267-Episode 179 The House of the 27th Ward Lords

The specialty of the 27th district is coffee beans.
I used to be under the misapprehension that there was no coffee in this city, but I was told quite a while later that there actually was coffee in some places.
That 'some place' was this 27th district.

Thanks to Javier's lending us a carriage, we arrived at the 27th district much earlier than planned.
The rendezvous with the lord is at noon. We still have about an hour.

That's why we visited a coffee shop in District 27.
We wanted to try a cup of real coffee. We have our duty free certificate, and we don't have to worry about being forced to buy extra beans every time we enter the store. There is nothing to be afraid of.

If it is a famous coffee producing area, they must be very passionate about coffee.
I'm looking forward to it.

--I was thinking...

'............I can taste the gravel......'
'Oh, Yashiro. You're filthy.'

The moment I put it in my mouth, it smelled like mud and had a rough, unpleasant texture that filled my mouth, and I spit it out.
Obviously, there were too many beans. In addition, the roasting was uneven, and the coffee smelled burnt, and the sourness of the green beans was on full display.

A messy coffee is like muddy water.

'...... Just because it's a famous production area doesn't mean it's a waste of time.
'It is probably the result of trying to use up the large amount of surplus coffee beans.
'Maybe it's simply because there are so many of them that the coffee beans are being handled too roughly.

Estella and Natalia reasoned as they wiped up my spit coffee.

'Here, wipe your mouth with this.

Estella hands me a rag as she says this.
That's a shame. If you had handed it to me before I wiped the table, your reputation would have been raised.

'Even the tea tray is coffee beans, isn't it?

Natalia picks up a small plate of coffee beans with her finger.
They are more than roasted and sweetly coated with honey.
Even though they are ......, they are bitter.

You can't accept bitter tea with bitter food.

Well, I'm drinking coffee, so I'm not sure if "tea accepting" is the right word.

'...... Let's get out of here.

No matter what you order, the beans will come out.
When the coffee is bad, there is no point in staying at this coffee shop.

Outside of the 42nd district, there is no coffee jelly or iced coffee.
If that's the case, I hope they at least put their heart and soul into the blend. If the original coffee is of this quality, no wonder it has not spread to other wards.

When I left the store, I was given a box of coffee beans.
I'll take them home and give them to Loretta for practice. Loretta makes a much better coffee than the master of this store.
She's not even on a level playing field with Jeannette. If Ginette had been in town, the status of coffee would have been somewhat higher.

'Could it be that Ginette's grandfather was from the 27th district?

I wondered as we got into the carriage.

'Well, I don't know. I haven't heard much about my grandfather either.

When her grandfather was alive, Estella was probably still a child and did not get involved in the lord's business.
She probably wasn't even interested in the origins of the people. Playing is what life is all about, isn't it, kids?

'I can't help it. You were probably still small then.'
'That's true. That was when Estella-sama was still small.
'Yashiro, Natalia. Why are both of you holding your breasts while talking?You were small at your age, right?'

Estella, alone in the carriage, cringes.
What a ...... small guy to get angry over something like this. I'm not sure what to say.

'Can you please stop looking at me and silently pressing your own chest?

He glared at me, and I had no choice but to turn around and face the direction of travel.
And then I saw Natalia sitting across from me. ...... Before I knew it, I had received three bouquets of flowers.
It seems that Natalia fever is still alive and well in District 27.

But she doesn't look too happy, and she has a troubled look on her face.
She is not the type of person to be outspoken, so she must be at a loss.
There are not many people who are used to being favored by strangers.

'Oh, ...... I'm the only one who can't ...... be bothered with Estella-sama.'
'Shut up. It's only for now, the boom.

......, though he never forgets to insert such an unnecessary comment.
But it seems to me that there's more than a hint of embarrassment in it.

So, Natalia is embarrassed, huh?

'You're very popular, Natalia.
'...... Yeah, well. It would seem so.

When I attacked him, he was at a loss for words for a moment, and then he glared at me lightly and hatefully.

'Why don't you send a bouquet of flowers, Yashiro-sama?
'I can't invest in something that has no return.
'There might be, a big return.

The return on the gift of a bouquet of flowers is a bit too much for me, and I feel like refraining from it.

However, what about the fact that Estella looks a little happy when Natalia has a subtle expression on her face?
Get along, you two.

'Then I'll send you a bouquet of flowers instead.
'No, thank you. I'm afraid my flatulence is contagious.
'It's not contagious!...... Who's flat-chested?

Oh, this is getting to be a thing, isn't it? You should make a gag of it and go on a tour of the districts. Go earn some foreign currency with the lord and the head waiter.

'I've instructed the gentleman to proceed to the pavilion as slowly as possible.

Because we didn't kill time at the coffee shop, we still have a lot of time to spare.
So, I'm trying to buy some time here.

...... because that coffee shop was uncomfortable.

'By the way, do you have any information about the lord of this district?

It is a basic negotiation technique to get information before meeting.
Even if you don't know him very well, there are probably some rumors about him because of his position as a lord.

'It's only a rumor, though.

And then Estella said, her expression clouded.

'It seems that the lord of this place is ridiculed as the 'tantrum princess' by some nobles.
''The 'tantrum princess' ............?

We've seen the Lord of District 27 once before, when we were summoned by the Lord of District 29.
At that time, he gave the impression of being calm and quiet,......, but a 'tantrum princess'?

'Is she that hysterical?
'Rumor has it, yes.

It's hard to negotiate with tantrums. ......

It's easy to talk them into saying 'yes', but most of the time they'll throw a tantrum later and say 'that's not true! But most of those people have a tantrum later.
It's hard to get them to say 'no' because there's the Judgment of the Spirits, but ...... whatever it is, I can't help but feel that it's going to be a negotiation with a bad aftertaste.

'Isn't there any decent lord? ......'
'Yashiro. Look next to you.'
'............ window,right?'
'It's the other way around. Look at me!'
'............Wall, huh?'
'Who's a wall!There's a decent lord this close by!Look, you should look more closely!

Estella is a good lord, but I'm not sure she's a decent lord. She's ...... always pointing knives at people. Well, I'm the one who's getting knifed.

There's a nasty lady lord called The Temper Tantrum Princess.
He went to the trouble of inviting Estella to lunch.
As a bonus, it said 'your companion is welcome to join you'. ............ I can't help but think there's something behind it.

Are they planning something with Estella in mind? ...... Or is it even something that BU is telling them to do? ......

'She's new, and she's a woman. You can't help but wonder if she's just trying to force herself to look dignified.

It's the end of the road for a lord.
That's why Estella wears masculine clothes and calls herself 'I'.

Recently, though, she seems to be paying less attention to it.

In the same way, it wouldn't be surprising if the lord of the twenty-seventh district thought that he didn't want to lose to a man.
If she had an aura like Lucia's, she would be able to compete with anyone on equal terms regardless of gender, but I don't think there are many women who have that kind of aura. Or rather, I don't want them to be. She's too scary.
The only ones at that level are Mael, the sister of the ...... lord, Sirach, who is the symbol of the bug people of the 35th district, and Medora, who holds the hunting guild together with her single arm.
Oh, and Bertina has a similar aura.

All of them are troublesome opponents who are not easy to deal with.

It seems to have arrived at the lord's mansion.

It's still too early for the appointment.

'What should we do?If we arrive early, we'll have to listen to one more complaint, right?
'But well, we can't just leave this big carriage parked in front of the mansion.

With a somewhat sullen expression, Estella raised her eyebrows and put on her diplomatic face.
At the same time as Estella starts to move, Natalia also goes into head waiter mode and quickly opens the carriage door.
This is so that she can get off first and help Estella get off.


'We've been expecting you, Miss Claremona and your companions.

I opened the door of the carriage and saw a girl standing there.
She bowed deeply, then straightened up and looked straight at you.
The girl, looking at me with a quiet appearance, had a slightly nervous look on her face and a faint smile on her young face.

The girl, who seemed somewhat unreliable, looked to be about my age.
I wondered if she was a new waiter.

'Thank you for welcoming me. On behalf of everyone, I'd like to say thank you.

Estella said, and Natalia got out of the carriage in silence.

The waiter opens up a space for us, and we disembark into the empty space, me and Estella in that order.
As we disembark, Natalia gives us a little support. In this way, she makes it clear to us who is above us.
I am higher than Natalia, who is supporting me, and Estella, who is the last one down, is the highest.

Well, it's an annoying rule, but it's the kind of thing that needs to be done right.

As we disembarked, the waiter once again bowed deeply.

'Once again, welcome to the party. I'm Nene Granata, head waiter to the Lord of the Twenty-Seventh District, Tracy McCurry.

This is the head waiter?

I was rendered speechless.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm sure you're surprised.It is true that a person like me being in charge of the head waiter ...... could damage Tracy's name .......'

The surprise must have been obvious on her face. Nene turned her head down, tears welling up in her eyes, and spoke quickly, as if to make excuses.
No, you don't have to be so sneaky. ......

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'No, you're being too sneaky!

I'm sorry, but I'm really pissed.
Where in the world would someone call a lord's head waiter a 'rag'?

'By the way, Mr. Rags.
'Don't call me that!

No, I knew Natalia would call him that!
See, Nene's pretty shocked she didn't expect to be called that. You're the type who can't take a joke, no matter how you look at it. If you're going to spit venom, pick the right person.

'Even if it's just a formality, I'm aware that I've been invited.
'Yes, sir!I've invited you to have lunch with me.'
'So, if that is the case, I would expect a minimum of hospitality.
'Of course, of course!You are welcome.'
'Then you should show more pride.
'...... What?'

Natalia says to Nene, her posture straight and undisturbed, like a beautiful sculpture.
She lifts her arm and points to Nene's chest.

'With your beautiful posture, your chest outstretched proudly, and a proud smile on your face, please show Lady Estella around. I know you can do it. Isn't that right, head waiter?

Nene rolls her eyes and mouth.
Natalia's words were harsh, but they taught Nene what she lacked. Perhaps, as the same head waiter, she wanted to encourage this unreliable Nene.

Hearing Natalia's words, Nene's cheeks began to turn red.
Her face, which had been frozen in surprise, slowly softened and she smiled lovingly like a flower blooming after the snow melted.

'............ Yes!I'll show you around.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
You'll be able to find a lot more information on this at ............. B?

'You have the smallest tits in the history of the head waiter.
I'm not sure what to say.

Nene bends her back again to hide her taut breasts. She hugs herself with both arms to cover her breasts.

''Yashiro ............, can you please stop s*xually harassing other people's head waiters with impunity?If this turns into a diplomatic incident, I'll make you take full responsibility, okay?'
'I'm sorry. The Judgment of the Spirits has made me an honest man.'
'Just because you can't tell a lie, doesn't mean you have to say what you think!
'But I'm bigger than you.
'I'm telling you, don't say unnecessary things!

Estella is defending the head waiter of District 27.
This might be a good opportunity for District 42 and District 27 to build a friendly relationship.
Oh! I'm being very helpful.

I'm sorry. Don't worry about what he says.'
'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
'...... Yeah. I don't know why it hurts my heart to hear you say that, so can you please leave it at that?
'I'm sorry for such a small bulge!
'Stop it, ......, you'll cry.

Nene demeaning B in front of A.
This could be the moment when a major diplomatic rift was born.

'Mr. Nene.'

Natalia stands in front of Estella, who is holding her chest as if in pain, and confronts Nene.
Will she say something to Nene in order to ease her lord's suffering?

'Back off, Natalia!

......, of course not. Only for Natalia.

So, although I've already forgotten what the cause was, we were led back to the mansion after Estella had been needlessly damaged.
The carriage was politely taken to the stables under Nene's direction.

This feeling is similar to the one I had when I went to the 35th district.
Can we assume that we are being welcomed?

But there was no reason to be welcomed.

We passed through a large, solidly built door and proceeded down a long corridor.
The high ceiling and the thick pillars supporting it were so impressive that I couldn't help but look up.
The white walls and red carpets are so vivid to the eye that they make the interior look different from the surrounding areas.
...... Well, I'm sure there's a point where they're forcing themselves to make it gorgeous.

'Estella. You should rebuild your house into something as luxurious as this.'
'I don't feel comfortable in this house. ......'

Poverty must be ingrained in her.
I'm sure Estella will sit in the corner even if the room gets bigger. She will probably say, 'I feel at home in the corner,' and start living in the corner.

'Maybe it's one of your talents to be able to live in a house like this.
'Maybe so.

Estella chuckles at my joke.
You're right, I don't want to live in a big house like this either. I don't feel comfortable at all.
A house should be a calm space where you can feel relieved that you've come home.

There's a lot of serving.

While Estella and I were focused on the size of the house, Natalia's attention was focused on something else.
The number of waiters. Indeed, there were waiters all along the long corridor, bowing to us as we passed.
But is it really that many?

'A corridor of this size is kept clean. It must be a sign that there are enough people to clean it.
'Oh, I see.

Even if he wasn't here at the moment, the head waiter would be able to tell by looking at the building how much manpower was needed and whether it was being maintained to a satisfactory level.

'Although I can't deny the possibility that they are pushing themselves too hard to look good.

He only gathers people to clean up when he invites someone. That's a possibility, too.

...... is all you have. Whenever I come to someone's house, I have a habit of looking at every room and guessing their financial situation.
I want to know every little thing about the people I am negotiating with. The difference is whether the reason is to make money or to protect the Lord's dignity.

'This way, sir.

At the end of the corridor, you can see a door that is more opulent and solid than the others.
The door in front of it is opened and you are invited in. It was a large reception room with calm furnishings that gave the impression of a comfortable place to relax.

'The door on the other side is probably the dining room, and this is the waiting room.

Natalia whispered to me.
That's the hall and this is the waiting room. This is what a hotel would look like for a wedding reception.

So this is where we wait for the lord.

'Then, please wait a moment. We'll be ready soon.

Nene bows her head and turns on her heel.
Her back is straighter and her face, which had been on the verge of tears, has softened considerably.

She must have been relieved that Estella was more approachable than she had expected.
The strange tension seems to have dissipated and the dinner table will be in a friendly mood.

I was thinking this as I stared at Nene's back as she walked away. ......

'Nene!Where the hell have you been?Didn't you hear my doorbell?

My shoulders jumped as an angry voice roared through the building.

'...... What was that?'

Estella looked worried.
'That was probably ......

''The tantrum princess, .......''
'I'm sure it is.'

Natalia agrees with me.
This is not a ...... friendly mood.
Tensions rose quickly and we looked at each other.

Before we could even think about how we should feel, the hallway became noisy.
Boom!......, the sound of the door opening and closing like a cannon, and then, boom, boom, boom!...... and footsteps that sounded like whale sharks roosting in a gymnasium approached and stopped ............ in front of the door.

What the hell is ...... going on? What's going to happen now?

My heart creaked in the strange silence.
I heard someone gulp ...... and swallow a spit.

As the three of us stared breathlessly, the door slowly opened.

'Welcome to my house--'

Before the door could fully open, a beautiful woman standing in front of it spoke words of welcome in a voice like a clear stream.
She is wearing a sparkling dress and has a mature smile on her face.
So this is Tracy McCurry, the lord of the twenty-seventh district. It's true, he was one of the BU guys.

'Thank you for accepting my invitation, Miss Estella Claremona. And your companions. You're welcome.'

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this.
It's ......, but there's a huge wrinkle between his eyes.
You'll be surprised at the frown on his face.

That's not very welcoming at all, is it?

Tracy gives Estella a sharp look like a hunter and then quickly turns away.
I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you're planning to blatantly ignore her.

I'm not sure what to say.

The smile on Estella's face tightened at the 'unwelcome aura' that was clearly being created.
This is what she got when she was invited.
It's understandable that she's confused.

But as long as you are invited, it is the attitude of a sensible person to treat people with courtesy.
Estella straightened her back, smiled again, and greeted Tracy.

'Thank you for inviting me ......'.

She sighed!
She interrupted Estella's greeting and sighed very loudly.

And he crossed his arms and turned his body away.
Her arms are crossed, and her brow is furrowed more deeply than before. He bites his lip as if he were about to bite it off, and his expression is so bitter that the word "bitterness" seems to come to mind.

Are you really that uncomfortable talking to Estella?

Natalia's breathing changes.
She will never forgive you for your disrespect to Estella. ............ Well, he's been rude himself, but only to the extent that he can be forgiven for laughing.
The head waiter of the Cremona family is not kind enough to overlook such blatant disrespect.

...... And I'm feeling pretty bad about it, too.

Me and Natalia. We both breathe in together.
Which one of us opens his mouth first depends on the atmosphere.

--Estella gives us a look, as if she knows we're thinking.
I'm not sure if you're thinking that, but Estella is giving us a look, as if to say, 'Just be quiet.

When Tracy shows her whole body in rejection, Estella smiles cheerfully once more and says.

'Thank you for inviting me. It is an honor to meet you, Mr. Tracy McCurry.

The moment - the world rang.


Tracy's eyes snapped open. Tracy's eyes open and her body begins to shake and vibrate.
And then a trembling hand was brought to Tracy's mouth. ...... That's when!


Tracy threw up a lot of blood.


Estella let out a short scream.
But the next moment, she rushed to Tracy and called out to her with concern.

'Are you okay, Miss Tracy?

Her reddened hands slowly pulled away from Tracy's mouth.
The red blood ............ that was also sticky around her mouth is still flowing ......

'Estella-sama is so wonderful, I think I'm going to die.

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'Estella-sama .................. moe'.

I saw a chill run from Estella's feet to her nape.

And even now, the blood that stained Tracy red continues to flow ............ from her nose ......... ...That's a nosebleed. This lord, when Estella called his name, blew his nose.

In short, that's it.

Tracy McCurry, the lord of the 27th district, loves Estella. To the point of morbidity.