191-Later, the 19th story is a good boy and girl.

'...... Welcome back.'
'............ Magda, did you bite me, now?'
'......What are you talking about?'
'Oh, ...... I did it on purpose.'

When Estella and I returned from Theron's place, Magda greeted us with a beastly tone.
The peak of the dinner time had passed and the night was getting late. There were no customers in the restaurant, and it was likely to be closed for the day.
So, this must be some kind of a game.

'When did it start, the beast girl fair?
'It's a service for Yashiro-san and Estella-san who worked hard.

Ginette comes out of the kitchen.
She holds a tray in her hand and walks over to us.

'I've prepared the dinner for you. Please eat.

It was night.
I was just about to get hungry.

'Estella-san, if you don't mind.
'Is that okay?That would be great. I'm starving.'

Estella was ready to take him up on his offer.
In that case, you should decline saying 'No, the time is also the time'. Around Kyoto, you'll be served 'bubuzuke'.
Well, in Ginette's case, I'm sure there's no such nuance at all.

'Have you guys eaten already?
'Yes. We've had it.'
'...... Today's pasta was excellent.'
'Hmm, thank you very much.'

Ginette looks pleased at the praise for her cooking.
Since we had been talking for about an hour at Theron's place, it seemed that everyone else had already finished their meals.
Well, it is the fate of those who work in restaurants that the number of customers increases during dinner time, so the time of eating is inevitably delayed.
It is very difficult to have a meal together except for breakfast at church.

'Hey, big brother. The manager taught me how to make coffee. Try it.

Hmmm... ...... Loretta still hasn't mastered 'nya'?
Change that 'nya' to 'ja' and you'll sound like an old lady. Like 'desuja'.

I take a seat and a cup of coffee is placed in front of me.
Ginette puts a cup of tea in front of Estella. Estella prefers tea to coffee.

'I'd like to hear your honest opinion.

In the morning, Magda brought me Ginette's coffee, which she pretended to have made herself, but this time it seems that Loretta really made it.
This time, it seems that Loretta really made the coffee. Loretta is looking at me with a nervous expression.


Sip on Loretta's brewed coffee. ........................ Bitter!

'......You,what did you do?'
'Huh?What?Um, well, I used the brewing method that the manager taught me as a base. ......'
''Based on'' ......?
'J, make your own arrangement: ......'
'Don't do anything unnecessary!
'Nyahuhu!My brother's mad at me!

It's not a 'nya', it's a 'nya'!
First, stick to the basics!Arrangement comes after that!Don't say 'arranged' or 'original' until you've been practicing for ten years!

'As punishment, drink it all.
'No, I can't!Even the regular one is bitter!

So you're aware that it's bitterer than normal, right? ......

'You should learn to taste it before you brew it. Until then, it's forbidden.

It's a waste of beans.
The demand for coffee has been increasing recently, you know.
Coffee jelly is now a popular menu item at the Sunlit Pavilion.
We can't waste coffee beans either.

'Is it so bitter that you can't drink it?
'Not so much, but I don't see the point in drinking it.
'Oh, I'll do it this way then!Add lots of milk and honey to ......!
'That's why you shouldn't arrange it like that!

I can't drink more sweetened coffee.

'Yashiro-san. Shall I go make you some more coffee?

Ginette asks, looking at Loretta's failed attempt.
Loretta's coffee is not very drinkable at all. ............

'No, I'm good with this.

I can't bear to waste the beans.

'Hey, big brother!

Suddenly Loretta is hugging my neck.
What's with you all of a sudden?

'I'll make it work this time!I'll make sure you drink the good stuff!
'Ah, yes, yes. If you do as you're told, you'll be able to brew something reasonable.'
'I'll make a good one, not a mediocre one!

That's why you make mistakes when you put too much effort into it.

'I see you've found the meaning of drinking.

Estella says knowingly with a cup of tea in her hand.
What's the point of drinking? It's a waste of beans, that's all.

'...... Yashiro is sweet.
'Oh, so that's why you can drink bitter coffee.'

What's that? You think you've said it well?
...... Don't grin.
If I throw away this coffee, Loretta will be very disappointed, that's all I'm thinking about.
It's bad, but it's not undrinkable. Of course she'll drink it.
And I'll tell her how bad it is. Don't make that mistake again.

'Hey, it's bad.'
'It's terrible!Well, this coffee may not be good, but...!But I can make other things delicious!
'Get away from me while I drink my coffee.
'No!I'm not leaving until you say, 'It's good!

No, you're Loretta.
Are you sure you want to say 'oui-ita'? ......

'What would you like to eat, both of you?

I'm not sure. I had just finished a cup of coffee that made me feel like I couldn't catch my breath, when I was asked what I wanted.
I hadn't decided what I was going to eat at all, but ......

'Well, I'll have the excellent pasta.
'Oh, I'll have the same.
'Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.

Ginette bowed and went into the kitchen.
Estella is relaxing with a cup of tea, but I can't relax at all because I'm obsessed with Loretta. We're not going to stay like this until the food comes, are we?
Magda is staring at me and Loretta, who is wrapped around my neck.

'...... Actually, the manager was eating the same thing as Magda.'

Recently, pasta has been gaining popularity.
It's heartbreaking to think that when it was first released, it was treated as a second-tier product.

'...... I mean.'

The corner of Magda's expressionless mouth lifts in a 'grin'.

'......Loretta is the only one left out.'
'Huh!I had an omelet today, by the way.
'What's wrong with that?
'I don't like it!Manager!Pasta for me too, please!

As if she had remembered, Loretta ran into the kitchen with her beastly daughter.
...... Don't eat dinner twice.

'Magda. You're amusing yourself, aren't you?'
'...... Loretta is, pretty.'

Magda responds to Estella's sigh with a satisfied 'mmm.
'Are you the type to tease your juniors or ...... your favorite girl?

'Loretta, don't do that. I'll give you a bite later.'
'No, I'm getting hungry after ordering. I can eat one serving!
'...... Don't eat two servings of bribes. I'll take your money.'
'Nyonyou!I'll take care of closing the store, preparing the bath, and locking the door before going to bed!I'll work to pay for the pasta!
'Loretta, you're desperate. ......'

Estella and Magda are smiling at Loretta as she makes a strong argument.
I don't know if ...... Loretta is loved or tormented.
I'm sure she's a well-liked and tormented character.

'Yashiro. I'm not sure what to do.

'No, I mean, ......'.

If you're going to work, I don't mind feeding you pasta. ...... Or, rather, I'm sure Jeannette will feed you whatever you want. ...... But I'm more concerned about something else.

'Loretta. Are you going to stay?
'No, I'm just saying I'm going to lock up and get ready for a bath.'
'I was ready to stay the night when Gilbet-chan said he was staying the night, you know?
'No, no, no. Gilberta, you left.''

Instantly, Loretta's eyes became a size larger and moistened.
''My heart is already in sleepover mode!It's too sad to leave with this excited feeling!
'No, no, you can stay here!You can stay here, but I was just wondering why. ...... Oh, God!Magda, go get Loretta her nightgown!
'...... Got it.'
'Aww!I love you and Magda!

Huh, I'm surprised. ......
You don't have to cry about anything: ......

'Is it really that sad that you're going to stay here and then it's not going to happen?
'Of course it is!It's enough to make your eyes go black for a moment.'
'Is it like that?
''That's how it is!

Loretta's eyes are serious. She has the eyes of a puppy who knows she's about to be abandoned.
Oh, so it's that bad.
If that's the case, Gilberta must have felt pretty lonely. ......
I'll give him a little service tomorrow. I don't know what would make him happy,......, but I'll do something for him.

'Hmm. You're nothing in front of a girl's tears, aren't you?
'No, you're not.
'Maybe next time I'll cry too. If it makes you feel better.
'Doesn't crying falsely get you in trouble with the 'Judgment of Spirits'?
'Well, I've never tried it.'

I'm sure Estella has never used false crying as a weapon.
She doesn't use that kind of trickery.
She's a too straightforward and stupid lord.

'Then Miss Estella!I'm sure he's never done anything like that before.
'Yes, ......, the meaning of 'without' is different.'
'Yes, but... But if you say 'meow', you'll be nicer to your brother.
'Yeah, what?Do people have that image of me?
'Yes, you do.
'That's why you say yours is a bit like a grandmother's.'
'Are you serious?

Hmm. She wasn't aware of it.
It's not something I'd bother to teach. ......

"The proper way to speak feline is like this!
"Is it like this?
"Wrong!More cute!Put your heart into it!

...... It's a stupid scene, that one.
I'm sure Magda can teach you if you need it. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. .................. But, don't you think?What is that, torture?

As if to drown out the unpleasant thoughts, the bouncing voice of Jeannette can be heard.
She brings in a pasta dish that is described as 'excellent' with dancing steps from the kitchen.

'It's Neapolitan.

A red pasta dish is placed on the table.
It is a Neapolitan with a tomato-based sauce, in the style of Yodamari-tei.
Sliced sausage and a slightly large green pepper add a nice accent.
'We did it,' Estella said, clapping her hands in delight.

'You look happy.
'Yeah. It's a little sweet, but I like it a lot, this pasta.
'I'd put Tabasco on it.

We make our own Tabasco.
Soak the chili in hot water with a little lemon and salt, let it sit for a while, and then grind it with vinegar.
When the mixture is thick, grind it to make it smooth to the tongue.

It's a simple and easy way to make Tabasco.

'I'm not a fan of that,......, it hurts my tongue.
'I don't like it either,.......'

The adult stimulus, which children cannot understand, is generally well received by Torbek's carpenters and other old men.
It is no exaggeration to say that thanks to him, the supporters of pasta have increased.

Sipping sweet and spicy Neapolitan in a sunny restaurant with no customers.
'Could you please not sip it noisily? The tomato sauce splashes and stains Estella's clothes, and Ginette happily reports, 'Grandma Mum said that since we started serving pasta, the number of stain removal jobs has increased.
They continued to eat, talking about nothing, and finished the meal in no time.

'So, Mr. Yashiro. What did Wendy say?

When I had finished my meal and Estella had finished hers, Ginette asked me while making tea.
She must have been waiting for us to eat. I like this kind of casual consideration, don't you, Ginette?
Learn from her, the women and children around you.

'Theron has to attend a meeting of the china guild tomorrow, so he can't make it.
'And you, Wendy?
'No, I told him Lucia personally asked me to come along, and he said he'd come alone.
'I see. Now, I'm sure Lucia-sama won't be upset.

Lucia will be upset if Wendy isn't here. ......
Well, I suppose that's true, but I suppose this call has something to do with 'who I want you to meet'.
Perhaps he decided that he should meet her.
From this, we can expect that the person we will meet tomorrow will be a beastman ...... who has a deep connection with humans.

Maybe it's not a pleasant story.
I don't know if I can take Jeannette with me. ............

'......?Is something wrong?'

I stared at him.
Ginette tilted her head curiously.
This guy has a tendency to be overly sensitive to people's negative emotions. It's unsettling.

'By the way, I was wondering...'

Estella asks Jeannette, wiping her mouth after eating.

'What did Millie want?

She walked to the sunlit pavilion at night with Nepheli as her bodyguard. ...... Well, Nepheli was the one who volunteered to do it.
He must have had some business to attend to.

'Actually, sir.

A smile bloomed on Ginette's face, as if she had been waiting for that question.

'Millie-san gave me something good.

Then, Ginette put a small package on the table.
It was about the size of a candy ball, covered with a paper wrapper - it was indeed a candy ball.

'Millie says she grew the flowers from Becco's place and made them with the nectar from the flowers that are not honey.
'What about ..................?
'So, Millie-san is Becko-san's ......'.
'......She got a plant from Becco's house and is now growing it near her house.
'He said he was able to get a lot of nectar from the flowers.

Magda and Loretta explained to supplement Ginette's words.
In other words, Millie made candy balls from the nectar of the flowers she grows at home.
I didn't need to tell you about Becco. These candy balls are the result of her hard work.
It will taste better if you think so. Impurities like Becco should not be included in this story.

'Can I try it?
'Yes, sir. It's very tasty.'
'Have you tried it?
'...... It was delicious.'
'It's sweet enough to make your cheek pouches swell with happiness.'

They all ate it.
d*mn it, while I was gone.

Let's open the package.
It's a little whiter than honey. It is about the size of the first joint of the little finger.
There is no aroma and the surface is a little sticky. It feels very homemade.

When I put it in my mouth, ...... mmm. It's not too sweet. It's not richly sweet like honey, but rather lightly sweet.
I guess it tastes like this because they use nectar directly from the flowers, not honey.
Honey contains enzymes secreted by bees, which gives it a more concentrated sweetness than nectar from flowers. It is also yellowish in color due to the pollen.

Millie's nectar candy does not contain any of these ingredients, but only pure nectar.
This is a new taste.
I wonder if the nectar I sucked as a child tasted like this.

'It's delicious.
'Yeah. I think I like it too, this taste.

Estella seems to like it too.

'If we can mass produce this, we could make a fortune.
'I don't think Milly would think of that, though.

'That's why we'll have to back you up, ......!
'Millie said that it's better to make it once in a while with what you can get.

Oh, yeah, ...... that's too bad.
It's a shame. But Millie loves flowers more than anything. She wouldn't mishandle them for the sake of nectar.

'Besides, I heard that you can't get much of it.
'Well, there's only a little nectar in each flower.
'...... is a shame.
'It would be nice if there was a flower somewhere that produced more nectar than it needed.

Magda and Loretta are frustrated.
But ............

A flower that overflows with more nectar than it needs: ............

'Can you use that?
'Oh, that thing!Yeah. That could be good.'
'Yes, it would. If I can use it, I can make a lot of things.

The flower gardens of District 35 are filled with flowers that produce a surprisingly large amount of nectar.
If we can use them, mass production is not a dream. It tastes good, too. ...... It will sell!
......But Lucia won't allow us to use it for business, so even if we could make it, it would probably be for gift-giving.

I don't eat candy anymore unless I have a sore throat, but when I was a kid, I used to eat it all the time.
You can make them from sugar or fruits, so I might try to make some.
If I can make colorful candies, I'm sure the kids will love them.
Maybe I should try it.

I was vaguely thinking about this as I rolled the crunchy, simple sweet candy around in my mouth.

When the meal was over, Estella hurriedly left.
I guess Estella has her own preparations for tomorrow.
I'd better get some sleep too. I'm not good at waking up early.

'Mr. Yashiro. Hot water, after you.'
'Is it okay?
'Yes. I'm going to finish preparing for tomorrow.

Ginette is going to prepare the food for the whole day tomorrow.
We have a donation to make to the church, so we won't be able to finish in the morning.

'Do you want to help?
'No, I'm fine. Magda and Loretta are going to help me.'
'...... indeed.'
'I'll leave it to you like I'm on a big ship!

Magda and Loretta struck a pose together and held their heads high.
You're being very cooperative today.

'......Make a good impression, or better yet, ............'

...... I know you're up to something.
Ginette. Don't give these guys too much work. They'll be indebted to you.

'Well, I think I'll go rest first.
'Oh, big brother!I'll carry the hot water for you!I'm stronger than you!
'Is that so?Then, please.'
'Yeah. Take care of Loretta, the good girl who can be trusted.
'...... What?
'It's nothing. Just a little bit of 'I want to be with you' is all I need.'
'............ No, I'm not sure.'
'...... Loretta. Sh~'
'Huh!That's right. My brother is a very cautious person, so it's dangerous to talk too much. ...... It's nothing!
'No, you can't say 'nothing' in this flow ......'.

Well, if it's nothing, then I don't care.
I've got it!I'm not sure.I'm not going to go through with it, even if I detect an aura of begging like that.

'...... Yashiro'.
'What is it?'
'...... I'll go wash up later.'
'I refuse to do that!
'...... Magda's body is ............ foamy.'
'I don't know!Why are you washing me?

'Yashiro-san, ...... eh, please repent.'
'If you're not sure, don't tell me!You also thought for a moment, 'Hey, I can't help but tell Yashiro-san about this ......'!
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.

You don't have the option to warn Magda? ...... You spoil her.

'Just let Magda help Jeannette. And Loretta, take care of the hot water when you get it.'
'...... Got it. Magda is a good girl to have by your side.
'I get it too!

............ Let's see, through, through.

I put a big tarai in my room and ask Loretta to fill it with hot water.
After Loretta left the room, I slowly bathed in the hot water.
I couldn't soak my shoulders in it, but it was quite pleasant.

I can almost guess what Magda and Loretta are thinking about. ......

Well, one of these days I'm going to take a day off from work and go play. ......

...... How's it going?
"I'm not getting much of a reaction.
...... Yeah.

You can hear the hushed conversation from behind the door.
...... It sounds so clear that I wonder if they're doing it on purpose.

...... should practice how to subtly make him feel like it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.
"...... I understand.
......'Big brother. I feel like I could be an E-cup if I went to the 35th district.
'...... Really? That's awesome. Let's go together.
It's perfect!
...... That's fine for Yashiro. But there's Estella in the carriage too.
I'm not sure what to do.I'm sorry!I forgot that part!
He'll never forgive ...... Loretta for growing breasts.
I'll think of something else to do.
I'll think of something else. ...... It'll be better if it's more unstoppable.
I'm not going to be able to stop it. ............'Big brother. I think I may have dropped a knife in the 35th district!
'...... I can't cook without a knife. Let's go get it together.
It's perfect once again!
'...... Hmm. I'm sure Yashiro will love this .......

Door, open.

'I'm not taking you with me, okay?
'What?My brother!
'...... Why are you here?

No, no, no. It's right in front of my room.
I opened the door and stuck my head out into the hallway to find Magda and Loretta sitting in front of the door having a stupid strategy meeting. ...... I thought you were talking there on purpose to make me listen. ...... Why are you both so seriously surprised?

'No, you see, this is not ............ something that I was doing ......... ......... Oh, that's right!It's just a peek!
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.
'Huh?I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'...... Magda is in charge of stopping Loretta.
'Muhaha!I'm not sure what to do.It's not fair that I'm the only one trying to escape the damage!
'...... Yashiro, are you alright?Magda was worried.
'That's not fair!It's not fair!

Oh, this is so annoying.
After all, I've been soaking in hot water and I'm looking like crap on this side of the door, aren't I? Of course, I'm hiding behind the door so that they can't see me. ......

'Anyway, I get it. Go help Jeannette. See?
'Mwah!Trust me, sir!I'm not!I'm not doing anything weird!
'Bha!Don't hold the door!If you open the door now, we're in trouble!

'Trust me, sir!
'All right!All right, get away from the door!
'...... kiping, sensing.'
'Oh, Magda. You've been noticed, help .......'
'...... Loretta, I'll join you.'
'Oh, no!

Oh no!
I'm holding a small towel around my waist with one hand, and I'm only using my right hand to close the door.
If Magda gets serious, she'll be pulled out of ...... the room!

'If you are a good girl who listens to me, you will get a day trip with Jeannette!
'...... Loretta. Don't embarrass Yashiro.

I'm not sure what to say, but I think it's a good idea.
I'm not sure what to say.

'Well, what the ...... hell, I can't do it tomorrow.'

I know these guys are working hard.
I'm sure Ginette will be flexible for them.
It won't be a problem if we make a promise here.

'Let's all go out together again when we're done with this and that. This time, let's go a little farther.'
'Hey, big brother!
'Hey!Don't come over here!I'm naked now, okay?
'Hey!Hey, big brother, what were you doing hiding from us?
'I was taking a bath!I was using the hot water you brought me!
'Oh, that's right.

How quickly you forget!

Finally realizing my condition, Loretta retreated very far away with a bright red face.
It's too late to be embarrassed!

The smell of hot water is so fresh!

I shouted as I evacuated to the corner of the hallway.
It's a great sense of smell!
...... No, you can at least smell the hot water, at this distance.

'...... yashiro'.

In contrast to Loretta, Magda does not show any signs of impatience.
She is standing in front of the door, looking straight up at you.

'......Thank you.'

It sounded a little embarrassed.
Maybe she's a little embarrassed that she was seen to be begging, and that her wish was so readily granted.

'............ The flanks are pretty good too.
'Where are you looking?

I was embarrassed in a different way!
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'...... You don't have to be far away.'
'There's a store at .......'

Oh, it's .......
So that was just a kind of embarrassment.
You're a spoiled brat, but you're overreacting in a place like that. ......
Magda seems to be a little uncomfortable with the idea of being pampered in a way that would bother me or Jeannette.
The usual pampering demands are things that can be done on the spot, things that I have time for and that won't be a burden.

But you know, Magda.
I don't find it annoying, and neither does Jeannette.

'...... more normal things,' Magda said, '......'
'It's okay, we're going away.'
'............ Are you sure?'
'I'm the one who wants to go away and play with Magda and the others.'

Magda would easily understand my feelings behind such phrases.
Magda felt that I was trying not to worry about her. If Magda feels that way, she will ...... be even more careful to give you the answer you want.


He smiled a little more happily than usual.

'...... then I'll go out with you.'
'Oh. Please.'
'...... Mm. It's Yashiro, it's all right.'

He says, his ears twitching happily.
If I had my clothes on, I'd be patting him on the head.

'...... Thank you, Yashiro.
'............ Nice flank.'
'That's it?

With a satisfied look in his eyes, he pokes his tongue out.
Magda walks to the stairs with a sense of accomplishment, as if the prank was a great success.

'...... I'm going to help the manager. Magda is a good girl.'
'Oh. Good luck.'
'...... Unlike that useless ham girl over there who's writhing in erotic fantasies.'
'What?I'm not having any erotic fantasies!I'm a good girl too!
'......, then run over here.'
'Oni, I'll go when you close the door!
'...... The sense of smell is enough for adolescent fantasies.'
'Please stop!I'm getting more and more embarrassed!
'Just hurry up and get out, both of you. The water's getting cold.'

I close the door so that Loretta can pass in front of it.
...... at all.

'Oh, uh, big brother...'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.

I'm happy for you too!
...... side?Elotta. ......
No, no, no, no!I just wanted to say that I love you because you are so kind!............What do you want me to say, Magda?
"...... self-destruct
I'm sorry.I'm going back to help the manager as soon as possible!I'm going back to help the manager as soon as I can!
...... "Hmm, that's possible. We should hurry.
I'm going, then!

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
It's so crowded.
The water has gotten a little cold.

But for some reason, ......

I feel more relaxed in such a lively atmosphere. ...... I wonder why.
After the bath, I went to bed and was able to fall asleep very smoothly.
I guess everyone has their own way of relaxing. ......

I think I slept better than usual that night.