308-Preparation for Episode 220 Banquet 6

'Are you sure you're okay, Goozuya?'

Ginette was still looking back towards the river with concern.
You must have forgotten that he once ate up all the profits of the store.

'Didn't you deliver the reheated taiyaki just now?
'Yes, sir. Miss Delia, you were pleased.'
'...... Well, I didn't mean to feed it to him, but ......'

After requesting the repair of the waterwheel, we returned to the sunny pavilion and cooked three taiyaki in our lunch boxes.
We went to the riverbank again and presented one of them to Delia.

Ginette was suffering from a guilty conscience. So I rewarded her.
Not to Delia, of course. It was for Goozja.

'You saw how happy Goozja was when Delia shared her taiyaki with her. That was enough for him.'
'Indeed, he was very happy, wasn't he? He was so happy, it was almost as if he was going to soar to the heavens.

I said to Delia, 'Why don't you share a little with the hard-working Gooziya', and Delia said, 'Oh, yes. It's my way of thanking you for buying me the ingredients! When she gave Goozuya a portion of the taiyaki, Delia said, 'Oh, that Delia-san has a sweet tooth!Aah!This special feeling!I don't care if I die now! I'm ready to die!' She was so overjoyed that she was 'about to be summoned to heaven' as Ginette said. ...... Hmm?It's not exactly what Jeannette said, is it?

You can't get much more rewarding than that.
'Are you happy too, Yashiro-san?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have a woman share something with you.

...... I wonder what this guy wants me to say.
What does he want me to say? If I say I'm happy here, is he going to share food with me in the future?
You're baiting me.

In addition, in the case of Gusuya, it is meaningful that he was shared by a woman he liked, and there is no special meaning to it just because I shared something with you. ............ ......

'I'm going to take what I can get, regardless of who it's from.
'Hmmm. That's what I was thinking.

I wonder if we've ever had this conversation before.
But Jeannette is strangely convinced. ...... Do I look that nasty to you?That's a little disconcerting.

'So, where are you headed this time?
'Are you asking for materials for the waterwheel?'

'No, I think I can get by with the wood Goozja brought over.
I've given Delia the right to share the Taiyaki with you, so go ahead and splurge.

'I'm going to ask Imelda for the materials for the 'playground equipment'.
'Playground equipment, sir?
'Bertina said that the kids from District 42 and District 24 should be able to play together.
'What, you're planning to make something that big?

Jeannette rolled her eyes in surprise.
Didn't we talk about this?

I thought it was going to be a clay mold or something like that.

The clay molds that come as extras with children's lunches. It's a toy where you fill a mold of an animal or a vehicle with clay and make it into a shape.
It is becoming a major toy that every kid in the 42nd district has one.

Come to think of it, it's about time we developed a new toy over there.
I'll make something while I'm at it.

But that's beside the point.

'There are kids with injured arms and kids with bad eyesight in District 24.

It doesn't meet Bertina's requirement of 'everyone can play together'.
But the one I'm thinking of now isn't "playable for everyone" either. ...... If you have a few things that can provide similar fun, you can play with any of them.

'If possible, I thought it would be better if it was something new for the kids in District 42.
'Mr. Yashiro.'

In the middle of our conversation, Ginette calls out to me.
I looked at her and saw a gentle smile that made me feel like a god.

'Yashiro-san is a really kind person.

Whoa!No!That's not it!

'It's the atmosphere!I want the atmosphere of kids frolicking around endlessly, as an effect!To make Donnis - the lord of District 24 - think, 'Oh, it's so energetic to adopt a new culture!

We have to break the old stereotypes in them.
The inexhaustible power of children's frolic is the best way to persuade them, that's all.

It's not because I want to entertain the kids.
It is in our interest to entertain them. That's all.

So don't look at me like that. If you're mistakenly grateful, it's kind of, well, it's going to be a problem later on. ...... probably.'
'Yes. That's right.

You have no idea.

You don't get it, do you?
d*mn it, you're all smiles.

'Donis, Lord of the 24th District, has a ............ bald head with a single hair growing out of it.'

Jeannette gushed.
Her shoulders were shaking in a very small way.

'You should feel free to call him 'Chororin-san' or 'One-haired Lord' too.'
'Koho......koho...... too, already. You can't do that, Yashiro-san. ......'

He clapped me on the shoulder, trying hard not to laugh.

'You're terrible,......, you can't say that,......,' he said.
'You're just as guilty as I am for laughing.
'Because ...... Yashiro's way of saying "Chororin☆" was kind of cute and ...... made me laugh. ......'
I'm not sure.I'm not sure what to do.

The more red her face gets, the more she holds back, and the more Jeannette pats me on the back.
Yes, yes. It's okay if you laugh like that.
The 'Yashiro-san's kind~' smile you just gave me is uncomfortable.
So I override it. Hmm.

'...... Yashiro-san is sometimes mean, isn't he?
'Sometimes. You seem to think too much of me.

I'm basically a mean person.
You just don't realize it.

'You don't seem to see that I'm bullying Umaro and the others.
'But you're not really doing anything that you don't like, are you?'

No, no, no.
I'm sure you didn't like it much, remodeling the whole store with the right to free meals for two months. At the time.
But now it seems he's turned into a 'do-everything-for-free' guy.

'Well then, let's go bully Imelda big time!...... Hmmmmmm. I'm going to negotiate with him so badly that he'll cry. ......'
'Hmm. Imelda, you're a disaster.'

d*mn, you don't sound like you believe that at all.
If you keep acting like that, you'll seriously bring Imelda down.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

...... Well, I won't because I don't have a good reason to do so.
I don't want to see them go away. We've built the streets.

As I felt the evil feelings that had flared up for a moment fade away noiselessly, I saw the 42nd district branch of the Lumberjack Guild ahead of me.
Two lumberjacks are pulling a huge cart that looks like it could be pulled by a 10-ton car. ...... Five tons each. Those are some insane muscles.

We headed for Imelda's house, looking at the familiar insane scene from the side.

'Go get Bekko-san, please!
'Can you do that later, please?

Imelda handed over the Taiyaki and immediately tried to call Bekko.
Just calm down!And don't move the waiter!Just stand there!

'We're going to order some more, so you can make them with us then.
'If you'll give me the best one...'
'They're all the same, Becko's creations.

For a guy with such a joke face, Becko is surprisingly meticulous in his work and produces exactly the same quality. ...... He's a cyborg, isn't he?

'But the mug ...... is delicious,...... mug ...... such a snack.... ...Mogumogu......I've never had this before. ...... Mogumogu!Serving, tea.
'What should I do Ginette . All the residents are becoming Bertina ...... airborne, isn't that it?
I'm sure it's not. ...... I'm sure it's not. ............

It seems you are not confident.

I'm not.I'm not. That's not true.

But then, perhaps sensing that it was indeed rude, she began to deny it with great effort.
But you know what, Jeannette? The words that came out so quickly show your true intentions. Admit it.

'I've had a good meal.

Imelda said as she hurriedly put her lunch box away.
Oh, I took all of it.

'It's a good thing I prepared another box.
'You know what?I told you so.

Imelda could predict that he would say, 'It's good even when it's cold, I'm sure! I could predict that Imelda would say, 'It's good even when cold, I'm sure!
So, in order not to make the same mistake again, I made another box for Millie.
She won't eat that much, but if there's any left over, she can give it to the guild's "sisters" (aka old ladies).

.................. for publicity as well.

'Word of mouth is important, you know!
'Huh?What's wrong with you, suddenly?
'No need to worry about it. You're probably just making excuses to yourself. It's business as usual.

What's usual?
I'm always honest with myself.

'I like boobs!
'Hey!What's wrong with you, suddenly?
'Don't worry about it. It's mostly a seizure. It happens all the time.'

d*mn it, ......, you talk like you know what you're talking about.
'Help me calm it down! I'm gonna squeeze your tits, guys.

'Please help me calm my seizures. ......'
'So, what can I do for you today?'
'Yes, sir. We'd like to see the wood again.'

...... These people.
Didn't they ever teach you to listen to people until the end?What a pity.

'Oh, that's right. Mr. Yashiro.'
'It's .......'
'Don't listen to nonsense until the end,' a certain lord was teaching the manager the other day.
'I knew it was him!

Hey, you flat-chested bastard!


I open the window and bark into the clear sky.
My voice, filled with a curse, will melt into the sky and reach his chest. To stunt his growth.

'I'm glad you got the message right.

Imelda sips her tea with satisfaction.
Green tea instead of black today. Japanese style. I wonder if Japanese tea is the mainstream drink for bean jam here too.

'Well, Jeannette. You have hojicha, right?'
'Yes. My grandfather liked it and used to drink it a lot.

Maybe Ginette's grandfather likes it fragrant. Hojicha, coffee...
He may have been a roasting fanatic.

'I've never had that tea before. Does it go well with taiyaki?
'I think it's your preference. Well, ...... I think it goes well with it.'
'Waiter!Put some hojicha in it!
'Don't be so reckless.

'What?You don't even know how to make it! You don't even know how to make it!' The waiter is a bit flustered.
Roasting tea leaves is quite difficult. If you overdo it, it will smell burnt.

If you have a roasting pan, you can easily make hojicha.
'Please sell it to me!
'Well, if you ask ...... Theron, I'm sure he'll introduce you to someone from the Ceramics Guild.'

The brand for roasting tea leaves is the domain of the Ceramics Guild, isn't it?
The roasting machine in the sunny pavilion is an iron roaster for coffee beans.

Do you have a roasting machine in your house?
'Yes, we do. It's a vintage one that my grandfather used.

I think the older the roaster is, the better it tastes.
I'll let you drink it next time.

'Well, I'll go to Mr. Theron's place right away. Have a good day, both of you.'
'I haven't finished my story!

Why does this guy always start acting as soon as he gets the idea?

'So what is it?You have three seconds to tell me!
'Give me a little more time, indeed!
'We'll discuss it later. So long!
'Then! That's not enough!I'm making something new, so show me some wood suitable for it!

'Please tell me more!Yeah, take your time!

My mind that was on the roasting pan came back to me in an instant.
He likes new things, too.
Let's go to the waterwheel. The wood he prepared is used for everything.
So, next time, we're going to make things out of wood again. ...... He looks so happy, really.

'Are there only corporate employees in this city?
'Isn't it nice when your skills are recognized? I'm sure that's how you all feel.'
'Are you happy too?
'Of course I am. 'Delicious' is the best compliment.'

So, Imelda and Delia's action of taking all the taiyaki was an unbearable praise for Jeannette.
Then, maybe you can spare the cost of the ingredients.

'Do you have a muku tree?
'Yes, we do. Are you planning to build a house now?

No, because muku wood has an image of being good for you. I don't care if it's cypress or cedar.

'I want to make something that the kids can play on.

At first, I explained the shape, usage, and movement of the playground equipment that I had vaguely in mind, and asked for advice on suitable woods and shapes.
As they listened to my explanation, Ginette's and Imelda's eyes began to sparkle in a slightly different way.
Imelda's eyes seemed to enjoy making new things as a lumberjack.
And Ginette's eyes became happy and joyful as she imagined the kids playing on the playground equipment.

'I've got a few ideas for you. When the blueprints are ready, please come back and take another look.

After saying this, Imelda left her seat.
If you give me an outline, I'll do the rest. She seemed to have a craftsman's attitude.
I'm not going to waste my breath. Let's just talk about the results, you know?

Imelda left her seat and walked quietly in the opposite direction of the door .......
...... hmm?
And then he took out a sheet of paper from a cabinet by the wall.

'Oh, I shouldn't have done that. My hand accidentally ......'.

The paper he pulled out of the cabinet falls to the floor in a deliberate voice.
The paper again, as if it had been calculated to the hilt, glided down to us, just barely touching the floor, and fell at our feet with a 'whisper ......'.

'Imelda, you dropped it.

Ginette picks up the paper that has fallen at her feet.
I could smell the scent of something fishy in Imelda's cynical expression. So she doesn't move. I won't even look at her.

'Wow, this is amazing. Look, Mr. Yashiro. Take a look.'

...... I'm not going to look at it, but Jeannette holds the paper up to me with a happy face.
d*mn, is that so calculated?

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.
This touch was drawn by Mokoka.

'Oh, dear, I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to boast about it.

If I invoke the Judgment of the Spirits now, that blonde-haired lady with the fluffy perm will turn into a frog.
You're full of bragging rights. Look, her nose is puffed out like this.

'This is a drawing by Mokoka-san, isn't it?
'Oh, you see?

Of course you do.
We were there when you met Mokoka. Or rather, we were at the sunken pavilion.

If you like to draw illustrations of beautiful women, don't you think you should draw me, no matter what?

I don't think so.
In the first place, the standard of 'beautiful' is based on Mokoka's arbitrary judgment.

'Natalia has a face that can be seen in some places, but in terms of beauty, she is a little ...... a little ...... a little ...... a lot... ...quite inferior. Oh-ho-ho.

I thought she stopped showing this kind of thing recently. I wonder if the root is still the same.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Yeah ...... has changed.
You were never like that.

'Estella-san said so'.

Next to her, Ginette muttered.

'Yashiro-san is ...... contagious,' she said.
'Estella and Ginette are going to get a foot massage later.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to make of that. You will be punished.

'If Magda sees this, she's going to be very competitive.
'Oh-ho-ho. Magda has a lovely face, but in terms of a 'good woman', she's not quite there yet.

'If I ask Mokoka-san, will she be able to draw Magda-san too?'
'That's not possible, manager.

Imelda declares firmly.
The sternness of her expression is apparent.

'Mr. Mokoka said that he only draws things that move him.

Oh, I remember you saying something like that.
I was thinking of asking her to draw Estella, but it didn't happen, did it?

'Then Imelda was recognized by Mokoka-san for her drawing. That's great.
'No, Mr. Manager. That's not it either.

Another denial.

'When I asked her, she refused because of what I just said.
'Is that so?
'Yes. So I used ...... Bekko-san to force him to draw it!
'You don't choose your means, do you?
'I took a lesson from Yashiro-san!I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it or not, but I've heard of it.
'You're a bad listener!

Well, I can't deny it, but...

'I just wanted it to be beautiful, that's all.
'Imelda, are you ...... that much of a pushover for your own beauty or something?
'It's Yashiro's fault.

Imelda turns away with a pout.
What did I do?

'Because you don't praise me much.
'You know I appreciate your hard work, right?
'I meant your looks!

...... Why do I have to praise you for something like that?

I'm not going to compliment anyone's face or style too much.

I'm not a cheap charlatan.


They're staring at me.
Imelda and Ginette, too. And the waiters in the parlor.

'What, am I ...... complimenting someone that much?
'I think you often say that Natalia is beautiful and that Magda is pretty.
'No, no, no. I didn't say that. ......?

I asked Jeannette to agree, but she did not shake her head.
She's giving me a very delicate look.

'I heard that you also said to Estella that she is beautiful when you look closely at her.
'When did you say that?
'You said that to Mokoka on the carriage ride back from the 24th district. You showed me the Conversation Record.

......Well, that may or may not have happened. ............
But it wasn't that I told Estella she was beautiful, I just asked Mokoka, 'Isn't Estella beautiful too? But it's not like I said Estella was beautiful, I just asked Mokoka, 'Isn't Estella beautiful too?' .................. Wow, what am I saying?

I don't remember anyone saying anything like that to me.

So, I'm basically the type of person who doesn't say things like that. ......

'I mean, you've had a lot of guys say that to you, haven't you?'
'Yashiro-san. Not just anyone can be a woman, you know. Hey, manager.
'Huh?Ah,......, well, yes...'

I've been thinking about something, thinking about something, thinking about something, glancing at me.
I don't know the true meaning of that look.

Then what is it?
Are you satisfied if I say, 'You two are super cute~! Would you be satisfied if I said that?

'By the way, it's not enough to just say it.

What do you want me to do then?

'Well, Yashiro-san seems to be dexterous, but he is clumsy, so it would be counterproductive to take too much of a stance.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. ......

So please keep one thing in mind.

Imelda smiled, shaking her hair softly.
She looked so calm, so unlike her.

'It's the little things that make you feel so incredibly happy. That's the way it is with women, you know.

It was such a fair comment that I wondered if Imelda had actually said it.
She's not like Ginette or Bertina.
'If you're a gentleman, you ought to know that,' she demanded.

'I'll make you say it someday. To you. Something worthwhile. Prepare yourself.

The smile on her face was the usual Imelda smile.

How dare you.

He was so annoyed that he tried a little counterattack.

'I think you're cuter when you laugh like that than when you act all high and mighty like you did before.

The smile that seemed to be so triumphant collapsed in an instant.
It is fixed in an interesting way, and the skin is slowly turning color.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.I'm at a loss for a response!

That's right.
That's right, that's right. Don't bother.
You're a decade too young to be trying to pin me down.

'No, not that one. That wasn't what I was looking for!

Does that mean you'll continue your plan to get me to say 'something worthwhile'?


Imelda turns away with a pout and says in a high-handed manner.

'To tell you the truth, I find Natalia and Magda to be quite attractive women. I even envy them a little.

He wasn't being arrogant at all.
He was trying to put them down in order to lift himself up, but he must have been caught up in it somewhere.
After all, he's not the kind of guy who would speak ill of someone he knows.

'Oh, dear!Oh, my God!I don't know what I'm going to do!Mr. Yashiro's pranks are really getting to me!Please go home. I have to prepare the wood. I'm busy because I have to choose the best wood seriously.

He said urgently, pushing us out of the room.
As we stepped out into the corridor, he stared at us from inside the room, behind the door, and uttered one last sigh of defeat.

'I'm just surprised that it came out of nowhere, I'm not excited at all. Please don't misunderstand me!

I wonder what would happen if I cast 'Spirit Judgment' on you now.

'Anyway, I'll find you a nice piece of wood. Come and get it later.
'I'll be expecting you then.
'Of course. Please pretend you're on a big ship that's just landed.

That ship's not going to sink, is it?

'Well then, Mr. Yashiro, Mr. Manager. Have a good day.

Imelda closes the door, feigning normalcy, but not feigning it at all.
It seems that 'cute' is not to Imelda's liking.

'I'll be waiting for your next visit.

She threw in a cute one last time!

The door closes completely, and you hear bouncing footsteps coming from inside the room.
...... You're pretty happy, aren't you, 'cute'?

'Well, I'd better get going.

I look over at Jeannette.
She was staring at me ~~~~~~.......

I'm not sure if it was a bad idea to tell Imelda.
When such anxiety began to spread in my heart--

I'm not sure.

Suddenly, a laugh escaped.
With her hand over her mouth, Ginette was laughing out loud.

'What is it?'
'No, no, ...... sorry, ...... hmm.'

She glanced at me and looked apologetic, but couldn't hold back the laughter that was building up.
...... So it's me who's being laughed at?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I followed the small shaking shoulder and lined up next to Ginette.

'Yashiro-san, you were unconscious, weren't you?

He wipes the tears from the corners of his eyes with his fingers and says something like that.
What does unconsciousness ...... mean?

'You've said quite a bit, haven't you?I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.
'No, you didn't say that!
'Would you like to see the Conversation Record?
'............, no thanks.'

...... Are you really saying that much?

It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'But I think it's good. I am.'

Ginette turned her face to the sky and took a deep breath through her nose to cool her slightly flushed cheeks.
Oxygen flows into her lungs, her chest lifts, and her breasts thrust out.
Isn't there a sign somewhere that says, 'Feel free to take it home.

'Yashiro-san is an expert in making someone happy.
'I don't remember having mastered such a path.
'I think your unconsciousness is bringing happiness to many people.

'I should have saved my fare, then.

Giggling, Ginette seemed to be enjoying herself just a little more than usual.
When I'm in the kitchen, I sometimes look like I'm trying to raise my mental age and 'get a grip'.
Maybe this Jeannette is really the real Jeannette.
She looks like a girl of her age.

'It's great that Yashiro isn't straining himself and that the person being told is happy, isn't it?

So, please keep on praising me,' he seems to be saying.
Who is going to give you cheap compliments? I'll praise you when I get something in return. I'll praise you when I get something in return.

...... Maybe I'm biased because I think that way.
No, you see. I think Estella is praising you a lot because praise brings money. ......

'Hey ......'.
'Ginette, do you want to be complimented on that ......, too, huh?'

If you're a girl, don't you want to be told that you're beautiful and pretty? Ginette is no exception.

'Because I've been told that before .............'

Me, to Jeannette?
When?No, did I say that in the first place?

'Oh, ......!

Perhaps remembering that moment, Jeannette's face boiled up.
That reaction, I'm really saying it, aren't I?You're saying it for sure!
What did you say?'You're beautiful'?'You're pretty'?

I don't remember that. ........................... ...Oh my god, I remember now!
That's it, right?
The last time I remembered Ginette's name, it was when I was almost eaten alive by some weird evil plant!
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. ............ Ahhhh, you're saying it!I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'd like you to forget about .............
I'm not sure what to do.

'You know, I was so ............ happy ...... when that happened.'

You can see the reddened neckline of the downcast Jeannette as her hair hangs down in the gap.
If you are going to turn your face away, can you please cover your neck as well?
You're leaking your emotions all over the place!

'Well, if that's the case,............, well, if there's another opportunity,......, I'll be back soon,...... ......'

I'm not sure what's going on here.
What do you mean, 'when the opportunity arises'?

'Oh no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm just cancelling .......'
'...... yes'.

Before you can say 'cancel', Ginette's face lifts and she turns to look at you.

'......I'll keep my fingers crossed.'

The words were silenced.
Apparently, cancellation is impossible.

Well, ............ if you get the chance, I guess.

Exhale a hot breath through your nose and walk forward.
I'm going to walk straight ahead and be silent.

So we didn't say a word to each other until we reached Millie's store.