399-No additives, episode 54. That's the first time I'...

'Yashiro. It's an emergency.'

Estella says with a serious face.

'The sky, it's red.

Estella points to the sky, which is as red as a candy cane dripped with food coloring.
We can call it evening now.

'I didn't expect such a long delay ......'.

Initially, we had expected the field day to start a little before noon and end in the evening.
However, as it turned out, the time kept getting pushed from the first program one after another, and it was already evening with only three events left.

Many guilds have taken the whole day off from work to enjoy the field day.
As you can imagine, we can't just extend it to tomorrow.

'So, what are you going to do, tournament chairman?
'We'll finish it. I just need to document this situation for next time.

Estella, the tournament chairperson, began to explain to the competitors, guests and spectators in the hall.

The competition is not going as well as we had hoped and we are running behind schedule, but this is the first sports festival for the ward and we want to finish it.
However, we would like to finish the event as it is the first sports festival for the ward.
The players and leaders of each team are requested not to blame them for this.
I, as the chairman of the tournament committee, take full responsibility for the poor management of the tournament.
On top of that, it is my personal wish to finish this memorable tournament with as many people as possible.

That's what his speech said.

I didn't expect it to take so long either.
I realized that the school field day was well managed by the experience and achievements.
We packed too much into the event.
Some people got injured, and the management needs to be thoroughly reviewed again.
...... if there is a next time.
............ If I could, I'd like to get through the next one without being involved in the management. ...... Well, we'll see what happens.

'We can't go back to our own district if we end up here.
'You're right, Ines. You can't go home without playing an active role.

Inez and Deborah, who came from elsewhere, seemed to be in favor of completing the field day.
They were tricked into taking part in the event, but before they knew it, they were taking part in the event of their own volition and seemed to feel a reasonable amount of responsibility.

'I can still fight, too!
'Haha, seeing Rebeka after the sun has set makes her look more mature and ...... intriguing!

As the sun goes down, Rebeka still seems to have a lot of energy, and Sophie's symptoms worsen as the sun goes down.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......

It's a good idea. It's getting dark, so watch your step.
'Don't treat me like a child. ...... Come to think of it, ...... ever since I was a little girl, Carl used to tell me that he worried about me when the sun went down... ...He's always loved me. ......'
'Carl: ......'
'Okay, take it somewhere else!No, stay here and don't do anything!
'Big brother, I don't want to disturb you.'

Idiot!Loretta, you idiot!
It would be worse if you did not interfere here!It's against public morals!

'I won't tolerate any disturbance!
'You're the one disrupting public morals. ......'
'Hey, Magda. What's a fuki?Please explain it to me in a way I can understand.
'......To put it simply, it's not boobs.'
'Then you can't f*ck them.
'Magda, Delia, that's not exactly how you see it.
'What are you talking about, Neffery? Magda's right, but Delia's right, isn't she?

Norma, Delia, Magda, Nephrite, and Paula are saying whatever they want.
They're pretending to be saying something decent, but I can tell that they're getting excited as it starts to get dark.
They are event lovers at heart.
You love "Evening Gathering," don't you?It's exciting.

'Yashippi. Since the general has given me permission, I'll go along with it all the way to the end!
'If Mokoka wants to do it, I'll do my best, too!

That's why all the white team's helpers are staying behind.
Kabriele and Markus?No man has the right to refuse. Even if it means staying up all night for three days and three nights, they'll stay until the end.

But a man in a position of responsibility may not be able to say that.

'That's why, Medora. You don't have to stay with me until the end.
'What are you talking about, darling? I'll go with you to the end. I'll stay with you until morning. ......
'Ha-ha-ha, Ricardo Barrier.'
'Oh, no, no, no, no!It's hard at close range!My retinas twitch when I look directly at the shy medora!Don't push it, you idiot!

Ricardo will have to stay with us until the end.

'You're not busy anyway.
'I'm busy, a**h*le!
'So you're leaving?
'I'm staying!

Are you lonely?
Yes, yes, yes.

'Lady Lucia. It's getting late. The streets are dangerous and staying up late is bad for your skin, so please, don't mind me and leave.'
'Don't make creepy noises, anchovy!I've got goosebumps and my skin's all puffy!
'Why did you make the bump sound so cute?
'Oh, come on, don't call me cute!Insolent!Putrid!

Who's rotten?
You think rotten food tastes good?You're insane.

'It's a good thing I'm an insolent person. Why don't you give yourself a cute nickname, 'Furachin'?
'If you start calling me by that nickname, I'll be out of line in less than two days.
'That's not true~, Furuchin.
'It's already shifted!I was expecting it, but you exceeded my expectations!

It seems that Regina will stay for now.
In fact, she seems to be getting a little more energetic as the sun begins to set.
However, I won't let her participate in the competition anymore because of her sprained leg. I've already told Estella that.


Wendy comes running in crying.
Her whole body emitting a bright light.
She tells the kids, 'Wow! You look strong! You look strong! and they chase me.

'Listen to me, hero!
'No, I don't need to hear it, and it's dangerous after dark, so stay with the kids.
'Oh no, ...... no, if it's for your children's safety, ......'
'Wendy. Do you mind if I stay with you?'
'Well, I am a butterfly drawn to the light that is you ......'
'Theron, I'm ...... happy.'
'You guys would probably kiss in front of the kids if they were left alone.'
'Kids!Evacuate!And condemn them!

d*mn, you're always flirting with ......


As I was silently kicking a self-proclaimed butterfly that was attracted to a glowing moth, Jeannette came over and said something I didn't quite understand: 'Poor Mr. Theron.
You're giving off a happiness beam.

'You know, the field day is going to take until the night, so I ......'.
'Oh, I see.'

Ginette has been preparing food since early in the morning every day.
She can't afford to stay up late for the field day.

'You don't have to stay until the end, you can go home when you're ready. ......'
'No, I thought I'd prepare dinner for you.

He's going to work!
He's going to work until this time!
And he's willing to work for free, isn't he?

'Actually, I was asked by Natalia.
'The lord's money?
'Yes. Masha-san and Assunto-san are also willing to help.
'Of course I'll help you. I'll have one of our young men bring you some of our best aged meat.''

Medora said, signaling with her hand to a large man who was waiting near the ground.
It seems that he got the message, and the big man ran away at great speed. I guess he went back to ...... the 41st district. And I'm sure he'll be back again. ...... I'm sorry you had to go through all that trouble.

That's why, Mr. Yashiro.

I've been wanting to cook for a while now.
Jeannette looks at me with that look.

'Do as you please. If it's the lord's money, it won't hurt my pocket. Spoil him to the fullest.'
'Mm-hmm. In moderation. That's it!

The expression on Ginette's face grew brighter.
...... What are you expecting, with that expression?

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a better way to do this.

''I was wondering what kind of food you eat at times like this in your hometown, Yashiro-san. I'm actually very curious!

Actually, you're not even trying to hide it, it's showing on your face.
'I'm so curious to know what kind of food you eat on such occasions!

'After the field day, mothers are exhausted, so it's a theory that they eat out or eat ready-made food.
'What?You're not going to make it?It's such a special day!

You're the only one with a unique constitution that recovers HP by cooking.
I wonder what kind of unique skill this guy has, seriously.

'Then, do you know of a dish that tastes good when eaten outside with others?
'If you want to eat outside, you can try potato stew or curry. ......'
'Curry outside, huh?
'Eating curry outside is very special.
'Okay, I understand!I'll make curry!

This guy.
He's not going to participate in the rest of the competition, is he?

Well, the rest of the competition is pretty rough.
Ginette shouldn't participate.

'So, is it enough to boil the potatoes?
'No, if you're making curry, you can cook potatoes ......'.
'I'd like to know!It's a special day!

...... This girl's vitality, where does it come from?
I want to put a cork in it.

'Imoni is a kind of ......'

I gave her a brief explanation about the Imoni party, which is a familiar event in the Tohoku region, and also gave her a basic Imoni recipe.
I'm sure Ginette will be able to make a delicious potato stew with just this.

'But I'm concerned about all the stewed dishes. ......'
'Even if you prepare that many kinds of food, you won't be able to finish them, will you?
'Don't worry, Yashiro-san. The sisters are here.'
'Yes. I'm here.''
'''We're here too!
'''We're here too!

Bertina and the kids were surrounding me with smiles on their faces.
If you guys were zombies, I'd be dead.
Don't move so fast it'll surprise me. My heart skipped a beat.

'But it must be hard to make them in the sunny pavilion and carry them here if there are so many of them. ......'
'So, is there anything you can make here?

Ginette's confident expression. That was proof that Natalia and Estella had already given their permission.
I'm sure they've given you permission to cook in one of the grounds.

Outside, or ......

'Yashiro-san, how about a hand-rolled sushi?
'Let's not.

I can't leave fresh fish fillets in the dusty air.
Then let's cook it.

'Let's make it like a barbecue.

If we bring up the hunting guild and the cowherd, they'll compete with each other to bring us good meat.

'Yashiro!I've got an idea!
'Yashiro, that's great!How did you know?

When Delia intervened like this, there was no other way.

'Norma said she'd prepare a good griddle for us.
'I've got everything you need, including a griddle for the chan chan, and a wire mesh for the barbecue!

There's a guy who's getting excited from a different angle.
There are people in charge of ingredients, people in charge of cooking, people in charge of cooking utensils, and people in charge of eating everything, and all of them are rolling up their sleeves and breathing hard.

You guys like food, don't you?

'Well, there's a kid here, so let's get ready early.
'Yes, sir!

Clenching his fists tightly and flexing his arms to make bumps he can't make, Ginette turns on the motivation switch.
No, in his case, it's probably always on.

Assunto and the other members of the peddlers' guild are rushing around, and the river fishermen's guild members, led by Delia, are rushing out of the field.
Usset, who had been taking it easy because Medora was moving first, began to act as if in reaction when the cowherd began to move more aggressively.

Norma and the other members of the hardware guild also said, "Let's use that griddle that removes oil..." "The uneven one that Yashiro invented! It's very healthy to cook meat on that thing, and it'll help you lose weight.

''Oh, that's right!Medora should also go back to the headquarters and make preparations.
'I'm going to participate in the next competition. I'll stay with you, darling. ...... ugh.'

d*mn it!
If Medora returns to District Forty-one, the Yellow Team's strength will drop to nothing!

'...... If Yashiro goes back to the sunny pavilion, Medora Mom might follow him.'
'That's right!You said you'd stay by your brother's side!

'You guys, don't sacrifice me. ......'

If Medora were to leave the battlefield, what would I do if I were left alone with her in the sunlit pavilion?
You'll be eaten, for sure!

'Norma and Paula, get ready ......'.
'Come on, we'll turn the tables on you in the next round, Paula!
'I'm on it!I'm so fired up!

...... Hey!

The next competition is pretty lucrative for the hunting guilds, and I'm hoping to get rid of them somehow. ......
You can't help it.
This is the same ...... as the ball game.

'Delia, Lucia. The blue and yellow teams have hunting guilds and medlars. You'll have to work with us to--'
'Sorry, Yashiro. The Reds got the better of the Yellows in the steeplechase earlier, and it's getting pretty exciting.'

I looked at the scoreboard and saw that the red team had indeed overtaken the yellow team in the overall score.

'So, we're feeling like, "At this rate, we'll overtake the white team and turn the tables on the blue team! We're going to overtake the white team and turn the tables on the blue team!
'What's that, ......?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

'When it comes to getting things done, the key is momentum!Now is the time to turn the tide!Challenge the game with the determination to turn anchovies into surimi!

...... Annyaro.

''If you don't cooperate, the blue and yellow teams will steal your points.

After all, the next competition is a point-scoring contest with all four teams participating at once.

'But still...'

But Delia's will was firm.

'We just want to see how far we can go on our own. No cooperation from here on out, Yashiro!

Delia gave him a manly smile.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... It would be easier to control her if she acted cunningly in these situations. ...... For better or worse, Delia is too straightforward.
It's a good thing I'm not the only one.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

If you can't get help, the Reds are an enemy to be eliminated.

'I'll show no mercy from here on out, okay?
'Yeah!This is serious business, Yashiro!

He points his clenched fist at you.
I pondered for a moment, but then I clenched my fist and hit him.
It's not that I want any regrets.

It's just that the whole 'fair and square' vibe makes me sick to my stomach.

Oh, shit.
I want to grab everyone's weakness and force them to abandon the race.

The current overall score is as follows.

Blue team 3180 points
Yellow team 2630 points
White team 3030 points
Red team 2730 points

There is a gap of 300 points between us and the red team, but from here on, there are only competitions that can overturn it.
If you're not good enough, you could be upset in the next round.

'd*mn, ......, I can't find a way to win.

I scratched my hair a little impatiently.
The next competition is one that requires both individual strength and unity.
Therefore, the blue group with the hunting guild has the absolute advantage.

The next event is the "Pole Pull".

Fifty sticks are lined up on the field.
Each stick is 3 meters long. Their diameter is 20 centimeters.
If you bring them into your position, you get 50 points for each stick. That's a total of 2,500 points up for grabs.
The rules are similar to those of Get Hammered, but the sticks do not escape.

The sticks are arranged in a circle in a radial pattern.
The sticks are lined up in a circle in a radial pattern, and the players fight over them to bring as many as possible to their own positions.
This is the kind of game that requires the strength, quickness, and cunning of individuals, as well as the leadership ability to control the field by efficiently directing these people.

It is a foul to take a stick from the enemy's position.
Attacking the players is also prohibited. However, obstructing the progress of the game is allowed, except for dangerous ones.

'If Norma squeezed her boobs in a bikini, almost all male players would be neutralized.
'You won't, will you?
'......, you say?
'That's why I said I wouldn't, Magda!

It would be fun to have such interference.

Initially, I suggested that we do a 'stick-fight', but Estella objected, saying that would give the hunting guild too much of an advantage.
A stick set up vertically. If those who knock it down clash with those who defend it, the hunting guild, which is accustomed to 'battle,' will have too much of an advantage both technically and tactically.

Estella is a very equal voice for a tournament chairman.
Even if it hindered the blue guild's advantage.

'Although, bargaining is also advantageous enough for the hunting guild.'
'Well, well, well. We can think of ways to get points without directly colliding, right? Unlike stick-fighting.'

I complain, and Estella says something to calm me down.
It's true that rather than jumping on the sticks that the hunters are guarding and dragging them down, stick-pulling, where you can score points by stealing the sticks from the hunters' eyes, still seems to be a slight relief. ......

'At least you can attack the Usses with an axe.
'You're going to get hurt, indeed!Even if it's against you!
'Don't worry. If the axe is allowed, I'll take Magda out.'
'You're not going to get hurt, are you?You'll die, for sure!'

Ursus is barking.
He's always making things difficult for me.

'...... Usse.'
'What the hell, Magda? Don't call me that.'
'...... If the Use were to die, what would be the problem?'
'Oh, come on, convention committee!Teach this stupid tiger girl what sportsmanship is one more time!
'...... Hunt the ooze, fairly and squarely, according to sportsmanship.'
'Oh, sorry, I needed some basic education first!

You're the one responsible for education. You're the representative of the organization Magda belongs to.

'We'll remind you of our greatness at the next bar fight. You can look forward to it.'

Uzse returns to the blue team's position with a relaxed attitude.
Estella also smiles meaningfully and returns to her army.

Medora alone is out of control, and the hunting guild is just as motivated.
You can't even get the cooperation of the red group. ...... So what should we do?

I'm not sure. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. I'm the lord of the forty-first district, I'll be right behind you, so you'd better think you're on a big ship!
'Magda, Ricardo's with you.
'...... No, no, no, no, no!
'Not tight!And that's not what 'lucky' means!
'Then you'll have to stop Medora by yourself.'
'Don't push me.

Look here, idiot Ricardo.
I'm using my head because I can't just go head-to-head with him.
If you stop thinking, you're nothing but an animal.

When we don't know what to do and our thoughts are filled with vague and unorganized things, we tend to make hasty decisions or stop thinking.
However, there are often times when we cannot give up thinking.
When your thoughts are scattered and you can't put them together, you should put numbers into your brain.
The reason why you become vague is because you do not have a concrete plan and the outline of the solution is not clear. Numbers are very accurate and cannot be falsified.
You are more likely to achieve your goal if you state a clear number, such as 'I aim to increase sales by 40% within this fiscal year,' rather than 'I just want to increase sales somehow.

People have evolved to this point by creating numbers.

Therefore, look at the scoreboard again.
That's the only number that is clearly shown now.
All that's left is 50 sticks with 50 points each, for 2500 points. ......

'...... I see. I guess you could go that route.

The impatience that had been slowly spreading in my brain receded a little.
But there is no certainty. It's a kind of gamble.

...... A gamble, huh.

...... can't be helped. The little things before the big things.
If the white team doesn't win, trouble will come no matter what.
I'm sure something will happen even if the blue team wins. Even if the Blue Team wins, something will surely happen. Tracy's kidnapping of Estella...... or is it her marriage to the Cremona family?I don't mind if Estella has to take the trouble, but I don't want the bill to fall on us.
We have to prevent any foreseeable trouble from happening. The white team's victory is the most obvious result.

That's why I can't help but .......
I'll make up my mind.

I'm going to go back to the yellow team. I'm going back to the yellow team too.'
'Wait, Medora.'

You stop Medora from turning away.

'Would you like to make a bet with me?

It's a low stakes bet.
I'll probably lose the bet itself.
But if a small loss here can lead to a big win there, then...

A con man is a creature of maximum profit.

'I'm not so ignorant of the world and my darling that I'm willing to take a chance on her at this time. I'm sorry, but I can't take that bet. ......'
'If you win, I'll give you the right to give me special training.
'...... for darling?Training, for the hunter?'
'Oh. Of course, you'll have to train me enough so that I don't die.'
'Training with your darling sounds like fun, but I can't get on board with that. I'd rather have a cake date or something .......'
'How about a night training in the forest outside the outer wall?
'Night training in the forest!That's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really big!

In a forest overrun by hexenbiests, I spent a night and two days with Medora, who even hexenbiests fear.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. That's how I calculated it.
I'd like to think that even Medora wouldn't be fooling around in front of a hexenbiest. ......

'Hmmm, hmmm...... at all. You're a smart guy, darling.

I'm not sure what to say. Medora turns to me with a look of admiration on her face, 'How can you come up with something that will attract people's interest?
Of course you do. I'm a con artist. A top-notch one at that.

'Then let's hear it. What's the bet?
'Will you take it?
'I'm interested. I'm curious to know what kind of tricks your darling is trying to play on me.'

Medora is mistaken about two things.
I'm not making this bet to win.
And it's not me who's playing this time.

I'm the one scheming to plant a slow-acting poison to win the white team.