488-Episode 290 Statement of the Information Paper Pub...

After what happened, they acted quickly.

'We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused by the article in this paper.

The organization that publishes the information paper is called the 'Information Paper Publishing Society', which is exactly what it sounds like, and it seems to have taken the form of a company rather than a guild.
It is run by donations from influential people and sales of information papers.
It's more like a charity organization than a stock company, and donations seem to be the backbone of the organization.
They don't do any charity work, though.

Well, disseminating the latest information quickly is a charitable activity. ......?

Anyway, donations from influential people are essential to maintain the organization. It would be impossible to maintain the current size of the organization only by selling information papers.
So, it should be taboo and suicidal ...... to offend all the influential people who are donating large sums of money at once, as in this case.

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
He flashed the friction between the 29th and 23rd wards.
The 23 wards would try their best to avoid a clash between the 29 wards and the 23 wards. At any rate, the 29th arrondissement is connected to the 42nd arrondissement, where a port is about to be built, by New Road.
It is obvious that profits will explode in a few months.

There is nothing good in getting on the wrong side of that.
Especially, Iver Hagen, the lord of the 23rd district, is of a generation that knows the horror of Mael.

If the 23rd district is trying to protect itself, it will choose to kick the headquarters of the Information Paper Publishing Society out of the 23rd district.
The Publishing Society would like to prevent that from happening at all costs. They seemed to have responded to Ma'ru's call in a straightforward manner.

So, a few days after Ma'ul and the others' protest.
The chairman of the board of directors of the publishing company, the editor-in-chief of the information paper, and the reporter who wrote that article had all come to the sunny pavilion.

No, so why the sunny pavilion?

'Why don't you go to Ma'ru's place for this kind of hot stuff?
'Oh?We had an agreement. You promised you'd bring me back as soon as you found the reporter.'

He did say that, though.
The chairman and the editor-in-chief are two pompous guys following you around.

'I'm not the only one who was upset by that article this time. I think you'd better give a proper explanation to all of us.
'Yes, sir. Thank you for your kindness, Ms. Erling.

The editor-in-chief is wiping his sweat off with a hand towel and bowing his head.

The sunlit pavilion is still open, but it's past its breakfast peak and has a little more time before its lunch peak.
So there is no problem in renting out the place.
But you'd better be smart and order something, you rich people. How about some kaiseki at the Sunken Pavilion?

Oh, that's right. This restaurant is a personal favorite of mine. This time, they only offered the place to me because I was selfish, so please don't be unjustly angry with them, okay?
'Yes, of course. Thank you very much for lending us your space.

The editor-in-chief bows to Jeannette.
The editor-in-chief looks like a grasshopper. It's not that he's a coward, but his whole body exudes a sense of unreliability and weakness, as if he wanted to apologize for everything.
However, all of his apologies seem to be light.
It's as if they feel they should just apologize for everything, and whatever they say is just 'yes, I'm sorry'.

Two tables are placed together, and the chairman, the editor-in-chief, and the reporter are sitting with their backs to the entrance.
Ma-ru made them sit like that. They are sitting down. It's a clear indication of the difference in their positions.

In front of the publishers sit Mahr and Donis, and next to Donis sit Rebeka, Lucia and Estella.
Bertha and the head waiter are standing behind their respective masters.
Imelda sits with an air of arrogance next to Mahrul.
And whoever called her, Masha and Medora are sitting side by side behind Imelda.

Javier said, "With such a formidable group of men, there is no need for me, a gentleman. I'll keep a tighter watch around the city gates,' he said, and was absent.
I heard that in Javier's family, the word "gentleman" is read as "bearded man. ...... Who is a gentleman?

Only the editor-in-chief is shrinking under the glare of these horrible people.
Yes, only the editor-in-chief.

'Well, but you know what?

The fat chairman opened his mouth with an arrogant attitude and a surplus of flesh.

'Our information paper deals with a wide variety of information, so you should know that it is impossible for ...... all the articles to meet the will of all the readers,' he said.

...... Why did you have to laugh in the middle?
It's a great idea.
It's like saying, "I don't want any more donations," when you're trying to pick a fight in this situation. I'm sure you're right.

'Yes, you're right. There will be articles that are inconvenient for someone. I understand that and I'm very aware of that.
'Then you don't have to make such a big deal out of this...'
'It's just that... It's only acceptable if it's true. Only a fool would do nothing when misinformation is spread with malicious intent. ...... Or do we look like fools to you?'

Marle's smile deepened.
'...... Scary.

'Even if you call it malice, ......'

Even with Ma'ul's blatant hostility, the Chairman's demeanor remains unchanged as he arrogantly and somewhat smugly turns his head toward the reporter.

'Did you have bad intentions?'
'No, sir. I just wrote an article about the information I got without lying.

In the Judgment of the Spirits, you cannot judge emotions that are not recorded in the Conversation Record.
Just as you can't prove that you don't like someone you like by saying 'I don't like you', the Judgment of Spirits can't judge the emotional part that says 'I didn't mean any harm'.
Knowing this, you can tell lies so brazenly.

That's quite a testament.
He seems to have a multi-layered skin.

The reporter was a young woman.
Her lips were pouting, her cheeks were puffed out, and she had that pouty look on her face from the moment she walked in.

'You're telling the truth, aren't you?

Donnis glares at the reporter.
But the reporter glared back at Donnis with a scowl.

'If you don't believe me, why don't you call the judgment of the spirits? Well, if that doesn't turn me into a frog, I'll write about all of this. No lies, no details.

Even if he is not lying, he is probably planning to exaggerate and change his point of view drastically.
He is going to write that he himself asked for the 'judgment of the spirits', but when he was asked, he wrote that 'the lord applied the 'judgment of the spirits' to me without question.

'The impression I get from this article seems to be different from the facts known to all of us here, how are you going to explain that?
'Well?Well, everyone has their own interpretation. I just wrote it the way I thought it was. I'm not sure if that was taken differently. But there is no such thing as a person who can understand 100% of what you want to say, right?100%, right?Is it possible?Not even 1% of what you want to say can be conveyed perfectly.How about it?
'Now I'm asking you a question. This is not the place for you to ask questions.
'Oh, is that so?Then I didn't understand what you were saying. It's difficult to communicate, isn't it?

The reporter laughed as if to poke fun at him.
He seems to be insisting that it was just 'not conveyed' to him.

'But, well, if I caused you trouble, I apologize.

That's not an apology.
'If I caused you trouble' means that you think you didn't cause any trouble, so any apology will mean 'but I didn't cause any trouble, so no thanks.

'Apologies are meaningless. Nothing good will come from you bowing. Meaningless things have no value. It's annoying that you think you've done something worthless.

Ma'ru brushed aside the sophistry of the female reporter.
Yeah, Ma'ul doesn't like this type, does he?

'Then I'll write a corrected article. That's fine, isn't it?'

That's the natural course of action, not something you can say 'that's fine'.
It is also a common practice of liars to pretend that they have conceded by doing the least they can.

'So, can you explain what you were trying to tell me here?If your interpretation is wrong, it doesn't matter how many corrections you write, does it?
'Oh, I can't do that. I'm in the business of writing, and I don't want people to judge me by my writing. What I want to say is that you should read the text and feel what I want to say.
'That sentence gave you a misunderstanding, didn't it?
'That's the thing, I'm not a perfect person either, so it happens. It happens to you too, doesn't it?

Ma'ru closed his mouth.
The reporter saw that and thought he'd 'broken the argument'. He lifted the corner of his mouth.
You're an idiot. ......

This series of events made Ma'ru make up his mind.

'I understand.

The smirk on Ma'ru's face spoke volumes.
'I don't approve of the existence of the current intelligence paper and this reporter.
You can't expect a quiet resolution anymore.

'Yashippi. Do you have anything to say?'

Mahr was talking to me.
Estella and Lucia had warned me before the meeting to stay out of it until a peaceful resolution was reached.

You've made a decision without consulting the lords.

I look at Estella, Rebekah, Donis and the others.
They all had the same look in their eyes.

'Enough' eyes.

'So, can I have one?'

And with that, I began to talk with a big smile on my face.

A little while later...

Before the publishers arrived, I had talked with the lords of the districts, guild leaders, and Rebekah and the others who had gathered at the sunny pavilion, and I had heard something like this.

'Even though the Information Paper is largely funded by donations, it won't go bankrupt immediately even if the donations run out. In addition, the fact that some of the donors have withdrawn from the business does not scare them away. ...... Well, they may be in a bit of a hurry, but that doesn't mean they'll just accept our demands.

Donnis said.
The other lords of BU and many other noblemen in BU donate to the newsletter publishing society.
Being able to get the newsletter before it is released to the public is a big status in BU.

After all, you can be at the forefront of the latest trends.
For the aristocrats, who are all about vanity and face, there is nothing more attractive than this.

By being one step ahead of others in adopting the latest trends, they can enjoy the illusion that they are the trendsetters.
The aristocrats who can't stand to be behind others are probably competing with each other to donate money in order to get the information paper as soon as possible.

'Even if the koji factory is a large contributor, it's probably only 5% to 8% of the total.

Even 5% of the total is amazing.
If there is a monthly donation of 100 million yen, that means Rebecca alone is donating 5 million yen.
I don't know how many other donors there are, but while others are saying "50,000 yen, 100,000 yen, yeah, 150,000 yen!I don't know how many other donors there are, but it's quite a feat to be able to just pop in 5 million yen and say, 'Here you go, usual guy!

But it's replaceable.
Even if the koji factory goes, it doesn't mean we can't make up for it elsewhere.
And perhaps they are getting something in return for their blatant actions.

The 30 districts, which boast the largest tax revenue in all of Bloom, and the third class aristocrats who are backed by them, gave them a very tasty 'bait', which is why they were able to hook up with the information paper publishing society.
Frankly speaking, it would be difficult to use the termination of donations as a weapon to strike a blow against them.

On the contrary, if they were to react badly, they might publish an article titled "Powerful people who interfere with articles through pressure".
At this point, we can say that they are clearly hostile to each other.

And if you look at the people in the information paper publishing society, you will see that they are all hostile, 'What?Did I do something wrong? I did something wrong?

Even the editor-in-chief, who was bowing down to them, was saying 'I'm sorry' on his face and in his words, but inside he was hiding his feelings that 'if I apologize like this, you won't complain, right? But in the back of his mind, his feelings are hidden.
There are times when he says 'Oh, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry' as if interrupting me.

There are several types of insincere apologies, but the orthodox pattern is as follows.
First, you affirm the other person by saying, 'You are right.
Then, you admit part of your fault, saying, 'I have caused you trouble because of my mistake.
In the same vein, he claims that there was an unfortunate misunderstanding, saying, 'I really had this intention, but I'm sorry it turned out this way.
He apologizes for the "unwanted result" and does not admit his own fundamental fault. He avoids saying anything about it.

The restaurant where the food poisoning occurred said, 'We have been taking all possible measures to control hygiene, but for some reason, our checks were not sufficient this time. They never admit that their hygiene management was sloppy, saying, 'We apologize to those who were inconvenienced.
They only apologize for the mistake, saying that it was an accidental mistake that happened by bad luck.

It is the same excuse as 'I got carried away' in a theft case.
It's an off-the-cuff, superficial, glib, and light-hearted statement.

I'm not always like this.
I'm really more serious.
It just so happens that this time, and this time only, for some reason, things turned out a little bad. I'm really surprised, too. Well, such bad coincidences can happen, it's scary, let's be careful, each other. That's the way it is.

I don't think there is anyone who can take this as a sign of remorse.

Still, from our side, the first thing we did was to wait and see how the other side would react.

...... Wow, the expression is scary.

If the reporter was inexperienced and made a mistake with no malicious intent, there was an opinion that a correction and an apology would be acceptable.
Mainly from the naive Estella and the cautious Mahr, who kept any trivial possibility as a consideration.

But the result was black.
From the top to the bottom of the board, it was all black.

So it was unanimously decided to tear it down.
Oh, what a pity. Well, it's a shame.

So, I turn to the issuing committee from behind the dodgy authority figures in line and say.

'If you accept my proposal, I can pretend this never happened and encourage the people here to resume their donations - or rather, I can punch them in the face and make them pay, how about that?

Hearing my words, the editor-in-chief turned his attention to the chairman.
The Chairman looked at me with a quizzical furrowed brow and cocked his chin toward the Editor-in-Chief.

'I think your proposal is very appealing, but it depends on the content.
'Don't worry. It's not like you're asking me to pay 100 million Rb as alimony, or to make me chairman, or anything crazy like that.
'It's impossible. It's impossible,.......'
'So, it's not such a ridiculous thing.'

The editor-in-chief held his heart tightly with a pale face, as if he had been so surprised that he had developed an arrhythmia.
Don't die from being too surprised, okay?I can't let the Sunlit Pavilion become an accident site.

'And now, may I hear what you have to say?
'Yeah, before that, I'd like to make sure...'

First of all, I'm going to make sure that the proposal is not rejected.
Make sure it's something that can't be rejected.
If they refuse, they will be forced to choose a complete breakdown.

'Are all the articles that appear in the intelligence papers left to the reporters and not checked?
'No, no, no. The person in charge of each section - we call them 'desks' - checks the articles.
'If there are any flaws, do you make them rewrite it, or sometimes even destroy it?
'Yes, that's right. There are many different kinds of reporters. We can't publish articles by inexperienced people.'
'Just because the desk is checking, doesn't that mean you're not checking?
'Of course I do check. It's my job to do the final check and approve it.

It is said that in an information newspaper, the reporter writes the article, the desk writes it, the desk writes it, and the editor-in-chief approves it before it goes out to the world.

'So you're saying that both the desk and you, the editor-in-chief, checked the article and determined that there was no problem?

'No, well, we try to take all possible measures every time, but we can't completely prevent things like this from happening, so I'm truly sorry about this--'
'No need to apologize. I'm tired of hearing it.

Your apologies have no substance.

'In other words, although there is a check system in place, it is possible for an unintentional 'immature article that may cause misunderstanding' to be published, isn't it?
'Well, as she said, perfection is a difficult thing to achieve, even if you aim for it.
'So you're saying that a third-rate reporter who is immature, doesn't know how to use words, and doesn't have enough education can write an article that's no better than garbage?
'Hey, who's a third-rate--?

The reporter was about to stand up, spitting, but was prevented by the editor-in-chief's arm.
The reporter glared at the editor-in-chief, but the editor-in-chief only shook his head in silence.

'Tsk!............ is~!''

He clicks his tongue and sighs, 'I'm so pissed off! The reporter sat back down with a sigh.
Oh, you kicked the table, didn't you?

'Hey, don't kick the table.
'What?I just hit it.'
'Well, if it's just a hit, there's no need to apologize.
'It was an accident, right?It happens all the time!Do I have to apologize every time?'
'I guess so. It happens all the time, there's no need to apologize.'

He smiled and turned to Medora.

'Medora. You've been sitting here for a long time, aren't you tired?Why don't you do some gymnastics?Even if you hit the nearest object with such force that it makes a loud noise, it's a common occurrence and there's no need to apologize.
'I see. Well, thank you for your help. I can't help it...'

Do ......!
Medora's fist thrusts vibrated the air and made a horrible sound.

'I guess I prefer to move my body rather than use my head.

The reporter opened his mouth impatiently after being slapped on the back by the editor-in-chief as Medora stood up unsteadily.

'All right, I apologize!You want me to apologize, right?I'm so sorry!Are you satisfied now?
'No apology, I see. Let's start the exercises.

The apology-style swearing that wasn't an apology didn't seem to reach Medora's ears.
But if I physically erase it, the sunny pavilion will become an accidental property.

Let Medora sit down for a moment.
Dodo. Dodo.

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've heard of it.
'Eh...... ah,...... well,......, yes,.......'

Medora's intimidation may have taken a toll on his heart, but the editor-in-chief looked like he was dying.

'So, here's my suggestion--'

If you accept this, I'll let this whole thing slide.

'I want you to publish my article in the paper for ten weeks without a single word of correction.

What do you think?Hmm?Mr. Chairman of the Publishing Society?

Hearing my proposal, the chief editor's forehead broke out in a waterfall of sweat.
I can't accept it, but I'm afraid that if I reject it, something nasty might happen again. Oh my God, what should I do?--I can hear the voice in my mind.

'I can't talk to you.

The chairman speaks up on behalf of the editor-in-chief who can't answer.

'It's not a game. You can't publish an article written by an amateur. Think before you speak.

I'm not a nobleman. He knows that, which is why he says it with such a strong tone.
I'm not a nobleman.
...... How can you not see who has the most say in this situation?

From the articles I've read, they're far from journalism.
All they do is 'create the next trend'.
The articles are not about 'what's popular' but about 'making what's popular'.
It is no longer an informative paper that sends out information on trends, but rather an incitement paper that guides the public so that the profits will go to someone who is a close friend of theirs. Well, I don't know what kind of philosophy it was originally born with.

So, let's shut it down.
That's what Mael says.
Since it's not a guild, the church and royalty won't come out for it.

Who would be bothered by its disappearance?
The BU kids who can't make any decisions for themselves?
I don't know. You need to learn to make your own decisions.

...... Well, I'll be sure to follow up on that.
See you soon.

And now.

It's okay, Mr. Chairman.

You look at the chairman with a cute smile.
Hey, Estella. Don't say 'wow ......'. Even if you're not looking at me, I can still hear your voice.

'Even articles written by ignorant fourth-rate reporters who don't know a single word of apology will be published in the information papers,' the editor-in-chief admits, 'and no one will notice if there are articles written by amateurs.
'No, of course not!The weight of the text is different between professionals and amateurs, and the value is different. This is why amateurs are ......'.
'Oh?So did you publish an article that misleads many people with its weighty text?If that's the case, don't you think it should be given the weight it deserves?

What I was about to say, Ma'ru snatched from my side.
You're annoyed, aren't you?You couldn't stand it?
I thought you'd be a little more calm, but isn't your anger boiling point too low?

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this.If you talk about weight and value, isn't there a responsibility that comes along with that?
'No, this reporter is still inexperienced and--'
'What's the crucial difference between this reporter and an amateur?What evidence do you have that your inexperienced reporter can write a heavy and valuable article that is very different from an amateur?Have you been studying under a master?If so, he's not much of a master, is he? It's not normal to send an inexperienced apprentice out to work. If you're a carpenter, all the work of an inexperienced newcomer should be checked by a supervisor and delivered on the supervisor's responsibility. Where is your inexperienced reporter's mentor now?I'm not a teacher, I'm a supervisor.
'I don't have a mentor. Can you please stop making assumptions about me?

He must have lost his temper after being called immature and inexperienced.
The reporter took advantage of Ma-ru's obvious provocation.
Yeah. You're a fifth-rate guy after all.

So you're self-taught?If that's the case, I can't accept the logic that an article by an amateur can't be published in an information paper that carries an article by a girl who's not even third-rate.'
'You have a good point!But please wait a moment!

Pushing aside the chairman and the reporter, who were only protesting, the editor-in-chief, who seemed to want to settle the situation, intervened.
But I know how this guy works.
He affirms the other side, admits some faults, and dodges the main point.

'If you think of it in that way, there may indeed be no problem in publishing his article as an amateur, as you say. But we take pride in our work. We have our own rules that we cannot compromise. We ask for your understanding on this point. It is not possible for us to publish an article if anyone and everyone contributes to it.
'It's not everyone. I'm asking you to publish the article of that special man, Oba Yashiro.

I'm being lifted up at a huge angle, now!

'He's the one who brought together half of the outer districts, created the opportunity to eliminate the discrimination against sub-humans that had lingered in the 35 districts, broke the stagnation of the BU, and formed an economic cooperation partnership with the outer districts. If you've ever seen his papers, you know that his writing is beyond the realm of an amateur. If necessary, I, Ma'ul Ehlin, can vouch for his writing.
'I'll vouch for him, too. The man is special.'

Even Donnis!
And then the guild leaders, lords, and rebekahs stood up.
Are you trying to show that you agree with me?
Don't do that without asking me!
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

...... No, you're not a novice.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. I'm sure you'll understand.
So, I'm asking you to bend them.

Sit down those in power who are standing up and exerting silent pressure.
Let me do the talking.
Your way is the same as Wishart's, using power as leverage.
You don't want a conflict of power, do you?
If you guys collude and things get out of hand, they'll cry to Wishart.And they'll drag out the third degree nobles.
Let's finish this before that happens.

'I can't accept an article from an inexperienced sixth-rate reporter, so if you're willing to apologize, I'm asking you to lend me the space.
'Apologies, of course, for any inconvenience caused, uh, of course, yes, I will apologize, but that's not the same as ......'.
I'm not going to write anything weird about it.

What these guys are worried about is having their accusations written about them in a highly influential paper.
So I'll reassure them.

'What, I just want to experience being a reporter. I swear to the spirit gods I won't write any bullshit articles with no facts. I'll write about what I see and hear, as I see and hear it, without any falsehoods. That's not a problem, is it?


The editor-in-chief fell silent and turned his gaze to the chairman as if asking for help.

'......What kind of article are you going to write?'

The Chairman has cooled down a bit and is beginning to consider whether or not to accept our request.
He was afraid that all the powers that be in the room would stand up.

'Well, take a lesson from that seventh-rate reporter over there--'
'Well, what's with you from now on!There's no such thing as a sixth- or seventh-rate reporter!
'The current reporter of the information paper, repeated threats to the newcomer. Every time there is something you don't like, you raise your voice and continue to abuse the new reporter.' How about that?
'Isn't that a fact? I've seen it happen with my own eyes.

Donnis said, and the reporter glared at him and clicked her tongue.
Then she quickly published the following article.

''Is the Information Paper's Publishing Group Declaring War on the Lords of the 24th District?An active reporter of the Information newspaper stared at Donis Donati, the lord of the 24th district, and clicked his tongue in front of him, an unbelievable act of disrespect. The chairman of the publishing society and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, who were present at the scene, maintained their affirmative stance without making any complaint about the brutality of the reporter. If relations between the two sides worsen in the future, it will be difficult to completely deny the possibility that friction will arise between the 23 and 24 wards where the information paper's publishing group has its headquarters and that relations will collapse.

The editor-in-chief stood up, but couldn't say anything. He lifted his arms to a halfway position, looked around cautiously, scratched his head, and said something absurd: 'Let's calm down, for now.

'I'm calm. I'm just trying to report the truth that I saw with my own eyes, without any falsehoods, just like those tenth-rate reporters.

That's what you're doing, isn't it?

'That's not worth talking about.

Exhaling an annoyed sigh, the chairman stood up, shaking his big belly.

'An article by someone who maliciously undermines our paper and our association is not worth a second thought.
'I have no malice. If you think I'm lying, play 'Judgment of the Spirits' on me.

The Chairman glares at me.

'But well, there are times when our intentions are not conveyed even if we speak in good faith. If there was a problem with the way I said it, I apologize.

He wrinkles his nose, which is almost buried in his cheekbones, and starts to shake.
So I kicked away the jug of water that I had secretly left on the table, a personal item that I had never used at the Sunlit Pavilion.
I had secretly prepared this jug just in case something like this happened.
You see, there's no way I'm going to kick a jug that belongs to Sunlit Pavilion. I bought a cheap one for this purpose, and secretly put it on the table this time.
Hmm?You're asking me if I expected this to happen?
I did, but what?

Then, I accidentally slipped and kicked up my 'personal jug filled with water', which flew right in front of the chairman's eyes and splashed him in the face with water.

'Oh, my foot got hit. But it happens all the time, so it can't be helped, right?Huh?Did you get splashed?Why didn't you avoid it when it was flying at you?

You shake your shoulders and say with a laugh.
'Why aren't you dodging?

'You're bumping into jugs, covering yourself with water, you're so dull, aren't you - 'each other'?

When I pointed at him with a smile, I heard a 'snap! sound from the chairman's forehead.
Are you okay?You must have cut a blood vessel.
Don't die in here, okay?I don't want to turn this place into an accident site.

'I see there was no need for an apology.

That was all the Chairman said, and he walked out of the sunlit pavilion.
The editor-in-chief followed after him with a slight bow.

Then, a female reporter from ......, who I don't know what style she is, glared at me and said in a dusky voice.

I'm going to write all about it.

With that, the reporter left the store.

'I don't want you to do that, you know.

I heard a calm old man's voice coming from the front of the sunlit pavilion.
When I went to take a peek, I found a nice middle-aged man with a mustache, Ibert, the lord of the 23rd district, and Gerasie, the lord of the 29th district, who had a bad look in his eyes and wore his hair in an all-back style, standing there with D and E, the head waiters of each district.

Oh, D and E are the initials of Deborah and Ines.
It's not the size of their tits. ............ d*mn, Ines is spelled "INES"?
Yeah, that's right!It's the size of your tits!Sorry?

'I thought we had a contract when we set up our headquarters in my district?

Ebert glared at the chairman and said in a calm tone.
That's the third in command of the BU. It's quite powerful.
He's second only to Mahr and Donnis,......, though Mahr is not a lord.
It'll make you look less impressive. You're a stage set. Just stay where you are.

'Do not do anything to harm our district. We've tolerated a little trouble because we're an information paper, but we can't overlook something that could split the BU.'

Donnis is standing in front of Ebert.
He jumped over the chairman and glared at Ebert.

'Now, I don't want to be perceived as the 23rd district objecting to the construction of the port in the 42nd district in this situation. Why don't you do me a favor and listen to their opinions?''

Ibert said, turning his chin toward me.

'That man is a nasty piece of work who once drove the BU to the brink of division and collapse. I don't want to fall into a crisis like that again. Will you please think about it?
'That's .......'

The chairman of the information paper publishing society glanced at me.

''A shocking secret meeting!We have received information that the Chairman of the Information Paper Publishing Society and Iber Hagen, the Lord of District 23, have been secretly meeting in District 42, far away from District 23. It is still unknown what they talked about, but the fact that they had to go all the way to another district, even the farthest district, the 42nd district, does not dispel the suspicious atmosphere behind the conversation.

When I told him about the article with exaggerated gestures, the chairman raised his voice with thick veins appearing on his forehead covered with thick flesh.

'This is no joke!I can't accept a proposal from a man like that!Don't be stupid!

A few moments later, the chairman remembered who he had been talking to.
He turned his head slowly forward, his face instantly turning pale.

'Huh......, you can't be that stupid......'

Ibert, smiling only with his mouth, turned his sharp gaze on the Chairman as if he could shoot a man.

'Don't worry. You've made a contribution so far. I'm not going to ask you to move out suddenly. You can make your preparations and move in. In the meantime, we'll allow you to keep your headquarters at that location.

They probably don't think that they can continue to operate in the same manner as they did in the past by picking a fight face to face with the lord of the 23rd district where the headquarters is located.
The Chairman's statement was a complete gaffe, and the nobility is a disgusting race that will hold on to a single gaffe and exercise their power.

'However, from today onward, you are prohibited from publishing any information paper in the 23rd district. If you violate this rule, you will be punished accordingly. That's all.

After saying all he had to say, Ebert turned on his heel.

I did not ask for his help this time.
But I did give him the information that we would be here on this day to do something like this.
I left it up to the 23rd district to decide how to proceed, but they've done what's best for us.

Well, it was Ma'ru who set up the situation.
He's the one who suggested we gather at the Sunlit Pavilion, and the one who gathered all these people together.
And he used me to make it happen just like he wanted.

She's really an inedible old lady.

Are you sure?I'll write up that the BUs are colluding to destroy the paper!
'Collusion?What the hell are you talking about?

The distant Ebert turned around again and said in a cold voice.

'You, the representative of the information paper publishing society, have directly picked a fight with me, the lord. If you degrade my lord with an article that has no basis in fact, I won't be able to just shut down the headquarters.

It's not just the more benign methods like appealing to the General Court that Ebert is suggesting.
It's been a while since I've seen Deborah's icy stare.

'No matter how much you cover up the facts, the truth is recorded in my Conversation Records. Bring me all the powerful people you can pull out. Let me read the conversation out loud in front of them. It's easy to see who's at fault. If you have the guts, then do as you please.
'...... Guh'.

No amount of crying to Wishart or dragging out a third class nobleman can overturn the statement, 'Don't be stupid.
If you admonish him for such a thing, he will be lambasted by other nobles and even ordinary citizens.
In particular, he will be bombarded with the words 'take it easy on the fool' all the time.
'But you don't get upset about that, do you? And so on.

If no one says anything, I'll take the initiative in spreading the word about the bullying of the aristocracy.
I'm sure there are a lot of people who are pent up, so I'm sure it will spread quickly.

'Be careful of your tone when you talk to the nobles.
'Sorry, Yashiro. Don't say anything that makes me want to retort because it will ruin the serious atmosphere.

What is it, Estella?
I'm only talking to nobles who are lower than me.

'Until things are settled, you must give up your activities in the BU.

Donnis said with a blank expression, showing no emotion.
After the majority rule incident, the current BU has become more united and is operating in a good mood.
It would be a disadvantage for the lords of BU to be kicked out of it.

'You can set up a new base in the 30th district or even the 22nd district - I don't know if you can stay there with a big face as you are not a nobleman.

Isn't the Chairman a nobleman?
He seems to have a lot of relationships with noblemen, but he himself is not a nobleman?
What would you think if such an upstart rich man came from another district with a big organization like the Information Paper Publishing Society?

The local aristocracy would not be pleased.
The feudal lords might be happy because of the increased tax revenue.
But it wouldn't be fun for the nobles who couldn't benefit from it.

Aside from the 42nd district, which is the farthest, we have never heard the word "information paper" used in the outer districts.
In other words, the information paper had not spread to the outer districts.

Probably, the nobles of the 36th and 37th districts, which were in the middle of the distribution route of the information paper, did not take kindly to it.
These are the aristocrats who remain in the districts where they manage to get by by processing seafood.
Their financial situation is negligible.
They definitely have less money than this chairman of the board. They're shabby. They're completely outmatched.

I'm sure there are many such nobles.

Commoners who come from other places and live more luxuriously than they do.
It's hard to believe that the native nobles would welcome them.
Wherever they go, there will be friction.

Shall we stop publishing the paper until then?
I'm sure they'd like to write a lot of bad things about us right now and launch an onslaught, but wait until the ground is solid in the new place, getting in with the small aristocrats there and building connections from scratch?Can you do that?

If you get a piece of land somewhere in the middle of the thirtieth district and continue your activities quietly, it might be possible.
That's if this chairman who has an inflated ego and fat all over his body can accept the environment.

Well, you can't, can you?

Now, that's where you come in, my sweet lord.

'Um, if you don't mind...'

Estella raises a small hand and interrupts the circle of men staring at each other with a sour air.

'Would you like to rent a building in New Town?

The building is a splendid building where famous aristocrats such as Lucia and Javier stayed, but there are currently no tenants, and it is becoming like a hotel for aristocrats.

It seems that the name "condominium" has not yet been fully penetrated, and it is recognized as "a luxurious type of housing complex.
Some of them, when I say "mansion," they say, "Oh, of the New Town? and some of them think it is a hotel for the aristocracy (temporary).
If more and more condominiums are built, the recognition will increase.

After all, this is a city where a four-story hotel is considered high-class (laugh).
It will be possible to build a four-story building soon if Umaro gets serious. ...... He said a lot of things about the strength of wooden buildings, but I'm sure he'll come up with a building method that can withstand five or six stories.

It's a special building, so the rent will be reasonably high.

If you want to rent it out, you'll have to rent out the whole apartment building.
To avoid trouble with the residents.
You see, the information papers are the enemy of the 42nd district now.

'If you're okay with that.
'...... Let's consider it.'

To avoid further conflict, or perhaps because he was in a hurry to have nowhere to go, the chairman used respectful words to Estella, barked lightly, and left.
Of course, he's going to go through New Road.
It will be difficult to pass through there if you are hostile to the 29th district.

'...... What do you think?'
'I'll rent it. It's the only thing they can do.'

That's what Estella asks me and I tell her.
The Information Society is too big.
It's unlikely they'll find a replacement that quickly.

Well, even if they find another place and move there, we just have to change one of our strategies.
It's not a big deal.

But they'll probably come to District 42.
And if they do--

'The paper's about to go out of print.

I was so excited when the article about the sunlit pavilion appeared in ....... It's sad.
But we won't tolerate it anymore.

'Well, let's go, too.

As the issuing party disappeared, I told the people present.

'Wait, Obayashi. What are you doing?

Gerasie and Ebert, who hadn't been told the details, come up to me.
You didn't come back, Ibert. Well, you'll see.

Come on, it's simple.

'I was so pissed off by the falsehoods, I thought I'd make them true.

After all, the media is supposed to tell the truth, right?