188-Later, Natalia and Loretta were modeled.

'I've just sent a letter to you on an early horse.
'I see. Thank you, Natalia.'

Natalia reports to me at the entrance of the sunlit pavilion.
Estella also looks relieved.

Since Gilberta had abandoned her duties to come and play, we, ...... or rather Estella mainly, had been in a bit of a tizzy.

'Unexpected events are always a part of a lord's job, but ...... this was indeed too unexpected.
'I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you.
'If you feel that way, I hope you will reflect a little.

Natalia's tone was more stern than ever. Is she a little angry because she was run around ...... or maybe she can't forgive her negligence as a head waiter.

'Well, Gilberta seems to be feeling sorry for herself, so let her off the hook this time.
'You think neglect of duty is acceptable?
'I didn't mean to offend you. Just this once, okay?
'Then I'll abandon my duties and go on a date with Master Yashiro.
'I won't let you do that, Natalia!
'Don't worry. I'll take no offense.
'No offense and no offense are two very different things, you know.

It seems that she was simply jealous of Gilberta's uninhibited nature.
...... Natalia seems to be uninhibited enough. Well, she does have a sense of duty.

'When I see her tomorrow, I'll explain it to her.
'I'm sure Yashiro will be the one to take the brunt of your anger. Take care of your life.'
'...... Don't be scared, Estella.

It's more than obvious that this is going to happen. ...... Lucia, I'm sure you're going to be angry ............ with me for some reason.

'I'll help you as an apology, I'm a friend of Yashiro's. I want you to tell me anything you want.'
'No, you don't have to do that much for me.
'You can tell me anything. I'm confident in my strength.

Gilberta, a Guntherian with few animal features, seems to have confidence in her power. It must be something tremendous.
Incidentally, Gilberta's antennae are hidden behind her forelock, but if you stare at her closely, you can confirm their existence. It seems that she can move them at will.
I wonder if Wendy and Milly can move them too.I've never seen them move much.

You can find a lot more information on this topic at ....... As I was staring at the antennae, they suddenly disappeared into my hair.
When I looked down, Gilberta was looking at me with a slightly embarrassed expression.

'I'm a little embarrassed, if you stare at me too much, I'm ......'.
'Oh, I'm sorry.
'Master Yashiro. According to what I've heard, there are many people who find it quite embarrassing because of the individual differences in beast characteristics.''
'Is that so?
''Yes. The size of Yashiro-sama's favorite breasts varies from person to person, so wouldn't you feel embarrassed?It's similar to that.

This may be the reason why mocking kemo ears is the same as rubbing boobs.
In ......, was it necessary to say 'Yashiro-sama's favorite'?

'...... Magda is more powerful'.

Magda's cat ears flick, and she turns on Gilberta.
There aren't many people who are more powerful than Magda. ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Loretta also has a rivalry that I don't understand. ............ Are you proud of that?

'...... Goo'.
'I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to do this,......, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

Estella, who has no chance of winning in the chest, is complaining about the unfair competition.
Beside her, Natalia said, 'Pfft. It's small in two ways,' she smiles.

''I believe that the size of the ...... tits is important in this store, I''.
'''You're right.'''
''That's not true, sir!''

The Queen of Boobs hurriedly came out of the kitchen .
The two great mountains are swaying with full presence .

'You can't convince me with that much bobbing.
'No, I'm not!
'Yes, you are, Ginette-chan. ......'
'I can feel the ...... disparity.'
'It's the overwhelming power of boobs......'
'It's still a different order of magnitude, the chief executive.'
'Oh my God!I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.
The only one with any room to maneuver is Natalia.

'Oh. I have a certain amount of money, so I'm not like the others.

He's always going at his own pace. I envy him sometimes.

'By the way, would you like some tea?
'Oh, by the way, the lunch crowd has settled down a bit.
'...... is a good time to take a break.

Ginette changes the atmosphere, trying to divert the conversation from her boobs.
It's just past the lunchtime peak and there are no more customers. It would be the perfect time for a cup of tea.

'Do you need help, I?Is there anything I can do, my friend Ginette?
'Then bring me the tea tray.
'Leave it to me, I'll take care of it!

With Gilberta in tow, Ginette turned back to the kitchen.

'Oh ...... average boob power halved'.
'Why do you say such superfluous things, Yashiro?'
'Right now, I'm the number one in this place.'
'Why do you have to say such unnecessary things, Natalia?

Estella, who doesn't shake even when she's angry, flails but still doesn't shake. It's a shame, isn't it?

'Do you want to take a break, Natalia?
'Well, I'll take your word for it.
'...... Hey, can you say no to me, even if you're lying?I'm the Lord, after all.

The head waiter freely takes a break without the master's permission.
It's a very white workplace.

I take a seat and wait for Jeannette and the others.
I can hear noises coming from the kitchen, so they're cooking something.
Maybe he's making Gilberta a cup of tea. Somehow, he seems to want to do it, doesn't he?

'Hello~. I'm sorry to bother you.

Uclines came over as if he had been watching for the timing to finish up. Well, I guess he was watching me. He's the kind of guy who always shows up when I'm free.

'Oh, thank goodness. Loretta, you're here.
'Huh?Is that me?
'Oh, you're here too, Natalia!You've been following me.
'Is there something I can do for you?

Ucrine got excited when she saw Loretta and Natalia. They are jumping up and down.
Judging from the fact that she was carrying a large bag of clothes on her back, she must have brought some kind of costume for them to wear.

'I've made a few dresses for Wendy, but I'd like you to try them on and show them to me.
'Dresses?I'll do it!I'll wear it!
'Me too, no problem. I was just having a little too much free time on my hands.
'I believe you are currently on duty, Natalia. ......'

Loretta's surprise was normal, and Natalia's continued disregard for the Lord's presence.
But why these two?

'Don't we have one?
'The ...... model is Magda. Common sense in the Forty-Two Wards.'
'Oh, sorry about that. This time, it's really just a trial. I'm in the middle of making it, and I just want someone to wear it and show it to me.

As she said that, Ukrines took out a beautiful pure white dress.
But ......, if you ask me, it certainly doesn't feel like a finished product.
If it's Ukrines' dress, it should have the power to make you go 'Oh! I'm not sure what to make of it.

'I don't know anyone who has a similar physique to Wendy's. ...... It's not easy.
'I see. It is true that I am almost the same height as Wendy,......, though my chest is overwhelming!
'Don't be so proud, Natalia!I'm a little embarrassed for my family!

Natalia bends over to emphasize her breasts to the fullest.
You ...... really, really appreciate it!

'This dress has a lot of room in the chest, so you should be able to wear it.
'It's loose in the chest area. ............ Let's call it "Yashiro-sama Hoi Hoi".
'Don't name it that!
'If there's this much cleavage showing, you're sure to get caught, aren't you?
'Of course!
'Are you saying that with confidence?

It's true that if you wear this dress, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of various parts of your chest.
I can't help but be tempted, in two ways!

'But why did you make it so big?
'I didn't expect Natalia to be here. ......'

......, Ukrines' gaze turned to the kitchen.

'Oh, I see. Ginette-sized, huh?'

'So much, huh?Do you really need this much cloth to hold your cock, Jeannette?
'...... This is a little painful for me, too. Even though it's physically loose.

The bust is made for a ginette. That's a lot of fabric.
However, since Natalia's height and shape were closer to Wendy's, we decided to pin down the bust and let Natalia wear it.

'I want you to see the whole silhouette, so don't worry about the bust. If you think it might show, wear a shirt or something underneath.
'I dare you, nothing at all!
'Put it on properly, Natalia!
'Good luck, Natalia!I'm rooting for you!
'Shut up, Yasirlo!

If you have a subordinate who has a big job to do, respect his wishes to the fullest extent, that's how a boss should be, in my opinion!

'I'll ask Loretta to match the chest part.
'Oh, ...... it's true that I'm about the same size as Wendy. ............ but only breasts... ...it's kind of sad.'
'What are you talking about, Loretta?It's a good thing that there is a demand for boobs!
'Shut up, big brother!

It's a good thing that there is a demand for boobs!

'...... Loretta. In front of Estella, excuse me.'
'You're the rudest person I know right now, Magda!
'Yes, you are, Magda. Estella's flat-chested body is in great demand by some enthusiasts.'
'I can't be happy about that, can I?

No. They don't understand how gratifying it is to be in demand. ......
How sad it is that no one needs you: ......

'Anyway, Loretta. You need to help Uclines.'
'Of course I will. It's for Wendy's wedding and, by extension, for your brother's benefit. I'll take off my skin.
'Well then, get naked and go for it, breast model!
I've lost a bit of motivation because of what you just said.

She's at a difficult age.
You should just be a titty model.
And then, you can start your boob modeling career in earnest, and eventually, you can participate in the "PaiColle", the pinnacle of the boob modeling world. You, go ahead and do it.

'Well then, both of you. Can you come to the back a little?You're in the kitchen, right, Ginette?I'll get your approval~'
'...... Our kitchen has been completely turned into a changing room.'
'I'm sure you'll go out to the courtyard to change, so it's probably safe.

I can't stand it when people flop around in the kitchen.
...... I wonder why we are supposed to have a fashion show at the sunlit pavilion. ......

It's a good idea to take a look at a few of the things that are available in the marketplace.
Ukrines, you probably came all the way here to get some feedback and opinions.
'It's quite rare for you to show us your unfinished work. I've been there for the prototype of the mouthpiece, but this is the first time for clothing.

I wonder if this guy had me make a clasp during the festival.

'Mr. Yashiro. Is something interesting about to happen?
'A person I've never seen before came into the kitchen.

Ginette and Gilberta come back with tea and pudding.
Tea and pudding ......?
Oh, I'll have coffee. Good.

'It's a prototype for a wedding dress.
'Oh, really?Wow, I'm looking forward to it.'

I hand out tea to everyone, and Ginette sits down next to me.
It was next to a table for four.
Magda and Gilberta, who had apparently targeted that seat, looked at me like 'What? They're looking at me like 'What?

'...... Mmm. While I was looking around to see which pudding was the biggest, I lost my prime seat.
'I was a little careless and late, I was. After all, the best seats fill up fast.
'What?Oh, you know what?Is there something wrong with me?
'No, you can sit wherever you want, you know.

It's not that there's anything good about sitting next to me.
It's just that Jeannette, who used to sit across from me, seems to be sitting next to me more often these days.
When there are a lot of people, I may sit next to her more often than across from her.

'Oh, um... If you would like to see a prototype of the wedding dress, it would be better to be near Yashiro to hear what he has to say,............, but it was never my intention to do so. ............

'No, no, no!Just sit there!

If I'm forced to back away, you'll be even more conscious of me, right?
Just sit next to me. Don't worry about it, just sit there.

Then I'll sit next to my friend Jeannette.

Gilberta grabs an empty chair and sits down next to Ginette.
Gilberta, Ginette, me, and Estella are sitting in the middle of the room.

'...... Magda, here.'

And then, with an obvious look on her face, Magda climbed into my lap. ...... Yeah, I kind of expected that.

'...... Hey. Can I come over and sit with you for a minute?

Estella approaches me with her chair, probably feeling lonely sitting a little bit farther away from me.
They're all so lonely. It's only the unveiling of a prototype, you're overreacting.

'Yes, yes. Sorry to keep you waiting, but ............ is kind of a crowded place, isn't it?
'Well, just think of me as a judge.'

They are sitting in a line facing the kitchen, just like the judges.
They're not very good judges, though. Not a trace of dignity.
Above all, I'm the only one who knows anything about clothes. ...... No, you see. I've made a lot of stuff professionally. I've made a lot of things professionally. fake ............ of famous brands. well, what about the past?

I love to sew, so I'm happy to see your prototypes.
'Are you trying to steal my skills?
'I'm not stealing, I'm just using ...... as a reference.'

I think it's the same thing.

'...... Magda doesn't sew, so I like the feeling of borrowing Uclines' prototype and not returning it in a hazy state.'
'That's stealing in the truest sense of the word.

We should do everything we can to stop that, for Magda's sake.
But Magda, he's getting restless. Are you sure he's feeling sorry for himself?That you were not chosen as a model.

'...... Loretta. Why don't you stay here again today?
'Did you have that much fun last night?
'............ pouring a mouthful of pudding into your mouth while you were sleeping.'
'Don't do that to her. I pity Loretta.

She won't know if it's torture or a reward.
I think Loretta would be a little happy about it. She likes pudding.

'I'll have to get Magda's dress for her next time.
'............ wedding dress?'
'Why not, .......? When we go to weddings, we dress up too.'
'...... Yashiro too?'
'............ Yeah.'

Magda's ears flicked up and her tail swished slowly to the side.
He seemed to be in a better mood.

'...... then you and Loretta can wear matching dresses.'
'You want them to match?
'............ is also acceptable.'

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
It may be a reflection of the fact that they were a little bit jealous, albeit unilaterally.

In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.

'...... I'm sorry to hear about Loretta.
'Well, I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that.'
'...... Indeed. Loretta's got a cute side.'
'Don't let the younger one tell you otherwise.
'......You may be younger, but you're older.
'You can say that all you want, Loretta.

I don't know if he meant it or not, but if something were to happen to Loretta, I'm sure Magda would do whatever she could to protect her.
As a friend. As a senior colleague.
I'm sure it's the same for Loretta.

'Ah, Yashiro. It's coming out. It's Natalia.'

Estella said and I looked over to see Natalia coming over the counter.
Oh, ......, this is quite something.

'I've also cleaned up your chest. What do you think?

I'm sure you'll agree with me.
The dress has a beautiful silhouette that clearly shows the lines of the body, and it suits Natalia, who has a good figure.

'It's beautiful. Very nice.'
'Thank you, Master Yashiro. But I was asking you what you thought of the dress?'
'Yes. I also asked you what you thought of the dress?
'I'm sure you'd get the same feedback if you took off your dress and stood here completely naked.

You're always so positive.
Anyway, can you please stop being completely naked in the cafeteria?

'It's just a little difficult to move.
'That's fine, that's what wedding dresses are for. A bride is supposed to behave gracefully, not move around. The ideal is to look beautiful in appearance.'
'So that's how it is. I understand.

Relaxing her shoulders and standing quietly, Natalia was graceful and beautiful.
Her posture was good, and her manner was beautiful in every detail, down to the tips of her fingers.
The dress, which was supposed to accentuate the bride, seemed to be accentuated by Natalia.

The dress is cinched at the waist and the skirt spreads softly to form a beautiful line.
I'd like to see a little more volume in the skirt.

'Shall I make the skirt more fluffy?
'Fluffy, yes. I understand.
'How about adding some lace or something?
'Then more fluffy ruffles.
'I'll keep that in mind.

Ukrines quickly took note of my points and Ginette and Estella's ideas.
She seemed to be thinking about it very seriously. Her notebook was completely black with a lot of writing.

'It's my first attempt and I'm nervous, too.

It was probably because he was looking through the notes. Uclines said something like that.

'But this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, Wendy. Don't you want to give her the best dress? I'm serious, too.
'I trust your skill.'
That's very kind of you to say. But please give me some advice, Yashiro-chan.

Even if you trust me, you can't do what I can't do.
I'll give you all the advice I can.

'Are you going to give me a shoulder?
'No, sir. Wendy's breasts aren't that prominent, and given her personality, I'm going to be a little less revealing.

A dress with bare shoulders and a wide opening at the chest is a good look, but it's not a good look if you don't have a certain amount of breasts. If you're Ginette or Norma, you can probably pull it off.

Ukrines gave the signal, and Loretta appeared from behind the counter.

'Oh, that's nice.
'............ Mmm. Loretta, you're good.
'It's a dress, isn't it?
'It's simple and cute.'
'Whoa!It's a normal compliment!Didn't anyone say, 'Wow, that's normal'?

Did you want to be told that? ......
I'm sure that's normal in Loretta's mind. ...... It could also be an occupational hazard in the broadest sense.
You are too familiar with the position of being played.

The dress that Loretta is wearing is very intricate, with detailed embroidery and lace around the bust. On the other hand, the rest of the dress is as simple as can be.
The skirt, in particular, is voluminous but without any decoration.

'I wanted Loretta's dress to draw attention to her bust, so I kept the rest simple.
'What?What did you say?
'I wanted people to pay attention to the bust, so I kept the rest of the dress simple. ......'
'What?One more time.
'Focus on the chest: ......'
'That's enough, big brother!How many times do you want me to say 'look at my chest'?

Loretta says, hiding her bosom that needs to be seen.
You idiot!What are you hiding?Reveal it!

'Okay, everyone!Look at Loretta's tits!
'Not her tits!It's her chest!Look at the decorations on her chest!

'Yashiro-san . Hey!

He pulled my sleeve and scolded me lightly.
I mean, Jeannette. When you scold, it's 'meh! I knew it.

'Isn't Loretta's dress pretty too? I like it.'
'Are you sure?Estella, do you like me?
'No, the dress. I like Loretta too, but of course.

Loretta, who is not used to being complimented, is greedy for compliments.

'I like you too, tits.
'Shut up for a second, big brother!

Funny ...... reaction is too different.
I'm giving you my heartfelt praise.

'The lines are more beautiful than I thought they would be. Yeah. Loretta, you have beautiful breasts.'
'Whoa!Are you sure?I've never heard that before!
'Nice tits, Loretta!
I've never been told that before.

...... I don't get it.

'Hey, Jeannette. What's the difference?'
'It's the attitude ......, isn't it?
'Because you're only complimenting her breasts.'
'It's because it's ...... Yashiro.'

He was harshly criticized from both sides and on his knees.
Gilberta looked at ...... her, and her eyes sparkled at the dress. I guess this kind of clothing is rare.

'It is a pity, I think, that I cannot see the finished product.

It is said that the image of Loretta's dress is to match the bust of Natalia's dress, but it is difficult to imagine.

'There's also the aspect that the finished product is something to look forward to on the day, so we purposely kept it separate.

It seems that Ukrines wanted to give us a fresh surprise.
Even if you show the finished product of the dress, I don't think you need to hide it that much because the impression will change drastically when you wear it.

'That was very helpful. Thank you both very much. Thank you all.

He bowed to the two models and to us. Uclines is beaming. He's had a good day.

'Then you can take them off now.
'Then go to .......'
'Go to the back and take it off, Natalia!

You're getting good at this, that squire comedy.
Estella's breasts may have been worn down by too much ...... tsukomi, and she's going to burn a lot of calories.

'But, Estella-sama. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this. ......
'Ginette. I need you to help Ukrines and take Natalia to the back right now.'
'Yes, sir. Yes, sir!

I get excited when I wear something different.
It's very dangerous to leave Natalia in that state. So we must leave immediately!

As Ukrines and Ginette dragged her away, Natalia disappeared into the kitchen.
...... Peace has returned to the world.

I'm sure you'll agree. Don't get too s*xy with your eyes.
'What?I thought you had a sane mind until just now, was I wrong?

When there's no one to blabber to, you'll blabber instantly. You greedy bastard.

"Big brother.

Loretta comes over to me with a 'hehe' and clasps her heels together.
She clasps her hands behind her back and looks at me as if she's peering into my face.

'What do you think?
'If you want to know what I think, just go to .......'
'I didn't ask you. I didn't ask you what you thought of my tits.

If you were asking me what I thought of her tits, why not?
That's all that matters.

'To be honest, it's hard to say because the dress is specially made.'
'Mmmm ...... I see. I like it a lot, though.'
'I think there are more suitable dresses for you.'

Loretta is standing across the table from me at a distance that allows me to see her entire body.

She had no unnecessary flesh on her, and her body was still young and thin. However, the hair that had grown a little longer made Loretta look a little more mature than before.
At the age when she was starting to change from a young girl to an adult, a brighter dress that was more gorgeous and pretty would suit Loretta.

'I'll give you a generous compliment when you wear a dress that's for you, not for Wendy.
'Ho, are you sure!That's a promise!If you lie to me, I'll make you drink a hundred frogs!
''Ugh, what kind of torture is that ......''

Uclines' dress was indeed well made.
But it's still incomplete.
It doesn't have the power to take on my Loretta.

'You can't bring out your best in that dress, you know.
'...... In other words, Loretta won this time because she outperformed the dress.'
'You're right, that might be true.'
'Even Estella-san?What's wrong with you?Why are you all praising me?I feel a little uneasy when people keep praising me like this!

Loretta, who was always saying that she wanted to be praised, but when she was praised, she didn't seem to know what to look like, and just cringed.
In the end, Loretta asked for help from Ginette, a run-in at the sunny pavilion.

'Hey, manager!

Loretta ran into the kitchen over the counter.
You hear a loud voice coming from the kitchen.

'Cuss me out!
'What?I think that's a little hard for me.

How unaccustomed are you to being complimented? ...... It's like you're seeking peace of mind and going to be tormented. ............ That's sick.
Well, Jeannette wouldn't really say anything that would hurt your feelings. It's a safe bet.

'I think the dress is beautiful, I do'.
'Doesn't Gilberta ever get to wear dresses like that?
'Behind the scenes is what I do, serving. There's no need to show off, not for me.
I don't need to show off.
'I don't have anyone to show off to when I'm dressed up.

His expression clouded a little, and the little antennae peeking out faintly twitched.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea to dress up alone, but it's lonely.

'If it's ......, you can wear it now.

She jumped off my lap with a 'pop! Magda jumped off my lap and landed with the grace of a gymnast.
He stands in front of Gilberta and says with a crisp, blank expression.

'...... Here's Yashiro, who looks at you properly and gives you his heartfelt praise, "Magda is the cutest thing in the world."'
'What?Am I being forced to do something right now?

My small protest is smoothly ignored, and Magda takes Gilberta's hand with a feverish, expressionless half-lidded look.
With the fervor of a passionate teacher.

'...... When do I get dressed up?Now.'
'Hey, Magda, .................. no, I'm not going to say anything else.

How long have you lived in Japan?
You lived in Japan, right?Or what?Are there some people in this world who are very much like you?

'...... There are two dresses in this store right now.'
'Can I borrow them, the dresses you just gave me?
'...... It's not about good or bad. You can borrow them.'
'Magda. That sounds like a great quote, but it's just robbery, right?'

It's called gianism.

'Are you sure?Your friend Yashiro?
'Well, why don't you ask him?Maybe he'll even let you wear it?'

Uclines likes to dress pretty girls. Gilberta is pretty in her own way.
I'm sure she won't refuse if you ask her.

'...... Now, when you make up your mind.
'I'd like to wear it,............, if I'm allowed.
'......The story is settled. Let's go.
'I'm going, I'm going!

Magda, who has been expressionless all year, and Gilberta, who has been expressionless all year, headed for the kitchen with crisp faces.
You've always wanted to try it on, haven't you, Magda?
You used Gilberta as an excuse.

'Don't you have to wear it?
'I have plenty of opportunities to wear dresses.'
'I see.
'If Yashiro says that Estella is the prettiest girl in the world and praises her sincerely, I can wear it.
'You'll be embarrassed if I tell you.

'Well, how about that?

Just the two of us in the large dining room.
I like this atmosphere that only exists when I'm alone with Estella.
It's not a bad feeling to probe each other in an attempt to catch the other in the act .......

I was thinking of playing with that to kill time until Magda and Gilberta finished changing clothes. ......

'...... losing the battle'.
'We decided to give up, we'.

Magda and Gilberta came back over the counter in their original clothes.
Where's the dress?

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.
They both have cloudy expressions.

...... What the hell is this?

'Master Yashiro. Estella-sama ............, I would like to apologize for my rash words and actions today.
'I also apologize for being overly excited. I'm sorry.
'What's wrong, you two?

What's wrong?
The two of you who were so excited about being called cute just a moment ago, are now being beaten down together.
......?I'm not sure.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with us.
...... is coming. It's coming!

'Oh, that ............'.

Slowly, through the doorway that leads from the kitchen to the dining room floor, Ginette emerges.
She is wearing the dress that Natalia was wearing earlier, which was made with a lot of room in the chest area. ............

'Tits, booboo!
'Yashiro!I understand how you feel, but can you please refrain from being too direct?
'No, but, bo-oh-oh!
'I'm just saying!
'Oh, please don't, both of you!I'm not a boob!

says Jeannette, thrusting out her boobs.
That. That dress.
When Natalia wore it, the excess fabric was pinned up.

Now it's absolutely untouched.
It looks like it's going to rip off without any work!

'Honestly. I was a little overzealous.'
'I'm still not as good as the ...... manager.'
'No, you're not!Natalia was beautiful, and Loretta was pretty too.You know?Isn't that right, Yashiro-san?
'Ah. But Ginette has the biggest boobs!
I'm not talking about breasts.
'Aah!It's okay to talk about breasts!
'You're changing the meaning!Please repent already!

Afterwards, when I had calmed down a bit, I went to the back to help Natalia change, and Ukrines, Natalia, and Loretta convinced me to wear the dress just to put on the sleeves. ...... I was persuaded by Ukrines, Natalia and Loretta to put on the dress with the intention of just putting on the sleeves,......, but ............, I am sorry for the strange atmosphere.

In the end, Ginette also took off her dress soon after.
I didn't get a chance to look at her too closely. I was too busy looking at the ......bo-bo-bo-bo ............

But that's okay.
It's all about the boobs.