392-Episode 47: The progress, the ham child, and the s...

'I remembered it when I was eating ......'.

The cheering competition was over, and the entire white team had been summoned by Magda.
Standing in front of the response seat, Magda says with a crisp, blank expression.

'...... Magda, you were the team leader.
'Don't forget that.'
'...... Since Yashiro is giving the orders, I'm kind of okay with it.'

Well, it's a long shot.
Magda was also interested in a number of things, and was probably more interested in having fun than leading.

'...... Incidentally, Magda did the choreography for the cute squad.
'That's why it was overflowing with cuteness!
'...... Well, it's obvious that if Magda herself had participated, she would have received another 500 points or so.
'Hey, Goozuya. You're making a lot of noise, shut him up.''
'M, it's impossible!He's really scary!

What's ......, Oumalo. You're tough on your own people?
Is that what you call being an insider?

'It's not right to wield power only over the weak.
'I'm just doing what I have to do as the head of an organization!Look, Gooziya!I'll explain everything properly so that there are no misunderstandings!

Oh, by the way. I remember you were pretty angry when we first met.
As a boss who yells at his subordinates for their misconduct.

'...... Magda, a person with a lot of back and forth is a bit ......'
'Be nice!Just like when you're in front of Magda Tan!
'...... but it's nice to have a passionate person who can be responsible and passionate about their work.'
'Oh, I'm torn!Should I stay the way I am or should I change?

But first, what about the adults who have a crush on an underdeveloped minor, hey.

'So, Magda. What do you want to talk about?
'...... I'd like to go over the scores before the afternoon's competition begins.'
'Aashi agrees with you. It's better to know how long it will take to turn the tables, so you can get fired up.
'Isn't that a wise decision, my eternal rival Magda?
'Wait a minute, Mokoka!My best friend is Aashi, right?
'There's a difference between a best friend and a rival, isn't there?
'Which one is stronger?
'Shut up, Barbara. Shut up for a minute.''

I'll shut up the heated monkey lady.
Mokoka, who claims her ankle pain went away during lunch, will return to the frontline in the afternoon.

'...... Mokoka, how's your leg?
'It's fine now, sir!Thanks to the ice that the general brought, I'm crispy as a bone.

Mahrul had brought some ice with him, since he was going to watch the game under the blazing sun.
The ice was put in a bag made of hexenbiest leather, and a towel was placed on the bag to keep it cool. It was said that the ice would last for about half a day in the hexenbiest's leather without melting.

It is said that the nobles of the Mauru class keep a stock of ice in preparation for the hot season.
They keep a large amount of ice in the ice house during heavy snowfall.
I knew such technology existed in this city.

'The Lord of Smiles sent me a letter saying, "It's going to be hot tomorrow, so please take precautions," so I prepared for it, but he used it for me.

So he had been informed of Natalia's weather forecast in advance.
As usual, Natalia's weather forecast was right on the money, and it was quite hot this morning. It's been hot since this morning, and with the sun shining so brightly, we should have been prepared.
Estella's scoring points in detail.

But thanks to her, I got some good information.
Ice is where it's at.
And the easiest people to ask have it.
Mahrul owes me for awakening Mokoka's serving spirit, so I might as well take advantage of it.
I glanced at the entrance to the grounds, but the person I was looking for had not yet returned.
So I turn my attention back to Magda's story.

'...... Ines, Deborah. What's the score so far?'
'Yes, sir. Here is the tally.'
'Currently, the white team has 1040 points. Despite their best efforts, they are still in last place.'

Oh, ...... Magda's using the head waiter's as a matter of course.
Well, he's the team leader, so whatever. He's the best of the bunch.

So, the scores given by the two head waiters are as follows.

Blue team: 1355 points
Yellow team: 1273 points
White team: 1040 points
Red team: 1186 points

These are the latest scores, adding up to 50 points for the cheering competition.

'We're catching up, aren't we?

Ginette said happily, but the gap with the leader was 315 points.
I think the difference between us and the leader at the end of the first event, the race, was 254 points, so we've lost ...... a lot of ground!

'Hey, what's going on?

I close in on the head waiter, who is holding what looks like a score sheet.
I thought there must be a mistake.

'It's true, the white team won first place in the eye of the typhoon and the giant ball rolling.
'But they came in last in total points in the footrace, the race among the guests, and the bread-eating contest.

Deborah shows me a piece of paper with detailed numbers written on it.
On it, the results of the events and the points earned so far were written in detail.

1st Blue team 629 points
2nd Yellow team: 569 points
3rd Red team 427 points
4th White team: 375 points
(* Total score ranking)

Eye of the typhoon
1st White: 50 points (total: 425 points)
2nd Blue: 30 points (659 points total)
3rd Red: 15 points (442 points total)
4th Yellow team: 0 points (Total: 569 points)

(Points are low because this is a social event)
1st White team: 20 points (Total: 445 points)
2nd Red group 10 points (Total 452 points)
3rd Blue group 5 points (Total 664 points)
4th Yellow Team 0 points (Total 569 points)

Race among the customers
1st Red Team 122 points (Total 574 points)
2nd Yellow Team 112 points (Total 681 points)
3rd Blue team 67 points (total 731 points)
4th White group 65 points (510 points total)
(*Placement of total points)

Ball Throwing
1st Red team 42 points (Total 616 points)

2nd White team 40 points (550 points in total)
3rd Blue group 39 points (total 770 points)
4th Yellow group 37 points (total 718 points)

Bread Eating Race
1st Blue team 535 points (Total 1305 points)
2nd Red team 520 points (Total 1136 points)
3rd Yellow team 505 points (Total 1223 points)
4th White team: 440 points (Total: 990 points)
(* Total score ranking)

Cheering competition
50 points for each team

'...... indeed'

In the three competitions Deborah mentioned, the white team had the lowest points.
It's funny, ...... I was under the impression that they earned more points.

Even the audience was excited.
Don't they get points for excitement?Don't you need something like that?

'Don't worry, Yashiro-san.'

As I stared at the score sheet, Jeannette's hand touched my arm, and when our eyes met, she gave me a gentle smile.

'The score may be low, but I thought Yashiro's kindness won first prize.
'............So, don't be like that.

It's a little embarrassing when Jeannette is nice to you.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of her. ...... If only he hadn't been so obsessed with the lack of breasts,...... breasts NASA............

'I thought I'd be the best in the bread-eating contest. ......'
'I was in last place, and I ...... dragged my feet, didn't I?
'No, Jeannette!You were the best!More than any of the others!'
'What are you talking about!
'The shaking of your tits!
'Please repent!

If the swaying points had been added, the white team would have been in the lead right now.

In the first place, the race was supposed to be a sort of shoulder training competition, with 10 points for first place, 8 points for second place, 5 points for third place, and 2 points for fourth place.
Even the last place gets a point, and the difference between first and second place is only 2 points.
It was supposed to be more of a clusterf*ck. ......

'I guess the delay in the race has taken its toll.
'I mean, the team events are strong, but--'
It's the individual events that are a disaster for the white team.

The head waiter's point is well-taken.
On the contrary, the yellow team is not so strong in the team competition, but is very strong in the individual competition.
The blue team has been earning points steadily, and the red team, thanks to the presence of the Ikebana Guild, a group of ladies ...... with cheat-level communication skills, has achieved dantotsu results in the race among the customers. He scored 122 points, surpassing even the yellow team, which had several waitresses.
That's almost a double score compared to the White Team.

'Javier, should I have welcomed him forcefully?
'No, that would have been the right thing to do.

Inez immediately disagreed with Loretta's opinion.

'If Mr Javier joins us at this stage, it will antagonize the rest of the team.
'And if that happens, it could give the impression that the white team, which is likely to lose, is cheating.
'In the afternoon, the main event will be the team competition.
''When that happens, if the other three teams attack us intensively, we won't be able to make a comeback.
''That's a shame. If it wasn't for that last one, it would have been pretty cool.''

The head waiter seems to have a good grasp of the situation.
Although they seem to have lost sight of their position a bit.

On average, the white team is physically inferior to the other teams, and they have no choice but to take advantage of the enemy's carelessness and try to turn the tables.

If you bring in an obvious threat like Javier and let him become your enemy, you will be crushed first.
If we finish in last place even once more, the championship will be hopeless.
If you can't win, you need to get into the second place. ...... Still, if the blue team doesn't blow themselves up, it's going to be pretty tough to win. ......

'Besides, if we put that guy in the next competition, ............ the whole area will be stained with blood.'
'Oh, ...... I see.'
'...... can't let the kids see that.'

My explanation made sense to Loretta.
That's right. The next competition is one in which Loretta's younger siblings will have a lot of success. ...... That's also why I didn't want to welcome Javier.

'All right, you guys. I'm going to get ready for the next competition.

The Ham kids were seen off by their eldest daughter, Loretta, and ran to the ground.
Ham kids from other teams are also going out to the ground.
A group of hamsters quickly formed.
Big and small, male and female. Large and small, male and female, all kinds of Ham kids are gathering on the ground.

'There are so many of them, aren't there ......'.

Inez's cheeks twitch slightly as she looks at the flock of hamsters.
Similar faces to the same faces. The group of brothers and sisters who look like each other is still a sight to behold.


Loretta tilts her head as she looks at the crowd of siblings.
She then counts the number of them, moving her fingers minutely.

'Big brother. You're missing three sisters.
'Ah. I asked them to run an errand, but they haven't come back yet .......'

After we ate, I asked them to run an errand. ...... I might have been late.
It has taken longer than expected.

It is said that hamsters become slower as they grow older, and that the peak of their agility is generally between the ages of seven and ten, although there are individual differences.
If you ask me, Hammaro is faster than Loretta. I thought it might be a difference in physical strength between men and women, but it seems not.
It is said that from the age of a baby to about six years old, the body is still in the process of development, and then it reaches its peak, and after the age of ten, the physical ability gradually stabilizes.
It's true that his speed is like a bug in the parameters.
According to Loretta, it's because her arms and legs grow longer and her head and body grow taller after the age of ten, and this changes the balance of her body. Well, Loretta herself used the phrase 'I don't really know' as a pillow, so it's just a feeling.
Hammaro's children are only about three or four heads tall.

'I'm only eight-headed, though!
'...... Loretta is six-headed.
'What, you're two-headed?
'I don't have such an interesting figure!I have the body of a grown woman!Delia-san, I do exercises every day!

If you want to have a nice body like Delia's, you'd better go catch some salmon in the river.
Because those exercises are not 'exercises to become a nice body like Delia's' but 'exercises taught by Delia who is a nice body'.
Well, I've incorporated some movements that might be effective, so I guess we can expect some results.

By the way, you're back late, sisters.
I asked the eight-year-old team to do it because of their speed,......, but they stumbled in the crucial negotiations?I'm not sure if it was too much for the eight-year-old,.......

I'm not sure what to say.

Just as I was about to get nervous, my three sisters came back together.
Oh, fast, fast. I didn't know that dust could roll up like that.

'I've got it!
'I'll show you Mr. Merle's handiwork!
'It's so cool!

The other two, holding the 30x40x15cm wooden box in their arms, waved their arms around happily, telling me that their mission was complete.
Oh, I see. So you were able to use them properly.

You did a great job. I'll give you a reward next time, so look forward to it.

It might have been a little too hard for the kids to go to an unknown place and ask for something.
However, I wanted to save time first, so I had no choice but to choose this person.
We should at least reward them properly.

'Was it hard to find Ma'ru's favorite craftsman?
'Hmmm!I found him easily!
'So, they didn't believe you were Ma'ru's approved errand boy?
'Hmm!He found me right away!
'So, did you get lost?
'Hmm!I found it easily!
'Then why did it take you so long?
'Are you on a chase?You're doing a great job.'

'The aunties praised me.
'I got a lot of compliments from my parents!
'Don't play with me!

They're ...... in urgent need of our help.

'...... got mad at me.'
'......Are we bad kids?
'......No more rewards, I'm sure. ......'
'I'll give you a reward!I'll give it to you, don't be discouraged!

My sisters dance around me with their hands in the air.
Hey, hey, don't wave that box around!It's a precious thing!

''Well then, you guys come join us over there. You can still run, right?
'Joshua Rayford!
''Who is it?
''No, who is it?Who the hell are you, Joshua Rayford?

I'm so confused!
You should've used "Yocchan" or "Yoshiko-chan", but "forced translation magic"!
All you do is translate things.

--That's why.
I finally received what I wanted. ......

I'm not sure what to make of it.

The steering committee member called out.
It's about to start.

I don't think it's going to melt down. ......

I look at the ice that my sisters delivered to me.
A solid wooden box.
It is covered with the leather of the demon, and if Mael is right, the ice can be stored for about half a day.
However, I don't want to take too long. We can't leave that thing in there for too long.
I'd like to go over there and take care of it quickly, but ...... there are a lot of people who take it too far when I do that.
And I'm sure he himself doesn't like that kind of "I'm worried about you" thing. ......


Well, I'll just say no to Jeannette, who is more concerned about other people than anyone else, because she is very astute about these things.

'...... What can I do for you?
'What is it, big brother?
'How long have you guys been a part of Ginette?

Before Ginette could get to me, Magda and Loretta had me pinned on both sides.
'Well, that's okay, but .

'I've got some work to do. ...... Well, he's acting like it's no big deal, but he's not hiding it, and I can't look at him.
'Is anyone hurt?
'I didn't notice it at all?Who are you?
'I can't think of anyone at .............'

Well, maybe you guys wouldn't notice. His embarrassment, his patience, his leave me alone aura is first-rate.
But you can't fool my eyes.

'The way my right breast is shaking is different from usual. It's very uncomfortable.'
'Please don't judge me like that. Oh no.'
'It's something we couldn't possibly have noticed.
'...... is a trick only Yashiro can do.
'That's how much he wants to hide it. So, I'm going to get it done quickly during the competition.
'Yeah, but Yashiro-san, you're going to participate in the ...... next competition, right?
'The next competition is a chance for you to get a lot of points at once!
'...... Besides, if you suddenly announce your non-participation, they will naturally ask you why. They'll be suspicious. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Hahaha, Magda. It's a lot of words. .......

We'll get through this. I'll put Ricardo, the idiot, in your place, and you can keep him in check.'
'It's no problem for ...... Magda.'
'Then I'll coordinate with Ines and the others.
''Well, I'm .......''
'''Try not to get hurt'''
''I wonder if that's a strategy!

It's definitely a chance for a lot of points, but with ...... Magda and Loretta, I'm sure they can handle it.
To be honest, I'm not too sure about this competition.

In terms of pure physical strength, I'm no match for those hamsters.

'At any rate, I'll go out to the ground once. You take care of the rest.'
'...... leave it to me.'
'I'm going to fill the hole left by my brother!
'I'll do my best too!
'1Rb to fall within 10 seconds'
'Then I'll do 2Rb in 5 seconds!
'...... 3Rb in 3 seconds'
'That's terrible, folks!

And so the track was filled with players and hamsters.
Inside the track, four circles with a diameter of 10 meters were drawn, and blue, yellow, white, and red flags were placed on each of them. These are the "positions" of each team.
The hamsters stay in the center of the track so as not to get into their positions. They look very excited.

Here's what's about to happen: ......

'The next competition is "Get it, Hamkko! Yes!

"Hamlet, get it! Yes!
It's a completely original competition, simply put, a game of tag.
A total of fifty ......, or fifty hamsters, jump out of the truck and run around this ground.
If you catch them and bring them back to your own camp, you get points.

The points you get depend on the age of the hamsters.
Infants who can't run that fast yet get 3 points. There are twenty-two of them in all.
And 10 points for hamsters between the ages of 11 and 14, who are starting to slow down a bit. There are 15 of them.
The hamsters between the ages of seven and ten, who are the most skilful, get a high score of 50 points. These are the ten.

And the team that catches the three fastest of the current generation, including Hammaro, will get a super high score, a whopping 100 points!
If they could catch all three of them, they would get 300 points!If you can catch all three, you can get 300 points!

...... To do that, though, you'll need to deal with the other teams' strongest opponents.

It's a great way to get to the top of the game. Players, please enter your positions. At the sound of the bell, you will be allowed to leave your positions.

After the waiter's explanation, fifty Ham kids scattered all over the field at the first sound of the bell.
Beyond the stalls and the seats of honor, to every corner of the grounds.
As long as they didn't leave the grounds, they were free to go wherever they wanted.
Ten seconds later, the bell rang out for the athletes to begin the competition.

'''We got it!

The hunters rushed out in unison to catch their prey.
Staring at them, I shouted out in the white camp.

''I'll give a special reward to the ham boy who catches me!

Immediately after I said that, fifty hamsters invaded the white camp and jumped on me.
Some of them were so fast that I thought they were moving instantly.

'Yes!I've got all the Hammies for myself!
'That's not fair, Yashiro!

Estella raised her voice in protest, but such things were not discussed beforehand.

'Yashiro's 'big brother power' should be banned!It would ruin the competition!
'Yeah, right!It's not 'Let's get Hammy! No, it's 'Ham, you got it! That's right!
'Anchovies!It's ungodly to fish for things!I want my Hammarotan back!

The teams are protesting furiously.
Well, if we win like this, not only the competition but even the field day will be ruined.
So, ......

'If you don't want me to use my abilities, I'll have to seal the 'cheat class' abilities I'm naming.
'...... Hmm. It's not fair to sanction only the white team.'
'Yes, it is!There are obviously cheaters on the other team as well!

With Magda and Loretta's supportive fire, my opinion was accepted rather easily.
So, I'm going to 'self-destruct' with one person from each team and leave.

'First, Medora of the Yellow Team.
'Well, I suppose you will.

Medora accepted with a smile.
By all accounts, he's the best of the best. Even Hammaro wouldn't be able to outrun a serious Medora.

'And Natalia from the blue group.
'Yes, sir.'
'Wait a minute, Yashiro!Isn't it me, the representative of the forty-second district branch of the hunting guild, who has cheat-level abilities?
'Oh, the usse is fine. Because you're a usse.
What do you mean by that?

You're good enough to take on Magda.
It's Natalia I'm afraid of.
She's the kind of thing that could send a dressmaker soaring. You never know what she'll do. She's the one we should be worried about.

'And from the red team...'
'You or Yashiro?
'It's not Delia, it's Bertina.
'Oh, no. It's me.

Of course it is.
Ham kids, especially the dumb ones, like Bertina unconditionally.
If Bertina is chasing them, they'll go for her.
That 'motherhood' is also a cheat.

'Well, let's get one more player in each place, and the cheat squad is out.

Magda and Loretta. He glanced at Jeannette and then exited the truck.
They'll take care of it, I'm sure. I trust you, boys.

'You guys!Do your best for me!Paula!Show me your leadership skills!
'Leave it to me!Come on, Yellow Team!We'll do our best!

The Yellow Clan seems to be united.
The fact that they're not discouraged by the loss of their overpowering mainstay is proof that the team is coming along. They're going to be tough.

'So, Estella-sama. Please take care of the rest.
...... Natalia. That's an ooze.'
'I'm sorry. I judged it by its flatness.'
'Get the hell out of here!

The blue team is as usual.
I see. Estella's ............ sorry.

'Well then, everyone. I'll leave the rest to you.
'Oh!Watch us, Sister!
'I'll be here, so you'd better think you're on a big ship.

She giggled, then bowed her head as she left.
You may have wanted to play with the children, but you can do that tomorrow in the church.

And so, after we left, the bells rang again, and "Let's get some ham! began.

So, with the competition heating up, I took the ice and headed for him.
To the first aid tent.

'Oh no. I guess he knew, didn't I?
'The way her right breast is shaking...'
'I guess it's different from usual~, I was aware of it, right tit'.

She's smiling as usual, but she's sitting shallowly in her chair, throwing her legs out.
Her ankle must be hurting and she can't bend it.

In a bread-eating contest, he sprained his foot badly when he failed to land.
He pretended to be fine, but it seemed that he had reached his limit.

'I tried to walk straight right after I sprained it,' he said.
'Sprains always start hurting afterwards. You thought it was a bad idea the moment you did it, didn't you?That's why you acted so badly.'
'I'm not very good at this,' he said, 'but I did the best I could with ...... my tits, didn't I?
'You're wrong to rephrase that!It's a very attractive word, though.

While we're talking about this nonsense, I take off Regina's boots.
You don't need my permission. He knows the importance of medical treatment, he wouldn't be embarrassed for nothing.

'You can touch it, but you can't lick it because it's too tight.
'Even if it's beautiful, I won't lick it!
'Are you sure?
'Take it back and let me answer in writing later.
'Are you worried about it?

'Oh, this is stupid,' said Regina, looking up at the ceiling with a laugh.
She's embarrassed, at least. She's trying to avoid looking at me for some strange reason.

The first aid tent is not equipped with ice. Or rather, they couldn't.
I would have liked to soak my sprained foot in running water or something to cool it down, but Regina was here as the "medical officer" this time. She would never do that.
That's why she's been hiding her pain. The river is a long way from here.

'You're a little cold.'
'Heh, what?You can't be serious. ...... Hiyaaaa!It's cold!It's so cold!What is it?

I didn't have a bag to put the ice in, so I put my foot directly into the box with the lid open.
The box was packed full of ice, which would cool me down considerably.

'Ice, huh?What are you doing with this?
'On Mahr's say-so. He's hired an ice-maker to keep the ice all year round.'
'Huh, you're a strange one.
'I heard that there are a lot of nobles. They use it not only during the heat wave, but also for cooking and chilling alcohol. ......'
'No, you don't. It's me.
'No. It's me. You're a real oddball.

What's so strange about me?
When I looked at Regina without understanding, she was looking at me with a fragile smile, as if she was about to cry a little.

'I'm just paying you back.
'Ah, I've lost money, haven't I? You should've used that loan for something better. Sleeping together, mixed bathing...'
'Merle?It's a punishment game.

You could sell it to Donnis for a good price. ............ No, he'd be too cool to buy it. He's a slob.

If that's the case, I'll have to pay him back for it.
'Don't worry about it, just fix it. ......'
'Hey, myself.

The quiet voice made my mouth stop involuntarily.
I felt like I shouldn't say anything else.

Regina is smiling softly and uncharacteristically.
And then--

'This ice I'm sticking my foot in, can I chug it after it melts?
'No way, a**h*le!

--He made the same stupid remark as usual.
I want to punch myself in the face for even trying to take him seriously for a second!

'Oh, no. There's too much ice. It's so cold my boobs will shrink.
'That's not good!Throw them out right now!Even if it's your feet or your tits!
'You're never wrong.
'I don't want to be told by you alone.

After the exchange of stupidity, Regina smiled embarrassedly, 'Hehehe......'.
Oh. I feel like I'm back to normal now.

'Well, then, fix it tightly with a cloth and cool it down periodically.
Thanks a lot. Can I have some of this ice?
'Yeah, sure. It's too much for me to drink.
'He's an idiot.

You're the one who said that.

'Well then, I'll use it if anyone gets injured in the competition after this. Say thank you to the innocent aristocrat.'
'If you get a chance, ......, that's it.'

Fortunately, Regina's ankle wasn't too swollen.
If you fix it properly and keep it cool, it will be much better tomorrow.

'I'm really good at this, myself. It's a beautiful wrap.

Regina placed her sprained right ankle on her left knee and looked at the way the bandage was wrapped.
She is dressed in the American men's style of crossing her legs, ...... with her crotch wide open. ............ Can I see that?

I'm not sure if you're a doctor or a pharmacist.
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
'Oh, that's not good. I'll be imprisoned on the first day of business.

Regina giggled.
I don't know what she was thinking, but she looked at me with a meaningful smile and said something like this.

'Well, that's a shame, isn't it~......

...... You know.
Don't be so eager to be pampered by being nursed.

'Thanks a lot.'
'Don't worry about it. It's a medical procedure.

It's not only about the treatment, but also about the fact that you kicked the competition to come here.

She paused for a moment, made a difficult face, and then turned away.
The long green hair hides Regina's face, and only her voice comes from behind it.

'You've been watching me.

Regina ...... you ............
What kind of reply did you expect me to give when you said those words?
I'm not sure what to say, but it's hell. .......

I'm not sure what to say.
'...... Huh?
'Your upturned tits...'
'........................ Tits, huh?
'It's milk, what is it?

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
You've got the wrong idea.

Then, without saying a word, she threw a small piece of ice at me.
I owe you for that.
I'll sell it as "Regina's Foot Ice", you bastard. There's plenty of people in the 42nd district who'd pay 1000Rb for it!

I was looking at the fierce battle going on for the "Hamkko, get it! I was looking at the fierce battle going on.