264-Episode 176 Welcome and Soramame

'Anchovies, I'll send them to you. We have a lot of sorghum, everyone is probably tired, and I want to spend a little more time with Wentan.'
'That's the last thing you really want, isn't it, boy?

In the rattling carriage, Lucia puffed up her nose and said condescendingly.
She's probably thinking that she won't be able to see Wendy and the others for a while after this, and is planning to stick it out until the last minute. Well, I'm grateful that it's easier for me.

We'll head to the Sunlight Pavilion first, then send Theron and Wendy off, and Lucia and the others will return to District 35. They're not going to stop at the Sunken Pavilion.
Well, if we don't leave soon, it'll be midnight.

'I'll help you unload the soramame.

Estella, on the other hand, is ready to stop by the sunny pavilion.
She's probably hungry.
I, too, am hungry despite the fact that I ate so much at Mahr's house.
When I eat at home, I often feel hungry after coming home, probably because of the difference in the sense of security.
Now I can understand why Japanese men want to eat ochazuke at home after a night of drinking.

'Do you want to come by, Natalia?
'Yes, .......'

Even when Estella is free, Natalia often has a lot of work to do.
So I asked her just in case. ......

'I don't see the point of going to the 42nd district, since it's not affected by that newspaper, and I'm not a popular person. ............
'You think you're a celebrity?

I'm not going to go to the gym unless I'm going to be pampered.

'But I'm a little tired today, both mentally and physically. I'd like to meet the manager and be healed.

I'm following Estella on an expedition.
And she's dealing with a nobleman, the sister of the lord.
Natalia must have been on her toes the whole time. She did not want to embarrass her lord. To keep her lord out of harm's way.

After all, Natalia is a reliable head waiter.

'I'd like to meet the manager and sleep on that pointy pillow.
'Those pointy things are not pillows!But lend it to me sometime!
'Okay, in that order.
'You're all banned from the Sunken Pavilion.By my lord's authority.

What kind of sabotage is this, when people are trying to heal their mental fatigue?What kind of lord would do such a thing?

In the meantime, a familiar scene passed by outside the window, and the carriage arrived at the Sunken Pavilion.

'Welcome back. Good work, everyone.

Perhaps having heard the sound of the carriage, Ginette and the other employees were lined up in front of the Sunlit Pavilion.
Magda, Loretta, Delia, Norma, and Umaro.

'...... you guys, get to work.'
'No, no, no, Yashilo!The donuts were selling like hotcakes and we couldn't leave!You know, Norma?
'It was really tough.

Norma thumps her hip.

'You look heavy. Do you want me to rub it for you?
'The part that looks heavy and the part that needs to be rubbed seem to be two different things.

You idiot. The heavy part and the part you want to be rubbed are the same.

However, these guys had dutifully stayed at the sunlit pavilion to help. I should at least show them some appreciation.

'So, Umaro. Take the soramame to the pantry for me.'
'Why not?
'I can't overwork these guys for helping me!
'I'm a customer, you know!
'What are you talking about, Umaro? Even if you're a customer, you're still on the side of being used.
'I don't remember being on that side, though!

I let Umaro carry the sorghum, which he tries to skip for whatever reason.
In the meantime, I call Magda over.

'Magda. I'm sorry, but can you get me some honey popcorn?'
'...... I've got some in stock for that.'
'Then give it to me.'
'...... will do.'

They received the neatly packaged honey popcorn and returned to the carriage.
If Natalia was so tired, he must be tired too.

'Gilberta. I'll give you this.
'Is it for me, your friend Yashiro?
'It's a reward for your hard work.

When you're tired, sweets are good for you.
You can pick some up on the way home.

'............ I'm glad.'

Gilberta muttered, staring at the bag of popcorn.

Maybe it's not every day that someone gives you something.

Gilberta stares at the bag of popcorn in silence.
It's hard to tell because of her lack of facial expression, but I'm sure she's happy.

'I'm going to be a child here, I am!
'Yeah, I know you're happy, so just calm down. See?

I think I made her a little too happy.
...... scary scary.

'I'll definitely be back, I'll be here. I want you to play with me again, I'm your friend, Yashiro!
'Oh, what. Was that part of the game, today's expedition ......?'

If you're going to play, pick the right time to do it.

'Well then, heroes and lords. Excuse me.
'Thank you for everything you did for me today.

Theron and Wendy bow to each other in the carriage.
I wonder if they don't get tired, with such bitter personalities.

'The anchovy'.

Just as the carriage was leaving, Lucia poked her head out the window and called out to me.

'Cry over your scary dreams.

That's all she said, and the carriage drove away.
...... What the hell did he want?

I wonder if he also cries when he has scary dreams. If he cries, it means that he has experienced something like that and recognizes it as painful.

When the carriage disappeared from sight, I felt that the day's work was finally over.

'Well, we're going home, too.
'I'm sure you'll sleep well today.
'Yeah, you had a good night. I'll treat you to some cake next time.
'Oh!Another date?
'I'm looking forward to it.

No, ...... I didn't mean for it to be just the two of us. ...... Rather, you two should eat together.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you think.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'll make sure she eats the cake from the restaurant.

'Okay, I'll go to ...... too.'
'Oh, Norma, wait a minute.

I stopped Norma as she was about to leave and waited for Umaro to finish carrying the sycamores.

'It's done~'
'You're late!
'I'd like a few more words of appreciation!

How extravagant.
I can't give you words of encouragement, but I can give you a good story instead.

'Umaro, Norma. Can you come here tomorrow with Imelda?I have a favor to ask you.'
'I'll do it!
'I'll leave it to you!

Quick!It's too early to make a decision.
Are you guys okay?Don't you remember that there's the Judgment of the Spirits?
If you say 'I'll do it' and then say 'I don't want to do it', you'll be turned into a frog.
How much are you willing to accept?

'I'll tell you what I'm going to make tomorrow.
'I'm starting to get excited.
'If you're working with a carpenter, you must be building something pretty big. It's going to be a real challenge.'

They've become such convenient craftsmen that it makes me nervous. ......
It's definitely Jeannette's fault.
The sycophants must have been infected, yes.

The two terminal patients of the sycophants were sent off, and the sunlit pavilion was closed.
But Estella and Natalia are still in the store. Loretta is also still there.

'As a matter of fact, the manager has made something amazing!

Loretta said with a smug look on her face as soon as she invited us into the store.
Magda was also somewhat nervous, and Ginette was smiling shyly, but with a hint of confidence.

What is it?What is it that you have made?

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ......

I taught Jeannette how to make consommé when the distribution in the 42nd district had normalized and prices had stabilized.
She had already been able to make bouillon, so I asked her to go one step further and make an elaborate soup. Consommé is delicious.

'I've been thinking of a new way to cook sole with it.

As Ginette said this, Magda and Loretta brought a plate in front of us.
A deep dish filled with a bright light green soup.
This is ......

'Potage soup with sole?

'Yes. I wanted you to eat it when you are tired and feel better. I think it is delicious, so please enjoy it.

I scoop it up with a spoon and bring it to my mouth.
It was unmistakably a potage of sole, and I felt its sweetness and warmth spreading to my tired body. This is the kind of deliciousness that makes your fatigue disappear.

It's a great achievement if you've made it on your own.
The texture was mild, and it could be seen that it must have been prepared many times over.
Did Jeannette make time to make this doughnut during the day when Delia and the others were so busy that they were exhausted? Even though Jeannette was responsible for making all the donuts.

'It's good, Jeannette. You're the best.'

Ginette's expression brightened when I praised her honestly.

'It's really very good.
'It's a taste I'm going to have again and again.

Both Estella and Natalia seemed to like it and did not slow down at all.
Seeing this, Ginette wriggled her body. She was smiling so much that she could hardly hide it, and every muscle in her face was squishy.
Ginette, without knowing it, loves to be praised for her cooking.
She is still the same as she was when she was praised by her grandfather.

This soup, Ginette's original, may be a little different from the potage I had in Japan. However, the taste is not inferior, in fact, it is superior.
Even though we had eaten so much at Ma-ru's house, we were able to finish the whole bowl of soup.

'This way, no matter how many legumes we have, we'll be able to use them up in no time at all.

Estella said with conviction at the taste of the sole potage.
I feel the same way. I'm sure this will be a hit.
...... I was thinking that this, along with the bean sauce, might lead to a serious shortage of lentils. ............ But Ginette's expression was gloomy. I'm not sure what to make of it. ...... A little troubled?

I'm not sure what's wrong with you, Ginette.What's wrong with your face and your big boobs?
It's not about the breasts!

I don't know,......, maybe it's because I'm tired. The words are spilling out of my mouth without passing through my brain's checkpoints.
Yeah, it's because I'm tired. It's not my fault.

'Actually, you know, ......'
'...... Solanaceous potage is not that much of a hit.'

As if to interrupt Jeannette, who was about to explain the reason for her unhappy expression, Magda stepped forward with her chest out.


The standoff between Magda and I continued: ......

'...... "Do big tits", you don't ask?'
'Yeah, I don't think so.

And I didn't.
Hmm, I have no idea why you look so unhappy about it.
Anyway, can you tell me why you're so sure that soramame potage is not a hit?

'I agree with Magda.

Loretta stood next to Magda with her chest out, just like Magda.

'What's the matter, Loretta? You have normal tits.'
'Don't say "normal"!
'You're copying Magda.
'I'm sure I did, but you're not listening to me!
'...... is a degraded version of Magda.'
'That's just plain bad, isn't it, Magda?

The mannequin Loretta ran into the kitchen with Magda.
............ What did he do to you?

I'm not sure what to do.
'...... Scrutinize.'

They came back with their noses puffed up, each holding a tray. There were three plates on each tray, Loretta's plate was filled with a creamy soup with a slight yellowish tinge, and Magda's plate was filled with an orange soup.

'This is the sweet potato potage!
''...... Here, pumpkin potage.''
''Bon appétit!

Spooning the offered soup, Estella sipped the pumpkin potage and Natalia the sweet potato potage.
And then, at the same time, their eyes widen. and their eyes widen.

''This is delicious!

And then Ginette's shoulders slumped.

''It's so good!
''With its natural sweetness and deep flavor, ...... is a soup of soups that deserves to be called a revolutionary in the world of soup!

Even Natalia was excited.
Loretta and Magda nodded their heads in satisfaction, while only Ginette turned her face away apologetically.

Well, it was no doubt Ginette who created these two, but the reason for her turning her face away was probably ............

The reason why he is turning his face away is probably because of the following story: 'The sycamore was so well received that I tried to make it with other ingredients, and as a result, I came up with something that was so delicious that I was overjoyed when I fed it to Magda and Loretta. And as they gazed contentedly at the scene, one moment they suddenly realized that ............ would overshadow the sole potage... ... and'.

'.................. yes'.
'In fact, with everyone going crazy for pumpkins and sweet potatoes, sales of sole pottage have dropped, or rather, stopped completely. ......?'
'You guessed it, .......'

I'm not sure if I've gotten a little carried away, Ginette?
I love it when people say it tastes good.
You wanted to make it more delicious and make people more happy.
And your plan worked.

But you know what?

'The consumption of lentils is falling!
'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!I've completely lost sight of my original goal!

What are you going to do?
The sole pottage is indeed delicious!It's so good!
But pumpkin and sweet potatoes are not fair!That's the kind of sweetness that everyone loves, young and old, you can't beat it!

Just a moment ago, Natalia, who said it tasted like something she'd want to eat again and again, refilled the pumpkin!

'I can't get enough of this potage .......'

Ginette wept profusely.
...... What a waste of money, those beautiful tears. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

'Gentlemen, the sole!Why don't you have a potage of lentils?
'Little Jeannette.'

Seeing the tears in Jeannette's eyes, Estella offered her empty plate. ............ averting her gaze.

'......sa, sweet potato potage.'

I don't know what kind of emotion exploded in me and I made some kind of strange noise.
This is an elementary mistake that is easy to make in the restaurant industry.

If you have a product A and a product B with full service, the product A will not sell at all.
If you want to do this, you need to make an effort to use the same materials used for A for B so as not to leave any inventory.

For example, in the case of shaved ice, if you offer an upgraded version of the original product, such as "matcha green tea → matcha red beans → white egg matcha red beans → white egg matcha red beans with condensed milk," you will not waste any ingredients regardless of how well it sells.

However, in a case like this, there will be a large surplus of materials for products that remain unsold.

If we manipulate the price and set a low price for the potage of sole, which is likely to sell poorly, the image of 'sole is cheap' will be created and the product will not sell well.
In spite of the fact that potage soup is a fashionable dish, it is necessary to avoid the image of 'poor food'.

So, if you make pumpkin and sweet potato more expensive, ............ they simply won't sell as well. Or rather, the image of 'you have to pay a lot of money to get a decent meal' will be attached.
This is similar to the image you have of a curry shop where the only normal items are roux and rice, and the rest are toppings. It's like the image you have of a curry shop where the only normal ingredients are the roux and rice, and the rest are toppings. You have to spend thousands of yen to get a satisfactory meal. That's the image I have.
This is a problem, because cheap or plain food is less likely to be ordered.
The reason is that people think, 'If I eat that, I'll eat something else for the same price.

If it is a dish that is addictive, such as curry, there is little reason to order soup that does not interfere with other dishes.

Because of the good junior staff, the pioneer becomes hazy.
This is the trap that the first rival of a battle manga that is inflating, or the main heroine of a harem manga that has a large number of characters with different attributes tend to fall into.
It has become difficult to find demand for .......

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. ......

The new menu that you have developed with the best of intentions gets in the way of the product you really want to sell.
......Ginette. Just give up.

'You can use the sweet corn that Umaro used to bring, it's delicious.
'Corn potage soup!That sounds delicious, that is!'
'I'd be interested in that too!Estella-sama, why don't you support us as the lord of the 42nd district?''
'I'd like to try some of that!
'...... Manager, make a prototype.
'Yashiro-san, Yashiro-san!Why are you trying to push me?

If you've come this far, you'd better get rid of the idea that you're going to consume a lot of lentils in a potage, and just make it one of the many potages.
This is a diner. Serve good food to the customers.
What? A lot of people like the sweetness of peas. Who prefer peas to pumpkins and sweet potatoes.
But it may not be an explosive hit.

'...... Magda, I'm begging Umaro.
'Magda, good luck!
'No, wait!If Magda says so, Umaro might buy up all the corn in the 30th district. ...... He's a pervert who doesn't know the upper limit. Ask Assunto.'
'......But begging won't work with Assunto.'
'I'll pay you!He seems to be taking it all!

What is it?Is cuteness justice?
Are you allowed to be selfish?Beautiful girls are scary!

'Um, Yashiro-san: ......'

'I'm sorry. I came up with an idea to use a lot of soramame, but it was my fault. ......'

'What are you talking about?

It's not that depressing.
Well, sure. If the sole pottage had sold well, we could have consumed a lot of it. ......

'Thanks to you, the possibilities of sole pea have expanded. You should be more proud of yourself.'
'Yashiro-san, ...... yes.'

In fact, Jeannette's potage is delicious.
There is no reason for you to look so downhearted.
So stick out your chest.

'And ...... your boobs!
'Please repent.

Why don't you just stick it out?Like this.Like this, with a bang!

You'll be able to find out more about it at ......

'Is Yashiro-san here?

The door of the sunlit pavilion opened roughly, and Assunto jumped in.

'Sorry, we're closed.
'Oh, no!Yashiro-san!Thank God!

d*mn. The 'go home' gag went unanswered.
Assunto is rubbing up against me, looking very happy.

'Solanaceous!Is there a place where we can get large quantities of sole beans on a regular basis!Do you have any idea?Do you know anyone who's involved?
'Hot, hot, hot!Calm down a bit!

He came at me with bloodshot eyes, spitting all over the place.
It's hard to be this hot at this time of night. I want to pinch him out.

'Excuse me. I have some good news!
'You're divorced?
'What's the good news about that?We're still happily married!

Tsk. ......

'The God of Koji has agreed to the soybean paste!
'Oh, the great craftsman you were talking about before?
'Yes!He's a descendant of the family that invented the method of making miso, and he's said to be the best in all of bloom!

He must be quite an amazing person, since Assunto has raised him so much.
Miso and soy sauce are indispensable to a rich diet. The peddlers' guild must be treating them with respect.

'Normally, you need to be a senior member of the peddler's guild to get an appointment, but ...... I screwed it up!
'...... You've been adventurous, haven't you?

Assunto, who is the type of person who relatively avoids risky gambles, seems to have been quite reckless.
That's why he's so excited.

'He's interested in the bean sauce and wants to make a trial, so he wants me to arrange for a large quantity of sole beans!But sole beans are not a common ingredient in the market. ...... So, Yashiro!Do you know of any person or organization that has a large quantity of soramame?
'Yes, I know of one.
'Are you sure?

They don't distribute them, or rather, they can't sell them, so they dispose of the gas themselves. ......
I'm sure if you talk to Mahr, he'll be able to provide you with a large quantity.

...... There are some things I want Umaro and the others to make. ...... We may have to hurry up and take care of some things.

You can take some of the things that you have at home with you for now.
You can take some of the things we have.

We've just gained so much that we've lost the means for mass consumption. Let's have them take it.

'Bean-paste!Let's make sure we succeed!

Assunto's on fire. It's a roast pig.

'Pull it together, pork chop!
'Who's the char siu?

Assunto sniffs.
But he looked relieved.

'He's a difficult person, he throws away his work if he doesn't like it even a little.
'Is he a child?
'Please don't say anything rash!The future of bean sauce is at stake!

...... Has this guy joined the bean sauce cult?He's so serious.

'Anyway, this is a relief. If we can find a way to get a large amount of it, we'll do it.

Assunto is this motivated. I think it's safe to say that we're on the verge of mass consumption of soramame.

'...... Assunto'.

Magda stands in front of Assunto when we have finished our conversation.

'...... Magda, I want some sweetcorn, nyan.
'Eh ............, what is this?'

'Magda, you're a challenger!
I didn't expect you to ask Assunto for it.
I'm not sure what to do.


You're so persistent!
Do you want sweetcorn that badly?

'Mr. Assunto. Here, if you'd like.'

Ginette brought out a bowl of warm sole potage and placed it on the table beside Assunto.
She seems to be happy to know that the story of the bean sauce is improving.
Maybe it's because we're on the verge of consuming a lot of beans.

'Oh, ......, this is delicious. What kind of soup is this?
'Yes. It's a lentil potage.

The table rattled, and Assunto peered into the dish.

'Oh, what a waste!As of now, I want to turn every single bean into bean sauce. ............ Ginette!Can't you just stop making this soup?I'll make up for the damage!
'Oh, no, no, no, no damage. ......'
'Let's have you make it up to me!
'Yes, Yashiro-san, but ......'
'......Yashiro's opinion, Magda agrees.'
'Magda-san too?

Magda and I silenced the reluctant Jeannette.
It's a dish that won't sell well anyway. Wouldn't it be more profitable to have Assunto make up for it?

But Magda seemed to have a different idea and acted on it. ......

'...... Assunto. In order to stop the potage of solanace, an alternative is essential.
'So, what is it!
'...... sweetcorn'.
'Surely if you make this soup with ...... sweet corn, it could be delicious. ............ Okay!I'll be responsible for getting the sweetcorn for you!I'll be responsible for getting the sweet corn for you, so please give me all the legumes you have here instead!

...... Magda's plan was a success.

'...... yay'.

Magda gives the V sign in satisfaction.
...... You're getting tougher, aren't you?

And so, the potage of soramame was temporarily discontinued, and the potage soup of corn, pumpkin and sweet potato was born as the new menu of the sunny pavilion.

Needless to say, the ...... corn potage soup became extremely popular.