485-Hand in hand with the 287th episode.

'I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. ......'

Goozja is sitting in a triangle at the end of the floor of the sunlit pavilion, crying .

'It's because Estella bullied me.
'Sixty percent of it is your fault.'
'...... Forty percent of it was the lord of the smile I admitted.'
'Don't be too mean to her.

It was originally Goozja's fault. You deserve it.

'In the first place, it's because you have a black tummy that people are prejudiced against me.
'You are, aren't you?Show me your belly. I bet you can see through the blackness on the inside.'
'Unfortunately, my belly is as white as fresh snow. I'm a lady and I'm very careful about my tan.
'Oh, which one?
'I'm not going to show you.'

I reached out my arm and he grabbed my wrist tightly.
What's with the belly? You've seen me in my bathing suit.

'The Conversation Record is defective, isn't it? Why can't you keep a record of the scenery you see? ......'
'You'd only use it for obscene purposes, you know. It's a good thing you don't have that feature.

I think it would be a dream come true to be able to record and store your lucky streaks semi-permanently.

'If there was such a function, it would be nice to see the smiling faces of people you can no longer see.

Ginette said, looking a little sad.

'But I miss them so much, it's probably not a good idea.

If you have photos or videos, you can see her as she used to be.
But I can't see her. You can't talk to them.
That may increase the loneliness.

Maybe, when she was all alone, Jeannette read back her conversations with her grandfather in the Conversation Record.

'If it was Jeannette, wouldn't the ground be recorded a lot?She falls down a lot.'
'Mmm. That's not true.'

She puffs up her cheeks and smiles.
I wondered if my loneliness had dissipated a little.

'But if I had been able to record the scenes of the past, ......'

Ginette clasps her hands together and looks at me.
Her eyes sometimes seem to gaze into a past a little more distant than the present.

'I could have shown you a scene from when this neighborhood was busy. It's a shame.

It must have been a very pleasant memory for Jeannette.
There were a lot of familiar faces on the street, and a lot of houses around the sunny pavilion. ......

'No, you don't have to show it to me.

If there were even a single photo, I would have asked to see it, but saying that I wanted to see something that wasn't there would only remind me of my loneliness.

'It's still lively enough around here, you know.

Every day, someone comes and goes, and they make a big deal out of it.
It's only here, you know.
This is the only dining hall where lords from other districts gather after bathing and make a lot of noise.

'Hmm... That's right.''

The warmth returned to Jeannette's smile.
You can't change the past, but you can freely change the future. Let them enjoy it to the fullest.

Besides, this place is going to get crowded soon anyway.
If Umaro and his friends build a house here, there will be many people who want to live here.
Then it'll be noisy all day, every day.

We have to keep the land prices up so that no strange people will settle here.
...... Oh, no.
In this town, the more money you have, the weirder you are.
If we get a bunch of guys like Lucia, Javier, and Merle, we're screwed.
Maybe we should have a referral system. It would be safer if only those who passed the screening of the Sunken Pavilion were allowed to live there.

'Jeannette. I'll buy up all the land around here in advance. I don't want any strange people to move in.
'Hmph. Wouldn't it be fun to have interesting people move in?
'What if it's a pervert like Donis or Lucia!
'Yashiro . Don't be rude to the lords of other districts.''
'Don't rant at the lords of your own ward either!

Estella jumps over the table and chokes me.
We don't want these dangerous people moving in, do we?
That's why we have to buy up all the land around here.

'And if you really want to live in this area, sell it to him at about four times the price. You can also include a fee for future inconvenience. ...... Hmmm, outrageous profit is a good word, isn't it?
You can't have such an idea and still claim that you don't have a black belly.

You idiot.
It's normal to sell valuable land at a high price.

'Why don't you build a mansion and become the owner? Then you can make a fortune in rental income.'

If you're the owner, you can reject people you don't like and kick them out later.

Above all, I have an acquaintance who can build me an apartment for free.
'Wait, wait, wait!This 'mansion' is a housing complex like a dormitory in a new town, right?It's hard to do that for free!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.
'Umaro. You might want to see Yashiro a little less often.'
'That's right!I'd rather be dyed Yashiro's colors than not be able to see Magda!
'Stop it, Umaro. ...... Regina is coming.

Careful what you say, idiot.
What if she moves in? Regina would have no qualms about holed up in someone else's house.
It'll be hard to get rid of her if she takes up residence in the sunny pavilion.

'If Regina-san becomes a neighbor, I'll be glad to see her more often now.
'Don't do it. Every time you hang up your underwear, a piece or two will go missing.'
'Isn't the danger the same now as it was then?
'...... The gynets have gotten so clever lately. ......'

I find myself drying out.
I can't believe I can't read what Jeannette's doing. ......

'...... When the manager hangs up the underwear, Magda takes Yashiro outside.'
'What?I'm not sure if I've ever done that before.
'...... I've also asked Norma and Delia to help.'

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this.
Because Norma shows me gears and stuff, and we talk endlessly about what we're going to use them for.

'You don't have to be so cautious about stealing.
'Yashiro-san can't do that because he has a ...... record.'

That's not true.
I just picked up the last one that was on the ground.
The peach farmer told me that I could take the fallen peaches.
Of course the pants farmer would say you can take the fallen pants.

'Bring in a chair bed and just look at them gracefully,' he said.
'I can't even look at it, God!

Beautiful scenery is something you want to keep in your mind.
Especially in this world where there are no pictures.

'Not only do you have a black belly, you have a peach-colored head.
'So your ass is blue?
'I'm sorry!
'I'll give it right back to you.

A new lord with a blue ass seems to be what the other districts think of you.
Let me see it. I'll make sure you're not really blue.

'...... Use is black-hearted. Really.'

Magda chuckles.
I don't think Use is black-hearted, I think he's just stupid. ......

'...... Use often wanders around the dismantling yard with his upper body naked. That's why he's burnt.

It must take a lot of strength to carry and dismantle such a heavy monster.
They must sweat so much that they want to take off their clothes.
It's not a very interesting scene, as I imagine it.

'......Yashiro would look tougher if he were a little bit burned.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
My abs were exposed, and at the same time, Ginette and Estella let out a short scream.

'What are you doing, Magda?
'No, no, no, you can't do that!

They turned their faces away, covering their eyes with their hands and looking at me through their fingers.
Oh, I see.
That's how they know you're glancing at them. ......
No, I don't mind if they see my abs.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
'...... Indeed. Estella's childhood friend.
'My childhood friends are Ginette and Masha, so I won't say anything like that.

No matter how hard you try to look away, Ricardo is your childhood friend, Estella.
Give it up.

'Oh, um, Yashiro, Yashiro-san, let's put those clothes back on, okay?

'Hmm?Oh, my bad.'

Unlike Estella, who immediately regained her composure when the topic of Ricardo came up, Ginette kept fidgeting.
It's a pox on the eyes.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'...... Ginette's s*x'.
'Huh?I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. ............ I'm sorry.

I'm sure you're aware that I was watching you.
Ginette sagged.
At the same time, Estella patted him on the head.

'Don't tease me. Magda, you should behave like a lady.
'...... Okay, I'll take care of it. I'll take care of it. Do as the Lord of the Glimpses says.'
'Alright, let's make her repent for her rebellious attitude!

And as Estella rolled up her sleeves, she heard the sound of a carriage outside.
Soon after, Loretta came back to the Sunken Pavilion.

'I'm back!I've delivered a letter to you!

Loretta went to deliver a letter to Lucia.
Apparently, she's received a reply - from her.

'You're in my way, anchovy.

Lucia rode into the Forty-second Ward.

'Lucia, welcome.
'Hmm. You're in my way, Ginette.'

Ginette offers Lucia a seat.

'Come in, Gilberta. I'll get you some tea now.'
'Thank you, my friend, Ginette.
'Magda, Loretta. I need your help. I'll put the table together.
'...... I'll take care of it.'
'I'll help you.

As we started to move the table, Estella pointed outside.

'Sorry. I'll go get Natalia. If Lucia is here, I need to fill out some paperwork on the construction.'
'Then I'll go, I'll go.'
'Gilberta needs to stay with Lucia. The forty-second district is a different district.
'Thank you, for your thoughtfulness, Lord of Smiles.
'If you're ......, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop calling me the Lord of Smiles.'

Estella lets out a dry laugh.
Estella is about to go out, but Loretta stops her.

'Wait, Estella. If it's Natalia, I'll go get her.
'No, but Loretta just came back, didn't she? Wasn't it a long way to the 35th district?
'I'm fine!I'm still in good health.

I want to be useful in some way.
That kind of feeling shows on her face.

'Then, can you help me?Thank you.
'No, no. I'll be going then.

Estella seems to have understood Loretta's feelings.
When you're in a hurry to do something, it's easier to keep moving.
I guess Loretta is feeling that way right now.

While Estella was talking with Loretta, Magda and Gilberta set up the table. I helped a little too.

'Oumalo. You sit down too. It's probably about the union.'
'Yes, sir. Then I'll come in.'
'Gilberta. Go and get Omar.'
'Yes, I will.'

Omar is a carpenter from the 35th district, but lately he has been staying in the 42nd district to work on the port.
He is renting a whole empty apartment in New Town to Kawaya Corporation.

'Are you going to New Town now?
'No,' I say, 'I'm not. 'Yes, I am, in the carriage outside.
'In the carriage outside?

Why is Omar, who is staying in the 42nd district, in the carriage that Lucia came in?

''He came to report the incident with the ruffians yesterday. Then I heard from Estella that Torbek was in trouble. That's why I came with Kawaya.

I heard that the thirty-fifth district was a flop in the thirty-fifth district .

'Why didn't you come in with me?
'I let him ride with me in my carriage and he got so nervous that his eyes rolled. I let him sleep in the carriage.'
'...... How small is your guts?

Come to think of it, the people of the 35th district were all afraid of Lucia, and were strict with the rules and slightly inflexible.
Some of them were frank with Lucia while they were in the garden, but once they stepped out of the garden, they were as stern as soldiers.

'They're really scared of you, aren't they?
'No. It's just mental stress from being nervous.
'You never know what they'll do to you if you're rude. ...... Oh, I'm scared.
'I don't need you to tell me what to do when all I do is be rude!There aren't many lords who are as forgiving as I am!

It's a secret of his that he's very distant from his people.
In that respect, he may be admiring Estella.

I'm sorry for the ...... disgrace.

Do you feel like throwing up?
You want to go to the bathroom?You like it, don't you, the bathroom?

'I'm late.

Before the wobbly Omar could take a seat, Natalia arrived at the sunlit pavilion.
She was being carried by Loretta.

'Um, I'd like you to get off soon!
'Oh no, Pi☆'
''You've learned that that irritating thing doesn't work, haven't you?Even Masha, the creator of this, said in a whisper, 'Oh, this is no good!

That's why she's using it, Natalia.
I thought we got here early, but what are you guys doing at ......?

'Natalia. From behind you're wearing a very obscene outfit that shows off your buttocks, you know.
'Then let's get off. It would be a shame to give it away for free.

She gets off quickly, brushes off the hem of her skirt, and immediately takes on the air of a waiter.
Why is it that our public and private lives are such polar opposites? ......

'Oh?Are you okay?

Natalia calls out to Omar as she spots him walking unsteadily in front of her.

'You're ...... Toilet Habakkari from District 35, right?
'Nice try, but no!

It means almost the same thing!
But that's not what a name means.

'Will you sit down for now, Mr. Kawaya?
'Oh, no!I'm afraid to use such an honorific title for the Lord of Smiles.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I'm not sure if I'm more nervous than I am about Lucia, this guy.

You can find a lot more information on the web at: ......
'Name the lord of smiles!It's precious!It's too precious to die!
'Yes, I'm sorry. Can you please shut up for a second?

I was wrong.
Omar's not nervous.
He was having an outbreak.

'Estella ......, don't make more patients.'
'It's not my fault, is it ......?'

'It must be Estella Syndrome, since the case looks just like Tracy's.'

'Anyway, can you go on as usual?
'Yes, my lord!My lord!

No, your lord is the scary-looking Lucia next to you, isn't it?

'Estella, don't steal from .......'
'I'm not stealing!

The exodus of my people will affect my income.

'Since it can't be helped, I'll trade you for Hammarotan--'
''Come on, let's get on with it!

Loretta interrupted Lucia's speech.
Hey, good job, eldest sister. You're a good sister who protects her brother.

Seeing Loretta's anger, Lucia smiles at her with a smile like, 'Well, well, ......'.
You're terminal.

Such a terminally ill patient tightens her expression.

'First, I want to thank you for letting me know.
'No, I decided it was necessary. I apologize for the brevity of the letter.'
'Don't worry about it. It's between you and me.'

The two exchange a lordship smile.

Behind it, a slightly softer expression hid itself.

'Just when I thought we were going to have to take action against the ragtag bunch, here it is: ...... You acted faster than I thought you would.'

The reason for Wishart's haste to act is somewhat obvious.

'The further the construction of the port goes, the more difficult it will be to get on board later. He probably wanted to stop the construction at an early stage.
'If you help remove obstacles in the form of counseling and assistance, you can connect with them in no small way. ......'

'You show me the blatant harassment, and I'll fix it myself. Then, he holds out his hand and threatens to do the same thing again if you don't take his hand.
That's what's called a 'bully fee.

'But don't you think it was hasty?If you act too blatantly, the blame will fall on you.
'Don't you think you can just ignore Estella no matter what she says to the 42nd district?
'Do you understand that my 35th district, the BU, and the three major guilds are colluding with each other?
'Because the damage is still only in the forty-two districts.

There is no lord who would risk the people of his district to jump into the middle of a dispute.
If there is one, if there is one, he's a disqualified lord.
Estella would probably jump into the middle of a dispute before being asked if Lucia or Demilly were being tormented by someone, but there are only a few such lords, or perhaps only one.

'Besides, there is no evidence of Wishart's involvement at the moment.

We're pretty sure he's black, but we don't have enough physical evidence to bring him down.
In addition, only the 42nd district is affected.
It's too weak to drag in the other wards.

'Then, they must be planning to get public opinion on their side to block the action of the Forty-two District Lords.
'Public opinion?How can anyone support a man who manipulates ruffians to cause trouble?
'But that's not the case.

He hands Lucia the latest information paper.
She skimmed it over and Lucia had a blue streak on her forehead.

Lucia silently passes the information paper to Omar.
Omar also skimmed over it and muttered, '...... awful'.

'...... union.'

Lucia growls lowly with her eyes downcast.

'I'm sorry to do this to you, but I think the union will probably pressure you not to cooperate with District 42. It's a pity, because we were expecting to learn a lot from Kawaya Corporation, but this time we'll try to handle it ourselves. I'm sorry to have wasted Lucia's concern.

Lucia had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that Torbek, Kawaya, and the carpenters of both construction companies could work well together.
It was all for nothing.

'Nah, it's more like just right.

Lucia smiles wickedly, and Estella lets out a slightly reluctant '...... yeah'.

In the event that you've got any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

Lucia said in a low, faintly smiling voice, and looked up with eyes like sharpened knives.

'Tell him, Omar.
'Yes, sir.'

Putting the information paper on the table, Omar says proudly.

''We're leaving the union too!

Estella and Umaro shouted in unison.

''Or rather, we've already left. I slapped the letter of insulation on them before they could even contact us.''

I'm afraid of those glowing eyes, Lucia.

It seems that Estella wasn't the only sweetheart lord.

'No,......, Lucia-san,...... what?
'Well, calm down, Estella.'

Lucia sat Estella down as she stood up involuntarily.
Umaro is stunned.

As for me, I thought that might be an option.

'Why ...... no, more importantly, are you okay?

Even though Kawaya Corporation does not have the same track record as Torbeck Corporation,......, Estella couldn't say, and slurred her words.
In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.Huh?
'Yes, sir. We're second to none in port repairs and ship carpentry, and we won't lose those jobs in the future. We can get along just fine without a union.

A withered old man smiles briskly.
The lines of his face are clearly visible, and his tanned face curls up.
His white teeth stand out.

'Well, to be honest, I can't do much with just that. ......'
'I'll make it up to you. I'll try to find you a job if I can.

The lord will bear the disadvantage of leaving the union.
Lucia said the same thing as in District 42.

'Normally, it's not a good thing for a lord to be beholden to any one guild.
'It's fine. There are some lords who hang out in a particular dining hall.
'......, is that me?'

That's right.
There's no other lord who's as patronizing as you.

'Hmm ...... haha. You're right, I should follow my predecessors' example.
'Please don't do that, Lucia-san.'

Estella complained to Lucia and glared at me.

'Oh, my God!

Umaro stood up with a clatter.
All eyes were on him, and with a slightly nervous look on his face, he made a proposal.

'If you don't mind, why don't we form a partnership with ...... Torbeck Engineering?
'A partnership with ......?

Umaro looked at Lucia and nodded.
He looks at the beautiful woman's face and talks to her. It's Umaro in serious mode .

'Can you tell me more about it?'
'Yes, sir!Well, I mean, it's not an absorption or merger, it's a contract that says we can work together.

Umaro continued to express his thoughts.

The forty-second and thirty-fifth wards are the most distant wards on the diagonal of Allbloom.
It's not so easy to come and go.
It's impossible to go to work there.

So we send a few carpenters from Torbek and Kawaya to each other's wards. They work together there.
They will pass on their skills, build a cooperative system, and coordinate their income.

To be honest, this is a complete relief to Kawaya Corporation.
There will be more work coming to Torbek Construction Company in the future.
Most recently, the neighboring lords wanted to build a public bathhouse.
I've told them to wait until the construction of the port is finished, but I don't know how long they'll be able to hold out.

We're short on manpower and foremen.
Only the foreman can't be filled by hams.

That's why we're sending in replacements. Different sites, different supervisors. I think it will be a good stimulus.

Some of the indigenous carpenters absorbed by the Torbek Corporation are not suitable for the kind of work that the Torbek Corporation mainly does.
These people may be able to exert themselves in the 35th district.

On the other hand, there are some jobs that Umaro is not good at.
Relocating the flowerbeds at Mael's house is not a job for Umaro.
But from now on, such jobs will come our way.
Now that we are out of the union, we have to take care of all the carpentry work that happens in the 42nd district.

'I think it would be good if we could become a community that can do everything by making the best use of each other's strengths and weaknesses.

It would be a great help to Umaro if Kawaya Corporation could take on the work that Torbek Corporation alone could not handle, and it would increase efficiency.

'In addition, it would be great if you could teach us port-related skills.

Finally, by showing your own merits, you pose as if it is a win-win situation.
Not as a relief from above, but as a mutual aid on an equal footing.

'I see. Kitsune no Muneyoshi is proposing to create a new union?
'No, it's not that big of a deal, but ...... well, it's close enough.'

You can call it the Carpenters' Union of the Forty-second and Thirty-fifth Wards, or whatever you want to call it.
If the Trubecks create a new community, there will be a lot of people who want to join it.

'Do we need to report the creation of a union?
'Like a new guild?

In this city, you need permission from the lord to form a guild.
And that permission has to be reported to the church.
To prevent similar guilds from spreading out and eating each other's food.
To prevent meaningless conflicts.
--If you want to make a big deal of it, you have to report to the Church.

If you want to operate on a large scale, you have to give the church some money.
Business is developed by making people compete with each other.
A monopoly will lead to corruption from the top.

'Unions are formed by a group of volunteers. You don't need permission from the church or the lord. As long as the guilds agree with each other, there is no problem. It's ......, isn't it?'
'Hmm. That's what I'm aware of as well.'

Estella was a little unsure, and asked Lucia to confirm.
By the way, when Millie created the Flower Arrangement Guild, there was no mention of the church.
It seems that Estella and Lucia were told about it at least.

'So, it's not much of a union,......, but what do you think?

Umaro asks in a reserved tone.
The reason for his reticence is that no matter how he tries to put it, this is a gift from Torbeck Engineering.
To the Kawaya Corporation, he says, 'It's going to be tough, isn't it?It is nothing more than a state of offering a hand to Kawaya Corporation, saying, 'We will help you.
There are many people who feel humiliated or insulted by this.
And there are many carpenters who work only with their own hands, who are of this type.

If Estella were to say to Donis, 'I'll help you because I'm more profitable than you are,' Donis would probably say, 'No thanks.
...... No, he might be attracted by Mahr and settle in District 42.
If you're in a situation where you're in a relationship of equal power as a lord, but you're a lord of the 24th district, which is considered higher than the 42nd district, you can't just say, "Well, I'll take your word for it.

Until now.
Until the day of the mochi pounding event in District 35, Kawaya's view of Torbek's construction company had been cold.
Although he had recently come to prominence, he was once just a carpenter in District 40.
In Kawaya's eyes, Torbek's construction company was a carpenter based in the three poorest districts, lower in rank than the 35th district where he was based.
He would have looked down on them and not even given them a second thought.

But now his position is completely reversed, and he is being offered a hand out of pity.
Whether or not you can take the hand ...... honestly, we can not read it.
It's a pain in the ass, but that's what being in charge is all about.

But the representative of Kawaya Corporation was different.

'Of course, I'd be delighted!I look forward to working with you, Mr. Torbek!

We can recognize what is good and call what is great.
And you can take advantage of that without hesitation.
The subordinates of such people are blessed.
They won't be disadvantaged because of their pride and can benefit from their boss's responsibility.

'Hahaha. That tickles. 'Oumalo is fine, Mr. Kawaya.
'Please don't do that. You can call me Omar.'
'Well, again, nice to meet you, Omar.'
'Oh. Nice to meet you, Oumalo.'

The men shake hands tightly.

'Good for you, Mr. Oumarro.'

Ginette, who had been watching, murmured in a quiet voice.
She looks like she's going to go make a celebratory meal right now.

'......?What is it?'

Perhaps because I was staring at her, Ginette said with an air of embarrassment and impatience.

'No, I was just thinking that you might be cooking something to celebrate...'
'That's right. Let's have a celebration. We're celebrating the formation of Umaro-san's union.
'No, wait, Mr. Manager!That's not the name of it!It's not a union to begin with!It's just a mutual aid relationship--'
'Then how about the Umaro-san Alliance?
'It's not about that, Loretta-san!I don't want such a big name, and I don't want you to use my name for something like that!
'...... Congratulations, the Great Umaro Society.
'Kuh-uh ......!It's hard to go against Magda's idea. ......!

Although, 'The Great Oumalo Society' is a tough one, isn't it?

'Why don't we just call it "Umaro and his merry band"?

Estella giggled and made fun of Umaro's misfortune.
The lord is bullying me. A bully.

'But Miss Estella. But Estella-san... That's no different from the current Torbeck Engineering store.'
'Wait, Loretta-chan!Who's the funny fellow?

It's you.
It's you, Goozja.
You're the only ones who are funny.

'Then let's do this. 'Oumalo and the funny Oumalo.'
'I'm all alone now, aren't I?
'No, there's more than one Oumalo.'
'I don't get it!

Oumalo howled, Estella and Ginette laughed, and I exchanged glances with Lucia.
'Are you satisfied? I asked her with my eyes, and she flashed her tongue at me.

d*mn, she's not pretty.

You were hoping that Umaro would give Kawaya Construction a sweet treatment.
I guess that's why you brought Omar.
Just as I thought.

But even though we can see this coming, we're still worried.
So it's a relief when it actually happens.

I thought that Lucia's annoyingly cheerful smile must be an expression of such a sense of security.

'By the way, big brother.

When we had finished talking, Loretta raised her eyebrows and pestered me.

'Why aren't you doing anything about the mean lords?

Mean lords are ......

'Do you have something against Estella?'
'I'm not Estella-san!It's not ...... you, Estella-san!I like Estella-san, you know!'
'Oh, yes. It's okay, relax.'
'I like you too, sister-in-law!
'Lucia, please hold off for a while!

Your brother's life depends on it.

''That's not it, I'm the lord of the thirty districts!
'What do you mean you're not going to do anything?
''Because they've been harassing us so much, haven't they?If we don't do something, the harassment won't end, right?''

For better or worse, Loretta is straightforward.

'I like that kind of straightforwardness in you, Loretta.

'--said Estella-sama, who has the straightest bosom of anyone.
'Shut up, Natalia. '

It's probably because you have nothing better to do.
Natalia started to get involved with Estella.
Maybe I should have called her just in time.

'But you know what, Loretta. There are some people you can't pick a fight with just because you don't like them.
'But they're the ones who are picking a fight with you, aren't they?
'You have no proof of that.
'A lot of people have seen the ragheads!
'Hmm~......, how should I explain it?'

Estella twisted her head in annoyance, 'Yashiro, do you have anything? Estella throws her head at me.
I'm not sure if there's anything to say. ......

'Well, let's see what you can do.

I get Natalia, who seems to be good at this sort of thing, involved and give Loretta a skit to help her understand.
I have a quick meeting with Natalia.
Gilberta is also listening to the conversation with interest.
Estella and Lucia are also listening with amusement.
Oh, and while you're at it, add Ginette and Magda to the mix.

And after the meeting, the skit with Loretta as the main character begins.

'Some years in the future. You're going to get a full license from Ginette and open your own restaurant.'
'What?I can have my own store?
'Yes. Loretta-san. It's a spin-off from the Sundari-tei.
'That's great!I'll do my best!
'...... I'm sorry, I'm ahead of Magda.'
'You're ahead of Magda?That's great!I'm suddenly very motivated!

And while Loretta was getting excited, Natalia came to the imaginary Loretta Pavilion.

'Oh, so this is the rumored 'Loretta Pavilion'. Well, let's go in right away. Gee~. Shh, shh, shh.
'Why does it sound like such an old Western-style building right after it opens?

Short comedy.
From the moment you enter to the moment you leave.

'What do you recommend here?
'I recommend the fried curry!
'Then, I'll have the plain pasta, please.
'What do you recommend?Also, you should put something on the pasta!
'Then, I'll have what you recommend.

Natalia sits down.
Loretta wasn't sure if she should actually serve it or not, but she said, 'Just pretend,' and pretended to serve the curry.

Then Natalia pretended to eat it.
--Then Natalia pretends to eat it.

'Oh, no, it's not good.
'What?No, it's not!I'm sure it's delicious!
'You can't eat it. I'm done.'
'No way!You have to eat everything!
'I'll leave you the money. Oh, no need for change. Goodbye.

With that, Natalia leaves the table.
Just as Natalia leaves, Magda and Gilberta arrive.
However, they stop before entering the Loretta Pavilion.

'...... doesn't look good'.
'I'm disappointed,' I said. I had high expectations.
'...... should be a different restaurant.'
'I agree, I'm with my eternal rival Magda.
'Wait a minute, sir!It's delicious!You're a licensed chef!

But the customers never returned.

'And what if they do this to you every day?
'You'd be angry!
'But, Loretta. Think about it calmly.'

Estella said in a calm voice, as if to calm Loretta down, who had tears in her eyes.

'Natalia has paid for the food she ordered. The 'bad' food is her personal opinion. Didn't you also say that the tea from Luxury was not good?

'So, that's ......'.

Luxury is a first-rate coffee shop in the 40th district that caters to the aristocracy, and although they now serve the cakes I taught them, they used to serve cakes that were as stale as brown sugar bread and tea that had nothing but astringency.
Not only me, but also Loretta, Magda, and even Jeannette denied the taste. Ginette didn't even take a second sip, did she?

'But, but!You're interfering with our business by telling our customers ...... that it doesn't taste good!
'You didn't say that directly, did you?You just happened to hear Natalia's personal opinion, didn't you?
'That's .......'
'Or can you provide evidence that Natalia maliciously disparaged your store?
'I've seen it with my own eyes!
'...... Magda saw with her own eyes that Loretta was saying bad things about Yashiro.'
I'm not sure what to say.When?You're lying, big brother!I've never said anything bad about my brother!
'...... Magda has certainly seen and heard. You may cast the Judgment of the Spirits.'
'Magda, ......'

'I'll tell you more,' panicked Loretta.

'What Magda just said is that her testimony is not admissible as evidence.'

If Loretta's 'I saw it with my own eyes' is evidence, then Magda's opinion is also evidence.

'But I never said anything bad about my brother. ......'
'Don't look at me like that, Pi.
'Oh, dear!It's kind of annoying, that pretense.
'That's it, that's it. You're calling me names.

I'm not referring to malice.
Anyone can say something bad about you just for fun.
The way Magda did it was to make it seem like she was 'bad-mouthing' you.

'And there was a guy who used such a method, wasn't there?
'Oh, ......, in the thirtieth ward?'

'That's Loretta, who's been tossed around even in the improvised skits now.
'There are a lot of witnesses over here! and rushed into the 30th district, only to be ignored.
Instead, she'd use that as leverage to fight back.

'I need solid proof. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.
'Ugh ......, it's a bit difficult for me.
'That's why I think I like Loretta's straightforwardness. I don't want to have such a twisted view of things either, really.
'But I can't protect my people if I don't. You may feel frustrated, but don't blame Estella, sister-in-law.
'I don't ...... mean to blame you. It's just that you've always been there to help those in need. He put an end to hard times. That's why he said ...... about Umaro and the others.''

I've seen Umaro suffer.
But ......

'Loretta, to continue where we left off. Let's say you have the evidence to prove that Natalia's actions were an obstruction of business. You make Natalia pay for her damages and she signs a contract not to come near the store again. The case is closed, and you are happy.

That's the end of the incident at Loretta's.

'You were so happy that you decided to go and report it to Ginette. I won," she said proudly. I won. ...... But there was no sunlit pavilion there.
'What, what, why?
'Because I'm Estella-sama's subordinate.'

Natalia stood in front of Loretta with an evil look on her face.
Behind her stands Estella, also with an evil face.

'I would not be happy if I did not retaliate against you for mocking me. But I can't go near the Loretta Pavilion. Then I'll change my target.
'Since Natalia is like family to me, I've revoked the business license of the Sunken Pavilion by the authority of the lord. I also canceled the resident registration. Because I'm the lord, I only needed a pen.
'You can't go to ...... like that!
'Oh, by the way. I'll join you.'

Lucia stood in front of Loretta with an even more vicious look on her face.

'Estella is in league with me. Estella's enemies are my enemies. I've told her that the Sunlit Pavilion is an undesirable restaurant that defies the Lords of the 42nd and 35th districts.
''How d you do that?If you do that, the manager will be ......'
'He won't be able to do business anywhere else because of you fighting off Natalia.

Tears welled up in Loretta's eyes, and Ginette hugged her head tightly.

'It's okay. It's just an act. Right?Loretta-san.

'...... flat. The sunken pavilion will not disappear.
'............Yes,right. ......Yes, I understand.'

The three of them huddled together in a tight mass.

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Yes,......, I was scared.'
'But you know, Loretta. That's what aristocracy is all about.'
'The bad thing is that they value face more than anything else. They are the kind of people who would do something like what you just did just because it made them angry.

It's very persuasive when a nobleman himself says so.

You can't do anything about it. ...... I know it's frustrating.

If I wanted to crush Wishart and be done with it, I would have done the same.
But if you can't cut off all the roots that lead to Wishart, retribution will surely come.
I don't know where that will lead.

'That man is particularly troublesome.

Lucia exhaled a long breath and said with a look of disgust on her face.

'There's a rumor that he's backed by a third-grade nobleman.

A nobleman even higher than the BU is backing Wishart?
Lucia gives him such unheard of information, and urges him to sit down, 'Well, sit down.

'It may be a little long. Ginepu, make sure you have a good supper.'
'Yes, sir. I'll leave it to you.

Lucia then gave me the information she had.