395-No additives, Episode 50. The trouble suddenly com...

After all, the blue group--the hunting guild--is strong.

'The cowherd is a nice bit of baggage. ......'
'...... is following them well. The hunting guild is good at following up, as they sometimes take on the escort of important people.

Magda says that she has been trained to follow others because she sometimes has to protect the dull old man in the forest where magical beasts roam.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who don't follow through.

'Hey, you cowherd!Don't you have any motor skills?
'What's with the hunting?You're the one who's dragging me down!
What the hell?Are you going to do it?

Uzse of the 42nd district branch of the hunting guild and Morgan, the chief cowherd, are still arguing with each other on the course, as if they were about to start a fistfight.
Because they are not breathing in harmony, they have fallen off the averaging table many times.

The two guilds have been bickering for a long time, competing for a share of the meat in their daily business.
Don't bring your everyday conflicts to the field day. ...... Well, maybe it's impossible not to bring them.

'......The averaging table is difficult to conquer if the two of you are not in perfect harmony.
'They may never be able to clear it.
'...... then we can build our love nest over there.'
'Stop it, ......, I've got a creepy imagination.'

It's a mean house where two old men live with their legs tied ...... together, the abode of monsters, no longer.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
They got this one. Umaro is a very handy guy, and he's doing a good job of following Yaplock, who is not very good at sports.
The sense of versatility is a little annoying. ......

'...... sprained foot'.
'I can hear you, Yashiro-san!

...... Why can I hear you?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to say.

Loretta taps me on the shoulder.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try. ...... You're not running yet, are you?Why are you almost burned out already?

'Mr. Manager, I'm getting tired myself watching other people run. Like I'm making a meal and I'm full!'
'That's not quite the same thing, is it?'

Ginette gulped every time another competitor attempted an obstacle, shouted every time they failed, and continued to strain together.
That's exhausting.

'So, tell me the trick to clear those obstacles so that the manager doesn't have to suffer any more unnecessarily.
'I'll ask you to do the same. I'll do some image training before it's my turn.

Ginette's image training?
Are you okay?Isn't there a 'cute cat' in the middle of that image?
Won't you start playing with it and say 'mmmm~'?

That's kind of what I imagine Ginette's image training to be like.
I don't think she's well trained, but that's about it.

'...... Yashiro. Use and his team have been confirmed to be in last place and are being dismissed. Please comment on the next race as you watch it.

In the end, an old man and an old man who had gotten into a fight were forcibly taken away, and the messy race ended in a messy manner.
It's a good thing the white team won, but I hope the next race will be a decent one.

'Next up are Sophie and Rebecca.
'At ......, I'd like to have Yashiro give a commentary while cheering on the two of them.'
'I'm counting on you, big brother.'
'Oh dear, .......'

At the urging of the Sunlit Pavilion Girls, I was asked to commentate on the race.
At the starting line were Sophie and Rebeka.
Sophie is a rabbit, but she doesn't seem to be very fast. She has great arm strength, though.
On the other hand, Rebeka is fast, but her arm strength is not so great.
That's about it.
Well, both of them have the word 'beastly' in front of them.

'Big sister, you must be the best!
'Right, Rebekah. Let's work hard, together.'
'Together with ............ Kuhihi...... sister, I'm happy.'
'Hahaha!My sister is too cute!
'Oh, that's a serious patient.
'Big brother, I don't need that explanation!I want you to explain the course!

I gave him a commentary on the one that caught my attention.
For now, let's watch the race and think about it.

'In position, ready!


The race begins, and the racers call out to each other, 'One, two, one, two!


...... Only the sisters there have strange voices, though.
I don't know how they can time it so well.

The stupid sisters are about to face their first obstacle.
The balance beam.

As you can see, the platform is narrow. I guess we'll have to crab-walk with both of us on our sides.
'I'm sure it's difficult with your legs tied, Manager.'
'That's true. Perhaps it would be easier to cross alone. ......'
'Magda. Don't be so surprised. Ginette thinks she can do it, too.'

The aisle is ten centimeters wide. To me, it looked familiar, but to the residents of District 42, it was unknown.It's too narrow! Narrow!
A mat is placed around the averaging table to prevent injuries.
But ......

'It hurts a lot when you fall and hit your ankles. When you fall, it hurts like hell.
'Geez!I could imagine the pain so realistically!Please don't instill fear in me!
'...... The manager started to tremble.
'It's okay, it's okay. ...... I've never hit my ankle before.

That's why it hurts when you hit it.

'Well, just make sure you don't fall.
'I'm asking you for tips on that!
'I guess we'll just have to stay calm and go in a rhythm of 'one, two, three'.

On '1' the guy in front puts his right foot forward, on '2' the guy in front moves his left foot and the guy behind him moves his right foot, on '3' the guy behind him moves his left foot, and so on, step by step.
To be honest, I don't know how to do it, because I've never done it on a tripod.

''Big sister!
''Good friends!
''Big sister!
''Good friends!...... ehehe~''

They're so close.
With such strange shouting, they skillfully cleared the averaging table.

The next thing that awaited us was the ball carrying.

The ball is 30 centimeters in diameter, and we hold it between our bodies and run a certain distance without using our hands.
The ball is bigger than a basketball, but harder and heavier. We didn't have a rubber ball, so we made a ball out of wood and stuck a thick cloth around it.

'It's so hard,' he said. ...... It hurts when I gouge my ribs. It hurts when I gouge my ribs. ......'
'Why do you keep coming up with negative factors like that!
'...... Manager, all right. I'll be fine.'
'Will I be able to finish the race? ......'
'Don't worry!Ginette can put it between her tits and--'
'Please repent!

'I think I can hold on to about 10 kilos with breast pressure.

'Sis!Hold her!Hold her!
'Mmmm. You're a spoiled brat, and Rebekah is ...... too cute!

The two rabbit sisters hug each other with such force that they almost crush the wooden ball.

It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web to get a better idea of what you're looking for.
A thick wooden cube sits in the middle of the course. It is 15 x 50 meters and 3 meters high.
There is no light in that cube.
However, air is circulating in the building, which shows the high level of technology of Torbeck Engineering.

When I wondered how they were going to carry something as big as a small prefab, I found out that it was a primitive method that could never be imitated. It was a very primitive method that could never be copied.

The dark maze is not so complicated, but it is quite difficult because of the loss of vision.
The level is about the same as a giant maze for children. Unless it's dark.
If you are alone, you can get out in a minute or two.
But it's a different story when you're in a tripod.

Ouch!It's pitch black!I'm scared, Lisa!
Don't worry, Rebekah. Your sister's with you. I'll hold you tight in the dark, hehehehehehehehehehe~'

Hey, hey, hey!
Isn't he the most dangerous?

'And, well. Watch out for perverts.
'The level of danger is unparalleled, that much?
'Also, it's hell if you bump your little toe or something in the dark.
'Or the corner of the wall?I'm scared!

And then, from within the huge maze of darkness, we hear a 'wow' sound, and the players come out in turn.

Next in line is the caterpillar.
In Japan, the caterpillar was made of cardboard, but in this case, it is an oval tube made of the leather of a crocodile-like monster. On all fours, of course.

'Sis, crawling on all fours is kind of a weird look. It makes me laugh!
'That's right. Hahahaha...... makes me laugh...... hahaha.......'
'Hey, someone!I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.You're completely out of the loop with that one!

It's not a strategy anymore.
It's not just a strategy anymore, it's a whole new level of competition that needs to be sanitized somehow!
This is an emergency!

And finally, the last thing you want to do is ...... look for ...... candy that you can watch in peace.
It's a great way to find out what's going on in the world.
As for the candy, Lucia and Millie have provided a large amount of nectar candy.

'Mwah!I can't see anything because it's all white~'
'Well, well, Rebeka. Your face is all white. You're so cute.

Ah, she's quiet this time.
Good, good, good.

'I can't find any candy at all: ......'
'Well then, I'll give you the candy my sister found, munchies~......'
'Hey, someone stop that sister!

She's trying to transfer the candy she's licking to her mouth!
You've exceeded your sister's authority, haven't you?
We can take her out hard!Dead or Alive!
Get him out of there!Or lock her up!Or lock him up in a dark labyrinth!

'Sophie and Rebekah, you're almost at the finish line.
'Hey, we've stopped before something!
'...... Probably just a bad joke by an older sister who doesn't want to be separated from her younger sister.'
'Hurry up and finish!

'For Rebeka's first prize! Sophie drank in her tears and cut the finish line tape.
It seems that she doesn't want to untie the straps that bind her legs when she reaches the finish line. ...... You can do whatever you want, though.

I'm not sure what to make of it. If you want to, you can adjust your breathing to your opponent.
'Breathe .......'
'Breathe with me,......'

Ginette and Loretta looked at each other.
Then, while looking at each other, they both let out a 'hah~' breath.

Yeah. That's not what 'breathing together' means.
What, are you looking at me like you've done it?I haven't done it.Well, in a way, we're in perfect sync!What a disappointment!

This duo might be in trouble.

'...... Yashiro, "Huh~"'
I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try.
'...... cocky.'
'Ho-ho-ho, I wonder where you learn that kind of language...' 'Oh, I see...' 'That pharmacist...' 'Let's throw him in the river...' 'd*mn!

This town needs education and educational guidance. Yeah. Especially strict educational guidance!

'But it's a checkered course.
'That sounds difficult. ......'

Loretta and Ginette stare anxiously at the course.

They start off in the middle of the straight course, run ten meters, and then cross a five-meter-long averaging platform (the averaging platform itself is three meters long, and there are one-meter-wide slopes in front of and behind the averaging platform to allow for easy ascent and descent).
Then you will find a wooden ball of 30cm in diameter on the platform, and from there you will have to carry the ball to the platform 15m away and enter the dark labyrinth.
The dark labyrinth has an entrance at the end of a straight line and an exit at the middle of a curve. The inside is a simple maze.
At the end of the labyrinth, there are caterpillars placed in a row. Curving with the caterpillars is quite difficult, and people who are not used to it sometimes ignore the course and go straight. Yeah, that's not easy.

At the end of the curve, there is a long table with a long wooden box on top of it. The contents of the box were flour, with candy hidden inside the flour.
Once both of you have gotten the candy, you have to run the remaining 30 meters on a tripod to reach the goal.

It's ......, so it's 200 meters long.

That's it!It's our turn to go next, isn't it?
'Mr. Manager, Ms. Loretta. I want you to take a good look at our run, because it might be useful for you.

Mokoka and Nikka stand up straight away.
Both of them seem to be confident.

'The disparity in breasts is terrible, though.
'Don't say anything irrelevant, anchovy!
'......, when I stand alongside Nikka-san, I realize how small I am, in two ways: ......'.

I'm sure you're aware of how small you are and how much you care about small things.
I don't want you to get down on your luck here. Oh well, I'll cheer you up.

'Mokoka. Don't worry about it too much.
'You don't say that, anchovy!
'As expected of a married woman!I guess it's true what they say about getting big when squeezed!
'They haven't changed in size since before we got married!
I'm not sure why I'm here.
'......' is a topic that originated from Yashiro, so it can't be helped.

That's not right, Magda.
It's not my fault that Nikka's tits are so big, and it's not because of me.
They were always that way!

'A mystery of nature!
'Oh, hurry up and go, both of you!Big brother, it's going to be a long time like this!

Encouraged by Loretta, Mokoka and Nikka made their way to the starting point.
Their steps are unhurried. I think I can watch these guys without worry.

What worries me more is ......

'We're going to go out with a bang!
'What?I'm not sure what to do.Don't forget your legs are connected!
'You can't expect me to be fine!

Imelda was being dragged by Hammaro to the starting point.

'It's the rhythm of '1,2. 1,2'!
'I hate arithmetic!
'It's not arithmetic, is it?Yes, it is!Now, 'Ham, Maro. Let's make it 'Ham, Maro'!
'...... Ham, Maro?
'What do you want me to do, watashi?

'...... Well, good luck, Imelda.
I'll at least wish you luck.

And what about the neighbors on the other side of the world? ......

'You know what to do, round glasses!I'm not going to tell you the hard way. Just imitate me. Can you do that?
'You can't, that you can't, Mr. Medora!Even Mr. Magda of the Sunken Pavilion can barely imitate you, that he can!
'Don't talk small, man!Run like you mean to die!
'If you match Mr. Medora, you won't be able to just die, that you won't!

...... Yeah.
I want to say, "Well, it's Beckko. I'll at least nail him to the wall.

'Medora. Becko is now involved in the construction of the New Roads, so treat him with care.'
'Ya, Mr. Yashiro!I am in your debt, that I am!
'What level of politeness?
'About Umaro, I guess.
'Isn't that a position to be played with?
'Wait a minute, Becko!I'm going to challenge that perception!
'You're Torbek's wingman. ...... So, as long as you don't break any bones, you're fine.
'How do you think you're being treated?I'm being treated a little more carefully than that.
'Well, well, well, Umaro, that's nice. Look at Becko.'

'Becco?I'm sorry to hear that. ......'
'But it's easy because it's someone else's problem, isn't it?
'Haha, I guess so.
'Oni!Oni, that it is!The white group is overrun with evil demons, that it is!

When I quickly passed through the bustling yellow group, I found an unusual combination ahead of me.

'It's nice to meet you, Nene.
'I'll do my best not to drag you down, Molly-san.

Two modest and unassuming people.
Yeah. Let's say it out loud.

'You two are modest and unassuming.'
'What?Why twice?'
'Mr. Manager. It's time for you to understand your brother's thought process.''
'...... talking about the personality side and the breast side.'

Two such modest and unassuming people discreetly exchanged greetings .

'It's an honor to be with the head waiter of District 27.
'No, no, it's my pleasure!I heard that you're the creator of the new sugar and you're in charge of the factory. That's amazing at your age!
'Wait a minute!I'm the one who created it!I'm serious!I'm also the one in charge!

A raccoon dog is barking in the distance, but as expected of the District 27's head waiter. He seems to have "accurate" information.

And there are two people staring at them.
They are Tracy and Nephrite, who have tied each other's legs with blue cords.

'Oh, ...... I'm worried that Nene will cause trouble.
'Don't worry. Molly, you're very strong.'
'Are you two close?
'Yes. She's the girl I want to be my sister.

Neffery's unintentional comment stopped a raccoon man's breath.

I'm sorry. I'm not sure if it has stopped yet, but it has.
In the event that you're not aware of Percy sinking into a sea of blood, the two girls proceed with their conversation.

Don't tell me you're with him?
'Oh, no. It's not that. It's simply because you're too nice a girl.

No, Percy.
d*mn it. You're out of your mind and not listening.

'Oh, I understand!I wish I could have Nene as a real sister.
'Isn't there a girl who's so precious and cute that you want her to be your sister?
'Yes, I do!
'Tracy, I think we'll get along!
'Yes, I think so!

They're getting strangely excited. But on the other side, there's a raccoon in a pool of blood.
Nefari. You're cruel, aren't you?

'Get into position!


At the sound of the bell, the players start running in unison.
Whoa!Mokoka and Nikka, you're fast!


'Here, round glasses, hold on tight!

Medora's even faster. Looks like Beckko's not enough to hold him back.
Hang on, Becko!
You're as free as Hammaro!Like that!

'Let's go on a great adventure!
'Hammaro-san!Please don't skip for no reason!It's too difficult to run!
'Then change to a meaningful skip!
'You're not going to stop skipping, are you?I understand!I'll go along with you!

Imelda broke, as if she'd gotten over it or thought it would be quicker.
She's skipping happily along with Hammaro.
That's the young lady. She must be good at dancing. She's matching Hammaro's movements perfectly.
Though not graceful in the slightest.

'You look happy, Imelda.
'You look like you're in agony to me.

I like your Ginette filter.
I bet the world looks so bright.

'Nene. Can I ask you a favor?'

Molly calls out to Nene in front of the averaging table.

'Yes, what is it?
'Please give me a hug.'
'I'd like to try to get through the averages, Medora-san's way.

Medora's way is to run alone with Bekko in her arms.
Currently, Bekko is dying. ......

'Nene. Do you trust me?'
'Okay, Ms. Molly. I'll leave it to you.'
'Thank you very much.

Nene wraps her arms around Molly's neck, as if she thinks she can trust her.
There is a height difference between a small adult woman and a young girl.
So, Nene is clinging to her.

'I'll go.

Molly carries Nene up and over the averaging table.
She's fast.
If you have the arm strength and sense of balance to lift a person, this is a very effective method.
But she won't last long in that position.
Molly sets Nene down after she has crossed the aisle.

'From here on, we'll go as a normal tripod.
'Right. We should have some fun.
'No, the ...... balance is not good, so I'm afraid your time won't improve. Also, it seemed to put a strain on the base of Nene's legs.
'Oh,......, is that what you meant?
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your trip.

It seems that Molly is more realistic.
'I want to have fun, don't I?' Nene is probably a bit dreamy in her thinking.
Molly, who is the factory manager and has to be strong, and Nene, who is the head waiter and doesn't seem to be strong at all.
I wonder which one of them is more mature.

'Are we going to copy that, too?

Loretta pinched her chin when she saw Molly's plan. It's a pose that dumb people tend to do when they pretend to be thinking.

'Loretta. That intelligent look makes you look stupid.'
'Why would it be the other way around!You can keep your intellectual look!
'...... But, ano operation is useful.'
'Well, it is.'
'Yes, it is!

Our gazes converge on Ginette.

'Jeannette is--'
'...... manager is--'
''The manager is--''
'''This is something to grab onto.'''
''This is not a place to grab!

Ginette hugged a huge protrusion that looked very easy to grab with both arms.
Wow, it's so soft!I want to grab it!

'Huh, just normal!Let's try it like normal, Loretta-san!

Looks like she didn't like the hugging plan.

Ginette's decision would later prove to be correct.

A number of people tried to copy Molly's plan, but it seemed to be quite difficult to cross the averaging table while carrying a person, and some people were injured.
Because the legs are tied together, the center of gravity shifts, and even if the person loses balance, the legs do not come out as quickly as they should.
In addition, if a relationship of complete trust has not been established, the person being held will not be able to stay still and will move his center of gravity out of fear.

If you have been practicing, but if you make unpredictable movements on the spot, your response will be delayed.
Such a delay can be fatal on a 10cm wide averaging table.
Most of them had only scratches, but a few of them sprained their feet.

'Ouch!It's cold!
'Be patient. It'll swell up if you don't cool it down.
'Be a little more gentle, hero!

'You're being nice enough. ......'
'd*mn it, ......, you and Mokoka would've made it.

Barbara is one of those people who's moaning in the first aid tent.
I'm not sure why I'm acting like a first responder,......, but you're right. Regina sprained her foot and can't move either. It's not that she can't move, it's just that she's decided it's best not to. ...... I did.
It's my fault after all,d*mn it.

Barbara was working with mormat.
And when he tried to lift Moormat up on the averaging platform, they both fell off the platform.
Moreover, Barbara was underneath Moormat.

'Why are you the one lifting him?Mormat is obviously heavier than you.'
'But Aashi is stronger!

It's because of that 'strength' that you lifted him so forcefully and suddenly that Mo'amat went into a rage and lost his balance. Do it after you've talked it over.

I'm sorry, Barbara,......, but I was a little freaked out.
'No, ...... well, I didn't hold Aashi well enough. ...... Don't worry about it. It's not even that painful.
'I'm really sorry!I'm going to share a lot of my vegetables with you next time!
'So, that's enough.

That Varvara guy. He's gotten a lot rounder in a day.
The old him would've said, 'Yeah!It's your fault!What are you gonna do about it, you crocodile? He would've said something like that.
It seems Mokoka is having a positive influence on him in unexpected ways. It's amazing what friends can do.

'Then feed them to Teresa. Our vegetables are good, I'm sure Teresa will be happy.
'Teresa will be happy. ......'

He stood up, knocking his chair over, and Barbara tightened Mormat's collar.

'...... Are you going to kidnap me to make Teresa look good, you crocodile?
'No, I'm not!It's a sign of friendship!
'What are you going to do with a friendship!Don't you dare touch Teresa!
'I didn't, and I'm not going to!

Ah, yes.
I guess your personality doesn't change in a day or so.
Barbara is still Barbara.

'If you want to call Aashi 'sister', defeat Aashi!
'I can't and I don't want to!

Mormat sent me a serious SOS with his gaze.
Don't look at me like that. What if trouble comes our way.

'...... mormat. Little girls, no.'
'Don't say horrible things with a straight face, Magda. ......'

Magda's words, snuggled up next to me, seemed to have drained Mo-Matt's energy.

We're still on the same tripod.
I tried to untie her, but she refused. ...... It was hard to get to the tent.


When Barbara's treatment was finished, Teresa, who should have been there a moment ago, came back from outside the tent.
Next to her were Bertina and Uclines. It seems they had taken her out.

'Oki!I did it!

Teresa said, "I've changed my clothes," and as she had said, she had changed into gym clothes.
Even in her small bloomers, they were still too big and bulging like pumpkin pants.

'Oh, Teresa. You and Barbara are matching.'
'Ooooh!It's true!You've got a good point there, hero!You're a real eye for detail!

I got a compliment that didn't make me happy at all.
In a very superior way.
Don't slap me on the shoulder. Just get over to your sister's. I'm here to show you.

'Teresa!You're so cute!Oh, Teresa!You're so cute!

Barbara quickly throws me aside and jumps on Teresa.
Mormat looks so relieved, Teresa looks kind of ticklish, and Barbara shows her whole body in a relaxed dere face. I don't mind that these things are as I imagined, but I'm curious about the expressions of Bertina and Ukrines.

What's with that 'I'm smiling' look?
What's more, that look is not coming from Barbara and her sisters ......, but from me?


Teresa calls out to me in Barbara's arms.

Ah ...... a hint of trouble.

'Hey, can I talk to you?
'Hmm?Yeah, I guess so. ......'

Now, what should I say?

A1, 'You're cute.
Result 1, 'You're a hero!Don't flirt with Aashi's sister! (Fist bump, 'Bessie!')

A2, 'Not really'
Result 2, 'You're a hero!Are you saying Theresa isn't pretty? (ribs, 'Sarasaraa ......')

Result 2 is especially bad!The ribs turned to powder and disappeared into the wind!

If that's the case, the answer I should give is A1.
Theresa is looking at me expectantly.
Her eyes are still dim and uncertain.

Well, there's nothing wrong with a compliment.
Barbara's not that stupid.Seriously!Come on, man!

'Oh. You're so cute.
'Heh heh~'

Teresa smiles happily.
Her round cheeks turn red like a fruit.

'Which one of you is ...... Magda?'
'Don't compete with a little girl, Magda.'
'...... Indeed, Magda is already in the adult category.'
'Wow, that's a new one on me.'
'...... So, which one is Eros?'
'I'm sorry. I've never felt erotic with Teresa, so it's impossible to measure.

I don't feel erotic on Magda either.

'Don't worry about it, Teresa. You're not ready for that word.'
'What do you mean, Eros, hero?
'Don't worry about it, either. It's not a word for you.'

I'm sure that even if she had a boyfriend, he wouldn't be open and s*xy at all.
I mean, I can't even imagine Barbara falling in love with someone.


Teresa stretches out her arms and asks me for a hug.

'A hug?I can't help it. ......'
'Don't get carried away, hero.I'm not letting you touch Teresa, you Eros freak. ......'
'You know exactly how to use 'eros', don't you?

I'm not going to let you touch Teresa, hero.

'Yashiro-san. Teresa-san has something to say to Yashiro-san.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's had to deal with this.

'She wants to say thank you for being so kind to her.

After she said that, she poked me lightly on the cheek.
I see. He said I looked very suspicious when I said I had something to say.
I guess the look of annoyance on Barbara's face leaked out.

But it's nothing to worry about once you know what it is.
I'll at least accept your thanks.
A small child's 'thank you' is just a 'yes, yes, yes' and that's all.


Before going to Teresa, I pat Magda on the head.
I'm going to have to keep Magda company, and I don't want to make Magda too uncomfortable by having to deal with Rebeca and Teresa and all the other little pretty girls in the department, so I'm just being considerate.
Magda, on the other hand, has a 'Magda doesn't care' look on her face, but her tail is standing up straight.

After confirming this, he bent down in front of Teresa and looked into her face.

'What is it, Teresa?Do you have something to say to me?'

Theresa's face lit up as she caught my outline.
She smiled genuinely happily and said in a carefree voice.

'Oh, I've become a yoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Wow, a feeling of turmoil.

'Hero ......, you.'
'Wait, wait, Barbara!That's what Teresa said!

'You're so quick to turn your hostility outward, and I'm right in the middle of it!
You should at least warn your sister not to talk like that sometimes.

Well, I guess you won't!

'Teresa, do you want to be the ...... hero's wife?'
'Hmm!Yoo-hoo, sweetie, shhh...'

Stop it, Teresa. If you like me, refrain from saying things that will cut into my life span.

I looked up at Bertina's face and she had a troubled look on her face like 'Oh my god ......'.
She hadn't expected me to say 'I'll be your wife'. He thought it would be a 'thank you' at best.
Ha, Bertina. You're a bit naive for a long-time mother.
A girl who wasn't pampered by her father as a child is very vulnerable to paternity. They'll misunderstand you immediately.

'And, but, you see... That's what children say, right?Don't take it so seriously,......, but I'm sorry to say that Bertina...... doesn't take any of that into account,......, this Barbara woman.
Look at her. ...... She looks like she's about to die, and she's thinking about something really stupid, isn't she?

'...... Teresa is ............ but ...... no but...' .........mumble'
'Oh, ...... that's right. Barbara, you may not have experienced this, but all girls of this age think and say things like that, like measles,......, so you don't have to take them seriously. I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. It's not me, is it?Maybe the jury system will find me not guilty.If it doesn't hurt my feelings!

'It's true that Hero was kind ...... to let Aashi and the others stay together, and he treated Teresa's eyes, and Teresa has been laughing a lot ...... lately, but I can't give Teresa to my wife. ............, but Teresa is ............... ...Aaah!I'm not sure what to do about Aashi.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I've done a lot of hard work for these sisters. Yeah, you're right. If you have that kind of gratitude, you won't suddenly resort to violence. Yeah, you may be thinking for the first time, it's good to be nice to people!

'Oh, well, you know. Teresa's still a little girl. We'll talk about it when she's older.'
'What is it, hero?Talking about boobs again?'
'No, I'm not!
'...... No?'
'No, Magda!You're a girl who understands, aren't you?I mean when you grow up.'
'...... on the tits of a grown man.'
'Will you stop distorting it?
'What, you're still tits!
'I told you it wasn't!
'Ee-yusha, tits?
'Yes, I definitely like it there, but!
'Yashiro-san, please deny it. Even if it's a lie, that's...'

Sister Bertina of the Spirit Church told me to lie. I'm surprised.

'I don't want to lie to my tits!
'Yashiro-san, you're complicating things.The story.'

Well, so be it.
For now, I'll just chalk it up to the ramblings of a child and tell Teresa, 'Thanks, and tell me again when you grow up,' and tell Barbara, 'Don't worry about it.
Oh, and by the way. I'll tell Ukrines, 'When things get complicated, you disappear and don't get involved at all, right? I'll tell Ukrines. You're a cheater, you know that? All the time.

'Look, Barbara...'
All right!All right!

I've learned that the hard way in my long life.
That an idiot's 'okay' is just a sign of trouble.

'Hero!I'll be your wife!

This is going to be a pain in the ass. ......