187-Later Tan 15 Subhuman, Subspecies, Subline

'In short, the beastman race is the "subhuman", the insect race is the "subspecies", and among them, the Yamamayuga race is called the "sub-lineage" ......, is that correct?

The day after I returned from District 35, I was talking with Estella.
The place was the Sunlit Pavilion.
Magda said it wasn't something to be hidden and talked about in secret.

Yesterday, I came back to the sunlit pavilion only after nightfall.
I had praised Magda and Loretta for successfully guarding Ginette's absence, and told them about what had happened in District 35. Because of this, Loretta ended up staying overnight, but she seemed to be enjoying herself, so that was good.

So, in the flow of events, we inevitably ended up talking about "subhumans" and "subspecies". ......

'......Yashiro cares too much'
I'm not sure what to say.

The two beastmen said this matter-of-factly.

I also thought that calling them beastmen or insects might make them feel uncomfortable. ......

'...... distinction is natural'.
'Yes, it is. I'm not sure what to make of it.

The extraordinary power, animal characteristics, and habits of the beastmen are different from those of humans.
It is said that they are as different as foreigners using different languages.
Their customs are like religions in Japan, and they think that those who want to do something should do it on their own. It cannot be said, 'Let's get rid of religion so that there is no distinction! This is not the case.
It is the same as the distinction between Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims does not cause offense.

If there are people who cannot eat pork because of their religion, it is not right to ban it for them, nor is it right to require them to eat it secretly. It is fine for the person to do so at his or her own will. People around you should just act normally.
That's what Magda and Loretta were saying.
If you pay attention to the following ......, you won't feel uncomfortable.

--So we decided to hold a meeting where everyone was present.

At first, Estella was reluctant, but when I persuaded her that it would look more suspicious to hide the information, she agreed.
So, we finally got her to share the information.

'Generally speaking, Yashiro is right.

Everyone but me seemed to know the name 'subhuman', and the gynets around me nodded their heads in agreement.
But what do you mean by 'generally'?

I'm sure they'll understand if I tell them from the beginning.

I'm sure you'll understand if I tell you from the beginning how the word 'subhuman' came into being.

'There was once a time when there were only humans in human cities. The world was a big place, and it wasn't often that multiracial people met.

Eventually, as civilization developed and life improved, humans sought to expand their territory.
Adventurers set out on journeys to new continents, and new countries were born here and there.

'And so, at last, man encounters a race different from his own.

Estella holds up three fingers and thrusts them in front of me.

'Three races with extraordinary powers, beyond the reach of humans. Were-dragons, werewolves, and mermaids.'
'Were-dragons?Aren't they dragon people?
'We call them 'Ryujin', the Dragon Gods.

I see. 'Dragon gods'.

'So there are other gods besides the spirit gods?
'That's true. There are many people who worship other gods. But the Dragon God is more like a ...... 'creature that is too powerful to even approach' than a god.
'Are you talking about the ...... dragons?
'Well, yes. Seeing the huge and powerful dragons, the old people must have defined them as 'gods'.

When we see a being that is beyond human knowledge, we feel both awe and respect.
Depending on which of the two is greater, we may be divided into fear or worship, but we all share the same perception that 'this thing is on a different level from me.

'Well, the human dragon is also a being beyond human knowledge.
'I've never seen one before.
'I don't think there are any in All Bloom, are there?I mean, those three races don't really like to live in harmony with humans.

So the were-dragons, werewolves and mermaids live quietly in their own countries. ......

'With one exception.

Yesterday, when we parted at the city gate of the 35th district, there was a mermaid named Masha who waved her hand with a big smile and said, 'Let's talk about the sea and fishes another time!
She doesn't like to live in symbiosis, but voluntarily gets involved with humans. She's always willing to get involved in anything that looks interesting.

'Mermaids don't care about details too much. Masha is one of the best.'

Estella smiled at her best friend's denial of what she had just said.
Well, it's good that she's harmless, isn't it?
A race that can swim freely in the ocean would be extremely troublesome to make enemies with.

'And starting with these three races, humans will meet people of various races.
'...... After that, humans began to call the races they met 'subhumans'.

Magda explains this to Estella, who is reluctant to say the word 'subhuman'.
You're being watched out for, Estella.
It proves that the one who was discriminating cares more.
It's not that Estella was discriminating, though. 'As a human being,' I guess.

'In the meantime, there were wars and disputes between the races, and it was not until much later that they reconciled. ......'
'...... The beastmen were at war with non-humans as well. They fought with dragons and werewolves.

As humans expanded throughout the world, other races began to seek new lands.
As a result, wars broke out all over the world.

'In the end, the humans, with their superior leadership and technology, were victorious, and the war ended with the beastmen being dominated by the humans.

'............ Yeah. Yeah, I guess.'

Estella's expression falters as Loretta adds.
It must be painful for her to have 'dominated'.
Don't worry about it, already. It's not like you were in control.

'Well, it's not that we won the war, it's that we chose to discuss and live in harmony with other species. In fact, humans didn't win against the first three races.

So dragons, werewolves, and mermaids have not been defeated by humans.
...... Oh, I see.

'So they started calling the beastmen they met after the first three races 'subhumans'.

In the value system immediately after the end of the war, dragons, werewolves, mermaids, and humans were equal, and these four races were the so-called 'human race'.
The four races were the so-called "human race." They were distinguished from other beast races whose position was weakened by the war. By giving them special treatment, they wanted to prevent the war from spreading further.

'Yes. That's why Masha and the other mermaids are not included in ...... that ...... 'subhuman'.'

Estella said the word 'subhuman' with great difficulty.
Once you've said it, it will come out a little more smoothly next time.

It's complicated, but what you have to understand is that beastmen do not equal subhuman.
The term "beastmen" is a name I've taken the liberty of calling myself, and Masha is included in that category. But Masha and the other mermaids are not included in the "subhuman" category. Of course, neither is Calvin.
...... So does that mean Masha can be a nobleman?
I didn't know that when I talked to Imelda before. It's possible.

'I've heard that the first 'subhumans' were the Inu people.
'...... Magda too.'
'Yes, they were. That's what the history books say. Humans and Canids have worked together to create many large cities.

I think of the huge outer wall that surrounds Allbloom.
...... I see. Humans can't do it alone.

'Then the tiger people and the hamster people and so on poured into the city.
'We hamster people have always been powerless, so they let us into the human country as a kind of 'protection'.

I guess there are people who longed for coexistence rather than conflict.
Anyway, that's how the current coexistence and co-prosperity was formed.

'And so, the first place that humans and beastmen worked together to create was here, Allbloom.

It seems that Allbloom is a city with quite a long history in this world.
But it's not like ...... where the history lasts for thousands of years, it's more like hundreds of decades. I guess you could say that the city has only recently become peaceful.

'Then, as the city grew, more and more diverse races came into the city, but the arrival of the ...... Triads changed the way people thought.
'The Tori people?

What is it?I don't think they're very belligerent or cunning. ......
What is it about the Tori people that could upset the peace that has finally come?I don't know.

'The first two Tori who came to Allbloom looked very much like they were not of the same race.

They were what we now call 'Sparrows' and 'Ostriches'. ...... That makes them look like something else, doesn't it?

'From there, they came to be called by more detailed racial names.

I see.
So that's why Paula is called the canine race and Nepheli the chicken race. They're not Golden Retrievers, are they?

The reason why the name 'Canis lupus' is so popular is because the Canis lupus people had many interracial marriages between their own people.

Paula's father was a bulldog, but Paula has the characteristics of a golden retriever. In other words, her father is a bulldog and her mother is a golden retriever. That is what intermarriage between different species of the same family means.
Since there are so many different kinds of people, it would be easier to call them "Canines" all together.
Neffery's parents are both chickens.
Maybe there is a strong tendency to prefer consanguineous marriages or something like that depending on the race.

'...... Nowadays, interracial marriage is no longer a special thing.

Magda says as she stares at me.

'...... Rather normal. It's common. It's something that should be encouraged.

He stares at me ...... intently.
You don't mean anything else by that ...... stare, do you?

'............You can often be arrested for stealing a heart.
I'm sure you'll agree.

I've got a clogged trachea. ......
It's a thing, isn't it?I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it. As soon as possible.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to call them that again. The younger generation is able to love more freely.

Estella is a little embarrassed by her own words.
In her case, it seems that being a nobleman is even harder than being a racial one.
I wonder if it's possible for Estella to get a son-in-law from a beastman race. ..................... I wonder if it's ......... possible. I'm a bit annoyed ............ when I imagine such a thing.

'Don't let the big tits gene fool you into thinking you're a bad bovine.
'I'm not going to be ripped off!

Well, if it's ......, all the better.
Somehow, the annoyance in the pit of my stomach has cleared up a bit with what you just said. I don't know why. .............

'Back to the topic at hand: ......'

'After the Triads, the number of subdivided races increased, and the city developed further. The power of the beastmen is excellent in many fields. They were able to cultivate the deep forest, which had been inaccessible because of the hexenbiest's territory.

The beastmen have individual abilities. The humans who led them and developed the city.
In this way, Allbloom grew greatly,' he said.

'It's just that the number of races has increased a little too much. ......'

I'm sure you've heard of it.

'There was a clear sense of discrimination between humans and beastmen, even though they seem to be equal.
'So the beastmen started to feel uncomfortable about being called 'subhuman'?
'Yes ......, that's right.

If it was only the first members, they might have tacitly understood each other's roles and positions.
However, those who come in later will have that tacit understanding imposed on them unconditionally.
With a single word, "You are a subhuman.
This will, of course, cause some dissatisfaction.

'The beastmen were overwhelmingly superior in numbers and power. The humans of the time were upset and distressed, and came up with a ...... solution.
'So that's the ...... "subspecies".

How to lower the pent-up anger of the discriminated ......
It's simple, just create a person of a lower status.
Even in the Edo period, the dissatisfaction of those of lower status was ignored by creating those of even lower status.
But that is not a solution to anything.

'And then, just like that, there was a race that finally came into contact with Allbloom: ......'
'So, it was the Bug People.'

Estella nodded her head silently, but clearly.

As you can see from Millie and Wendy, the Bug People are a bit timid.
Probably, their racial characteristics and habits are more timid and gentle than other races.
After making sure that they were safe enough, they repeated their thoughts and arguments, and finally ...... tried to contact humans.

However, as with any thing, ...... those who ride behind after getting on track will be in a weaker position.
The Bug People were used to divert the Beastmen's discontent.

The Bug People were used to divert the Beastmen's discontent. 'Even so, the Bug People entered this city because they thought the benefits would be greater.
'Because it was an environment where conflict and hunger were infinitely less likely to occur.

Outside the outer wall, there are terrible demonic beasts roaming around.
It's no wonder that a powerless race would come into the city to seek shelter.

'...... Still, the balance was maintained for a long time.'
'Yes, sir. I've heard that even those who were called 'subspecies' of the Bug People ...... were living a reasonably good life at the time.

Magda and Loretta added.
Humans had become the nobility, and the beastmen occupied the top positions in the large guilds, while the insects were treated like mere servants.
You'll be able to find a lot of people who are willing to help you. ...... There was a time when we were that desperate.

In this city, there was another group of people under the subspecies, called the sub-lineage.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

So, rebellion .......
And that rebellion failed ...... and made their position even worse. ............

'The Centipedes, Spiders, Slugs, and Mayflies colluded to invade the capital.

Oh, ......, they're all races that Japanese girls seem to hate.

'They were originally in a weak position among the subspecies. That's why they couldn't stand it,......, I'm sure.'

A lower status to deflect the frustration of the higher status. What does it feel like to be reduced to the lowest of the low ......? ............

'......'s 'sub-strain' is 'better than a frog' level'.
'It's not like I lied to you. ......'

What Estella may find difficult to say, Magda and Loretta can say for her.
However, ...... they are oppressed by innocent people. ............ It's a shame.

'But their courage had the power to change the world. At the time, it was only a small ripple, but ...... the ripple eventually became a big wave, a big vortex that turned the world upside down and engulfed this city.
'The abolition of the status system, right?
'Yes. As soon as the king of the time ascended to the throne, he abolished the status system that bound the beastman race.

However, the status of royalty and nobility remained intact. ...... Still, there are not many leaders who can preach equality among citizens. It takes a lot of courage and determination.

But thanks to the efforts of the kings of that era, equality and peace were brought to Allbloom.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that he laid the foundation of Allbloom as we know it today.
If you're not sure, you might have been in a world where Millie and Wendy were oppressed. ...... I don't want to see that. I don't want to see Estella and Jeannette oppressing Magda and the beastmen, and Magda and Loretta oppressing Millie and the others,.......
If it was a city like that, what would I have done? .................. Well, there's no point in thinking about impossible "ifs". .
The king of that time period created the opportunity to abolish discrimination, and over the years, the city has won equality. It was a path that the residents of this city chose for themselves.

No wonder it's so comfortable, isn't it?

'...... By the way. The people who form the racketeers' guild in this neighborhood are also descendants of those who were called 'sub-lineage'.

'Like the Iguana people in the food poisoning incident, or the Mantis people who attacked the store?
'A bit, there are a lot of bloodthirsty races. But I've heard that many of them got caught up in the ...... surroundings and joined the riots.

Looking at Wendy, she doesn't seem to be associated with the words riot or rebellion. ...... No, but her mother is. ......... ...Wendy also looks scary when she's angry: ......
Anyway, it was decades ago. It's definitely not something that people living today need to carry.

'It's hard, ...... really.'

Estella crosses her arms and rests her body against the back of the chair. She leans back and looks up at the ceiling.

'It's not ...... about losing something that shouldn't be there anymore.

There is no discrimination in this city.
There is no discrimination in this city. There ...... should be none, but it's definitely still there.

So where the heck is that ......?
It is something that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people who live there.
It is very difficult to get rid of it.

Millie doesn't use the carriage, even though she doesn't have to.
The reason why she went all the way to the 40th district was because she received an order from an old lady of the Himekamenoko Tentou people who lived there. You can't say that there isn't a possibility.

I was able to get along with them, but I don't know what will happen with the ...... other bug people. Kaburiel says that many of the Bug People don't seem to have a good impression of humans.

And Lucia, the lord of the 35th district, said, "The one I want you to meet: ......
I'm sure he's someone who's going to have a lot to do with this problem.

............ It's deep-rooted.
Assunto's advice is starting to sink in now.
It seems that I've gotten myself into a lot of trouble.

But ......

I'm not going to leave it at that, though, am I?

Wendy's marriage. And I can't overlook the fact that Millie and Estella, even if it's only once in a while, cast a shadow over my heart over something as trivial as this.
You guys should be laughing all year round. Like idiots. I'm sure that would suit you better.

'If you can't delete ......'.

This is a very forceful move. ......

I'm going to stand up and say to the people who are staring at me with eyes that are filled with a certain amount of anticipation.
...... I mean, you guys are .................. always telling me not to look at you like that. You know, ......

Well, in this case, ...... you see, it's also ............ my responsibility to incite Theron and Wendy... ...and also, you know, ...... that thing and .................. well.., I had no choice. Yeah.

'Let's rewrite those old values.

All you have to do is to overreact a little to what you originally intended to do.
Since the birth of the glowing brick,......, or maybe even a little earlier,............, we've been thinking about it. I've been waiting for the right time to do this for a long time, and I was a little impatient with Theron, who said he was engaged but hadn't actually proposed yet.
Let's go as far as involving the thirty-five wards and make a huge, unprecedented fuss!

It's going to take a lot more preparation than I thought, but ......

'I have high hopes for your power.
'Yes, sir. I'll leave it to you.'

Until just now...
When we were talking about "subhumans" and "quarrels", Ginette had a tearful expression on her face, but she finally smiled.
Even if she doesn't say what she's going to do, she's probably going to cooperate.

And so are the others.

'...... The most advanced area that should be a model for Allbloom, District Forty-two should set an example.
'Yes, sir!If we all have fun together, we'll all get along better!

He instantly gained momentum and showed off his motivation without regret.
Of course, this guy--

I'm not sure what they're going to make me do this time,.......

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, to be honest ......, but for now I'll just get ready for the 'normal' stuff.

The 'normal' here is the 'normal' I know.
In short, it is the preparation for a wedding ceremony and reception that I can be satisfied with.
I want to make sure that I've done everything I can as a minimum.

On top of that, I'm going to scratch and tweak this troublesome issue.
I'd say the root of Wendy's parents' persuasion is the same problem.
Then, we can make our move tomorrow after we see who Lucia wants us to meet.

Today, we'll spend the whole day recruiting people to help us in the 42nd district. ......

While I was thinking about this, there was a knock on the door of the Sunlit Pavilion.
Not many people knock on the door of this place.
When the shop is open for business, people usually open the door and come in by themselves without knocking.
The only time they knock is when the store is closed. ............

'Yes. I'm home!

In contrast to me, who sensed a disturbing presence, Jeannette left her seat unprotected and ran to the door. This one didn't seem to feel anything.
Then, without hesitation, she opens the door.

'I'm here, I'm here.

Standing there was Gilberta, the head waiter for the lord of the 35th district.
So the unsettling premonition was right .......

'Do you have a message for me from Lucia?
'No,' I said, 'I deny it.

Gilberta walked into the restaurant, passing Ginette who was holding the door.
She walks up to the table where we are sitting and looks down at me.
Then she slowly opens her mouth.
Her lightly tinted lips change shape and she begins to speak.

'Play with me.
'You, what are you doing here?

You've come from a place so far away that you'd have to spend an entire day traveling back and forth just to say something like that?

'I'm a friend, I'm a titty person. And he said, "Come visit me.
'No, that's not the point, how did you get a day off from ...... yesterday, head waiter?

Gilberta slowly moves her head and tilts it to the side.
'...... This guy, no way.

'I didn't take it, did I?
'You're AWOL!

What are you doing?
You're the head waiter, right?
You've got a lot of work to do!I thought the waiters couldn't do their jobs without you!

And yet, you're AWOL!

'Are you alright with ...... that, guarding Lucia-san, you know?

Estella asks Gilberta with an extremely tense face.
That's right!As I recall, Lucia's escort was also your job, wasn't it?

'Well?I don't know, I don't know. It's my first time, this kind of thing. We'll find out tomorrow, if it was okay or not.'
'And when it turns out that it wasn't okay, it's going to be a mess. ......'
'But the most important thing is your friends.

...... This girl ............ is saying this for real.
Do you know the word "flexible"?You're not even close to being inflexible, are you?
You're denying all flexibility.

You're the kind of guy who says, "I want curry," and you just take the curry and ignore the rice.
Or, he's the type of person who would say, 'There were many applicable items, so I brought all of them,' and bring all the items with the name 'curry,' including curry udon, dry curry, and curry rice crackers.

'I'm sure Lucia will be angry. ......'
'And that anger will be directed at Yashiro: ......'

Don't be scared, Estella. There's more than an 80% chance it's going to happen, so at least don't say it.

'............ Am I bothering you, am I?'

Seeing our dismay, Gilberta nodded in agreement.
Oh, my God. ...... You really are two extremes. ......

It is Lucia who has caused me trouble. You can't help it this time, but next time you should consult Lucia first. You care about Lucia too, right?'
'Of course.

Don't be afraid to affirm it.
You do have a kind of loyalty, don't you?

'Even now, I'm worried about Lady Lucia, I am. Today is the day of the meeting with the lords of the 25th and 15th districts.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at .......
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to help you out. ...... I'm sure that if you're at the level of the 35th district, you'll have some sort of contingency plan in place for this kind of situation. ............ .................. I want you to think that. If not, I'm going to have a pit in my stomach. ......

'I was happy to ............ have a friend for the first time. I was a little too ............ excited. ............... ...home.
'Oh, wait, wait!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it. You'll make me want to pick you up and go home.

'Estella. What do you think Lucia's place is like now?
'Well, she's probably in a panic, but ...... Lucia is a thorough person, so I'm sure she'll take some measures and get the job done without any problems.'
'If anything should happen to me, the deputy head waiter will take the lead in my place.

Is there such a thing as a deputy head waiter?
Then it's no problem.

'Just a human, the assistant head waiter.

I guess ............ is. That's all it is, but I feel like it's a very big problem. ......

'Lucia-san ......, it's going to be rough.'
'Haha ...... I can see it in your eyes.'

Lucia doesn't discriminate against beastmen, but she does favor them tremendously.
If Gilberta, her favorite, is not there, she will be incredibly unhappy.
...... assistant head waiter and the rest of the waitstaff. I'm sorry about that.

Apologize when you get home.
'And then will you play with me, titty man?
'Oh. I can't help it now that I'm here. When does the meeting start?
'It's already started.

'Oh, ......'.

I don't know, this feeling of being able to turn around and say it's completely too late is ......
I'm starting to think that it would be better to play with Gilberta for the rest of the day and warn her not to let this happen again.

'I'll apologize with you tomorrow. I'll apologize with you tomorrow. ...... It's not like my words didn't have a cause, either.

If the other party has a normal thought process, my words and actions are not at all to blame.

'...... You're so kind, titty man.
'And don't call me a titty person.'
'Because it's too much?

'No,' says Gilberta, pointing at Jeannette.

'I'm not wearing it!I'm not going to be able to do that.
'It's Yashiro and Jeannette.
'Yashiro's tits and Jeannette's tits.'
'You're not doing it on purpose, are you?
'Is Yashiro and Jeannette ...... the only ones, what do you call them?'
'Only. That's what my friends call me.'
'Okay. That's what I'll call you next time.

Gilberta nodded her head in a small affirmative, with a look of mental happiness on her face.
It's hard to teach Gilberta what to call you when she's too honest.


And Magda tugs at my clothes a bit.

'...... Hard to read emotions. Hard to get involved with.'

Yeah, yeah. You don't say?
I'm not sure if I'd be able to read Magda's emotions accurately.
I'm the only one who can accurately read Magda's emotions.

'You there, cat person.
'...... Magda is a tiger-people. I demand a correction.'
'Request accepted and prompt apology, I am . Tiger people.'
'...... forgive. At ............, what?'
'It's hard to read your emotions, you know.'

You don't say, returns.
Don't you two ever think about yourselves?

'Um, Yashiro-san. What do you intend to do?

Jeannette stares at me with a worried expression.
When he says something like this, it's when I want to ask him to 'please be generous'.
...... Even if I am lenient, Gilberta's case is tricky.

'I know. I'll tell Natalia and send a letter to Miss Lucia. I'll use a fast horse and arrange for it to reach you right away.'

You are indeed a genius who takes on the hardships of others.
He knows how to deal with scandals caused by troubled children.

'You've come a long way. I can't just turn him away. Yashiro should take the responsibility of showing you around District 42.'

You've thrown all that trouble on us while trying to act like a generous lord.
Well, ...... I had a sneaking suspicion that you would end up like that.

'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness,' I said.
'Hey, it's no big deal. Don't worry about it.'
'That's very generous of you, titty man.
'Can you please stop calling me that?
'Anti-boob guy?
'I'm not anti-tits!I'm more of a welcomer, though!Anyway, just call me Estella!'

Do you really want to keep the 'titty person'?
Just call me by my first name.

'Now all problems are solved.
'''' No, no, no, no. ......''''

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
Ginette also let out a troubled chuckle.

It was just before noon.
I guess we'd better prepare ourselves for some turbulence today and tomorrow. I thought as I looked up at the clear sky outside the window.