306-Preparation for Episode 218 Banquet 4

It's so cute!

Norma's back.
So simple.

Norma had been depressed to the point of not wanting to go back to the Hardware Guild and not being able to work at the store as a temporary clerk, but she was back in a good mood relatively soon after she started making taiyaki prototypes.
By the time the first batch was baked, she was dancing the taiyaki dance with Loretta. ...... Don't develop a strange dance.

'Yashiro-san. I like this dough.

The dough for taiyaki may look the same, but in fact the way it is made differs from store to store and region to region.
Therefore, it was necessary to discuss with Ginette the best dough for the Sunlit Pavilion.
Apparently, there was one that suited Ginette's glasses.

'I like them all.

Not surprisingly, all the mass-produced prototypes ended up in Bertina's stomach.
No, well, we've eaten a piece or two ourselves. It's just a taste.

'It's a new ...... soggy ...... dish made with wheat, so it's ...... chunky ...... It's a new dish that uses wheat ...... crunchy ...... and needs to be properly screened ...... to make sure it doesn't fall under the category of bread.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
It is obvious that they are not baked in a stone oven, so they do not fall under the category of "bread" as defined by the Church.
Also, it's not 'puffy'.

'I like this too!The surface is crispy, but when you bite into it, the dough inside is glutinous and fluffy, with a hint of this unique aroma, and the sweet but intense flavor of the anko that appears at the end as if it were the star of the show. ...... It's addictive.

Loretta and Magda were equally impressed, though they gave opposite lengthy comments.
This is not the same as the last pancake. This is a brand new product.

'I love the crunch around it!It's like a freebie!

Norma was pleased.
The crunchy bits around the taiyaki would be classified as a favorite of children. I liked it too.

'Um, is the batter for this one ...... this one?
'No, this is the dough.

There are several patterns of dough on the cooking table.
One with only flour, sugar and water.
One with baking soda.
One with an egg.
One with egg yolk only.
One with honey instead of sugar, and so on.

Ginette said she liked the one with baking soda, eggs and honey.
The baking soda makes the dough porous and crispy on the surface and fluffy on the inside.
The baking soda makes the dough porous and crispy on the surface and fluffy on the inside. The sweetness of the dough seems to prefer honey to sugar. I guess it depends on your taste. The Imagawa-yaki shop in the 40th district uses sugar. If my taste buds are right.

'I was thinking of making it look like Imagawa-yaki dough at first, but I went over ...... ......, didn't I?

The last line is whispered in a whisper, as if to be told secretly only to those who are here.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.
I was hoping to have it at the Sunlit Pavilion as well, but I guess I've gone beyond that.

If that's the case, I'm worried about the smell of baking soda. People don't like it, you know.
'I like that smell!
'...... Magda can get used to .............'
'I like it a lot, too. I think it's an unpleasant scent.
'I like it too.

If we exclude Bertina's opinion, which is not helpful, it seems to be generally fine. It may not be popular, though.

The smell of baking soda is quite peculiar, and some of the food I ate as a kid smelled like baking soda. Some of the foods I ate when I was a kid smelled like baking soda.
The "brine" used in ramen is one of them, and I have been so taken by the smell that I don't feel like eating ramen unless I can smell it.
Some people who like the smell become addicted to it, and recently some people say that it stinks.

This smell is a kind of gamble.
Well, in the case of taiyaki, the smell is not that bad, so you can get by.
Unless you have a nose as good as ...... Magda's.

'Ah ...... this is the scent of tai ......'.
'No, Norma. It's the scent of baking soda.'

I've become strangely fond of taiyaki, Norma.
You shouldn't rub your cheeks on them when they're freshly baked. Your cheeks are getting red. The heat.

'...... I thought the main ingredient of Imagawa-yaki was bean jam, but ...... Magda was still sweet.'
'That's right!It's the dough!The dough is what makes it delicious!I'm not going to use bean jam anymore!I'll release it as a plain taiyaki!
'No, I'll add bean jam.

What the heck is a plain taiyaki?
It's almost a pancake!

'Um, Yashiro-san!

Leaving the other members of the group who were having a good time eating the prototypes, Ginette came up to me with a serious, yet glittering expression.

'Why don't you try using syrup for the bean jam?I'm sure it'll give you a smoother texture!

This guy seems to be completely turned on.

'I've always felt that the sweetness of Anko is a little stinging, but I think that adding syrup will make it milder.

Anko and syrup is a rather major idea in Japan, but ...... he got there with just his taste buds and his own knowledge. ...... This guy is amazing.

'Yashiro, I have a suggestion too!

Bertina raises her hand cheerfully in defeat of Ginette.

'If you have syrup, pour a lot of it on top of this!
'You're ruining the texture!

Are you Magda?
As soon as he saw the pancake, he poured a lot of honey all over it.
This taiyaki is the first time he's paid attention to the dough.
The world will expand when they understand the benefits of 'subtle sweetness'.

The world of food will continue to expand infinitely in Bertina's hands, I'm sure.
She has a palate for both slightly sweet and too sweet.

'Huh?What are you doing, Norma?

Suddenly, Loretta raises her voice loudly.
When she looked at Norma to see what was going on, she saw that she was eating a taiyaki as usual.

'It's a pity you're biting into it head first!

It was ....... 'Pitiful'.
No matter where you eat it from, taiyaki is not 'pitiful'.

You should eat it from the tail because it's shaped like a fish!That's the way it should be!

With that, Loretta took a bite of the taiyaki from the tail.

'Ouch, that hurts!That hurts!It looks more painful visually, don't you think?

The fact that the face remains until the end makes it possible to see the snapper's body being devoured.
I think it's more 'pitiful' too.

'...... Neither of you understand. When you eat a fish, you bite off its throat first.
'You're too wild, Magda!
'That's the worst way to eat a fish, isn't it?

The taiyaki that Magda bit off was truly connected by the skin of its neck. Predation, indeed.

'...... We should ask the manager for his opinion.
'Yes, you should!I'm sure the manager will show us the best way to eat it!
'Manager, please tell me!Tell me the right way to eat Taiyaki!
'What?What? ......to......'

Ginette glanced at me and asked for help.
But there's no right way to eat a taiyaki. You can eat it any way you like.
So there's nothing I can say to her.

Ginette shook her head and raised her eyebrows in annoyance.
Then, as the three of them crowded around her, she slurred and gave them her own answer.

'Well, first of all, I'll grate it into three pieces. ......'
'You're denying all taiyaki!

If you grate a taiyaki into three pieces, it's dough, bean jam, and dough.
Eat them together!Enjoy the harmony!

'As with anything, the best manner is to eat well. Don't meddle in other people's manners.

Unless it's a breach of etiquette at a prestigious restaurant, you should concentrate on your own food without worrying about others.
Especially, taiyaki is a common snack. You shouldn't expect rules and manners even for such a thing.

'That's right. The best thing is for people to eat them as they like, with good taste.
'...... has a point.'
'Well, then, I'll try it from the head up!
'No matter how you eat it, the cuteness and taste of the taiyaki won't change.
'Yes. They're very tasty. ...... munch munch.'

Now everyone understands. I'd say ......, Bertina. Please don't hold one in each hand and eat it all at once. It makes me feel sad because of the gap between your innocent appearance and me. I'd be happier if you ate it more prettily. I'm about to swallow it whole.

'Eat as you like, that's the rule of taiyaki!
'...... sunlit pavilion recommended'
'The Hardware Guild is on board with that rule!

Strangely hot.
The Taiyaki Alliance was born here.

'Well, I guess I'll make the next one.

After a lecture on how to do it, Ginette did most of the cooking.
Magda, Loretta, and even Norma wanted to try it, so I let them try one at a time.

I just watched the whole second half.

I think it's time.

Taiyaki is more than just bean jam.
Taiyaki is a more global food.

There are many theories as to why taiyaki became popular in the U.S., such as that a popular American band became addicted to it and brought it back to Japan, or that it was popularized by anime.
The American version of taiyaki is not filled with bean jam, but with bacon.

In Japan, there is also a product called "Okonomiyaki Taiyaki" on the market.
Taiyaki is not only sweet!

The batter is made without sugar or honey, put on the griddle, topped with chopped cabbage and bacon, and baked with a generous amount of sauce.
It's Okonomiyaki Taiyaki in the style of Yodamari-tei!

Come on, try it!
I'm expecting a chorus of 'yummy yummy yummy!

'...... wicked'
'Big brother. Taiyaki has its own rules.
'I imagined it would be sweet, but my mouth was surprised when I ate it!
'Hey you guys!Isn't the rule for taiyaki to be eaten as you like?

What's with this flip-flop?
After all, even the residents of District 42 are trapped in their own stereotypes. I can't strongly criticize the BU, not like this.

You can't criticize BU too strongly. But it tastes good if you think of it this way.

I'm sure you're not the only one who can't get enough of it.

'Yashiro-san!Have another one!

The only one who understood the usefulness of okonomiyaki taiyaki was this foodie sister.

'Bertina!You're the heart and soul of me!
'Honya!I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to make the most of your time here.

I'm not sure what slowed me down!
I'm sorry.
I'm not sure what to do.

'......Why is it that my chest......No, my stomach is full.'
'How can that be!You've only eaten about seven servings!
'No, it's because ...... Yashiro-san says strange things. ......'

You're not!

I'll eat it for you!It's delicious in its own way!

Ginette's straining herself.
No, it's fine. You don't have to force me to eat it. ...... I like it, okonomiyaki taiyaki. I'll just eat it by myself.

'Pfft, that's it.
'Haaaa ...... Yashiro is sulking, it's kind of cute!
'Only the ...... manager thinks it's cute.'
'The manager sometimes has a strange switch.
'......Perhaps it's airborne.

Hey, come on, Magda. 'What do you mean, "airborne"?
Don't look at me like that.

Well, but...
I'm not sure how many different kinds we'll need.
I think the best thing to do is to start with orthodox bean jam and make it well known. It would be best to increase the number of variations.

'You can also add uguisu-an, matcha-an, custard cream, chocolate cream, and so on.
'...... That's interesting.
'I really want you to make it!
'I'd love to try custard!

Didn't you guys say something about rules and wickedness?Hmm?

'Anyway, we won't lift the ban on other flavors until the taste of Anko is stable and established. We have to gain popularity with Anko first.'

And they denied us okonomiyaki taiyaki too!

'I'll sell .......'
'I'll do my best!For the custard!
'Oh, I'll help you too!I'll get my people to buy it, too!
'I'll bring in ...... Delia.'
'That's great!Delia-san can afford four hundred of them!
'If we sell that many, we'll have custard!

You guys are so united for the sake of sweets.
And that's not 'stable' or 'established'.

Oh, that's right. Speaking of Ms. Delia.

Ginette popped her hand with a taiyaki.
The taiyaki, its tail plucked, sways, and a large bulge sways in the background.

'Hmm ...... shaking.'
'Which one is it?'
'...... stupid question.'
'I don't need to ask.

The questions and answers come from behind me at a brisk pace, but I ignore them.
Ginette is looking at me as if she wants to say something. I have to listen to her.

'It's polite to make eye contact when listening to someone, but if you're too shy to make eye contact, just look at the bottom of your neck, right?
'It's just above the nose!
'...... It's even ruder to stare at her breasts.
'That's the reason you should be embarrassed.

The answers to my questions are coming back at a brisk pace, but I'll ignore them.
What fun is it to look at the top of your nose?

'So, what's wrong with Delia?
'Um, Yashiro-san ......, can you raise your gaze a little more?'
'Sorry. My gaze is stuck in the valley and I can't seem to get out.'

When I looked up at the slightly stronger tone of voice, I saw that Jeannette had both cheeks puffed out.
I'm not sure if I've done anything good.I feel like I'm getting some kind of reward right now.

If there is something puffy in front of you, it is human nature to want to push it. ......
I crushed both cheeks with my thumb and forefinger.

With a 'puff', air leaked from Jeannette's mouth, and her face turned bright red.

'Squishy!Oh, God, oh, God!What are you doing?I'm angry with you, mmm!

Huh?I think I've done something good.
Something very cute is unfolding before my eyes.

It's not easy to see a man's face so loose. ......'
'......The manager's every move, everything he does, is a moe factor.
'The unconsciousness is even more heinous.'
'I'm sorry. Please don't say anything strange to me. I'm angry.

Ginette, the self-proclaimed 'healer' of anger.
Norma looks as if she is being healed from the fatigue she has accumulated at work. Perhaps negative ions are being emitted from Ginette.

'Mmm!I'm not going to tell you that Delia-san came to tell me that the rotation of the rowing waterwheel is getting worse and it's starting to rattle.
'What, is the rowing waterwheel already rattling?
'Ya, Yashiro-san, how did you know about that?
'What?I don't think the manager is this natural.
'...... Norma is underestimating the manager's naturalness.'
'The manager's naturalness is the best in the forty-two districts.
'No, that's not true!

As I expected, the longer you stay with Jeannette, the more you see her naturalness, and Magda and Loretta seemed to have understood that as well.
I'm sure he did a lot of things even when I wasn't around. I can easily imagine.

'Ginette ......, you're number one.
'No, I'm not!

Mmmm, waving her arms and bobbing her taiyaki, Ginette.

'It's true that I'm a bit ...... laid back, but ......'.

A little ......?

'But, but, but the sisters!
'Mogu!I'm not sure what to do.

Oh, yeah. Bertina's pretty good too, isn't she? Especially when she thinks she can deny it by 'mugging'.

'Mogumogu...... Gokun. I'm not as ditzy as Jeannette.
'Sister used to hit her head on the 'Caution Overhead' sign!

Wow, she's ditzy.

'Oh, so did Ginette. When she went outside to put away her futon, the sun felt so good that she wanted to take a walk along the street.

''You're a doofus!

'So are the sisters!
'I'll stop, both of you. ...... Yashiro is somewhat soothed.'
'Ya, Yashiro. Please don't laugh!I'm not a doofus!

'I'm not an ochotokochokochokochoko!' Bertina is too dumb to say 'ochotokochokochoko' properly.
What is it with this mother and daughter? It's soothing to watch.

'...... if such healing episodes exist for Norma, too. ......'
I'm sure. I've heard that men are susceptible to such things. ......'
I'm not sure what you're trying to say, Magda and Loretta.

For some reason, Norma is pissed off.
But I'd like to hear about Norma's ditzy episodes.
Now, let's hear them!

'Let's see, ...... I was trying to put flowers in the bathroom before...'
'...... is a high level of tchotchkes that mistook the character.
'Bewitching and fairy tale can't coexist!
'Shut up!I don't care about that!

It's the fairy-tale s*xy Norma.
I'm sure she didn't stop at 'decorate with flowers', she went as far as 'fill up'. ...... She's a bit of a dilettante.

'I got a little carried away, and the next thing I know, the bathroom is covered in flowers. ......'


'And ...... a few weeks later, when the flowers withered, ............ a great many insects ...... followed. What?

I just imagined it!
I got a huge creepy-crawly!

''It's beyond the scope of doodling!
'...... Magda will never use the bathroom in Norma's house again.'
'No, you're not!You wanted to bring out your own colors, so you asked Millie's permission to go into the forest to pick them.When I was picking flowers as I wanted, Millie told me later that there were a lot of flowers that attracted insects. ......'
'I don't need a detailed explanation!
'...... Norma, step away for a moment.'

Magda and Loretta stepped away from Norma.
I take a half-step back, too.
I'm creeped out.

'It didn't heal me at all.
'...... The clear difference between you and the manager can be seen in that.
'There's a reason why I'm single even though I'm beautiful, good-natured and have big tits.
'...... natural is harmful when it exceeds the level of smiling.
'I've heard a lot about you, haven't I?

Unexpectedly, I caught a glimpse of Norma's secret.
There's a certain range of naturalness that can be tolerated, isn't there? Yeah.

'After all, the manager is number one.
'...... queen-of-natural'
'I'm not happy about that!
'You should be proud of a harmless natural!
'I'm not proud!
'...... walking moe element'
'That's not true!
'The strongest boobs.
'Yashiro-san, please repent!

It's just me again ......

It's also a good idea to watch Ginette's face turn red after being teased ......
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......

After that, Ginette, in order to hide her embarrassment, Bertina, in order to regain her energy, and Norma, in order to heal her wounded heart, each took a bite of the taiyaki at the same time.
Taiyaki may have a calming effect on the mind.

No, I don't think so.