310-Preparation for Episode 222 Banquet 8

'Ah, you're back.

I walked around here and there, and when I returned to the sunny pavilion, Estella was there.

'Oh, Estella. It's been a long time.
'What?Didn't we meet yesterday?

Huh, was that so?
Somehow it feels like it's been a month.

'Oh, by the way, I heard you finally made taiyaki.
'Oh. It turned out to be a pretty good one. See?
'Yes, sir. I'm very proud of it.

The sunny-side up taiyaki was as good as Ginette had said it would be.
Estella must have heard about it and was curious about it. She took care of her work and flew here.

'......! I baked a taiyaki.

Magda comes out of the kitchen with a taiyaki on a plate with the air of 'I peeled the sweet chestnuts.
......You've baked it.

'...... Estella. Taste it.
I'll take the one that Jeannette made, and you can feed it to Umaro.
'......They use the same ingredients, so there's not much difference in taste. .................. ...... (supposedly)'

You said that in a very low voice, just now.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.It's amazing.
'I haven't even taught you yet, and you're being selfish ......'

Ginette is complimenting me, but I'm not impressed.
I want you to master it before you offer it to others.

'But, well, it's okay with Estella.
'Would you please stop treating me like Ricardo and Umaro?

Estella glares at me with her cheekbones, looking very unhappy.
The fact that you don't like that category shows that you have a very low opinion of them.You're a terrible person to know. Don't you feel sorry for them?
If it were me ...... and I was put in the same category as those guys ............... ...

I'm not sure what to say.
'If you perceive that you have treated them in such a way that you need to apologize so seriously, then you have a very low ~~~~ opinion of them, don't you? You're a horrible person, you know that? Don't you feel sorry for them?
'No, not at all.
'That's odd. For some reason, I don't feel that way about them either.
'Oh my God, you two are terrible.

Ginette scolded me and Estella at the same time.

'Pfft, you're being scolded.
'Don't forget that you are too.
'I'm already used to it!
'Can't you ever get used to that?

The whole time they were talking, Magda was staring at Estella. She was holding a plate of taiyaki(?). with a plate of taiyaki(?).

'...... Eat him,' she said.
'I like a decent meal at first, I do.
'I want something decent all the way through.
'That's what I want, too.'

Magda stared at ~~~~~~.
This guy is pretty stubborn too.

'Then, I'll take it...'

Ginette said, extending her hand. --Estella grabbed her arm tightly.

'You'd better not, Ginette.
'Yes, ......, but...'
'Because just now Magda was saying "............" in the kitchen.'
'Hey, Magda. What did you do?
'...... pew pew.'
'I'm not whistling, I'm whistling.

How did you notice Magda's mumbling in the kitchen, anyway?
You can't usually hear that. ............ obsession, I guess. How much did you want to eat that taiyaki?

I'm not sure.

That's when I suddenly heard Loretta scream from the kitchen.
We looked at each other and signaled with our eyes what we should do.
As we were doing this, Loretta came out of the kitchen without a care in the world. In her hand, she was holding a plate of taiyaki.

''Loretta, what did you do?
''Huh!It's not good to make assumptions about your brother, Estella-san, and Magda-chan!




'……そう. 時間は店長とまったく同じだった'

おそらく,最初は慎重に焼いていたのに,片面の焼き色が綺麗だったから'あ,余裕~'とか思って油断したんだろう. ありがちだ.
そしておそらく,こいつらはどっちも最初から強火で焼いている. 最初の片面はちょこちょこ確認していたから焦げなかっただけだ.

'うん,やっぱりジネットちゃんって凄いんだね. 改めて実感したよ'


'ジネット. 焼いてきてやれ'
'はい. 少し待っていてくださいね'

どうして作るのがそんなに嬉しいのかねぇ. 面倒くさくなることはないんだろうか?










'注文はなんさね?あ,それならこっちの定食の方がいろいろついてお得さね. でも,ケーキ食べたいならこっちにしてお腹に余裕を持たせておくといいさね. 別腹とはいえ,満腹で食べるよりある程度空いてた方が美味しく感じられるからねぇ'


'まぁ,いろいろあってな. あいつは今,金物ギルドに帰れない身なんだ'

ここにいて休息出来るならそれに越したことはない. ……と思ったのだが,働いてるなぁ,誰よりも.

'なぁ. もしかして,この街って『休む』って言葉ないのか?'
'あるよ. ボクが四番目に好きな言葉だよ'
'あぁ. 『乳』『成長』『誤差』に次ぐ四番目な'





お前が回してるのかよ,ここのフロア. なんにでも適応するよな,ノーマは. チアリーダーとか,アイドルマイスターとか.

'あ,ヤシロ. 戻ってたんかい?'

I don't know what to think, but she looks good no matter what you put on her. Whether it's a cute apron or a kappogi (Japanese apron), she wears them both beautifully.
She has the potential to be both a new wife and the proprietress of a small restaurant.

'I finished the errand you asked me to do in the morning.
'Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you.
'He said he'd show up in the evening, so he should be here soon.

Your timing is perfect.

'Who did you call?
'Hmm?It's Neffery.
'......, so it's an egg .............'

With a finger to her chin, Estella looks as if she's thinking of cooking with eggs.
But that's a shame. It's not eggs I'm after this time.

As we were talking about this, Nephrite came into the store as if he had been waiting for me.

'Hi~. You called me, so I'm here~'

He looked refreshed, as if he had just finished work.
Unlike the work clothes I usually see her in, she was wearing a really girly fashion, full of the feeling of a girl who has grown up a bit.

'Is that the new Uclines?
'Oh, you know what?
'It looks good on you.
'Ehehe~, you're as good as Yashiro. You know how to give compliments.

You're enjoying fashion for its own sake, Neffery.
You can see it in the way she's happy.
I guess she's just dying to show off her clothes.

'...... I can't help it if I'm unaware of this.
'Big brother, I hope you don't get stabbed one day. ......'
'Well, I'm sure you'll be fine, even if Yashiro gets ...... stabbed.'

I ignore them, even though they're whispering behind me.
I'm not trying to seduce you or score points, you know.

'So, you want to talk to me about something, right?
'No. I made a new dish, and I was wondering if you wanted some.'
'Really?I was late with the doughnuts, so I was really disappointed.

He's still regretting his late debut with doughnuts because of his work schedule.
Paula must have bragged about it to him.

'What do you mean? Did you invite Nephrite here to give him a taste?
'...... Yashiro is sometimes kind to Nepheli.'
'If you ask me, I feel like I get special treatment a lot.
'We've known each other for a long time, Yashiro and Nepheli.'

The girls' gazes lowered the temperature.
There are a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'Hey,......, too!Don't say anything funny. It's not like me and Yashiro are nothing, and it's not like that at all!Hey, hey?
'Oh, yeah. That's right.

It's not like that at all,......, you've been a constant chicken in my life since the day I met you.
...... I don't know why there's a persistent theory that I'm targeting Neffery, but I am. For a while.
It's because it makes me nostalgic for Japan.
The summer of Kincho. Summer in Japan.

'Well, Nephrite, take your time.'
'Uh, yeah. I'll do that then. I'm going to go say hi to Ginette.

Nephrite fled the scene as Norma and the others shouted at him.
That part is also very girly. It's like something you'd see in a Showa-era manga.
...... But her face is always that of a chicken.

After confirming that Neffery had entered the kitchen, he opened the door. Sure enough, there's Percy.

'I've been waiting for you.
'Hey, how did you know I was here, man?

You don't know.
I called Neffely to fish for you.

'Oh, he wanted to see Percy.
'...... Nephrite is bait.
'You'll catch a hundred of them.
'It's not so easy, is it, Percy?
'You're treating me badly, aren't you?Same old, same old.

I'm just trying to get it right.

You might want to take a second look at your behavior.

Well. I don't think Percy's stalker tendencies will ever improve, so I won't pursue the matter. It's a waste of time.

'So, Percy. I have a favor to ask you.'
'I don't want to ask you straight out after the way you treated me.
'Would you like to have the same snack as Neffely?The two of you together. Together.'
'You can tell me anything!I'll do everything in my power to help you!
'...... cholo'.

Come on, Estella.
Percy's getting motivated, so don't mumble the truth.

'So, what do you want me to do?
'I want you to introduce me to the man in charge of the sugar factory.
'That's me!
'No, I'd like to talk to my sister, but she's busy. Go to .......'
'I'm in charge!I'm in charge!That's my factory!
'Even if the employees don't approve?
'Ugh, ......, shut up. ............, don't go into what you care about. ......'

If you care, you should work harder to get them to accept you. You're not going to get rid of the stigma, are you?

'Then I'll give you a chance to clear your name.

If you can successfully deliver what I've ordered, the world will look at you differently.

'Make me some sugar that is a little bigger than the sugar we have now.
'Oh, you mean, like julienne?


'In the process of making white sugar, I thought, "Can't we make it purer? I tried it, and I got a big crystal of sugar. I thought it could be used for something, so I was working on commercializing it, just now.
'So, what's the name of that sugar?
'It's called zarame. I named it that, isn't it really cool?

Is this also the work of forced translation magic?
It means the compulsion translation spell recognized it as the same thing, right?

'I can't believe Percy was working at .......'
It's not a surprise.It's not a surprise.

I'm surprised!
You're always snooping around behind Neffery's back, when is he working?

'I can get you some lentils, do you want some?
'At any rate, if you prepare 1kg, I'll tell Nephrite how great your technique is.
'I'll bring 7 tons!
'I don't need that much!

Don't change the units.

However, I didn't know that jalapeño had been born. ............ If it wasn't for Percy's credit, I would have been more honestly pleased. ......!

I'm sure you're not the only one who can't read air. You've done it.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

Although I felt a slight regret, I was relieved to get some coarse rice.
At the worst, I was about to use a candy bar.

Now, if only Norma and her munchkins would do their best: ......

'Hi, Yashiro!How are you doing?
'I've just gotten very sick.

If you ask me, ............ you're not coming out at the right time, you know. It's not good for your heart.
I'll kick your ass if you come out at the wrong time.

'The order you placed, it's almost ready.
'I brought it to you to make sure it's done properly~'
''So...so... I came to ask if your relationship with Norma-chan has progressed~''
'''I did~'''
''Shut up!Don't say anything funny with your funny face!

Norma is beating the crowds of puffed-up people in front of the store with a smoking pipe from her pocket.
Hey, Norma. I'm sure you'll get more out of it if you ...... fire it up.Heat it up, more.

'So, what have you got for me?
What do you got for me?

And the old man--I think it was Gonsuke? --What he pulled out was a cylindrical piece of iron.
It was ten centimeters long and about four centimeters in diameter.

'A 'roller'?
'Yes, yes... it's the same one I put in the bearing. I've tried to make them as even as I could, but what do you think?

Place the "roll" on the table and roll it by pushing it with your fingers.
Strictly speaking, there are various problems, but ......

'Well, that's fine. I'm not looking for that level of accuracy.
'Thank goodness!It's really difficult to make a circle.

These cylindrical 'rollers' are placed between two tubes of different sizes to serve as bearings to help rotation.
Since the object to be made is a plaything, the size of the bearing naturally becomes large, and the rollers become large in proportion.
It may make a rattling noise, but it is something that kids can get on and have a lot of fun with. It's nothing to worry about.

'Hmmm... ......'

Norma, who had been left out of the loop, stared at the 'koro' with swarthy eyes and rolled it with her fingers.

'Isn't it a little distorted ......, it doesn't roll straight.
'Oh, Norma. You look like my mother-in-law!
'No, you're not. I'm just a member of the hardware guild, and I don't like it when my co-workers do half-hearted work. ...... Ah, you have a small scratch here. I'd like to hear how you're handling it.

It's my mother-in-law.
I have a mother-in-law.

I see. If you leave Norma out of the equation, she'll sulk like this.
I'll keep this in mind for future reference. Give Norma a reasonable job. I'll try to remember that.

'I'll check the bearing operation later.
'Okay, next one. I'm very confident about this one...'

Loosening his thick, beard-filled mouth, Gonsuke makes eye contact with the other muscled man.
...... Don't wink or anything. This is a restaurant, remember?


And the puffed-up guy brings in the machine.
I wonder why...
When Magda said it earlier, it was cute, but when the old man says it, it makes me want to kill him.

'Yashiro. What's that?
'Oh, that?He's a maiden at heart.
'That's not it!I know what that one is!

Estella gets angry at me for answering her question.
What do you want to ask me then?

'I'm asking you what that machine does.
'Well, it's used to put in pomace so that ...... Nephrite can say, "Oh, sugar can do this?Wow! It's a machine that makes the nephews go wild with excitement.
'Hey, wait a minute!I'll be right back with the granulated sugar!I'll be back in thirty, no, twelve minutes!

As soon as he said that, Percy ran out of the store with great speed.
Twelve minutes means that ...... he's got a sugar dump in the 42nd district. I'm sure he's planning to move there someday.

Hey. Didn't you just hear Percy's voice?

Nepheli came out of the kitchen.
A taiyaki is firmly in his hand.

'Ah!That's a taiyaki?I want some too!
''''' us too~!'''''
'You guys are a bit reserved!

The girls quickly swarmed the taiyaki. I want some!
Are you sure, Estella? You're kind of in that category, now.

You're squealing and squealing, 'cute! and 'sweet~' and 'happy~'. and 'sweet' and 'happy'.
Estella is also satisfied with her taiyaki.

But ...... I assure you.
You're going to be even more moved than you are now.

When you have the two things I ordered.

The first is this machine I ordered.
It is a large rectangular box, about 120 centimeters high, with a large vat attached to the center of it. In the center of the vat is a tubular piece of metal that has a high thermal conductivity and can withstand high temperatures.
There is a large handle or something on the outer frame, and turning this handle rotates the tubular metal object in the center of the tub, which has a high thermal conductivity and can withstand high temperatures.
Underneath the tubular metal that has high thermal conductivity and can withstand high temperatures is a tower that can maintain powerful flames, so that it can be heated at high temperatures from below.

Just add the second material I ordered, "roasted rice", and it's ready.

Cotton candy!

'...... Yashiro is smiling.
'This is the face of a man who has made a fortune.This is the face he makes when he says, "I'm going to make another fortune!

'This machine is going to create something amazing, isn't it?
'I'm looking forward to it. Hey, Jeannette.'
'Yes, sir. Yes, it is. ...... ugh. You look like you're having fun, Yashiro.''

And Percy, who had blasted his way through the 42nd district in the hope of getting praise from Nepheli, returned in about 12 minutes. It's a little early for me.

So, let's make some ...... fluffy, dreamy sweets!