27-Episode 25 You're so kind that you can't help it.

The other world's version of a cup of buckwheat noodles.
A gloomy family with a picture of misfortune that fits that phrase perfectly.

Such a guest came to the Sunlit Pavilion.

'Oh, well, I'll have it ready in a moment, so please hold on a moment.

Ginette takes off her holy vestments and heads behind the counter.

'Ah, .......'

Seeing Jeannette, a man who looked like her father let out a voice.


The father smiles weakly at Jeannette, who stops in her tracks.

'No, I just thought that what my son said was true.
'Your son?'

Jeannette turns to look at her son. The son looked a little clouded.

'No, no. The letters I saw were more legible. It's similar, but not the same.'
'Yeah, but doesn't it say, "Invite your friends and family"?
'But that's not it.

Apparently, my son had seen a shirt advertising the restaurant somewhere.
It's at ......, and it's easy to read.

'I remembered something urgent, so I'll leave you to it.

She hid her bosom with her umbrella and grabbed Estella's shoulder as she was leaving.
Don't ruin a child's dream.

'Kid. What you saw was this way, right?'

With that, he pushes Estella in front of the monk. The monk nodded loudly, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

'Yes!This is it!The one I saw on the street!It stood out very much and was very easy to read.
'Boy, ......, you should learn that you can hurt people without malice.

Estella, a young boy of no more than a few years old, has the temerity to kill him.
What a man, what a man.

'I think you've earned it. Show some pride!If you can.
'I can stretch my chest as much as I want, just not here, that's for sure!

Estella glares at me with slightly moist eyes.
I've proven that flab can be useful, and ...... I don't know what you're complaining about.

'I couldn't believe it when I first heard about it, either. I also couldn't believe it when I first heard about it, that there were people wearing clothes with those words on them.
'Dad, you thought I was a liar, didn't you?
'No, I didn't think that much. ...... It's just that telling a lie in this town is very dangerous. I'm sure there are times when a child of this age is like that, and I thought I should educate him well while I still can. ...... That's why I came here to visit you.

The gloomy atmosphere of the past has been dispelled a little, and a faint glimpse of brightness can be seen.
It was probably because my son was confidently beaming with pride that he had proved his claim to be correct.

'That's an unusual way of advertising. I wonder who came up with it?
'That's Mr. Yashiro over here.

I didn't come up with it for the sake of advertising, but he did a good job of attracting customers.
I guess Estella's guy left with his publicity.
If I were you, I'd put on my cloak after a while.

'I think it's a great idea. It's unique, innovative, and effective.
'Thank you very much.
'If only we had that kind of idea, ...... we wouldn't be ...... like that.'
'Dad, please don't do that. In front of other people. ......'

Quietly, a woman who looks like a mother rebukes a man who looks like a father.
The father noticed this, smiled fondly, and scratched his little head.

'Ah ...... ah, no ...... this is ............ thank you'.

Hahaha ...... and let out a dry laugh.

'Um, can I help you with something?If you'd like, you can reach me at .......'

I stopped Ginette from saying anything else.
Would you like to leave now?

'Stir-fried scraggly vegetables, one serving. Don't keep the customers waiting.
'Oh, of course not!I'm sorry. I'll go make it right away!
'Oh, don't mind me.

The man who looked like his father said, but he couldn't leave him alone. He's a guest.

'Dad, I've only been to this restaurant once before, but the food here is delicious. You can count on it.'
'I'm looking forward to it.

The boy who said he had seen Estella's clothes and the girl who looked even younger than Estella's eyes sparkled with anticipation.
But only the woman who looks like her mother remains downcast.

'Yashiro, a little ......'.

Estella calls me and takes me to a corner of the dining room.

'...... Why did you send little Jeannette away?'

You'd think she'd notice.

'You can't keep dragging other people into your troubles. We don't have time to devote to charity, you know.
'Why don't you just listen to me?
'Ask and you shall receive. You know as well as I do that Jeannette is that kind of person.
'And I think I also know that there are good-natured people who can't leave Jeannette alone.
'Oh, there is such a strange person? I'd love to be introduced to them. I'll use you to the fullest.'
'...... at all. I'm sure you're wondering about that family's unusual negative aura. You should at least listen to them. Maybe there's something I can help you with.'
'Yeah, there's probably a lot I can do to help.

If you force yourself to look for it, you'll find more than a few clams during the tidal bore season.
But what's the point of looking for them?

'Even if there is something we can do to help, there is no reason to help. We've got our hands full with ourselves. Don't make me keep saying it.

We need to stabilize our food supply.
We need to improve our ability to attract customers.
We need to consider alternatives to expensive bread.

There are so many things that I need to do.
More to the point, what I should be doing is not running a cafeteria.
I'm just trying to get this place back on its feet so I can get on with my life. Laying the groundwork. Not a destination.
This is not the time for useless detours and wandering.

'You can be saved by meeting people.
'If that's the case, they're out of luck. If they had met a kinder, more generous person instead of me, they might have been able to get a helping hand or two. You can't have bad luck, can you?
'...... Are you serious?'

Estella's gaze grows cold.
What the hell is wrong with her? ......

'Do you think I'm a sycophant who can't leave people in trouble alone?Then you need to see a doctor. There must be something wrong with your eyes or brain.
'Okay, ............, I get it.

He gave me a look of contempt I hadn't seen in a long time.
I remember when I first met him, he used to look at me like this. Back to basics, huh?It's important sometimes in life, isn't it?

'Hello, everyone.

A voice that sounded like a bell rang, and sweat began to run down my back.
...... Oh yeah, there was this guy.

'I'm a sister in the church in the 42nd ward, my name is Bertina.

A synonym for charity. A true saint who peddles her compassion.
Sister Bertina stood in front of the lost lambs and smiled a beautiful, goddess-like smile at them.

'First of all, may I ask your names?
'How did Sister-sama end up here at ......, no. It's your name. I'm Yap Lock. This is my wife, Wuerer, my son, Tot, and my daughter, Cheryl. Come on, boys, say hello to Sister.
'Hello, Sister.
'Good afternoon.'

The daughter can't speak properly.
I don't know, but the son is ten years old and the daughter is about five.
Incidentally, the father, Yap Lock, is probably not more than 140 centimeters tall when standing. He is a little smaller than Magda.

'So, it seems that you have a problem. ...... If you'd like, I can take over for the Spirit God at ......'
'Yes, yes!Let's bake some naan!
'...... You may enjoy that 'naan', may I?
'Sister!Your will is being pulled too easily!

Estella is shoving Bertina. A rare sight.


Estella's consciousness is shifting to me from the Sister whose will is as squishy as a cactus.

'What's wrong with you?
'Yes, Nan, that's what I'm trying to burn.
'No, I'm not!You don't have the right to interfere with other people's attempts to help people!

Estella takes me to a corner of the dining room and shouts at me, trying to keep her voice level so the family can't hear.
You're out of line.

'Then let me tell you something, if it's your duty as a sister, do it in the church!If that family wants to go to the church to ask for help from the spirit gods, please help them as much as you can!Or you can go to Estella's house and ask her to help you with your problems. But you know what? ......'

I stare back at the angry eyes that are fixed on me with even more anger.

'This is a place to eat. You have every right to protect the peace and quiet of this space from people who want to get you into trouble.

Don't you get it?
Don't you see the trouble in this family where the kids are relatively optimistic and the parents are deathly depressed?
You don't know why a child of this age, who makes a lot of noise no matter how much you tell him to be quiet, keeps his mouth shut and says nothing.
When a child is quiet, it means he's reading the situation. No, it's when they have to.
That means these parents are so depressed that they can't care about their children and they can't even hide it.
There are not many kinds of things that both parents have to worry about.
If it's not a child's injury or illness ......, it's ............ money.

'If you have enough money to support that family for half a lifetime, and you are willing to share it generously, then do what you want. In that case, other poor families may come to you in droves, but you should take pity on them and provide for them as well.
'Nothing, I'm not going that far ......'.

That's what you're trying to do. You just want to be moved by what's right in front of you, feel sorry for them, reach out to them, and feel satisfied with yourself that you've done a good thing.

'I'll tell you one thing. When people are abandoned because they've been disrespected, ...... they despair.'
'............ me.'
'If you're going to do it, go all the way with it. I'm not sure I can take that much responsibility. So I'm not going to get involved. That's all I have to say.

I said coldly and lifted the basket of breadstuffs. I'm going to bake naan.
I'll do what I have to do.
I'm willing to help people if it's worth the money. ...... I don't smell any money from this family.
There's no benefit to helping them.

I'm sorry.
I'm not a god.
As long as there's no benefit to me, I'll just abandon them without a care in the world.

'Here you go...'

Ginette came out of the kitchen as I was about to go out to cook naan.
The amount of stir-fried scraggly vegetables on the tray was ............ too much, no matter how you looked at it.

'Heh ......!I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea.

That bite is as good as a confession already.
You're just showing me a little mercy.
I thought I taught you that such behavior is unfairly discriminating against other customers.

'I'm sorry ...... but I ............'.

She nodded and looked as if she was about to cry.
Why are you apologizing to me? ...... d*mn it.

'It's not the first time you've been ditzy,......, so next time be careful not to 'mistake' the amount.'

....... I'm out of tune.
It's hard to be strong with Jeannette. It must be that. It's those eyes.
They are so defenseless that they unconditionally reduce our hostility.

'Yashiro-san has a soft spot for Jeannette-san, don't you think?
'...... is also kind to Magda.'

Umaro, who had completely lost his presence, muttered something superfluous.
Also, Magda. You don't have to compete with me.

'Come on, eat up.

As Jeannette places the plates on the table, the children lean forward to look at them.

'Wow, it's beautiful!

The colorful vegetables glistened in the oil.
Ginette's cooking is also wonderful to look at.

'Let's eat, let's eat!
'Let's eat!

The children are excited.
Four pairs of chopsticks had been prepared for the children. If it was for one person, one set would be fine. ...... Well, it's obvious that we're going to share the food. That's all right. I don't want to hear about the hassle of washing them.

'Dad. Let's eat quickly!

Yap Lock smiles and gently pats Tot on the head.

'You guys go ahead and eat.

'Mothers. We're not that hungry. So, come on, we'll eat a lot together.
'...... Yeah. Okay.

The child reads the air.
The air in the cafeteria became heavy at once.

Ginette bit her lip and hugged the tray with both arms.
Magda stared at the family, while Estella turned away.
Umaro sat far away, trying not to look at the family, and Bertina closed her eyelids and folded her hands as if in prayer.

Everyone's brows were furrowed and they seemed to be struggling to keep their words in.

'Cheryl. Here, let me feed you.'
'Yes!I love you, little man!

Tot dexterously grabbed a red bell pepper with his chopsticks and brought it to Cheryl's mouth.
Cheryl puts the green bell pepper in her small mouth and chews it.


Cheryl is the only one who can keep her innocence in this place.
That's probably why Totto let Cheryl eat it. He wanted to dispel this heavy atmosphere.

'You should eat it too. It's delicious.'
'Oh ...... no ...... it's okay, we'll both eat.'
'Mothers, we're full.'

Such conversations were ............ no good.


I found myself shouting at the family.
I thought it was a piercing, rough voice, ...... but it had a hint of melancholy in it, ...... as if it were someone else's voice.

All eyes turned to me.

'If you're full now, does that mean you've eaten a lot before coming here?

Ginette and the others looked as if they were wondering what was going on all of a sudden.
Among them, Yaplock and Wuerer are showing more of a sense of desperation that is still dragging them down than the surprise of just now. I asked them a straightforward question.
Instantly, their gazes swept through the air.

'Yes, that's ......'.
'You mean you've eaten, right?If you're full.'
'E...... ah, yes, well, ............'
'Heh, I see. ......'

I straighten my arm and point my index finger at Yap Lock and Wueller.

''The Genie's ......''.

Ginette hurriedly interrupted her body in front of me, and at the same time Estella roughly grabbed my outstretched arm and twisted it up.

'You!What did you just try to do?
'Yashiro-san, that's too much!

Too much?
Who is it?
............ You're not.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website of the company you're working with.
But ...... the man has the will to lose when he can't lose.
He shook off the arm that was twisted up.
Then, with his free arm, he tightens the collar of the yap lock that exposes his pale face.

'Screw you, you big idiot!

I didn't know why I said those words.
I just couldn't resist saying it.

What was driving me now was not my brain.
It's a rage rising from the pit of my stomach.

'There's nothing to worry about.

The old voice that suddenly came back to me broke my bonds.

'What do you mean, "don't worry"?Tell me how it's okay!
'Yashiro-san!Don't be violent!
'Back off, Jeannette!These idiots won't understand unless you tell them right!They don't even realize that they don't understand!

As I glared at her, Jeannette's shoulders shook and she moved away from me.
My instincts must have scared her. A warning must have been triggered in her brain, telling her that she was in danger.

I turn my gaze to Yap Lock again.
His frightened eyes stared at me, but he didn't say anything back.

'I've seen you for the first time today, and after only a dozen minutes of looking at you, it's clear to me: ...... you're an idiot, aren't you?

After praising my promotional shirt with open arms, he muttered, 'If only we had that many ideas. He also said, 'It didn't happen that way.
Ideas are not given by others.
This guy is selfish to the core. 'Such-and-such'?I don't know what that 'such-and-such' is. He must have hit some crazy wall.

At such a time, the fact that you're talking about 'if only I had that many ideas' is proof that you're relying on others.
What you should do when you hit a wall is neither delusion nor escape from reality. You can either go over the wall, destroy it, or give up and find another route.

And yet, this guy stayed.
He looked up at the high wall and fled into an impossible imagination of 'if only I had wings'.

And this is the result.

'Hey, old man. You're completely wrong from start to finish.

Why would a family of four choose such an option when they can only order one serving of the cheapest stir-fried vegetables?

'We're broke and can't afford to eat, right?
'No, no, .............'
'They know. Make sure your son knows that.'

He must have known that he was being exposed, and he laughed and pretended not to notice.
Who's he doing this for?
For his son?Because you don't want him to worry?What?What are you talking about when you've been found out?

No, you're not.
You're doing it for you.

You're blaming yourself so that you don't have to be miserable anymore, and you're putting up a defense line so that others won't blame you, right?

'You're the father, you know!If you don't have money, you'll have to work!If you can't afford to buy food for one person, take your wife and children's portions and fill your own stomach first!Then work like hell to earn enough money to feed the four of you!And then work yourself to death to earn enough money to feed the four of you! The thing a father should do is to make sure that the money he puts up with now is spent on luxuries!Am I right?

What if you starve and you become a victim.
Do you think that will shorten your life span and make your remaining children happy?
Do you think that if you die, God will pity you and have mercy on your children?

That's a shame.
God doesn't help people voluntarily.
The weak who don't know how to get up will just die in the street without being taught how to get up.

'What you're trying to do is put the blame on your children and run away from the weight of the pressure. It's not just the person who dies that is saved, but the burden that the deceased was supposed to bear falls directly on those left behind, don't you understand?
'............ I'm ............... ...'

Yap Lock's mouth quivered.
The breath that escaped from his small mouth was so feeble that it seemed as if it would disappear at any moment.

'If you think you have no choice but to die, kill the children first.
'You can't do that ......!
'You can't do that. You can't take away the future of your beloved children, can you? ...... But I assure you, if you die ...... like this, the future of these children will remain dark for the rest of their lives.''
'............ Oh no.'

Yap Lock's gaze turned to the children.
Across the table, Wuerer was crying aloud.

I thought the children would cry at the sight of their parents being blamed, but ...... surprisingly, they both sat quietly. ...... I guess that's how broken their routine was.
Children see a lot of things.
They must have sensed that it was no longer possible.

............ What a pity.

When the collar was released, Yaplock stumbled back into his chair.
He is nodding helplessly and letting his mind wander.

Not many people can stand on their own feet when they are in the depths of despair.
However, it is also true that at such times, if there is someone who can give you a little impetus, you may be surprised to find that you can hold on.
It is painful to be forced to run a marathon endlessly without being told the destination.
However, it is not impossible to finish a marathon, whether it is 42.195 kilometers or 100 kilometers, if a clear goal is given. Even if it is an impossibly long distance.
Just having a destination in sight, a direction to go, can make a person incredibly strong.

So, if there is a good-natured person in this place right now who can't help themselves and gives them a chance to do so,......, it means that this family is very lucky.
You can't have bad luck, can you?

'Ginette. Get me some tomatoes and cheese.'
'...... What?
'And some onions and garlic ...... and basil would be great.'
'Um, ...... yes, I think I have that.'
'What about pepper?
'...... Spices are ............ pricey.'
'I see. Well, let's just use what we have.'
'Yes. But, Yashiro-san, what exactly are you doing?
''Hmm?I'm making naan and pizza. Isn't that what I've been saying?
'Eh .................., um, what about Yaprock and the others ......?'
'What?I don't care. It's none of my business.

'But ......'.
'I'm going to do what I have to do. But I'm going to be making a lot of ...... stuff that shouldn't be out in the open. ............ It would be nice if there was someone who could dispose of the excess, I'd be grateful if someone would dispose of the surplus. ......'

What the hell.
Don't look so happy.
I was originally going to make naan and pizza.
I didn't even think about what to do with the food I made.

'Well, if you're hungry, why don't you eat?
'............ Um, are you sure?
'I'm not saying I have to. Umaro, what about you?'
'I'll take it!

Quick decision.
Perhaps this brazenness is the secret to success in life.

'Where's the magda?
'...... eat.'
'...... You're a real wonder, aren't you?'
'Huh?'I don't want to eat something that won't make my breasts bigger'?
'No one is saying that, that's not true!I'll eat it!Of course you're going to eat it!

That's what you get for saying unnecessary things.
You should learn by now.

'Miss Bertina.
'I regret that my share has been reduced.
'...... You're the only one who's not happy about it.'

Sister, are you sure you want to go on like this? ............

'Then wait a while longer. It's going to take a while.'

I said and went into the kitchen.
First, I cook the naan and make the tomato sauce.
I haven't seen curry in this world yet. So I decide to eat naan with tomato sauce.

Sauté garlic and onions in olive oil, add diced tomatoes and bring to a boil. I would like to season it with salt and pepper,......, pepper.

It's a very special thing.

I'm going to use a pinch of the spice that I'm associated with.
This pinch is worth tens of thousands of yen,......, and it makes me cry at my own stupidity.

I don't know why I got so pissed off. ............

That's what I was thinking as I was enveloped in the delicious aroma of tomato sauce.
I couldn't get an answer, though.

Then, an hour passed: ......

'This is naan and pizza.

The naan and pizza were laid out on the table at the sunny pavilion.
Both are made with tomato sauce, but the pizza has cheese and basil on top, so the flavors will be quite different.

'This looks delicious, Yashiro-san!
'Grab a handful and bite into it.
'Bon appétit, sir!
'Then, I'll be your guest.

Umaro and Bertina quickly reach for it. ...... Anyone who doesn't know how to be reserved should get burned. I'm not sure what to do.

'This pizzas taste like a habit.

I'm glad to hear that the naan and pizza were to your liking.

'...... delicious.'

I take a bite, and Ginette looks at me with wide, sparkling eyes.

'It's very delicious, Yashiro-san!I'd like to add this to the menu at the Sunlit Pavilion!
'No,......, I'll have to ask Bertina for her decision on that,.......'

When I glanced at her, my eyes met with Bertina's as she chewed.

'Dough made from wheat and baked in a stone oven is defined as "bread" regardless of other ingredients, production methods, or shapes.

So that means.

'These are both "breads", aren't they? Unfortunately, we can't allow it. I'm so sorry!

He grabbed two more slices of pizza with both hands and chewed them with great gusto.
Ah, ......, I guess that means we should eat it while we can.

'Yes, yes'.
'Ugh ...... that's a shame.

But I got a hint.
'Bread' is defined as 'wheat dough baked in a stone oven'.
Then how about this!

I put another dish on the table that I had made.
It is round and flat, made of wheat flour, eggs and broth. The ingredients are flour, eggs and broth. The ingredients are cabbage and thinly sliced meat. It took me a long time to reproduce the sweet and spicy sauce, but I think I managed to make it taste close to the original.

Yes, the name of this dish is "okonomiyaki"!

If it's not baked in a stone oven, it can't be defined as 'bread'.

'This is it!The rich sauce intertwines with the ingredients to create an indescribable harmony, and the soup stock flavor that comes from deep within the sauce creates a taste that you will never get tired of!

Bertina, who had immediately eaten a slice, showed an exaggerated reaction.
What kind of gourmand are you?

'Yes, it's true!The moment I put it in my mouth, the sweet and spicy sauce and the crunchy texture of the cabbage are going to ...... go crazy in my mouth!

That's what you always say, Jeannette.
What kind of situation is it that makes your mouth water?

'What do you think, Magda?
'...... Yashiro will make a good wife.'
'No, he won't.'

Magda, who had been eating silently with no expression, stuck her thumb out at me.

'Yeah, ...... this certainly doesn't qualify as bread, does it?

Estella seems more interested in the way it's made than the taste.

'You really are good at finding loopholes, aren't you?
'Give me a compliment once in a while. I'm still using my head.'
'I'm complimenting you. I think it's a big deal.'
'Well, thank you.'

'Oh, my God, you're beautiful!I'm in love with you!I'm in love with you! You could've said something like that.
But you'll never say that.

So, what do you think?

Then I turn my gaze to the Yaplok family, who are chewing on a pizza in the corner of the cafeteria.

'It's delicious, big brother!
It's good!

The kids seem to like it.

'Thank you so much for ....... Thank you so much ...... for giving us such a delicious food.'
'It's bootleg bread. I'm even grateful that you helped me destroy the evidence.'
'Hahaha...... never thought I'd be a part of something that big...... you never know what life is like.'

You idiot.

'...... Thank you.'
'What you just said ...... was very painful. But ............ they touched my heart.'
'Stop it. I didn't mean it like that.'

I just yelled at you because I was pissed off.

'Still, those words changed me ...... and our family. Although the situation is still hopeless,......, we will try to work together as a family and do our best.

Yap Lock then turned his attention to Wuerer.

'I have such a wonderful wife and children,' he said.
'You .......'
'You'll help me, won't you?
'Yes, sir. Of course.'

Don't make out in front of me. I'll blow you up.

'So, um, ......'

Jeannette peeks out from behind me.

'What's troubling you, sir?If you don't mind, I'd like to hear about it.'

Oh, I heard .............
It's a good thing that people have taken the trouble to keep you away from ......

'Actually, ......'.

See, now you're talking.
Now you're no longer irrelevant.
It's someone else's problem at best. I can barely ignore it.
You don't want to go any further.

'We're corn farmers. ......'
'Corn, sir?
'...... Magda, I like corn.'
'It's rare in the 42nd district, isn't it?I don't hear much about it.

The next thing he knew, Magda and Estella were by his side.
...... or even Bertina. You're not coming, are you?
I'm sure you've heard of it.I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

'In the 42nd district, we might be the only ...... buyer, because there was only one.'
'The buyer, the peddler's guild?
'Oh, yes. Of course, but the only place the peddlers' guild was selling our corn was a poultry farm in the 42nd district.

............ Hmm?

'Our corn has hard grains and is not well liked by humans or animals. The only place that bought it regularly was a poultry farm. ............'

Yap locks are heavy,......, letting out a very heavy sigh.

'A few weeks ago, I was suddenly notified that we 'no longer need corn. ......'
'......Yashiro-san. Um, ...... this?'

No, Jeannette. Don't talk to me now.
For some reason, my heart hurts like hell right now.

'Our farm, which had nothing but corn, has completely lost its source of income. Originally, our life was so modest that we could barely afford to buy food for the day, so there was no way we had any savings. ...... I don't know how I'm going to live from now on. ...... ......I felt like I was going to be in the dark.

I'm sure you've seen it before. For example, right now.

But I'm going to try again. Maybe there is a place somewhere that needs our corn. We'll keep looking for it.

Yap Lock bent at the right angle and bowed deeply.

'I will never forget the taste of the food you gave me today. Thanks to you, I have found hope for life. Thank you very much.

...... I'm sorry.
I'm the one who took away your hope for life, aren't I?


Ginette and Magda stare at you with eyes that seem to be pleading for something.
When I averted my gaze, my eyes met with Estella's, who was staring at me with glazed eyes.

'Is there anything you want to say to them?

...... Ah.

You know, luck just doesn't work that way.

I wonder if the bad luck that's been following me will one day return in the form of greater luck. ......

'No, no, that's strange. In fact, I was just looking for a stable supplier of corn right now~, no, seriously, strange coincidence strange coincidence.
'Oh, really?

Yap Lock jumped at me with great vigor.

'Yes, by all means!Please use our corn!No, you have to come and see first!See if our corn is usable!That's right!Why don't you come to my house now?

It's a horror story that's moving forward at a rapid pace. ......

I've always hated roller coasters because you can't do the 'little thumps' thing.
Seriously, can you give me a tumma? ......

'I don't care how much it costs!It's food that no one told me I needed once anyway. It's just going to end up in the garbage. I'll give it to you at a reasonable price or even at a discount!

Haha, ......, that's exactly the kind of deal the Garbage Collection Guild deserves.

'Then let's all go see it!

Ginette and Magda were very enthusiastic.
Estella is also smiling with satisfaction.
I guess I'm the only one who's feeling down.



Suddenly, we hear Bertina's voice, and we all turn around.
There was Bertina, her cheeks puffed out.

'I'll take care of the store. I'll take care of the shop, and you can all go.
'Oh, I'm also staying at home again!

...... You guys just want to eat, don't you?

And so we were off again, in the heavy rain.
This time to a corn farm.

This is the first time that the Garbage Collection Guild has been sent out to buy ...... unwanted food.

I plunged my feet into the puddle and splashed, but I didn't care about that anymore. My feet were muddy, and they clung to me like a tangled web around my feet as I stepped out.
Watching the scene, I walked on.
I hope I don't get stuck in the mud,......, I thought.