487-Episode 289 Things Move Underwater

'Um, bro. I'm having a hard time following the story. ...... Are the 22 districts the bad guys?'

'Bad guys, that's a very short classification.

'It's highly likely. Or rather, it seems to fit if that's the case.
'Mmmm ...... I don't understand.'

Loretta, who is very upset about this whole thing, is trying her best to keep up with us, but she still doesn't seem to understand what we're talking about.

'First of all, you need to sort out the geography again.
'Well, the thirtieth district borders the twenty-third and twenty-ninth districts.
'Right. So, what's beyond that?
'The eleventh and twenty-second wards.
'There's a city gate in District 30, so merchants coming from outside will either take the route of District 30, 29, and 22, or the route of District 30, 23, and 11 to get to Central District. You understand this, right?'
'Yes, sir.

In both the 23rd and 29th districts, there are some facilities that are not overtly like customs posts, where tolls are collected.
For a peddler, it must be quite unpleasant to be charged an entrance tax when entering the city gate and a toll tax when passing through the BU.

'What would Loretta do if she didn't want to pay the tax twice?
'I'll sell all my goods in the 30th district!

Oh, an honor student!
I see, in his mind, there is no option to cheat.

'Loretta is a good girl, isn't she?
'Mm. That's my sister-in-law.''

Estella and Lucia smiled, and Assunto let out a chuckle.

'Huh?What's the difference?Did I make a mistake?
'No, no. You're right. You're the only one who's right.

The people on this side of the line must be rotten to the core.
I'm a cheater, so that's what I want, but I'm not so sure that the lords and merchants guilds who claim to be clean and pure are like that, hey?

It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web.
'Isn't that a bad idea!
'But it's more profitable.

'But it's more profitable.' And there are 50,000 people in this world who would jump at that kind of money-making scheme.

'Let's say I'm charged 1,000Rb in toll tax. If you give 500Rb to a powerful person and say, 'Please help me avoid the toll tax somehow,' and evade the tax, you can save 500Rb. It's a win-win situation for both the merchant and the authority.
'The 'bu' is losing money, isn't it!
'Yes. But I guess you don't care about that, since it's in another district.

Actually, it's none of our business if the lords of unrelated districts go bankrupt.
I'm sure you'll do just fine on your own.

'And the easiest way to evade taxes is to create a secret passage that no one can find.
'Ms. Loretta. Who and who did Mr. Yashiro ask for permission to build the New Road?'

To Assunto's question, Loretta thought for a moment and gave her answer.

'Miss Estella and Miss Mahr.
'Yes, sir. If you talk to the authorities who control the entrance and exit, the passage will be open.

In other words, the 30th district can evade taxes as much as they want by colluding with the nobles of the 11th and 22nd districts.

'That's where the help comes in.

As if he's getting excited, Assunto starts to explain on my behalf.

'For example, Miss Loretta. Would you cooperate with a plan that would be detrimental to the Sunken Pavilion?'
'Absolutely not!I'd rather destroy such a plan!
'That's right. Then, what if your rival restaurant will be disadvantaged?
'Even so, I will not cooperate.
''How about if the site where the rival store was destroyed is given to Loretta-san?You can have your own store, right?''

Ah, Assunto. You can't do that.

'I'm not happy about that at all!The Sun Goddess Pavilion branch store is not built on someone's sorrow!A place where someone's happiness and warm smiles can gather, that's what YODAMARI-TEI is!
'...... That's right, isn't it?

You can't use it as a metaphor, because Loretta is that kind of person.

'...... Loretta, well said. Magda thinks the same.
'Hmmm. We're all in this together.'

'Right?' Ginette looked over at me.
No, I can enjoy my own happiness over someone else's corpse, though.

...... Well, the sunny pavilion might not grow in such rotten soil.

'You've failed. Yashiro-san, please correct your course.'

...... d*mn.

'If you're in the 42nd district, you might think that way, but if you go outside, you'll find a lot of people who aren't like that. There are a lot of people out there who don't. People like the one who wrote this information paper.

There are a disgusting number of people who can kick others down for their own gain.

'Defrauding others is always accompanied by the danger that the blade will turn against you. Who would do such a dangerous thing without any reward?There's something good about it, and there are idiots who take advantage of it.
'Is that the 22nd district?
'No, it's the 29th district.
'Huh, ......, there are so many of them, I'm confused.'

I slowly tell Loretta, who is holding her head.

'It's either District 22 or District 11 that will directly benefit from being connected to District 30. If you want to determine which one is the underdog, just check the one that indirectly benefits.
'So that's the 29th district, huh?
'If the aristocrats of the 29th district are using the union to harass the 42nd district, then it's in line with Wishart's intentions.

It's not often that there are coincidental coincidences of malice. There is usually something intentional behind it.
Several people are acting for some purpose. It's natural to think so.

'Then, what are the indirect benefits that the nobles of the 29th district can gain from ......?
'Well ......, if they evade taxes, the "BU" doesn't get any money. ............ Huh?It's not a loss?I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out.

I see.
Is that how you think?
You're right up to the point that it will go under if it loses money.

'It's not the 29th district that will be disadvantaged by the decrease in tolls, but the lord of the 29th district.
'Huh?What's the difference?The lords of the twenty-nine districts run the twenty-nine districts, right?''
''Ah. If that can't be done, the district will fail and the lord will be stripped of his authority.''

Loretta was mistaken about two things.

She is mistaken that the lord of the 29th district and the nobles of the 29th district are in the same position.
She may think that both sides are cooperating with each other for the betterment of the 29th district, but only the 42nd district is full of such sycophants.
In other places, they would be pulling each other's legs.

Another misconception is that the aristocrats in the 29th district are cooperating in tax evasion.
Only two districts are involved in tax evasion, the entrance and the exit of the secret route.
The aristocrats of the 29th district are only cooperating in order to enjoy the 'benefits resulting from their tax evasion.

'If the district goes bankrupt and the lord is fired, the position of lord of the 29th district will be vacant, right?Then someone else will have to become the lord. In that case, if there's a noble in the district who's on good terms with the neighboring districts, don't you think he'll be recommended?

Loretta's face turned pale.
She doesn't want to believe such a fact, she doesn't want to admit that such a person exists.
That's right. I understand how you feel.
But, you know, there are. That kind of scum is disgusting.

'...... Is that nobleman in the 29th district deliberately trying to get rid of the Lord of the 29th district, ...... Ma'ru?

There are a lot of noblemen who would like to take over the role of the lord of the 29th district, House Erin, if it goes bankrupt.
There are those who will do anything to make that happen.

'That's why the secret route is most likely to be between the 30th and 22nd districts.

If the toll tax is reduced, the damage to the 29th district will be great.
If the BU had not taken the form of a community and compensated each other, it might have been destroyed earlier.
That community also changed its shape slightly after the clash with District 42.
It may have been seen as an opportunity to make a move.

'There is a collaborator who would benefit from the collapse of the 29th district, and he is currently harassing the 42nd district with gusto,' said ...... the black-hearted lord of the 35th district and the pig of the peddlers guild. That's it.
I'm not sure what to say.I don't want to be told by you alone, anchovy!
'You're absolutely right.

I'll pass over the objections of the black-hearted.

'Well, it's not confirmed yet, it's just that the probability is high. I'd say 90% at most.'
'Isn't it already almost certain?

Because otherwise, I don't see any reason why the nobles of the 29th district would be so eager to attack the Torbeck Engineering Shop, the main earner.
It's Wishart's way of venting his anger.
You've taken such good care of him just because he refused to be your exclusive.
I can't help but think there's some kind of payback.

'...... Something scares me. The nobleman's thoughts.

Loretta hugged her own body and shivered.
Estella, who looks as pale as Loretta, talks to her.

'Yes, the nobles are afraid. That's why, Loretta--'

She puts her hand on Loretta's shoulder and slowly tells her.

'The lord of the 29th district is Gerasie Erin. It's not Mahr, so don't make the mistake of going somewhere else.

Oh, that's what's bothering you, isn't it?
If you say something like that elsewhere, you'll be in trouble later.

If a rumor spreads that Mahr is aiming for the title of lord because of the 42nd district, ...... the rest will be scary.

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find out more about it here. She nodded her head.

The information that Assunto brought to the table revealed a fishy district.
The third class of nobles behind Wishart is the 22nd district.
...... There's no information whatsoever.

'What kind of district is the 22nd district?
'It's a wonderful district.

Assunto says with a nice smile.
That means it's probably a nasty district full of rich people.

I've only glanced around, but my impression is that it's strangely neat and tidy, with a lot of high-class people coming and going.
Yeah, I know what you mean. The reason for Assunto's expression.
The people who live there, they look down on you, right?
All right, can you stop that creepy smile?
You didn't have such a black face in the 24th district. That's quite something, Ward 22.
Is that it?
It's like a celebrity madam who lives in a high class residential area whose every word and action annoys you.
I feel like punching her, so I'm going to avoid contact with the residents for a while.

'What kind of a man is the Lord of District 22?
'He's a well-behaved, gentle man who's loved by his people.
'I see. That's the impression I have of him as well.

Lucia confirms Assunto's words.
If you look at Estella, you can see that she doesn't know him very well, and she only replies, 'I have that impression too,' without confidence.

'How can such a person be involved in evil?

Ginette tilted her head in wonder.
Because in the world you see, there are no evil people who look like good people.
In the world you see, there are no evil people who look like good people.

'The more evil you are, the better you pretend to be a good person.
'It's more convincing when you say it, isn't it?
Right?So, from now on, don't force your good guy character on me.
'I'm just saying what I see, I'm not forcing it on you.

You've got a nice smile and a hateful attitude.
I'll rub it in!
You can't ...... do that, so I'm going to poke you!

'Well, he's a very reputable lord. ...... ostensibly.'

Behind Assunto's words are hidden the words, 'A nobleman of that level cannot be a good person.
That's probably true, and the reputable lord is probably no exception.

To be honest, Estella would not be able to be a lord outside of District 42.
She would be crushed and dragged down immediately.

On the contrary, it's probably good that she's looked down upon.
If there were any other nobles in this district, they would have lost the title of lord long ago.

''I wanted to look into the internal situation of the Lord of the 22nd District, but it wasn't so easy after all.

You've attacked in such a short period of time.
Don't make too many bold moves and get erased, okay?
If someone strange comes to replace you, we'll have to go up against the Peddler's Guild again. I don't want that kind of trouble.

'But well, I'm sure District 22 won't directly interfere with the construction of the port.
'I think so too. Even in the letter, they took the stance of 'wishing for the development of District Forty-two'. I think they think that whatever District Forty-two is doing won't affect them.

Regarding the construction of the port, I sent letters to the nobles of each district after I reported to the royal family.
Most of them said, 'Oh, yeah. Do what you want. Do what you want.
The only ones who took a bite were the outer districts, who were impatient because their power relations were about to be overturned, and the BU and the lords who knew each other up to the 35th district, who thought, 'Let's get involved in what the 42nd district is doing.

'But it's conceivable that they'll step in if the thirtieth district, with which they share a common interest, is about to be destroyed.

It is said that if you poke at the thirty districts too loudly, scary third-grade nobles will jump out from the bushes.
Do it stealthily. And don't let them know it. With overwhelming force.

'What do you think our victory condition is?

I ask Estella.
The most moderate of them all.
A sweetheart of a lord who won't punish her opponents no matter how much resentment they may harbor.

If we want to settle this matter so as not to provoke the higher nobles, it would be most expedient to go along with Estella's plan.

'That's right. It would be better if we could eliminate the pressure currently being applied and nail them to the wall so that they will never interfere with the 42nd district again.

Return the current negative to zero and build a relationship with them so that they will not mess with you in the future.
Do not attack the other party and do not give disadvantage to the other party.
It's a lenient decision: 'If you put your fist in the air, we'll let bygones be bygones.

'Well, that's probably the safest thing to do.
'A tethered mad dog won't bite you unless you stick your hand in it.

Both Lucia and Assunto showed a certain understanding of Estella's opinion.
'If you go at them with a stomach bug that won't go away, you may end up in an irreversible situation.
A mad dog on a leash. That's a good analogy.

In the first place, Estella's goal in BU was to get rid of unfair pressure.
She didn't have the slightest intention of beating them up so that they would never be able to turn on her again.

That's what Estella is.

As a lord, that's right.

......, but I'm not a lord.

'Anyway, I need some information.

Let's all get along, work together, and get over this hardship!
I don't remember joining any of those meetings.

I'm going to take my own personal steps to get my stomach pumping.

As to who the tethered rabid dog is... well, I guess we'll find out.
I don't sense any disquiet in Estella's words.
Ginette is relieved.
Magda and Loretta look a little unhappy.
But even they don't want to see Wishart's blood on their hands. But these two don't think so.
At most, 'Apologize to Umaro!Sincerely, sincerely! That's about the extent of it.

That's the least I can do to show them.
As a "lordly closing performance.

Stories are supposed to end with closure, but the end of a villain's story is always tragic.

What happened to the demon who was killed by Momotaro and lost his treasure?
They may have been rebelled against by their fellow demons, saying, 'This boss is unreliable,' or they may have been exterminated by local samurai who heard Momotaro's success.

Whatever the case may be, those who have done evil deserve an appropriate end.

...... Well, I can't speak for others,

'I'm going to try to get some information on Wishart.
'That's going to take a lot of work.

Lucia says with a disgusted look.

'Because his family is special.
'Hmm. You've heard of it, Estella?You must have heard of the unusual customs of the Wishart family.
'Um, ...... unusual customs, huh?
'Hmm. No matter if it is a direct line or a side line, all the boys born are tested without exception, and only those who pass the test are kept close to the family.
'Oh, I've heard that before. I heard that if you are not accepted by the head of the family, you will be sent to serve other nobles.

Are you keeping your unsuitable relatives away from your family?
When there was trouble during the renovation of the mansion, Umaro and the others were forbidden to approach the mansion, so it seems that there are secrets that they don't want the outside world to know.

'Because of this custom, the Wishart family has also made a name for themselves as a family that produces excellent stewards.

They're noblemen who were originally raised as a family of lords.
I'm sure they're well educated, and if they're going to be butlers, no wonder they're so good.

'In fact, it seems that only a few people who have been approved by the lord can approach that mansion. I'm sure I'll be turned away.

Thorough information control.
It's not so much that Dayglaire Wishart personally, but rather the Wishart family is cautious.

'If boys can be tested, why can't girls be tested?
'Girls are sent out without question. As the wives of powerful nobles.

Is that how you make your connections with the various nobles?
What a nobleman, just like a nobleman.

'There was also a young lady who came to the 35th district to learn how to behave.

It seems that a young lady of the Wishart family was once entrusted to a nobleman living in District 35 as an apprentice.
The purpose was to make her learn how to behave and behave like a noble, and to marry her off as a noble's wife.

'The pretense of apprenticeship was just a pretext, but the real intention was probably that the family who entrusted her to them wanted her to be their daughter.

If you keep her at home, you will have more opportunities to interact with her.
He would be lucky if he could meet her in the process.

'Although the Wishart family's intentions were crushed when the nobleman was disinherited for some reason.

The aristocrats of the 35th district who had their families destroyed are ............

'Could that be Orkio's house?
'The house is nothing, the one who was acting as the teacher of that daughter is that Orkio.'

There was someone related to the Wishart family in a place I didn't expect!

'The information you just gave me was the most surprising.

Seeing my reaction, Lucia giggled happily.
She happily ......

'You rushed over in your carriage to tell me this information?'
'Hmph. Your stupid face is not worth that much. It's just a sideshow, that stupid face.'

You look like you're having a good time for that.

'Orkio-san is that Orkio-san ......, right?

Ginette also seemed surprised by the sudden appearance of the name of an acquaintance.
Sometimes I get nervous when someone's name comes up, even if it has nothing to do with me.
Perhaps trying to calm her down, Jeannette is holding her large, majestic breasts in her hands. It's spilling all over the place.
It's like trying to cover the Alps with a hand towel. It's a reckless act.

'Mr. Orkio, you've done such a thing, haven't you?
'Orkio's house was not that big, but it was a famous house in the 35th district.'

Lucia poked at the mussels in the bouillabaisse with a spoon, perhaps remembering the 35th district.
The mussels flip around in the soup.

'In Orkio's house, he was in charge of the beastman tribe living in the 35th district - those who were called subhumans or subspecies at the time.

They would gather up subhumans who had no jobs, and in exchange for becoming their underwriters, they would take a cut of their earnings.
It is said that they were doing something like a staffing agency.
...... is more like human trafficking.

The dispatched subhumans were assigned to hard physical labor and dangerous jobs such as gatekeeping.
I imagine that they were also engaged in rough work that would be done by ruffians.
That's what the aristocracy needs.
The working environment was probably not so good.

We need people who are willing to do the dirty work.
No one wants to do the dirty work.
However, if you keep too much distance from them, it is difficult to rely on them in times of need.

The best thing to do is to take the position that you are not directly involved with them, but to have a secret, powerful, and quick pipe of influence.
The most effective way to do this would be to marry off a daughter who has left home.

Gilberta's father was said to have been a gatekeeper, and Orkio's family might have been in charge of such things.
It goes without saying that the power of the beastmen and insects is unparalleled.
However, the nobles at that time probably couldn't protect, ask, or rely on those they despised as "subhumans".

That's why they needed a middleman.

In reality, the beastmen were protecting the city, but Orkio's family stood in between them, so that the nobles could say that they were protecting the city.
The nobles use the beastmen to protect the city.
The nobles can use the nobles as a filter and pretend that the beastmen do not exist.

...... It's a sickening story.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm surprised or because I'm surprised that you've been doing this for so long.

Whether from surprise or from the content of the story, Ginette looked a little uneasy.
So, I'll give you my own interpretation.

'You might have been lucky.
'Lucky, sir?
'Because it's Orkio.

Well, it was probably Orkio's family who was in charge, but...

'Orkio wouldn't have done anything to make the beastmen and insects sad. After all, he's the one who loved Sirach, the swallowtail butterfly.

Judging by the distrust of humans that Wendy's mother, Nikka, Carl and the others had, I'd guess that the dispatch business wasn't treating them very well. ......
There's no need for Jeannette to worry about that.

You can live in the world as you see it.

If Orkio had been the head of the family, he would have definitely worked to improve the treatment.
He would have teamed up with the female lord who was against discrimination against subhumans.

'That's true. I'm sure Orkio-san would have ...... done that.'
'Well, it looks like he was kicked out of his home while he was young, so I don't even know if he was engaged in that work.'
'That's right, even if .......'

Ginette's mouth quirked up in a smile.

'I'm sure that's what you think, isn't it, Orkio-san?

I can trust you.
I think that should be the answer now.
If the time a person has lived forms the personality he or she has now, then Orkio is definitely a good person who has lived the right time.

That's probably why he clashed with his family.

'Maybe I should talk to Orkio next time. I'll ask him about his student.

The daughter of the Wishart family.
It's worth trying to make contact if possible.
If the family has a custom that girls are sent out without question, you may not be able to get any detailed information.
Or, if it's a woman with strong Wishart blood, it might be dangerous to even try to contact her.
You can ask Orkio about that and make your decision.

'Are you traveling right now?

I gave her a ticket to stay at the Cradle of the Moon, which Donnis had given me before.
I heard that Grandma Mum and the others are on a trip to the 24th district right now, and Orkio might be there too.
It's possible that he's deliberately shifting the date to avoid Zelmar and other annoying old men.
...... No, Orkio is not the type to do that.
Unless Siraha says 'absolutely not! Unless Sirach says 'Absolutely not!

It seems that he likes the old men of the forty-second district as much as the others, though Siraha is the best.

'Hmm ......'

The conversation came to an end, and Estella let out a long breath.

'So much information has come at once, my head is stiff.
'Do you want me to rub it?
'No, thank you.
'Why not? I'll rub your head too.
'I can't ask you to rub my head if you say 'also'.

What's with all the human kindness?

'...... to summarize the information that has just come in.'

Magda, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, said in a quiet voice

'......Wishart is going to blow us off when the time is right, is that correct?
'Did you hear me correctly, Magda?Before you take any action, please consult with me, okay?

I could tell that Magda was annoyed with Wishart.
I can see that Magda is annoyed with Wishart. And Loretta nodded vigorously.

'Well,' coughs Assunto, holding up his index finger, and begins to speak in an audible voice.

'There is a very high possibility that the lord of the 30th district is connected to the lord of the 22nd district, and the nobles in the 29th district are cooperating with him. The goal of the nobles in the 29th district is the position of the lord--maybe. The lords of the 30th district are tightly guarded and it's difficult to get information from them, but we have unexpectedly come into contact with someone who is close to us, so let's try to contact them later to see if we can get any information.
'I see. So, are we going to take out the nobles of the 29th district first?

'Okay, Loretta, let's calm down for a moment.

Estella admonishes Loretta who is breathing hard.
If Estella loses her temper and says, 'I won't show any mercy to you anymore! If Estella loses her temper, there might be an uprising in the 42nd district.

'I understand how you feel, but can you act calmly for a while longer?It's okay. I'll make sure they pay for it in the end.
'...... Estella's punishment is very sweet.
'Next to the manager, Estella is the sweetest.
'But I think that's one of Estella's good points. I love the gentle Estella-san.
'Ah, Jeannette!You're a real angel!It's so soothing!

Estella is getting Oumalo disease.
The target is different, so it's a variant of Oumalo disease, isn't it?

'Estella-sama. There's something I need you to confirm for me.

Natalia walks up to Estella with a document in her hand.
She turns the document in her hand to Estella, points to the relevant part and explains.

'In the future, if the union gets carried away, we'll crush them without question.' Is there a problem with the fact that it's the allied forces of the 42nd and 35th districts that will make the decision?
'It's only a problem, that sentence!Delete it!
'Okay, sir. I'll add 'something' to the end of the sentence.
'Make sure you delete it!

Apparently, Estella was the only one who wanted to keep things civil.
Lucia is also shaking her shoulders in amusement.

Well, as a matter of fact, with so many nobles involved in a case like this, 'I don't care!I'm fine! It's not practical to go on a rampage when there are so many aristocrats involved, but that's what everyone is thinking emotionally.

'......I don't want to be on Wishart's side either,......but I have a duty to protect my people, to protect everyone.... ... so I had no choice but to go with the ............ idea, which I didn't like.

Estella is getting teary-eyed, probably because she can't get too much support.
Oh, no. Ginette got up and went to comfort her.
I love it. I'd like to put my face between those bulges and 'squish! I'd like to squish my face between those bulges, and I'd like to be squeezed.

'...... I could see that Estella was struggling too.
'I'm sorry for Estella's tears, but I'm keeping quiet this time.
'I'm not going to do anything in particular, although I'm also going to take care of any sparks that may fall.

The reason for Magda and Loretta's anger is mostly due to their harassment of the Torbeck Corporation.
Since Umaro, the representative of them, has said so, they will put their fists down for now.

Well, you can go on a rampage if you want to do something.
But until that time, we should keep quiet so that the other side won't notice us.

Just as we were about to come to an agreement like that, he came.
With a very nice...

With an aggressive smile.

'Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I have informed you that I am discontinuing my support for the paper!

There he is at ....... There's another angry lord here.

As soon as she walked into the sunlit pavilion, Imelda puffed out her chest with arrogance and slammed the contract down on the table.
It was like a procedure for terminating a donation.

'We don't need an information paper that only publishes untrue information,' she said.

Apparently, Imelda had gone to the headquarters where the paper was published.

'Where is it, the headquarters?
'In the 23rd district.
'Then it's possible that the nobles of the 23rd district are also cooperating--'
'It seems the reporter who wrote that article was from District 29.

I see.
So the people at HQ are just a bunch of incompetents who didn't do their homework.
The end of a company that doesn't have proper compliance is tragic.
The key to longevity is to do whatever needs to be done, no matter what it is.

'Get out of my way!Is my knight here?

Bataan!The rabbit girl opened the door with a loud bang, and both her long ears popped. The rabbit girl, Rebeka, comes in with her attendant, Bertha.

'Oh, my knight!Did you see this terrible article?
'I couldn't stop my whole body from shaking with rage.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
I'm not sure if ...... Bertha's tremor is caused by aging?No?

When we pressed him on the fact that this was not the case, he gave us the bitter excuse that the reporter must have been inexperienced.

The response of the Information Agency Headquarters was almost as expected.
I don't know if they are protecting the reporter, trying to evade responsibility, or if the entire headquarters is in on it and is just playing dumb, but no matter how they approach it, they won't be able to get anything else out of him.
The only excuses you'll hear from a major company after a scandal is 'lack of supervision' or 'personal mistake'.

'I was so angry that I announced on the spot that I would stop the donation!

Libeka too?

Didn't the koji factory of Rebecca donate a large amount of money?
It must have been quite a blow to have them cut off.
They might be holding a board meeting in a panic right now.

As I was saying something, the sound of rough hooves approached with the sound of rattling wheels.
...... Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this.

I'll get out of your way. Oh, yasippi. There you are.'
'Donnis, ...... no way.'

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
He then pulls out a crumpled up piece of information paper from his pocket.
I'm sure he rolled it up the moment he finished reading it.

'Is your goal to interfere with the construction of the port I'm helping you with?' I blackmailed him.

I knew you'd be at headquarters.
I don't know... Donnis also donated to the paper.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm a BU lord or not,......, or if it's because Mokoka, who works as a waiter at Mael's place, is providing illustrations, and Mael's connection has led her to donate,.......

'Donnis was donating too, wasn't he?
'Well, as lord of the BU.'

Oh, thank God.
It was for a decent cause.

'Also, I just increased my donation when I heard that someone I care about is being taken care of.'

Oh, that's too bad.
That was the bad reason too.

'But this is the end of the donation. I told the editor-in-chief, who was trying to pretend he didn't know anything about it, to 'go and see the truth with his own eyes. Spreading unaccountable rumors is an act of disobedience to the will of God the Spirit.

He seems to be very upset.
I'm sure his anger won't subside for a while. ......

'Oh, you're so good, DD.'

Mael appeared with gentle steps and smiled like a weak woman.

'That's very righteous of you to say.
''Ma, Ma'ru...... Miz Erlin!''

Ma'ru's praise made my single hair waggle happily.
I'm back in a good mood!
You're showing strange emotion!I'll pull out that single hair!

'You're so ridiculous, I'm dumbfounded. No, not the reporter who writes this article, not the person in charge who hires this article.

He's not as loud as Rebekah or Donnis, but he's got more rage than anyone else.
You're really angry, Ma'ul.
And then, as if following Mahrul, Mokoka, who is emitting an even angrier aura, comes into the sunlit pavilion.

'I've decided to ask our mokoka to refrain from contributing for the time being.
'I don't need to be told that by the chief!This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, Konkonchiki!I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.If you put an illustration in a place that makes people uncomfortable, you have no leg to stand on when you're facing your master!
'Face your superiors, but don't sleep with your feet in the air, Mokoka.

Mokoka didn't seem to understand the proverb at all.
But I kind of understand what you mean, and I think it's okay to sleep with your feet facing Becko.

'Master is crying behind the grass!
'I see, Becko's dead.'
'No, he's not dead!Mokouka-san, you have to use the right words.

Ginette corrected Mokoka's mistake with a wince.
I think it's fine to leave it as it is.
I mean, you should fix your language before you start using words. You're still talking in that awkward way.

'When the port is completed, the tax revenue of the 29 wards bordering the 42 wards on New Road will increase. If you want to interfere with that, as a member of the lord's family, I can't keep quiet.''

If he had said that, the headquarters of the information paper would have had no words to reply.
If there was an attack on another district's lord within BU, the 23rd district, where the headquarters was located, would be forced to respond.
In the worst case, the 23rd district might order the headquarters of the Information Paper to evacuate.

BU is a community.
No ward will accept an existence that causes discord within it.
So, should we move our headquarters to a district outside of BU?
The moment you do, you'll be taxed to bring it to BU and forced to pay higher prices.
It's the best-selling information paper in BU, where many young people are easily influenced.
It hurts to have angered Mahr, Donnis, and the chief executive of the Koji factory, which accounts for a large percentage of the BU's income.
I'm sure the Information Paper Headquarters will be forced to take some action.

If the third grade aristocrats come out of the woodwork here, ......
If the third-grade nobles were to step up here, they could force the BU and the lords of the outer districts to form an alliance.
The damage will spread beyond the Forty-two districts. If we can make them think 'tomorrow is my turn', they'll say 'Oh, you're the only one who won't cooperate. Are you okay with that? The bigger the problem, the more you can push them.

The bigger the problem, the more the third class nobles will be stuck.
You can lure them into the same situation as us.

...... Well, they won't come out of the woodwork because they know it will happen.
In the eyes of the third class aristocracy, biased reporting in the information papers is just another form of harassment.
It is easiest and least damaging to tell them to 'change to a different way.
Wishart is not going to go against that and continue his biased reporting, is he?

This will put the problem of the information paper to rest.
Headquarters has taken a hit and its credibility has been damaged.

Well, it may not go bankrupt, but it will be difficult to manage for a while.
If the fact of fabrication spreads, it will cause readers to leave the paper.
The influence of the information paper will diminish rapidly.

Well, I guess that's a fair point.
There may be many people involved in the paper who have nothing to do with this case, and if they are ignored and allowed to go bankrupt, a chain of misfortune may occur.

Well, let them write a big apology in the paper and that'll be enough.

--I thought...

'Anyway, I've inquired about the details of the reporter who wrote that article, and I'll bring him to you as soon as I catch him. Let's have him tell us in his own words what kind of intentions led him to make such a bias. Of course, if you lie, you will be judged by the rules of this city.

The old lady smiling elegantly is very scary. ......
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... Be careful not to make a mistake.

I'm not sure what to say, but the people around me are more angry than I am, so I'm losing track of when to be angry. ......