138-The 16th hand, the foot,

One fine afternoon. I don't go to the ...... market.
I was sitting at an empty table, showing my hands to Ginette and Estella sitting across from me.

I was sitting at an empty table, showing my hands to Ginette and Estella sitting across from me.
I show them both my palms, squeeze them lightly and flip them over. As soon as the back of her hand is facing Jeannette, she opens her fingers again. Then you do the same thing in reverse.
Repeat the process two or three times to show that you are not holding anything in your hand.

'Estella, lend me a copper coin.
'............ When will you return it?'
'I'll pay you back as soon as I'm done. You're a stingy bastard.'
'Why don't you use one of your own?
'Then he'll wonder if there's a trick to it, won't he?
'...... I can't help it.'

After much reluctance, Estella finally pulls out a copper coin.

'Put it in my hand.
'............ Give it back to me.'
'You're so persistent.

I hold out my right hand and ask Estella to place the coin on it. It's right in the middle of her palm.

'Well, keep a close eye on it.

She bends the fingers of her right hand to grip the coin.
He then grasps his left hand in the same way, and holds it out in front of them with the back of his hand facing upward.

'Now, which one is the one with the coin in it?

Estella and Ginette both make silly noises.
'Well, that's that.

'Well, ......, I think it's this way.

Ginette points straightforwardly to my right hand.
But then Estella's face turned flabbergasted and she held Ginette's hand.

'Wait, Jeannette. Didn't Yashiro just say, 'Which one is in there?
'Yes, that's exactly what he said.'
'...... It's possible that when you turned your hand over, you dropped it down!
'Huh!That's right . If that's the case, then it's 'not in either of them'!
''Oh. As expected of Estella, she notices interesting things.''
'Hmph!How long do you think I've been with Yashiro? At least this much.'
'Estella, you're amazing. You're so smart.
'Even though you don't have breasts.
'Breasts have nothing to do with it!

I flipped my left hand open so that the palm of my hand was facing upwards.
On top of my left hand, there was a copper coin.

''What the hell?

Then, with just a bit of ...... fiddling, he opened ...... his right hand, and there was nothing on it.

''D-D-Do, why?
'I'm sure I put it in my right hand!

...... Oh, this reaction ...... is super creepy!

'Can you show me how to do it again?
'Eh~ ...... I can't help it. Then, Estella. Do you have any copper coins?
'Why don't you use that?

Oh, I knew it was a bad idea, I was going to cheat you.

'Well, I'll hold the copper in my left hand this time, so watch carefully.'

He grasped his left hand. Then she grasps her right hand.
Estella looks at the copper coin in her left hand to see if she dropped it somewhere or hid it. Jeannette looks at my hands alternately with a kind of annoyed expression.

Well, I mean. I'm playing with magic in my spare time.

'Which way?
'This way!
'Oh, I thought it was that way, too!
'They're the same, aren't they?
'I'm sure this time!
'But by the way...'

When he opened the hand of the one who had not been chosen, there was a single copper coin.

'Ya, Yashiro-san, is it magic?

All hell broke loose.

'One more time!Just one more time!

'I have a feeling I'm going to win this time!

Estella and Jeannette started to show their competitive spirit.
I don't know why they get so pissed off when they miss these two choices.

However, they can't win as long as they're stuck on the straight and narrow. Because this is magic.
It's a very simple trick, a coin in each hand. It's just that he hides it well. Well, there is a technique to hiding it, but I'm good with my fingers, so it's no problem for me.
I am confident that no matter from which angle you look at me, you will not find the hidden copper coin.

'Now, there is a copper coin in your right hand. Take a good look.'
'I'll grab it.
'...... Yes.'
'Oh, yeah.'
'What the hell?
'......Yes, I was concentrating so hard right now that I was kind of surprised. My ...... heart is pounding. ......'

How serious are you?

'It's the third time. The next time you miss, you'll be punished.
''Punishment game ......?''

Estella made a blatantly disgusted face and Ginette looked a little frightened.
''Well, I won't make it that tough.

''How about a foot massage?On level E!'
'Whaaaaat!Level E?

Incidentally, level E is the level of strength where soft touch is level A, and level E is the level of full strength without reservation.
......Hmmm......, I can see Jeannette's rampaging tits now.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited.
'No, it's not ...... that I was addicted to it,......'
'......The manager was really into it.'
'That's it, I've had my foot pressed over and over again.
'Ma, Magda, Loretta also ......!You're not that much of a ......, are you?
''Yes,......, was it?

Yes. I don't know why Jeannette was so into it. Mainly, the pushing part.
I made a green bamboo step with the bamboo Millie gave me, but ...... Ginette couldn't stay on it for more than two seconds. This is why I'm not very good at being hit.

...... juluri.

'Ya, Yashiro has an evil look on his face. ...... It's kind of scary. ......'
'I'll give you a warning ...... ginette,remove.'
'Ya, ya, ya, stop it!You don't know that yet!You might get lucky!
'No!You'll get a foot massage!On level E!
'Ugh ......, I'm ...... scared that that prediction is going to come true.'

As Jeannette squirmed, a strange pair of people appeared in the empty store.

'Well, well, well?It's as lively as ever in this store.
'Oh ...... hello ......'.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a nerd.
Obscene cleavage and unadulterated fullness: ............ Nice combination!

'An unusual combination, isn't it?
'Not really. You know?
'Oh, yes. Noma-san is very knowledgeable about flowers and the language of flowers .......'
'A little bit, Millie. ...... I have an image, too.
'Oh ...... I'm sorry. I'm sure you've already heard of her. ......
'Millie!I'm a posthumous ......, please don't ......'

What a mess. I can't believe that this s*xy lady who shows off her raging cleavage was so heartbroken over a wounded flower. ............

'So you wanted to add gap moe to your attributes because you're impatient with your age?

As soon as I finished, the ashes from the flue fell on my collar.


You idiot!
I've got a copper coin between my fingers right now, I can't shake it off!Oh, don't worry about dropping one hand.
Throwing the copper coin in my right hand onto the table, I brush away the ashes.

'...... They're reckless.'
'I guess I deserved it.'

It's funny. Norma wasn't supposed to be smoking a pipe because it's non-smoking in the restaurant. ...... He didn't throw away the ashes he smoked outside for this. ...... So he was going to be played with while the ashes cooled.
Are you actually waiting to be played with?Are you a M girl?I want to torment her.

'Ladybug-san, ...... are you alright?

Millie swiped the ashes off my clothes.
Well, that's cute. Can I take it home with me?

'Well, now that more people are here, let me explain the rules again. From now on, I will use my right hand and left hand to hide the copper coins. You point to the hand that you think contains the copper coin. When I open my fingers, if there is a copper coin in my palm, it's a winner. If not, it's a miss.

I'll make it a rule.

'Well, Estella. Give me a copper.'
'Don't you have anything like a memory?

What a stingy bastard!Haven't you been making some money lately?Give me some pocket money!

'The construction of the city gate has been delayed and I've been chilling every day. I won't waste even a single copper coin.'

Well, I admire your spirit. I wonder if that's what a ...... lord would do.

'Well, Ginette. You take it.'
I'm not sure I can do that.

Ginette grabbed the copper coin she had just thrown on the table and looked a little happy.
There are people who are strangely happy when they are chosen to help at a magic show.

First of all, he makes an "appeal" that he does not have anything in both palms. In fact, there is a copper coin in his left hand. But no one notices that.
Then I hold out my right hand, and Ginette, with a slightly nervous look on her face, places a copper coin in the middle of my palm.
They all look at the copper coin.

'Well, here we go.

I slowly close my fingers and clench my fists. Then I clench my left hand, and quickly cross my hands in a trick.

'Aaah!If you're going to do something like that, you should have told me first, Yashiro!

Estella shouts in reproach. But you'll miss anyway. It doesn't matter if you're watching closely or not.

After moving my arms for a moment, I quickly put my fists in front of everyone.
All eyes are on my hands.

'Now, which is it?

If they were looking at me honestly, they would point to my right hand, and if they were looking at me crookedly, they would point to my left hand.
And the result.
Magda and Loretta, Milly and Norma pointed to the right hand, and Estella was the first to point to the left hand. She's kind of proud of herself ......, like she's saying, 'Hmmm, you guys don't get it.

Finally, Jeannette, after much deliberation, pointed to the left.
This is a typical type of ...... self-destructor.

It's a good idea to keep your fist in the air. It's clenched with the palm facing up.

'Open your fingers and if there's a copper coin on your palm, you've hit it. If not, it's a footstool. Are you ready?'
'Good. I'm confident this time.'

Estella's confident declaration of victory was followed by everyone's nod.
Now, the results are in. ............

''''''What? ''''''

When the fingers of both hands were opened at the same time, there were no copper coins in either palm.

'Yes, they all missed!
'That's cheating!
'Oh, it's a cheat, isn't it?

Estella is angry. 'Yeah, it's cheating?' Estella is angry. But I've checked the rules fair and square.
'Open your fingers, if there's a copper coin on your palm, you win. If not, it's a footstool.

'Where's the copper?

Ginette asked timidly, 'Doesn't it matter now? or something like that.
Where is it?It's at .........

'Come on, you guys, line up!Who wants to be the first to get their feet crushed?
'What?I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Ginette is very upset.
She seems quite disgusted.

'Why don't you start with the manager?You're experienced, aren't you?'
'What?That's outrageous. I'm still inexperienced.

I don't think there's anything inexperienced about being a foot-jacker.

'At times like this, it's usually Oumalo or Loretta, isn't it?
'It's not fixed, Estella-san!Please stop using that kind of impression!
'...... Loretta. A wise decision.
'I didn't do it!
'Ah ...... good luck ......'.
'I'm not trying hard!
'Loretta's sacrifice will not be ...... in vain.'
'The manager looks like a demon only when it comes to foot pressure points!

Looking at the screaming Loretta, Norma let out a sigh, 'Oh dear ......'. Then, she raises her hand with a beautiful hand with her fingertips together.

'Then I'll be the first to get hit.
'Oh, no. I'll go if you go, Norma!
'...... Wait. I can't overload the manager. Magda will take the lead here.'
'Oh, ...... Magda-chan is the most pitiful, so I'm afraid, but ...... Mirii is also fine, okay?'
'I'd rather go myself than let Miry do it!
'What?I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
''''' Please come in. '''''
'What's with this sense of unity?There's too much solidarity here!

Since Loretta seems to have taken the best part, I'm going to bloody Loretta first.
To prevent her from falling, I prepared a well-made, low-legged chair with a backrest and armrests, and pushed in the pressure points on her feet.

'Gyaaaaah!It's so good!

Just by pressing the pressure point lightly, Loretta turns her body upside down and shows a nice reaction.

'Yes. This is the basic, normal reaction.
'It's awful to be normal when you put your body on the line like this!
'I'm kind of curious.

Seeing Loretta's reaction, Norma comes in second.
......Are you a bit of a M?...... I'm thrilled.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Then, I press lightly on the treads of my feet.

'........................ mmm!

...... I feel like I'm leaking out a voice that minors shouldn't hear.
I'm not going to go any further because it's too dangerous.

...... ...... ............ ...... I'll ask you again soon.

Yeah. I bet your shoulders get really stiff making molds. That's why it hurt so much. It must have. It's nothing to do with your M-ness.

'Oh ...... ah ............ gently ......... ...do it, okay?

...... That makes sense!
I'm not sure what that means.It's not just for Millie!
For Millie, it's ............ a very, very gentle ...... touch.


It seems that Millie is in surprisingly good health. It's a good thing that you're not the only one. I'm not sure if it's because I'm ...... young?
...... Oh, no. It's not that there's anything wrong with Norma.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

'What do you want to do next?
'Well, let's see ...... that ......'.

Estella asks, looking at Jeannette and Magda.
Jeannette is in a great panic.

'The last one is level E.'
'I'll go!

Stretching out her arms, Ginette runs for office.

You're not very good at this.

'Oh, that ...... Yashiro-san?
'What is it?
'Please be gentle with ...... me.'

With a face already on the verge of tears, Jeannette puts her bare feet in front of me.
Oh ...... I want to flop ..................... ..................... No, you can't.

'Oh, um, ...... can I help you?'
'No, it's nothing!Let's go, then.'

When I grabbed the side of his head to hide my embarrassment, Jeannette let out a strange scream and folded her upper body into a 'ku' shape.

...... Huh, I thought my boobs were going to fly off.'
'They're not flying!

No, but... But then, right in front of me, there was a huge 'bang! in front of me. It seemed to ignore the perspective.

'Well, I'm going to push a little, so be careful around me.
'I don't think I can do that much damage to the people around me. ......'

Contrary to Jeannette's words, the people around her took a step back and lowered themselves, holding their heads in case something happened.

'You can't reach that far, you know!
'...... can't deny the possibility of it growing.'
'It's not going to grow!
'The manager's tits are beyond dimension.
'It's not going to exceed!

She looked at Magda and Loretta alternately.I can't do it! Ginette is furious.
Is stress the cause of your irritability?Then you can use the stomach acupuncture points at .......

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

The gynoid writhes, shaking its upper body from side to side.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
I'm not sure what to say.It's not a ...... thing!I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say.

It's so s*xy!
I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

'Yashiro, if you don't stop, Jeannette will cry!

If she doesn't cry, I want to make her cry.

'I give up, Mr. Yashiro!I can't go to ...... anymore!

I can't help it if Jeannette begs me.
Let's do this another time.

'You still have a body that looks like a storehouse of waste products.
'...... ugh ............ sorry ......... ...'

Rubbing her feet, Jeannette crouched on the floor.
She might not be able to walk for a while.

'Well, Estella.
'After what you just saw, ...... you're scary as hell ......'.

He sits down in the chair fearfully, and holds out his white, smaller-than-you'd-expected feet.
It's tiny!What is this?It's so cute!What, a child?Oh, ......, you haven't had a growth spurt yet, have you ......?

'Well, you'll be fine.
You're going to take it easy on me, aren't you?
'I don't have stiff shoulders.'
'How can you say that to me, a desk-bound man?

You're exempted from the heavy weight of the mysteries of the human body because you do more desk work than anyone else. Don't complain.

''Then let's get cracking.

When I pressed the base of my finger, ............ a kick flew at me with great force.

'That was close!

I wanted to praise myself for being able to dodge it.

'You better watch out!
'It hurts, it hurts, it hurts so much!
'I didn't push that hard. ............ gulp.'
'Ouch, ouch, ouch!

It seems that Estella's eyes were tired after all.
Eat blueberries. What?

'Hey, Yashiro!Yashiro-oo!

Because of the pain, Estella is showing some interesting movements ...... that I can't quite understand, but ............

'Moo,............, stop it,......, Yashiro-oh,...... ......'

I've been spoiled by half-crying!
Hey, someone, cook some white rice!I think I can get three bowls of rice now!

'Oh, oh... ............ I can't help it... ......'

I feel a little embarrassed to be touching Estella's little feet.

......Next time, we'll do it again slowly.

'...... Finally, Magda.
'Oh, ............, don't sit on my lap, sit in the chair across from me.

Magda sits on my lap with Stone, as usual.
You can't do that.

'You can put your ears on .......'
'That wouldn't be a punishment, would it?
'...... Beastmen's ears rival their tits.'
'You ...... bring that up now?'

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.I'm sure you'll agree.
Well, they all gave me the same answer: 'The boobs are just a metaphor, so if it's okay with you, it's okay.
They said it was a little more intimate skinship than stroking her hair or giving her a hug.

'So, you're an ear.
'...... can't help it. I'm ready for this. Anytime you're ready.'

What a farce.
The truth is, I know that foot pressure points don't work so well on Magda.
Magda says it's because she's a beastman hunter, but ...... she's very resistant to pain. The tickle is more likely to win, and Magda doesn't like foot pressure points very much.

So I guess I don't have to take the time to do it.
I fluffed the cat ears that were shaking expectantly in front of me.

'............ Mwah!

Magda shouted in a good mood, and the punishment game was over.