305-Preparation for Episode 217 Banquet 3

Speaking of "banquet" outside, Hanami.
So, I was talking with Jeannette about going to Millie's tomorrow morning while we were closing up.
There was a knock at the door of the sunny pavilion.

Who is it at this hour?
I had a bad feeling about this, but when I opened the door...

'Yashiro!The mold is finished!
'That was fast!

You told me today and it's already done?
I'm starting to worry.I'm getting a little worried about the future of the Hardware Guild!

Both of your eyes are bloodshot red--have you been up all night for three days in the last few hours?Don't work so hard that you warp time and space... there was Norma, dazed.
It seems that he's been working very hard and has finished it in a super express.

'Gonsuke and the others were trying to make something interesting without me, you know. I just want to finish this one quickly and join them.

Gonsuke is Norma's "right tit" ......, or "right arm" as he's known, and he's a very skilled man. I can't tell which one he is, or rather, I can't tell because I don't want to, but he seems to be skilled.
So I taught him the simple structure of a bearing, and gave him a "roller bearing" that he could easily make.
In Japan, it is easy to make high performance spheres, so we often see "ball bearings" with less friction surface. A sphere is that difficult.
Therefore, I decided to use "roller bearings" in which cylinders are inserted between large and small cylinders. This requires a great deal of skill as well. But I'm sure they can handle it.
......, or rather, I'm sure Norma will do something about it, no matter what.

'Oh, but don't worry about it.

--The only thing I'm worried about is the growth of my breasts," said Norma, who is really worried about a lot of things, including her personal life.
The only thing you need to worry about is the growth of your breasts. Poppin'!

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the accuracy of this mold, even though it was done in a very short time!I used all of my strength to make the mold. The surface is not too rough.

He seems to be quite confident.
Indeed, the surface of the mold is not rough, and it will bake beautifully without scorching or clogging during baking.
The seam is also clean, so there is no problem.

The type I ordered this time is a rectangular mold with eight sea breams in a row. The two symmetrical molds are firmly connected by hinges.
The wooden handle has a good grip and is just what I ordered.

'I think I can make taiyaki without any problem with this. Thanks, Norma.
'It's no problem at all!This is what I can do!
'Yeah, yeah, I know it's great, so go to ...... and get some sleep. See?

I'm so tired I can't even stand to look at it. On my face. On my skin. My hair!
If this keeps up, Norma's fatigue will probably show up in her milk. We have to stop that at all costs!
Tits are treasure!It's the greatest treasure of mankind!

'Well, ...... you look a little tired indeed.
'I know, I know.
'Well, I'll rest when I get my bearings.
'That's a flag for never resting, isn't it?

When the bearing is finished, another job will come up and you'll never get a day off!It's the same structure as the negative chain of black companies!

'Ginette. Give Norma some hot milk with honey.'
'Yes, sir. Norma, please sit there and wait a moment.'

I can't stand the sight of her, so I give Norma a prescription.
Hot milk to warm you up and make you sleepy.
Diagnosis, lack of sleep.
Treatment, let her sleep. No.

'I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm busy. I'll leave you to it.'
'Well, don't say that. 'Ginette's warm milk?
'Only Yashiro and Bekko's idiot could catch a fish with that.

That's sweet!Usse and Mo'amat will jump at it.
No, Mormat's not so sure. ...... He's been playing the 'nice neighborhood guy' card with Jeannette. ...... So it's just Use... ...

'Ugse, that's disgusting!
'I don't know, ...... but that's probably an accusation.

While we were talking about the obscene Use, Jeannette came back with hot milk.
You're early. So you've been preparing it with the intention of drinking it yourself.

'Miss Norma. I won't take up much of your time, so please enjoy your drink.

'What's wrong with ......, Mr. Manager? It's after the store is closed.
'That's not true, sir. The sunny pavilion is always waiting for you.

No, we'll turn you away after hours.
It's not good to provide more service than necessary to customers. A good relationship can be established only when there are certain restrictions. If you allow everything to be done, you will inevitably become lax. It is necessary to recognize that habituation and indulgence are the most dangerous factors that can destroy a good relationship.
Sadly, when people become accustomed to the kindness of others, they tend to perceive it as a "natural right.
Obligations and rights are things that need to be reaffirmed from time to time.

'Norma. When you get hot milk, I'll give you hot milk in return. ......'
'Come on, eat up.'

Before I could finish, Ginette interrupted me. ...... Did you do that on purpose?No, not just Ginette, no way. ......

'Actually, I'm pretty good at warming up milk. ......'
'It's full of honey, so it's very sweet and delicious.

I wonder how often a coincidence happens twice in a row!

The smiling face of Ginette. I don't sense any malice.
Am I imagining things or overthinking things? ......

'This milk is delicious,' 'Oh. But there's a milk that's even better. ...... It's yours. ......'
'Please repent.'

He gently chided me.
Apparently, it wasn't a coincidence. It's very likely that Estella is helping you, since she won't let you finish. ...... That flat-chested bastard, he told me something I didn't need to know.

'Oh, ...... it's delicious.'

While Ginette and I were fighting it out, Norma sipped her hot milk.
She smiles with a relaxed expression, as if she is overflowing with happiness.
Norma, who usually has a clear face, showed me this vulnerable expression, and it was a good expression that made me feel lucky to have seen it.

'It's starting to warm up deep in my chest.
'Eh, which one?
'Yashiro-san. You can't.'

He gently grabbed my outstretched arm.
I'm not sure if it's ...... another one of Estella's tricks!

'What?What is it, all of a sudden?
'Something happened with Estella, didn't it?

I let out the indignation that filled my heart out the window.
However, it is indeed a lord whose name comes up just from the word 'flat-chested'. His name recognition is unbelievable.

'Um, Yashiro-san. I'm sure you've got a lot of questions, but I'm not going to answer them.
'In other words, if you're going to rub her, do it seriously!

I know what you mean, Jeannette!
I understand the preciousness and divinity of holy breasts, and such caution is nonsense.
I'm always serious and sincere about my tits. I don't rub them just for fun.
When I rub them, I risk my life!

'Oh, that ............ seriousness is ...... a bit,...... troubling.'


Well, yeah, I guess so.
Look, I... I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.But holding Norma for three hours is a problem, right? Yeah. That's true. That's what I meant by "trouble. Yeah. Yeah. That's what it means.

'...... I'm kidding. Don't take it personally.'
'Yes. ...... I knew that, didn't I?

What's with the air?
It's so sweet!
I'm sure you've put in too much honey.I'm not sure what to do.Yeah, I'm sure!

So, Norma. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make a joke out of it,.......

A joke to make it all go away. ......!

'...... soo ...... soo'.

I thought it was unusually quiet, but Norma was lying on the table asleep.

She's so crushed and 'squished! crushed. ......, but I can't say anything right now. d*mn. Normally I could say something at a time like this!

'You're really tired, aren't you?
'You're being too reckless, .......'

Norma is sleeping comfortably. I don't think I'm going to wake up in a minute.

'What do you want me to do?
'I think it's okay to let her sleep in the spare room, but ...... she's not ready to get married.'
'What?If that's the case, Loretta, who often stays with us, is also a bride-to-be.

Ginette is an idiot.
...... Norma is at a very delicate age.
You can't think of her in the same 'young girl's way' as Loretta.

'So, do you want me to carry her to your house, Norma?
'A piggyback ride, maybe!
'I don't know, ...... Magda's already gone to bed. ......'

Don't go through with it!
...... d*mn. I think I'd better stop talking about milk today.
I'm sorry. I'll let you sleep over today.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time. It's not like it's the first time. We had a sleepover the other night. ...... on a day I'm not here!

As I was thinking about this, I saw ...... Ginette staring at my face.

'Well,......, what is it?
'Oh, no,......, it's nothing like that,......'.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. ...... Well, if you interpret it in the right way, you'll be happy to know that Ginette has finally woken up to that kind of crisis management... ...But whether it can be done properly when it is replaced by you is another story. ...... So this guy was worried like this when I was forced to spend the night at Imelda's house. ...... You're a worrier. You should use that anxiety to worry about yourself more. You show your vulnerable face every now and then.

'You should be thanking me, Jeannette.
'Huh?Oh, yes. I thank you every day for that. ...... But why now?

That's not what I meant.
That's not what I meant.
I'm saying you should be grateful for my iron reason.

...... It's a miracle I haven't rubbed it in yet, you know.

'I'm going to the hardware guild.
'Now, sir?
'It's Norma. I'm sure she's told the bearing team that she'll be back soon, so just wait for her.

We can't keep people waiting who won't come back forever.
...... They're sensitive to late nights and skin irritation.

'And by the way, if anyone wants to help me, I'll have Norma brought home.

It's probably not a good idea for me to take Norma to her room where she lives alone. Norma is asleep and unlikely to wake up.
But that's no problem for the guys. They're not going to make any mistakes.
They're girls, just like Norma. ...... Except for their looks and gender.


A smile that seemed to envelop me stared at me.

'After all, Yashiro-san is kind.'
'You're an idiot, .......'

I just don't want any strange rumors to start and have to take responsibility for them.
If it was Loretta or Delia, you could just say 'no', but ...... Norma...
Oh no. It's the right age.

'...... I'm a softie, aren't I?
'd*mn. You're just now realizing that, aren't you?'

Ginette giggles, flashing her best smile of the day. 'Yeah, shut up.

Whatever it is, I'm going to have to give Norma a stern talking-to when she wakes up.
For being too reckless.
For sleeping unprotected.
What would have happened if this hadn't been the Sunlit Pavilion ......, or if it had been the home of a man who had a thing for Norma ............? I'm sure he's out there somewhere, and I can't say that he's not.

If Norma wanted to stay overnight of her own volition, there would be no need to be so careful.
But an unintentional overnight stay is ...... worrisome.

More importantly, Norma is going to be very concerned about it.
The one who is more maidenly than those bearded macho men is Norma, with her beautiful big tits.

I guess you have to have a gap between your appearance and your spirit to join the hardware guild, don't you?

I'm off then.

'Well, I'll take Norma to her room. She'll catch a cold if she sleeps here.

Even if the old man from the guild comes to pick her up, it would be better to put her to bed for now.
I'll leave Norma to Jeannette, and I'll leave the store.

'Um, Yashiro-san.

As I leave the store, Jeannette calls out to me. She looks a little flustered.

'It's already dark, so please be careful. And--'

She folds her hands in front of her stomach and smiles that special smile that she only gives to me and Magda when she sees us off.

'I'll prepare two cups of hot milk for you. They're sweet, with lots of honey.

I was going to tell her to go to bed, because I was going out and it would be late by the time I got back. ...... But apparently, she's awake and waiting for me.
Normally, he would have been in bed by now.

'Okay. I'll hurry home.
'Yes, sir.

We can't let Jeannette stay up any longer than she has to.
It might affect tomorrow's breakfast, and now that the mold has arrived, we have to taste it.
Ginette is going to be very busy tomorrow.

Ginette's a girl.
If you stay up too late and your skin gets rough, you might ...... feel a little bad, you know.

The cold weather is helping me run faster than I thought I would on the streets.
I'm going to be cold when I get there and back, that's for sure.

'I'm looking forward to ...... hot milk'.

That's what I muttered to myself as I ran through the night streets.

This is what the hardware guild said to me when I arrived there.

'Oh, no, it's so dramatic~☆ Yashiro, hang in there!

I don't know what's dramatic and what's not, but I clearly understood that the old men were not going to come for me.
Put a slice of cucumber on your face and go to sleep, you old maids!

'So, they're not coming for you.
'I see. But I'm glad.

Ginette, sitting across from me, cradles a cup of hot milk in her hands.
Her expression seems more mellow than usual, as if she is slumbering.
If you lick it, you can almost taste the honey.

'Did you like it?
'Norma-san. You were sleeping so comfortably that I felt sorry for waking you up or moving you around.
'You spoil them regardless of whether they're older or younger.
'That's not true ........ You can say that about Yashiro-san, too.
'I'm strict with people of all ages.
'ugh ...... You better not make me angry in the future, Yashiro-san. I'll give you a 'judgment of the spirits'.

It's easy to see who taught you that. You sound just like that flat-chested girl.

'Don't talk like that, or your tits will deflate.
'My God. That's terrible, Yashiro-san.

The way you said it, it was obviously prefixed with the word 'to Estella-san'. I can tell by the way you said it.

'Hot milk tastes good after a long time, doesn't it?
'Then I'm glad I made it.

He sipped from the cup he had wrapped with both hands. Ginette sips the hot milk quietly.
The way you drink is childish.

'Lately, I've only been learning about delicious food from Yashiro-san, so this is a great opportunity for me.
'What are you talking about? Your food is always good every day, isn't it?
'...... Ah, thank you very much.'

I thought I always said it was delicious, but why are you embarrassed now?

'Lately, everyone has been trying their best to help Yashiro,......, and I was wondering what I could do,.......'

You've been thinking about that? ......

'You know, Jeannette. You don't have to work any harder than you already do because you're a company animal.
'I'm not a company animal,......, but I'm trying.

I'm not sure how long it's been since I've been able to communicate with a company animal. You're trying too hard with the 'forced translation magic'.

I'm going to have you try out a few things tomorrow, and I'm going to need you to do a lot of work on the real thing.

If Jeannette is feeling uneasy due to the pre-festival atmosphere, let me make it clear to her right here and now.

'It's no exaggeration to say that almost 80% of this 'banquet' depends on your cooking.
'Is it 80% ...... too?
'Maybe ............ sixty percent.'
'Kush. I'm glad. I feel a little better now.'

Ginette shakes her shoulders, giggling.

However, it is true that the outcome can be influenced by Jeannette's cooking.
A good meal can make a banquet more exciting.
Not only the taste, but also the appearance is important.
The more excited you are, the easier it is to close a business deal.
A sense of unity and solidarity will be created when you are excited together.

And then, taking full advantage of the buoyant atmosphere, I will force things to take the shape that I want them to take.
That's why I have to ask Ginette to make the most delicious dishes.

'There's no need to get worked up. Just cook the way you like, as usual.
'If I can help you with that, Yashiro-san, then I will never be happier.

No, there are other things that would make me happy.
d*mn. You're a food lover to a fault. ...... You're sick. A kind of.

'And well, it doesn't have to be special.

You don't have to make me a special meal on a special day, that's fine.
It's not about that anymore.

'When I eat Jeannette's cooking, I feel like I can do my best-- or rather, when I think 'Jeannette's food is waiting for me when I'm done,' I can do my best.

It's like hot milk right in front of you.
If you have something to look forward to, you can do your best. I'm a simple guy like that, surprisingly.

'So, well, ...... don't get so worked up.

After he finished, there was a strangely long moment of silence.

............ What did I say again?
I'm not sure.
You're sleepy, right?I'm sure you are!
It's a kind of, you know, sleep talking.
The words just flew out of my consciousness on their own.

'You know, Jeannette. That was .......'

I was about to say, 'Not that one,' but before I could, Ginette replied. 'Yes,' she said. In a cheerful voice.

'I'll keep cooking and waiting for you. So--'

Then, in a sweet tone of voice that she seems to have learned recently, she said these words.

'I hope you will continue to eat my cooking.

If you say those words to Bertina, you'll get a storm of tears and hugs for about two hours.
But I'm not like those foodie sisters.
I'm not like those foodie sisters. I'll get the 'free food guaranteed, yay!' feeling, but I won't get the urge to hug her and be thrilled.
I'm calm.
I'm very calm.
So I'll reply calmly, coolly, and casually.

'...... Well. In moderation.'

...... d*mn.
Hot milk is awesome.
I'm all warmed up now. My face is so hot ...... I feel like jumping into bed right now. ...... d*mn.

After that, we immediately went to our bedrooms, because we didn't want to interfere with tomorrow's donation.
Naturally, we went to our respective bedrooms, separately!...... I don't have to tell you this, though.

I got into bed, closed my eyelids, and fell asleep, remembering that 'Oh, yeah, Norma's here.

The next morning.

'Nuh-uh!Where am I?

I woke up to a kind of imaginary voice.
I'll leave it to Ginette, not me, to convince Norma.
Seeing her first thing in the morning was going to take things in a strange direction.

With that in mind, I headed to the cafeteria ahead of the others.

'I heard it myself!I heard something about that!I heard that you gave the beautiful fox a drink that made her body warm and fuzzy, put her to sleep, and brought her to your bedroom to spend the night under the same roof until morning!I can't leave you in the corner, you know!

--He was annoying me first thing in the morning.
Who did you tell this guy?
You've been twisting the truth with your facts again.

'''' Congratulations, Norma! ''''

It's morning and their beards are thick!

'Of course nothing happened. ......'
'Hey, Yashiro!

...... How manly were you, Norma?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.I'm not.No, no, no!I'm not sure what to say.I'm not usually this careless. ......?Why are you all here?

Norma must have jumped down after Ginette explained to her what had happened. She was trying to make excuses for me and found muscles and a goatee lurking near the door.
...... That would be the worst way to wake up.

'''--We're here to celebrate!
'''We're leaving!Please leave now!

Apparently, telling those old men what happened had the opposite effect.
I shouldn't have gone to .......

'Well then, Norma. We'll be waiting for you at the workshop.
'Tell us all about it!
'Let's make bearings together☆'
'...... ouch☆'

I wonder what the last guy was embarrassed about.
If you have a sense of shame, you should first be ashamed of your own existence.

'......A,I can't go to the workshop today,......'

Norma holds her knees in the corner of the store.
I'm sure you're right.
I think it's the spirit gods talking. 'Get some rest.
Think of it that way and take it easy for the rest of the day.

That's why Norma suddenly decided to work as a clerk for a day at the Sunshine Pavilion. I tried to give the job to Regina, who was smiling all the time, but she ran away.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'...... In times like these, leave it alone.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Until Norma comes back, we'll leave her alone. But don't forget to leave him alone once in a while because he gets lonely.

...... We're not a rehab facility, you know.