266-Episode 178 The Pile and the Carriage

After discussing the blueprints and some other details, the contract was signed that day.
The contract was signed on the same day, and each of us started to act as if we were in a hurry.

A few hours later.
When the sun had passed the top and was shining very low in the sky, and the sky would soon turn red, a huge pile was brought into the New Town.

'It's a top-grade larch stake log. You can drive it in as hard as you like.

It's a huge log made from a very thick pine tree that was growing in the forest outside.
They're going to drive it into the ground now.
If this is the foundation, it will be able to support a huge structure.

But it's huge.
It looks like a steel pile for a boring car I saw in Japan.

'...... me, pile, drive!

Yamboldo, the second in command of Torbek's construction company, carried a huge wooden hammer and neighed, 'Brrrrrrr! He neighs.

'Only at times like this do you produce a horse character, don't you, Yangboldo? ......'

Goozja is looking at Yangbold with a blank look on her face.
Is it a stunt? ......

'I mean, Umaro. How are you going to drive a stake that's over five meters long?'
'Jump and 'Don! I'm not sure.
'...... Thanks for the easy-to-understand explanation.'

It seems like anything is possible for the residents of this city.
I think I understand why heavy machinery has not been developed. We don't need them if we have the beastmen.

'.................., haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Inhaling a short breath, Yamboldo lets out a cry of enthusiasm.
He looks like he's about to transform into a "Super Yambordo". The earth is vibrating slightly from the tremendous power.
The power is unimaginable for Yangboldo, who has a long face and round eyes.

Yangboldo lifts his head and stares up at the tip of the huge pile log that stands tall.
Yangboldo lunges toward the stake, which is supported by four muscle-bound carpenters.

After a run of more than ten meters, he kicks the ground and makes a huge jump.
The huge Yangboldo soars through the air, his arm muscles heaving with excitement as he swings his giant wooden hammer.
Then, with a roar that seemed to roar through the city, he slammed the mallet into a giant stake log.

'N...... meeeeeee!

With a sound like an explosion, the huge stake log plunged into the ground.
With just one blow, the pile that was nearly five meters long was buried more than three quarters of the way down.
Seeing such a terrifying power, we, the spectators, shouted in unison.

''''' Why are you a sheep?

I don't know what to say.It's hard to be honestly impressed!

I'm sure you've got a lot of questions.
'No, we'll remove that right away.
'We need a geological survey first. We need to find out if the ground can withstand building something so big.
'...... So, at worst, there's a possibility that it can't be built?
'Well, we'll do our best to manage that with .......'

Well, they're investigating the geology, aren't they?
I thought they were just building the top of the line stuff like idiots. ......'Top of the line stuff' only 'wow' ......

'Is that a pun?
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like you to stop being unreasonably angry.

Because the site is near a waterfall, the geological survey is done carefully.
Well, the ground can be loose near water. ............ Wouldn't it make a fortune if a hot spring were to appear ......?

'Yashiro, Umaro'.

She twirled her parasol.

'The wood for the scaffolding has arrived. Would you mind storing them here?
'Of course. Tell her I'll take care of it at .......'
'......, yes.'
'Mr. Umaro!Look at my face!
'Oh, I have some business with Yamboldo!I'll see you later!

Umaro, who was about to be looked into by Imelda, ran away at once, sensing that he was in danger.
He's already ...... sick.

You can't get used to it. It's a ...... shame that you can't see the face of such a beautiful woman.'
'Oh. You long and slender carpenters have a general sense of beauty. What's your name?
'Ha, yes!My name is Gooziya!
'That's a long one. I don't think I can remember it.
'I'm honored!

You're flattered?

'Goozuya is a former Ginette fan, currently obsessed with Delia, and just a big-breasted maniac.'
'That would be Yashiro-san, wouldn't it!

'That's ...... disgusting.'
'Haaaa...... scorned me......!

Gooziya, unlike Oumarro and Yambold, seems to be the type of person who wants to be close to beautiful women. ............ Yeah, he's not the popular type, this guy.

It's a good thing. Mr. Hosoija. Please tell Mr. Umaro that I will do my job well.
'Yes, I will!It's Gooziya!
'Then go on, Mr. Nagaeeya.
'Yes, I will!I'm Gooziya!

Goozooja replied cheerfully and ran to Oumalo and Yambold.
I'll tell Delia. ............ Oh, no. Delia wouldn't be mad at me for that. 'Huh. So? It's no fun to see her react like that, so I'll stop.

'By the way, Yashiro-san. You're going to District 27, aren't you?
'Yeah. I'm going to see my lord.
'When are you leaving?
'Estella is making an appointment for me right now, but as soon as she gets it.

I'm guessing it'll take about three days.
I have a letter of introduction from Mahr, so I don't think I'll be turned away, but if it's an appointment with a lower-ranked lord, I'm afraid I'll be treated with a great deal of disdain.
Well, I'll just wait and see.

--Just when I was thinking that...


Estella came running in clutching a letter of some sort.
...... It's like deja vu.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I remember that the place was also by this waterfall. ......

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site,
I've got an appointment.

'I've got an appointment!

You got an appointment? ......

'You sent the letter this morning, didn't you?
'It looks like they sent it back on a fast horse. He said he'd love to meet you.'

The lord of the 27th district wants to meet the lord of the 42nd district?
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.
...... Something is wrong.

The most likely candidate is ............ Mael.
It's also possible that Ma'ulu had a hand in this,......, or that the lord of the 27th district has a weakness for Ma'ulu,.............

'...... Mahr, what did you do?'

Estella thought the same thing.
...... Something tells me that Estella and I are on the same page these days. ............ It's unpleasant.

'So, when can we meet?
'Tomorrow at noon. I've been invited to lunch.'
'...... Beans again.'
'Well, I'm sure there will be beans. ...... Oh, but . I got a certificate of exemption along with a letter of introduction from Ma'ru.''
'Can we use Ma'ru's certificate to get tax exemption for the beans we get from the lord of the 27th district?
'According to the BU regulations, there is no problem. You know, so that you can protect yourself if someone you are close to attacks you.

For example, if there is an important person who is friendly with one district but not with the other, it may be a remedy to prevent the important person from leaving BU due to harassing taxation by the other district.

It seems that in BU, for better or worse, it is difficult to take action based on personal feelings.
It is easier to protect the status quo because the status quo does not cause any disturbance. It is often the case that 'the fish that got away is bigger than the one that got away'.
No matter what kind of person you are dealing with, you need to have a good reason and a decision to cut him/her off. Once a relationship is broken, it cannot be regained.

That's why, thanks to Ma'ul's kindness, we are now less vulnerable to attacks from BU.
However, it's doubtful that Ma'ul will continue to protect us for free forever.
For now, let's just take this as a bonus stage and take advantage of his generosity.

'We could have called him at a reasonable time and just talked in the reception room.

Estella says, staring at the letter that came from District 27.
She looks at me as if she's trying to get my opinion, with a gaze that exudes caution.

'How dare you invite me out to lunch? ...... Do you think Mahr is actually a scary person?I'm not sure what to make of that.

He was acting suspiciously, like a lonely boy being treated kindly by a cute girl in his class. I can feel Estella's heart rate rising every second. Her heart is aching and she's sweating.

It is true that there is no reason for the lord of the 27th district to entertain the lord of the 42nd district,......, which was once said to be the bottom of the barrel.

Inviting him to lunch, if not dinner, is also a very generous gesture.
If the invitation to dinner is an expression of the will of the whole district to get to know each other better, the invitation to lunch is an expression of the will to establish a more casual and frank relationship.

Even though the current 42 wards have made dramatic progress, they are still members of the BU, where people still care about appearances and are attached to hierarchical relationships.
It seems unnatural to treat them as equals.

--Except for the fact that Mahrul is in the dark.

'Well, I suppose we'd better be careful.'
'That's right .......'

Perhaps her heart was aching, but Estella was holding her chest the whole time.

'What's wrong Estella. Are you holding it down because you're sick of your breasts not growing any more?'
'I'm holding them because my heart hurts!

Oh, no.
I was thinking that in my head, but my mouth gave priority to the information from my vision and said something selfish ......

But Estella's heartache seems to have been forgotten by her current anger, and she is back to her usual full of anger expression. So, you see. I'm a nice guy, that's what I'm saying.

'Yashiro-san, Estella-san. So you're going to the 27th district tomorrow?

Imelda, who was silently listening to our conversation, asks again.
By the way, weren't you wondering earlier when we were going?

'Don't tell me you want to come with me?
'I'm afraid I can't accompany you, I have to sort the wood. The average number of cups in the carriage will be disastrous, but please bear with me.
'Shut up, Imelda.
'I'm sure it will be difficult for Natalia alone to face the hopeless negative.
'Didn't you hear me?I said I'm jealous.

Curses are exchanged in an indifferent tone. You guys are so quick with your words. You guys seem to be getting along just fine.

'Your father wants to provide you with a carriage and horses.
'Yes. Some of the BU are fans of your father's horses, and he said it would be a good way to get in.'

Javier is not only the head of the Woodcutter's Guild, but he is also a famous horse owner who has raised many famous horses.
Javier's horses are so popular with the nobility that they are used as bargaining chips, or so I heard him say before.

'If you're leaving tomorrow morning, we can make arrangements now and be there in time.
'I'm sure Mr. Javier's carriage will get us there faster than our own.
'You should buy a better carriage too. You're always borrowing other people's carriages.
'I'm spending my money on the city, not on my belongings....... Besides, she's my favorite horse. ......'

Estella is very fond of the horse she raised, a horse with a long name like Nantoka Nantoka. She loves it so much. She's a little obsessed with it.
...... He's just too weak, you know. That's why the carriage at Estella's house is slow.
You should at least have a two horse carriage. ......

'The Hingyu Peta Peta, right?
'I wouldn't name it that!For your lovely beloved horse!''
'It's the Kyounyuu Narisokonai, isn't it?
'I didn't fail to become one!That girl's name is--'

It's a long, philosophical name that my brain can't accept at all.
At any rate, Estella's smug face is ridiculous.

'Anyway, you should at least train the Sole a little more.
'You don't want to remember any names, do you?

At least we get to borrow a horse and carriage from Javier.
Knowing that it's Javier's horse might intimidate him a little.
If you mess with Javier's horse and injure it, the nobleman will not be able to get Javier's horse for the rest of his life.
Even if you are not a nobleman, if there is any accident, you can threaten to hold the lord responsible for any problems with the security of the district. ......

'So, take care of it, Imelda.

However, the fact that the lord is renting a carriage to the guild leader of a guild will be widely publicized. ............ Well, Estella will not care about that.
In fact, it would be better for the "Lords of the Forty-Two Wards" to show that they are in good terms with the Woodcutter's Guild.

'Yashiro-san!Do you have a minute?

Umaro, who was on his way to the stake log, waved his hand at me and called me.
I wonder if there's a problem.

Once he exchanged a glance with Estella, we headed over there.

'I want you to take a look at this.

When we reached Umaro, we found that the stake logs that had been driven deep into the ground had been pulled out before we knew it. It must have been very difficult to pull this thing out, let alone drive it in, but it was so easy.

The tip of the pile was dirty and covered with soil of different textures depending on the depth.

'The ground is a little loose after all.

The soil here seemed to contain a little too much water, and Umaro made a grim face.
He traced the soil with his finger and sniffed it.

'How can you tell the quality of the soil like that?
'I have a good nose, even though I look like this.

No, I can't tell if you have a good nose or not by looking at you.
If anything, you look like you have a good nose, you fox face.

'So, do you think it's impossible?
'No. As long as we lay crushed stone and build a solid foundation, we'll be fine. However, it might be a little dangerous if it's a building where a lot of people get on and off.

The idea of ...... a lot of people came from the idea of building a tower here and constructing a pathway to the 29th district.

But it doesn't matter because we can't build that anyway.

'The only thing we're building here is a pillar to carry letters. If it can be built, it won't be a problem.
'Then I think I can manage.

Umaro looked relieved.
However, Goozuya looks as if she is not quite convinced.

'Why is it 'letter carrier'?

Perhaps this is a question that Oumarro and the other carpenters are feeling as well.
In short, the question is, 'If you have a use for Mahr, why don't you build a tower or a road that people can climb up and down?

'The Hammies once said that they were going to break down the cliffs here to improve the flow of the river. ......'

Loretta told me that they said this when the waterfall became too narrow due to lack of water.
At the time, Estella was doing everything she could to stop it. --because it would start a war.

'The top of this cliff is the territory of District 29. The act of transforming another district's land without permission could be taken as an invasion of that district. It would be taking away our territory.

So, it is not up to the forty-two wards to make any changes to the cliff.
...... Well, the cave under the cliff has not affected the 29th District, so let's consider it a gray zone ...... that is just barely safe. ...... If they find out, it could be a problem, though.

You'll be able to find a lot more information on the subject in the following paragraphs.

It would be a different story if we were to erect a hundred-story skyscraper here, but it would be a trivial structure the size of a single pillar.
They will be hidden in Mahrul's land and will not be seen by anyone.
If Ma'uld help us, we can avoid trouble.

'But what do you think ...... would happen if it was a 'human-accessible structure'?
'Well, ...... what about ............ convenient, isn't it ...... going to be?'
'Yes, it would. It's going to be very convenient.

Estella showed a certain understanding of Gusuya's answer.
Then, she began to explain in an easy-to-understand manner.

'That's why you can't build such structures. It would be 'convenient'. The 29th district is a district that profits from the 'toll tax.

If you build such a 'loophole' in the 29th district, which has changed the width of the roads and even restricted the passage of horse-drawn carriages in order to collect the tax, the worst that can happen is a war.
There is a danger that the situation will develop into a matter of life and death for the 29th district, and the possibility of that happening is extremely high.

'Even if we didn't intend to interfere with the interests of the 29th district, the fact that we created a possible loophole is more than enough provocation, and will jeopardize the position of Ma'ru who cooperated with us.
I'm not sure if you're going to be able to find a way to get your hands on one, but I'm sure you can.
'That's ...... not good, is it?

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. His lips are also chapped.
Her lips are chapped. That's probably how he feels.

'Oh, but... Is your luggage okay?

The Todokeiru No. 1 we're going to build will also carry sorame.

'You see, Ma'ru has the right to issue a tax exemption certificate.

The only difference is whether you go to the 29th district to get a tax exemption certificate or send the sorghum with the tax exemption certificate to the 42nd district.
If the result is the same, it would be better to save time.

'Well, it's a gray area as far as I'm concerned.

Estella is not so much in favor of carrying the sole. But Ma'ul and I pushed her to agree.
Ma'ul wants to get rid of the sycamores, and I want them. It's a win-win situation. No one loses. See, everybody's happy.

'So, please make sure the strength and quality is such that people can't ride it.
'Okay. I'll build it as soon as Norma's parts arrive.

Norma is the one that will take the longest this time.
He seemed a little happy to be assigned a difficult part, so I'm sure he'll be fine.
I'll treat her to a cake when she's done.

Then we talked a little about geology and wood, and we left the New Town.
Clouds began to spread again in the sky, turning the evening into a darker color.

Imelda's carriage would be coming to the sunny pavilion tomorrow morning, so we decided to wait for it and go to District 27.

I got to know Mahr, but he's not a lord.
The next person I'm going to meet is a lord who is part of the BU.

There are some things about him that I don't understand. ...... Let's keep our heads up.

After all, this whole affair with BU smells of money everywhere. It's okay to be a little overzealous.