398-Additive-free Episode 53 The Tripod of Palm and Ma...

'Congratulations on your second place, Mr. Nefari!
'Thank you, Mr. Percy. But I couldn't pull it off at the end.'
'No, I'm amazed you made it that far, really!You were brilliant, Mr. Neffely!
'Oh, no. You're exaggerating.
'You're laughing too, you're really cute!

You're not saying the most important part, Percy.
I'm not sure what you're thinking, but it's obvious from your face. ...... Except for Neffery.

'Hey, raccoon. Why are you praising me?You're not the best, are you?You're losing, aren't you?
'What?You're an idiot!

Percy dragged Barbara, who did not read the air.

'Even if the result is second best, there's a process to get there, right?Isn't it beautiful to make an effort!I want to praise that beautiful effort!To be honest, I don't care about the results!
'No, results are necessary, aren't they?
'The one who wanted the result the most is you, Neffely!Of course he's feeling frustrated!But that doesn't mean that Nepheli-san's efforts were in vain, understand?I'm sure you'll be happy to know that even when things don't go well, there are people out there who are watching you.
'Hmm~...... I wonder if it's like that......'
'Anyone would be happy to be told that they did a great job when they worked hard!That's why it's so important to ...... start a love affair or something!I'm sure you'll agree.
'Ah~. So, are you trying to start a love affair?
'What?That's not true!It's not like that!I'm just giving you advice!You want to start a relationship, right?
Oh, my God!Oh, yeah?You're a good guy, raccoon dog!
'If you think so, at least learn his name!My name is Percy.
'Oh!I remember, Percy!

Barbara clapped Percy on the back and was in a good mood.
After that, I don't know what she was thinking, but she ran to Nepheli.

'Nephrite!Percy's a good guy.'
'Uh, yeah. Basically.'
'He knows so much about love!
'Yeah, ......, but you don't have a girlfriend, do you?
'You don't have a girlfriend, but you know a lot about love?That's amazing!
'Great, ......, right?
'I wonder why he doesn't have a girlfriend?He's such a nice guy.'
'Well, come on, ...... if you're asking me that.'

Percy said, 'Oh!Don't say anything you don't want to!It's a delicate balance ......, but I'd like to see a little more of the good guy appeal ......, but! I'm on the edge of my seat.
I'm not sure. It's fun to impose on others, Barbara said.
As long as you're not in your own territory.

'I hope she stays that way and becomes someone else's child.
'...... Yashiro, if you're going to ask for God's help, you should turn towards the church. The only one there is the manager.'
'See, I believe in the milk god.'
'...... May Yashiro be a little more decent.'

Magda holds her hands next to me.
She's facing the same direction as me. So I guess she's asking the milk god.
Well, I don't know if it's beneficial, but I feel the urge to worship it.

'Yashiro-san!Magda~!Please do your best!

I don't know how she got the idea that we were holding hands, but Ginette gave us a big wave and cheered us on.
Yes. Our race was about to begin.

Whenever I stand at the starting line, I think to myself.

'Why don't we just make this race a crouch start?
'Don't be an idiot, I'll line up as soon as I can!

Norma got mad at me.
I said it was great, but I was praising him.

The final race was upon us.
Somewhere along the line, Estella couldn't resist saying, 'I'm running ahead of you! I persisted, hoping that somewhere Estella would lose her patience and say, 'I'll run first!
He's a jerk.

'It would be somewhat comforting if you could at least shake ......'.
'Shut up, Yashiro.'
'...... Yashiro. You should think that not shaking will help you concentrate on the race.'
'Shut up, Magda, too!
'It doesn't hit me even though I'm attached to it like this. You're the best, Miss Estella.
'That's the loudest one next to me!
'I want to tell you it's okay, I want to tell the Lord of Smiles. It's not so bad, Lucia-sama.
'Shut up, Gilberta!Don't lump me in with Estella!
'Wow, there's nothing but noisy people in this race!
'Norma, please say something and play with her. You're leaving the yellow team behind.'
'It's okay, you don't have to get involved in this trivial stuff.
'Norma, you don't like me playing with your tits, do you?
'Don't mislead me, okay?
'Then you love to play with your tits, don't you?
'Oh my god!I'm inviting you in!

A lively line up of people.
d*mn, these guys are ......

''Can't we just talk about tits, guys?
'''Hey, you're the one who started it!

I got pissed off somehow.
That's not very nice.

So, at the starting line, there are the Estella and Natalia pair, the Norma and Osina pair, the me and Magda pair, and the Lucia and Gilberta pair.

...... Both ends are cheats, though. It's a foul, that's what it is.

I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
' 'Norma's old man: ......'
'You don't have to tell me!
'No, I do!Norma's tits!
'Don't show your willpower in such a trivial place!

'Don't show your willpower in a stupid place! Norma hides her breasts under her arms, while Osina pokes her side boob secretly.
I love it!I want you to take my place!

'......Yashiro. You can't touch them. You can't touch them,......, not yet.
I'd like to be able to see it.
'That's right, Estella-sama.'
'How many times do I have to tell you to shut up, Natalia?
'You people need to shut your mouths. The waiter is so concerned about his lord that he can't give the order to start.

As Lucia pointed out, the waiter was paying attention to Estella and watching the timing of the order.
Why don't you tell her, 'Shut up, tits! Why don't you just say to her.

'Estella. You can't be a full-fledged lord if you don't notice the attention you're giving the waiters.
'M~...... Lucia-san, is it done?'
'Of course. In fact, I'm acting in such a way that I don't let her worry about such strange things.
'So, what do you really think, Gilberta?
'I am instructing you, as head waiter, to be careful not to let anyone know that you care.'
'So it seems. That's too bad, Lucia.'
''Don't barge in here where you don't belong, anchovy!I'll add some grated daikon!

No, what are you going to do with it?
You don't have to force yourself to create a new rant!

I'm sorry I kept you waiting. You don't have to pay attention to me anymore today.
'Hey, no milk...'
'You should be paying more attention to me, Natalia!
'Hey, waiter, waiter!--Shut up, you little tits.'
'What are you trying to get me to say, Yashiro?
'...... serving. --I'm not going to open my mouth until I'm a B cup.
'You're just like me, Magda!

Oh, my God. You've just admitted you're underage.

'You'd better cut it out, or the waiter will cry.
'Osina wants to start soon, too...'
'That's right. I'm sorry, Osina, for having so many unique people.''
''Hey, source of uniqueness!
''Who's that?
''Oh my god!Just let me start!I'm authorized by the executive committee!

Norma waved her hand to signal the waiter, who looked relieved and raised his arm straight up.

'Now, get into position, okay?


The sound of a bell rang,

'All the tits are shaking at once!
'Where are you looking?
'I'm impressed that you're not shaking,' I said to my friend Yashiro.
'It's okay Estella-sama. I'm not talking about Estella-sama. I promise!
'Can you please not assert anything else!

Okay, Magda.
We'll leave them here while we can!

I made eye contact with Magda.

'...... eh'.
'I'm not looking at yours!

I mean, it's not shaking!

In the end, the strategy to take advantage of the gap and make a dash for the start was unsuccessful, and we all started late.

'Well then, Yashiro, after you!
'Let's show them the difference in rank, anchovy!

As expected, the pair of the lord and the head waiter broke away from the group at an astonishing speed.
For such cheaters, ......

''...... Huh, white ............ (grin)''

Both of the lords who were moving their feet at a good tempo suddenly stopped.
They looked back at me with their hands covering their hips.

'Wait, ......?
'I don't think this is possible, I'm ......!

Even the head waiter could not cope with the sudden stop and look back, and Natalia and Gilberta lost their balance and fell to the ground as if they were being swung around.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do and how you're going to do it.
It must have been ingrained in his body that he was protecting his lord.

It's not always easy to forgive them for laughing, though.

'...... How can you fall for such a simple trick?I'm sure you've seen it all before.I'm sure you'll be able to read Yashiro's thought patterns at least.
'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' Natalia said. But it was a spur of the moment thing, and my body reacted on its own. ......'
'Oh, your body reacted to Yashiro-sama's voice on its own?
'Please don't convert 'reaction' to Regina style!

With Natalia scolding Estella,

'I think it's thoughtless of me, Lady Lucia. ...... for a pair of pants.'
'Gosh, what do you mean by that?It's a pre-wedding lord's panty ...... underwear!It's not something you want to expose to the public!
I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to say to the Lord.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

Gilberta scolded Lucia.
The lords are being chastised by their respective head waiters.
A rare sight.

While that's going on, we're going to the averaging table.

'Isn't it wrong for Yashiro to lie like that in the first place!
'That's right!The culprit is the anchovy!
'He just muttered "White?", that's not a lie.
'It was just a misunderstanding, on its own, Lady Lucia.
'But if she said something like that, ......'
'Yes, that's right!As a lady, ......'
'If you can't run because you're worried about your swim trunks, why don't you take off your bloomers and go for a swimsuit?
'How can I do that?
'I think it's a good idea, I do!
'Not a good idea, Gilberta!You can't do it!

We cleared the averaging table without difficulty, listening to the noisy voices of the lord and the head waiter pair.
Magda was able to match my stride and we made it across without any trouble.
She has great athleticism. Magda's stability was amazing, despite her jumpy running style. He has a great sense of balance.

'...... Next is the hard part'.

Carrying a wooden ball without using your hands.
If there is a difference in height, the place where the force is applied is not stable and the ball rolls down.

'......By the way, is it a prerequisite to carry the ball between two people's bodies?
'No. The rule is 'carry the ball without using your hands'. Oh, and of course, 'without dropping it on the ground'.
'I'll take care of .......'

As soon as he said that, Magda placed the wooden ball on his forehead.
And the ball stays perfectly still.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

'...... Just in case there are any complaints later, Yashiro holds the ball with his chin and says, '
'Are you okay?I'm sure you'll be fine.
'...... We'll adjust it.'

You can do that too, can't you?
I put my chin on the ball, taking care not to lose my balance.
The ball wobbles for a moment, but Magda twists her body to adjust the balance.

That was awesome!
I feel like I'm doing a street performance even though I'm just holding my chin.

'...... chew through glass, wooden ball version'
'The thickness is too different, though.

The other one is transparent and about 3mm thick, but this one is wooden and 30cm in diameter.
Also, Magda has a forehead, but this one has a chin.
A chin and a forehead do not make a chew.

So don't look so envious, Oumalo.
And don't give off that fighting spirit, Barbara.

'Norma, pinch me tightly...'
'There's no way I can get this thing between my breasts, is there?
'There aren't many impossible things in this world.
'Then this is one of the few impossible ones!

Next, Norma and Osina started to carry the ball.
Norma, who takes good care of Osina, is supporting Osina well, and they are quite fast.
Thanks to Magda's skill, the lead has been extended, but it will be a race to watch out for.

'...... Yashiro, Magda will support you, so keep your eyes closed from now on.'
'All right. Let them get used to the dark. But what about Magda?
'...... is fine. Magda has good night vision.'
'Then I'll leave it to you.'

Trust Magda, run and close your eyelids.
Let your eyes get used to the dark before you go into it. Pupil constriction is not something you can do consciously, so it is important to prepare in advance.
For the dominant eye in particular, place the palm of the hand over the eyelid to carefully block out the light.

As an aside, humans have a dominant eye as well as a dominant hand.
When we look at an object, we unconsciously adjust the focus with our dominant eye.
To find out, make a triangle in front of your face with your thumb and forefinger, and look through the triangle at an object a short distance away with both eyes open. The object should be in the middle of the triangle.
Then, close one eye on each side.
Then, close your left and right eyes, and one of them should deviate from the triangle significantly.
The one with the least deviation is your dominant eye.

I'm left-handed, so I hold my left eye with my palm and run.

'...... Yashiro, three more steps into the labyrinth.'

I count three steps from Magda's declaration and open my eyelids.

'...... can you see?'
'Sort of.'

I opened my eyes, but it was pitch black all around me.
Umaro's getting all worked up for nothing. It's really pitch black.
This could be a playground for kids after a few more modifications.

'Can you see Magda?
'...... is perfect.'
'Well, be careful not to hit your foot.'

We walked on in the darkness, relying on the faint outline.

'It's really dark in here.

Suddenly, Natalia's voice startled me from behind.
'They've already caught up with us?

'I'm surprised it's dark, me too.

To Gilberta: ......

'Wow, my hand must have slipped because it's so dark...'
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!Don't play games with me, Osina!
'Don't you dare rub it back in!

Looks like you're having fun, Yellow Team!
I wonder if you'll take my place?

'It's darker than I imagined ......, I can't see anything.'
'Hmm. I can't move fast enough. ......'

'Miss Estella, I can assist you.
'I'll lead them this way, I'll lead Lady Lucia.'

Estella and Lucia's eyes are still getting used to this.
But the two waiters seem to be able to see them already.

We will break through the dark labyrinth while the lord is dragging his feet.
Once you get used to the darkness, it's just a giant maze for kids. There's nothing to worry about.

'...... Prepare for the light.'

A hidden difficulty of the dark labyrinth is the exit.
It's simply too bright.
A few people have been blinded here and fallen over.

Squint and run out, heading straight for the caterpillar.

'...... What's the strategy for this?
'If you do it the normal way, it will turn on its own due to the height difference.'
'...... Copy that.'

Magda is on my left.
I'm bigger than him, so he'll naturally turn to the left.
If a big wheel and a small wheel turn side by side, it is natural to turn to the side with the small wheel.

As we dug into the leather of the crocodile-like Hexenbiest, they came crawling out of the labyrinth.


I feel like a thief running from a bad cop.
Try to catch me, Estella's dad.


As I was crawling on all fours, Magda suddenly gave a small laugh.
He knew I was looking at him, and his ears twitched as he turned away, looking embarrassed.

'...... Dad's parents were clumsy and didn't know how to treat Magda as a child.

Without looking at me, Magda continued.

'......I begged her to play horse, and I don't know what I misunderstood, but she made me play horse, too.
'You two were riding side by side?Thus.'
'...... Yes. It was no fun at all.

Even so, Magda's tail is standing up straight.
It's a sign of happiness.

'......It wasn't funny, but ......I feel so nostalgic, so ticklish.'

Crawling side by side is something you don't do very often.
I guess it brought back some old memories for me.

When Magda remembers her parents, she often looks quite sad. ......

'It's a good memory, isn't it?
'............ rather.'

He has a great expression on his face now.
If I can remember them with a smile, maybe Magda's loneliness will be healed someday.

'Shall we play a real horse game sometime?

Magda seemed to be enjoying herself, so I kind of said something like that.

'...... Magda is not a child anymore.

He rejected me outright.

'......But if Yashiro insists, I'll go out with him.

He wasn't rejected at all.
It may not be any fun to do now, though.

'Okay, I'm catching up, Yashiro!
'Oh no!Let's hurry up!
'...... hmm'

By the time the caterpillar was finished, Estella and the others had caught up with us.
After that, it's the candy hunt and the straightaway course. If we can't take the lead by then, we won't stand a chance.
The red and yellow teams were also chasing us, and the race became a crowded one before the candy hunt.

'We can't afford to lose too much time here.
'...... Magda will be fine.'

A girl of her age would be hesitant to stick her face in the flour and get covered in it.
In fact, the players so far had been looking for the candy carefully so as not to get their faces dirty.

We don't have that luxury.
Sorry Magda, but you have to go into it with all your might, even if your face goes white.

Then, almost side by side, the four teams lined up in front of a long wooden crate filled with flour and candy.

This is the last race.
Most of the candy that was in the crate at the beginning has been taken away, and there are only a few left in the crate.
The difficulty of the candy search is increasing.

Both of the pairs had to find the candy.
Estella is in a hurry to find the candy, but she is trying to minimize the damage by blowing off the flour with her breath.
If we do that, we'll lose the day!

I take a deep breath, and without hesitation, I plunge my face into the crate, into the flour that's spread all over it.
He then slides it from side to side.
He searches for the candy, intending to take every relic that hits his mouth, and finds it in five seconds.

'Got it!

When you raise your head, the powder will fly.
When Estella, Lucia and Norma see my face, they all start laughing.

'You're all white, Yashiro!
'Hahahahaha!You've become more or less visible, hahaha!

'Yashiro, you're so white~!Kuhuhu!

Hmm. Laugh if you want!
By me getting covered in flour like this, it will be imprinted in their unconscious that 'covered in flour = uncool', and you guys will be even more unable to put your face in flour!

Now, Magda, don't be shy to put your face in the flour!
We're going to cut the finish line with a pure white duo and take the first place!

And then I looked at Magda.

'...... found'.

After staring at the flour, he quickly and noiselessly brought his face close to the flour, then quickly found a candy in the flour and put it in his mouth.
It turned white, just a few millimeters from his lips.

'...... get'.
'No, get it. ...... It's not dirty at all.'
'...... Finding and catching prey is Magda's main job. Professional. Good at it.

I'm a pro. I'm not sure what to make of that.
The little red tongue was covered with milky white candy.

I'm not sure what to do.
...... I'm the only one who's white, d*mn it.

'Anyway, let's go!
'...... Yashiro's sacrifice will not be in vain.
'I'm not dead!
'...... but it's a disaster. '......My face.
'Oh, God, d*mn it!

I'm going to come in first no matter what.
It's a good thing I'm not the only one.

The threat of being covered in powder may have had an effect, but the chase is slow.

'......', the result of Yashiro's overpowering the other riders with his boldness.
'As a result, his face is covered in powder.
'...... A unique finish, indeed.'

Yeah, right.

'...... but'.

Magda's arm grabs my gym uniform and pulls it tight.

'...... Magda likes the unique Yashiro and the Yashiro that does things when she does them.'

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
d*mn it. If you're embarrassed, don't say anything.

As soon as we crossed the finish line, Magda quickly untied the ties that bound our legs and ran away.
Magda runs away when she's embarrassed, right?

What am I supposed to do, d*mn it?

As I was watching Magda's back as she left, Barbara came running to me.

'Hero!You've done well!That was great, that was awesome, that was fun!Hahahaha!Hahahahaha!You're all white!My face is white!

...... I don't think this guy really took Percy's advice and came over to help me out, did he?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try.

'Yashiro-san. Please use this.

Ginette offers me a pure white towel.
That's what I'm looking for!That's what I'm looking for!

You can't have a positive mindset like, 'When I'm with my girlfriend who laughs a lot, I can keep smiling and have a cheerful life', in your case!
You can't be positive about that.

He wiped his face with a scrubbing motion and returned the towel to Jeannette.
Then, perhaps there was something left to wipe, Jeannette began to wipe my head with the towel she had received.

'You're such a naughty boy, aren't you ...... ugh!

She smiled happily and adjusted my messy hair.
That tickled me, and I didn't know what kind of face to make, but I was so bored that I didn't know what to do. ......

If I am ever reincarnated in Japan and become a high school student again, I will definitely join an athletic club, I thought, escaping reality with such a useless thought.
If there were such a manager, there would be a war for him.

The result.
The hunting guild was still strong, and the blue team got 1620 points for the first place.
The white team got 1530 points. The red team got 1365 points and the yellow team 1185 points.
The top position remains unchanged. The blue team is still in the lead.

There are only two events left.
And since those two are in favor of the hunting guilds,......, they have to scramble somehow,......, and they have a plan.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.