344-Episode 6 Like a boat floating in a mountain strea...


We entered the 42nd district first thing in the morning.
The new passageway, called New Road, is still under construction, and currently only one side of the ramp and the stairs on both sides are open to traffic.
Inside, a creepy man with round glasses was carving patterns on the walls and stairs under the direction of a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

'No, Mr. Bekko!You need more curve there!It's not round enough!'
'Mr. Imelda ......, why are you suddenly acting like a foreman?You didn't even show your face yesterday.'
'Just for some reason!
'Are you in a bad mood, that you are?
'It's because you left me out, even though we had a meeting!I was already asleep, that's the only reason!
'No, I wouldn't have called out to you if you were asleep, that I wouldn't, normally.
'Please wake me up!
'Even if you ask me, ......'

You're a beautiful woman with a stern face.
I didn't know such a beauty existed in the bottom of a city like the 42nd district.
I'd like to get close to her when I get some money. ...... Guffaw.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like.

I was going to pass by, but a familiar name stopped me in my tracks.
Yashiro is the name that the lady at the bar had mentioned.

...... No way, that lady. Did you tell anyone about last night?
I'm not sure.
I pretended to look down the wide atrium hall, as other tourists do, and listened.

I've heard that story before this morning, too. I heard that Mr. Yashiro ...... has disappeared.


'Yes, that I did. It seems that he had some problems and went into hiding, that he did.
'That's typical of her behavior.

I almost shouted, 'Lucky! I almost shouted.
Apparently, the bastard we used as a name in our scam, Yashiro, is actually a small-time crook and has disappeared.
We're in luck.

He pretends to be a stranger and looks out for his friends who came down the New Road with him.
They seem to know what I'm talking about, and give me a nod with a wicked smile.

'That's what the gathering was about, that it was.
'I've heard that. I'm sure ...... I'll have to tell them to force you to wake up next time.
'...... How badly did you want to get out, that you did?

As far as I can tell, the lady with the dog ears hasn't told them about us.
But we can't rest assured.
Not until I actually see it with my own eyes.
I won't make a mistake like that idiot who got caught at the last minute.

Well, that was just a case of bad luck.
...... Why did such a monster happen to be in the 29th Ward on the day of the attack?
The name "Medora" sounded familiar to me as well. The monster guild leader of the hunting guild. That name is Medora.

...... I had no idea he was such a full-blown monster. ............ I only caught a glimpse of him as he ran away... I'm not sure what to make of it.
Thanks to it, I now have nightmares even in the lightest sleep.

I don't want to meet that guy again, seriously.

That's why we have to be careful.
The last thing we want is to get caught.
We prepare well, and when we do, we do it fast. And when we're done, we pull the plug. That's the rule.

We'll make our way down the New Road.
We're going to Cantalucia. That's where the lady is.

When we got to the street, a man with a crocodile face and an ordinary woman with no distinguishing features were talking to each other.

'Hey, Loretta. Is it true that Regina is not in the store?'
'Ms. Mo-Mat, you're reading too much into it. You should be more normal.'
'Huh, normal, that's it!
'I knew it was too much for you, Mo-Mat. ......'
'That's not true!So, you know what?Regina is not in the store, right?
'Yes, that's right. She hasn't been back since yesterday.

'Regina' is the name of one of the rich people that Cantartica's lady said would pay me.
You're saying she's missing?At a time like this.

'It seems he was messing with my brother ......, Yashiro-san.
'You've always been like that. Every time you do ...... that ............ thing, you know, like this ...... obscene. ...... that......'
'Mr. Mo-Mat, your face is red.

'Shut up!I'm not good at that kind of talk!
'............ I'm Mr. Mutsuri.'
'No, that's not right!

A crocodile man chasing after a young woman with a bright red face.
The picture is nothing but a pervert and his victim, but the woman seems to be running away happily, so I guess this is the daily life in this town.

But then again,......
The woman, Regina, is a close friend of the bastard, Yashiro.
If so, she's going to pay me a pretty penny.

Let's go to the main street and gather some information.
About Regina and the other woman, Norma.

First stop on the main road is Cantalucia.
I'll check with the lady.
If she's told anyone, the whole plan goes out the window.

Yesterday, I came here looking like a drunk with shaggy hair and makeup that made me look red.
Today, you've got your hair done, you're dressed nicely, and at first glance you look like an elite member of some big guild.
The woman who had been in such a state of panic wouldn't even be able to recognize the same person.

When I entered the store, I felt a little strange.
I can't really describe it, but it was like the air was ...... tense.

'Oh, Assunto. What are you smiling about?'
'No, it's nothing, Mr. Use. It's just, well, ...... hmm.'
'What's with the creepy voice?
'No, sir. It's Norma.
'Oh, that s*xy woman from the hardware guild.'
''Yes. She's a woman with big breasts that Use likes.''
'Oh, no!Hey!No, no, no!I'm not like that at all. ......!'
'Well, well, well. Whether you like big tits or not, there is a story that interests me.

A pig-faced man and a strong, muscular man who seems to like big tits are chatting.
They were drinking light ale, probably because it was morning. They're drinking light ale, probably to cheer themselves up before work. I often do this myself.

'Mr. Norma. I think you and Yashiro might have made some progress.

I was looking for Nee-chan, but when the name 'Yashiro' came up again, I sat down in a nearby seat.
This time, "Norma" also came out.
He didn't show any sign of concern and listened closely.

'Well, Yashiro is an unparalleled lover of big tits. I wouldn't be surprised if he got together with Norma. He's an unparalleled lover of big tits!
'Use-san, aren't you trying to put all the blame on Yashiro-san?
What do you mean, "blame"?I'm not at fault!

This bastard Yashiro seems to have a good relationship with a woman named Norma.
He's a real dirty boy.

'No, sir. Norma, you've been training to be a bride for a long time, haven't you?
'Oh, ...... I hear you've been doing it ............ for a long time.'
'I feel sorry for you if I remind you too much. It's an unrewarding effort, even more so.'
You're the one who's saying the worst thing.

Is this Norma woman a single-minded woman?
She's been training to be a bride for this bastard Yashiro.

...... So, Regina is more of a plaything?
It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web to make sure that you're getting the most out of your internet site.

...... This Yashiro guy is unforgivable. He's got a good thing going for him.

'...... huh. d*mn. How many more times do I have to do this ......'
'Mr. Use.'
'Didn't you notice that?'
'...... No, more on that later.'
'Huh?...... d*mn, I don't understand you.'
'For now, let's discuss ...... your views on marriage, shall we?'
I'm not sure what to do.

It seems that the topic of Yashiro is over.
I have no more use for this seat.

The waitress didn't come to take our order at all.
When I looked for her, she was just standing there by the counter.
She seems to be in a state of shock. ...... Is this lady in love with this guy Yashiro?

...... Yashiro, if I find him, I'll kill him.

Anyway, I'm going to carry out my original goal.

'Excuse me, shopkeeper.

He speaks in a much different tone than yesterday.
I am now an employee of the Great Guild.
Soft-spoken, with a nice smile, a refreshing kind of guy. Fortunately, I have a good face.

'Can I order?
'Oh, I'm sorry. What would you like?
'An ale, then.
'Okay, 35Rb. Dad, one ale.'

An unsociable man with dog-ears nodded at the counter.
He's so big that it's intimidating.

'Yes, sir. Yale, please wait.
'Thank you, sir.

I take the ale, and then, under the guise of casual chatting, I probe him.

'Excuse me, waitress.
'You don't seem to be in good spirits...'

She's not very good at deception.
It's easy to see it on her face. She's surprised that you pointed it out.

'Is there something wrong with you?
'......, nothing. Why?'
'No, no. I just thought so.
'Heh, strange customer. I'm going to go do my job!

Leaving behind a lame excuse, the waitress heads for the crowded hall.
Her hair was standing up and her tail was getting thicker.
Canines are easy to recognize.

From the looks of her, she's not talking to anyone.
I'm not very good at deception, but ...... that's okay as long as they don't find out until we're done.
By the time they find out, we'll be gone from this town.
We'll retire to the 29th district and live off the money.

'Master. You don't look well either.'

I called out to the dog-eared old man behind the counter, but he turned away without a word.
He didn't seem to be talking to anyone either.

Hahaha, as expected of the 42nd district.
It's a very sweet district ruled by a sweet lord called the Lord of Smiles.
The residents are all so sweet that it's a perfect feeding ground for scoundrels like us.

You shouldn't be holed up in the 29th Ward.
We'll come back when things cool down.
Maybe this will become our main hunting ground. Sigh sigh sigh ......

I gulped down the ale in one gulp and left the store, making eye contact with my companions.

Apparently, this Norma girl is famous in this town.

'Norma-san said you're at the hardware guild workshop today.
'Yashiro, I heard that you haven't been to the Hardware Guild's workshop lately.
'Come to think of it, you said this morning that you haven't seen Yashiro in a while. He seemed kind of lonely.
'Norma is quite a 'waiting woman', you know. She's very stubborn.
'My body is a man, but my heart is a maiden!

And so on, information poured in one after another just by walking along the main street.
And then there was a woman named Regina.

'I saw Regina and Yashiro together in the middle of the night.
'Yashiro also goes to Regina's place whenever he feels like it.
'Come to think of it, you said this morning that it's only a matter of time before you get Yashiro in your arms. He seemed very confident.
'I guess Regina is quite an aggressive woman. She's so naughty.
'It's a wonderland of obscenity in my head!

There's no doubt that Regina is trying to steal Yashiro from Norma.
And it seems that the forty-second ward is currently abuzz with talk about it.
Information is coming in like crazy.

'This Norma woman is now in the workshop of the hardware guild, or ......, so it looks like there are people around.
'A woman named Regina is running an apothecary shop on the outskirts of town. She's usually alone.
'Then that's where we should aim.

We walked towards Regina's apothecary.
On the way--

'Ah, Yashiro, you didn't show up again today. There are so many delicious eggs here...'

'Ah, ah, ladybug......, ya, ya Shiro, san............ Myuu......'
'Wait, what's wrong Miry?
'Oh, ...... ah's ............ ah's ............ ah's nothing,...... so, you know ......Yashiro,.................., there's a rumor going around that you've gone into hiding somewhere, There are rumors circulating.
'What?Really?That's a surprise!
'Huh, ......, you know, your voice comes through, doesn't it? I'm a little surprised. ......

--I saw a chicken and a little girl having a conversation like that.
Apparently, it's true that this bastard Yashiro is hiding in the clouds.
I'm sure it's true. ...... Heh, my luck has come around.

We entered a deserted alleyway and changed our clothes.
I put on some rags and dress up like a small-time crook who would be a good match for this Yashiro guy.
And the other two are in armor as before, dressed as soldiers of District 29.

They head for Regina's apothecary.
They knock on the rickety door. ...... But there is no answer.
I turn the doorknob, but it's locked and won't open.

'Oh, well...'

At this point, one of his friends remembers an important piece of testimony.

'Didn't the normal-looking woman who was talking on the street say that Regina wasn't in the store?
'Oh, she did, she did!
'Yes, d*mn it!It was so normal that it didn't leave an impression.

I was careless.
That Regina woman hadn't been in the store since this morning.
d*mn, bad timing. If you're going somewhere, why don't you wait until after we've screwed you over?

'Oh well. Let's head to the Hardware Guild.
'But isn't there a lot of people there?
'In that case, why don't I lure him out and scam him at Norma's house?
'I see. ......'
'Heh, you're the man.'
'Heh, come on. Let's go.'

We headed back the way we came, still in our clothes.
We're headed for the Hardware Guild's workshop.

Come on, let's see what my trick is.

'Ahhhh, it's so hot!
'I can't take it anymore! I'm sweating my armpits off!
'I'm steaming!
''Let's take a short break...''
'''Let's do that, let's do that'''

From the hardware guild's workshop, a swarm of monsters came gushing out.
I ducked into the shadows. Risk your life!

'Hey~, Norma~! Why don't you go cool off, Norma?
'I'm fine. I'll stay here and work by myself.'
I'll see you later...'

The female-speaking muscle masses leave the workshop.
Unfortunately, they're coming in the direction we're hiding. ...... Please don't let them find us, please don't let them find us, please don't let them find us, please don't let them find us.

'...... Norma-chan. I'm sure you want to see Yashiro.'
'Just looking at you makes me sad. ......'
''When you're alone at night, it's so lonely that the female heart deep inside your chest cries out in pain.
'''I understand~''''

''You know what I mean? I was about to shout, but managed to hold back.
If they find you, ...... they will eat you. I could feel the fear in my bones.

After watching the beasts move away, we began to prepare.
Conveniently, a woman named Norma seemed to be the only one left in the workshop.
Is the Spirit God finally starting to side with us?
"You'll have to do more evil. Heh!

I scoop up some sand from the ground and rub it on my cheek.
That's how I got here in a hurry. It gives me a sense of reality that I was in such a hurry that I could have fallen on the way.

I give him one last look, and run into the workshop.
This time, I don't need to elicit the name of an acquaintance as I did with Cantar Chica.
All I have to do is pinpoint the name of this bastard Yashiro.

So I've changed my tactics.
It's more tense.

I run in, explain the situation to Norma, and when she starts to worry about whether or not she's going to get the money, I ask the two soldiers to come in.
By doing this, I can create a sense of urgency that there is no time to lose, and take away Norma's sense of normalcy.

The woman, Norma, panicked, would do as I asked and give me the money.

I briefly sketched out the plan in my head and ran into the workshop.

'Oh, my God!Is there anyone named Norma?

As I ran in, a woman looked at me with a surprised look.
A woman with fox ears who was so s*xy that it made me gasp.
You can see at a glance that she has a large cleavage, which should not be soft, peeking out from her wide open chest, as if it is about to spill out.
Her large ears, covered with golden fur, stand erect, and her plump tail of the same color wags.

I'm Norma and I'm ...... wondering who you are.

The sweet voice that tickles the nostrils echoes in the depths of the stomach, inciting the male heart as if forcibly awakening the sleeping instincts of men.

'What do you say?

I'm not sure what to say.He pulls out a long, thin flue from between his two tits, which are snuggled tightly together.
What the hell are you putting in there, sister?Is that the best you've got?

I'd like to be alone now. ...... If you don't have anything to do, please leave.

He lit the pipe with a practiced hand and let the light purple smoke waft out.
A unique sweet smell of smoke drifted in the air.

What's the matter with this bastard Yashiro?
What's wrong with such a good woman that you're lusting after another woman?
If I were you, I wouldn't leave her alone for even a second!

'Yes, sir. Can't you speak a word?
'Oh, no!I'm sorry .......'

You're going to cheat ...... this guy?
You're going to cheat him out of his money? .................. No, wait.
I'm the guy who goes around giving advice to Yashiro's acquaintances, worrying about them.
It's the two soldiers that come after you that will take the money and cheat this woman. Not me.

That means I should comfort her when she's depressed because she's been cheated out of her money. ............

Forget about that scumbag Yashiro. I'll protect you.
"Well, what a reliable person ............ likes.

--And that's how it's gonna be!
All right!This is good!
After this job, I'm out of here!

Now, I'm going to do one last job, and I'm going to do it with a bang!

'You know a guy named Yashiro, right?
'......?I know Yashiro ......, yo.'

Violent agitation.
He was probably worried about Yashiro, who had disappeared.

'Actually, ......, I screwed up and got caught by the soldiers of the 29th district.'

--My crew of idiots, you know.

I'm done talking about this Yashiro guy. Now we're talking about my men.
I'm not lying about anything. I'm not going to get caught by the Judgment of the Spirits.

'And if we don't do something about it, our lives are in danger.

I got carried away and scammed the lord, and I screwed up.
No, my men screwed up.
The lord of the 29th district, Gerasie Erin, is a man who cares a lot about face.
He won't forgive an impostor who tries to deceive him. Worse, his life is at stake. From ......, it's not a lie.

'If you have money, I can help you.
'............ money, huh?
'Yeah, that's right. If you post bail, most of the charges can be wiped out. You know that, don't you?That's the way of the nobility.'
'...... I didn't know that.'

Norma is still looking unhappy.
He's not really paying attention to what I'm saying.
I've heard rumors in the city that if you mention the name of a guy named Yashiro, he'll give you the money without a second thought. ......

Oh well. It's a little annoying, but I'm going to use this Yashiro guy to my advantage.

You. You haven't met Jashiro, have you?'

Norma doesn't answer.
But I can see it in his expression. His sorrowful eyes tell of the loneliness of not seeing him.

'Don't you want to see me?

The gesture of biting her lips is also s*xy.
Even without words, the emotion is palpable.
One more push. I don't care if it's a little over the top, I'm going to shake Norma's heart big time.

'I can meet you if you pay me!I'll give you 100,000 Rb!'
'...... ten thousand ............ that kind of money ......'
'This is no time to be confused!

I'm going to break it off here.
From here on, it's a different story. There is no connection with the previous conversation. Absolutely not.

'You want to see him, don't you, Yashiro?

With a shudder ......, Norma's body shakes and falls to the floor.

'I want to see ............ ...... you ......... ...'

She falls on her face and mutters in a quivering voice.
Okay, I'm down!

I casually clear my throat twice.
It's a signal to my companions that I'm going in.
Not long after, two armored soldiers enter the workshop.

'Do you know anyone who knows Obayashi?

They shouted, stomped their feet, and kicked away the nearby blacksmithing tools as they entered.
...... You idiot. You're not a soldier, you're a thug.

'Hey, woman!You know Obeyashiro, right?'

Two soldiers surround Norma.
But Norma covers her face with her hands and doesn't look up.
Maybe she doesn't want them to see her crying. He's so cute.

'Look up!
Say something!

But the two soldiers (idiots), oblivious to Norma's modesty, yell at her violently.
They're probably frustrated by the slow progress, even though there's a lot of money in front of them. That's why you're small people, you know.

'We already know that you're in close contact with Obayashi!

You're not supposed to be here.
But I can't interfere here.
At any rate, I still have the task of healing Norma after she was defrauded by the rogue soldiers.
We can't be complicit with the soldiers. Let's try to get the money on our own.

--I was wrong to think that.

'Obeyashiro wants you to pay him!Now give it to him!

You stupid bastard!
We've never met Obeyashiro. We've never met Obeyashiro, so why would he tell us ...... that he asked Norma to pay him?
I'm sure you've got a lot of questions.

'Did you ...... talk to Yashiro about ............ that?

In a small voice like the buzzing of a mosquito, Norma speaks.
He was the first to react to the soldier's words.

...... So, the key is this Yashiro guy.
You can't help it.
You lied to me on your own. Sacrifice that soldier and split the credit with the rest of us.

You've already lied to me. It doesn't matter how many times you tell it.
Soldier A! You stand in front and take the money. You got it.

I talked to him. He wanted to see you, too.'
'Yashiro wants to meet me at ......?Really, right?'
'Yeah. He wanted to see you. You know?

When asked for his consent, Soldier B remains silent.
He doesn't want to be collateral damage for a lie.

'I'm ...... going to meet Yashiro, aren't I?
'Yes. As long as you pay for it.'
'............ I see.'

Soldier A is starting to get impatient now.
He's sweating like crazy, but he's trying to finish the job as quickly as possible.
Well, even if they find out, they won't be turned into frogs as long as they don't come to the 42nd district. I guess he wants to go home early.

'I'm sure the money is in your room.

A thin white finger wanders unsteadily through the air, pointing to a room at the back of the workshop.
I see, that's where they keep the gold.

'Okay, let's go get it.
'Yes, we should. It doesn't look like it can stand up.

The two soldiers, smiling indecently after hearing the location of the gold, walk towards the room at the back of the workshop.

Leave the money to them, I'll take Norma to ............ Mmm-hmm.

'Don't cry so much. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll take the money that was taken from you ......''

Just as I was about to seduce a woman, two idiots started screaming like idiots.
When I looked at them, they were both hunched over in front of the back room.
What the hell are you doing, man?

'Looks like something's wrong. I'm going to have a look.

I'm just trying to clear up a problem in the workshop. And for your own good, Norma.
I'm going to check on those two idiots.
d*mn it. One idiot is enough to get caught for screwing up at the last moment!

'What are you guys doing?

I reprimand the idiots in an annoyed whisper.
The two idiots both pointed into the room.
Their arms are shaking and their fingertips are wagging like idiots.

What's in this room?
And peeking into the room--


--I screamed.
I couldn't help it.

The room was bright red.
A thick liquid covered the entire floor, and the walls and ceiling were splattered with a blackish red substance.
And what made my heart shrink more than anything else were the two ............ people lying in the middle of the ...... room. One pair, a man and a woman,............

The man's head was cracked open by a huge hammer that was lying there.
The woman's ...... neck was pointing in an impossible direction. She was lying face down, but her face was looking up at the sky. Her neck was turned 180 degrees. ............

Here, here, this is ............ and, and, and, and, and, and ......

'I'd love to meet you......'

A shadow shimmers behind me.
A chill as if the lid of hell had been opened assaulted my whole body.

'...... I've ............ f*cked you with my own hands. ......'

The voice is slowly approaching.

'That woman and ............. 'That woman and ...... that woman who was pacing around Yashiro.

Unsteady, dragging footsteps are coming close.

'With that woman, I would have f*cked her with my own hands. ......'

The wind caressed my cheeks with a rough .......

'That's strange ......'.

...... It wasn't the wind, it was .................. Norma's. ...... woman's ...... long hair.
The long hair touched ...... her cheek.


He sank back and fled from the woman, crawling on the floor.

'You said you saw Yashiro. ............ Yashiro is in another place. ......'

The woman's face that I accidentally saw was not a ............ human face.


It was the face of a demon with a grudge.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

My heart is going to burst ......!

'You ran away from me again, didn't you ............?

In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to get the most out of your home.

'Tell me, ............'.

Slowly, the woman's arms reach out toward us.
The next thing you know, the three of us are hugging each other.

''Tell me the location of the Yashiro you say you saw, right now!
'''Gyaaaaahhhh!I'm sorry, I'm lying, I didn't see him!We're just a bunch of crooks!We've never met a guy like Yashiro before!

He cried out and ran away on shaky legs.
You run away from the rakshasa who is chasing you with a big hammer. You run for your life.
You run, run, run for the exit of the large workshop.

I kicked my stupid friends who were clinging to me and ran out of the exit.
There was--

'I've heard your confession, you frauds.

A small woman with bright red hair.

'Ta...... help me, please!
'Eh!What?You guys?

I don't care who you are!
Please save us from that horrible Raju!

Goddess of Salvation.
Lord of Smiles.
We felt the warmth of life in her gentle chest, and we looked at the red-haired woman in front of us.

She tried to hug the lord and was ...... seized.

'There is a charge for touching Lady Estella.

The ice-eyed head waiter stood in front of us.

'No, Natalia ......, I won't let you touch her even if you pay me. Oh, thank you, everyone.'

The red-haired lord smiled at us, which meant that the people who were holding us down were--

'Hey, Estella. Is this all you do?I don't know why I'm so upset.
'...... complete control'.

A large woman with bear ears and a small woman with tiger ears. And--'

'Hahahaha!I'm sorry I took your job, river fisherman. I promised Magda I'd do the same. I promised Magda I'd take care of it. If you have any problems, you tell me. Besides, these guys have a bit of a history. Hey, you guys. It's been a while.

--The monster head of the hunting guild. Mankind's mightiest warrior. Medora Rossel.

Why is ...... the monster I hoped I'd never see again here ............?
You're dying in a different way!In a more specific sense!

I'm not sure why you're the most excited about this.
'We didn't have a role to play, did we?
'Tsk, give me a break, seriously.'
'Well, well. I'm glad you're having fun.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited about this. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Why ...... are all of these people here?
You're from the 41st district, aren't you?I'm not sure what to do.
While we were panicking and not understanding the situation, we were wrapped up in a rough rope.

'Come on, guys. You can come out now.'

At the sound of Estella Cremona's voice, people started to come out from everywhere.
From the shadows and back alleys, people are coming out.
Who are these people? ......


I've seen that crocodile guy before!And that pig face over there!Chickens and ordinary women!Even the bottle-bottomed glasses from New Roads!
If you look closely, you'll see that all of them are faces you've seen today. ...... Were they all in on it?

He looked at us closely.

'Well, I'm surprised, though. You really do look like her, don't you, in this illustration?

What Medora Rossel pulls out of her pocket--and I can't believe my eyes--is a sketch of us.
It's a lifelike likeness.
Everyone in the room was holding that illustration.

'I'm good at drawing likenesses, that I am. I am proud that my speed is also very good, that I am.
'Mr. Assunto was the first to notice it. I'm impressed.
'Hmmm. Well, I can tell suspicious people by their scent, ...... since we're the same family. Hmmm.

That pig-face ...... knew who we were, didn't he?
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had it.

...... You've got to be kidding me. That's impossible.
I didn't take the time.
How is that possible in such a short time?
If it were possible,............, there would have been someone who ordered it from the beginning.
What the hell is that? ......

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm sure you're right. I'm sure it's the result of the beautiful fox's s*xy acting.

When I turned around at the sound of her carefree voice...


A man with a crushed head and a woman with her head turned 180 degrees were standing there covered in blood.

''Yashiro, Regina. That outfit scares me, so look at ......, Millie and Ginette have gone far away.''
'I'm sorry. I can't see what I'm doing. ...... Regina, you're scaring me.'
'We're both scared. I can't see my own face.

After the argument, the man scratched his head. The scar that looked like a gash ...... came off in pieces.
If you look closely at the woman, you can see that she is wearing her clothes backwards and forwards. Her breasts are sticking out like a sore thumb.

'Special makeup. The finish is 'me and Regina, we got f*cked together' by Norma.
'...... It's been a busy day, hasn't it?

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
You can't call her that anymore,......, even in your mind, because you're too scared.

'There was a time when it was popular to say, "What ...... is my child already dead?" as a way to fight off an oleo scam. It's a version of that. This is a modified version of that.
'The way he died was too spectacular, though...'

What's ...... what's ......
So this is ............

You've been duped, haven't you?

'Paula, come out here.'

The man with the gouged head, Yashiro, calls out to a woman.
That one.

'Oh, ...... that's what you mean ............'.

It was Cantartica's sister.
I see. ......
She was the one who leaked the information. I've had my fill of .......
I can't believe this little girl who can't even fool people was trapping us with such a convincing performance. ...... I was so upset at the time, it looked like the truth. ......... ......... No, it wasn't.

'Did ...... you do all this ...... Obayashi?
'Oh, now my name's famous too. If you want my autograph, I'll sell it to you.
'...... are you there?'

That's him. ......
He's the one who set all this up. ......
He's the one who ran ...... the whole city. Just to screw us back, that's all.
I don't know for sure. But I'm sure.
Those are the eyes of a man like that. Son of a b*tc*.

I want my money back!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. You can't even escape.

I mean, ............

'''I'm glad I was tricked ............'''

Now I finally feel it.
We were lied to.
So that means--

That woman who looks like a Raju doesn't exist. Even if she is, she can't be targeting us.
That's a great ............ relief.

'...... Oh, you poor thing. Norma's been traumatized.
'Who let that happen?
'No, Norma, you were amazing!That was some serious acting!
'...... deserves praise.'
'Then let's see you say it right in front of me!Not from 50 meters away!

It was so loud and boisterous that ...... we felt we were in a very out-of-place place.

'You're a coward, you know that?

Obeyashiro says, looking down at me.

'Assuming you're not lying, there's a lot we can do.

With that, he brings up the Conversation Record.

'A small cheating man with bad eyes who was captured by the soldiers of District 29: ...... This is one of you, isn't it?
'...... Heh . You're the man.'
'When you try to avoid the Judgment of the Spirits, the phrasing inevitably becomes unnatural. Na, assunto?'
'Hohoho......, it's been too long ago to remember much. I'm too busy trying to live honestly now.

The pig-faced man gives a thin smile.
Did they also see through the hole in the Judgment of the Spirits?

'Well, that's why, even if Paula's money has already been paid, it's easy to get it back. Right, sir?

Obeyashiro's joke.
The person in the corner of his eye was someone who shouldn't be here.
The Lord of District 29, Gerasie Erin.

'Don't sound so creepy, Obeyashiro. It gives me goosebumps.'

Ha ha ...... ha ha ha ............
Oh, my God.
These guys know my lord too? ......

I guess we shouldn't make enemies with them. ............

You can count on it.

'............ Yes. I don't even feel like resisting anymore. ......'

I'm just so exhausted. ......
Whatever. ...... I want a good night's sleep. Even if it's in a cold prison.

We fell to the ground almost simultaneously.
I didn't have the energy left to even sit up.


I don't need it.
I've learned a lot since I've been in District 42.

There's life and there's property.

I guess the scammers are out of business. ......