345-Episode 7 is like a gentle flow again.

'I'm never doing that role again!

For the umpteenth time, Norma screams as if she's letting out a pent-up frustration.
It's becoming almost like a seizure.

'You seemed to be in the mood.
'Not at all!I hated it!

This is the Sunken Pavilion.
It's afternoon, a night after the big catch.

The "Welcome to the Fraudulent Forty-second Ward - But it was the entrance to Arijigoku", which I had arranged and which was held all over the Forty-second Ward, was a success.
You know the ones where a play suddenly starts on the main street?It's like that.

Since we did not know what the impostor looked like, we told him to have a casual conversation with the tourists as they passed by. ...... We were disappointed when Assunto quickly recognized the impostor.
I determined that he was a crook when he fell for Assunto's statement and the "he might be a crook word" that I had told Paula, and immediately had Becco draw a sketch of him.
I secretly showed him the three faces from the main street.

The rest of the time, I would go around with the too-good-to-be-true sketches in my hands and say, 'When these guys come, say something! Regina and I were made up as corpses and laid on a bed of bright red liquid.
By the way, Regina prepared the blood. The quality was so high that it made me think that ...... she was studying it every day to use it for something bad.

'Yashiro's disguise was scary.

Ginette said with a slightly pale face.
With his grandfather, ...... he might have done something a little bad.

'It's only a fake, right?
'Yes, sir. I know exactly what I'm doing. ...... Oh, you don't need to worry about that. But thank you very much.

I didn't say it, but he sensed it and thanked me.
...... That's the kind of thing you should be worried about.

'But your scars looked painful.
'It's called special makeup. In my hometown, there are people who study that kind of makeup.
'What do you think they'll be used for?
'Theater, mostly.
'For plays, I see .......

A play with too much realistic and grotesque special makeup would not be suitable for Ginette.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

Delia praised Regina for her good performance even though it was her first time to participate.

'I was just wearing my clothes upside down.
'But you didn't have boobs, did you?When you were sleeping.
'Oh, I see. Maybe the bear-ears with elastic rocket boobs don't know. If you sleep on your back, your boobs will be ...... scattered, right?
'Big brother, you're biting too hard!I'm not sure what to make of it.And it's usually scattered!
'Jeannette, it didn't scatter!
''The manager's is too big, so even if it's scattered, it's only because it's still there that it looks like it's not scattered!
'That's not true!It's not true. ...... When did you see this, Yashiro?

Yikes. ...... If you think in terms of Jeannette or Estella, you may be out of touch with the average boob situation in the world.
I need to get in touch with more boobs!

'I want to touch them!
'Please repent!
'You're just following your instincts.
'I'm sorry, big brother.'
'...... You're a yashiro, you can't help it.'

It's all they can say.
In the meantime.

'I think Norma's is going to fall apart.'
'That's none of your business!

Delia and Norma are as normal as ever.

'I complimented you on your softness, .......'
'It wasn't a compliment!
'But Yashiro once said, "Soft is good! But Yashiro once said, 'Soft is good!
'I'm not complimenting you on your ............, but I'm not complimenting you on your .......'
'I mean, the quality of my imitation was so low that it was egregious,......?
'It's better than Delia's imitation, brother.'
'...... Delia's limitations'.

I don't know why Delia has to include so many imitations that don't even look like her.
I'm a little jealous of your diamond mentality.

'Hey, guys. Everything's taken care of~'

Estella comes into the store, looking a little tired.

'Hey, Estella. I heard you're going to disperse.
'Why do I have to talk about sleeping on my back as soon as I walk in?
'Why did I just find out, Estella?
'...... Estella is only as good as Yashiro when it comes to boobs.'
'Ooh, Estella ...... is amazing.'
'Delia. I'm not very happy, so don't look at me with such envy.

In the end, the punishment imposed by District Forty-two on those crooks was very light.
A small fine and a six-month ban from the Forty-second Ward.
And of course, full repayment of the money they swindled and a sincere apology. That's all.

...... You're still too lenient, Estella.

'Monster, as usual'.
'Monster, it's within the norm'.
'...... Specter, bland'.
'Don't put yokai on everything. I'm not doing anything wrong as a lord.'

Although it was confirmed that he would be heavily punished in the 29th district afterwards.

'It seems that Mr. Erlin was deceived by those people. It seems that your punishment is more serious.''
'Mr. Geraci, what kind of scam have you been involved in?'
'Hmm ...... would you like to know?'

Estella smiles a happy, slightly mocking smile.

'They asked me to use a whole sheet of information paper to write a feature on Gerasie Erin, a rare and famous lord who reformed trade with the outer districts, and while I was showing them around the mansion and the treasury, they stole a lot of things.
'Oh, that's embarrassing.
'Moreover, whether the timing is good or bad, it seems that Ricardo and Medora-san were in the 29th district.
'So, you tried to use the hunting guild and the 41st district lord as a symbol of trade reform and were humiliated in front of them ......?
'Apparently so. The perpetrators are the man with the bad eyes who was caught and the two men who were dressed as soldiers this time. The leader of the group seemed to be giving orders behind the scenes.

That guy was really a coward and was thinking of saving his own skin first.
People like that are often vulnerable when they get dragged into a mess.

'But well, it's Gerasie's fault in general.
'Yashiro-san. It's a pity to say such a thing. ......'
'Because he deserved it, didn't he?I'm sure he was talking about his achievements with a smug look on his face like nothing more than this anyway.''
'You were fooled trying to show off, that lord. It's pitiful and uncool.
'If it's ......, it's a reaction to my high expectations and I'm very depressed.
'After all, it's a bit pitiful, isn't it?
'Really?It's your fault for mistakenly thinking you were popular when you're not, right?
'Delia, you shouldn't be so blunt.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who want to appear in information papers.
Maybe they'll start appearing as reader models.

Oh, that's right. Not a reader model, but ......

'It looks like the last information paper has been suspended.
'Yes, they did. Because of incidents like this one.'

This time, Cantar Chica was targeted because of an information paper.
A highly influential newspaper in BU.
This was the first time it had featured something other than BU.
Naturally, the attention in BU became very high.

'It seems that some people started to take an interest in the outer districts after New Road was built, and the combination of buzz and buzz caused a bit of a fever.
'Cantartica, the center of attention, would have a lot of money ......, which was the motive for the scammers to target Cantartica.
'I didn't know that. ...... Mr. Paula, you've really gone through a lot of trouble. But I'm glad to hear that your money came back safely.

Ginette patted her chest, relieved.
It looks like it's hard to stroke down. It seems to have a lot of resilience.

'But the sunlit pavilion was lucky, wasn't it?

Estella says as she unfolds an information paper that is now out of print and is even being collected.

'The two stores that appeared in the paper were Hidamari-tei and Cantartica, and Hidamari-tei wasn't targeted, you know.
'No, that's what .............'

It's not easy to say, but Ginette averts her gaze.
Estella tilted her head at such a gesture.

''The Sunlit Pavilion was targeted, you know. Even before Cantartica.'
'What?Are you sure, Ginette-chan?
'Ah,......, yes. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

There's a reason why Jeannette is so out of sorts.
In short, Ginette is a natural.

'They came to the sunshine pavilion while I went to see Gerasie.
'Yashiro to Mr. Erin?What did he want?
'...... That's not the point.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: ....... I'm sure it's because he was busy with the scam.
I'll have to go and bully her later. And the lord and the head waiter.

'And when I came back, ...... Magda and Loretta were looking blank.
'Hmm?Magda and Loretta?I don't see what you're talking about.

'...... Magda and the others will tell you about it from there.'
'It's about the unbelievable incident that happened that day.

Magda and Loretta stand in a line where all eyes are on them, as if they were going on stage.

'...... When Yashiro was away, a man who seemed to be the leader of the con artists came to the store alone.'
'He looked very upset and said something like this. 'Hey, girl!Do you know any cunning man with bad eyesight?

It was the same line that Paula had been told.
But here's the difference.

'...... Hearing that line, the manager replied without hesitation.
'No, I have no idea.
'''' What? ''''

All the people who were there and didn't know what was going on shouted in astonishment.
You don't have to be that surprised.

'...... At that time, Magda thought: ...... 'Oh, manager, you're going to be a frog.
'I thought so too. ...... "That's not going to happen," he said.
No, no. But Yashiro is not a cheater, and his eyes are not bad either. ......'
'No, Jeannette. Yashiro is a cheater, and his eyes are so bad that it's not even enough to describe them as evil.
'Hey, Estella?Are you picking a fight?'

Well, whatever.
As a starting point for their scam, they needed to create a person who had similar characteristics to their own and who could be caught by the soldiers.
In a diner, but not in a bar, you can think of one or two such people. In terms of clientele.
So he was trying to get money out of his acquaintance by staging a crisis.

It was probably lucky for them that Paula had someone who was more interested in them than they thought.
However, the fact that the person was me was their greatest misfortune.

'In the end, it was decided that it was not a good idea to feature it in such an information paper before we had even had a chance to interact with each other, so the latest issue went out of print and was collected.
'Mr. Paula, I hope you don't mind. ......'
'Don't worry about it. Paula seemed to be a little relieved.
'It was a scary experience for her. ...... Maybe that's not a bad thing.'

Ginette had a point.
But that's not all.

Cantalcica's customer base has grown remarkably.
However, as the number of customers increases, the regulars feel uncomfortable.
That's why Paula wants to run the tavern the way it's always been run.

When Paula came to thank me, she said something like that as if it was an incident.
She seemed to have a lot on her mind about this incident.

'But it's a lovely city, isn't it? Forty-two wards.

Stand up straight and keep your chest out.
Ginette said without a trace of doubt.

'Everyone can work together for the sake of one person. I don't think that's easy to do.
'Yes, it is. I'm proud of my people.
'I don't want to play that role again, .......'
'You're still saying that, Norma. What's wrong with you?I didn't have much to do.'
'I'm ......!

He almost said it, swallowed his words, and glared at me resentfully.

'I can't be a waiting woman who's in love with ............ Yashiro.'

I thought it was a good role for me. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.I don't like it, you dirty bastard.
'What?No, you're not!I'm a modest, lady-like woman, waiting for the right time and the right person to come along. ......
'Ahhhh. It's going to be a while before Norma's wedding.
'Shut up, Delia!

Really. I don't know why this s*xy beauty is still unmarried.
The people of the forty-two districts tend to be a little too disappointed in their sensibilities, don't they?

'Speaking of which, the sisters didn't get involved at all this time.
'As expected, I thought it would be wrong to involve Bertina in a scheme to deceive others.
'I don't like the idea of letting her be a part of the scam.
'But the sisters have been praying for our safety. She told me this morning. She said she's glad we're all safe.

In this town, each person has their own responsibilities.
For example, we have Umaro, Becco and Imelda for making things.
For example, Magda, Delia and Natalia for rough work.
For example, when it comes to pleasing people, there's Ginette, Milly and Bertina.

'And for cosplay, Norma ......'.
'I hear you.

Stop bouncing your flue around in the palm of your hand.
There's no smoking in the restaurant.

'But there's always that one softie in the middle, isn't there?
'That's you, Estella.
'I'm the lord, you know. Rather than being the center, I'm the one who encompasses the whole.
'Even though your breasts are not very receptive at all?
'Size has nothing to do with receptiveness!

Stupid thing.
How much stuff do you think you can fit in Jeannette's cleavage?
That's the capacity!............ storage capacity?

'Next time, I'll let you take a leisurely tour from the sidelines.'
'Haha. I wonder if Jashiro can do that?

'He can, you idiot.

'Probably not.'
'...... impossible.'
'I don't think so.'
'You can't, can you?
'Well, you can't.'

People who think they know me, but don't see the essence of what I do, say what they want.
Who would willingly jump into a mess like that?

I turned my gaze to Jeannette, the only one who had remained silent.

'Yes, you're right. I'm sure you can't.'

She said with a giggle.
Ginette. You too?
Well, it's free to say. Go ahead and say it.

I thought.

'Because in this case, Yashiro's quick thinking prevented the situation from getting worse.

He started to talk about something that made me itchy.

'When Yashiro heard that there was a suspicious person at the sunny pavilion, he pulled out a piece of information paper and said, "If the sunny pavilion has been targeted, then Cantarchica is also in danger. I'll be back in a bit.' He ran off into the night.

Wow, Jeannette.
It's not like you're imitating me. ...... I mean, why do people have to sound so rude when they imitate me?Do I have a voice like that?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
'...... "Paula. Show me the Conversation Record.''
'Huh?That's what I wanted to say!

Loretta and Magda took over Ginette's story, explaining it in an overly theatrical manner.

'...... And Paula, tearfully asking for help.
'What?I'm not sure what to do.......I wanted to be your brother. ......'
'......Paula, tearfully asking for help'
'Ugh, okay. ....... I'm sorry. 'Yashiro ............ help me ......'
'...... '...... I'll take care of it.''
'This is it!I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
'...... even Magda got a kick out of it.'
'Oh my god!You're overreacting!I'm not doing it that way!

He pulls Loretta and Magda away from the fuss.
You guys, shut up already.


I'm so itchy that I think I've got a parasite living in my spine, and Jeannette looks into my face to put an end to it.

I think that's very nice of you, Yashiro.

He put his hands together and smiled like some kind of doll.
It's a great way to humiliate someone face to face. ......

'I think it's great that your big tits are slightly crushed from side to side when you cross your arms in front of you like that.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm sorry!Please repent!

Your embarrassment and my itchiness are about even right now.
If I'm repentant, you should be repentant too. It's always me.

Anyway, that's settled. We can wait calmly for the New Road to be completed.'
'I hope so.'
'I'll look forward to hearing from you, Yashiro, if you need anything.
'I'm going to charge you for this.
'I don't have much to give you...'

The sullen lord chuckles.

'I thought there was a fee to touch your body?
'Huh!...... repent. Oh, my God, you are.'

She gently hid her modest breasts, which were not worth hiding, and turned her body around.
How did they know that the first place I would touch would be ...... there?

I'm sure you'll all remember that if you rely on me, you'll be in a lot of trouble later on.

'Oh, by the way, you...'

Perhaps bored with the summary of the incident, Delia suddenly changed the subject.

'I haven't actually read that information paper yet...'
'Is that so?I've already read it.
'No, I thought I could read it whenever I wanted.
'There's a copy at the hardware guild, you can come and read it next time.
'Oh, I see. Sorry, no .......'

Before Delia could finish, several people started moving at the same time.

'Oh, in that case, I'll give you one of my stock.
'...... just fine. Magda will give you one.'
'I have a lot of them, so I'll give you one!
'Oh well. I'll share one of my collection with you.

Up to this point, they were almost simultaneous.

'We really like the sunny pavilion, don't we?

We each have a dozen or so copies in our stock.
Naturally, they were to be distributed to those who had missed the chance to read them.

However, there was one person who was far more skilled than us.

'That ......'.

Ginette quietly retreated to the kitchen and returned shortly after with a thick stack of papers.

'We have a lot of them, if you'd like.
'Ginette-chan, ...... how many of those are there?
'Well,......, I haven't spent much of my allowance lately,......, so I just...'
'Fifty ......, no, there are eighty of them!
'I'm about to reach ...... a hundred.'
'The manager sometimes goes off at great speed. ......'
'The manager's love for the sunny pavilion is tremendous.
'As expected, I'm shocked too. ......'
'No, no, that's not it!When I saw the word 'sunny-side up', I just got happy. ............ That ......... ...I'm sorry, I got carried away.

There is a pile of out-of-print and discarded information papers in front of me.
In this way, it seems as if the out-of-print edition is a lie.

'What's the matter with you guys, after all?

And then, Delia says the final word.

'You're no different from the lords of the twenty-ninth district.

I couldn't argue with ............, considering how excited I was when I found out it was going to be in the paper.

'''''......You're right. '''''

When things cool down a bit more, I might try to get a full-page feature on the Sunken Pavilion. I don't know.