268-Episode 180 Tracy McCurry

'...... Excuse me.'

Tracy sits down in front of us and bows her head in shame.
She's changed her dirty dress, re-done her hair, fixed her makeup, and stuffed her nose with cotton. ............ Hey!

'What a disappointing finish. ......'
'...... You're beautiful.'

I sneakily exchange opinions with Estella. She seems to agree with me.

We are still waiting in the reception room as they are preparing the meal.
We've been here for quite a while now, as Tracy is getting dressed. It's long past noon. Even though we arrived earlier than expected.

Incidentally, in the reception room, there is a four-seater sofa facing each other across a low table, and a very luxurious one-seater sofa on the top seat.

I thought Tracy was going to sit there, but she took the upper four-seater sofa.

'Come on, everyone, have a seat. And please forgive me for being a little anemic and sitting down first.
'No, ...... yeah. You should get some rest. Anemia can be scary.
'Whoa!Another nosebleed, you lord!
'Estella-sama, please behave yourself.'
'What, me?It's my fault?

I'm surprised by the nosebleed, and Estella is confused by Natalia's scolding. Nene is hurriedly wiping away the red spray on the table, despite the messy atmosphere between us.
No, no, wipe Tracy first. You'll get your dress dirty again.

But she doesn't seem to care, and smiles weakly at Tracy with a glistening, gloomy face.

'I'm also ...... sorry ............ for the kind words... .........Tsuki......'

Don't blow your nose at 'just because'.
As I suspected, the lord here also seems to belong to the pervert category. I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... They also have flat chests.


It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family. But ............ now it is difficult to sit down for different reasons. I don't want my ...... clothes to get dirty.


'Huh, ............ it's real, isn't it ......'.

You can't help but notice Tracy's eyes staring at Estella.
They are the eyes of a girl in love.

I hope this guy doesn't think Estella is a man.

Estella's expression is a little tense as she is being gazed at with so much passion.

It's not your first time, is it?I think it was more ...... normal when we met before at the lord's mansion in the 29th district, right?

It's Estella. You may think you've chosen your words carefully, but that's like saying, 'You're acting really weird right now'.Well, it is weird.

However, Tracy did not show any displeasure at the nuance of such words, and smiled shyly.

'At that time, there were other lords present, and I'm not afraid to reveal my personal feelings in such a situation.
'Well, that's true, isn't it ...... haha?

You can't say 'Estella-sama, moe~' in that heavy place.
Well, that makes sense.

'Oh, Miss Estella. Please have a seat.'

Nervously, Tracy points to the sofa.
You're all tense.

I don't know how she could keep a straight face like this.
Does the peer pressure of BU outweigh even this kind of emotion? ......?
If so, BU is quite a suffocating organization.

Anyway, we can't just stand there forever, so we head for the couch.
For the moment, we pass by the most luxurious chair and sit down side by side on the four-seater sofa across from Tracy.
We sit down on the four-seater sofa opposite Tracy, so that Estella is between us and Natalia.

'Nice to meet you, Miss Tracy.
'Yes, sir!

Just as Estella called her name, countless stars sparkled in her eyes and hearts popped out of her whiskers one after another. I had a vision of a scene like .......
This guy really likes Estella, doesn't he? I don't know where the vector of that love is pointing, but at the moment.

'Ho, thank you for inviting me here today. Please thank me again at .......'
'Thank you is out of the question!

Estella's shoulders trembled as her thin voice came out loud and clear at that moment.
Tracy shrinks back on the sofa, her face turning red at the sound of her own loud voice.

'I'm sorry, I ...... shouted too loudly.'
'Oh, no. Don't worry about it.'
'Huh. ...... You're so kind. Miss Estella.'

Estella's words made Tracy look at her enraptured.

No matter what she does, Estella seems to be just fine with it.

Estella glances at me as if she is asking for help. But I'm sorry. It's out of my hands.
Apparently, this one is under Estella's jurisdiction, so I've decided to leave it to her.

'Miss Tracy. I know it's early in the meal, but would you like me to make you some coffee?

When Nene, who had just finished wiping the blood off the table, suggested this to Tracy, her eyes, which had been melting until a moment ago, instantly lifted sharply.

'Nene!What are you doing interrupting our conversation?You know what you're doing!
'I'm sorry, sir!

The three of us all shuddered at the sudden loud voice. We all shivered.
It's a change.
What's with this change?I'm beginning to wonder if it's really the same person.

While we were confused, Tracy continued to reprimand Nene.

'In the first place, coffee is supposed to be served after a meal!You don't have any common sense, do you?
'I'm sorry again and again!
'That's enough!Get back!
'Yes, sir!I beg your pardon!

Nene bowed hurriedly and hurried to the door at a speed that was fast enough to keep her from running.
Nene turns to face you at the door, bows deeply once more, and tries to leave.
Tracy shouts at Nene again.

'Nene!What kind of head waiter leaves a guest in a room!I didn't tell you to back off that far!
'I'm sorry, sir!

After bowing her head with such force that you can almost hear the sound of wind, and looking around the room, Nene moved to a corner of the room, as far away from the table we were at as possible, and stood in the corner of the room, looking uncomfortable.
This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.
...... Wow, you look terrified.

'............ I'm sorry, gentlemen.'

After a brief moment of deep wrinkles between the eyebrows, Tracy smiled weakly and said she was sorry.
It was hard to tell what she was apologizing for.
Is it, 'Our head waiter is a bit of a jerk,' or 'I'm sorry for yelling at you?

'By the way, there is a custom of drinking coffee in District 42, isn't there?I was very happy to hear that.

As if to change the subject, Tracy began to talk in a different tone of voice.
The fact that she has information about the 42nd district may mean that she was asked to look into it as a BU, or that she was personally interested in it and had it looked into. ...... Or it may be that her love of Estella has grown so strong that she has come to visit.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm not sure how a person with such a pure smile could possibly--

'Estella-sama,......, do you like that,...... coffee?
'Yes, I do. I've been drinking a lot of it lately. These two also like coffee, and he is a very picky man.
''Oh, I see. Well, I'd like you to try some of our coffee.
'............ Nene!
'Yes, yes!
'I said, "I'd like to taste it"!Why don't you get me a coffee right away?
'I'm sorry, sir!
'No need to apologize!Take action now!
'Yes, I'm back!

--I don't know why I'm so tough with the head waiter. And ......


Why does he always have such a sorrowful expression on his face after he yells?

'I'm sorry, sir. Often ......'
'Oh, no,......, don't worry about it.'

The atmosphere becomes more awkward each time.
And each time, Tracy would smile as if to make up for it and start talking in a cheerful voice to change the atmosphere.

'By the way, Estella-sama, have you ever had coffee in our ward?
'Oh, ...... well. Just in case ....... I've had it at a coffee shop in town.
'No, you can't!

Leaning forward, Tracy gave me a desperate look.

'The coffee at the coffee shop in town is not real coffee!

Tracy looks sad again as she utters the line that some gourmet would say.

'The taste of coffee changes dramatically depending on how it is brewed. The aroma can also be completely different. That's why you have to be very careful in order to make a good cup of coffee. ...... But in this city, there is a set amount of beans to be consumed, and if you don't force yourself to consume beans that are in low demand, like coffee, you won't be able to use them up. ......'

'So the result is ......, where the priority is to increase usage over taste.'
'............ is, yes. It's very, very sad.'

There was no sign of anger at my use of the term.
I thought that the lord, who is known as the "tantrum princess," would be more likely to lash out at this kind of rudeness, but ...... he did not.
In fact, I even feel that he is somewhat avoiding me.

'You can't put it in there like that if you're thinking about the people who are going to drink it,......,' she said.

Tracy's face shows her unhappy feelings.
He himself wants the coffee to taste good.
It's a good thing that the demand for coffee is increasing, because he is the lord of the 27th district, where coffee beans are grown.
Also, more than anything else, people who grow crops tend to put a lot of love into them.
It's like when Momat says, "Our vegetables are the best in the world! The more love you put into your crops, the more love you will have for them and the products they are made from.

--So it seems that the coffee Nene is making me now is something to look forward to.

Probably, the coffee at the coffee shop was either properly roasted and ground, or it was messed up. Anyway, consume the beans. That was the primary goal.
There was no way it could taste good.

But Tracy seems to want his coffee to taste good, so he wouldn't make it in a strange way.
I'm glad he's a sane person.

'Coffee is all about taste, using the best amount and in the best way - and pushing the excess coffee beans on the beans ......'.

Oh, come on!
I'm not sure how you can pull that off with a straight face, this lord.
It seems that this was not a proper idea at all.

Coffee is an unfamiliar drink and demand for it is low. That's why the coffee shops that sold coffee didn't have many customers.
Since there were no customers, they could not push coffee beans to customers.
So, they had no choice but to use the coffee beans roughly.
As a result, the coffee tasted awful, and it seems that they are stuck in a negative spiral: ............

It's stupid.
Customers who leave because they don't like the taste will never come back.
No one wants to eat something that tastes bad. There is such a word as "aversion to food" that people avoid food they don't like. It's the same with drinks.
Trust, based on past experience, plays a major role in the criteria for choosing food.

If your first impression of a food is 'It tastes bad! you won't get a second chance.
Even if a good coffee exists elsewhere.

'Oh, sorry to keep you waiting, but your ...... coffee is ready.'

Nene comes in with a cup in her cart.
Tracy's face tenses for a moment, but this time she seems to swallow her anger.
What does 'coffee' mean? He may have been trying to make a point in the manner of a man who is strict with a shopkeeper's customer service.

He didn't shout, but he must have felt Tracy's sharp eyes on him. Nene seemed to be tense.
The cups and saucers clinked against each other as the coffee was passed out to us. Calm down a little more.

Now, ......, I look at the coffee that has been handed out.
The aroma is good and the color is beautiful. It looks promising this time.

'Well, gentlemen. Please enjoy your coffee.

He says, "Coffee is always served after dinner," and offers us coffee before dinner.
I can't help but feel that his personality is unnatural and distorted.

She looks at Estella and picks up the cup at the same time.
Natalia won't touch it until after we've drunk it, so Estella and I will take it first.
Even though she is a coffee drinker, Estella only knows Ginette's coffee.
If I let her drink it alone and ask her what she thinks, she might be at a loss for words. That's why I'm going to taste it at the same time.

Since I had made a mistake in the coffee shop, I sipped it fearfully this time. At worst, I have to be careful not to spit it out even if it tastes like shit.

When I put the coffee in my mouth, I felt a very strong sour taste.
Estella's shoulders bounced next to me. ...... Oh, come to think of it, he's never had coffee with a strong acidic taste before.
She looked at me with a look that showed she was confused. He's probably trying not to show it, but if he's glancing at me sideways, he's going to look suspicious.

'It has a strong habit, but it has a good taste. It has a sharp and impressive taste.

Ginette's coffee is rather rich and addictive, but it has a refreshing aftertaste that does not interfere with the meal.
This coffee, on the other hand, is a coffee to enjoy, with a very strong impact. It has a taste that connoisseurs would like.
Therefore, Estella, who is a coffee beginner, may not be able to appreciate it. That's why I gave her a helping hand. ......

So, ...... I see. ............ If it suits your taste, I'm honored... I'm honored...'

Tracy began to look strangely frightened.
It's clearly different from the embarrassment she felt towards Estella. ...... She's frightened in a way that makes you think she's not good with men. I'm not sure what to make of that.

'Indeed, it tastes completely different from the coffee I've been drinking.
'Are you sure?I'm glad .......'

Tracy's expression brightened as she must have interpreted Estella's words to mean that the coffee tasted different from the others.
I guess Estella really meant, 'This is not the coffee I know ...... and it's hard to drink'.

But then again, ......

Tracy is a person whose expression changes frequently. You could even say that she changes too much.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

I can't seem to get it together.
I can't seem to put together the person Tracy in my mind.

'Um, I'm sorry. Can I ask you something?

Natalia raises her hand in a posture. She is not stretching her arms out like a schoolgirl, but rather she is raising her hands in a small, gentle motion near her face.
He is looking at Estella as he raises his hand modestly.
She seems to have sipped her coffee, and the rim of her cup is slightly damp.

She asks Estella for permission to speak, because she will be held accountable for Natalia's words.
When Estella looks at Tracy, Tracy nods her head.
After having obtained permission to speak in this roundabout way, Natalia turns to Nene.

'Milk and sugar, if possible?
'Milk and sugar ......?
'Yes, sir. In the 42nd district, we have milk and sugar in our coffee. So if it's possible, I'd like to do the same here, if that's okay.

Oh, I see. I've just realized that.
Aside from Natalia, Estella, who doesn't like bitterness, always drinks her coffee with a lot of milk.
I didn't mind because I always drink it black.

So you asked for milk and sugar for Estella, under the pretense that you wanted it so that she would not be embarrassed. You're very considerate, head waiter.

'In the 42nd district, do you add milk and sugar to your coffee?
'Yes, ......'.

Tracy asks Estella after hearing Natalia's words.
This is a complicated area, but it is said that there are many nobles who do not talk to other servants. They say that only those of equal status have the right to talk to them.
Tracy may be one of them.

So, when Estella was asked a question, she said: ......

'Yes, yes, well. I'm not sure.I've made it that way so that a wide range of people, from adults to children, can enjoy the taste of coffee.
'That's a wonderful idea, Estella-sama!

'I can't drink coffee because it's too bitter,' she said, hiding her true intentions well.
I'm sure her heart is screaming right now. ...... I can almost hear it, the outer wall is so thin.

'Nene. Get some milk and sugar now. I'd like to have a drink too.
'Ha, yes......, but sugar is that...... very expensive, and we don't have much in stock...... in the museum.'
'Yes, yes!

Then Tracy's expression changed again.
This change of expression may have given rise to the name 'tantrum princess'.

'How dare you refuse to invest in me when I'm entertaining guests!Are you trying to humiliate me?
'I'm sorry, .......'
'I'm tired of hearing that line!Go to the kitchen immediately and bring milk and sugar!
'But, sir, we're preparing lunch now, so you can't take the sugar out ......'.
'If you don't have enough, go and buy some!Don't keep the customers waiting!Run, Nene!
'Yes, sir!I'll get it right away!

Nene bows her head half-crying and runs out of the room.
It seems she's really going to buy it.

The sugar that is sold in the vicinity of the 42nd district is called "sugar for the poor" by some nobles. Therefore, it is probably the so-called "noble sugar" that Nene has just gone to buy. It is said to be quite expensive and rare. ...... I wonder if we can get it.

'.................. haha'.

The door closes, the footsteps move away, and when they are no longer heard, Traci lets out a pained sigh.
It was a painful sigh, as if there were spikes in the air, scratching at his throat as he spat it out.

'One thing, may I?

Estella asks Tracy, running her finger over the cup of bitter coffee she can't drink.
She doesn't make eye contact at first, but gently turns her gaze when she is sure that Tracy is looking at her.
This movement has the effect of silently telling the other person, 'I know everything.
When your opponent looks into your eyes, it is more intimidating than if your gazes collide at the same time. This is because your brain interprets it as 'the opponent is undaunted because he is sure of victory.

'We are the only ones here now. Isn't ...... the perfect place to talk in private?'
'Yes. ............ No, but that's not...'
'I'm hoping to get to know you better after today. Tracy 'mister'.'
'............ Miss Estella ......'

She smiles lightly and unpretentiously. It eases the other person's guard.
Estella is really good at this kind of thing.
She is not good at psychological warfare where she pushes the other person down, but she is good at psychological warfare where she draws out the other person's hidden problems and weaknesses and puts them in a position to reach out to her.

In short, he's a sycophant who specializes in psychological warfare and is willing to go to bat for you.

'............ haha'.

A heavy sigh fell from Tracy, and she sagged down.
She spreads her hands to cover her face and grabs her bangs with both hands.

Even if you've decided to talk to someone, you're always nervous before you open your mouth.
Especially when you're about to reveal a glimpse of a secret you've been holding back from telling anyone.

Apparently, the Temper Tantrum Princess has secrets she can't tell anyone.

We watched in silence as Tracy got ready.

'Actually, this was supposed to be a more fun lunch. ......'
'It's a reversal of ideas, Tracey. We're here to let out the weight of our minds to make lunch more enjoyable.'
'Estella-sama ............ Hmm, that's a lovely way to think of it.'

Probably trying to ease Tracy's tension by appealing to her intimacy, Estella dropped the honorific. It's a pretty brave thing to do, and if you're not good at it, you could be kicked out of the house for disrespecting you. ...... Fortunately, Tracy didn't seem uncomfortable, but rather pleased with the broken tone. Fortunately, Tracy seemed pleased with the broken tone rather than offended.

'I know I've been called a "tantrum princess" and all that. And it's true.
'But ...... you don't really want to be angry with Nene like that, do you?

Estella asks Tracy, bluntly.
Tracy has a lot of ups and downs.
At times, it's almost as if she has more than one personality inside her.

If he is not a dual personality, then there is only one reason for that: ......

'You've been forcing yourself to be angry and it's become a habit?

Tracy's shoulders shake at my words.
She turned her head, let out a shaky breath, and quietly and weakly affirmed, '...... Yes.

If you have a bad habit that has escalated too far, you will lose sight of the time to stop it and go off in an unexpected direction, leaving your original goal behind.
For example.
When you are confronted with a righteous argument by someone you don't like, it is similar to the feeling of ranting and raving, trying to find fault with the other party even if you have to poke at a corner.

However, when we lose sight of the time to stop, it often produces only tragedy.
People are creatures that don't realize how much they appreciate something until they lose it.

'...... I don't know if I can tell you this ...... shame on me ...... no, it may be rude before that, but ......'
It's fine. I'd rather hear it from you.'
'Then I'll do my best to tell you about it.'

With an embarrassed look on her face, Tracy looked at Estella and smirked.
Are you so happy to please Estella?
It's just that, 'I'm happy when you talk to me' doesn't mean 'I love to listen to people! It doesn't mean that I love to listen to people, does it?It means, 'Come and talk to me.

Well, I'll listen if you'll talk to me.

'Nene has been like a sister to me since I was a little girl, but she has always been somewhat unreliable, pessimistic, and unsure of herself. ...... Oh, I forgot to mention that I am now nineteen and Nene is sixteen. So, since childhood, we have grown up as if we were sisters.

She's really trying hard to speak.
Is this because you want to please Estella?
You're very popular, Estella. ...... to women.

'I am an only daughter and have been educated to be a lord since I was a child. It was my father's policy to let those in his direct line succeed him. ....... I was obliged to become a lord from birth. However, ...... I was not a strong person to begin with, so I was worried ...... and burdened ......'.

I'm sure that's why Tracy is so white.
I'm sure she's never been able to play out in the open.

'So, Nene was the one who was with you at that time, right?
'Yes, that's right.'

When Estella spoke to her in a non-respectful way, Tracy broke off and smiled clearly, as if she was happy about that.
The smile that appeared on her face, though dented, was lighter and more charming than before.

'I believe that the head waiter can be no other than Nene. But although Nene is ...... healthy, she is weak-minded, whiny, shy, and uncommunicative. ............ The lord is sickly and weak, and the head waiter is not. The lord is sickly and weak, and even the head waiter is in such a state. ......'

In between these conversations, Natalia softly whispered to me.

'It is customary for the head waiter to act as a proxy for the lord when there is concern about his health or when he is too young to speak up, to influence people and sometimes to tighten the screws.

He is quick to give us information that is probably common knowledge among the lords.
In short, he seems to be saying that an unreliable lord should be assigned a fearsome head waiter to give him a glare instead.

Neither Tracy nor Nene were the type to step forward in District 27. That's why.

So, in an effort to make Nene stronger, I've been giving her a lot of attention when she's feeling weak or on the verge of tears. ............ As a result... ...'

He said that she had become too escalated and even started to abuse him for being unreasonable.
And then there's Nene's reaction: ...... It seems that that one has developed a habit of being yelled at.
In other words, they are 'looking at each other's face to avoid being yelled at'.
This tends to be perceived as 'caring', but in reality it is the exact opposite. It simply means that they are not acting of their own will.
They always look at each other and say, 'Is this OK?' or 'Is this not OK?' and end up putting up a 'precautionary line' to avoid getting angry.
By doing so, they become unable to take 'responsibility' for their own words and actions.

Nothing makes others uncomfortable, disadvantageous, or brings misfortune like irresponsible words and actions.

And Tracy must have yelled at him again for such irresponsible behavior.
Those who saw her do so began to call her the "tantrum princess.

That's right.
Her reason for yelling is a vice that even she can't stop. If it's not a legitimate reprimand, it's just a tantrum.

'I'm aware of it, too. My reprimands are unreasonable. ...... But I just can't stop myself. ............ I yell at him. ............'

And later, I feel deeply depressed.
Self-loathing sometimes kills the heart. ...... dangerous, both of these guys.

'That's why ...... that's why I'm ............'.

Tracy leans forward, her hands on the table.
She puts her face close to Estella's and makes a desperate appeal.

'I wanted to be like you, Estella-sama!
'Bo...... like me, huh?'

After a few seconds of staring at each other, Tracy noticed her own outfit and said, 'What?She sat back down on the couch, shifted her body, and started playing with her hair to hide her embarrassment.

Then, while playing with her hair, she took a breath and slowly opened her mouth.

'I was actually watching the gluttony contest held in the 41st district.

That's a surprising thing to say.
Estella seemed to be surprised and froze with her mouth open.

When we had a dispute with the neighboring District 41 over the construction of a city gate in District 42, we held a gluttony contest involving all of District 40.
The competition was held on two separate days, with many spectators watching, and in the end, District Forty-two won. Just before the close of ......, there was a dispute.

I'm sure you've heard of it.

'I know Mr. Ricardo,' he said. ...... Ah, of course, there was nothing ridiculous or despicable about it, and as a young lord who had taken the position of lord a little before me, I asked him for advice and advice on various matters.

If a young man becomes a lord, he will be lambasted without exception.
In order to prevent this from happening, they sometimes take bold measures, or pursue their achievements selflessly, and often act out their youthful antics.

As a young lord, Tracy seemed to have sought the help of Ricardo, his immediate predecessor, as someone in a similar position.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

...... So this guy was sitting in the 41st district's cheering section. ............ After the final match, I started to fight with all the people in the 41st district's seats. After the final game, I picked a fight with all the people in the audience of District 41. ............

'Mr. Obayashi. ...... I thought you were a very scary person.
'Ha,ha,ha,............, is that so?

Ah, ...... I see. That's why they were scared when I talked to them earlier. ...... I don't know why, but I'm sweating like crazy.
I didn't think there was a lord of the 27th district in that crowd. ............ I've been trying to avoid picking a fight with lords, nobles, and other powerful people. ............ Why didn't you just tell me that first?

'I still remember it clearly. I can still clearly remember the heavy atmosphere that filled the venue. And the ...... fear that was instilled in everyone in the audience.'

Yeah,......, well, that's what I set out to do,............, and I've reconfirmed that the operation was a great success.

'...... I made up my mind at that time and place that ............ I was going to die here.'

He's a bit over the top, isn't he? That's funny. .................. That's not funny. Was I that scared?

'Then an angel fell on me.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

The angel that landed in the heavy venue. The name is--

It's you, Estella-sama!

--I heard her name was Estella.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ......
My plan to get rid of the villain and boost her popularity was a success.
You should be happy about it. ...... Though I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please feel free to contact us.
'No, no,......, I think that's too much,.............'
'With a dignified appearance, he gave a gentle smile to those who were trapped on the edge of hell.
'......That's it, Tracy. ......That's it. ......'
'The beautiful smile at that time, I was shot through the heart ...... and ever since then, no matter what I do, Estella-sama is all that comes to mind ...... whether I sleep or wake up, Estella-sama!I'm not sure what to do.
I'll be back.That's enough!That's enough!

In an attempt to calm the feverishly talking Tracy, Estella floated her hips and waved her arms as hard as she could.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how to get there.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. He asked me to tell him about that beautiful lord!

Hearing such information, Estella's expression became distorted.
She looked very uncomfortable, and fearfully asked the question that she didn't want to ask, but it was even worse not to ask.

'So ............ what did Ricardo say?
'Yes. Mr. Ricardo said. 'He's a ...... lord of smiles.'

I don't know what kind of juice came out of Estella's mouth.
What a smart guy.

The outpouring of Estella's juices seemed to be tormenting her inside her body as well, and it must have gotten stuck in her windpipe, causing her to choke wildly.
Natalia is rubbing Estella's back, but her face is full of half-smiles. It's a full-body, full-strength half-smile.

Well, it's been a few weeks since the gluttony contest, which means that the main points of the discussion about joint development have been decided, and Ricardo's prejudice against Estella has just disappeared.
Maybe it's a reaction to the past, or maybe it's a result of his high evaluation of Estella's words and actions in the tournament, but that's a very high evaluation. The Lords of Smiles: ...... Pfft!

'Don't laugh, Yashiro!Natalia!
'Hey, hey, don't yell at me, 'Lord of the Smiles' ...... pfft!
'Yes, Lord of Smiles. Please try to smile. ...... Pfft!
'Mwah!Remember that, both of you!

The Lords of Smiles is crying.
The fact that Ricardo said it to him is the most disgusting part. What face did you say, "He's ...... the lord of smiles"? ............ Pfft!

'Yashiro ......'.

Estella's face turned bright red, but her eyes were as cloudy as a fish that has been dead for half a year, and she spat out the words with her soul from her mouth.

'I've been watching Yap Rock and Bekko worshipping Yashiro, thinking it was the best entertainment, but ............ I'm sorry. It's hard, this ......'.

Estella apologizes, sobbing.
You've been looking at me like that? ............ I guess I deserve it.

A half-smiling head waiter is caring for the half-crying lord. ...... What's this picture?

'If only I could be as kind as ...... Estella, ............ if only I could be a lord who always smiles and cares for others. ...... and the longing was growing day by day.
'No,......, I'm not such a big lord,.......'
'I'm ............!...... I don't want to be angry with Nene anymore. ............ She's an important childhood friend... ...'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

'Please, Estella-sama!Please, Estella-sama! Can you help me fix my 'tantrum'?With the power of the Lords of Smiles!

She gets off the couch, kneels down on the floor, and strikes a pose as if praying to God.
Estella, who was suddenly worshipped, had a troubled look on her face, but said ............ these words.

'If you can do it, ......'.

Well, I suppose so.
It's impossible to say no to a request like this, I suppose, for this guy.

But as the lord of smiles, I'm going to refuse!As a new, young, female lord, I will help you!
'Thank you, Lord of Smiles!
'So don't do that!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

If done well, it might be a move to break the BU. ......


So, I can't let this 'chance' pass me by.

I'm going to help you get over your 'vice'. So...'

And there's a price to be paid for my help.

'Tracy, you're on our side.

Give us information about the BU, sometimes we'll approach you, and sometimes you'll raise your hand in the event of a majority vote.

'I'll consider ...... if my 'bad habits' are cured and I can be of help to Estella-sama.'

I'm sure you can't just say 'okay'. That's fine for now.
I'll let the results speak for themselves.

'And Estella.

You're the one who said this 'helping people' thing, so of course you're the one who's responsible for this. So, ......

'If you solve it successfully, give me your money.
'............ Why don't you try working with only pure good intentions for a change?

That's like telling a freshwater fish to live in the ocean.

'That's exactly what ....... I'm sure you'll give me some extra money.
'It's your choice to believe.
'...... again.'

He puffed out his cheeks and punched me on the arm with a soft cat punch.
It's a small resistance. It's also called taking it out on me.

Well, if it's that much of an affront, I'm willing to take it.