309-Preparation for Episode 221 Banquet 7

'Ah. Welcome.'

A small head bows.
This is the forest where fairies live. --Not Millie's store.

'Hey, why can't I catch that thing?
'Because Millie-san is everyone's Millie-san.
'Huh, what are you talking about?

Millie started wandering around as soon as she met me.
Her movements are also cute.

'Ginette said something strange, so Millie has become a cute creature.
'It was Yashiro who said something strange. Also, Millie is always cute.'
'Oh, no... I'm not sure what to say.

She stretches out her arms and flails them around.
The ladybug hair ornament on her head is swaying.

'Ah, that was soothing. Now let's go home.
'What?Didn't you need something?

Oh, yes. I came to ask for flowers.

'Hey, Milly. Can I order a flower arrangement on a business trip?
'Flower arrangement?Hmm, I want to!That sounds really fun!

Millie was getting into the conversation.
Ah, here's another corporate animal.

'They want you to decorate the venue of the upcoming party in the 24th district with your beautiful flowers.
'The venue?Like the previous party at Imeruda's house, right?
'Yes. That's right. ......, right, Yashiro-san?'

Ginette is standing in front of me, negotiating.
I think he might be trying to imitate me, Ginette said. She looks very happy.
'I'm working! It's a look of contentment.

I'd like to try ......, but it might be hard to carry flowers in ...... the 24th district.

I'm sure you'll agree.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

In the event that you are not able to find a place to get flowers, you will need to go to a local flower shop.

If you do not have a place to get flowers, you will naturally have to bring them from the 42nd district.
The amount of flowers used at Imelda's party - the completion party for the 42nd district branch of the Woodcutter's Guild - was quite impressive.
There were so many flowers that they filled the gate, the hall, the path leading to the backyard, and the backyard.
It was not a quantity that could be carried by a cart full. There was no way to cram them all in.

And we can't just have Millie walk to the backyard with the cart in tow.
It would be difficult.

'What about Theron's glowing bricks?Even if there aren't enough of them, I think they'll have a strong impact.

Ginette proposes her own solution.
Yeah, not bad.


'I'm going to be back before dark. We've got kids.'
'Oh, that's right.

I try to avoid having the kids stay overnight.
It's not only the kids who are staying at the hotel, but also the kids who are staying at home may be upset by the unusual environment and may cause panic.
...... Well, to put it simply, I feel that there will be a lot of people who will be lonely and cry.

I don't like the idea of taking Bertina out of the house and having her stay overnight.
Besides, Ginette and the others are also busy.
I want to leave early in the morning and return in the evening. So we'll probably leave in the afternoon.

'I hadn't thought of it that way. As expected of Mr. Yashiro.'
'No, I was just trying to avoid displeasing my collaborators by not ...... looking at them with that 'Mr. Yashiro is a kind man who loves children' look.'

You should avoid displeasing your collaborators. It will affect your negotiations later on.
A collaborator, of course, is a person who is willing to help you in order to create some benefit.
If that is the case, it is best for the future to try to avoid dissatisfaction.

So stop giggling with Millie over there right now.

'Sorry,...... Miry, I couldn't bring that many ......'.
'No. I'm sure everyone will be happy with even a little bit of your flowers because they are so beautiful. Hey, Yashiro.

A little .......
You can take as many flowers as you can carry and decorate them with them. I think ...... is a safe line.

Well, it's not a problem. ...... If you take Millie with you in a carriage, you can really only carry so much in your bag. ......

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
'So that you can pick flowers over there?
'Hmm. But it might cost ...... a lot of money. ......'

If the flowers are enough to fill the venue, it will be quite expensive.
You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing. ............ After this, you still have to deal with the lords of BU. ......

'I'd like to keep my costs as low as possible.
'Oh, it's ......, right?
'You're in trouble. Isn't there some place where we can get a lot of flowers cheaply? ......'

I've heard that there is a field in the 24th district church, and there may be some flowers blooming.
......, but that doesn't make much of an impact, does it?
It's only when you spread them on both sides of the path, like at the party to celebrate the completion of the 42nd district branch of the Woodcutter's Guild, that people will say, 'Wow!That's awesome! Wow! Beautiful, eye-catching flowers, too.
Casual but pretty wild flowers are not suitable for this mission.

Can't you find more famous or valuable flowers relatively close by, cheaply, or even for free? .................. ...... Oh. It's a good idea.

It's a good idea. There's a guy I know who has amazingly flat breasts.
'Oh, ...... you're going to be pissed, ladybug.'

It's kind of you to not say 'to whom'.
But Millie seems to have understood right away who I was talking about.
That's a lot of recognition, my lord.

'Can you please go tell that lord with your lustrous eyes, "Please ......"?
'Oh ......, was that an imitation of Miri?Miri, do you have such a strange voice?
'No, Miri-san. I think your voice was cute.

No, no, Jeannette. I don't care about that.
I'm slightly embarrassed by the compliment.

'So, what should I ask you for?

She's a little anxious, but she's willing to listen to my request.
Estella can't refuse Millie's request. I'm not sure what to do. ......

'Go and give a message to the perverted lord of the 35th district.
'You'll get angry, ladybug. ...... Really.'

For some reason, Millie is getting nervous.
It's okay, it's okay. That perverted lord won't get angry about that. In fact, if Millie called him a pervert, he'd be happy to shed a tear. ...... What a pity.

'I'll let you touch my sense of touch as much as you want, just let me use the flowers in the garden.

What the hell? I'm sure Miry herself feels it in her skin. ...... the perversion of that lord. She understands how dangerous he is.

'It's true that the 35th district is relatively close to the 24th district,......, but that doesn't mean that Miry-san is ......'.
'It's okay. There's one more message I want you to give to Miry.
'One more ......?'

In order to reassure Ginette that Millie is safe, I'm going to give her a very special secret.

'Ask Wendy to give her a message. 'I've found a way to make good use of your old man, so lend it to me.
'What?Tentacles, is that your father's tentacles, Wendy?
'Ah. I don't have a problem with rubbing that thing so hard that it burns!I'd rather have it rubbed!
'Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
'Millie. There's a saying in my hometown. --I don't care.
'Um, Yashiro-san,......, that's indeed a pity,.......'
'Hahaha, Jeannette. It's just my imagination.''
'Huh?No, it's just ......'
'It's all in your mind, it's all in your mind.

The two girls were confused for some reason.
You're such a worrier. That's Wendy's old man.
You know, that perverted old man who's half-naked all the time?
He should be grateful that Lucia is rubbing his antennae.


'Well, let's see. ...... For now, let's just tell her and leave the rest to Estella's judgment.'
'Yes, you're right. Estella-san won't try to do anything strange, right?
'Yes. I'm sure.
'Hmm. I'm sure.'

That's sweet.
You're all right, both of you.

Estella will do it!
And I bet she'd offer you a big smile and some Ikenier.
If we get the flowers from the garden, we can make nectar.
In the first place, Lucia said she's willing to help.

Did I say ......?
Well, even if she didn't, it's like she did.
Whether he did or didn't is a trivial matter.
It's his duty to cooperate fully. Yeah.

'But it must be beautiful when you can decorate the garden with flowers.'
'Yes, it would. I'm excited.

If I took a picture of their faces and showed it to Lucia, she'd probably agree with me. It's a pity I don't have a digital camera.

'Then I'll go to Estella's place, okay?
'Oh, wait a minute. There's one more thing I need you to do before you go.

She stops Milly from going out.
The flower arrangement will wait for Lucia's response, but there is one more thing I want to try.

'Hey, can you give me the bamboo again?

As soon as I said the word 'bamboo', Millie and Ginette shouted the exact opposite.

'Are we going to have another Nagashio Somen?
'Well, are we going to step on green bamboo again?

Ah, I see.
The difference in our memories of bamboo gave rise to these opposite feelings.

'Oh, Nagashi O-somen!That's right!It's delicious, isn't it?

Ginette tries to force herself to agree with Millie's words. 'O-somen' is getting on my nerves.
Despite the fact that she wants to believe it, sweat is forming on her forehead.

'Ao Takefu ......, I want to make something.
'Didn't you just say "stepping on green bamboo"?

Jeannette is desperate.
You don't see Jeannette like this very often. It's precious. ......

'Mmm, mmm!Please don't smirk at me.

Jeannette is sulking.
I'm not sure what to say. That's not bad at all.
I looked over and saw that Millie was desperately sending me a message.
She's not saying it out loud, but she's making sure that Jeannette doesn't notice, and she's saying 'oh-sou-men' with her mouth moving.

No, I don't do Nagashi Soumen either.

'Actually, I was thinking of changing the toys for the children's lunch soon.
'Children's lunch, huh?

At the sudden appearance of a familiar name, Ginette forgot her grumpiness and turned to look at me.
Well, Jeannette's grumpiness doesn't count as a grump. It's more like 'pouting'. She'll be in a good mood as soon as something comes up that interests her.

'I thought I'd try it out at the party, and if the kids responded well, I could make it an addition to the kids' lunch.
'Hmm ......'

Ginette smiles happily as she listens to me.

'Yashiro-san, you really like your job, don't you?
'No, you can't beat me.
'No, no, no. Mr. Yashiro is always thinking about the store.
'Not as much as you who's always in the store.
'I was ............ surprised when I found out why you wanted to build the street.'

The conversation, which had been moving along at a brisk pace, suddenly paused, and Ginette's eyes grew slightly moist as she remembered something.
And then, as if trying to hold back, she said a few short words.

...... It's not the kind of thing you cry about.
I just wanted to make a profit. Of course, to increase my salary.


Seeing me and Jeannette arguing, Millie now smirks.
She holds her mouth with her small hand and shakes her hair fluffily.

'Ladybug, you're always thinking about Jeannette, aren't you?

At the sudden remark, Ginette and I both let out strange noises.
What are you talking about, you cute fairy?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

Oh, my God, this girl!
When did she become such a childish girl?

The birthday is a strategy to establish the cake in the city, the festival is a demonstration to attract the street, and the soleil flower hairpiece is a ............... The festival is a demonstration to attract people to the street, and the Soleil flower diadem is a ..................... kind of nice ploy!I'm sure it will eventually come around and benefit me!

'Jinetto-san is also very protective of the 'figyua', hair ornaments, and brick vases that Ladybug-san gave her. Right?'
'Ah, ah, um!Millie-san!
'No, well, they're all important items, and we all take good care of them, but why are we talking about them now ...... and, well, I think we should take good care of things!

Ginette's gaze collided with his, who was in a state of great panic.

'Huh,......, just for now, please don't look at me,.......'
'Oh, oh!

...... What an ambush.
This guy is careless. He's always so defenseless in front of Millie.
I can't blame him for smiling that innocent smile.

Well, I'm sure she won't tell anyone about it. ............

'The big ladies of the guild.

'Those old ladies.

'Those two make me smile when I see them...'
'Sure, Jeannette's two bulges are soothing to look at, but'
'Oh, no, no, no. We're not talking about that, are we?

I was expecting to get a 'please repent' from Jeannette, but she was too frazzled by the information Millie had given her to do that.
Stop it. That's the kind of reaction that amuses old ladies who have nothing better to do.

I'm calm.

'I'm always jealous of you too, you know.
'Okay, Milly!You can be my child!
'Yashiro-san, please calm down.

Because she's so cute!
You'll take her home, right?

If you ask a hundred adult males around the country who are unusually curious about little girls, there's a ten percent chance they'll say they'll take her home.

'I'll ask Umaro to make a space for Milly in my room.
'No, you can't. Umaro and the others seem to be busy right now.
'No, Jinetto-san. I don't mean that. I mean that you should warn them that Miri is not an ornament.

I was just thinking that I would like to have a hug pillow of this size.

I've been thinking about getting a hug pillow about this size.
'Aww......, come on!
'Mmmm ...... Javier is going to want one of those.'

Ah. So that's what Ginette thinks.
Rejoice, Javier. You're unanimously recognized as a pervert in the 42nd district.

'Oh, yeah, ...... so, what do you make with bamboo?'

I'm going to try to change the subject.
A bamboo milliner is also a nice and quaint thing to have instead of .............

'No, I was thinking of making a bamboo dragonfly.
''Bamboo dragonflies?''

You don't know, do you?
And then they both thought of something at the same time, and their faces lit up.

'I'm looking forward to it!
'I want you to make me a nice little one, too.
'It's not what you think it is.

It's not a dragonfly-shaped accessory.

'I'm curious, bamboo dragonfly. I want to see it.

Millie shakes her body gingerly.
She gazes at the empty space and looks excited with her imagination.
It's not that I'm being asked to ......, but it's really stirring up my desire to make something for you. It's more powerful than bad begging.

'If you have bamboo that can be processed, you can make it in about 20 minutes.
'Really?I'll go get it then!

As soon as she said that, Millie ran into the store.
I have ......, bamboo.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

The tools used in the house, such as baskets, are made by furniture makers, but you can make simple things yourself.

'Is this okay?

Millie brought out a long piece of bamboo from the store.
Perhaps she was going to use it to make bamboo twine, but it was drying nicely. Well done.

'Then, can I have this area?

He points with his finger to the area between the clauses.

'Is that all you need?
'It's a simple one.

He cuts the bamboo with a saw and splits the cylindrical bamboo with a machete.
After splitting it in half, determine the dimensions and make the wings first.

'Wow!It's so cute!

I thought we were talking about bamboo dragonflies, but Jeannette was feeding Millie taiyaki while I was processing.
Are they going to watch me work with a snack in their hand?How gracious of them. I'll charge you a fee.

At first, I thought I'd make a plain bamboo dragonfly, but ...... I thought it would be more fun to fly high, so I decided to make a "twisted bamboo dragonfly".
A twisted bamboo dragonfly has a narrower center than a rectangular one. The characteristic of the twisted dragonfly is that the center of the bamboo is burned and twisted.

It's so good!

......, I'm curious.
Millie is jumping up and down with joy.
I'd buy a stuffed animal like that if I could find one.

I shaved the wings thinly, rounded the corners to prevent injury, and got a candle to add a twist. Then make a thin stick for the shaft and round the corners so that it can rotate well. ............
Finally, attach the feather to the shaft and you're done.
Just 20 minutes. That's pretty good work.

Is that a 'bamboo dragonfly'?
'It doesn't look much like a dragonfly, does it?

He peers at me with amusement and says something like that.
But the look in his eyes says, 'I can't wait to play with it.

'Okay, I'm going to fly it, so stay away from me.
'I'm going to fly ......, are you going to fly?'
'You look like a dragonfly.'

The two sisters, who seemed to be enjoying everything they did and seemed to be on good terms with each other, walked back hand in hand.
Hmm. I'll have to show them a good time.

Place the shaft in your left palm and pinch it with your open right hand.
Then, rub your hands together to add rotation to the axis, and thrust your right hand forward vigorously.
Beep!--The bamboo dragonfly spins and flies up into the sky with a pleasant sound.

Oh, it flew!
It's flying!

Millie and Ginette shouted in unison.
Millie and Ginette both shouted in unison, their necks stretched out as they followed the flying dragonflies.
Then, as if chasing the dragonfly, their faces turn around and pour into my hands.

'They're back!
'Wow, ladybug, you're amazing!

Hmmm... ...... bamboo dragonflies, if you fly them right, they come back, you know?

'Would you like to try it?
'Yes. But it sounds difficult.'
'No, it's easy.
'Then I'd like to try it.

I hand the bamboo dragonfly to a smiling Ginette.
I gave her a brief lecture on how to fly it, and then we got down to business.

'I'm ...... nervous, I'm ...... nervous.'

Jeannette was very nervous.
It's not such an exaggeration.

I'm going!I'll be there.

'Yeah! With a shout of 'Yeah!', Jeannette's arm was swung out, and the bamboo dragonfly flew out from her palm and directly hit Jeannette between the eyes.


Bluntness, at its finest.

'Myu............It hurts......'

Ginette held her forehead and tears welled up in her eyes.
It's funny. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's a good idea. You've been very busy today, Moe God. I'm soothed.

'Fly forward. Like this.'
'That's what I thought I did. ......'
'Here, try it again.'
'Well, ............ and. Um, yes, Millie-san, after you.'
'Oh, what?Are you going to do it too, Miri?
'It's fun.'

It's not going to be very convincing if you say it with tears in your eyes.
Miry takes the bamboo dragonfly fearfully.
I'm sure she's thinking that because I'm too good, I'm going to watch and objectively study how Millie flies as a beginner.

Well, Millie is not as slow as Jeannette.

'Don't be afraid. No one but Jeannette can do that kind of funny.'
'Huh, ............ that's terrible, Yashiro-san, ...... that's not funny, ......'

I'll leave the nodding Ginette aside and teach the scared Millie how to fly.
If you do it the normal way, it will fly the normal way.

'Come on, try it.

Millie is also very nervous.
Will this be the second coming of the Moe God?

'Yes ..................!

With ......, the bamboo dragonfly fell to the ground. The distance it flew was 0 centimeters.
You're too scared!
Without any friction, he just let go of his hands, which were clasped together.
Let it fly.

'It's okay, just go for it, okay?
'Oh ......mm............, then ......... ...yeah!...... Ah!

Beep!--There was a sharp sound, and the bamboo dragonfly soared into the sky.

'It's flying ....... That's amazing!It flew!It flew, ladybug and planet!

Milly jumped up and down with both arms raised. She's so happy.
Ginette, on the other hand--

'......Am I incompatible with bamboo? ......'

--somehow more depressed than necessary.
Don't worry. You'll get better at it.

'Oh, ......?

Millie tilted her head as she looked up at the bamboo dragonfly flying in the sky.
The bamboo dragonfly is flying farther and farther away.

'You're not coming back to ......?
'Yeah, there's a little trick to getting it back.
'Oh!Well, then, I have to go get it!

Milly runs away in a panic.
You don't have to be in such a hurry, but ...... a girl chasing a bamboo dragonfly is quite nice and quaint. Yes, I'll just keep my mouth shut and watch.

'Yashiro-san...... will I be able to fly?'

Ginette is depressed over something unimportant.
Maybe he's a little more competitive than I thought, this guy.

'It's okay.
'Yes, you're right. With practice, I'm sure you'll be able to ......'
'Let the kids teach you.'
'You're expecting to be overtaken?

'I wish I could have taught you,' he said, quite recklessly.
If your way of flying became popular, everyone would have a red mark between their eyes. Just like you are now.

'Look, you're turning red.

I lightly stroke Jeannette's brow with my finger.
That looks painful, I know.
But I'm glad it didn't get in your eye. If it had, it would have been a serious matter.

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san, ...... is fine now, isn't he?
'Hmm?Is it?
'Yes, yes. Thanks to you, the pain has gone away.

Are you an infant?
If it doesn't hurt anymore, it's not a problem. ......

'...... ehehe'.

Jeannette's cheeks relax and she gently touches the spot I've been stroking.

'Thank you.'
'Heh............ no, not really............ well. ,............Yeah.'

I don't know why he thanked me.
I'm not sure why he thanked me, but he did.
I don't know.I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... Give me a break.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm going to try.

I'm sorry.

--Millie, clutching a bamboo dragonfly with both hands, was staring at us with a smirk on her face.


It's a good day for gynets,......, I thought as I turned my gaze away from Miry and decided to make a bamboo dragonfly. Let's make bamboo dragonflies in silence. Let's do that. I'm not going to ask you anything, I'm not going to look at anything, I'm not going to think about anything.

'You are a good friend of mine.

In the event that you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your business, then you'll want to look at the following tips.

I'm not sure what to do. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it.