186-Is it 14 pure or stupid later?

'Oh, a sight not to be shown to others, this. I'd like to be blinded, please.
'I don't know what you're asking me to do.

Gilberta is in a great deal of panic at the sight of Lucia's lasciviousness.

'It won't hurt, probably.
'Of course it's going to hurt.

I'm not sure how serious this is, but I'll try to prevent Gilberta from going off the rails.

You're right on the money, aren't you?
'Oh, uh, ...... Yashiro-san. What the hell is this ......?'

While all the witnesses were dumbfounded by the lord's excessive lasciviousness, Jeannette came next to me and asked me to explain the situation.

'We've been fundamentally mistaken, you know.
'A misunderstanding ......?'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk. ......

'It's also ...... "moe" ......?'

Lucia was so preoccupied with Wendy's antennae that she didn't even notice our intrusion.
Perhaps this is what the meeting with Masha is like. It's ......, so no outsiders are allowed in. If you have a preconceived notion of her as a cool persona like Estella had, then ......

I'm not sure what to say.Tentacles!I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure you'll agree.

...... You can't be this lascivious.

'Is it always like this?
'Yes, that's right~. It's usually like this~☆ 'The scales, the scales~'

Scales. ...... They love animal features. If you bring a neffery or something, it might kill you.

'So, what was that ...... thing that Calvin-san was thrown out of?
''Oh, I heard that Calvin is weird~''

You can be creeped out by this kind of beast feature moe. ...... You're a hardcore creep, Calvin. You're a little bit awesome, dude.

I'm sorry.

Hey, "forced translation magic", can you please stop translating ......'cousin' to mean 'very'. It's making me uncomfortable.

'Cousin cute!

Yeah, that's it. Very unpleasant.

'Um, ...... you mean?'

Jeannette still doesn't seem to understand the situation. So I'll give you a straightforward, easy-to-understand explanation.

'In short, I'm not interested in humans, so don't come bother me when I'm humping a beastman.
You're generally right, the titty man said.

In the beginning, when Gilberta asked me if I was a human, I told her that Wendy was a Yamayuga, and she would have met me right away.
I really want to question the ...... spirit gods.

Are there no decent people living in this city?

'...... Hey, Lucia.'

When we call out to her, Lucia turns her gaze towards us.

'Don't be too rough with her. You'll break Wendy's antennae.'
'What?That's terrible. ............ Okay, I'll be gentle. ......'

He stopped rubbing his cheeks and started to pucker the bulge of his antennae with his fingertips.
......No, let go of my hand once!

'Can you let go of my hand at least once?Look at that. Wendy's about to cry.'
'Nah, crying ............'.

Lucia looks at Wendy with an impatient expression. And when she saw her big, moist eyes, she seemed to have finally realized that Wendy was about to cry.

'Oh, that ...... Lucia-sama......'
'Yah, I'm sorry!I didn't mean to make you cry. I just wanted to ............ make you my color and mess you up. ......'
'Hi ......?

I'm afraid!
You've got an almost criminal grin on your face, you beautiful woman.

'Sister Lucia~. If you scare her too much, she won't like you~?
'What?Do you think Ma-tan doesn't like me?

Who's Ma-tan?
That's why you didn't say Masha's name earlier?
That's embarrassing, isn't it?It's Ma-tan, right?

'Hmmm . I don't hate you~'
'Good ............ I'm so relieved ......'

How much are you afraid of being hated? ......

'At any rate, just now in the garden Ma-tan was making friends with a man who looked like an overdried anchovy. ......'

Who's the overdried anchovy, you bastard.

'You don't get to see a happy face like that when you're with me. ......'

And then, suddenly, Lucia's gaze collided with his.


We stared at each other in silence for a few seconds. ......

'Who's the anchovy?

Lucia started to panic wildly.

'You, how did you get here?
'Did you just notice that?

Could it be that you're an idiot?

'Yes. I'm here, I'm here.
'I thought I told you not to allow anyone to enter!
'Yes. I was listening, I was.
'Then why are these people here?
'They 'crawled' in on their crawls.

In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to get the most out of your home.
I'm sure you'll get a kick out of ...... that excuse.

'............ then you have no choice but to ......'.
'Are you pure or are you an idiot?

Are you okay, 35th Ward?

'...... blind spot ............'

Lucia bites her nails with a look of extreme frustration on her face.
Gilberta stopped her with a dignified voice.

'It's a trifle, biting your nails!

No, no, no. You've been exposing yourself in a much more indecent manner before that. Stop that one, if nothing else.

'Gilberta, ...... are you telling me what to do?'

You've been pointed out, and you're snapping back!

'If you don't listen to me, ...... I won't let you touch me again, antennae.'

I'm not sure if this guy was a bug man too!

'...... be careful from now on'.

It's broken!
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Gilberta's antennae are cute.'
'Do you think so, with these antennae?I'm a Gunthaiari, I'm a human.

'I'm a Gunthaiari ......, is that why I'm like that?

'Compared to Wendy, your antennae are much smaller.
'I guess that's the beauty of it!You don't know anything, but if you talk like you do, I'll make it impossible for you to eat anchovies ever again!Human males!
''There's too much difference in the way you treat me!

Lucia's attitude towards me is too strong.
I've never seen such blatant discrimination before.
Besides, you're a human too!You're a noble!

'Oh, do you ...... not like humans, Lucia-sama?'

Ginette asks Lucia, fearfully.
Lucia's eyes catch Ginette's and ...... arc softly.

'No, I don't. I hate discrimination more than anything. I don't base my likes and dislikes on race. I just find men like Calvin and those anchovies sickening and deeply unpleasant.
'I feel like I'm being grossly s*xist, though!First of all, don't put me in the same category as Calvin!

He said he hates discrimination, and then he started discriminating.
What a jerk.
I guess Estella was afraid because there was no one there that Lucia would like when they get together with the nobles. If someone like Masha is there, she's in a good mood, but if not, she'll be annoyed all the time. This is the type.
She's worse than Imelda.

Lucia, who seems to have such a bad nature, crosses her arms and looks directly at me.
She gives me a look full of hostility.

'So, ...... you barge into my private room, ............ what do you want, you?
'I'm here to help you because you took one of my people!

What's the point of barging in? ...... I looked at Wendy and ...... wondered why she was crying.
...... Yeah, ............ why?

'...... heroes came to ............ me, my friends and ......... ...has come to save ............ me and my friends, I'm thrilled!
'No, well, ...... it's not that big of a deal. Don't cry, okay?
'...... Yes.'

Wendy wipes away her tears and smiles gently.
...... but that smile is masked by the rage that emanates from next to Wendy.

'After Ma-tan, Wen-tan also gave me such a good look!I hate you!I'll execute you!
'Wait a minute!

Is this guy really the lord?Isn't he some kind of schoolboy?
I mean, Wentan?I can't feel a shred of sense!

'Gilberta, get that person out of here!
'I am sorry, I am. I'm sorry, I'm. ...... Just, you have to cherish above all, your friends.
'No ............ to Gilberta .............'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. Her knees begin to tremble.

'You ...... are trying to take everything away from me!
'No,......, Gilberta is not yours, but Wendy and Masha are not yours either.

What's with this possessiveness ......?

'Yashiro: ...... tone of voice.'

'It's fine, I don't mind. He doesn't seem to care much about it.
'It's not a matter of whether he cares or not, is it?The other party is a nobleman, a lord!
'In other words, he's your equal, right?Then you're lower than me.'
'Since when did I become lower than you?

I helped you a lot, didn't I?
You should feel grateful and be my little brother.
Go buy some fried noodle buns or something.

'Yes, yes!What is it, Lucia-san ......?'

Estella turns to Lucia with a tense look on her face.
She must be uncomfortable with her. She has an awkward, twitchy smile on her face.

'What's that there?Is that your companion?
'Ts!No, no, no, no!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, ......?
'No, even if you dump me here, .......'

What? No.
You should just deny that you're not, it'll complicate things.

'Oh, you see...'

Estella straightens her collar and begins to talk.

'First of all, I wanted to thank you for taking care of the carriage.
'Hmm?Oh, that's easy enough. It's only natural for two lords of the same house to lend each other money if there's something that needs it. ......, but I don't dislike your disciplined nature.'
'Oh, thank you very much. At ......, sir. I have one favor to ask.
'A favor?What a coincidence. I have a favor to ask of you as well.'
'What?You want me to go to ......?
'Hmm. What do you think?How about we both do each other a favor?'
'Yes!By all means!

Oh. Estella did a good job of organizing the conversation.
Now we may be able to grow the flowers in the garden in District 42. Good job Estella.

'Then expel those anchovies from Allbloom.
'Why would I do that?

He's made a terrible request!

'Then erase them from the world.
'It's getting worse, isn't it?
'Turn to dust.
'That's not a request anymore, it's an order!I'm not going to listen to it!

It seems that he hates me to no end.
What did I do to deserve this? ......

'Oh, uh, Miss Lucia. Yashiro-san is a very kind person,......, you know,......, so don't be too harsh,......, you know.... ...'

Ginette appealed to Lucia in such a way as to summon up her courage.
This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

'Hmm ......, you seem to be a kind-hearted girl.
'No ......, I'm just .......'
'You've been taken care of by such a nice girl!I regret it!A capital punishment!
'Did you hear what I said about Jeannette?

What's with you, you stupid lord?
What kind of selfish girl are you?

'I'm sorry, I'm... I'm a little selfish, Lucia, you don't have any friends.

You don't say that, Gilberta.
It's not because she doesn't have any friends that she's like this, it's because she's like this that she can't make any friends.

''Hey~, Lucia~?Please listen to what Yashiro and the others have to say! I'm begging you!
'Okay, I'll listen. And by Yashiro, do you mean that anchovy there?Then tell me quickly.

So who's the anchovy?
Well, since you've agreed to listen to me, it's not a good idea to ruin it by resisting. Patience, patience.

I tried my best to keep a calm and serious expression on my face as I negotiated.

'I want you to give me the flowers in the garden.

...... quickly.

'Is it a matter of profit ......?'
'Profit is of no concern to me. In the first place, my territory does not currently receive any profit from the Garden.''
'Then why?
'Because you can't keep those flowers.'

I thought you wanted to monopolize that delicious nectar. ...... This might be easier than I thought. ......

I'm not going to do you any favors, because I hate you.

...... I retract my previous statement.
It might be a very difficult task. ......

'Miss Lucia. We have a specialist in growing plants in our territory. If we leave it to her, I'm sure she can grow the flowers in the garden.'

Estella quickly followed up.
But Lucia smiled wryly and said in an indifferent voice.

'How are you going to pay for it?It costs a lot of money to raise those flowers. If you're thinking of doing business with the nectar, don't. The deficit is obvious. You'll just end up messing with the life of the plant.
'Does it cost that much to ......?
'Yes, it will. So much so that it will put pressure on our district's finances.'

The blood drained from Estella's face.
Does it cost that much to maintain ...... If the cost of materials is too high, we won't be able to serve it at the sunny pavilion. ......

'Then, can't we ask you to give us the nectar of the flowers on a regular basis ......?'

Another resounding denial came back.

'That's something I've prepared for the subhumans ......, especially the subspecies. Your business is with humans, isn't it?For that reason, I'm not going to do anything to burden the subspecies, nor will I let them.

Then, a powerful and dignified gaze was directed at us, making us think that all of our previous antics had been an illusion.


It was powerful enough to end a negotiation with just one word.
It was clear from just one word.
'Oh, this is impossible.
It's not like ......, where there's nothing you can do.
It's a clearer rejection than telling a devout believer to kick the statue of the god he believes in. It was an unparalleled rejection that reminded me of the 'impossible' without even giving it a second thought.

This lord, Lucia, has stronger feelings for the beastmen ...... than I thought, especially the insects.
I don't know if it's a desire for protection, sympathy, a sense of mission or some other emotion,......, but his beliefs cannot be bent in the slightest. That much is clear to me.

'...... Let's start over.'
'Yes, I guess so.

There's no point in trying to negotiate for the flowers any longer.
If that's the case, it would be best to leave as soon as possible.

'It's Estella.

Lucia called out to us as we were about to leave the room.

You can find a lot more information on the web at .......

'Unfortunately, neither of your wishes were fulfilled this time.

'Haha, ...... I guess so.'

I don't want your wishes to come true.

'But I have no wish to oppose you in any way. If there's anything I can do to help, I'm happy to. You can tell me anything.'
'Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

It seems he's not as terrible as we thought.
If our interests coincide, he may be a good ally.

'The anchovy.
'Who's the anchovy?

How many times do I have to tell you?

'Let's just say you've got a lot of guts.

The lord of the 35th district, who everyone says is terrifying. I'm sure there aren't many people who would be willing to go toe to toe with that guy over and over again.
Perhaps Lucia was not only uncomfortable with my interaction. She seemed to be enjoying herself, didn't she?

'Can I come visit you again?
'No, thank you.
'Then let me come visit you.
'Hmm ......, do as you please.'

Lucia smiles provocatively.
After all, she doesn't seem to mind this kind of confrontation.

'Can I ask you one last question?
'............ Then two.'
'Make it one.

Then just ask. You're bothering me.

'Wendy and Theron are getting married. ...... What do you think?

Wendy of the Yamamayuga and Theron of the humans. I wanted to ask Lucia ...... what she thought of their marriage.

'I disagree.

The words were uttered without a moment's hesitation.
After all, outside of the ...... forty-two districts, is such an opinion the majority of people ............

'Wentan should marry me.
'Don't talk to me about your personal feelings!
'Oh, um, Lucia-sama!Since we're both women, we can't get married at .......''
'Wendy, you don't have to answer properly!

I'm asking for your opinion on interracial marriage!
When I explained this, Lucia showed a slight pretense of thinking about it, and then gave me her answer in a clear voice.

'There are many who do not like interracial marriage. They are free to do as they please. I think they should be able to marry as they wish, but I don't like the idea of forcibly twisting the ideas of those who oppose it, as you are trying to do.

That's ego, Lucia declared firmly.

Maybe so.
The act of forcing someone to do something that they don't want to do, because it's better for them, can be called ego.


This is ......

Wendy and her parents are different.

They are both waiting for the moment when they can reconcile .......
So ego or not, I'm in.
There's a lot of people ...... I know who want that to happen.

Theron, Wendy, ...... Estella, ...... Ginette.
And then there's all the members of the sunlit pavilion.

Their opinions are more important to me than the majority of the public.

I'll do what I think is right.

'Thank you for your valuable opinion.
'Thank you for your valuable opinion.' '......,' he says, but he doesn't bend his beliefs. You have that look on your face.'

I see.
You're watching closely.

'I don't know what you think you're doing, or why you're interested in interracial marriage, but are you ready for ......?


'Your actions will affect those around you, for better or worse. Isn't that what's already happened?

The conflict between Wendy and her mother temporarily heated up because of our intrusion into Wendy's family affairs.
Our actions ...... influence the decisions I make around me. . ...... for better or worse.

'If ...... you scratch around halfway and break the relationship between subspecies and humans, trample on trust, and make Wentan cry, ......... ...I will not forgive you. I'll do whatever it takes to stop you from breathing.

It wasn't a joking look in his eyes.

'Are you prepared to do that?

Lucia's words came straight at me, looking only at me.
This guy must have seen through it. This time ...... no, when these members take action, I'm at the center of it.
That's why he asked me.
That's why he asked me. And that's why he threatened me.

He said, "Don't mess with my territory.
If you do, ...... you'll be obligated to make it better than it is now.

...... You're good.

I'm not prepared to do that.

I'll shrug my shoulders and say.
If you provoke me, I'll do the same.

'It's been decided that these guys will be happy. I don't need to think about such an impossible 'what if'. So I'm not prepared to do that.

If you fail, ...... don't even think about it, but if you must, do what you will.
If you fail,...... and these people are unhappy because of it,...... I'll voluntarily disappear.

'I've decided from the start to make them happy. I can't accept failure. I don't want to live an easy life where I can keep an insurance policy of 'what if I fail'.

Glory or death.
That's how con artists live.

'So don't say a word and help me if something happens to you. For the sake of my favorite tribe, the Bug People.

I say with a triumphant smile on my face.
Estella was on edge next to me, but I didn't interrupt her because I knew she felt the same way I did.
It's not just Estella, it's everyone here ...... who isn't here.
No one thinks it's okay to fail.

We can't accept any future but success.

'......The Bug People'

Lucia said many things, but the first thing she said was that word.

'You mean, the subspecies?'
'Yeah. Probably.

From what I've heard so far, the beastmen I'm talking about are 'subhumans', and the insects are 'subspecies'.
...... I don't know what a "sub-species" is.
In any case, 'subhuman' and 'subspecies' give me a bad image and I don't think I like them.

'............' is an interesting name. I'm going to try to copy it.

Since Lucia says so, I'm sure 'bug people' sounds better than 'subspecies'.
If you think it's good, copy it.
If that word spreads, ...... the worm people won't have to belittle themselves as 'subspecies'. Spread it as much as you like.

All right. I'll watch over your actions for a while. If there is anything you need from me, you can come here.'

Lucia changed her mind.
It seems that she is willing to help, even if not actively.

'...... But first, there's someone I'd like you to meet.'

As if to punctuate our momentary joy, Lucia's voice is quiet.
Like water in a boiling pot, our emotions are instantly suppressed.

The one you want me to meet?

Lucia's serious gaze told us that this was not a very favorable introduction.

'I want you to make time for me in two days. I'll pick you up, but I need a small group.'

We looked at each other at the sudden offer.
I wonder if this is some kind of test to get Lucia's cooperation. ......

I looked at Estella and she gave me a clear nod, although her expression was a little uneasy.
'Well, we'll just have to do it, won't we?

'All right. Me and Estella, and then ......'
'Wow, me too!

When we were about to select the members, Ginette raised her hand and came forward.
Because it was a rare occurrence, Estella and I were taken aback.

'............ Well, I hope I'm not intruding ............... ......... that ...... come on ......'

Because of our silence, she seemed to lose confidence and her voice became quieter and quieter.
No, no, no. It's okay, okay?
It's not a problem at all, but it's just that it's rare for me to be so aggressive.

'Well then, the three of us will come to you.

Estella summarized the conversation and Lucia nodded her approval.

At the lord's mansion, where they went to get the nectar, the conversation took an unexpected turn.
However, Lucia's help will surely be necessary for Wendy and her parents to reconcile. That's what I feel.

Gilberta took me back to the carriage stop.
I noticed that the sky had turned bright red. It seems that we have stayed too long.
I can't wait to go home and take a rest at the sunny pavilion.
That's what I thought.