369-Additive-free Episode 24 KJI in NTA

'The first meeting of the ward's Sports Day Executive Committee is now in session.

Natalia, the chairwoman, announced to those gathered in the hall.
The venue is a multi-purpose hall near the Lumberjack Guild. ...... is a place where people gather when they want to do something.
I guess it would be cooler to call it the NTA.

'First of all, Ms. Estella, the chairperson of the organizing committee, will give us an opening speech.
'Well, well, we're all here, so let's not get too formal.

Estella stood up, looked around at the familiar faces, and said with a broken expression.
The people here are all familiar to me.
There's me and Estella, Umaro, Imelda and Norma for set up. Uclines for the costumes. Nepheli as the producer's representative. Paula, who is in the restaurant business, as the representative of the business owner. Usset and Assunto from the Grand Guild of the Forty-second District. And Bertina from the church. These members are sitting around a table in a small room.

This is the current group, but there will be replacements soon.
For the time being, I'm letting Nephrite and Paula, who started it all, bite the bullet so that they won't complain. 'It's always the same members! I guess.

Or rather, I selected these members because the main topic now would be about the setup.
As soon as Umaro and the others start preparing for the set-up, we will have different members to discuss about the competition.

Well, the community sports festival itself is not an event that can generate profit by itself, so we should focus on having fun.
As in the case of the "Banquet", we should involve various people, let them get involved, and make it happen together.
If you want to make it a regular event from next year onwards, make sure it runs without me.

It's too much trouble to be a member of the organizing committee every year, isn't it ......?
Ideally, I'd like to be on the committee only at the beginning and leave the rest to the others.

I hope that the field day will be held in a fun atmosphere and lead to the development of the 42nd district. I don't want the confrontation to become acrimonious or leave a bad taste in the mouth. So, uh, Yashiro. It might be dangerous, so you'd better cover your ears--I want to compete with you in a 'fair and square' and serious sport.
'Oooh, sezee-doo-doo, it's painful!
'You don't have to ride ......, Yashiro.'
'I don't have time for this either, so don't bother me with it, Yashiro.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
No, it's because Estella said some nonsense to me. I have to respond properly to her pretense.

After that, a few common phrases such as 'no accidents' and 'everyone work together' were said, and the opening speeches ended.
The opening remarks were concluded with a few common phrases such as 'don't be lax' and 'work together'. If the management is lax, it may lead to unpredictable accidents and scandals.

In the event that you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .......
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

There's no benefit in fighting with the hunting guild.

'So, you're saying that this ward sports event is a purely sporting event.
'No, Assunto. It's not that big of a deal. It's just an event where anyone can play, and I'd rather expect rare plays than good ones.

The purpose of the event is not to have specialists compete in skills like the Olympics or the World Cup, but to have fun with friends from the neighborhood.
The purpose of the event is not to have specialists compete in skills like the Olympics or the World Cup, but to have fun with friends in the neighborhood. That's about right.
Let's hope that Assunto will fall down and get a leg cramp.

Nevertheless, ......

'I'll show you the power of 'Central'!
'You're so naive, Paula!This time it's the East's turn to be in the spotlight!

...... I don't know why they're getting so heated, these guys.

I'm not sure what to do. I can't wait to see the paper pattern. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

Some of them are going at their own pace, regardless of the excitement around them.
Ukrines seems to want to make new clothes anyway. He doesn't care so much about what the field day will be like.
I might as well just give him the pattern and let him get on with it.

'Here, then. I'll give it to him first. I've written down the fabric specifications, measurements, and so on.
I'll take a look. Wow, I'm looking forward to it~'

When she received the material for the gymnastic uniform, Ukrines deployed an aura of 'please don't talk to me for a while' around her as if it were a barrier, and began to read it carefully.
Perhaps inspired by Ukrines, Umaro called out to Nephrite and the others, who were making a fuss.

'I want to hear about the setup. There's also the construction of the lovely Yann Avenue, so we need to make a schedule and get started. ......'
'We're not going to build anything that big this time.

It's just an entrance gate and a scoring panel at most.
Then we'll get some lime from Regina's place and draw a white line on the ground.
I've made a couple of tents for administration and a first aid room, just in case, but that's about it.

'The rest is mainly props, so let the hams and Torbek's underlings do that. Like Gooziya.
'Well, Yashiro-san, ...... Goozuya is about to be a mid-level player. ......'

What are you talking about?
You were just an apprentice when you ran away from the restaurant.

'We don't have a seniority system, but rather a merit system. If you work hard and polish your skills, you won't need much time to get ahead.

'So, in ten years' time, the board of directors will be dominated by hamsters.
'............ I'm giving strict instructions to the others to prevent that from happening. ...... I can see a future where that's likely to happen.

The young master carpenter, Umaro, has won the trust of the carpenters with his skill alone. Together with his personality, he is highly popular.

'You're a terminal patient of the "I'm a real angel" syndrome.
'I don't want you to swear without warning!Also, it's not a disease, it's a more pure feeling - yes, a pure heart!
'Anyway, you should focus on 'Aoiyan Avenue'. It's not that big of a deal here.
'............ It's kind of lonely, isn't it?

How much do you want to mingle?
I think we should give priority to 'Aoi-yan Avenue' no matter what we think. It's a big project to change a section of the city.
It's a huge project that can't be compared to a field day where the old men of the city run and fall.

'The name and the person in charge may make you think that it's okay to just go with it, but in terms of content, it's a very important job!
'No matter the name, ...... I don't take it lightly just because it's Ricardo-sama.

You're Ricardo!
Umaro, you're so serious~.

'Hey, Estella. Yashiro is saying that, but don't you want to set up a big venue like you did for the gluttony contest?
'No, we really can't afford that much.

Estella's face twisted at Paula's innocent question.
It's as if she just said, 'You should spend more money. You may not mean to do that, but...

'I want to make it an event that all the people in the territory can make together.

It's cheaper that way.
In the first place, a field day is a handmade event.
It would be nice to have the younger and younger children draw pictures.

At the elementary school I attended, students drew posters for the field day during arts and crafts class and posted them all over the town. The best ones were sent to the town office. The other works were posted on the walls and bulletin boards of local households.
Every year, when we were running a factory, we were asked to put up some posters.
I remember the master and the landlady were happy to do it. They loved children. So I put up my poster on ...... in the most prominent place. To be honest, I was embarrassed every time.
They'd take family photos in front of it, you know. Put me in the middle!

...... Yeah. Yeah. Let's not do the poster. Old wounds ache.

Hey. If we're going to make it with all the people, why don't we ask the town's children to draw posters for the field day?
'Oh, that's a good idea!You're the best, Nephrite!

Nephrite brought up such a suggestion at a time when it seemed as if he could read my mind, and Paula agreed as if she wanted to push me over the edge. Look, Bertina's starting to look happy.

d*mn it. Nephrite's spirit is from the 80s, so he's probably sensitive to those old customs. I'm sure Nephrite would know 'kenpa' even if I didn't teach him.

'Yashiro. Cantartica will help you too, so if the kids draw posters, put them up in the sunny pavilion too!
'Tell that to Ginette.

I'm sure she'll put up so many posters that the walls will be covered with them.

'But if the children don't know what a field day is, they'll have a hard time deciding what to draw.
'Don't worry about that. We are going to try out some of the games. We'll ask the kids to help us out.

'We don't know the details yet either,' Estella said, laughing and looking at me.
I'm not sure if this is the kind of thing the lord would want to throw around, but since I'm the one who brought it up, I'll make sure to explain it clearly.

I'm planning to hold a demonstration soon to let the people know what kind of competition we'll be having and what it's all about. I don't think it's possible to have an unknown competition on the spot.

'I'm excited!
'I'm excited!
'So, let's talk about the ...... setup .......'

Next to the squealing Paula and Nepheli, Umaro is getting nervous.
Imelda and Norma also seem more interested in the set-up than the competition.

'If there was a beauty contest, I'd be the winner!
'No, don't worry. There is no such thing.
'I'll beat you to death in the competition, Estella. With beauty!
'That's why I said no.'

...... Is Imelda also interested in competition? ...... No, what she's interested in is 'how to make herself look good'.

'Props are what you use for the competition, right?

Norma says.

I don't plan to build a large scale one that can be reinforced with hardware.
So why did I call Norma? ......

'Hey!Have you decided what to do for the field day?I can't wait to practice!
'Don't show up when you're not invited, Delia!
'What is it, Norma?You can't hide things from me!
'If you interfere when nothing's decided, nothing will be decided!I'll wait quietly until the competition is decided!
'But, Norma!I know how you feel, Delia!I can't wait to practice, too!
'Yes, Norma!As a representative of the poultry farm, I'm playing for this field day too!
Then let's get this over with and get out of the way!

......, and in this way, they are useful in restraining the people who interfere with the progress.
In addition to these people, hamsters and kids also come to peek.
The all-round Norma is indispensable for children, girls, and old men.

So, while the girls are arguing over there, I show Umaro my plan for setting up the venue.
It's just a simple plan I drew on the spur of the moment, but I don't think we'll have to make any major changes from here.

Umaro peers at the drawing. --Imelda's peeking in from behind, and Bertina's coming up to her. She's interested.
You can look all you want.

'Entrance and exit gates? ...... Wouldn't it be interesting to pay homage to the city gates of the forty-two districts?
'You can do whatever you want with that. Just don't get so hung up on it that you neglect your other work.
'All right!I'll work all night on it!
'I told you not to put so much into it!
'So, where are you going to build the stage for 'Imelda-sama on stage'?
'There is no such program!
'Um, Yashiro-san. The cafeteria is at .......'
'No!You'll have to eat your lunch with the kids from the church!''
' 'Eat the kids with your lunch'!
'Backwards!What, are you hungry, Bertina?

d*mn it ......, even if you narrow down the number of people, you're still going off the rails and can't get your story straight.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.
'Looks like it .......'

I'm sure you've heard of it.What is it like? They're just too interested and restless.
It might be better to show them the substance of the event, even if only vaguely, so that they can take it seriously.

'Then, let's have a pre-tournament right away. Estella, when do you think you can do it?'
'I'm not busy right now!Why don't we do it now?
'I'm free too!
'I'm free too!
'That's why you're so impatient!Let's find out what we're doing first!

I asked Estella for a possible date, but she gave me another one.
We'll have to do it soon, that's for sure.

Natalia quietly stepped forward in front of the noisy group.

'You're right, Norma, everyone. It would be wise to wait until you know the details of the competition before announcing your participation. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you get started.
'............ Yashiro, you'.
'......Yashiro, you are a ......'
'Oh my god, Yashiro is ...... so naughty.'
'Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't accuse me of something I have no right to do.

Delia, Paula, and Nephrite quieted down.
That's Natalia!You know how to block an opponent's movement!You should incorporate it into your self-defense routine.Shoot!

'Well then, Yashiro. I'll have Natalia gather everything you need for the competition.I'll have Natalia gather everything you need for the competition.'
'Oh. I'll leave what needs to be made to Norma. Can you take the hamster to Goozja's?There are some things that need sewing.
'I'll leave that to you.

Babysitting and sewing. Besides, Goozha and the other carpenters will be motivated by the presence of a beautiful woman with big tits.

'You guys can help me sew, too.


Delia, Paula, and Nephrite froze at Norma's request.
They're not all very good with their hands. ...... Nephrite is clumsy despite his appearance. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

'Oh, I've got to train for the field day!
'Oh, me too!
'Then, me too!
'Don't you guys want to have a ...... field day as soon as possible?Then let's help organize it.
'I'm willing to help if I can!
'Yes, anything I can do!
'The right people in the right places!
'............ I don't expect anything else from you guys. ......'

With a heavy sigh, Norma takes out her cigarette.
I'm not going to stop you because smoking is allowed here. There's probably some smoke in there that you want to get out. Let it out, let it out.

'What are we supposed to do?
'We're not expecting any rough stuff that would require the help of hunters, so we're going to need the help of the management.

As if he had nothing else to do, Use began to fidget.
In fact, the hunting guild would have no place to play. The Hunting Guild is a large guild with influence over the entire district, so they were brought in to avoid trouble.
They may be okay with it, but I don't want to see them get into any petty trouble.
Then there is the sponsorship.
I'm going to ask the peddlers' guild and the hunters' guild to help with the operating costs.

...... At any rate, I'd like to ask for enough meat to quench Bertina's stomach after her workout. Seriously. Seriously. No, seriously.

While I was doing this, I was running my pen over a piece of paper.

'Here you go. I've written down a rough idea.
'You're fast. Which is .......'

Estella looks over the list of competition ideas I've compiled.
As we talked about briefly at the Sunlit Pavilion, the list has simple rules next to the name of the competition.
Looking at it, the corners of Estella's mouth loosened, wondering what was so interesting.

'So many of them compete for speed under circumstances that put them at a disadvantage.
'At a disadvantage?
'You know, like when two people's legs are tied together and there are obstacles in the course.

Tripods and steeplechase. It is true that, compared to a normal running race, it is a competition that makes you do things that interfere with your running. I've never seen it from that point of view, but it might be true that they make you compete under disadvantageous circumstances.

'This cavalry battle is also a four-man team, even though it is easier to move if you fight alone. Tug-of-war is the most obvious of these. The scavenger hunt, on the other hand, I don't understand at all. What's this all about?

In the description of the scavenger hunt, I wrote, "Pick up the order book in the middle of the course, borrow the indicated item, and finish. I thought I had written it concisely and clearly, but Estella didn't seem to get it.

'Anyway, let's give it a try. How about ...... the day after tomorrow to give us some time to prepare?'

I don't intend to take that long to prepare for the field day.
I'm planning to hold it within ten days at the latest. ...... because the whole city is getting restless and fidgety. It's time to get this over with and get back to normal.
...... Are all the people in the territory in elementary school? They get excited just before an event.

'Okay!I'll see you tomorrow!
'Did you hear what I said, Delia?It's the day after tomorrow!
'If Norma hurries up the preparations, we can make it by tomorrow, right?
'Then you'll have to help!
'Okay!I'll help with the sunny side up, so Yashiro, help Norma!
'Oh my. You've got the right people in the right places.

Bertina is watching Delia's reckless behavior with a smile.
Don't you think you're being a little soft on Delia, Bertina?Is it because she takes good care of the kid?She doesn't pay much attention to her language or anything like that, does she, Delia?

When I asked her that question briefly--

You can't feel any malice in Delia's words. I think the most important thing about honorifics is that they show respect for the other person.'

--That's right.
Well, I don't get warned anymore either. The mind is important. Attitude and preparedness are useful because you can say anything you want for free.
And Barbara, who has been getting the most attention lately, is ...... well, I guess she doesn't have any respect for others. The only thing he's thinking about is how to push his opinion.
It will take time to educate him.

'By the way, Norma. How long do you think it would take the guys at the hardware guild to make a structure like this--a line drawing?'

I draw the structure of a lime white line on a piece of paper and show it to Norma.
Immediately, Norma's eyes sparkled.

'I could finish this all night if I really wanted to!
'Not you, if the others make it!
'I wouldn't leave it to the others!I'll take care of this ......!
'You're going to make props with me now!
'That's 'kozukuri' for short!
'Hey, someone!You're going to make props with me now!

What's up with his sense of eroticism?
It's like a superpower.

'If I do it, I can do it in the morning, but if I leave it to the ...... guys, it'll take until tomorrow night. I can do it in the morning if I do it myself!
'Then ask the men to do it.

The pre-tournament is nothing to draw lime over.
Just draw a line on the ground with a branch or a stone.

'Well, Assunto. Can you get me a long rope and a U-shaped iron stake?And a tape measure if you have one.'
'Yes, sir.
'I've got a good tape measure.
'Then lend it to me.
'Mr. Umaro. I don't want you to interfere with my business.
'No, Assunto. I'm trying to keep the budget as low as possible. Please help me.'

Behind the disgruntled Assunto, Estella pouts in frustration.
You're right, I don't use a tape measure that often. I'll call Umaro if I need to.

'Well then, let's get ready.

In the end, the meeting was dismissed without much discussion.
However, Estella, Natalia, Norma and the others would be going to the east side with me.

'We'll use a vacant lot on the east side as the venue. We can occupy it for a few days and leave our equipment there.

There is a vacant lot that is difficult to use because of its location, so we rented it as a stadium.
The alleyway is different, but the location is near the prison.
Because of the proximity of the prison and the lord's mansion, it is difficult to open it to the general public.
A prison like that, where there are no prisoners, would not cause any problems even if it were nearby.

After leaving the multipurpose hall, on the way to the church, I had a rough discussion with Umaro based on the drawings of the proposed setup, and verbally told him what I needed for the setup.
The rest is up to Umaro's taste to cook up whatever he wants.

'I want a spectator's seat.
'We don't know how many people will come, so a rug on the ground will be enough.

Although it is a free event, all the residents of the 42nd district are players.
Since players are spectators, there is no need for spectator seats. You can sit in your own camp and use it as a cheering section.

'But there are also sisters and elderly people...'
'What?'The sisters are old'?
'...... Umaro-san?
'No, no, no!The sisters are old!I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea.
...... What do you mean, "senior Zelmar"?

'Zelmar was a skilled craftsman once upon a time.
'Was he a carpenter?
'He used to make furniture. But he also participated in the construction of the lord's mansion, so I'm sure he can handle carpentry work as well.

He said respectfully.

'You're better than me, in terms of skill and fame.
'No, no, no!What are you talking about, Yashiro-san?Experience is an irreplaceable asset!The time you've spent as a craftsman will never be surpassed no matter what while Zelmar is alive, so that alone is worthy of respect.
'But he's going to die soon, that old man.
'Yashiro-san!You'll get angry!

I heard that they got along well as they met each other at the sunny pavilion, and that he was passing on his skills to them.
It must be painful to listen to an old man talk about the past.
I guess Umaro, no matter how much fame he gets, is always greedy for new technology.

'Well, let's set up some seats for the audience.
'Yes. Yashiro-san's going to do something like that, and it's not uncommon for a VIP to show up out of nowhere.

You don't need to treat people who come to your site without asking as VIPs.
...... Or perhaps don't say such a thing. There are a couple of people who are really going to come. It would be a flag.

Not long after that, we scattered to our respective posts.
Umaro went back to New Town to arrange for props such as entrance gates and to dispatch men to make props, while Imelda went back to the Woodcutter's Guild, District 42, to select wood.
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes. ...... though he was reluctant to make it himself. As soon as you are done with your business, you can come to the square and participate in making the props.
I thought about renting the workshop of Torbek's construction company, but I decided that it would be better to make the props at the site, since some of them are quite large, such as the baskets for the ball game.
Natalia, who has inherited the ancestral art of weather forecasting, said that it would not rain for a while.

Ukrines and Assunto left quickly, each with their own ideas of what they might need. If they're going to do it, they'll do it without me telling them. I'll just leave it to them.

And Use is a member of the steering committee. I'll have the young guys patrol the area around the venue tonight. You don't want them breaking any equipment, do you?' He said something like that and headed for the arrangement.
After all, he was happy to be included.

Delia, Paula and Nephrite are omitted from .......
They're overzealous.

Then we came back to the front of the church.
Before I leave Bertina, I have something to tell her.

'Bertina. Send some of the Hammers out on an errand. Any siblings who are free will meet us in the square. And some of you go to Millie and get some bamboo for the craft.'
Yes, sir. I'll tell them to do that.

Bertina has a more important role to play than organizing the field day.

'I need you to judge the new bread. As soon as possible.'
'Yes, sir!You're already making preparations as fast as you can.

Yesterday. I went to the church with Sophie and told Bertina that I would teach her the new baking technique.
But on a few conditions.

First, the new bread must not be exclusive to the nobility. If it was for the exclusive use of the aristocracy, I would not teach it to them, even if I was sentenced to death. I have no intention of working for the aristocrats for free.
Bertina agreed with me on that point and made it clear that she would not let me become a tool for their interests. I want to make sure that people of any status can eat properly.

Secondly, the use of wheat is not limited.
This is also a way to avoid the creation of special interests. Like sugar for the aristocracy, the price of bread will skyrocket if someone is reluctant to supply it and manipulate its distribution. To prevent this from happening, we included in the conditions the use of wheat from various districts.

Thirdly, I requested that the bread be ranked.
In other words, the breads would be divided into two ranks: the high-class, fashionable and luxurious breads for the aristocrats, and the cheap and low-grade breads for the poor.
If you sell super high quality bread in the periphery where there are many poor people, no one will be able to afford it. As a result, unsold bread would be wasted. In addition, the baker's profit will decrease.
To avoid such a situation, the breads should be ranked.
The outer districts will have lower-ranked bread, and the central districts will have higher-ranked bread.

In this way, the monopoly of bread by the nobles can be prevented.
At any rate, they avoid sugar beet derived from sugar beet, which is cheap and tastes first-rate, calling it "sugar for the poor".
They wouldn't think of monopolizing a low-ranked bread by taking it from the poor.

In other words, in exchange for teaching them the new baking technique, I gave them the condition that the bread be distributed equally.
So that the children of the Forty-Two Wards could have soft bread every day.

You can dismiss it as 'low grade,' 'B grade,' 'C grade,' 'not for my noble palate,' all you want. It won't change the taste.
In fact, if nominally lowering your rank keeps nobles from coming to you, all the better.

And last but not least.
I want you to keep the informant's personal information completely confidential.
Not to mention the fact that it's me, the fact that I'm related to the Sunlit Pavilion, and the fact that I'm from District 42.
The reason is simple. To avoid bringing trouble.
Innovative technology is a recipe for trouble.

Bertina was well aware of this, and from the beginning she had planned to keep the information about her informant secret. It seems that the Church has such a policy to begin with.

Well, the church would want to hide the fact that the aristocrats were gobbling up bread from the 42nd district with gratitude.
On the contrary, they may not even want the church to be used for publicity.

Either way, it's a good thing for me.

...... If my name becomes known, it will be a stumbling block for me when I eventually become the best con artist in town.

Therefore, the trial production of the bread will be carried out in secret at the church in the 42nd district.
It is said that Bertina will be the one to witness and judge the trial, and that I will never meet the baker or any of the church officials.
I guess this is to prevent me from making connections with them. The bakers who make the staple bread, and of course the church officials, are a very powerful organization here in Allbloom. There are probably 50,000 people who would want to abuse it.

I'm sure there are many people out there who would like to abuse the system. I've been told that Bertina passes on the recipe to church officials, who in turn pass it on to the bakers. ...... Wow, that's really unsettling.

I'll have to make a recipe that's easy to understand.
If you don't spread the word that bread is good, ............ I won't be able to make any money.

Hmmm ......
You think I'm going to give away my skills for free?
Of course you're going to make money.

The rights to the bread are transferred to the church, so you can't make money from it. Not only that, you don't get any royalties.

We'll just have to make money in a way that's only profitable because of the bread. You see?

If the bread I'm proposing can be certified and distributed to the world, ...... will make another profit.
Bertina said that it would take some time for the certification, but it would be granted in about ten days. (Provided that there are no problems with the bread I make, but she's not worried about that.

So, then.
I have to hold a field day within those ten days.
No matter what.

It will be a chance to raise the profile of the bread, and in turn, it will be a stepping stone to 'how to make money from bread'!

'I'll make some delicious bread, so please help me reach out to the church.
'Yes, please leave that to me.

Bertina seemed much happier at the thought of being able to eat the soft and delicious bread again.
I'm sure she'll do me a favor if I feed her good bread. ......
It's a small favor.

A small favor. "Sponsor the bakers guild for the field day." A small favor.