263-Episode 175 Equally and impartially

Majority rule is everything.
That's what Mahrul assured me about District 29.

Mahrul, who has been watching this city since he was a child as the next lord, told me about the distorted reality of the city.

'As Yashippi said, there's too much peer pressure in this city. Minorities are silenced as if they are evil. ...... This is a bad habit that has been created since the inception of the BU community and has yet to be improved.

The BU, Mahr says, is responsible for this extraordinary synchronization phenomenon.

'As you know, the districts that are members of the BU have small territories, no industry, and little power. However, they are proud and don't want to lose to the outer districts. ...... I'm sorry, it's not polite to talk like this.''
'No, no. Please continue.

In the event that you've got a lot of time and energy, you'll be able to make the most of it.
There's no need to make up for it now. Let's just talk about the facts. It's quicker that way.

'That's why I wanted to form a community of seven districts to create mutual benefit and maintain power. In order to do that, each district needed to be equal and co-equal. In order to do this, each district needed to be equal and equal. ...... So, there is a standoff between the districts to keep an eye on each other to make sure that no one is left out.

In order to maintain the community, each ward must be equal.
Therefore, anyone who tries to outdo them will be thoroughly denounced, and if they are isolated, the district will be intensively attacked and collapse in no time. Because of the creation of such a system, all the wards in all the districts have come to look at each other and keep each other in check.

'So that's why we have peer pressure and the symbol of it, majority rule .......'
'That's right. Today's BUs have a hard time even expressing their own opinions.

If they don't get support when they call for 'sanctions against the 42nd district,' as they did this time, they may be isolated. If that happens, you will be denounced as 'going too far', and you may be excluded and ostracized by unusually strong peer pressure.

So, majority rule.
It's also a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing. It might be a good idea,.......
It's sad to say that I don't think it's wrong.

''The majority vote we saw in the lord's mansion was definitely a bit stuffy, wasn't it?

Estella must be thinking of the overbearing majority vote she saw the day she met with the BU people.
The majority vote was enforced as if it were absolute justice, without regard for our opinions.
That decision is inviolable and impossible to overturn. ......

'So it's because of the nature of the city that Mahrul was turned away by his own people.
'Yes, that's right. The reason why they made me the next lord, and the reason why they took away my authority and banished me, might have been all due to peer pressure. None of them took my side.
'If you can't go along with the lord's opinion and go against the majority, even reaching out to the weak can be a crime. ...... It's pathetic, the people of this district.

This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
Lucia has initiated and implemented a number of policies that are more accommodating to the vulnerable.
She may not want to admit that she understands the psychology of those who forced Ma'ru out.

'It may be true that deciding everything by majority vote is equal, but ......'.

Estella's expression also clouded.
Majority rule is equality......? I guess that's the perception of the people in this ward and the BU.
That's just an excuse to shut down the opinions of the minority. ......

'As a result, BU has become very distorted. So has this bean.

This is a symbol of the district's 'distortion', the system of imposing beans.
This is another rule decided by the BU majority.

'Each of the seven districts of the BU must specialize in the production of a single bean and divide it equally among the BU and use it equally. ............

According to Mahr, each district is responsible for the production of the following beans.

District 23: Peas
District 24: Soybeans
District 25, peanuts
District 26: Cacao beans
Ward 27: Coffee beans
Ward 28: Red beans
District 29, "Solanaceous Beans

And surprisingly, ...... is producing the same amount of these beans.

'It all started with a toll tax'.

Within the BU, the 23 wards adjacent to the 30 wards with the city gates and the 25 wards adjacent to the 35 wards with the port were well off on tolls alone.
However, the community must be equal.
Therefore, the tolls that had been collected until now were apparently distributed to each district under the pretense that they had passed through the BU.

'So, did you get any complaints?
'Yes, there were. That's why they decided to make beans.
'The tolls caused you to make beans ......?'

Seeing Estella's difficult face, Mahrul smiled a little.
'Normally, I wouldn't be able to understand it,' she says, letting out a self-mocking laugh.

'The districts that are members of BU used to produce beans. But the sales and production were different. Solanaceous beans don't sell that well, and peanuts and peas are not very popular. ......
'So there was one bean that was selling like hotcakes.
'Yes, that's right.

Among the beans produced in BU, the one that is diverse and has processed products made from it is ......

'Soybeans, right?
'Yes. Soybeans are exceptional. It was enough to overtake the sales of the other six districts.

In this city, there are soy sauce and miso.
At first I was surprised at their existence, but when I was told that the inventions of processed products were created by farmers and guilds with the sole intention of selling their crops, I was somewhat convinced.
If they had not been able to find a use for the soybeans other than just boiling and eating them, the sales of soybeans would have been less than one tenth of what they are now.
He must have put his heart and soul into the development of the product in a desperate attempt.

'Although inferior to soybeans, red beans and cocoa were also popular beans in their own right.
'But there was inequality there. So you eliminated the inequality, offsetting it with a toll tax.

Ma'ru nodded silently at Lucia's words.

I will distribute the toll tax. In return, we'll share the profits from the blockbuster soybeans.
But that won't solve the inequity.
For example, the twenty-nine districts have only benefited so far.

'The 29th district, which has no special products, is just a head count of the BU.
'You could say that numbers are power. You can't say it's unnecessary.
'You're right. If you're going to negotiate a toll tax with Lucia's 35 districts, you'll have a better chance of making a deal with the seven BU districts than with the 25 districts alone.
'...... Hmm. They're giving us a hard time.

The wards that are benefiting from it are playing the role of mutual support as a force of numbers.
That's how they balance it out.

'In BU, equality and fairness are respected anyway. Therefore, it is unacceptable for the burden or the profit to go only to the soybean farmers. That's why a rule was established to ensure that all beans in the BU are produced at the same rate.
'............ Are you an idiot?
'You can't deny it, can you?

Estella and Lucia looked at me for a moment, but did not admonish me. They must have sympathized with me, I'm sure. Because it's a stupid rule.

'So you've reduced the production of soybeans that sell too well, and increased the production of other beans that don't sell as well as soybeans?'
'Yes. And as a result, in order to dispose of the large amount of stock that was generated, a rule was made that 'each district should consume this amount of beans every month', and a strange rule was made to go along with it, such as '60% of the food served to customers must be beans'.

In order to achieve equality, they unnecessarily increase the production of beans and impose the surplus by force in the name of 'rules.

'For the sake of equality, this city was forced to accept a distorted system.

If I had to summarize, I'd say BU is...

The lords of the Seven Wards colluded to show off their power in order not to be outdone by the outer wards, and thus created a system that forced equality on each other.
In order to equalize wealth and labor, they completely ignored the sales volume and set the production volume, and even set the consumption volume in order to consume the surplus.
Furthermore, in order to produce as much soybeans as possible, which are selling well, the production of other beans is also raised, resulting in a situation where there is a laughable surplus of beans .......

I see.
That's why we are forced to use only useless beans such as peanuts and beans.
They want to force outsiders to use the beans they can't use internally.

'Even if the system is so distorted, can't you think of getting out of the BU?
'That's impossible. Because our district is weak.

We have no specialties, no industries, and a small territory.
If the twenty-nine districts were to leave the BU because they didn't like the distorted rules, they would become enemies with the other six districts, and the economy would collapse in no time.
The people would flee to other districts, and in a real sense, they would disappear.

'It's true, there are benefits. But more than that, you can't ...... isolate yourself. It's the only way to survive in this world.

The reason for staying in BU, it seems, is 'to live'.

The food was gone, leaving only the beans.
As I bit into a boiled lentil, I pondered how to deal with this twisted but tight-knit community of BU.

The only thing that works in this town is majority rule.
But there are seven enemies out there.

The easiest way to win would be to have more than eight people on our side and have a majority vote, but I don't think outsiders can interfere with the decisions made within the ...... BU.
If you take eight people and ask them to participate in the majority vote, they will say, 'Who wants to participate in the majority vote? The majority vote would be taken, and the vote would be rejected in an instant.

The most realistic thing to do would be to turn four of the seven over to our side. ......

"Master Yashiro.

Gently, Natalia approaches you.
Natalia, who had listened quietly and refrained from speaking, said, "Do you have something to say to me? She seems to have something to say to me.

'If you would like to go to another district in BU, I would be happy to accompany you.

Apparently, Natalia was thinking the same thing.
To overturn the majority vote, she would have to draw more than four people to her side.

'There's a pretty extreme synchronization phenomenon going on in BU,' she said. So, if that's the case, ...... I'll be irresistible wherever I go!
'Just for now!

Estella's comment pierced Natalia's smug face as she ruffled her black hair with all her might.

'It's just a passing fad. In a few more weeks, there will be another fad.
'That's why I think I should go to the other districts and negotiate with the lords while I'm still popular. After all, I'm very popular!
'Yashiro!I'm against the use of this trump card!It may be effective, but it's extremely unpleasant!
'Haha, what a coincidence Estella. ...... me too.

It's true that bringing a high-profile person with you might make them feel better about you.
But ............ I don't want to negotiate with a guy who's looking down his nose at Natalia.
He might hit you with a gouge, you know.

'I'll go with a more conventional approach.
'Huh, I didn't know Yashiro recommended a straightforward approach.'
'What are you talking about, Estella?

You really don't understand me, do you?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
'...... What should I do? I want to stop you at all costs.'

Estella. Point your clenched fist at the BU lords, not at me.
I haven't said anything wrong.

'Did my story help you in any way?
'Oh. At any rate, it was a good thing that I was able to get a vague idea of what the mysterious BU really is.
'Oh, really?I'm glad to hear it.

He rubbed his round hands together, grasped them, and placed them on his belly, and looked out the large window at the garden.
There are forty-two districts under the sky beyond the splendid garden.

'I definitely don't like the idea of not being able to see such a beautiful thing anymore because of such a trivial thing .......'

At first, I couldn't understand what Ma'ru was talking about.
However, when I saw the gentle smile that Ma'ru gave to Theron and Wendy right after that, it finally made sense to me.

'You've seen the fireworks, haven't you?

Estella said before I could say anything.
From here, you might have been able to see the fireworks beautifully that day.

'Yes. It was so beautiful. There was a sudden loud noise, and at first I thought something was wrong.
'I'm sorry. I wasn't very considerate.'
'No. It's a festival in your district, it's better to have a big one. I'm a big fan of that kind of thing.

I thought I had already made my rounds to the neighboring wards, but I hadn't paid attention to the BU.
But I hadn't paid attention to BU. They would have been surprised to see fireworks from this distance.

I guess that's why I was spotted.

'Your wife really likes festivals.

The meal is over and tea is being served.
We set the wagon down next to Ma'ru, and as we poured tea into stylish teacups, Cindy told us.

'You even went to sneak a peek at the Spirit God's festival, didn't you?
'Oh, Cindy. Don't say anything you don't want to. I'm embarrassed.

She patted Cindy's shoulder with an old lady-like hand and pressed her cheek to hide the slight reddening of her cheek.

'Theron and Wendy's glowing bricks ...... were really beautiful ...... and the light march ...... was the most beautiful festival I've ever seen in my life. It's the first time in my life that I've seen such a beautiful festival.

I'm not sure if he's thinking about the scenes of that day, but Mael closed his eyelids and showed an enraptured expression.

The festival of the spirit gods that was planned to attract people to the city.
Even now, I can clearly remember the scene of that time.

Was Ma'ru here to see that?

'I went to the church in District 42 many times after that to see the glowing bricks. The glowing bricks, even in bright light, were very nice.'

Ma'ru says shyly.
So you were wandering around the church when you met me.

'Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I thought I'd keep this to myself.'

Even though there was no longer any talk of marrying Theron, Mahrul was probably still a fan of Theron's bricks.
It would certainly be a bit embarrassing for him to know that he admired her.

'Yes, sir.

When her name is called, Wendy walks quickly over to Mahr.
She stood in front of Mahr, sitting on a chair, and waited for Mahr's words with a nervous look on her face.

'I love you, too. You're the best among the Bug People.

He gulped and held his mouth.
She looks as if she's about to cry, and her eyes water.

'I like Wen Tan more than you do, though!
'Don't ruin the good mood!

Lucia gets angry, and Wendy smiles at her. Tears just barely escaped her eyes.

'Mr. Merle, you know the term 'bug people', don't you?
'Yes. I was there for Theron and Wendy's wedding.'

Estella rolls her eyes at the unexpected fact.
When she turned her gaze to Theron, he embarrassedly explained what had happened.

'Actually, I thought it might be a nuisance, but I thought it would make sense to contact you and give you an invitation, Mahr-sama.
'I wasn't able to attend the reception, but I did get to see the parade. You looked beautiful, Wendy.
'If that's the case, you should have told me. If you had, I could have handled it in a certain way.
'I'm sorry, Estella-san. I asked you not to do that. 'Don't tell anyone.'

It was Mahr who appeased the disgruntled Estella, and I somehow understood his feelings.
He probably didn't want her to entertain him without the two main guests. Lucia was also the guest of honor at that time.
With Mahr's character, it would have been more fun to watch him from the corner of the world. Somehow, I think so.

'But it's a nice word, "bug people". 'Beastmen' is also nice. 'Beastmen' is also nice. It's much better than the words we've been using.

Mahrul didn't like the names 'subhuman' and 'subspecies' either.

'Isn't it Yashippi who revolted against the old names and made the new ones stick?
'It just happened.

I just gave it a name based on its appearance. I had no intention of revolting against it or establishing a new name for it.
It just happened. It was just a coincidence.

'Yes, Yashippi. If there's anyone out there who's unusual or interesting, would you mind introducing them to me?Someone we could hire to be our waiter. You don't have to be skilled to know someone like Yashippi.
'No, well, ...... it's true that my acquaintances are all weird, but ......'.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'Estella, Lucia. How about a part-time job?
'Why are you trying to recommend us?
'You're going to work here. And get out of District 42. I'll take care of Hammaro-tan and Miry-tan!
'Okay, Lucia is banned from the Forty-second Ward for a while.

It's true that there are a lot of strange acquaintances, but none of them can meet the requirement of being able to work as a waiter.
All of them have jobs and take pride in their work.
Also, if you are going to be a waiter here, you will be living in the 29th district,......, so there are none.

'Sorry, I don't have any idea.
'Really?Too bad. That's okay. If there's someone out there you like, give them a shout.
'If he's lying around somewhere.'
'Yeah. I'd like to meet someone unusual, someone who's really 'lying around' in the street somewhere. It would be interesting.

I don't think you should go for someone who's really lying on the side of the road.
Unless he's a dung beetle or something.

'Yeah. I have a favor to ask you.
'Is this an appointment for my brother?

...... is spot on.
It's beyond just being perceptive, it makes me wonder if this guy really knows how to read minds.

If his brother had not been born, Mauryu would have become the lord. If he hadn't been born, he probably wouldn't have acted as wildly as he does now, and he probably wouldn't have had such a calm demeanor.
...... Perhaps a more formidable lord than Lucia might have been born. ...... crunchy crunchy.

I don't know. If Mahr was the lord, I would have been taken into custody when I tried to sell the stolen spices in this 29th district.
I have a feeling.

In the event that your brother confronts Yashippi one-on-one,......, he will probably be easily outdone.

He smiled at me, as if he could see what I was thinking. I'm glad we're not ...... enemies. At least for now.

But I'm sorry. I can't set up an appointment with my brother.'
'Why not?'

Estella was probably hoping to get an appointment with her lord. She pressed Mahr, who said she couldn't.

'Because I'm easy to give.

What about ............?

'You see, I'm a light-hearted, carefree, calm person, aren't I?I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.That's why I can't interfere with the lord. Even if I voiced my opinion, it would be rejected by majority vote. That's the way it is, my family.

............ The lord here is an idiot.

'Thank you, Merle. That was a great tip.'
'Oh, yeah?Mm-hmm.'

Is Ma'uld too soft and easy to give?
He'll cooperate with you where it's in his interest to do so, but he'll resist if he thinks it's to his detriment.
You'll know that when you talk to him.
After all, Ma'ru has gotten everything he wanted in his life.

I wonder if the lord of this place thinks he's driven Ma'ru away by building a mansion in this remote place.

He was talking about monitoring the waterfall as if he didn't have the right to make decisions, but that's not true. The waterfall here is completely under Mahrul's control.

A vast garden stretching from the back garden of the mansion to the cliff.
It's such a magnificent garden. I'm sure the florists and landscapers know about it. The neighbors must know of its existence.

If they wanted to use the waterfall for something, Mahr's mansion would certainly be in the way. The garden would have to be destroyed.

What will the people think if we do that?
'The lord kicked out my sister and destroyed the beautiful garden for his own interest.
If such a rumor were to be started, it would be a fatal blow to the reputation of the city, where peer pressure is unusually strong, and at worst, he might not be able to continue as lord.

It's the same with Theron.
It wasn't Theron that Mahrul wanted.
What Mahr wanted was Theron's bricks, or more specifically, an environment where Theron could make bricks to his heart's content.
And this was protected by the appearance of Wendy, who gave us a further byproduct.

Perhaps the reason why she donated to the Spirit Church was because she wanted to prevent the decline of the 42nd district by preventing the church from surviving.
Theron and Wendy...... to protect the shiny bricks.

'But I'm sure I'll see my brother again someday. It won't be long now, I promise.

With these prophetic words, Mahrul sipped his tea.
That was the end of the story.

Ma'ru wants to change. The 29th Ward.
This crippled city, bound by the community of BU.
And he wants to use us to do it.

Show them, tell them, and smell what this city is really like. ...... One on one, the current lord is not my enemy. ......
I'm not sure what to make of it.

Mahr is asking me to do it.

'The rewards will be high.
'Oh?What are you talking about?

...... this guy.

Hearing such a cocky reply, I'm convinced.
Ma'ru is a woman not to be underestimated.

'Yashippi is a smart girl and will probably think of a lot of things, but don't forget this.

Mahrul, who had been sitting on a chair and calling people around him, stood up and approached me on his feet.
As soon as he is in front of me, he gently grasps my right hand with both hands.

I love you, Yashippi.

...... I'll take your word for it for now.

'I'll take care of the BU boss later, but if there are any other lords I can meet, I'll go see them.

Turning to Estella, Mahrul's hand slipped away.
That handshake was a tentative contract, I guess.

If you can do it, good. If you can't, so be it.
But I want you to do your best.

I guess that's about it.

'So, as soon as we have an appointment, we'll go see the other lords.

Estella gives Natalia a look. Estella gives Natalia a look, which may be a sign that she wants to make an appointment, but Mahrul interrupts her.

'Then I think you should meet the Lord of District 27 first.

The twenty-seventh district is the one we must pass through on our way here.
The height difference between the outer perimeter and the BU is great. The height of the two is the same at the point where the thirty-eighth and twenty-seventh wards meet.

'If it's her, it's easier for me to get an appointment, so I'll write her a letter of introduction.
'You're acquainted with the lord of the twenty-seventh district?
'Yes. Sort of. She and I have similar interests.''

Mahrul smiles and lets Cindy prepare the letter.
Estella is watching Mahrul as he writes the letter.

So, I ask Lucia.

'What kind of person is the Lord of the 27th district?I'm guessing she's the only female lord who was there at the time.

When I met with the BU members, there was one female lord among them.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future.

'The lord of the twenty-seventh district is a young girl named Tracy McCurry. She just became a lord two years ago when she was seventeen, and she has continued to adopt quite forceful policies in order to dispel the image of the "new lord" around her.

Young woman. That alone is likely to bring a lot of heat.
If she is working selflessly to suppress the opinions of those around her, she may be a bit of a nuisance. Self-motivation and stubbornness can sometimes be misunderstood.
In the interest of not being licked, they may turn a deaf ear to even the most useful talk.

However, it is precisely because he is such a person that it is easy to draw him into the group.

He's the one Ma'ru went to the trouble of recommending. There's something.
Is there a chance for me to take advantage of him? ...... Is he the most troublesome opponent? ...... Anyway, he should be the first to be conquered.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always ask for help.
Then I'll play right into his hands.

'You can't go with me to District 27.

Suddenly, Lucia said that.

'I don't have a lot of time on my hands either.

The expression on his face, as he said the most obvious thing, seemed to be one of concern, depending on how you looked at it.

'Don't be so lonely, Lucia.
'Come on. You are, aren't you?

We both smiled fearlessly at each other and tried to ignore the truth.
It's not the kind of relationship you get used to, is it? ...... Well, don't worry about it. I'll be fine.

'Yashiro. I got a letter of introduction.'

And he's got a very motivated look on his face.
Estella is a smart woman, but she still lacks the experience of Lucia and Mauryu.
She'll make up for it when she gets to know the various lords in this case.

...... It's like raising the most troublesome 'enemy'.
The sharper Estella gets, the harder it is for me to do evil.

'What's the matter with you, funny face?I'm from .......'
'Shut up. If you're done, let's get the hell out of here.
'Ah, yes.'

We thanked Mael once again and left the 29th district.
But before that, I made a small request. This would make things easier for us.

After a few hours of riding in the carriage, we reached the 42nd district.
By the time we reached the 42nd district, the sun had long since set.