370-a shy sister who eats 25 episodes without additive...

'Sob, sob, sob ......'

Bertina is crying.

'It's so, so good~......, so good.'

--'It's so delicious.

Her cheeks are all puffed up.
You're a squirrel, aren't you?

So, the day after the first ward residents' field day executive committee meeting was held. I was baking bread at the 42nd Ward Bakery.
I didn't know there was a bakery in the 42nd ward. I mean, of course there is. ......

The real baker had to leave because he was doing a trial production.
Today, the bakery is off-limits for the whole day, and due to the confidentiality of the source of information, they haven't even been told that a prototype will be made here.
What a pity.
Well, the bakery is under the control of the church, so it may be inevitable.

According to what I heard, they used a 'subterfuge' meaning 'inspection of the stone oven as part of the church's audit'.
Of course, a person from the Spirit Church, where lying is forbidden, would never tell a lie, and the only thing he said was, 'Please take special measures.
It seems that the only thing that was said was, 'Please take special measures.

Fortunately, the baker seemed to know Bertina well and would not complain about her using the workshop as she wished.
He seems to be a very understanding person, and even when I smuggled bread and a bread oven, he didn't go into it too deeply and kept it private.
In other words, he pretended not to know anything about it.

This must have been the result of Bertina's virtue.

So, under Bertina's responsibility, I've been allowed to use the kiln and the workshop as I please. ......

'Yashiro-san. Please bake more of this crispy, sticky, fluffy bread!I want to inspect this one especially carefully!'

...... The sisters are the ones who are doing the most. I'm sure.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk. ......

Ginette was chewing the bread over and over again, savoring the taste and smell of the wheat. There were tears in the corners of her eyes.
...... What's the use of crying?

And you've got big cheeks, too. Just for bread?I'm jealous.

'I think we're about to run out of breadsticks.
'I'll help!It's not every day you get the chance to make bread, so help me while you can!
'...... Magda throws herself into both making and eating.'
'Yes, yes, yes!I'll help too!

The trial production of the new bread was supposed to be a secret.
The bakery where it was held was packed with familiar faces.

It's okay. As long as the information doesn't leak out of District 42.
In the first place, if they tried to hide it and were asked to rent the bakery for a day without giving a reason, the baker would just say, 'Oh. And if I disappeared for a day without telling them the reason, most of them would have figured out that I was doing something.
On top of that, if I come back and my whole body smells like bread, ......?

In other words, it's impossible to keep a secret.
What is important is that the information is not passed on to those who want to misuse what I have passed on.
You don't need to worry about leaking information privately.

'Mr. Yashiro. Are you okay with something like this?'
'Oh. When the dough comes together, put it in a bowl, cover it with a wet cloth, and let it ferment.'
'Yes, sir!
'Oh, wait a minute!When the dough comes together, put it in a bowl and cover it with a wet cloth. ......'

Estella is wisely writing down the steps.
Because Bertina is concentrating all her attention on the food, all the paperwork is being thrown to the lord.
Well, Estella is probably better at this kind of work.

'Hey, Natalia. Go get Becko. It'll be easier to understand with illustrations.'
'All right, sir. I'll get him right away at ...... after I've eaten my fill of bread.'
'Can you please go now!

Natalia, holding a separate loaf of bread in each hand like a greedy child, was being forced to leave by Estella.
Until this time last year, I thought you were a reliable head waiter. ...... Now you're all over the place, aren't you?

'...... Yashiro. I want you to check the contents.
I'm sure it'll be fine.It's probably very good!
'Hey, hey!Bring it over here.

I want to be particular about the taste of what I put inside the bread.
The degree of perfection depends on the quality of the stuffing.

Anyway, ...... is really hectic.
I've been preparing since last night, and today I've been in the bakery since early morning, standing and moving all the time.
I wrapped a towel around my head and covered my hair to keep the sweat from falling.
It's physical labor, now.

However, this is a major project to save the Church from declining revenues. It's so important that the whole forty-two wards are working on it.
So much so that I'm going to take a day off from work and devote all my energy to it.

'Magda!I'm here for lunch!
'...... Okonomiyaki is recommended. ...... Ah, welcome.'
'Haaan!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

...... and,well... I'm sorry. We're in the middle of a big project right now, though we're still communicating as usual at the bakery.

That's why we'll be working on the prototype of the bread today, so you thought we'd be closed ......?Too bad, it was a sales trip!...... My manager never takes a day off, does he? I'm sure it's going to be a few more decades before we get a break.

Now, when I go to the Sunlit Pavilion, there's a sign on the door that reads.

"Today, due to the trial production of new bread, we will be selling it at the bakery.

...... What does "secret" mean?

And so, today, YODAMARI-TEI is cooking and selling at the second store, the seventh store.
The bakery also has a bakery store, so the stall is set up in front of the bakery.
The bakery is located just behind the bakery store, and the aroma of baked bread reaches the customers' noses when they enter the store.
However, this is just an inspection of the church. The bread made here today cannot be sold. We can only sell our usual stall menu.
Let them smell the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread, let them see it, and leave it at that.

'That bread looks really good, doesn't it?
'Well, I'm sorry, Umaro. I can't let anyone but those involved eat it.
'Do something about it!I'm already a member of the Sunlit Pavilion!
'Even if you say so, ...... Oh, by the way, I wanted to put a roof on the patio~'
'I'll do it!I'll do it! You can say whatever you want!

What a surprise.
The construction of the roof I wanted has been promised to me.
Lucky, lucky, lucky.

I got the materials with my lord's money and baked the bread using fuel from someone else's store, and the courtyard of the sunny pavilion got a roof.
Daily deeds are important, aren't they? Yeah. I guess this is my reward for always working so hard. Yeah.

'Then, I'll give you this 'Anpan' as a special treat.
'Are you sure?
'Yeah. Not the okonomiyaki that Magda recommended, but the 'unpan' that Magda never recommended.'
'Wait!What's that expression?
'Magda~, give 'Umaro, who completely ignores Magda's recommendation, one 'unpan' that Magda hasn't recommended.
'...... Okay. To 'Umaro, who doesn't even listen to Magda,' I'll give you an 'unpan,' which is not Magda's signature dish and which Magda had nothing to do with.
'I want okonomiyaki too!I'll have the okonomiyaki and the anpan!
'......'Oh dear, Umaro is so greedy.'
'......'Magda, a little devil who is in perfect harmony with Yashiro-san, ......'But she's still an angel!

He's already done everything for you if you ask him.
Okonomiyaki and Anpan are ...... high in carbohydrates.

So I'm going to make Umaro eat some freshly baked unpan.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
...... As a result, shokuban and round bread were relegated to the corner. ......The children's tongues.

What's that?What's this?I've never had bread like this before!

Biting into anpan filled with bean jam, Umaro expresses his astonishment with all his might.
This bread is a food of another dimension, incomparable to the conventional black bread (which seems to have been made hard in order to increase its attack power).
It must be delicious.

'Mm-hmm. If you're surprised by Anpan, you'll faint if you eat this melonpan, Mr. Umaro.

Bertina took her place in the corner of the workshop and continued to devour the melonpan.
She seems to like it so much that she eats only melonpan.
Normally, she eats all the melon pans, saying they are all delicious. ...... It's amazing, melonpan. You've grabbed the food emperor's stomach.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with us.
It was the rabbit-eared Rebeka, who was happily wandering around the workshop, peering into the work of Jeannette and the others, and even helping out a little.

'My knight. What do you think of my malted rice ......, or yeast?Anyway, how is it coming along?

Rebekah is all smiles.
Sophie is standing right next to her, as if following her.
She must have been gobbling up the cream as well, because there is a thick layer of it around her mouth.

'It's great. It's not often you find yeast of such high quality. Thanks to it, the bread is soft and fluffy.
'Mmm-hmm!I see!So the fruit yeast I've concocted is that good!Mmm-hmm-hmm!

When Sophie came to District 42, I told her that I wanted her to make the yeast for me.
I gave her a simple recipe with instructions on how to make it, and asked her to hurry up as much as possible.

This morning, she said, 'I've already made it! This morning, Rebekah came to the Sunken Pavilion.
It seems that she had come to District 42 in a hurry after finishing her early morning work, and had arrived there in the morning.
Apparently, he wanted to see the reaction of the people who said, 'I had already made it before you told me, that's great! He wanted to see the reaction of the people who had already made it before he was told, so he came in a hurry anyway. He came here in a hurry so that people would not think, 'You actually made it in a hurry after I told you, didn't you? I'm sure you'll agree. ...... I don't think so. I don't think so. If it's a real yeast, it takes time to complete.

'Ever since my knight brought in soybean paste, I've been trying to come up with something new. My foresight in turning to fruits is worthy of ......'s praise!

I wondered what would happen if I tried to use fruits to make koji, which is made from wheat or rice.
From that idea, I went through a trial and error process and came up with a satisfying result: 'This is good! The result that satisfied him was surprising yeast.
...... You're a genius, Rebecca. It's not something you can just come up with, yeast.

'But I was surprised when I saw the recipe. It was the exact recipe I'd devised. You didn't take it from ......, did you, my knight?

......, and the appeal of 'I thought of it first! It's your invention. I'm not trying to get royalties for the yeast.

'Oh ...... my sister is a genius!She's so cute!

The idiot sister is writhing in agony behind Rebeka.
Maybe it's impossible for her to become the sister that her sister respects.

But you've found a really good use for the fruit yeast,...... ah, yeast,...... yeast. Thank you for that.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment. Only ...... seems to be unfamiliar with it.

'In that case, you should thank Sophie. Because Sophie came to the sunny pavilion at that time, I was inspired to teach the church how to make bread.
'Sis, you're great!You're the best!
'Phew!I ...... have no regrets if I ...... die now!

Sophie coughed up blood.
She looks so happy that I feel it's okay to let her die.
She's starting to look a bit like Mikel, in her style.

You can't leave the store stained with blood, so I told Sophie to clean it up quickly, and while I was looking at Ginette and the others happily peeking into the oven filled with bread, Norma came running in, waving her hands and shaking her big breasts.

'Norma. They're looking at your breasts.
'Ba-ba, Estella!Don't tell anyone!
No, they know. It's too late now.'

Norma is breathing hard and her breasts are bouncing.

'Even if it's ......, there's a limit.

I leaned forward to stare at her cleavage, and she picked me up by the scruff of the neck and pulled me up her spine. I'm sure you'll agree.
...... Norma is strong, too.

And when I looked up and took a closer look, I saw that Norma had a metal box with wheels and a handle hanging from her arm.

'Yashiro. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: ....... It smells so good!I'm not sure if I've ever seen bread smell so good.

Norma threw away her line and was sucked into the bread oven.
Don't touch it. You'll get burned badly.
And did you help him after all, the line puller?
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... Wow, the dimensions are perfect, the spacing is perfect, and the artist's attention to detail is evident everywhere. ............ Norma, you're working too hard.
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

'Here, here, here, here!Can't you just share one of these with me?I don't care if you don't pay for the line!
'No, you can't just decide on your own. ...... You can eat it, relax.'

Norma looks at me with the sparkling eyes of a girl.
The smell of bread is amazing. It makes everyone's heart pure.

It's good to think about it. ...... Or maybe your appetite is making you look like a fool. ............ Yeah.

But you've got a huge appetite.
If this is the case with Norma, Delia will probably be a big hit.

The popularity of bread could be tremendous. ............ Hmm. If so, I'll make a trap first. It's a great way to get more than just a great catch.

I breathed in and out by the bread oven, checking my shaking rabbit ears with my side eyes.

'After all, if the yeast is of good quality, the aroma will be different, won't it?
'Yes, yes, yes!Quality is important, isn't it?That's my knight!You have a good sense of things!
'I'd be grateful if you could share some more with me in four days' time.
'Bring it to me!I'll leave it to you!This is the preparation for a great invention that will change the world, right?I'll leave it to you!

Okay, okay.
Now we have fine yeast.
I'll have to negotiate with the sunny side up to get them to sell it separately.

'Okay, it's done!

Putting down her pen, Estella stretches her back.

'I'll add Becco's illustration later, but for now, the recipe is finished.
'Good work.

In addition to the recipe I wrote, I prepared a recipe based on information Estella had seen and heard.
With the recipe I wrote subjectively, there are no pitfalls like, 'Oh, you stumbled at that point! I can't say that there are no pitfalls.
Because those who know can't notice places that those who don't know can't see.
And since I can't tell the baker directly from the viewpoint of confidentiality, I have to make sure that the information is conveyed properly.

It would be a disaster if the recipe did not turn out well.

'So, Bertina. Later on, I want you to let me see if you can make bread without my intervention. The bread will be made by the three members of the Sunlit Pavilion.''
'That's right. I think it's very important to find out if this taste can be conveyed properly. Let's verify it.

Bertina was excited because "verification means we can eat again".
The trial production of new breads is something that the church really wants, so she is quite flexible. Perhaps it's partly due to Bertina's virtue, but it's easier for her to comply with our requests.

From the Church's point of view, however, it may be that they want us to give them all the information so that they can do whatever they want.
And once the recipe has been passed down, there will be pressure to 'never touch it again'.
This is special. A special case.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ......'

Ginette, who has flour on the top of her nose and cheeks, looks uneasy as she listens to us.
Is that flour on purpose?It's so cute.

'Maybe we shouldn't have learned how to make it?We wanted to see if it could be understood by people who don't know how to make it, right?

Ginette, her nose and right cheek dyed white, looks like she's about to cry, as if she thinks she's done something wrong.
What, what?Do you want to stir up my protective desire?

'It's okay. He's like a handicap.
'A handicap, sir?
'Yeah. It's a professional baker who makes bread from this recipe. They have accumulated knowledge and experience. Even if it's a little difficult to understand, they can derive the correct answer from their experience.'
'Certainly. A professional baker might be able to do that.
'Ginette, you're a professional cook, but you've never made bread before, right?That's why you've had a whole day to learn.

Making bread is surprisingly difficult.
If you have a home bakery, you may be able to bake bread easily and quickly, but here, bread is made by hand, naturally fermented, and in a stone oven. The level of difficulty is quite high.
That's why it took me a whole day to teach Ginette the technique.

Perhaps Ginette will be able to learn the essentials and make above average bread in a day.
Magda and Loretta will support her.
With the three of them together, I'm sure they can bake good bread without my help.

I'm sure they can. ......
So Ginette's concern that it won't be a 'verification of the message to strangers' is ...... unfortunately true.
But that's okay!

I have prepared two recipes, Estella's and mine, to ensure that the message is understood.
And if the baker gets really stuck, he can ask Bertina. Even if you can't teach her directly, if you know the question, she can give you a pinpoint answer.
So there is no need for verification!

So why bake the bread a few days later?
It's ......

It's because we're going to use a lot of bread for the ward's field day!

For the bread eating contest!

Girls in gymnastic uniforms jumped up and down in a horizontal line to catch a glimpse of the dangling bread!
And you won't be offended if you stare at them!
They even think, 'You're so kind to cheer us on so enthusiastically! They even think I'm being kind!

It's a bread eating contest!

In this world where there are no preservatives or anything, bread doesn't last long.
It may sound healthy and additive-free, but it has a rural and inflexible aspect.

So, I bake bread the day before the ward field day!
Bake as much as you can!

In addition, the bakers' guild, at the urging of Bertina, became a sponsor of the ward field day.
In other words, you can take all the bread you want!
The sponsor's products should be used during the high-profile celebration!

This is not a profit-making event.
It's a high-minded event that aims to unite and inspire the people of the district, and further develop them.
It is such a healthy event that the church fully supports it!
It's like a movie recommended by the Ministry of Education. It's like a movie recommended by the Ministry of Education.

We can tell the church that it's a good advertisement for the new bread and that it will sell like hotcakes when it goes on sale.
We have no intention of threatening the Church's bread rights.
Rather, we are dedicated collaborators who will provide new technology for free and do our best to pass it on.
What's more, we are asking to use the bread for a refreshingly wholesome sports festival full of fresh sweat and unstoppable excitement. I see no reason to object!...... Mhmm.

So, it is as if we have been assured that bread will be provided for the ward's field day.
I've told Bertina about it in a very pleasant way, so I'm sure she'll do well.
Or rather, if you say, 'If you succeed, you can eat all the bread you want during the field day,' I'm sure she'll do whatever it takes to get your permission.

'Oh, by the way, Yashiro.

After finishing the recipe and taking a break, Estella comes over to me, biting into a freshly baked chocolate coronet.
You look so happy, man. Is it that good?

'Wasn't there a 'bread eating contest' on the list?
'Yes. Thanks to the full cooperation of the baker's guild, we'll be able to hold it.
'This could be a highlight of the competition. I'm sure there's no other competition as extravagant as this.''

Well, bread is an expensive thing, so if you try to buy it at actual cost, you'll have to pay a certain amount of money, but ...... is that extravagant enough?It's not like they used to have it at the sunny pavilion, right?

That's the description I wrote on the competition proposal list.
I can say that it's a concise and exquisite description, with the most important part ...... muddled, especially the part that Estella might object to.

'In terms of quantity and speed of eating, the sisters are probably the strongest, aren't they?

Oh, you mean that!
She's got it all wrong.

'It's not gluttony or fast eating.
'Oh, no?

He must have thought that I would prepare a lot of bread and eat a lot of it, like in a gluttony contest.
Is that why the word 'extravagant' came up?
No more gluttony. If it doesn't lead to profit, it will only increase your expenses.

'I thought it was a measure to prevent the beastmen from becoming a monopoly because there's too much difference in athletic ability.
'Well, in a way, it is.

If it was a normal race, Magda, Delia, Loretta and the others would win overwhelmingly, and the end would be obvious.
But if it's a steeplechase or a bread-eating contest, that's not always the case.

...... You're right. I'll give you a little demonstration to make sure you get the bread-eating contest into your program.

''Hey, sister~!

'' ''Yes!''' I call out to my sisters who are selling the second and seventh stores in front of the bakery.
...... should be a little smaller.

''Can you go get your younger sisters?About three of them.'
'All right!I'll be right there!

One of the younger sisters ran off, moving away at an alarming rate.
...... Yeah. You can't compete in a normal race, you know.

'What are you doing?
'A demonstration. You can't take bread out of a pre-race competition.

'I wanted to eat the bread too!d*mn it, I'll definitely participate in the competition! I'm sure you'll feel the same way.
...... Oops, no, no, no. I couldn't help but think of Delia. I was thinking of Delia because she sounds like she'd say it and because I want her to be in the show.

'Are you going to eat the bread?

Bertina is drawn to join in the conversation with Estella.
'...... you, you haven't eaten enough yet.

'Yashiro-san. I ...... think that bread and melon bread are two different things.'
'They're definitely in the same place.'

In other words, you've been eating melonpan all the time, but you're starting to feel like eating other kinds of bread.
You can eat as much as you want now. ........................ No, wait.

I'm not interested in the bread eating contest. Wouldn't you be interested in a 'bread eating contest'?'

'There is!It's interesting!
'I'm going to ask my sisters to demonstrate this, and I was wondering if you could help me a little bit to teach them how to do it?'
'Yes, sir. If there's anything I can do.

All right!I caught it!
That's Pan and the kids. Bertina is being very helpful.

'Well, it's not difficult. 'Well, it's not difficult, just show them how to do it,' she said.
'But I don't have any experience.Do you think you can do it well?
'You don't have to do it well. Just make it look like you're having fun, and your sisters will be happy.
'If that's the case, I think I can manage it.

Bertina smiled serenely as she imagined the fun she would have with her children.
I'll be the one having the most fun, though!
.................. No, wait. If I get off on the wrong foot here, I risk being taken off the program. Yes, that's right, right next to me, Estella, the "Miss Shaky"!

I've been trying to get my younger sister to do it so she doesn't notice ....... ............ Bertina's "shaking" is very ~~~~~ interesting to watch. I'd love to, but ...... this is just a temporary reprieve.
Swallow ...... tears for the paradise that is coming soon!

It's a demonstration, so dress as you are,............ (although I'd really like you to change into a thin T-shirt! It's a demonstration, so you can dress as you are ...... (although I'd really prefer you to change into a thin t-shirt!) ...... or just do it lightly .......'
I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I can.

Shut up, Estella!
It's because you're standing there keeping an eye on me!

'Sister. If you're going to exercise, you might want to tie your hair up.

Wiping her powdery hands, Ginette approached behind Bertina.
She gently binds her beautiful silver hair, which reflects the glittering light, and ties it with a string.
She is a dexterous woman, and in no time at all she has created a beautiful ponytail.

I want you to wear a ...... gym uniform. ...... It would definitely look good on you. ............!

I'm not going to do anything too strenuous ................ ...!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

Oh no. ......
We can't go any further. Estella will know we're here.

Just now!
Just hold out for now, me!

'Do you want to join us, Jeannette?
'No. I have to prepare the bread.'

I'm more interested in cooking than exercising.
It's just like Ginette.

'Well, Umaro. I need you to do a little bit of preparation.
'You should at least tell me what to make!You can't just throw everything at me, you know!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
...... How much do you like carbohydrates?
.................. Oh, did I make you eat it?

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.
I drew a straight line on the road, made three short lanes of about 20 meters, and set up a wooden frame about 2.5 meters high in the middle of the lanes. A string was hung from the top of the wooden frame and bread was hung from it.
This is the course of the familiar bread-eating contest.

'Oniichan!I've been summoned!
'I've been summoned!
'Great battle!
'I feel like I can't go against the top of my brother-sister caste!

Is there a caste system in your house?

The younger sisters came to me and their big eyes sparkled when they saw the bread-eating contest course that was set up.

'Well then, Bertina. Show them how it's done.'
'Before you do that, Yashiro-san, show them how it's done at .......'
'Don't worry. It's easy.'

I tell the anxious Bertina the rules, which are very simple.
You run, pick up the hanging bread without using your hands, and finish. That's it.

I'm relieved that it seems so easy.

With a relieved look on her face, Bertina stood at the starting point.

'Sister, please do your best!

Ginette cheered from behind the counter.
Ginette's cooking won out over her exercise, but it seems that Bertina won out over her cooking.
I'm sure she'll come out of it sooner or later.

'Yashiro-san!I'm ready!

Standing at the starting point, Bertina raises her hand and waves it high.
Me?I'll be at the finish line, of course.

Even if it's hidden by clothing, if I can observe even the slightest tremor, I won't waste that moment!

'Well, just be careful not to get hurt~!
'Yes, sir!Thank you very much!

We exchange a few words at a distance of about 20 meters, and I raise my hand.

'Get into position, and let's start ............!

As soon as I wave my hand down, Bertina starts running.
There's no such thing as a ............ run .......
In terms of speed, it's about the same as when you're cooking in the kitchen and the phone rings and you wipe your hands and run to the phone, saying, 'Yes, yes, I'll get it.

She bends her elbows lightly, shakes her fists lightly to the side of her chest, and runs like a bouncing ball.
That's what they call running like a girl.

'The sisters would eat it all up in no time and finish the race.

Estella is standing next to me, watching Bertina's heroics. Next to me, Estella watches over Bertina's bravery.
She doesn't seem to notice the swaying of her breasts thanks to her sisters' clothes.

'You don't have to eat it all. Just suck on it and finish.'
'...... You're not very polite.'
'It's more polite to eat slowly after you've finished. Besides, you can taste it properly.'
'Well, it would be better if you ate it in a hurry and choked on it.

It's not that it's a good idea, it's just that it's a competition.

And while she was saying that, Bertina finally reached the bread.
She stretches to suck on the bread, which is hanging at the level of her whiskers.
But she can't reach it.
He has no choice but to jump, but ...... is just out of reach.


Bertina jumps with more force than before.
But it's too late!The bread hits her cheek and escapes from her mouth with a 'pop'.

'Ugh ...... Eee!Aaah!

Bertina bounces up and down, choosing to do it more often than once with accuracy.
But the bread bounces around as if to escape, and Bertina's mouth repeatedly strikes out.
She is about to make a move several times, but she holds back to comply with the rules. Her arm moves several times, stays in place, and moves up and down slightly in a way that clearly conveys her emotions. Every time she does, Bertina lets out a frustrated 'hmmm! ' Bertina lets out a choked up 'mmm!


Estella says quietly next to me.

'What is that? It's so cute.

Apparently, it's the kind of cuteness that sticks in a girl's mind.

'Sister!Please do your best!

As I thought, Jeannette came out of the store and shouted next to me. She cheered for her mother.
Before I knew it, everyone had gathered at the finish line and was looking at Bertina.

Bertina, ping!
Pan, pop. Pura~n. Pong.
Bertina's arm, snap, snap!Ack!
Bertina, 'mmm~!
Bertina's arm, flailing!

What is this soothing effect?
There must be a lot of negative ions coming out of her.
Everyone's face is going 'wow', so I'm pretty sure it's her.

After many attempts, she gradually got a feel for it, and the number of close calls increased little by little, and finally Bertina's mouth caught the bread.
At that moment, Bertina ran through the distance to the goal at a much faster pace than in the first half.

'...... is the ...... that was embarrassed. ......'

She grabbed the bread in her mouth and crouched down, hiding her face.
Bertina's long ears are stained red.
This is also a very unusual sight.
How could Bertina want to hide her face even if she had to put off eating?

'Thank you for your hard work, Sister.
'You fought very well, Sister.
'Yes, sir!You were so cute!
'...... That's so moe.'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. Her cheeks are puffed up. I haven't eaten any bread.

'...... This competition is not recommended.

Bertina's sulking.
This is not good.
The use of bread requires the cooperation of the church, not to mention the bakers' guild.
Let's keep Bertina positive.

'Alright, sisters. You know how to do it, right?

'Then get ready. Norma, Estella, Sophie. I want you to hang the bread on your sisters according to their height.'
'Okay. You're in good hands.'
'Okay, everyone. Come here for a minute.''

Norma and Estella took me and my sisters to stand under the wooden frame.
They should be about the height of a whirlwind.

''What's up with ......, Sophie?

'Haha ...... haha ............ Bertina-san ...... ka, ka! ............ Gofoo!

............ you're in trouble too. There are so many points of bloodshed.

Norma and Estella efficiently determine the height of the pan, and the sisters stand at the starting line.
Their eyes grow brighter every second as they gaze happily at the dangling bread.
Bertina, who had been indifferent, looks at her sisters and shows some concern.
She looked at them like a mother watching over her own child's success.

''Well then, get into position, alright~ ............ start!

My sisters started running at once.
And when they reached Pan, they all jumped up and down together.
Pan running away!
My sister chases after it!
They open their mouths wide and jump, but Pan runs away and strikes out with an empty 'Amu! I'm sorry.

''''' and ...... are cute!

The audience shouted at the same time.
Even though the situation is frustrating, the sisters seem to be having fun, laughing and biting the bread.
One of the sisters catches the bread and breaks away from the crowded race.
Without using her hands, she held the bread in her mouth and ran to the finish line in first place!


Such were the words of the first prize winner.
The second sister finished next, and only one person remained.
It was hard to take a bite of the bread, and it was frustrating to watch.

'Gah, please do your best!
'Yes, yes!There's no need to rush, just go at your own pace!

Ginette and Estella couldn't resist cheering.
As if on cue, the people present began to cheer in unison.
They gave warm words of encouragement to the remaining sisters, saying, "Hang in there, stay calm, and don't worry.

And then--

''Ah~............ mmm!
'''I got it!

The last sister takes a bite of the bread and starts running towards the goal.
The cheering reached its climax, and there was a round of applause as my sister crossed the finish line.

'''Let's eat!

When the three of us were all together, my sisters bit into the Anpan together.


They happily chewed on the bread with smiles on their faces.
It's not a scene of praise for a good fight, it's a scene of friendship, and it loosens the cheeks of those watching.


In the midst of all this, Bertina, who earlier had expressed her disapproval of the bread-eating contest, ......

'Let's do this competition!

She became very positive.
Yes, yes.
It's fun to watch, isn't it?

So, in order to make it possible for as many people as possible to participate in this competition, ...... oops, no, no, no, no, ...... I need to make the bread again the day before the field day, in order to verify whether the recipe is accurately transmitted to the people of the bakers' guild. I'll have to try making the bread again the day before the sports day to verify that the recipe is accurately transmitted to the bakers guild people.
'Ah, ...... I see. I see what you mean. That's what you are. ......'

Estella, who finally understood the meaning behind the bread trial, ruffled her hair and made a dumbfounded face.
However, her dumbfounded expression was somehow satisfied--

'I understand. Let's be sure and verify it over and over again. It's a direct message from the Spirit Church, after all. I'll spare no effort in spreading this wonderful bread to the world.''
'As expected of a lord. You talk fast. So, the harder we work, the more bread we can make, but ...... the people who participated in the prototyping might not be able to eat it all~, what should we do then~, what a waste~'
'Don't be wasteful. I'll talk to the church, and we'll share the bread with the people. I'm sure the priest will understand if we tell him what Mr. Yashiro told us.

So, the lord and the sisters gave their permission.
Yes, yes. This is a publicity stunt for the people. To spread the word about bread as a new source of income for the church.
I'll give you a big promotion and you can make as much money as you want.

'But I didn't expect Yashiro to lend his wisdom for the benefit of others.

Estella leans in closer, not bothering to hide her grimace, as if there were some ulterior motive.
I'm not sure if you have a disease that causes your face muscles to relax when I act in good faith, or what?

'No, well, ...... Ginette and Bertina.'
'What's wrong with Ginette and Sister?
'I thought they'd be happy to see the birth of ...... good bread in this city.'

Estella rolled her eyes at my words, while Ginette and Bertina moistened their eyes.

'You've done a lot for me lately, you know. I'm sure you'll understand.

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that. Ginette ran over and wrapped her hands around mine.

'Yes. I'm very happy. The birth of delicious bread. I'm very happy that there are so many people who will be happy because of it. And that ...... Yashiro-san thought that way.

He squeezed his hand and smiled to hold back his tears.
And Bertina silently patted my head. She looks like she's about to start crying, and her lips are pursed tightly together.

'...... bread. Let's make lots of bread.

Bertina smiled as she carefully and deliberately spun her slightly trembling voice so that it did not sound like crying.
'I don't want to eat a lot,' she said.


Estella pats me on the back and says with a satisfied look on her face.

'I'm going to borrow your words and say this. I'll take your word for it, make some bread prototypes and use them to your advantage. If you're a little reckless, I'll take full responsibility for holding you back.

Again, this time with a pat on the shoulder and a narrowing of the red eyes.

I see.
I can use you to my full advantage?
Well, I'll let you.
I'm sure you emotionalists are so intoxicated with your current emotions that you've overlooked this, so let's do it before the heat dies down. At best.

Make a lot of good bread.
Not just for the bread-eating contest, but for everyone who participated in the ward field day.

Then, if the bread is well known at the field day, ......
If the people in the city think 'I want to eat more bread~', ............

The new menu at the Sunlit Pavilion will sell!
That's for sure!

That's why I'm going to make Ginette master baking today and in the next trial!
In order for me to make a huge profit, at the Sunshine Pavilion!

'Come on, Ginette!One more effort!Get those skills into your body while you still can!
'Yes, sir!I'll do my best!'
'Magda, Loretta!You guys are going to do your best to support Ginette!''
'...... Leave it to me.'
'I'll go all the way!

Magda and Loretta were motivated by Ginette's enthusiasm.
I'll also call out to the bunny-eared sisters who were watching this whole thing.

'Rebekah, Sophie. Take care of the yeast.
'Leave it to me!...... hmmm, my knight sometimes says good things. I'm a little impressed. I'll make the best yeast for my knight!
'Yashiro-san. I'll do my best to help you.

And to Norma as well.

'Norma. I know you have a lot of work to do before the field day, but ......'
'I'll leave it to you. ......Hmmm, I'm just happy to see an unexpected side of Yashiro. ......Hmmm, Yashiro did such a thing. ......Hmmm, he has a good point.

If you're a little bit of a good guy, my stock goes up.
The people of this town are really weak. I'm getting a little worried.
It's for profit! Emotions are good for money!
I guess it's best not to talk about it.

And finally.

'And Umaro.
Yes, sir!
'Nice to meet you, roof!
'I'm the only one who's been told something far removed from the field day. ......'

You idiot!
I don't care if it rains or not!
My living environment is my top priority!
I really want a roof before the heavy snowfall season!It's a pain in the ass to shovel snow!
And before that, I want to avoid the sun during the heat wave!

In such a way, the motivation of some people flared up, and the power of unity for the success of the ward's sports festival increased.

Oh, that's a good word. Unity.
That's what field day is all about.

Good luck with that.

For my own good. ...... Mm-hmm.