307-Preparation for Episode 219 Banquet 5

With Magda as the leader, Loretta as the chief strategist, and Norma as the guardian, the team has been able to run the shop to a certain extent.
It is surprising that the store can run with those members.
Although, it was only because of Ginette's preparation.

'It's been a while since Yashiro-san and I walked around here together.

Ginette is standing next to me, looking happy.
It's been a while since I've taken Ginette out when I've had to work.

'Oh, look, Mr. Yashiro. I just saw a small fish.

Ginette is pointing to the waterway that runs beside the field and is excited.
The water in the canal seems to be flowing steadily at the moment. Looking at this place alone, the water shortage seems to be a lie.

'Everyone!You're getting better!
'I'm full of it!
'Dashi oshikimi!

As I was thinking this, I saw Ginette waving at the Ham kids who were helping Mormat in the field.
She's so excited, as if everything she sees is fun.
By the way, the hamsters are fitting in well. At first they were limited to a part of the outer wall, but now you can see them in almost every field.
They'll help you if you ask, you know. In addition, if they are enthusiastic about their work, have a certain level of skill, and above all, are fun to be with, they will be sought after.
I wonder if they are getting paid properly.

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro!There's a pickaxe!
'You're eating too much grass!

I can't move forward at all.
Every time I take a step forward, I find something and am drawn to it.
I need to take her out more often, I guess.

'I'm sorry. I was just having fun.
'No, it's perfectly fine if you're enjoying yourself.
'By the way, weren't you going to Millie's store?This is the direction .......'

I had promised to go to Millie's store with her last night, but there was something I wanted to stop by before that.

'Let me go to Delia's first.
'That's a rowing water mill, isn't it?
'Yes. If we leave that one unattended, people might get hurt.

Delia wouldn't think of something like 'it's dangerous, let's not use it' anyway.
She's more of a 'hit it and fix it' kind of person. If he does, it's a big problem.
When he hits something, most of them are wrecked.

As the warm sunshine pours down on us, we slowly make our way to the river.
On the way, Ginette seemed to be enjoying herself from beginning to end as she ate her way through the streets.
If you have a lunch box, it's a perfect picnic, isn't it?


You can't sing a nursery rhyme seriously at your age, so you try to play it off, but Ginette refuses to give up, and the two of you end up walking to the river singing a nursery rhyme together.

I hope she doesn't start asking me to teach the kids in the church.

As soon as we reached the riverside, we spotted Delia.
She was right at the waterwheel. It's a good thing we don't have to move much.

'Oh!Yashiro~!Manager too!

Delia shouted and waved at us from afar.
Some kids are crowding around our feet. It seems that the foot-powered waterwheel is still popular.
Well, there are a lot fewer of them now than in their heyday.

'Have you come to do the waterwheel?Why don't you line up in order?
'I'll line up.

Why do I have to stand in line with the kids and say 'hahaha'?

'Delia-chan. We can come back later, okay?'
'Oh, really?I'm glad, Yashiro. You can do it first.'
'No. I wasn't looking for that kind of consideration.

I wasn't looking for owner's privilege to be given priority, I was.
I mean, who'd want to get wet like this?

'I heard it's rattling.
'Oh!You've come to fix it?

There's no other way.
I don't come here to play.

'Well, I'm not here to fix it, I'm here to diagnose it.

Probably the shaft supporting the waterwheel has worn out.
I will check its condition and order a new shaft from Imelda if necessary.

If there's a problem other than the shaft, we'll have to replace that one. If that's the case, we'll have to ask Umaro to look at it.

'I was going to ask Umaro to look at it, but he doesn't listen to people. 'Look him in the eye and listen to me! And while I was chasing him around, the sun was setting.

Well, that's what happens. You and Oumalo.
Umaro's sick, Delia doesn't know compromise, and it's not every day two people are so incompatible.

'So I had Omero call this morning, but he said he had to prepare a stall and he couldn't make it today.

Well, it's bad timing.
What I'm more interested in is ......

'And what about Omero, who failed in his mission?
'Hmm?Yeah, Omero would be upstream right now at ............, but that's not important, is it?

It's sinking!
It's washed up!

I'm sure there's no deep meaning to it, but it makes me very nervous when people muddle the conversation there.

I'm sure there's no deep meaning to it, but it makes me very uneasy to hear you talk about it!

Ginette added with a smile.
When did you get this information? ...... There's no point in catching it now.

I'm sure you're right.Speaking of snapper...

She seemed to want to show off her work.

'I've just finished a new dish. Please try it.
'Oh, is that okay?Wow, a new dish, I'm looking forward to it.'
'It's more of a snack than a dish, but...'
'Are you sure?Yes!Can I open it?

When I heard it was a snack, my excitement quadrupled.
Well, I thought you'd react that way, so I brought it.

'Oh!What's this?

Delia's eyes sparkled as she opened the lunch box that Ginette had handed her.
Inside are a bunch of taiyaki.
Half of them are for Millie.

'They're so cute!

She grabs one of the taiyakis and holds it up in front of her face.
Yeah. Delia doesn't seem to think it's 'too cute to eat' either.
I don't know what the difference is between a bunny apple and a taiyaki, but I think the taiyaki is safe to sell.

'This shape is ............ salmon!
'It's a sea bream!
'No, but it has eyes and scales.

Any fish can have those!

'The gill cover looks just like a salmon's.'
'Look at the whole thing!

You don't have a squat jaw, do you?
It's not long and thin, is it?

'It's called taiyaki.
'Taiyaki?Wouldn't salmon yaki be better?
'There's no salmon in it, that's why!
'Hello, there. I'm a salmon.
'Who are you imitating?

He brought a taiyaki in front of his face and recorded it like a ventriloquist.
For a moment, his voice reminded me of a dreamland in Chiba.

'Anyway, it's not salmon, it's sea bream.
'What the ...... hell, salmon is definitely better. ............ I've lost interest in eating it.'
'Don't say that, just one, please.'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.
She takes one in her hand and brings it to Delia's mouth.

She tilts her head and takes a bite of the taiyaki. --at that moment.

'Yum!What the hell is this?It's so good!

No, what the hell is this? ...... I told you it was a taiyaki, didn't I?

'Whoa!This one's good too!This one's good too!

Delia bit into the taiyaki in her hand, bit into the taiyaki in her lunch box, and shouted at each one.
They all tasted the same.

'Huh~!I like this!

Opinion, 'Kurun! You turned it upside down.
Your opinion flipped about 900 degrees. Two and a half turns.

'Hey, girl!

The kids are swarming around our feet.
Of course, they'll want some when they're being eaten right in front of us.

'Hey, you guys, eat up!I'll share it with you!

Surprisingly, Delia shared the sweet with others.
I couldn't believe my eyes for a second.
Delia must be nice to kids.
If it had been Omero, I would have dunked him in the river ahead of time to prevent him from taking ...... it.

''Is it good?''
''That's right. Good for you, manager!''
''Yes, sir. Everyone, please chew your food well.

And just like that, all the taiyakis that had been packed in the lunch box disappeared. ......, hey!

'Ahhh, Millie's portion is ......'.
'Let's go back and bake again. Right?

If I'd taken Millie first, this wouldn't have happened.

'Oh ...... for the ladies......'
'For the sisters: ......'

A group of young children with bean paste around their mouths suddenly show a downcast look.
Apparently, they felt guilty because they were the only ones who had eaten good food and there was not enough for Bertina and the older kids in the church.

...... I wonder why, under that Bertina, such a child would grow up with such a 'I wish I could have shared my food with her' mentality. ......... ...or is it an anti-science teacher?

I mean, Bertina's already eaten. I'm sure you're right. It's not as if she didn't tell the kids about it. ...... ............ Oh, I see. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in your work. It's brainwashing.

'Everyone loves to see the sisters happy face.

Ginette followed up with that, whether she knew what I was thinking or not.
After that, she crouched down to meet the eyes of the kids and said as if she was talking to them.

'It's okay.

Then, she glances over at you.

'Hey, Yashiro-san.

His eyes look at me as if he wants to say something.
Stop it. Don't look at me with those eyes.

...... d*mn it.

'The elders and Bertina are going to the feast. You can eat it there and we'll sell it at the Sunshine Pavilion after the party. You can always eat it.
Yeah. It's a privilege for those who stay at home. You can taste it first if you want.''
''Then, can I call the other kids who are staying at home too?
'.................. Well, after dinner, I guess.

I'm sorry.
I ended up treating myself to a taiyaki.
Oh, man. It's always like this when I get involved with Jeannette. He must be driving my senses, crisis detection, and other antennas to malfunction.
Jesus, Jeannette, ...... I don't even like kids. ......

'Haha. Yashiro really does have a soft spot for kids, doesn't he?
'Yes, he does.'

What's so funny, Delia? What are you laughing at, Jeannette?
You've got it all wrong.
You're a crying child and a crying demon impostor, what am I?
You don't know what you're doing. I don't care if you get hurt sooner or later.

...... I feel like I'm the only one who's getting hurt.
This world is unreasonable.
I'm sure it's the spirit god's twisted personality that's to blame. I'm sure it is.

'So, what's the rowing waterwheel like?
'Oh, yeah. It's been terrible lately.

While the kids were doing their best to tell Jeannette what they thought of the taiyaki, Delia and I checked the rowing wheel.
They say it's rattling.

'I guess it's easier to see it than to explain it. Yashiro, take a poke at it.
'Who would paddle a broken waterwheel?

I don't want to get wet, I do.

'Well, ...... hey, someone. Give me a paddle.

The kid who had been waiting for his turn earlier came running up to me, grabbed Norma's handrail, and started to row the waterwheel.
The waterwheel, which began to turn with the sound of water, shook violently in the middle.
The kid who was on the waterwheel was shaken a lot.

'Oh, that's dangerous .......'
'Don't worry, manager.

Delia stopped Ginette, who was about to run up to her, shouting involuntarily.

It's more dangerous to get too close. I've fallen a few times myself.
'Yeah, is that so?
'Yeah. Besides, you know.'
'Hahahahaha!I'm going to gatecrash!
'It sure looks ...... fun, doesn't it?

The waterwheel rattles and shakes in certain places.

But... This is dangerous.

'A while ago, there were a lot of older kids here, and we used to compete to see who could row the fastest.
'They used to do that?
'Ah!I was the absolute champion!
'You were in it too?

And you look like you're not taking it easy at all, that face.

'But people haven't been coming since it started to rattle.

Delia hugs down the kid who enjoyed the rowing waterwheel and pats the unmanned waterwheel.
She looks lonely.
I wonder if she was looking forward to playing with the kids here.

'Norma made a playground equipment called "DOKKERU-NANCA", which is fun to play with, but it's completely lost its popularity to the other side.
'That's not playground equipment!

Is it getting such a strange popularity?

I mean, you should at least learn "No.1"!I can see the hostility in your eyes!

'So, Yashiro!Fix the waterwheel and regain the children's popularity once again!
'You're changing your mind too much!

I built this waterwheel at your request to solve the water shortage, you foot-powered waterwheel!
Have you forgotten?
I bet you've forgotten, already!

'Yashiro-san. I think this situation is a bit dangerous, so if you can manage it,.......'
'No, I'll fix it if I can.
'Are you sure!Thank you very much.'

For some reason, Jeannette thanked me.
I guess it's a sign of her desire to protect the kids of the church from danger, but ...... you don't have to be so pleased with yourself.

'Well, let me have a look.

I forbid you to approach the water mill because it is dangerous.
If you get too close, you might fall into the river. ...... me.
Delia might try to turn the waterwheel without warning. Who's to say that won't happen?No one?That's who Delia is.
No offense. She's a free-spirited person. That's why ...... scares me.

'Whoa!...... What the hell is this?'

I walked around to the side of the waterwheel and peered into the bearings to find that the part that touched the shaft was charred black.
...... It's a waterwheel?I'm not sure what to make of it.

The shaft of this waterwheel is made from a single thick piece of cypress. The bearings that support it are made of two V-shaped wooden parts.
The shaft is placed on a V-shaped piece of wood, and a V-shaped piece of wood is placed over the shaft from the other side to support the shaft with a diamond-shaped hole. Since the shaft is a cylinder and the bearing is a rhombus, the ground contact area between the two is reduced and friction is relatively suppressed. However, this is a very primitive bearing structure.
Nevertheless, this level of bearing should be sufficient for a simple rowing waterwheel like this one. It is not a waterwheel that is in constant motion, and it does not generate speed or load as much as a carriage wheel.

What I didn't calculate was the power of Delia and the kids, who were turning the wheel so vigorously that the ...... water-soaked axle was scorching from the heat, and their inability to take it easy.

'You're overreacting,' he said.
'Well, kids always go all out. I can't help it.'
'You, you!You're the fastest queen on the waterwheel!
'Haha. Don't give me that compliment, Yashiro. It's embarrassing.

That's not a compliment. ......

The shaft was carbonized and the bearing was warped by the unexpected load.
The outer circumference of the shaft, which was no longer a circle, and the distorted bearings were the cause of the 'gapping'.

'This is going to require a major repair.
'What?Umaro's busy, isn't he?What are you going to do, Yashiro?'

This guy ...... is like a stranger.

'It's true that Umaro is busy, and Torbek's carpenters are more focused on building new things, so they might not be too keen on our repairs. ...... So, Delia. I want you to help me.

You're partly responsible for the failure of this waterwheel, and you have to take responsibility for it.

'What do you want me to do?I'm telling you, I can't fix it.To tell you the truth, I'm not very good at this kind of detail work.
'It's rare to find a sentence that doesn't use the word 'actually' in it, I know, I understand that very well.

'If I let Delia fix it, it's going to rattle even more than the chairs in the old Sunlit Pavilion.

'I'm not going to ask Delia and Jeannette to do the carpentry.
'Huh!...... That's terrible, Yashiro. It's true, I'm not very good at carpentry either, but ......'
'Hmmm. Would you like me to teach you sometime, manager?
'Please don't. Ginette wants to do everything she learns.''
'No, that's not true!

I hurriedly denied it, but it was not convincing at all.
There are precedents for this, such as Mapo Aubergine and pancakes.
If you are into Sunday carpentry with Delia, the ...... Sunlit Pavilion may collapse.

I'm not going to take that risk.
What I'm going to do is a safe, reliable, and easy way to use it.

'There's one carpenter I'd like you to get for me.
'What?But you're busy, aren't you?Omero said that the carpenters looked like they were on edge.

Are the people in Torbek full of livestock too?
They're all greedy for new technology, aren't they?

'Indeed, the carpenters nowadays may be on edge. They're probably preparing stalls for the banquet, and their expectations for the new work are high.
'Then, even if I go, won't I just be rejected again?
'Don't worry. Just do as I say and go talk to the person I pick.'
'Well, if Yashiro says it's okay, then so be it.

And so, I gave Delia my 'best kept secret'.
With this, the waterwheel will be repaired as soon as possible. And at a reasonable price. They'll pay for the materials.

--A few minutes later.

'Thank you for the appointment, Miss Delia!

A tall, slender carpenter bowed deeply to Delia.
The carpenter's name was Gooziya.
Ever since I was struck by Delia's waitress outfit, I've been basically a Delia fan, even if I am occasionally dazzled by her big tits.

When he first met her, he was a helpless guy with a habit of evading and running away, but recently he's been working harder than anyone else and is working so diligently that Umaro swears that 'his skills have gotten a bit better'.
He is now a man who can confidently call himself a member of the Torbek construction company.

'I'm going to work like hell for Delia!

The words 'for Delia's sake' may have been in his mind, but they were blotted out on his face. He's so easy to understand.

'Hey, Yashiro. Umaro turned me down, but when I told him what Yashiro said, he said yes right away. Why?
'You know, Delia. There is a great power in this world that can make the impossible possible.

That's love.

Love is good. Love is precious.
Because nothing is as easy to use as love to ensnare others.
Most con artists use love to line their pockets.

A simple guy like Gushya will eat you alive. It's not that easy.

'But Umaro is terrible, isn't he? I asked him to do something for the kids today, and he refused.It's unthinkable.
'I'm sure Umaro feels exactly the same way, ...... in the opposite way.

The word "today" raises the bar.
I'm sure that Umaro would have undertaken the repairs if only he had been given time to complete them. He's not the kind of guy who picks and chooses his work.
But I can't take on the repair of the waterwheel when I have another job coming up. It'll take time. Maybe a week.

Trubek's people are busy preparing for the feast.
Preparations for the feast are top priority.

But that doesn't apply to Goozja.

'That's why, Goozuya. Take good care of her today.'
'Oh, yes. Mr. Yashiro.'
'Take good care of him, Goozuya.'
'Yes, sir!Please ask me all you want!I'll do whatever it takes to get it done! (For the sake of Delia's smile!)'

...... Ila.
What's this blatant difference?
I don't know.

'Um, but ...... was it okay?I'm sorry I asked you to do that.

For the safety of the children, we want to repair it as soon as possible.
This is probably the same feeling of Ginette and Delia, but Ginette knows the situation of the carpenters and can think from their point of view.
She may feel guilty about forcing her work on Gooziya.

'Don't worry, Manager.

Ginette looks worried, and Goozuya replies with a refreshing smile that's a little annoying and unique to boys in love.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you've already said it.

'So, did you bring me the remaining Hiba wood at your place?
'Yes. I told the master of the house and got you what you needed.

The cart that Gusuya pulled was loaded with enough cypress wood for the repairs.
Surely, this much would be enough. There's also some beautiful wood for the shafts.

'I'll give you a discount on the labor cost, but I can't give you a discount on the material cost, so please understand that.

Delia doesn't hesitate to ask what she wonders.

'The materials are the property of Torbeck Engineering, so I can't do anything with them on my own.
'I see. ......'

And then he dents it plainly.

'Hey Yashiro. What should I do with the money?'
'If you're the one asking, you're the one paying.

Normally, I would have Estella pay for it, since it was installed for the city's water shortage, but I dared Delia to put the burden on her.
Then, I would say something like this to her.

'Don't worry. You'll be able to pay if you hold off on sweets for a month or so.
'I'll go to ...... and hold off on sweets for a month. ......'
'It's for the kids. Good luck with that.
'U........................... ...Yeah.

Ears, flattened.
Shoulders, swoosh.

'Oh, my God!I'm still good!You don't have to pay for the materials!
'Eh, but that's kind of bad, isn't it?

I'm acting with all my might.

'Delia-san is most beautiful when she's eating something ...... sweet and looking happy.I'll pay for the ingredients!

Yes, sir. There you go.
Well, it's thanks to my earnest acting, yeah.

'Oh, are you sure?
'Yes!So, that ...... Delia-san, don't look so sad, you can always smile!
'Oh!Thank you, Goozuya!
'Mwahhhh!Best smile ever!Delia-san, you're too much of an angel!

Oh. I've got it.
I wonder if that's a disease specific to Torbeck Engineering.

'Um, Yashiro-san, is ...... this okay?
'If the waterwheel is fixed, the kids will be safe, that's good.
'But, Goozuya-san is ......'

Jesus. Ginette doesn't know what she's talking about.

'Does that look like the face of someone who's been forced into hard work?

Goozuya now has the biggest smile of her life.

'You look happy ......, don't you?
'Then why don't we all be happy?

No one will have to spend any money. Except for ...... Gooziya.

And so, thanks to the efforts of the poor terminally ill, the repairs to the waterwheel were carried out.
If Gusuya is involved, Umaro will come to do a final check. He is a man who likes to check all the work of his own carpenters.

This will keep the waterwheel safe, and I won't have to hurt my pocket, so everything will be all right.
Well... I guess love is really something.

I was smiling to myself, thinking such a thing.