42-the rush of air before the opening of Episode 40.

'............ dero dero dero dero dero dero dero ............ Magda's Cooking Cooking ~'
'What's that A minor theme song?

Today, after a long night of slumming, a select group of Loretta's brother and sister came to the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion.
They were there to give a lecture on how to make popcorn.

...... but...

'Magda, what the heck was that?
'...... earlier, a bard who came to town was doing this.'

You're saying a bard was doing something like 3 minute cooking?

'...... He was cooking while humming a dark song that could curse someone to death.'
'That's scary!Both the bard and you who saw it and decided to imitate it!
'...... didn't have money for food, so he took a short-term contract job in a tavern kitchen.'

'I guess they have that over here too, the work and pay system.

'...... Only, there was a song coming from the kitchen that sounded like a curse to listen to, and ............ all the customers except Magda had run away.'
'Why didn't you run away?
'............ tugged at your heartstrings?'

I wonder if this girl's sensibilities are safe. ......

'...... I think I want to make popcorn today, cursing someone.'
'Make it like normal!

We've gotten a permit for mobile sales and will start selling tomorrow.
Magda is supposed to prepare the food for tomorrow, but I'm teaching her now for the future.
If things go well, the number of sales will increase rapidly.
The more people in charge of cooking, the better.

''...... Everyone, imitate Magda.

Since we'll be using fire, I've gathered the older students to be in charge of cooking. It's too dangerous for the younger group.
Incidentally, the older group is the outside ...... sales staff. They handle money and serve customers. We decided to ask the responsible members of the older group to do that.

That's why eight of the younger students came to represent us in the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion.
They will master the popcorn and pass it on to the next generation.

''......-san, yes.
'''Dero dero dero dero dero dero'''
'''You don't have to copy that!

And it's my job to oversee the transfer of technology to make sure it doesn't go awry.
I can't afford to compromise the quality, including the taste.

'Magda. Teach him exactly what I taught you. Don't make any strange arrangements in the future either. In business, it's surprisingly important to keep things the same.

How many times have you heard a chain restaurant complain, "________ has been changed for the worse! I can't tell you how many times I've heard chain stores complain, 'They've changed ____!
'We have renewed the popular products that have been well received so that we can offer them to more customers at a more affordable price! Cost cutting in the name of ....... Companies that do this will lose business. 'What?That much? That's how bad it gets. Furthermore, no matter how much they do afterwards, the customers who have left will not come back. ...... I've always wondered why companies don't learn from this.
I've always wondered why no company learns.
I'm sure Jeannette won't cut any corners, so if we just defend this place, we can prevent the quality from falling.

''...... Everyone, don't cut corners.

The middle-aged ham kids have taken to Magda very well.
The kids from the church also took to him easily. ...... Magda must be popular with the kids.

''......, but you need to be playful.
''Make it mindlessly~!''

I'm going to pinch both of Magda's ears with my fingers and munch on them.
...... No, as expected, fist-bumping Magda is pitiful, isn't it?

'............Yeah,palm,............that... .........'

I was going to punish him a little, but there was something wrong with Magda.
The hair on his tail is standing up and getting really thick.
The arms that are trying to touch her head are bent halfway and she keeps making subtle movements like 'should I ...... touch her or not ......'.

It's a bit ......

'............The beastmen's ...... ears are ......... ...rubbing them is ...... no......'

Come to think of it, there was a bit of an agony when I rubbed Delia's ears before......I forgot all about it.

'Oh, sorry ......, I'll be careful after that.'

Magda nodded her head in silence.
Wow, ...... you're embarrassed. ...... I did something wrong.

'Big brother~'

Hammy cornered me in a hurry.

'Do you want to touch my sister's ear too?
'No, I'm not touching your ears!
'Why not?You don't like my sister?
'I don't hate you ......, but I'm not close enough to touch your ears. Do you understand?'

It's hard to say the wrong thing to a child.
You can't say anything you don't want to say to a child. ...... Often, the information a child gets is leaked.

So I chose my words carefully and told him ...... I thought.


Magda's tail wagged next to her.
You're ...... embarrassed,......, aren't you?It's not like you're getting scared, is it?
It is difficult for Magda to ...... express her face at all. ......

'............ poo............ poo....
'Magda!I'm really sorry!Are you okay?
'...... fine. It happens every day. Magda is a grown woman.'
'Okay. Anyway, now that you know you've upset me, don't tell me a lie that I'll know is a lie the moment I tell it. The spirit gods are watching you, aren't they, in this town?
'The ...... spirit gods are ...... my friends.'
'I'm going to take a break!I'll wait for Dr. Magda!

I said no to the Hammies and decided to take a break.
I'll send Magda back to her room and ask her to come back when she's settled.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you. The same goes for bear ears. It's impossible not to pick up those soft and pliable things. ...... Oh, Nepheli is fine. I don't want to pluck the chicken crown (the red one on top of the head) or the meat drop (the red one under the beak).

Magda came back in a few minutes. ......

'...... I'm fine now. I'm going to teach you how to use ......, so Yashiro can go off ...... for a bit.

And then he was kicked out.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
But compared to the days of "Do you need pants? I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you. I think we should be happy that Magda has become a little more mature.

I decided to distract myself from the sadness of being kicked out by thinking that.

When I went out to the cafeteria, I found Delia and Masha sitting in a corner. Delia was here as a guest today.

'Oh my, it's been a while~'

A bear girl from the River Fishing Guild and a mermaid from the Sea Fishing Guild are sitting across from each other, eating honey popcorn.

'Sorry, Yashiro. I've been so busy with my day job that I haven't been able to come help out.
'Don't worry about it. There's a new recruit, and Delia should prioritize her own work.'
'That's very kind of you to say.
'But you can come help me again when you're free.
'Oh dear?I wonder if Delia-chan is your favorite, Yashiro-kun?
'Is that so?
'Oh, no, I mean, I'm a fan of ...... Delia's super mini-maid. She keeps asking me to tell her when my shift is.'
'Oh, you're a fan?

Delia seems to be very surprised, but she has a lot of fans.
It's because she's unusually cool in a world of cute girls.

'Masha......, I'm sorry. I had to go to .......'
'No, no, no! We're in trouble here.'

That's my long-time friend. I'm sure Delia knows everything you're going to say. ...... No, even I could understand what you just said.

'Is there a problem?
'Hmm, there's a bit of sewage. ......'

A troubled Masha began to speak, picking at her popcorn.

'Because of this long rain, the muddy water is flowing into the sea.
'The river fishermen's guild is also taking measures to prevent the muddy water from flowing into the sea. ......'
'It's not working?
'We've had a lot of rain.'
'Also, you know, muddy water is one thing, but ...... the product of human physiology is washing up in the sea.

'The product of physiological phenomena' is, in short, feces and urine.
In this world, it is common to store it in manure pits and use it as fertilizer.
However, due to the long rains that have been falling on and off for the past month, it seems that sewage has been flowing into the river from several of them.

'It's okay if there's a little, because the fish will eat it. But if there's too much, it's ......'.
'We're also having trouble with dirty water in the river.
'So, we were discussing countermeasures.

But from the outside, it looks like they're just eating popcorn together.

'If there's anything I can do, let me know. I'll help you as much as I can.'

But I'll ask for something in return. --I'll keep my mouth shut.

'You're very kind, aren't you? I think I'll ask you to clean the net again. I'll bring it next time.
'Well, I want to eat popcorn!

Neither of these things has anything to do with sewage.
Oh, but... If the popcorn sales go well, we can expand the range to the river. My hopes are high.
Oh, yeah. I'll use this.

'Delia, we're working on the river tomorrow, right?
'Yeah. The whole river fishing guild is going to pile the sandbags a little higher. We're expecting heavy rains again soon, in less than a week.

Well, I'll see you there.
...... but heavy rain. ......
Fortunately, the weather has been holding out for us lately. It will probably hold out for a few more days, and I hope to have some success during that time.
If the customers are looking forward to the resumption of the sales while the rain prevents us from selling, the sales will explode when the sales resume.
So the first three days are the key.

'Well, go ahead and take your time.
'Oh. Have some popcorn and relax.'
'Thank you for your concern, Yashiro-kun. But Delia. Let's have a discussion instead of relaxing.

At any rate, since there seems to be nothing I can do to help at the moment, I'm leaving.

I leave the cafeteria and go around to the back of the store. Past the restrooms and in front of the firewood storage area.
There, I see Umaro and four of the older Ham kids. The Ham kids, all male, are helping Umaro.

'Ah, there!The nail must be driven straight!
'Yes, sir!

No, you don't have to imitate my tone.
For better or worse, you Ham kids are straightforward.

'How are you doing?
'Oh, Yashiro-san. Not bad at all. The two cars that are urgent will be finished by this evening.

I asked Umaro to make the carts for the mobile sales that I promised him yesterday.
It's a cart, but it's not shaped like a rear car, but more like a food cart. Or rather, it is a cart.
The right side is the customer's side and the left side is the shopkeeper's side, facing the handle that pulls the cart.
Two large wheels are attached to the sides of the cart, and a stopper holds the cart in place during sales.
From the bottom of the stall to the height of the chest is a box, which can be opened and closed from the shopkeeper's side, and inside the box are goods and money. A roof is attached to the top of the stall.

Eventually, I would like to build in a small cooking stove so that I can cook outside. ...... Well, this will be the first time.

'How are the ham kids?
'They're not ready yet. But they have a lot of motivation and guts, so it's worth training them.
'I'll work hard!
'I'll surpass the master!
''Don't talk, move your hands!
''Yes, sir!''
''...... Too much innocence is both good and bad.

Even as he exhaled, Umaro seemed to be enjoying himself a little.
I wonder if the inheritance of technology is still interesting.
...... By the way, the master had a very happy face when he taught me something. ......

I'll give you a hard time, so be prepared!
'''Yes, sir!'''

He is a dependable man.
His capacity as a human being may be as good as my master's.
While I was thinking about ......, Magda appeared in the backyard.

'...... Yashiro. May I?'
''''' Ahhhhhh!Magda is a real angel. '''''
'Don't spread that crazy disease!

The Umaro bacteria is raging like crazy. Four people have already been infected. ...... This is a serious situation.
It's a biohazard.

'So, what's the deal, Magda?
'I've brought popcorn for all the ...... hardworking people.'
'''''' Haaaaan!Magda-tan's homemade popcorn! '''''
'......It was my sisters who made it.'

Don't get too excited.

'...... But all my sisters are ............ vines.'


'What?No, but don't look at me like I'm ......'.
What is it with you people and your sense of unity?

'...... Yashiro, have a sample.'
'Yeah, right. I'll take one then.

The popcorn that Magda handed me was warm and smelled of honey.
...... but...

'There are too many unpopped kernels. And some of it's burnt. I'm not shaking the pan enough. And the honey should be melted with butter and milk. It's too gooey and doesn't look good.
'...... Oh, ...... that's harsh.
'You want to serve good food at its best, don't you?'
'......I agree.'
'Did you guys hear that?
'''' Yes!'......agree'. ''''
'That's not you!No, that's what's important with the clear voice of an angel, but it's Yashiro's words!
'We also hand over top-notch carts in the best condition!That's what professionalism is all about!
'''' Yes!Yashiro is a real angel. ''''
I'm not an angel.It's disrespectful to Magda to put her in the same category as you!
'Okay, you five, come here for a minute. Let's talk with our fists.'

You're all rude.
Umaro is a rude man.
His human capacity must still be immature. Otherwise he'd be twisted and distorted.
It's a pity.

'Magda, Umaro. I want each of you to be ready by tomorrow.'
'Huh?I thought we were supposed to start the mobile sales the day after tomorrow.
'Tomorrow we'll be doing a test sale for final confirmation. I'm not going to be afraid to do it on the spot.
'Oh, I see. Then we can actually run it and check if there are any problems.
'......We'll try it and see if there are any problems.

These two are our instructors in popcorn vending. I'm counting on them.

'Tomorrow we'll go to the river fishing guild to sell as a trial run.
'Delia-san's place?
'Oh, yes. It's a great place to practice because you can actually get paid, they'll let you off the hook if you're rude, and even if you mess up, you can cover it up somehow.
'...... Yashiro, you're pretty rough with your friends, aren't you? You'll lose your friends.

Hmm. If you lose a friend like this, he was never your friend.
A friend is someone who will lend you money unconditionally at any time and under any circumstances. If there is such a person, I'll call him or her my best friend.

And so, the work proceeded at a rapid pace.

There were some troubles in the small money-making operation, which also served as a rehearsal for the next day, but they are not worth mentioning, so I will skip them.
If I may briefly mention, Omero mistakenly got his hands on the honey popcorn that was supposed to be given to Delia, and it was washed up ...... in a muddy, raging river. ...... was nothing more than a common everyday trouble.
It is quite ordinary. Business as usual.
However, the rehearsal seemed to have paid off, and the quality of the popcorn has become more consistent. It still takes a little time to cook, but I'm sure my sisters can handle it. I'm sure Magda will take care of the rest.

Then came the opening day.
It was the debut of the two mobile popcorn stands, the "Sunshine Pavilion No. 2" and the "Sunshine Pavilion No. 7".

The reason for the second and seventh stores is .......
If the quality of the second store is high, it will give customers a sense of security, along with the image that the taste is protected. If the quality is this good at the second store, how great is it at the main store?
A second restaurant is destined to be compared to the first, for better or worse. By taking advantage of this, and raising the quality of the second store as much as possible, you can relatively raise the stock of the main store. Because people don't think that the second store will surpass the main store.

And the seventh store.
This has the effect of making people think, 'If there is a seventh store, then there must be six more stores.
Of course, you can name your store whatever you want, so even if this is actually the third store, you can call it the seventh store.
If you have a complaint, go to Jiro's ramen shop and say, 'Give me Taro! If you have a problem, go to Jiro's ramen shop and say, 'Give me Taro!
The name of a restaurant is often a mysterious thing. It is not a lie.
Still, if there are people who say, 'I can't agree with that' or 'That's a lie! I'll tell you this. 'This restaurant is the seventh and main branch of the Sunda-mari-tei'. That's what it's called.

If anyone misunderstands, it's none of my business.

So, stores 2 and 7 will make their first appearance today.

Ginette and Loretta will take care of the store first, and Magda will be in charge of the popcorn. Magda will be in charge of popcorn, with two of her sisters helping out.
There are three of us on the road, me, my brother and my sister.
My sisters look a little nervous, but my brothers don't show any signs of nervousness.

That's because Delia took the initiative to buy a lot of stuff at the pre-opening yesterday, and that gave my brothers confidence.
'Hey, you guys should buy some too!I'll take the ones you can't eat! I'll take the ones I can't eat!' They encouraged the members of the river fishing guild to buy them.
It was a strange sight to see so many big men crowding around and chomping on honey popcorn, but the sales were unquestionably good.
The siblings were anxious at first, but when they found out that Delia was an acquaintance of mine, they gradually relaxed, and by the end of the day, they were talking normally.
When the popcorn was sold out, Delia and I had a great time together. ......I'm not sure why Delia was there, but I'm glad she was able to get her siblings on board.
My sisters were very excited, saying, 'I've never had a high five before! They were very excited.
The younger siblings were so excited that they were wondering if we had any talent for business. They were so excited.

After experiencing such great success, they gained confidence, and today is the day.

'Let's sell a million of them!
'Sell a trillion!
'Then a billion trillion trillion!

As you can see, they are a bunch of idiots. We may be getting a little carried away.
However, it is very good that you are not nervous about your first job.
It's not good for business if you shy away from your customers.

'...... Will it sell?
'What if it doesn't sell at all ......?
'And then we'll be fired?
'Oh no, we can't do that~......'
'No way~......'

It's negative.
Originally, they had always been confined to the slums and had never been in contact with anyone other than their families. The only people who occasionally came around were evil people like Zoltar, so you can understand why ...... they are uncomfortable with people.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who will be able to help you.
I'm a little worried about him.

In fact, I wanted to follow the idiots and keep a close eye on them,......, but I couldn't leave my sisters alone. I think I'll follow them today.

'Hey, you idiots. You'll do fine without me.
'I'll take care of it!
'I'll sell everything!
'It'll sell for sure!
'What if it sells out fast?
'Let's go play!
'Oh!Let's go!'
'If they sell out, go back to the store and restock, okay?Yeah!Yo!

I drop chops on the brains of the three idiots, making them brace themselves.
Well, it's a good thing you're not afraid of anything. ...... There are limits, though.

'Oh, so this is a mobile food stall?

As I was making final checks on the stall, Estella came over. I wondered if she wanted to pay me a visit.
No, she was just peeking in out of curiosity, I'm sure.

'Ever since I heard about it, I've been wondering what it would be like.

You see.

Today Estella is not in a dress like the other day, but in her usual man's attire, which is neither floral nor s*xy. You should wear a frilly miniskirt once in a while. ...... I'm sure Natalia will stop you, though.

I'm sure Natalia will stop you.

Estella, like a junior high school student on a school trip, is unreservedly touching the stalls. It seems that she is endlessly curious, opening drawers and banging on the roof. ...... Hey, stop it. You're breaking it. I'm sure it's made so that it won't break like that.

'As expected of a Torbeck contractor.
'Well, I'm glad to hear your praise, but this time my apprentice's hard work is more important than mine. They are the ones who should be praised.
'''' You're the boss!Thank you very much. ''''

Praise where praise is due. You are a good boss who nurtures and develops the talents of his subordinates.

It's a good boss. ......
''''I'm not sure what to say.

You're not saying this out of conditioned reflex, are you?

'Ma, Magda-tan!What about me?I worked very hard too!I've been trying to fix a lot of things that were wrong or lax without telling these guys!I just didn't tell them so that they would have confidence in me!In fact, I did most of the work myself!

Even if that's the case, no, that's exactly why you shouldn't reveal it!

He's no good. No, no, no!

'Everyone!Please wait a minute!

This time, Ginette and Loretta came running, footsteps pattering, side by side.
What, they've all come out after all? Well, I guess it's okay now that there are no customers.

'Please take this.

What Ginette held out to me was a square box wrapped in a furoshiki.

'Is it a lunch box?
'Yes. Please eat it together.

There were two lunch boxes made by Ginette, each as big as a stacked box. They seemed to be for her brother's team and her sister's team.

'I can only do this much, sir.

No, no, no. It's enough.
Well, bringing a lunch box was a blind spot. Or rather, I completely forgot about lunch.
That's Ginette, she's very thoughtful.

'Can we look inside?

My sisters look up at me with sparkling eyes.

'You'll have to wait until noon.
'Just look!

Oh, God. I'm about to go out. ......

'Well, well, Yashiro-san. It's fine. I'm just looking.'

Sweet!That's sweet, Jeannette!Your indulgence will make the children selfish!

'You guys, don't annoy big brother!
'...... "Big brother"?'

Estella reacted to Loretta's words. ...... Speaking of which, when I met Estella at the mansion, Loretta barely said a word, didn't she?
It's a pain in the ass to explain, so just take it with a grain of salt.

As Loretta scolded her siblings, Estella approached her.
She patted her on the shoulder and said, 'Well, well, well.
Oh, you'll faint again if you do that. ......

'It's the first day of the mobile sales, so why don't we go out with a bang?
'Uh, ...... who are you?'

...... Huh?

'I'm a regular at this diner.'
'Oh, I see. Nice to meet you. I'm Loretta, and I've been working as a waitress at the Sunlit Pavilion since the other day. It's nice to meet you.
'I'm Estella. It's nice to meet you too.


Loretta is normal. When we met at the mansion, she fainted at eye contact, but now she's acting normal.
I mean, it's nice to meet you?


Estella beckons me over.
As I approached, she tugged on my sleeve and brought me behind a stall.

'It happens all the time,' she said.
'...... what?'

With a slightly annoyed expression, Estella told me in a whisper.

'People who don't recognize me in a dress and me in my current outfit as the same person.
'No, they would, wouldn't they?
'That's because ............ that,yashiro is ...... special ......... It's because ...... Yashiro is a special ...... ...... kind of guy, isn't it?

I'm a special thing?
You've got a keen eye for detail.
And you even gave your name.

You can't be so blinded by her big tits that you didn't see her face. ...... It's absolutely impossible.
'Why did you say it twice?Why did you emphasize it?

Because it's important.

But no matter how fashionable she was,......

'Estella in her dress was too beautiful for me to notice?
'--! ...... is bad for the heart.

What is it then?'I'm going to compliment you now. You're beautiful! You're going to do that?What kind of dumb kid are you?

'I've met Delia, Umaro, and Mo-Mat in dresses, and they don't seem to notice me at all.
'...... All of them have their heads screwed on straight.'

I don't know, I feel like I can't help it with these guys.

'But I'm more than happy to do so. If people knew I was the daughter of a lord, they'd shy away.I like our relationship the way it is now.
'Well, if you're okay with that, then fine.

There's no need for me to go around telling people who Estella is.

'After all, Yashiro is nice.'


'You're so witty and easy to be with. I'm glad that Jashiro could see the real me.

Not surprisingly, Estella smiled with the grace of a lady and whispered.

'Thank you.

...... I don't know.
I'd like you to stop doing that because it's driving me crazy.
I would like to have a relationship with Estella where we can play the fool.
This ...... little girlish gesture or ............ would be embarrassing to me.

'No delicacy is too much.
'That's the most important part.
'Oh, I see.'

Yeah. These sarcastic remarks are comforting.


Suddenly, there was a shout of joy beyond the stall.
Most of them must have opened their lunch boxes to see what was inside. ...... d*mn you. You spoiled me.

I made a quick glance at Estella and we walked into the crowd.

'You're amazing, sister!
'That's not my sister, that's amazing!
'Why do you have to say that?I helped a little too!

The siblings are peeking at the lunch box, talking loudly.

'Did you open it?
'Oh, Yashiro-san.

When Jeannette saw my face, she smiled with a slight hint of remorse.

'I'm sorry.'
'What do you mean, 'sorry'?

You have no intention of apologizing.
Well, I can't help what I've opened.
I'll check the contents too.

'Let's see. ......'

Brown food in a lunch box is delicious.
I think this is something that many people know from experience.

The lunch box that Jeannette made this time was also brown all over.
It is a food that I am very familiar with, and if I had to choose between liking it and disliking it, it would definitely be one of my favorites. It is also the main item sold at YODAMARI-TEI.

The lunch box was filled with a lot of honey popcorn.

'I made it with a wish that it would sell as fast as popcorn!

Ginette smiled triumphantly.
Oh, I see. I guess I didn't teach him the basics. ......

Don't put candy in the lunchbox.

'...... remake'.

I'll specify the side dishes and have them delivered to Magda around noon.

...... Ginette, you're kind of .................. of a disappointment.

With all this flurry of activity, we left late. ......
I'm ready and raring to go.

Now all we have to do is sell, sell, sell popcorn with this thing!

''Alright, then, let's go!

With such a shout, we set off from the sunny pavilion with the two stalls in tow.