486-Episode 288 The Noble

'You're saying that Wishart is connected to the third class nobility ......?'

Estella asks with a grim expression.
Lucia smiles lightly, as if to relieve her tension.

'It's a rumor.
'A rumor, sir?
'Hmm. But there's no smoke without fire. I'm sure there is some connection.

The connection I'm talking about here does not mean that they are 'close' like Estella and Lucia.
In other words, he has a scary old man behind him who says, 'If you mess with Wishart, I won't shut up.

'Third grade means--'

The nobles in this city are assigned a grade.
The first district, called the central district, is where the royal family lives, and the second to fourth districts surrounding it are the first grade.
After that, the numbers increase to the second and third grades toward the outside.
BU is the fourth grade, and the lords of the outer districts, such as Estella and Lucia, are the fifth grade nobles.

'So they're of a higher rank than the BU.

That means...

'So they're my equals.
'Wait a minute, Yashiro. When did you rise above the BU?'

Hmm?When did you become a BU?
The fourth class of nobles are Donnis, Gellarcy and Tracy, right?
I'm higher than you.

'In any case, "grade" is just something the higher-ups put on their own, right?In terms of the preciousness of my soul, I'm definitely better than the BU guys.
'Then I'd be a lot higher than you. I'm more noble born than you.'
'Sweet!No, you're too thin!
'What are you talking about?

There's only one place in Estella where you can say 'thin'.
I'm talking about the container for the soul.

But that's beside the point.

'I'm just wondering what a third class nobleman is worth.

The BU's are supposed to be higher than the nobles of the outer districts, but Donnis, Gerasie, Tracy, and the other not-so-good lords don't have much power, wisdom, courage, or determination.
The best they can do is to insist, 'I'm high ranking!

'The fourth class aristocrats were all helpless people who were desperately trying to protect themselves by forming groups.
'Hecklers? ....... How many times do you think that community has made us cry? ...... To be honest, I couldn't have imagined a long time ago that we would be able to interact with each other as easily as we do now.

What the hell, Estella.
You're scared of a BU?
The representative is excited about 'wow, wagashi, yum!

'If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get them to open their pockets.

Lucia says with a face that doesn't seem to be praising me at all.

'The weak are the most stubborn. And you did it so easily .......'

It wasn't easy, though.
I've had to run around a lot to keep those troublesome people quiet.

'Isn't it your obsession with breasts that makes you do that?
'Well, it's true that I'd rather have the outside of my breasts exposed than the inside of my breasts.
'Don't be too forceful or you'll get stabbed.

Lucia says with a happy smile on her face.
Hmm. There are more old men than lords, aren't there?
I don't even want to see an old man's chest.

'But, anchovy. ...... No, the frightening thing is that you might be able to take on even a third class nobleman. ......'

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

'I'll tell you in advance, so make sure you get it into your evil head.
'Umaro, can I borrow your head for a moment?
'Your head!I'm telling you to carve it into that head that looks the worst of them all!

The super-genius Yashiro's head isn't bad, and I almost accidentally carved it into the nearest bad head, hmm.

'Don't touch anything above the third grade.

Serious eyes piercing me.
Serious tone.
Lucia's that cautious? She was all 'fine, I'll show you something' when she was dealing with the BU.

You may not fully understand the origins of this city, so you may not be aware of it, but nobles of the third rank and above are special.

Lucia's eyes are not smiling at all.
It's been a long time since I've seen such a serious face.
It's close to the eyes she had when she was checking me out for trying to discriminate against subhumans in the 35th district.
It's as if she's threatening me that she'll get rid of you if I make a move. Actually, he's probably threatening me.

'So much?
'So much.'

'It's easy to replace lords in the outer districts and around the BU. There are plenty of replacements.

If there's a problem, we can cut them loose.
That's about it, Lucia says.

'But the third class nobles and above are the ones who can't be replaced.
'Are they irreplaceable nobles?
'That's what I mean.'

I picked up Lucia's self-deprecating words and threw them back at her without a single wry smile.
This is the kind of expression that this guy sometimes shows, the kind that says, 'That's the way it is.

'You know that the first class nobleman is royalty, don't you?
'Oh, yes. ......'

I can't help but feel a momentary panic in my brain when I hear Lucia's honorific.
I can't help but think that such an arrogant woman would use words like 'be' that don't even suit her as a matter of course.

'The royals are the ones who won this land from other races, protected it, and built the city. Their status will never be shaken and they will reign supreme over us forever.'

That's what this city knows.
No one is going to kick out the royalty and try to take their place.
...... Well, I guess the truth is that they can't.

And the second class nobles are the families of the warriors who stood on the front lines with the royalty during the war and won the war.
'That also sounds like a strong connection to the ...... royal family.'
'These are the people who laid the foundation of this country. The royal family will not be antagonized by them, ...... ostensibly.

The royals are not monolithic.
Some of them may not like the second class nobles who have a big say in the royalty.
They just don't do anything to aggravate the relationship outwardly.

'That's the people who hold important positions in this city, isn't it?
'Yes. If you piss off one of them, you could have the whole district torn down.
'That's a lot of power to wield. It must be a very comfortable grip.
'Hmm ...... Estella. Don't let this man get inside the BU, okay?I'm not kidding, we could lose the outer districts.'
'Yashiro. ...... really, be careful.

He nailed me hard.
I'm not sure if it's the kind of thing you'd want to get upset about with a little joke like that.
I'm sure you'll feel at home inside.

'And what about the third grade?I thought there were a lot of big merchants and wealthy people there?
'Hmm. There's the guild leader of the peddlers' guild and the creator of the bricks to avoid monsters.

There's also a royal dressmaker, a jeweler, and a guild leader of a court cuisine guild that serves the finest cuisine.
...... What the hell is a court cuisine guild? You're too choosy about your clientele.

The third class of nobles are those who are judged to be indispensable to the city. Financially, technologically, and for many other reasons.'
In other words, they don't have the power to directly control us, but they are in a position where they can threaten to tell their superiors.
'Hmm......, why do you have such a twisted idea......, well, that's about it.

You're right.

That's what aristocrats do.
It's a bad feeling.
It's a problem, really.

So how do you handle Wishart with such a troublesome nobleman backing you? ......
It's not a good idea to challenge the royalty and the architects of the nation.
If we try to get rid of those who are in our way, we will end up being erased.

However, we can't just cry ourselves to sleep and pretend we didn't see anything. ......
Ahhhh... ...... d*mn.

'Well, brother. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to say.

For example, let's say there's a restaurant called 'Very Delicious Goozuya Takoyaki'.
'Wow, that sounds fishy.
'That's terrible, Loretta-chan!Even I do it when I have to!

Somehow, Goozuya, who had become strangely motivated, stepped forward.
So let's just use her as a character.

'Loretta hears a rumor and comes to buy it.
'Goozuya-san, please give me some takoyaki.
'Yes, they're delicious!
'But there's not a single octopus in it.
'What do you mean, Mr. Goozuya?
'What, what?

I'll say Goozuya's lines for him.
You just lip-synch to my lines.

'Don't make any funny accusations. You probably ate the food that was in there.

'That's not true, sir!I'm sure it wasn't in there!'
'Do you have any proof?There's a weird wrinkle on the hem of your skirt from sitting so messily!
'Wow!It's true!There's a weird crease on my skirt!

Loretta noticed the wrinkles on her skirt and looked at Jeannette with tears in her eyes.
Can't you fix it yourself? You should at least learn to iron, it's a good opportunity.

'So, Loretta gets the better of her, but she can't let it go, so she goes to the authorities to tell them.
'Oh, I see!I'm going to get a big man to scold me!
'That's why I asked Umaro for help, Loretta.
'I see, this is what you mean by 'having a backing'. I can be a little stronger.''

Hey, hey, if you're arrogant, you're just as bad as Wishart.
It's cute, though.

Loretta's trying to get on Wishart's good side, so I'll make her change her mind.
The goal is to have her experience the hassle of having a backer who's annoying.

'By the way, when Gusuya saw that Umaro was coming out, he called in a helper beforehand. That's Magda.'
'...... Do you have any complaints about our Goozuya?'
'Not at all!It's nothing!Magda is justice!
'Muhaaaa!That's not fair!

Umaro was easily defeated.

'If this happens, I'll call someone with more power.
'...... Loretta, wait.

Magda waits for Loretta's enthusiasm.

'...... If you make any more trouble, we'll get serious.
'Serious, is it? ...... Gulp.
'...... I'll bring in Estella, Natalia, Medrama, Delia, and Yashiro.'
I'm not sure what to do.You can't win like that no matter how you try!
'...... This is the backing.'

Well, it's not every day you get such an extreme case. ......

'Goozuya has a backer who will help him out in times of need, so he's doing his crazy business with impunity. Those around him pretend not to see Gooziya's greedy business because they are afraid that his backers will come out. Try to stay out of it.
'Mmmmm!Mr. Goozuya, you're disgusting!
'It's a skit!It's only a fiction!

Goozuya denies it, but I won't let him.

'That lousy Gooziya resents Loretta for complaining and starts harassing her incessantly. She sprinkles water on the bedclothes, knocks on the door when she goes to the bathroom, and sings and dances outside the window at night!
'Are you rotten to the core, Goozuya?
'Why did you chase me, Yashiro?
''In addition, you secretly put strange wrinkles on my skirt!
'Were these wrinkles the work of Goozuya-san?
'No, it's not!How much do you believe in Yashiro-san's words?
'But when I fight off Goozuya to stop that harassment, I come out and start harassing him even more seriously than Goozuya.
'Big brother's serious harassment will break my heart!I definitely can't stand it!

Loretta slumps down helplessly and the skit ends.
Estella saw this and said.

'Yeah, ......, well, it's a pretty extreme adaptation, but that's how it is now, Loretta. ...... No, it's not like that, is it?

I'm sorry.
I'm not so sure about that either, because I got sidetracked having fun in the middle.

I'm sure it's quite fun.
'Haha, well, it's ...... lively, isn't it?

Lucia asked Omar to agree with her, but Omar only laughed dryly.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
...... Well, one of these days you're going to get together with the Trubecks and have a 'ha ha' moment, aren't you?

Behold!This is the infectious power of the forty-two districts!

'In short...'

Lucia sums up the messy conversation with one word.

'If we're going to destroy Wishart, we need to be prepared to make a difference.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
...... at all. That's why you shouldn't let fools have power.

'Estella-san, do you think it's better to stay out of the way?
'Yes. That's right. District Forty-two is moving in a good direction. I honestly don't want to get in the way of that.

'Is that so? ......'

It seems that straightforward Loretta cannot tolerate a world where evil people are in control.

'Even Loretta didn't go to the guilds to say, "Don't discriminate against my brothers and sisters! You didn't go to the guilds and say, 'Don't discriminate against my siblings!
'It's ...... also ............ ah, yes, ...... I see.'

It's not brute force that corrects unreasonableness.

Even though I know that, I'm still bothered by it.

'But if you harm my precious people, then I will not be silent. I can't say it's all-out war, but I'll at least say a few words to the monk.
'...... Yes. You're right, Estella, it would be more like Estella if you were as lenient as that.
'I'm not being lenient.I'm going to give you a hard time, like this, hard!

You don't have any power at all, Estella.

'If that happens, I'll send my big brother.'
'No, Yashiro will certainly take care of the situation, so don't send him casually.
'...... but I think Yashiro can fight off even a third class nobleman.'
'I'm scared because I think he can. I don't want to be repelled, Magda.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine. Or rather, she is patting her head in the confusion.
Isn't this what you call molestation?
If so, I'd like to pinch her tits to calm her down, too.

The third class aristocrats are essential to this city in some field or another.
'...... can't be replaced?'
'Yes. As Lucia-san said earlier, if this city runs out of the stones that are necessary for avoiding magical beasts, this city will not be able to survive, right?If that happens, the royal family will come out. If that happens, even Yashiro will be helpless.

No, he should just give the king a good beating and make him listen to him.

'Wow, your brother looks like he's about to give the king a good beating and make him listen.
'...... dangerous, that's definitely dangerous'.

You guys are getting too good at reading my expressions.
Hold back a little.

'Anyway, it's going to take a little more time to shut Wishart up.

We're not even close to being ready for what's coming.

'We're still in the process of discussing how to deal with the union.

Torbeck Construction Company left, followed by Kawaya Construction Company.
The union will be very determined to harass us.

'But we won't leave the ruffians who messed with Gooziya alone. We'll take immediate action. And the intelligence papers, too.
'So you're just going to take out the ones you can get your hands on?
'Hmmm, ......, or should I say ......, Yashiro?

From Loretta's point of view, she'd rather just smack him upside the head and be done with it. ......

'Magda. When you're hunting a giant hexenbiest, where do you go first?'
'...... Depends on how big it is.'
'20 meter class.'
'......Then ............, I'd aim for the legs first to block its movement.'
'That's the idea.

If you crush its head or heart, it'll be easy.
--But it's hard to get to that 'easy' part.
The big ones are dangerous unless you crush their legs to block their movement. If you make a mistake, you will be crushed by them.

'Crush the head only after you have crushed the limbs and made it immobile.
'I see. ...... It's difficult, isn't it?

Loretta is very angry about this incident.
She seems to have an extraordinary attachment to Torbeck's construction company, which has been a great help to her younger siblings and provided them with a comfortable place to live.
Maybe that's why he's so popular with carpenters. Maybe that's why he's so popular with carpenters.

'Hey, Loretta. I'm not going to tell you to give up or even forgive him because he can't do anything about it. Just don't be hasty. I don't want you to look like you got someone else into trouble because of you.'

Those people are good at irritating others.
There's no need to fall for their stupid tricks.

'Estella and Lucia will take care of it. Don't think about it too much. Just smile and go about your day as usual Loretta. It's a waste of time to waste most of your day thinking about someone who pisses you off, right?
'...... Yes. That's what I've been thinking.

This guy should be spending his days peacefully in the sunny pavilion with Jeannette and Magda.

If you need information on how to destroy them, I'll gather it for you. ......

I'm not going to let them get away with it, either.

'So, Natalia, Gilberta. I want you to redraft the contract with Umaro and the others for the port construction. Omar is okay with that, right?'
'What?Yes, of course. It's more beneficial for us to work for Torbek's construction company than to stay with the union.
'Hahaha, ......, mutual aid, right?There are benefits for us too, so it's mutual.

Umaro is humble.
I guess he feels he got us into this mess.
I'm sure he'll do everything in his power to follow up. How much more are you going to take?

'You sycophant.
'I'm not as good as you, Yashiro-san.

I'm not as good as you.

I'll get started on the paperwork. This way, everyone.
'I want you all to gather around, so we can finalize the terms.'

They set up a table a short distance away from us, and the two head waiters gather the relevant people.
The contract that should have been signed in an enclosed space, such as the office of the lord's mansion, is being signed in a corner of the public dining room.
Are you guys okay with that?

'Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience.

When I'm done, Ginette comes out of the kitchen with the food.

'Masha-san gave us a lot of seafood, so I made a bouillabaisse.

A lot of seafood floating in a tomato-based soup. It looked quite luxurious, and the faint scent of olives and garlic whetted my appetite.

But then again, ......

'You gave me a hell of a lot.
'It's a thank you for protecting me.

He smiled, put the food on the table, leaned in closer, and told me softly in my ear.

'Yashiro-san asked me to feed him a delicious meal.

And so he put his best effort into making this bouillabaisse.
The bouillabaisse looks so delicious and smells so delicious that I'm sure it will be delicious.

'When the port is built, we can make more fish dishes.

He said happily, looked around quickly, and then asked me again.

'Even a horse mackerel with its head on the tail can be snacked on.

He chuckles.
Although I think he should have eaten it normally, he seems to be enjoying this secret activity.
He must have enjoyed snacking on amberjack at the end of the heavy snow season. It's written on your face.

'Then I'll teach you how to eat octopus.
'What's octopus fish?Is it cooking?
'It's not much of a dish, but it's raw octopus cut into chunks, seasoned with soup stock, soy sauce and mirin, and accented with spicy horseradish and fingernails. It is quite tasty. It's good for drinking and eating.

And now I bring my mouth to Jeannette's ear and whisper like a devil tempting her.

'Best of all, they won't know you've been snacking on them.

She turns to me, her eyes wide with surprise, and a few moments later she starts laughing.

'Oh my God, I'm not such a picky eater.

No, no, you're a glutton when you expect to snack.
More importantly, your mother is like that. It's definitely inherited. They have a bond that's stronger than blood, and these mothers and daughters certainly do.

'hmmm....... But I like sea fish, so I think I'm going to be a bit of a foodie.

I like sea fish.
I think I've heard you say that.

'Did your grandfather give it to you?
'Yes. He said the same thing every time. ...... I'm sure your grandfather liked sea fish, too. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

Food with happy memories tastes even better.
The sea fish, which was a special meal with her grandfather, will continue to be a treat for Jeannette.
It's like apple pie to me.

'Well, I guess I'll be eating more sea fish in the future.

I hear the familiar sound of a cart outside, and I say in a much louder voice.

'It'll be cheaper if we get it directly from Masha instead of going through the peddlers' guild.
'I heard you, Mr. Yashiro.

Assunto walks into the store, laughing, 'Hmmm.
'Well, I knew Assunto was here, so I said.

'I can spare you some of the trouble, but you'll have to go through the peddlers' guild when the port is ready.
'Eh~, there's no benefit to us.'
'It makes me, your best friend, happy to make money.
'That's not a benefit for me.

I mean, what's a best friend?
Why are you calling yourself that?
I was asked in class, 'Do any of you have a best friend? Do you want to experience the shocking sadness of being asked in class if you have a best friend, and you raise your hand, but the person you think is your best friend doesn't?

'This is unusual, at this hour.

It was mid-afternoon.
Assunto usually shows up at the Sunken Pavilion before it opens. It's early in the morning.

'You only sell the food, but you never come to eat it.
'No,......, I'm not selling you anything, I'm just delivering your order. ...... Well, I'm recommending some great products to you while I'm at it.

I'm just paying for it.
I'm uncomfortable.

'I have a wife, so I basically eat at home.
'My wife is my staple food'?Are you an obscene person, in the middle of the day?

'I didn't say that, did I?

Jeannette turned a faint shade of red and slunk away from Assunto.
'Yes, yes. Get away from him. Keep your distance from this money-losing pig.

'So, what are you here to sell me today?

The ice house again?
I'm considering that one right now. ...... I can't help but think I want one. Oh, that's too bad.

'No, I'm here to bring you a gift.
'Divorce papers?Wait here, I'll get Estella now.'
'No, and who's going to be happy about that?

I'm kind of happy about it, aren't I?
Because the fact that Assunto has a wife in the first place annoys me to no end.

'Did you call for me?
'It's nothing, Miss Estella. Please, continue with your story.'
'Don't worry about it. We have little more to discuss. Trubek's offer is all we can hope for. I'm sorry it's so convenient for you.

After Estella, even Lucia left the discussion and came over to us.
The two head waiters and the two master carpenters are putting together the paperwork, rattling on and on.

'Are you getting a divorce?
'No, I'm not. I've sworn to be with my wife for the rest of my life.'
'All right, Estella. Let's get a gigolo to divorce Assunto's wife and turn Assunto into a pig in the Judgment of the Spirits!'
'Why are you so ambitious before ......, 'Judgment of the Spirits' won't make you a pig, you're already a pig!
'...... Assunto. In the store, be quiet.
'It's your shopkeeper, the one who's making me raise my voice, ......'.

Assunto lets out a sigh when he sees Magda saying the right thing.
You're not being told what to do by a little girl, you're being disgusting.

'...... If you get divorced, you can have Umaro build you a single person's house.'
I'm not getting a divorce, and why are you assuming I'll be kicked out of my house?That's my house, and if I'm going to leave, it's going to be my wife.'
'Mr. Assunto, are you trying to kick your wife out of the house?That's terrible!I'm going to tell her off!
'I won't kick her out!I'm going to stay with her forever!

Assunto desperately tried to stop Loretta from running away.
If he starts running, the whole forty-two districts will know about it in an hour.

'...... Stop it, Assunto. Don't be so rough with Loretta's clothes. ...... Ahh!
'What disturbing lines are you trying to leave in the Conversation Record, Magda?You know what, Enna?It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

That's the excuse I'm giving to my wife, who isn't here (not sure if she exists).
What's that?
Does your wife check the Conversation Record?
I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
Wow. ......

'You're not trustworthy, are you?
'You are more than 80% of the reason why my wife wants to see the Conversation Record, Yashiro.

Apparently, Assunto's wife likes to read the conversations between Assunto and me.
'Everything seems to be fun ...... and that's a problem,' Assunto said, letting out a sigh.
He can't get enough of his wife, can he?
She's always been on his ass. All the time under her ass.

'You can touch my wife's ass all you want, you obscene bastard.
'What are you talking about?Stop it, my wife will tell the maids who read this!

It seems that Assunto is being used as a plaything at home as well.

'...... As expected of Assunto.
'He understands his position very well.
'I'd very much like to decline that position. ......'

Assunto is disgusted by Magda and Loretta's words.
'Well, give it up. It's better for you to be everyone's plaything.
You're already known for your black heart.

'Goozja. That's what black-hearted means.'
'Do you still care, Yashiro-san? ...... Just forget about it.'

I'll be sure to tell Goozuya, who was sitting quietly in the corner.
And I'll never forget it.

'So, what's this gift you brought me?

When Estella saw that we were done playing, she turned to Assunto.

As if he'd been waiting for it, Assunto puffed confidently and spoke in a hushed voice.

'I've washed the back of Deyglea Wishart.

Apparently, a gift is information.

'I was just about to say that Lady Lucia - no, it would be more pleasing to call you Miss Lucia - Miss Lucia is here, and would you mind listening to me for a moment?Well, let's have a meal together.

At Assunto's words, Lucia and Estella exchanged glances and returned to our table.
As the number of people has increased, we'll add another table to make it bigger.
Ginette hurriedly put the bouillabaisse on a plate and served it to each of us.

Goozja and Yamboldo are seated a little further away, ready to watch us. Well, they will interrupt us if they feel like it.
Natalia and Gilberta are still working on the paperwork and listening to what we have to say. That's very clever.
Umaro and Omar remain at Natalia's table.

Me, Estella, Lucia, Magda, Loretta, and Ginette, who had finished serving the food, sat around the same table.
Then Assunto sits down.
A freshly prepared bouillabaisse is placed in front of Assunto.


He puts his palm out in front of Assunto, who was looking at the bouillabaisse and saying, 'This is also magnificent.

'No, well, ...... I think 80Rb is cheap for such a dish, but ......'.

Why did you assume it was free?
'In the flow of things'?
That's sweet!

80Rb is 800 Japanese Yen. That's cheap, isn't it?

'Don't worry, Mr. Assunto. This is a bribe dish.

There's a lot of people here who aren't even waiters.
This place has a wide range of bribes.

'Oh, let's do this. Please monitor the prototype.'

I pointed out, and Jeannette said that with a glazed look in her eyes.
Your excuses are getting better, aren't they? Where do you learn to say things like that?

'Uh-huh. I'm learning from you, Mr. Yashiro.

Don't study quibbles.

'I'm always watching you.'

With a defenseless face, well, ......

'That's odd. I've been watching you a lot, too.'
'You're looking at the wrong girl, Yashiro.'

He pinched my nose and lifted my face.
What, did Estella teach you that nose technique?
I don't think you need to absorb anything like that.

'Hmm... You've shown me something rare. It's a sight that can't be seen anywhere else, only at the Sunlit Pavilion.

Assunto smiled at me, a slightly uncomfortable smile on his face.
Don't look at me like I'm smiling.

'Is your cleavage that unusual?Oh, did I mention that your wife is flat?But don't stare at me too much, Assunto.
'Wait!Don't try to leave any strange words in the Conversation Record!I'm not looking at it, Energie!No, really!

Apparently, Assunto's wife is prone to sulking. Such a desperate follow-up.

'I feel like I found an interesting toy.
'......After all, a single word can be fatal when you're around Yashiro-san. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. ......

I'll be more careful in the future.Hmm?

'You're a person who loves to drop things.
'It's Yashiro, isn't it?
'It's Yashiro, isn't it?
'...... for sure.
'It's your brother.'
'You're a lousy man, anchovy.'

They're all over me.
What a bunch.
I'm going to make a fashion trend that'll make you pee your pants, d*mn it!

'As expected of Mr. Ginette. This is very tasty.'
'Thank you very much.

Assunto takes a bite of the bouillabaisse and makes a face.
You're talking about 'delicious' in terms of profit, right?

'I'm sure the demand for seafood will increase once the port is completed. I'm looking forward to it.


'So, sir.'

Assunto puts down his spoon and inhales gently.

'We need to eliminate - or at least dam up - any obstacles that might be in the way.

Assunto smiles wickedly.

'I've been doing some research on ragging.

'I've been doing some research on the ragtag crew that messed with Goozja and started the whole mess.
Assunto had gotten that information as a matter of course. In fact, he must have known most of what was going on in the 42nd district and the neighboring districts.
Gathering information is the basis of business.

'I've talked to an acquaintance who knows a lot about that kind of thing.
'Ah, come to think of it, Assunto knows a lot about rumors and information, various things.'
'No, it's just ...... a matter of business, you know, ...... a lot of things.'

In the past, there were some ruffians who interfered with the business of the second and seventh stores of the sunlit pavilion, which started mobile sales.

'Um, Loretta-san. I received a large amount of very delicious sweet corn, if you would like to have some?I'd love to give some to your younger siblings.
'What?But can I?You need a lot of it.'
'Yes, no problem. You all seem to be working very hard every day, so as a sign of friendship, please do!
'Thank you, Mr. Assunto!My siblings will be very happy.'

Yes, yes.
I think it's important to put it in a tangible form. Thanks and apologies.

'So, back to the topic at hand...'

Sweating profusely, Assunto returns to the subject.
Estella glares at him with a wry smile. It's ....... Don't look at me. I just remembered something and got annoyed.

'I've made a description based on the sightings, are you sure this is the man you're looking for, Goozja?'
'Ah!That's him!That's the one!

Assunto took out a piece of paper from his pocket and drew a sketch of a man with a bad physiognomy who smelled like a trinket.
...... Something about it reminds me of my own physiognomy, and it makes me feel bad.

'So, this guy. It seems he's one of the group that's based around the 22nd district.
'Twenty-two wards?

District 22 is on the other side of District 29.
It's one of the wards through which a large street running from Ward 30 to Chuo Ward runs.

Thirty is a rather wide ward, bordering both 23 and 29, and after crossing the BU, it leads to 11 and 22.

Inside the BU, the twelve wards from the 11th to the 22nd are arranged in a circle, and the beginning and the end of the circle are the main streets extending from the 30th ward to the central ward.

In other words--

'If there's a secret loophole leading from the 30th district, he's a scoundrel who's based in one of the districts where he can fatten his pockets by passing through the BU tariff.

Passing through the BU is taxing.
However, if the 30 wards collude with the 11 or 22 wards that exist across the BU, they can create a secret passage that the BU cannot see and evade taxes as much as they want.

'If we dig a passageway underground, we can evade taxes and the money that comes out of it will flow into our pockets.

If there's a loophole like the more secretive New Road that was created between the 42nd and 29th districts, there's no limit to the amount of dirty money that can be generated.

'As expected of Mr. Yashiro. You know exactly what the bad guys do.'
'It's basic.
'I don't like to admit such basics.'

Estella gives him a disapproving look.
The bad guys are all thinking the same thing. Their M.O. will naturally be similar.

'There have always been rumors that they are connected to the third class of nobles, but it is very likely that they are connected to either the 11th or 22nd district of .......'
'Or both of them, Miss Lucia.'
'Hmm ......, yes.'

Both Lucia and Assunto seemed to have some idea of what the bad guys might be thinking, and they were in general agreement.

'I wanted to probe a little deeper, but no, as expected, the lord of the thirtieth district seemed to be on guard, and it didn't go well.

Wishart was said to be cautious.
It is said that he has an ironclad guard against prying eyes from the outside.

'So I thought I'd try a different approach to making a prediction.

Assunto smiles a wicked smile.
He seems to be holding some information.

'The nobleman who was inducing the bad publicity and pressure regarding Torbeck Engineering is coming to mind.

The Civil Engineering Guild is an organization controlled by a dozen or so nobles, and the noble who came to mind is one of them.
It seems that he is not the head of the organization, but if he pretends not to see the brutality of the nobleman, it is as if the head of the organization approved it. There is no reason for Umaro and the others to forgive the union now, even if it is said that a few people in the organization did it on their own.
High or low in the pecking order is not important now.

What matters is--

'That nobleman is a nobleman of the 29th district.

An aristocrat living in the 29th district.
If he's involved in this simultaneous harassment, in other words, if he's cooperating with Wishart...

'He's connected to Wishart...'
'The 22nd district, you mean.
'I guess so.

Lucia picks up the end of my words, and Assunto affirms it.

We've come up with a solution that makes sense to us, but Jeannette and the others don't seem to understand why, and they look puzzled.
No wonder, I'll tell them.

And then...

'I think the people around there are black-hearted...'

As if she didn't hear me, Goozja was being punished severely by Lucia and Assunto for the same old gaffe.

Learn your lesson, idiot.