265-Episode 177 Cooperation System

'...... Magda has negotiated with Assunto.'
'Great job, Magda!You're the best!

Umaro is impressed by the corn potage soup. ...... Or maybe it's "to Magda for creating corn pottage soup.
Magda was just begging Assunto for some.

'But it's selling like hotcakes, the three kinds of potage.
'Yes, sir. I'm glad to hear that.

Ginette, the true creator of the pottage, seems to be very pleased with the situation.
This dish, which required a good consommé, could not be imitated in any other restaurant.

'Well, I'm going to go make something sweet for the meeting.
'Not too much, please.

Ginette hurried back to the kitchen.
With a new menu on the horizon, she was feeling the urge to cook.
He tries to make it whenever he can.

And by sweet, I mean donuts, probably.

Magda and Loretta have also started to stay in the kitchen recently.
They seem to have learned the joy of learning new dishes, and ...... are becoming more and more genetically modified.

It's okay that we're the only ones in the kitchen now, but we have to make sure they serve the customers when they come.
--And by "we," I mean Umaro, Imelda, and Norma.

'Go get Mr. Bekko, please!

Imelda, who had been quietly sipping her corn potage soup until a moment ago, widened her eyes and said, 'Aah! Imelda, who had been quietly sipping corn potage soup until a moment ago, stood up with both eyes wide open. She clenched her fists tightly.
...... You can get a food sample of corn potage soup or something later. Something so humble.

'Huh. ...... I'm surprised anything could top pumpkin potage.'

Norma licked her lips and squinted her eyes seductively. The fox-like gesture is strangely s*xy.
Hey, somebody!I'm not sure what to say....... Oh, no, no, no. I wanted to talk to these guys today. This is not the time for hobbies.

'Actually, there's something I want you guys to make. Estella will pay for it, so I want you to make sure it's good.'

This is a big project for the whole forty-two districts.

I spread out on the table the blueprints I had drawn up last night.
It shows an incredibly long and sturdy pillar.
People get up from their seats and gather around the table to look at the blueprint.

'Yashiro-san, what the hell is this?
'This is the "Express Delivery Machine, Domoke-Ru No. 1"!
'That's a terrible naming sense. ......'

At the same time, Estella walked into the sunlit pavilion.
It was morning. It's late for Estella, who usually joins us at the church in the early morning.

'Have you covered up the oneshot yet?
'No, I haven't!
'Well, Estella. Did you leave it out in the open?'
'I didn't masturbate, I didn't!I was writing a letter to Lucia!

She glances at Imelda and comes over to stand next to me.

'You've been saying a lot of unnecessary things this morning, haven't you?

Estella glares at me, her cheeks puffed out.
But the cheeks are slightly reddish, so her face is more cute than powerful.

'Is this your communication tool with Mahr?

Yes. This is what I thought of in order to communicate with Ma'ul quickly.
Before I left Ma'ul's house, I asked him directly for permission to install it.

'What the hell is this thing?Explain it to me.

Norma is looking at me with a somewhat excited expression. Her tail is puffed up, indicating that she is in a somewhat excited state.

'We're going to set up a huge pillar on the cliff between District 42 and District 29. We'll attach pulleys to the pillar so that we can carry simple cargo.

Just above the waterfall in New Town is the site of Mahrul's residence.
When this is completed, we can always contact Ma'ul by super express.

'You're going to use the fishing bottle principle to carry the luggage up there.
'Yes. But it's going to be quite high, so we want to make sure it won't fall down.
'That's what the gears in the pulley are for, isn't it?

The pulley part is made of metal to avoid damage by wear.
A stopper to prevent reverse rotation is built into the gear inside, and the stopper can be released with a single switch.
By applying the principle that the blade of a cutter knife can only move in one direction, the mechanism is designed to prevent the cargo from falling when it is lifted from below and to slowly descend when it is lowered from above.

'You put things into the box-like cargo bed and lift it up in the manner of a fishing bottle. Then, a hook with the same structure as a 'carabiner' is attached to the top to prevent it from falling once it reaches the top.

A carabiner is a kind of hook used in mountaineering, with a lid-like mechanism that opens only in one direction, making it easy to hook and keep it in place.

This is a kind of hook used in mountain climbing. It will be shaped like a large fish hook.

'And one more thing . I want you to make a bell that will ring when something is on the hook.

The structure of the bell is based on the cycle bell, commonly known as the 'chirping chirping' bell.
When the luggage reaches the top, the rope of the luggage is attached to the carabiner, which moves the gears, and the two rotating metal plates inside the bell strike the bell itself.
The bell is a large bell, so the sound is likely to be quite loud.

By listening to the sound of the bell, you will know when a package arrives, whether above or below you.

I came up with this idea because the doorbell at Mael's house was a bell.
And if I tell Norma about this structure, there will soon be a doorbell in the 42nd district.

'But it's pretty big ......'.
'That's the thing, that's the problem.

At any rate, it will be a huge structure with a height of over 20 meters, and it will take a lot of effort just to build it, and another lot of effort to maintain it so that it does not fall down.

That's why we've asked you three to help us.

Imelda of the Lumberjack Guild will provide the materials, Umaro of the Torbeck Engineering Shop will build it, and Norma of the Hardware Guild will be in charge of the internal structure and construction assistance.
Without the combined strength of all three organizations, this thing will never be complete.

The design itself is no problem. Despite my appearance, I have spent several years in the past thoroughly drilling the basics of construction into my brain and honing my skills. And after that, I used a variety of disguises to avoid being exposed. ............ Well, what's wrong with the past?

However, this city has almost none of the materials that Japan used to have. No steel, no concrete, no fiberglass.
So we don't know for sure how much strength we can maintain. It would be better to ask the specialists in this city about that.

So, here are the members.

'They usually look like idiots and do nothing but look like idiots, but I believe they'll do it when they have to!
'You can hear it in my voice, something you should probably keep in mind!
'Yashiro is the one doing the stupidest things.
'Your face is also quite unique, isn't it?

I've been told all I can say from three different directions.
These people look like ...... idiots.

'If your average bust wasn't an E cup, I'd be lecturing you.
I'm not sure why you included me.If you don't count me, I'm a G-cup, aren't I?

Imelda, who has grown from an F, is now a G cup like Norma. Brilliant, both of you.
Umaro, by the way, is an A cup. I'm not sure if it's strictly speaking an A cup, but ...... that's what Estella is ............ Estella is... .........!

'Leaving you out is the same as stripping Estella of her human rights. ......!
'It's not synonymous, can you please stop crying?It's incredibly uncomfortable.

Estella annoyingly flicked away my tears with her hand. You still have amazing eyesight.
Just don't wipe your hands with my clothes just because they're wet.

'Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting...'

Ginette comes out of the kitchen with a plate of donuts.
Then, she found Estella, who had increased in number without her knowledge, and smiled happily.

'Estella, good morning.
'Good morning, little Jeannette. Can you get me some of this corn potage later?

Estella says, pointing to Imelda's food.
Estella points at Imelda's food and says, 'I heard you talking about it yesterday, so I guess you're eager to eat it.
...... Natalia is going to complain about you again, saying that you're cheating.

'Magda-san, one corn potage soup please!

Ginette called out to the kitchen.
Magda is probably warming up the soup.
It seems that the positions are reversed. Ginette is taking orders and Magda is cooking. Well, it's just heating up. Or rather, it's already warm, so he just puts it on the plate.

After passing the order, Jeannette stayed here and stood next to me.
Does she want to join us? It's okay to ask.

'Wow, so this is Tohke-Ru-1's blueprint.

said Ginette, peering at the blueprints.
She didn't expect to be addressed by the name of the building.

'If you build something this big, won't it fall down?
'That's what I'm worried about, isn't it?

In Japan, we use wires for reinforcement and piles driven deep into the ground for stability, but both of these methods seem to be difficult in this city.
Reinforcing with wires is like the "pole support wires" that are stretched diagonally across the side of the poles, and they have the role of distributing the force on the poles in two directions, downward and diagonally.
However, since it requires strong wires, it would be difficult to reproduce it in this city.
Also, we don't have a boring machine to drive piles deep into the ground.

How can we make up for that? ......

'We'll use support wires to distribute the force, so it won't be a problem.
'If we drive the piles deep into the ground, they will be stable.
'Oh, you have that technology?That kind of technology?
'Of course. The outer walls of this city are made with quite advanced technology, you know?

Oh, I see.
In order to build a huge outer wall to prevent demonic beasts, the construction technology is quite advanced.
If that's the case, then the buildings in the city should be a bit more modernized as well. ......

'My Yangbold is a master pile-driver. He's good with his hands, but the Humans have a lot of power.

I've been looking at you and talking to you.
It was Ginette who asked the ...... question, wasn't it?

'I want you to tell Ms. Ginette that .......'
'It's okay. I think she can hear you.'

Ginette giggles.
She seems to have gotten used to dealing with Umaro by now, and doesn't waste time talking to him.
She knows how to treat each of the regulars individually. This is a very important skill.

'Enough, look me in the eye and talk to me, Mr. Umaro!
'What?I don't want you to be in my sight!
'How rude of you to look away from me!You're the only one who would take such an attitude!
'That's why I don't want you to go around and try to interrupt my view!

But there are some people who don't care about such personal circumstances, and Imelda is unhappily involved with Oumalo.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ...... That's enough, boys.

Don't get excited like a child.

Norma plays with her cigarette with a relaxed expression.
Since smoking is not allowed in the cafeteria, he seems to have limited himself to fiddling with his fingers.

'Well, that's just like you, Norma. That's a very mature opinion.
'I'm not withered in any way!

Norma, who is trying to fill her pipe with tobacco to give Imelda a hot ash attack, is holding her arm.
You're not allowed to smoke.

When Estella sees these three unique people, she spreads her arms and shrugs her shoulders.

'Oh dear,......, can we get along with this group?'
'Hey, Estella. Don't say 'oh dear ......' with your handsome face. You look like the protagonist.'
''It's been a long time since I've heard that unpleasant word 'handsome' .......''

By the way, Natalia told me that the number of people mistaking Estella for a man has been rapidly decreasing lately. It seems that 'Estella has become very feminine lately ............ and she admires me' ....... I'm sure that 'admire me' is just his selfish assumption.

'Well, Estella doesn't make manly gestures like she used to.
'Eh, is that so?
'It's true that you're making more cute expressions than before.
'Hey, don't do that, Ginette-chan. ............ I don't think it's ...... cute.'
'Hmmm. That part of you is also cute.

Estella is embarrassed by Ginette's teasing.
Mmm ...... certainly looks like a girl.
In the past, this guy's behavior was more like a rude man.

'I mean, did I ever do anything so manly?
'Yes, you did. I stared at your big tits.'
'That's just you, Yashiro!
'No, Estella ......, I can feel your eyes on me too.'
'What?You're kidding!
'I'm afraid it's true, .......'
'I feel it too, sometimes.
'Well, ............ me too, sometimes.
'Even Ginette?

Estella also seems to have her eyes on big tits quite often. ...... but with different thoughts than mine.
Norma and Imelda stare at me and Estella with dumbfounded faces.

...... I mean, come on.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.
'Yes, of course, Yashiro!You'll look at them, right?
'...... Estella. You can't just agree with Yashiro there. ......?

Norma is distracted by Estella. To Estella.
Not at me, at Estella.

'You've got her pissed off, Estella.'
'It's for you!
'Don't blame the others, you titty freak!
'You're the only one I don't want to hear it from, that line!
'I don't want to be the only one to tell you that,' said Estella.
'It's a terrible mistake, Imelda!I'm not sure what to do.

Imelda with her smug face and Estella with her stern face.
Wow, ...... what a low-level standoff.

'If you have the budget, we can prepare a special wood for you.
'Can you afford ............ how much is that wood, by the way?'

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
This is a great way to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

...... You must have been told a considerable amount of money. And it's not like you can't afford it.

'............ Let me think about it.
'Then I will prepare it for you!
'Oh, my God!I know that's what you'll end up doing, but let me take it home!

No matter how much of a lord he was, he couldn't just spend a lot of money at will.
At the very least, he wants to have a talk with Natalia.

............ Doesn't the head waiter have too much authority in this town?

'Well, this time Mahrul is willing to pay for it. I'm sure you can handle it.
'Even if you rely on that money, it was a hesitant amount!

Imelda...... you, how much did you blow?

'There was a wood that was perfect for this building, resistant to rain and wind, unbending, unbreakable, and yet not flammable. ...... It's no use, I'll have someone prepare a lower grade wood.'
'Wait!This is a joint venture with Ma'ru, we can't make anything halfway decent.
'I beg your pardon. The wood we use is top-notch wood, even if it's a grade lower.'
'Still, if there's a top-notch one, I'd rather use that one.
'In short, you're asking me to lose, Imelda.
'No, I'm not, Yashiro!I'm not trying to be a jerk,............, but I'd be happy to lose to you,.......'
'Please don't ...... show me Estella's upturned eyes, it will only scare me ......'.

Imelda cradles her arms in Estella's begging rays. She seems to be getting chills.
I guess you have to choose the right person to spoil.

'...... Estella's begging is not good'.

Suddenly, Magda appeared behind us.
...... Why is this guy who was supposed to be in the kitchen appearing from behind us? ...... He's as unassuming as ever.

'...... Estella's begging is far from Magda-level begging.'
'Can you ............ do Magda level begging?'

Well, Magda is basically expressionless.
The word 'begging' doesn't ring a bell. ...... I don't get it either.

'...... Actually, I made an extra bowl of corn soup for Estella while I was serving her.'

Magda snapped her fingers, and Loretta came out of the kitchen with a tray. There were two plates on the tray.
And Loretta has a deliberately annoyed look on her face.

'Oh, I served extra. ...... If I don't, I'm going to waste a serving of soup. It's going to put pressure on our business, and we'll be in big trouble!

...... What's this monkey business?

'......In times like this, you can use Magda's level of begging. ......'

And then Magda slowly turns her body around and turns her back on us.
And then he sagged down.

'............Shun............... .............................. ......... chirac'
'I'll take it!
'...... Like this.'
'It only works on Umaro, that begging!
'...... It worked on Assunto, too.

Estella turns to look at me to see if I'm telling the truth.
...... That wasn't a successful begging, but ............ well, I'll nod.

'Are you sure about this, ......?
'...... Magda is a ...... little devil.'

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.

'...... aha'.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
But right beside me, a terminally ill fox was shot through the chest and sank to the floor. ...... Of course, that fox was Umaro.

'............ Funny. That was aimed at Yashiro.'
'Oh, my bad. It's just that I have to pull my chest in and aim with my cleavage in order to hit the target.
'............ Mmm, tough.'

I'm sure you'll have a great time.
...... So, what's the red-haired cleavage-nothing girl over there seriously worried about?

'............All right!Imelda!'

Estella twists her body towards Imelda, looking determined to do something.

'You're a stick figure like Magda-san. Aside from that, you're killing me.
'Is it still cleavage?
'No, Estella. That's Yashiro's method of attack.

At any rate, I could see that Estella was in a panic.
Money is tight, but she wants the top-notch wood that Imelda suggested.

...... He can't think straight at the most critical moment, you know.

'What are you talking about?
'Oh, actually, ......'.

Loretta put a bowl of corn potage soup in front of Estella and Umaro,......, and really let Umaro eat it. Well, it's okay, it's Umaro,......, and he moves to stand next to Ginette, holding the tray in his arms.

Ginette offered Loretta a donut and explained to her what had happened so far.

'Well, then, we can all contribute a little to the shortage.

Loretta said, with a look of having come up with a great idea.
Her voice was clear.

But ...... money, huh?

'No, thank you!
'Well, I figured Yashiro would say that.

Estella smiles hatefully as she sips her corn potage soup.
What's with that face?I didn't expect it from the start, you look like.

But since it's used to communicate with Mr. Merle, it's not desirable to have too many people involved.

I paid for it, so let me use it!
--I don't want people like that coming out of the woodwork. There's only one place to go, the House of Maul.

It is preferable that the money be raised only by those concerned.

'Besides, we can't just spend money on materials. Umaro and Norma will also be required to have quite advanced skills, so they should be paid accordingly.

In addition to the cost of materials, there is the cost of construction.

'Umaro will pay for Magda's 'Fu~fu~' four times .......'
'That's very tempting, though!We need to use some of our carpenters, so we want to make sure we get paid!
'......'Also add 'ahhh'.'
'Aah!My heart is in turmoil!The angel and the devil in me, ......!

Maybe it's not 'angels and demons' in Umaro, but 'carpenters and perverts'.

'Well then, I guess we'll have to keep the material costs low.
'Even if we lower the grade by two or so, I'm sure the durability will be maintained.
'Huh, two grades down?
'But it's still top-notch wood!Don't worry!
'Wait a minute!I'll calculate it right now at .......'

Estella holds her temples and stares at the table.
She's probably pulling out various documents from her memory and doing mental arithmetic.
This guy is really good at calculations. He probably can't beat me in the speed of mental calculation.
He also has a very good memory.

He's trying to figure out a way to use the top-notch wood.

Well, when I can't help it, I can do something about it. ............ While I was thinking about it, an unexpected savior appeared.

'Can't you let us pay that money too?

Opening the door of the sunlit pavilion, Theron and Wendy walked in.

'Theron...... and Wendy too.'
'My lord. Please let us help you.

As soon as he entered the dining room, Theron approached Estella without looking aside and appealed to her.
He suddenly appeared and acted as if he had a perfect grasp of the situation. ......

'Did you get any word from Mahr?
'Yes, just now. I received a letter from him saying that the heroes and the lord are planning to build a big tower.

Ma'ru. He wanted to finish this thing so badly he took out an insurance policy.
Theron and his team are making a lot of money off the glowing brick.
It would be very helpful if these guys would sponsor it.

'It's not a tower, but it would be great if you could help us.
'Hear that, Theron?The heroes have given us permission!
'Oh, Wendy!The hero's generosity always makes my heart sing!

I forced two doughnuts into Theron's mouth as he complimented me on my goosebumps. ...... Are you trying to make me a nefari?That gave me goosebumps.

'All right, I'll change my tune. You're close to the people involved, so give me the money you're making.
''Yes, sir!I'll be happy to.

...... I don't know why they're happy about it. ............ They've got some kind of new virus, don't they?
............, Theron. I'm not sure what to do.I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm not sure what to do.

'Is that okay ......'?
'It's fine, they're happy with it.'

I reassure the anxious Estella.
In any case, this was Merle's idea. All we have to do is let ourselves be taken in by it.

'Perhaps Theron would like to do something for Ma'ul. Maybe Theron would like to do something for Mahrul, for the noblemen of the other districts who recognize him and still have high hopes for him.'
'...... Yeah. Maybe so.

'And I'm sure they're worried about the fact that this whole mess was set in motion by their wedding.

It was a quarrel, and Theron and the others were just the target of it.
But more than the facts, I think that these guys have always had something bothering them as a problem in their hearts. Not in terms of logic, but in terms of emotion.

'If this is an exemption, then let them go, and if it brings them some benefit, then give it back to them.
'I suppose so. Then I'll ask for your cooperation.

With this, the joint investment of 42 wards, Renga Kobo, and Mauru was decided, and the production of "Totoke-Ru No. 1" was able to start.
If all goes well, we will be able to use this "Toroke-Ru No. 1" to obtain soramame through Mahrul.

However, it will take some time to complete, so I plan to go to District 27 before that.
We'll have to break down the BU's who seem to be on the same page.

'Well, everyone. I'll be counting on you!
'I want you to leave this to me!
'I'll make something good for you.
'I'll make sure it's better than you expect.

As I watched them show their enthusiasm, I popped a donut into my mouth.