394-No additives Episode 49 One, two, two.

The long battle begins.

A 200-meter course with various traps.
Yes. The steeplechase.
A rare event that even slow students had a chance at when I was a student.

I was hoping that I would be in such a position at the ward field day in the 42nd ward. ......
My naive thoughts were blown away by the demonstration.

Magda and Delia.
I'll never win against them.
Because obstacles aren't obstacles!

No matter how bad the foothold, no matter how narrow the space, no matter how many shackles they put on you, they can get through it with their natural power.
Rather, it is the tricks that make the difference even greater.

For example, let's say there is an obstacle to overcome a two-meter wall.
We ordinary people have no choice but to climb up the wall, but they can do it in one leap.

Thinking that Magda was the only one who could do such a thing, I proposed an obstacle race, but ......

Delia, Norma, and Natalia ...... Well, I could have predicted this, but Paula and Millie, though not as fast as Magda and the others, showed a speed and power incomparable to mine.
And not surprisingly, ...... even Momat and Umaro were much faster than me!
I was first in the steeplechase nine years in a row at my elementary and junior high school field day!
...... I could only be stunned by the situation, which was even worse than the steeplechase.

And the most problematic were the hunters of the 42nd district branch of the hunting guild led by Usset.
They weren't even beastmen, yet they showed off their incredible strength.
Their experience and hunter's sensibility surpassed even the special abilities of the beastmen.
It was a level that Paula and Milly could not compete with.

According to Use, 'In the outer forest, a millimeter of error can kill you, and a moment of hesitation can kill you. Judgment and physical control are the fundamentals of a hunter.
For those who do such things on a daily basis, such as jumping into the bosom of a demonic beast or dodging an attack by the slimmest of margins, an obstacle race is nothing more than child's play, he said proudly with his nostrils flaring.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... But you had a hard time with the bread eating contest, didn't you?

Initially, they were planning to do net-crawling, averaging, climbing over cliffs, and jumping over burlap bags. ...... Estella put a stop to this when she realized that these were the specialties of the hunting guild.
The reason was that it would be too much of a disadvantage to the other teams.
That's how strong the hunting guild was.

The competition was considered to be cancelled, but Estella insisted that the competition itself sounded interesting, and after much deliberation about how to maintain fairness, it was decided that those who were good at this would be shackled and would remain.
Of course, we don't put tens of kilograms of iron balls on their ankles.
...... Or is the idea the same?

Well, in short.

'All participants in the two-man, three-legged obstacle race, please assemble at the entrance gate.

--that's the idea.
To put it simply, the fastest and slowest runners in the race would be paired up to compete in the obstacle race on two tripods.
However, since we couldn't precisely time and pair up the top and bottom of the race, we roughly divided the race into halves and paired up one person from the fast team and one person from the slow team.

I'm on the slow team, of course.
I came in last in the steeplechase because I didn't get a good combination.
Mm-hmm. That was a bad match.

'Mr. Koretski.'
We have a situation.

Inez and Deborah came running up to me with blood in their hands.
Then, with a serious look on their faces, they said.

'They say we're not eligible to participate.
'What the hell, why ......?
'You guys haven't participated in the race, have you?

Because the teams are divided into fast and slow based on their rankings in the race, these guys who didn't participate can't participate in the steeplechase either.
Oh, man. I forgot to mention that.

'Well, cheer them on.
'I don't have a choice.
'Then I'll go cheer for Captain Rebeka.'
'Wait a minute, you guys joined the cute squad sometime?And is that 'nyan' a cute factor?Hey!Hey!

Oh, no.
The other head waiter is breaking down all day long. ......
But it's probably not my fault, so let's not worry about it.

So, after a strict lottery, I was paired with this guy.

'...... Leave it to Magda, and everything will be fine.
'Oh. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Magda, who had played a great game with Molly and won the race, was paired with me, who had come in last due to a bad combination.
If I hadn't been paired with her, I think I would have done a little better. I would have been able to run without worrying about a "special seat".
Well, that's all in the past. I'm not going to say anything now.

'...... As a result of Yashiro almost abandoning the race to see her breasts swaying in the race, she was paired with Magda, the true ace.
'It's over, don't say anything'.
'...... I won't let you stop to admire the sway of another's tits in an obstacle race.'
'I'm fine on that score.

The burlap sack jump that I resisted until the very end and tried to leave behind.
You can put your lower body into a burlap sack, hold the edge of the sack with your hands, and jump with both feet while moving through a certain section of the sack. ...... That's when it got cut!...... That night, I wet my pillow with tears.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

It was removed from ...... and .............
Instead, they introduced the "caterpillar," a cylindrical piece of tough hexenbiest leather similar to crocodile skin that you lay down and move around in. We used to do this in elementary school using cardboard. You know, the kind where you crawl on all fours in a cardboard box with an open lid and bottom and move about like a rattler. There it is.

...... has turned into something that doesn't look shaky at all. Jumping in a burlap sack would be more fun. It's so much more exciting. It's the most exciting part of the body, and it could be a lot more exciting!

'Magda ...... me, I'm going to cry a little.'
'...... too bad. The competition is about to start.'

This city won't even let me cry quietly!


Gently patting my curled up back, Magda says in a whispered voice.

'...... Magda's side boob is OK to glance at.'
'Oh, yeah, side tits.'

I don't have the ability to see 2D from the side, so it might be a bit impossible.
It seems to be the norm for movies nowadays to pop out in 3D, but I guess even 3D movies are 2D in Magda and Estella. ...... Oops. I couldn't resist mentioning Estella's name.
You know, that Estella guy, he just blends in everywhere.

'Ya, Yashiro-sa~n~'
'Hey, manager!It's '1,2'. '1,2'!Why does it have to be '1,1,2' every now and then!What is this two-step for?

Ginette and Loretta come stumbling in, shoulder to shoulder.
More than ninety percent of the reason for their staggering is attributed to Ginette.

'Excuse me. I was just trying to keep up with Loretta-san as she ran along. ......'
'No, manager!It's not about matching speed, it's about matching stride to stride!The more you move your right foot, the more my left foot will move!

Currently, Ginette's right foot and Loretta's left foot are tied tightly with a string.
Jeannette, who came in last in the record-breaking race, is paired with Loretta, who showed that she can run as well as the Hewitt family.
Loretta's speed has been completely killed. ...... Or rather, Ginette, how could you think that 'if you move your legs twice as fast as Loretta's, you'll be the same speed'? I'm not sure what to do.

'Well, so, Yashiro. I'm having trouble with my tripod, so I was wondering if you had any advice for me?
'I don't know if I can give you any advice, .......'

The only advice I can give you is to breathe together. ......
If you lose the freedom of your legs, your ability to act will instantly decrease. It's inevitable. So, if you want to take measures, you should go to ......

'If you tie your nipples instead of your ankles and make a tripod, your legs will be free!
'Loretta, that's it!
'That's not it, manager!Pull yourself together!You're getting too nervous and your naturalness is accelerating!

Aside from her legs, Jeannette's natural ability is accelerating faster than anyone else's.
If there was a natural championship, I'm sure I could win.

'...... Loretta. The manager doesn't have any sense of rhythm, so it's impossible for him to match others. Loretta should match him.
'It's not impossible, Mr. Magda!

Haha, that Ginette guy. He's overestimating himself.
When he plays rock-paper-scissors, he sometimes loses because of his unconscious backpedaling.
No one complains about Jeannette's backpedaling anymore. Even if he does, the odds of winning don't improve, in the case of Jeannette.

'...... Yashiro. Magda and the others should learn from Loretta and the manager.
'To learn from them, should I shake ...... them?'
'......Then there's nothing in the Loretta factor.'
'It's not without it!If you want to shake it, you can shake it!
'You're an idiot, Magda. Loretta has ...... 'nothing'.'
'You look like you're following along nicely, but you're talking out of your ass, big brother!

You don't know what you're talking about, Loretta. ......

It's a great leisure activity to go to a remote island and feel like there's nothing there.
'I don't want to go to a remote island!I prefer the capital city!
'......Then, Loretta will eventually move to Chuo Ward. ......'
'Oh, no!You're lying!I want the forty-two wards!I love the remote island feel of the forty-two wards!

'Can you please not make this an isolated island without permission?'

Estella comes over with a disapproving look on her face as she rubs shoulders with Natalia .

'What's the matter Estella?Are you replenishing your milk supply?'
'If I could replenish my supply like this, I'd hug you every day!

I'm not sure that's such a bad thing to say, yeah, pre-wedding girl.

'I've been paired up with Natalia.
'Cheating?What kind of cheating did you do?How many Rb's did you get?Give me some of that!'
'You're not listening to people!And I'm not giving you an allowance!

Estella and Natalia, you're not even a tripod, are you? You two are just perfect for each other.

'Except for the disparity in breasts.
'No, Master Yashiro. Estella-sama's concave and my convex match perfectly.'
'No, they don't!And I'm not concave!

Oh, by the way, Estella came in third in the same race as me, which means she was assigned to the slow team.
Estella's on the slow team. ...... You're the type of person I'd meet in the track and field team in a gal game.

'Well, this competition is like a bonus stage for us. You'll get to see me and Natalia in action!Come on, Natalia. Back to the blue team.
'Aye, sir. Ready, concave, convex, concave, convex!
'One, two, one, two,' the shout goes!
'Wow, nice combo trick.'
'It's not a trick!Come on, Natalia!Come on, Natalia!
'Yes, sir. Vine, petal, vine, petal.'
'Shut up and run!

Estella and Natalia are running away. That's great. They're so fast.
There's no way we can beat that.

'Then Loretta and the others will take on that team.
'I don't want to be the one who gets beaten up!I and the manager are aiming for the first place!Hey, manager!
'Well, let's see, ...... yes!First place!
'Well then, if you don't get first place, tomorrow will be the 'Sunshine Pavilion Bikini Festival'.
'Sorry, I'll probably come in fourth. ......'
'My confidence has been dented in an instant!Manager!You should have a bigger heart!I want to be first!First prize!I want to stand out and be praised!

You're the only one who wants to be admired.

'Anyway, let's go to the entrance gate too.
'...... Yashiro'

Magda grabbed my arm as I started to walk away.
Then he stares at my face and says in a flat voice.

'...... Magda and the others should learn from Loretta and the manager.
'Sorry about that. I'm sorry I interrupted Magda's story when the crowd broke in. I'm asking you, don't be a prick. See?

Magda's proposal was lost in the crowd of Estella and the others.
So, what are we copying?

'...... In order to win, we need to unite our minds, and it takes time to unite our minds. Therefore, we need to be in sync with each other's breathing as fast and as long as possible.
'So you're saying we should tie our legs together now and move in a tripod too?'
'...... if that's what Yashiro wants to do.'
'............Then, I look forward to working with you.'
'...... I understand.'

I'm not sure why you're acting like I'm asking you to do this.

'...... Yashiro's instinct is to tie Magda up.'
'You're a bad listener!
'...... never to be separated again.'
'I don't want to have to chaperone a hunt with two tripods, so I'll make sure you're untied as soon as the race is over.

I thought Magda was talking strangely well, but ......

'...... Magda approaches, Yashiro stays where he is......'

He seems to be embarrassed. This is how we ended up in close contact.

She usually hugs me a lot, but she's embarrassed when I do this to her.
Moreover, if her legs are tied, she can't escape. This situation probably makes Magda embarrassed.
Magda runs away as soon as she feels embarrassed. Her anxiety seems to be the main reason why her escape is blocked.

I can't believe she has such amazing leg strength, but her thin legs are gently braced next to my feet.

'You're ...... sweating,...... so if you don't want to,...... I'm sorry.
'No, I'm not.'

Magda is worried about the smell of sweat.
I'm not sure how long it's been since I've been a girl. I'm deeply moved by this.
When I first met her, she really had no expression, few ups and downs in her emotions, and little sense of existence.
This is how a girl grows up little by little, isn't it?

'...... I'm sorry if I'm overflowing with pheromones.
'It's going to be hard to steer the ship from here!

Climbing the stairs to adulthood is fine, but if that's where you're headed, you'll need to be dragged down.
In the meantime, I'd like you to aim for a clean world without Regina.
But Magda is a girl with such qualities by nature... I'm worried... God!

'Well, I'm sweating a lot too, aren't I? Do I smell like sweat?

Magda is small, so when she and I do a tripod, her face is near my armpit.
I'm a little concerned about the sweat that might accumulate in that area.

'...... I'm fine.'

Magda said, burying her nose in my armpit. I inhaled heavily.

'......Yashiro's smell is soothing. ............ I like it.'

I don't know.
I was kind of touched.
I wonder if this is how it would be if I had a daughter. ......

'......The pheromones of a man make me a little horny, but...'

I'm not sure I'd feel like a ...... daughter!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to have to.
I'm trying to keep up with Magda's stride.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have. ...... This is a tough one.
Maybe I'll ask her to match me in the real thing.
No, the theory is to match the one with the smaller stride. I know, but ......, he's going to be tired.

So I went to the entrance gate and found that the red team was making a lot of noise.

'We have too many!

Apparently, Imelda couldn't make a pair and was left out.
No, that's strange. We were trying to match numbers.

You know... The one who was supposed to be paired with Imelda. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

You're so kind, Millie. I don't know where I can apply to take her home.

'It can't be helped. I'm going to run all by myself, all glamorous and gorgeous!
'That's not fair. You should be running with Hammaro.'
'Wow, this is an unexpected appointment!

Hammaro was supposed to run with a little kid his own age, but he wouldn't have a problem physically running twice.

'Yashiro, are you sure?

Estella and Natalia approached her, moving so fast that she didn't feel her legs were tied.

'Imelda has been assigned to the fast team. If you want to pair her up, you'll have to start with the slow team. ......'
'That's okay. Hammaro won't run out of energy even if he runs twice. If you pull a guy from a slower team and have him run twice, you'll have one more absentee. Besides.

I call Estella over and whisper to her.

'It's Hammaro, you know.
'Oh, I see. ......'

Estella seems to have understood what I meant.
She looked at Imelda's face and raised her eyebrows, 'Ahhh. 'You don't seem to be feeling sorry for her. At best, he's saying, 'We'll see.

No matter how athletic you are, if you're paired with Hammaro, you're sure to get dragged down.
It would be better to assign Hammaro, who is even faster than Imelda, to the fast team instead of the slow one. But maybe Imelda will be more of a hindrance to Hammaro.

Anyway, Imelda ......, don't die.
I don't want to have to deal with Hammaro at his best. I'd rather abstain than do that. ...... I'll run out of energy in an instant.

'Hammaro-san is your partner?
'Something like that!
'Very well. I'm sure you'll be able to help me out.

'The broccoli next to the sandwich!
'It's parsley!It looks a bit like it, though!
'It's turned white, hasn't it?
'What's that?I've never heard that name before!You're starting to stand out more than a sandwich, aren't you, Hammaro?
'At this time?

Yeah. We're going to make a great team.
I think Hammaro is making Imelda's stinginess milder.

Also, Ginette.
You don't have to explain to me that romanesco is a friend of cauliflower and broccoli, and is very tasty when boiled in salted water .......
You don't have to explain.Do you have Romanesco?I've never even seen this vegetable in Japan.
It's not like the Hammies have been left in charge of the fields, and the breeding process has been bombarded with improvements.I'm sorry.

Okay. Let's not think too much about it. What's there is there. That's fine.

It's soft and fluffy...'
'Hey!Where are you touching?

Osina's mellow voice and Norma's loud, impatient voice drew my attention.
Osina and Norma, who were fastened to each other's legs with yellow cords, were making some kind of joke.
Or rather, Osina was hugging Norma and rubbing her head against him. She was hugging Norma and rubbing her head against the two large but soft bulges.

'...... You're touching my tits.'
'Norma, it's your tits that are being touched!
'You know what I'm talking about!You don't have to point them out!

No, you asked me where I was touching, so I told you where I was being touched.
I mean.

'I like you, Osina!
I'm glad you worked so hard on that race.'
'You didn't work hard at all!It was almost like walking and you were the last one!
'It's been a long time since I ran such a long distance.
'You didn't run!You just admitted to yourself that you were running short.

Oshina, who had finished dead last in the race, and Norma, one of the top women in District 42.
I guess it's only natural that they should be paired up.
Anyway, I wonder if they don't get mad at me for frolicking around like that. ......

'Osina. I'm next!
'There's no next time!
There's no order.
'There's no order!Listen, you too!

Maybe we'd make a good team.
Norma, the caring one, and Osina, the pampered one. Osina was thinking that she should find someone other than Medora to rely on, and Norma likes to be relied on. He'll get along just fine.

'So, Osina!What kind of 'soft fluff' are you compared to other things?
'Don't ask me that!
'Well, in terms of food, it's .......'
'Don't answer that!I'm leaving Yashiro now!Come here!

You look happy.
Looks like you're having fun.

'...... muggy'
'Sorry Magda. I don't mean to belittle you, so don't sulk.

No amount of tucking in will produce cleavage if you have no tits.
Wait a few more years.
Magda doesn't have breasts, they just haven't grown yet.

'Because she's not like Estella!
'Shut up, there!

Estella's coming at us very fast.
Fast, fast, fast!
And Natalia is matching that crazy speed perfectly!Too much!

'I have so much to say to you!
'I have so much to say to you. ......'
''What's the 'but' ......?''
'My breasts are ......'
'Don't say it!

'Don't ask, don't tell, how arrogant of you!

'I'm going to compete in the same race as Yashiro and beat him to a pulp!
'The order of entry is a rule decided by the team. There's always a chance you'll win.

Natalia adds, but that's like saying, 'I'm sure Estella will match the white team's performance.
...... I don't like the idea of winning against Estella.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

'You guys too ......?
'Yes. We're paired up, me and Lucia-sama.

The lord and head waiter duo were here as well.
Lucia and Gilberta's legs were tied tightly together with red laces.

'I'm going to beat you to a pulp, so be prepared, anchovy!
'Translation: "I want more attention," says Lucia.
'Wait, Gilberta!I don't mean that ............, but don't look at me with that funny face of yours, anchovy!
'Who's that, man?
'What? Have you already decided the combination?

Delia and Milly appeared from behind Lucia, who was screaming.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.
'......, hmm. But competing with Magda is a bit .........'
'Don't worry, I've got your back!Be confident, Milly.'
'Mm-hmm. I'm counting on you.

Delia and Millie. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

In fact, you should tie your feet after you enter the truck. ...... For some reason, everyone is tying their feet at the entrance gate.
I'm about to move on, so is that okay?

The facilitator called out, and all the players left the entrance gate together.

'''' '''',2!
''''1,2! 1,2! ''''

I knew it was too early to tie them up, no matter what I thought!
I'm not sure what to make of that.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
...... I'm the only one who knows the correct way to enter, and I don't think he's aware that this is abnormal.
Will this become the standard in this city? It's a funny sight, though.


I heard such a voice when about half of the players had left the entrance gate.
I had a very bad feeling, but before I could recognize it, my clothes were grabbed.

I turned around to see a startled-looking Jeannette falling toward me.

I tried to hold on, but my dominant foot was currently tied to Magda's leg.
Magda lost her balance and grabbed Delia, who was nearby, by her clothes. Because she was not tall enough, she grabbed her bloomers instead of her gym clothes.

'Oh no!Magda, oh my, what are you doing d......?
'Oh no!Don't pull me, Daria-san.'

Delia, with a red face, pushed Bulma. The momentum swung her around and her feet lifted off the ground.

'Millie, watch out!

Estella ran out to help Millie, but Natalia couldn't move as quickly as she should have.

'Oh, she's going to fall, isn't she?

She said calmly and grabbed Norma's arm, who was nearby, in order to minimize the damage.

'Don't drag me into this!
'Oh, my God!
'Wait, what is it, Osina-san?Please don't grab me!
'Oh, dear, it's a big fall.
'Hammarotan!I'm coming to get you!
'I don't think it's safe for me to run so fast!

Such shouts and screams quickly spread throughout the area, and all the players fell to the ground.

It's a beautiful chess game. It's like dominoes, chain after chain, all at once. If it's a falling game, it's all gone. It's a big chain.

'Yes, yes .......'
'You ...... are accelerating too much, no matter how much it's a field day. ...... natural'
'I don't mean to accelerate you,............, but I'm sorry.

In the event that you have any kind of questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
It was a scene like this that made me think deeply.

Oh. I'm glad Inez and Deborah didn't join us.
I'm sure they'll be able to clear up this complicated situation.

'Um, Yashiro-san. Are you injured?Are you in any pain?

Jeannette collapsed with me in her arms.
Fortunately, I was able to twist my body as quickly as I could so that I didn't put Jeannette underneath me.
Now Jeannette is on my chest.
It's a pity that we are not hugging, but in the shape of an "X".
Still, Ginette's breasts are on my chest.

There are no sore spots, but ...... there are some very soft spots!
I can't tell you how great it is!

But I can't say that.

'I'm fine. Nothing hurts. Ginette?'
'Yes ...... I'm fine, but ...... that ...... little bit, my chest ......'
'Does it hurt!I'll give you a hand!
'Please repent ...... already.'

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, you can contact us at our own web site.
Although the burlap jump is gone,......, I can't help but be grateful to the steeplechase for creating such a surprise. That's what I was thinking.