of insects and the scent of sweet flowers, but today it is filled with the smell of savory sauce and the sound of drums.

A festival in the 35th district!

Let's go to the 35th district carnival!

'...... What the hell is this?

When we arrived at Hanazono, the atmosphere of the festival filled our vision at once.
Stalls and stalls. And happily milling around them are the yukata-clad Bug People.
These are the yukata for the winged people, prepared by Ukrines for today's event.


'You're late, anchovy.

Lucia and the other 'tentacled' humans.

'My lord has antennae. ......'

Valeria peeled her eyes open and looked around at the humans in the area.
The Bug People were dressed in yukata, and the humans dressed in the same clothes had tentacles growing from their heads like the Bug People.

The sight was more than enough to shake the entrenched stereotypes of those who thought they were a subspecies or a sub-lineage.

Currently here are Siraha's tribe of swallowtail butterflies, and Kabriael's group of movers. And their companions and those who agreed with our idea.
The Bug People who came to the Garden later could borrow yukata if they wished.
Humans will also be given antennae if they wish.

I also wear a ...... antennae catsuit on my head, though it is hidden by a magnificent feathered headdress, like the heroes of the Native Americans. They made me ............ do it. I've been forced to wear a tentacle catsuit on my head by the silent pressure of Jeannette and Millie. ...... You're looking at me with those sparkly eyes, d*mn it.

'Hey, hey, hey!Sound the drums, you bastards!
'''Hey, master!'''
''Don't lose to the river fishing guild, you guys!

The river fishing guild and the hunting guild are beating their drums in competition.
''Delia, you're really going all out.

''Would you like some baby sponge cake?
'District 42's specialty, hexenbiest sausage!It's delicious!
'...... connoisseurs should eat takoyaki first.

The specialties of the Forty-second District are lined up on the stalls.
The cheerful voices of the sign girls arouse the appetite of the spectators.

'Limited-time, nectar-flavored popcorn!
There's also ...... nectar candy!

Hammaro and Milly are serving food from their collaboration with the 35th district.
No need to pay for it!We don't use the nectar from the garden for business.

Instead, all expenses are paid by the lord.

Is this a routine, or was it the sound of noise that lured you here?
The insects from the thirty-five districts gathered in the flower garden one after another.

They are all gazing at the new dishes, amazed at the humans with sprouting antennae, and envious of the pretty yukata.

There were no racial barriers there.
Just a bunch of people with sparkling eyes trying to enjoy the moment.

'This is ......'.

Valeria let out a breath as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

'It's possible.'

Valeria affirms the words she was about to deny.
Don't tell me that this is impossible.

'This is normal. No one is going to change.

The insects enter the garden, fearful, but still curious.
Guided by the staff we had prepared, some of them began to wear yukata.

This is how we absorb and imitate each other's good things.
New cultures are born from such exchanges.

'Let's not draw boring lines anymore.

Quickly, I point with my chin to the middle of the flower garden.
Valeria and Thibault both look at ......

'Yes, Mr. Orkio. Ah~n.'
'Ah~n ............, that's so good, Shirapin.'

The old man and the old woman, wrapped in a peach-colored space, were making out.


Siraha is flirting with a human.
That must be a shocking sight for these guys.

...... But first, you should be surprised at how much weight Siraha has lost.
How can you recognize it, seeing that drastic change?

'What the hell did you do to ............ this?
'It's simple.'

Pointing at the people in the flower garden who were making a lot of noise, I said clearly.

'I'm just showing them that it's definitely more fun if we all make a fool of ourselves together.

The yukata-clad Bug People are telling the tentacled humans about the nectar of a recommended flower.
We buy takoyaki from a stall, learn how to eat them, and share half of them.

There was a scene that was natural for me, but shocking for them.

'Hey!It's Yashiro's brother!

From outside the garden, Kabriel called out to me with a big wave.

'Can I try a shot?
'Oh!I'll take care of it!

Fireworks in the morning.
They may not be the most beautiful, but the sound of them will blow the minds of everyone present.
We'll have to wait until the wedding day for the real thing.

'What the hell are you doing this time, ......?

Before Valeria could say anything else, a flower of flame bloomed in the sky above the 35th district.
There was an explosion that echoed down the bank, and everyone present looked up at the sky at once.
White smoke was floating in the sky.

'That thing you see at night is so beautiful.
'............I can't catch up with your understanding. ......'

Valeria's brow furrowed as events beyond her comprehension continued to unfold.
You're a hard man to please.
You should just enjoy the atmosphere.

'It's called fireworks. We couldn't have done it without your help.
'Yeah. I'll show you the finished product at Wendy's wedding, so help me out, okay?'
'Who's ............ to begin with, I haven't approved anything like that yet ......'

Valeria averted her stern face.
A voice calls out to Valeria.

'...... Wendy.'

Wendy and Theron are standing in the flower garden.
They are standing side by side.
Dressed in stylish formal wear.

'Hey, what's ......, I don't need you to call me mother. ......'
'That's why I'm ......!
'--!I don't need you to call me mother any more than you need me to call you mother!

Theron steps in front of Wendy.
Not intimidated by Valeria, who was bared her fangs at him, he stood tall and approached her with firm steps, step by step.

Standing in front of Valeria and Thibaut, he bowed to each of them.

'I apologize for the delay in greeting you.
'B, I don't need you to greet me.

Valeria turned away.
But Theron is not intimidated.
He looks straight at Wendy's parents and says in an unhurried voice.

'This time, many real people, including Hero-sama, have taken action. I don't think it's all for us. But the trigger was definitely our marriage story.

Valeria doesn't say anything.
But when Thibaut silently placed his hand on her shoulder, Valeria silently placed hers on top of it.

'And yet, I have no way to repay this favor. But ...... no, that's why.'

Theron clenched his fists.
His eyes and tone are determined and strong, and he declares clearly.

'I swear to you that I will spend the rest of my life making Wendy happy!To all who are here now!

If you break your vow, Frog--

That's how determined Theron showed himself to be.

'I'll definitely make you happy!No, I'll make us both happy!

Gently, Wendy stood next to Theron.
Hand in hand, she huddles close and turns her serious gaze to her parents.

'Please approve our marriage!
'Dad. Mother. Please!

Following Theron, Wendy bows her head.
Her waist bent at a right angle in a deep, deep bow.

In response, Valeria sniffed .......
As if sniffing, she breathed in a little roughly, ............ and with a stern face, she looked away to resist at least--

'Suit yourself!

--I said.

'Just do it!

And from that point on, with both eyes dyed red and a face as if about to cry--

'If you make my little girl cry, I'll fly to the 42nd district, the ends of the earth, or anywhere else and knock you down!Prepare yourself!

Theron's crisp reply echoed across the blue sky.

A round of applause erupted immediately afterwards.

'...... and ............, Mom!

Wendy ran out and jumped into Valeria's chest.
Wendy cries out loudly, without fear of being seen. She repositions her arms several times and pulls herself closer to her mother, as if looking for the most snug position.

'Ba, you idiot,......, who cries,......!
'I'm sorry ............ I'm sorry ............ I've been thinking about your mother ............'
'It's okay. You're an idiot. How many years do you think I've been your mother? ............ I know you, even if you don't say anything.'

So now the stubborn father and son have finally made peace.
The scales are flying all over the place. ............ Well, I guess I'll tolerate it.
In the meantime, shall we evacuate the takoyaki shop for a while?

'Your father............'

Thibaut pats Wendy on the head as she hugs her mother.
He seems to have approved of their marriage.
He has a calm expression on his face. He even looks like a father.

'Live your life the way you want to.
'O............ father...... father......... ...'

Wendy's shoulders shook slightly.
And ......


She blew out loud.

'Oh ...... God!Father, ......!He put on his clothes and ............ giggled. Oh!Oh, no!Don't look so serious with your clothes on, dad. ............ Oh, my stomach hurts. ............ You're laughing so hard!

You're laughing so hard!

What?What?It's not good for you?It looks good on you, doesn't it?
'......Oh, only half-naked ...... looks good on your father.'

I don't like my father like that.

'No, you're not!Take a good look!You know what?You think so, don't you?
'It doesn't look good on you.
'Mmmm ...... giggle giggle!
'Wait!Both of you!Isn't that too much?It's not too bad!

Although it is a bit perverted, from the outside it may look like a friendly family .......
It's a good idea.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

A handsome man is running briskly through the flower garden, waving his hand.

Oh, no.
I forgot to dig the pit.

'Thanks to you, hero!
'Is it because Thibaut got dressed?Then I'll go to Uclines at .......'
'No, no, we're going to get married ............!

Ah, yes.
There you go.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good, right?
We've been running around like crazy for it.
And all around us, the girls are getting all woozy watching this.
I don't know why Usse is frozen in place looking up at the sky. ...... Are you crying, old man?

It's a good thing.
Everyone's happy.
Now you can have your wedding without worry.
It's a happy ending.

Just sayin', Theron.

Blast it.
'Why not?

Do you really need a reason to blow up?

You said you wanted to see a fresh take on your lovemaking since all you've seen is the lovemaking of old ladies, but if you saw it, you'd be annoyed! But if I saw it, I'd be like.

'Blast it!
'You're the only one who can blow up!
'You're wanted!

Oh, I wonder if I'll be able to ...... see the wedding through to the end.

And so, that day, Hanazono became an even noisier place than usual.