185-Later on, Lucia Suarez.

'Are you human?' he asked.
That's a statement more than enough to make someone uncomfortable. It's not an exaggeration to say he's picking a fight.
It's like stating publicly that you discriminate on the basis of race.

'Do I have to answer?
'Yashiro ......!

Estella tugged on my sleeve. ...... but I ignore that.

Lucia, the lord of the 35th district, was much younger and more beautiful than I had imagined.
But what was just as much more than I imagined was ...... the coldness of the way he looked at others.
He doesn't respect them, he doesn't even think of them as equals.
I don't have a head to bow or a smile to give to this guy.

Miss Lucia. I've been away for a while.

Estella greeted Lucia in a hurried manner, trying to dispel the atmosphere of the place that had instantly turned bad.

'Hmm?I believe you're from the 42nd district of ......?
'Yes. I'm Estella. I've taken over from my father and have become the lord.
'I see. Congratulations. I'll have her give you something to celebrate later.
'No... Oh, no. I'll take it.
'Mm. Please accept it.'

Estella's a little overwhelmed.
She has a habit of being afraid of powerful people from other districts.
Well, I guess he's afraid of offending them and causing damage to the 42nd district, but ...... he's already defeated from the first impression.
You may need to give him a mental workout as well.

'Hey, hey, sister Lucia~'

As the water bounces in the tank, Masha turns her body to face Lucia.

...... This guy. Didn't you just express your displeasure?
Is it because Masha is a beastman ......?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

When Gilberta said that, Lucia's gaze turned to me ...... and then immediately to Gilberta.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.

It's just like, 'What are you talking about? It's like, 'What are you talking about?
Yeah ......, you'd think so.

'Is that you, Yashiro?

Lucia's gaze turns to me again.
It's getting a lot sharper.

'What did you teach Gilberta?
'What he started saying on his own.
'He complimented me on my tits, the tits man.
'You ...... are so insolent in your own territory.'

I'm sure you don't mean any harm, Gilberta,......, but you, shut up.

I'm sure you're not ...... doing the same to the guild leader of the Mar ...... Sea Fishing Guild over there, are you?

...... Why did you just rephrase that?

'What's the matter?You can't answer?'
'I couldn't find the need to answer.'
'Yashiro .......'

Don't stop me every time, Estella.
It's probably too late for that.

It seems that an adversarial relationship has been fully established between you and this guy.

'Hmm...... are you an insolent person who has no sense of decency...... Gilberta.'
'Pick them out.'
'Yes, sir.

Obediently, Gilberta approached me without hesitation and plucked me by the collar. ...... as if she was holding something big.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm going to pluck you out, like I'm holding something tight.

Who's got the big stuff?

I put my hand on Gilberta's arm to shake her off, but ............ what?
It doesn't freak me out.
I'm not sure how much training this guy has.
You can't shake it off even if you use both hands, even though it's just a thumb and forefinger.
In addition to that, my body is being dragged towards the gate like a limpet.

...... Could this guy be...?

No, if I'm reading this right, it makes a lot of sense.
The fact that he didn't call Masha by her name.
What he meant when he asked if she was human.
And that there was a discrepancy between the rumors of the lords and my impression.

And the meaning of the too-obvious hostility directed at me.

If that's the case, ......

'Lucia!I have something to ask you!
'There's nothing to talk about with you. Now go home. And don't ever show your face in front of me again.

Lucia would certainly discriminate.
Maybe that's why Estella is more scared than she needs to be, why Gilberta trusts her, why Masha is so close to her.

Then there is only one way out of this.

'That Wendy out there is a Yamamayuga!

I say, pointing at Wendy as I'm dragged along.
Wendy is startled by the sudden mention of her name, and her gaze shifts back and forth between me and Theron.

'And that's .......'

And when I've said that much, I'm thrown out of the gate.
So I shut my mouth. I'm not going to say anything until they let me in.

I guess they got the message. Lucia turned to look at me and nodded to Gilberta.

'Gilberta. Bring him to me.
'Yes, I will.'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
...... Am I a child?

And then Gilberta walked briskly towards Lucia, briskly briskly briskly briskly ...... and plopped me down on Lucia's chest.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one.

............?What is this situation?

'...... you. What the hell do you think you're doing?
'You'll have to ask your head waiter.

And explain it to me in a way I can understand.
What's with the pranks, Gilberta?

'They told me to bring him, I... I brought, so, the titty man.
'Who told you to deliver the titty man to my tits?'

No, I don't know about that argument.
I mean, can you please put me down?You're as powerful as you look.
And your breasts aren't as big as I thought. Maybe a B.

'Put it down.
'No, let me down.
'Are you ordering me around?
'It's not half as powerful when you're holding me.

I'm starting to feel so loved.

Lucia lowered me to the ground and uncomfortably brushed her hands over the area I was touching.

'...... needs to be disinfected.'
'I'm a fungus, aren't I?
'Hmm. I don't like people sticking on me.'

Well, I suppose you're right.
Why don't you re-educate your head waiter?

'So, let's hear the rest of the story, shall we?

Lucia's gaze catches mine again.
This guy doesn't think about the rudeness of his actions, or our feelings.
He probably thinks that if he says something like this, the world will move like that.
Well, what a nobleman he is.

I looked at Wendy once and winked at her with a 'don't worry' thought.
Wendy's anxious expression softened somewhat, and she nodded slowly.

'Wendy is from the 35th district.
'Is that true?'
'Yes. Isn't that right, Wendy?'

Lucia's question was thrown directly at Wendy.
Wendy turns to Lucia, still tense, and bows deeply.

'Yes, sir. It's as you said, Hero-sama. Even now, my parents are being taken care of in this ward.
'...... Hero?'
'It's a nickname.

It doesn't mean anything.
So please don't look at me like you're looking at a grain of rice on my cuff.

'I've never seen your face before.
'Yes, I have. I left this district when I was very young. ......'
'Is there anything you want to complain about?
'No, no!No, not at all!It's just that I have a dream that I can't give up. ...... So, ......'
'Well ......, if you have a dream, then I guess you have no choice.'

Lucia looks a little lonely.
For the first time, Lucia, who had only shown a stern expression, changed her expression.
I suspected that she didn't have the muscles to move her cheeks, but it seems that her facial muscles do move.

However, it seems that ...... I was right about this.

'Wendy. Take off your hat.'
'...... What?'

When I said this, Wendy looked puzzled for a moment, but then quickly said, 'Oh, yes, of course. I'm sorry,' she said, hurriedly taking off her large, wide-brimmed hat.
He probably thought that it would be impolite to leave his hat on in front of his lord.
Well, that may be true, but ...... that's not what I'm here for.

'...... This is'.

When Wendy took off her hat, two antennae popped out. The two antennae shake together in a cute way.


Muttering, Lucia suddenly walks away.
She approaches Wendy with a more serious gaze than ever before, and grabs her by the arm.

'Come here!
'What?Oh, Miss Lucia!

Then, he forcefully pulled Wendy's arm and walked toward the building.
Wendy, who is being pulled, looks at Theron in confusion.
She can't say, 'Help me,' but her eyes tell me that she wants to.


Unable to resist, Theron goes after her, but ......


With that one voice, Theron's advance is blocked.
Gilberta intervenes between us and Lucia and opens her arms to block the way.

'You are now forbidden to enter the building!
'Yes, sir.'

She closed the distance, but Gilberta took a perfect pause and blocked her movement.
...... It is a tremendous power.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one. No trespassing, you guys.

You can get hurt if you go too close. ......

While we were stranded, Wendy was taken inside the mansion by Lucia.

'What, Hero-sama!Wendy?

Theron panicked.
He would have liked to force his way through, but that would have been impossible against Gilberta.
Even if you could, you should avoid doing anything that would cause you to defy your lord. ............ then!

'All of you, get down!

At my command, Theron, Ginette, Estella and even Regina got down on the ground.
I'm sure you'll be glad to know that the dog tricks I taught you in the flower garden will come in handy here. ............ No, I didn't teach you that, I didn't teach you that. They're so flippant.

'All right, keep going!
'I won't let you, I won't!You're off-limits, you guys!
'That's not fair, Gilberta!Look, there's no one standing!

We're all crawling. We're not 'entering'!

'......, Yashiro. How can this kind of nonsense be allowed to go on ......?
'Hmm. I don't have a choice, then. There's no reason to stop, for me.
'You're going to let it go?

Estella rolls her eyes at Gilberta's honesty.
No, but... I'm surprised ...... that such a crappy theory would work.

I'm surprised too.Gilberta-chan!Please take me with you!

Masha spreads her arms in the tank and lets the water splash around her.
No, no, no. Gilberta's not going to give you a hand.

'I'm not 'standing', Masha-sama agreed to ......, I'm'.
'Anything is possible?

No, it's not for me to say!

'I've decided there's no problem, I've decided'.

I'm sure you have a problem with that decision,......, but I'd appreciate it if you'd let me in.
We crawled into the building as fast as we could.
Your clothes may be torn to shreds. ......

'Now that we're in, it won't be a problem to stand up, will it?
'No, I don't think so.
'Then lead me to Lucia!
'Yes, I'll do it!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
Maybe he's a guy with a strong sense of syncretism. It's also possible that you'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

'Hey, Gilberta. Do you have any friends?
'........................ never had a chance to make any, I...'

Oh ...... I knew you didn't have any.
It's really depressing. It's like I'm carrying the words '......' on my back.

'Well, if we succeed in this mission, we'll be friends!
'Are you sure, what you're saying?

He's really getting into it!
What, you wanted it so badly, a friend?

'Oh, yeah. It's true. I'll come visit you from time to time, and you can come visit me too.

Then you can give me some good news.

'All right, I will!I will succeed in this mission!

Gilberta's on fire.
You can see the passionate fighting spirit in her expression that you thought was cold-hearted.
This guy just didn't know how to smile, did he?
I'm going to make him laugh a lot.

'That's what my mother said. 'You have to cherish your friends more than anything.

Does your mother talk like that?
What a troublesome family.

''More important than anything, friends are ...... more important than lords to serve!
''No, no, no.''

Estella and Regina can't help but make a comment. But it's okay, since you're going to take good care of me. Let's have them take good care of us.

'This way, Lucia-sama's private room!

He's really excited, but I wonder if it's okay. ...... He's going to be very angry later.

'Yashiro ......, you're really involving the people around you ......'.
'Well, well, well, it's better to have a lot of help .......'

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--and Wendy's scream could be heard from Lucia's private room.

'Wendy!I'm coming!
'Wait, Theron!That's as ...... as it should be.
'Get out of the way Estella. It's an emergency. We have no choice!

Theron lost his cool at Wendy's scream and almost ran ahead.
Estella is reluctant because she's worried about what Lucia will think of her.
Taking the middle ground, I calmly storm into Lucia's private chambers.

'Excuse me!

I say no, and open the door to Lucia's private room.
--And there it is...

'Antennae!Antennae!It's cute!It's so cute!

Lucia was rubbing her cheeks against Wendy's antennae and giving her a squishy expression.