393-Additional 48 Episode Process, Results and Drum ro...

Ricardo rushes at Hamko (a 12-year-old girl) from the front and makes a sharp right turn in front of her. He turns around and jumps on Hamko from behind.

'Hamuko, I got you!
'Yes, sir!

But just before he caught her, Hammy easily escaped Ricardo's arms.

'As a lady, I've been told by my sister not to touch men without permission, so if you'll excuse me.

I bowed my head as I ran away, but my sister was still moving away from me at a very fast pace.
I'm sure it's just puberty, but that moment was a serious escape.

'Shut up, Oba!I don't need you to tell me what to do, I'll catch you next time!
'Attacking a twelve-year-old girl from behind, you're a complete pervert from the outside, you know that?
'You're being really annoying!That's what this competition is all about!

Excuse me. It's not a pedophile race, this competition.

Hammies, get 'em!
'Oh, dear, ......, I've been caught.'

My sister escaped from Ricardo and was captured by Estella who was waiting for her.
Ricardo's an idiot. He used me as the one to push him into a corner.

'...... Hmm... I finally got one. ...... haha, haha ...... it's hard.'

Estella wipes the sweat from her forehead.
It seems that the hole left by Natalia is quite large and they are struggling a lot.
I thought the blue group would be raided by the hunting guilds, but ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this topic.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work," said Estella, glaring at Ricardo with an audible snort.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have. They seemed to want to catch Hammaro at all costs.

'Don't tell me. I'm not the head of the hunting guild.
'Tsung ......'
'Ah, you!

Estella ignores Ricardo and staggers off.
It looks like her legs are really hurting her.
I'm glad I'm not participating.
It looks like this is a much tougher competition than I imagined.

And Use and the others are chasing Hammaro around with their hunter's pride...

'Oh, we'll never catch him.

Hammaro drives him into a corner, but he escapes through the crotch of the big hunter.

...... You're being completely played.
It's not the same as a hexenbiest, is it?

It's just running around for fun. It's impossible to anticipate his movements.

Even if it's your own sister.

'Hammaro, you got it!
'No, to my own sister!

Loretta jumped out from behind the usse. The timing should have been perfect, but Hammaro used his seventh sense, which was above his sixth sense, and slipped between her arms with a 'ping'.
That's Hammaro's Seven Senses......, I felt the microcosm.

'Then I'll catch it in a head-on fight!
'Hoho~!It's my sister's all-out sprint!

Loretta's eyes light up and she bursts into full speed.
Loretta's eyes lit up and she flew off at full speed. "Running" is not a good word to describe the speed at which she started. It was ......, but Hammaro was running away at a speed even higher than that.
It's as if he's moving instantly.

You're too fast!You're a little too fast for a human!
'My brother, who runs through time!

Indeed, the current Hammaro may be transcending time and space.

'That hamster boy. Was he that fast?

I returned to the cheering section after tending to Regina, and next to me now were the people who had been ejected from the competition along with me.
Bertina, Natalia, and Medora.

'He's the kind of guy who gets more and more powerful when he's having fun.
'It's not that he's usually slacking off, but he's got a lot more power than he can control, right?
'Yeah, depending on how you train it, it could be a monster.
I'm glad to see you're doing well.

Natalia and Medora seem to be feeling something phenomenal, but Bertina is relaxed. I think it's best to look at her like she's Bertina.
There's no point in trying to manipulate Hammaro into doing what you want.
He can only be controlled lightly, as long as he does what you say.
Even if we forcefully try to control Hammaro, he won't display the amazing power we're witnessing now.
The only time he can show his true potential is when he's having a lot of fun.

'Oh, I can't catch up with you! It's ......!

Loretta is getting further and further away.

Even Loretta's legs are pretty fast. ...... There's a big gap between her and her prime.

I'm sure you'll agree.Use the ordinary girl from the sunny pavilion as bait and set up a net in the direction of the target!
''I'll definitely catch it!
'''We're on the same page!

The members of the 42nd district branch of the hunting guild led by Use circled in front of Hammaro and formed a formation.
It seems that they intend to use Loretta to catch Hammaro, but ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.

In front of Usae and the others, while moving at high speed, the 'kaku! and curved at a right angle to Hammaro.
No one could keep up with his eccentric behavior, and Use and the other members of the hunting guild 42nd district branch and Loretta collided head-on.

'Nuh-uh!Muscles, get out of the way!It's heavy!It smells like sweat!

Loretta, who was buried in the muscles, held her nose and struggled.
Oh, you poor thing. She can't wash up until it's over.

And now that Hammaro has defeated all of his enemies, Jeannette stands in front of him!
No, she just happens to be there!

'Oh, Hammaro-san.
'Aren't you tired from running around so much?
'I'm fine!
'Then let's play a game of chase with me.
'Yes!Then, I'll be the demon!
'What?No, it's ...... a rule that I have to chase after it. ......?
'Let's go!
'Manager, run!
'Heh?Ah, yes!I'll run!

And then, for some mysterious reason, Jeannette was chased by Hammaro.

'I've got you!

--He was caught in two seconds.

'Um, ...... that ............ thing, did you catch it?
'Oh, dear!I've been caught!

Hammaro, who was caught ...... or rather, went to be caught by himself, was carried by Jeannette to the White Team's position.

There, the bell rang out loudly.
The bell rang loudly, signaling that all Hammaro's children had been captured.
The last one had been taken by Magda.

'...... I'm a winner'.

What a surprise, Magda had gotten the highest score of 100 points by herself, a 9-year-old girl.
Usse ............ is a red shame. Pfft.

It's a shame that my boys are so pathetic.

Medora, too, let out a sigh when she saw the disappointing results.
After all, the blue group was so obsessed with Hammaro that they hadn't been able to get any hamsters at all.

'Ugly. And all of you, tomorrow I'll personally impose special training on you.
''''What? ''''
I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to get your hands on it, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get your hands on it.
''''............ Oh dear ......''''

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
Ricardo, looking on with a knowing look on his face, interjects.

'Not at all. If you're a member of an organization that bears the name of a hunting guild, you should be able to produce more visible results. Have them re-train you again.
'Ricardo. How many have you caught?'
'...... No, no, no, Medora. He's the one, that female hamster race is so fast ...... and she's smart unlike the little ones.
'You can't read your prey too well!That's why InoPork is playing you. Now's your chance. You need to train with Use's boys. I'll coach you to be a little better.
'Wait!I'm not in a hunting guild, and I'm a lord, I don't have time for that ......!
I'm not a member of the hunting guild, and I'm the lord of this place.If you're the lord of the 41st district, which houses the hunting guild headquarters, you should at least improve your hunting skills!
''Oh no, .......''

If you interfere in my business, you'll bring down the fire.
Poke around in the bushes and bring out the medora.
A synonym for 'suicidal'.


I'll keep my distance and pretend to be someone else.

'By the way, Magda and Ginette are major players.'
'...... of course.
'I'm a product of chance, sir.'

Magda is proud and Ginette is humble.

'What are you talking about, Jeannette? Whether it's a coincidence or a miracle, it's your achievement to get 100 points. You should be more proud of yourself.'
'But it's not something to brag about: ......'
'Stick out your chest!Stick it out!Let's expose it, hey!
'The meaning is changing!

You should be more proud to show them off.

'I could barely catch one of my sisters (50 points). ...... They all grew up without my sister's knowledge. ...... Sigh.'

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to have to.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to say.
'I beg your pardon, big brother!Those kids are growing up so fast!
'Indeed, we had a hard time.'
'Yes, we did.

Inez and Deborah came in looking a little tired.

'We caught two of your sisters.
'It was like we were working together with Inez-san.
'But we both got exactly 100 points. That's impressive.
'I got one with Aashi and Mokoka!
'If only Barbara had been a little smarter, she could have gotten another one.

The Barbara-Mokoka pair also caught one and got 50 points.
Apparently, the white team was aiming at the high-scoring hamster. I wonder if it was Magda's order.

'We caught one just in time, too!
'I did my best.
'I'm going to ...... have my guts come out of my mouth.

It seems that the Torbeck Engineering team led by Oumalo went all out to get one of his brothers.
Goozuya is dying, but it's a small price to pay if you get 50 points in exchange.

'Goozuya, rest in peace. ......'
'I'm not going to die!I don't think I'll be able to compete in the next ...... competition,...... hahaha.'

The long, slender body lies on the dirt of the ground.
You can use it for tug-of-war, this one.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'So, what have you been up to, Mo-Mat?
'Oh, we got one, too!......10 points, though.'

Mormat and the rest of the farmers had given up on getting a high score, and were still hoping for a 10-point score rather than a 3-point score from the older hamsters, but they got one.

'Thank you for your little contribution.
'Don't say "a little"!

Oh, well, it's okay. Ten points.
It's important, ten points.

'Compared to some aristocrat who couldn't earn a single point even though he was breathing harder than anyone else, you've helped ~~~~ a lot.'
'I told you to shut up, Oba!

Ricardo's first target was Hammaro, but as soon as he found out that he couldn't get Hammaro, he changed his target to his 50-point sister and chased after her, and even he couldn't catch her.

'You, why did you join in?
'It's because you were the first one who used a cowardly move and got kicked out!

Oh, yeah, that's how it's supposed to be, technically.
Heh heh heh. All right. I'll give you a proper pat on the back, that's why you're so noble.

Yo, Ricardo. Nice counting.
Are you trying to pick a fight with me, boy?

I've given you more praise than you deserve.
That's the highest praise I can give you.I don't know what you're complaining about.

'The tally seems to have come in.'

Inez says, and Deborah scribbles down the scores.
Hooray, this is quite ......

'That's good news.'

Deborah smiles and announces the points earned in this competition.

'Blah, blah, blah, ...... blah!
'No, don't do that.'
'You don't have to start all over again just because you got teased!
'............ Phew.'

Don't be a pussy, Deborah!
All right, all right!I'll listen to you!

'Oh, that's bad. Inez. Go ahead and drumroll for him.

Well, I don't know how 'drumroll' is translated, or whether there are any drumrolls in this city, but it seemed to go over well, and Inez gave me a clear nod.

''Then ...... dorurururururu!
'''The curly tongue is amazing!

The curly tongue makes such a plump sound that you'd think it was a different creature.
Is this kind of skill required for a head waiter?

'De-den! or 'jan! What's wrong with that?

What's with the citrus?
It's a shame that the last part of the song is a bit disappointing, even though the roll of the tongue is so good that it's uncomfortable. ...... I'm starting to think it's typical of Ines.

The fourth place goes to the yellow group with 172 points.

Oh, it looks like a countdown!
What's with the little entertainment?
I think I already know the result from your glee. ......

The yellow team seems to have switched to a strategy of solidly gaining points in response to the absence of the Medora guild leader. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how you can get it.

Inez explained. ...... is an "unmarried married woman". Norma would be furious if she heard that. It's an apt description, though.
It seems that the Yellow Team did not want to deal with the high-scoring Hamko from the beginning, but focused on the 50-point and 10-point Hamko.
Even so, it is quite difficult to catch Hamko.
I can understand the intention of the strategy, but the result was not good enough.

The breakdown of the hamsters caught by the yellow team is as follows

100 points : 0
50 points: 2 people
10 points: 6 people
3 points: 4 people

After all, the absence of the mainstay of the team must have lingered until the end. Such was the result.

'And the third place goes to ......'.
The third place went to .......

I'm kind of bummed, now!
Can you please stop changing the sound?I can't concentrate!

'Red team, 179 points.'

Deborah's announcement sent the players into a bit of a tizzy.
It was a surprising result.
Well, from the looks of it, the Red Team seemed to be doing pretty well.
The red team was catching a lot of hamsters anyway.
But if you look at the score, they came in third.

The reason was the strategy of the red team.

'It seems that the red group, led by the big ladies of the flower arrangement guild, had a strategy to get a lot of young hamsters. They were the team that caught the most hamsters out of the four teams, taking advantage of their familiarity with children.

The red team had few people who could compete with Hamko.
The lumberjacks are power-driven and not fast enough, and the river fishing guilds are similar. If they were underwater, it might have been a different story.
That's why I decided to earn small points slowly. ......

The breakdown for the red team was

100 points: 0 people
50 points: 2 people
10 points: 4 people
3 points: 13 people

Certainly, getting nineteen out of fifty is a great achievement.
However, the points were too low.
Even if I caught thirteen hamsters with 3 points, I got 39 points.
That's less than one 50-point Hammock.

If you are going to use that strategy, you should have at least one team of 3-point hamsters.

'And now, it's time to announce the second place of .......'
'I'm thrilled, Deborah.'
'It is indeed, Ines.
'So, what is the ranking of the white group ......?
'First place or ...... second place or ......!

He's starting to stir things up, the head waiter.
Ginette's got a real 'throbbing ......' look on her face, but no, we already know the results. It's already posted. The scoreboard has been updated.

'The second place is announced at ......'.
'...... after the next competition!
'Tell me now!

You're taking too long!
I wonder if you can finish it off before we go to the next competition?

'I see what you mean, sir. It's important to keep ...... up to date.

What are you writing down, Mokoka?
How do you know how to serve?
Roll it up and throw it away, that kind of note.

'And now for the second place announcement.
'Drool, drool, drool, drool, ............ drool!

I don't care if it's a feint or not!
What are you doing with your clear face, Inez?
Where's that icy cold stare you had when we first met?

I'm not sure what to say.

Nice try!
It's not that bad. Normally?

............ "Jan" is another name that could be found around here, d*mn it!

'Blue team, 205 points!
'So, does that mean?
'Yes, first place goes to the White Team!
''An amazing 460 points!

They held hands and spread their other hand wide, and posed as if to say, 'Ta-da! The head waiters pose with their hands wide open.
They must be happy.
They must be very happy to have won first place by a wide margin as a result of their contribution.
I can see it now, looking at your faces.

'The blue group was so focused on Hammaro-san, the highest difficulty level, that they didn't have enough energy left to get the other hamsters.
'However, there was a scene where we showed the will of the hunting guild, and we barely got one Hammaro with 100 points, so we were able to hang on to the second place by the skin of our necks.

Use and the others had gotten a brother with 100 points before Hammaro.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
Those who showed their disgusting behavior at the end were pitifully sent to Medora's training.

'I'd say the reason for the Blue Team's defeat was that they misjudged the pace of the race.

Here's the breakdown of the blue team

100 points: 1 person
50 points: 1
10 points: 4 people
3 points: 5 people

It looked like they got all the points, but in fact they got only 11 points in total, the third highest number among the four teams.
Although Estella was running around hard, she couldn't make up for it.

'And finally, the first place goes to ......!
'No, I already told you that!
It's the white group!
'I already know that!

The head waiter wants to liven things up anyway.
......, or rather, they were happy to be in first place.

'Focused on the target, lean arrangement, lean coordination. This is the formula for victory.
'It can be analyzed that the victory was achieved by the fact that each of the participating players achieved results evenly.

He seems to be calmly analyzing the situation, but ......


...... Yeah. I'm beginning to understand your thought patterns.
Inez and Deborah, back to back, give the V sign.
They've fit in perfectly with the white team before you know it.
In case you've forgotten, ...... you could have gotten a few more points if you'd been in the race, right?

'That's great, Yashiro!I never thought I'd be the first!

Ginette was as happy as if she had won.
But Ginette's contribution was great.

By the way, the breakdown of our white team that won is as follows

100 points: 2
50 points: 5
10 points: 1 person
3 points: 0

We got the lowest number of points among the four teams, eight in total.
We won because we got two 100-point hamsters. Nothing else.

'The nice combination of me and Deborah with 100 points (50 points x 2 players) contributed greatly to the victory.
''This must be a grand reward for you.

The head waiter's is a bit annoying: ......

''...... The White Team's victory would not have been possible without Magda's contribution.''

Magda, who single-handedly caught the 100-point ham.
Indeed, Magda's contribution was significant. No question about it.

But even more than that, ......

'Ginette's contribution will be greater.'
'No, I had nothing to do with ...... it was just luck.'
'That luck was a big part of it.'
'I think so too. I can't think of any other way to catch Hammaro.
'Yes, is that ...... it?

The fact that Hammaro was a completely defenseless opponent. That's what made Jeannette so lucky.
That's what made Jeannette lucky.
...... Good thing I left Bertina out of this.

'It's just luck. That's all I'm saying. But as a result of that luck, we got high points!

At this point, I signal to the head waiter, who looks like he has more to announce than just the breakdown of the Hammies.

Tell him. Let's make a big announcement!

'Due to the large number of points we have received.
'We, the White Team...'
'At last--'
''We're out of last place!

The crowd cheered.
Mormat was pumping his fist in the air, and Oumarro was jumping for joy.
I don't know why Ricardo is smiling so proudly, but he seems to be happy.

The total points for this competition are as follows.

1st Blue team: 1560 points
2nd place: White team: 1500 points
3rd Yellow team: 1445 points
4th Red team: 1365 points

Here, the white team is finally back in the game.
If Hammaro had been taken by the yellow or red team, the white team would have remained in last place.
If Hammaro had been taken by the blue team, it would have been third place.

We could have gotten Hammaro, even if we were lucky.
That's what made this huge comeback possible.

'That's great, Mr. Manager!
'You've done it, Mr. Manager!
'Great job, sir!
'I did it!
'Manager~, I'll give you a good rubdown, come here and squat~'

And so on. Everyone was excited.

'Thank you for the compliment. But I'm sure you're all very happy with Magda, Inez, Deborah. And without Barbara, Mokoka, Umaro, and Mormat, we wouldn't have gotten so many points. This is an accomplishment that we all earned together.

Ginette was not pleased to be so well received, and insisted that they had all worked hard.
She then proudly embraces Magda, who has won 100 points on her own.
Oh, you knew that, didn't you, Ginette? Magda looked a little envious when she saw Hammaro being carried.

'...... Quiet, everyone.'

Magda, who was being carried by Jeannette, turns to the players. Magda, who was being carried by Ginette, turned to face the players. She was being held from behind, and because of the difference in their heights, her large breasts rested on her small head.

'I love it!
'...... Yashiro, don't talk about irrelevant things.

I want to be buried in it too!
I'd rather be buried!

'...... Guys, I want you to listen. Especially Yashiro, who has a 'I'd rather be buried' look on his face.

Hey, hey. You can ask.

'...... The competition I mentioned earlier. Magda's contribution certainly shone through, but this comeback was everyone's achievement, Magda thinks.

Oh. You're trying to take a good line from Jeannette and make it your own, Magda.
What's that smug look?I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'...... But this reversal is just the beginning. The first step. ...... The white team's rapid progress begins here.
'That's right!I'm sure you've heard of it.
'That's right!We're much, much better!We'll turn the tables on the blue team and win!

The team leader, the excitement captain, and the cute captain inspire the players.
We can still do it.
That we can aim higher.
That we can win.

'...... All White Team players. Let's win and share the victory.
'''' Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! ''''
'Magda Tan is the goddess of victory!

The simple players were carried away and pumped their fists in the air.
There were a few foxes as usual, though.

Then, Ginette looked at me and chuckled.
I followed her gaze, and lo and behold, my fist was raised high in the air as well.
...... When did this happen?

Well, I guess that's how excited I am.
A big comeback from last place.

I'm still in second place, though.
Now that I'm upside down, I need to get my head in the game. From here on out, the other teams are going to have their work cut out for them.

If we're not careful, we'll fall in a heartbeat.

Magda seemed to be thinking the same thing and said the same thing.

'...... From here on, the battle is likely to intensify. A single moment of carelessness could be fatal. So ......'

Magda slipped out of Ginette's arms and began to move, attracting the attention of all the players.
As Magda approaches, those present naturally give up their places and a path is formed in front of Magda.
As he walks down the path, Magda tells him.

'...... I have prepared a secret weapon to win the second half of the battle. It is this.

He points to a boy standing at the end of the open road.
A very familiar boy with a white headband. He was--

'...... secretly brought Hammaro into the White Team.'
'''No, that's a foul!

Immediately afterwards, Lucia snatched Hammaro away at breakneck speed.
As she did so, she shouted, ''All your hair except for your waste hair will fall out, you anchovy! And so on. ...... So, why are you telling me this?

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
...... That's normal.