29-Episode 27 How to Use Corn


Jeannette is screaming strangely in the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion.

'Something's popping!

Shaking the frying pan with the lid on, Jeannette was so frightened that her back was completely turned. But if she didn't shake the pan firmly and spread the heat evenly, it would burn.

'Don't worry, you won't die. Don't worry about it, just keep going.
'Ho, ho, ho!

He was so scared that his reply sounded like an idiot.

The frying pan, which had been emitting a dry, crunchy sound, suddenly started to make a popping sound, and it began to resound intermittently, one after another, like a wildfire.
No wonder Jeannette was on the verge of tears.
When I first made it, I remember being quite scared that it would explode.
The popping sound that hit the lid of the frying pan echoed incessantly, and then gradually decreased in frequency.

The area was filled with the indescribable aroma of burnt butter.

Magda and Estella, who had initially entered the kitchen to see what would happen, were now evacuating the kitchen.
Bertina, who had eaten all the naan, pizza, and okonomiyaki while we were gone, was waiting in the dining room, asking us to bring her the food when it was ready.
Umaro left just as we came back. He said he had to get ready for work. ...... said that he would probably be off tomorrow, too.

So, it's just me and Jeannette in the kitchen. And then there's Yap Lock, looking pale and ready to faint, and Wuerer, who is devotedly supporting her husband. There are six of us, including Cheryl, who is excited by the sound of the rupture, and Tot, who is desperately trying to hold back her raging sister.
The wife and son here are a good wife and a good brother.

'Ya, Yashiro-san...... sound stopped ............. ...... ......'

With tears in her eyes, Jeannette reports back.

'Now, transfer it to a bowl.'

I handed her a wooden bowl, but Ginette couldn't ............ take it.
Her hands were shaking so badly. I think she was really scared. It ...... couldn't be helped.

'Cheryl, Tot. Come here for a minute.'

Cheryl approached me cheerfully, while Tot approached me cautiously.
I take the frying pan and hold it in front of the two children's faces.
Then, I slowly opened the lid.


The kids gave me the best reaction, their eyes sparkling.
The delicious scent of butter spread all at once, and the pan was filled with fluffy, white food that had not been there before.
The children were so excited by the sight.

'Wow!What's this?
'It smells so good: ......'

Hmmm. This reaction ............ will sell!

I transfer the popcorn to a bowl and sprinkle lightly with salt. Now the salted butter popcorn is ready.

'That looks delicious.
'I bet it does. Why don't you try some ......?'
'Yes, I'd love to!

I thought it was Jeannette and spoke to her, but ...... it was Bertina standing there with a big smile on her face.

'Wasn't she in that ...... diner ......?'
'I smelled something nice. When I came to, I found myself here.

You're moving instantly!

'I want to eat!
'Me, too!

The kids crowd me.

'...... interesting'.
'Heh, ...... is a strange thing to change.'

Magda and Estella, who had taken refuge earlier, seemed to have returned at the scent of ...... these guys.

'Our corn has taken on this shape......'
'It's strange.

Looking into the bowl, Yaplock and Wuerer have complicated expressions on their faces.
They may be uncomfortable with the fact that the corn is not just corn, but has been altered in a strange way. But I'm sure they'll understand when they eat it.

So, the biggest contributor is Jeannette. ......

'...... Can you stand up?
'I'm sorry, I'm ...... out of it. ......'

He slumped to the kitchen floor, his knees shaking.
Was he that scared?

'Since you worked the hardest, ...... I'll give you the right to eat first.'
'Really, thank you very much.'

A smile returned to Ginette's face, which had been exhausted.
The bowl was offered to him, but ...... his hands were shaking and he couldn't grasp it well.

'Oh, ............ that, I don't mind if I eat later ......'.

'So, I'll be the oldest, ......'.
'Bertina-san, take two steps back!

Bertina showed some resistance to my words, but she took two steps back when I muttered, 'I won't give it to you. I'm not going to give it to you,' she muttered, and took two steps back. ...... This person's appetite ...... is outrageous.

But it's freshly made. It would be a shame to let it get cold.
It can't be helped. ......

'Here, Jeannette. Open your mouth.
'Huh?............ Ah, ah. ............ So, then... ...excuse me ............ ahhhh.'

Ginette closes her eyes tightly and opens her mouth wide.
Then I pick up a piece of popcorn and throw it in.
Startled by the foreign object in her mouth, Jeannette quickly closes her mouth and chews.
There is a small crunching sound, and ...... Jeannette's eyes begin to sparkle.

'...... Don't talk with things in your mouth.'

Ginette chews on a piece of popcorn over and over again, savoring it.
...... You don't understand.

You don't understand.

He grabs a handful of popcorn from the bowl and throws it into his mouth.
His cheeks puffed up, he chewed dynamically.
Yes, it's delicious!

'Z, that's not fair, Yashiro-san!I'll have one!
'...... Magda, I'm ready.
'Wow, that's some very interesting food.

Apparently the crowd's patience was running out.

'Well, here you go. Bon appétit, ...... nuh-uh-uh-uh!

Before I could finish my sentence, arms reached out from all directions and snatched the popcorn in the bowl.
Here and there, you can hear the light sounds of crunching, crunching, and crunching.

'I'll have another bite, too.

Ginette's trembling arms and legs seem to have stopped, and she grabs a handful of popcorn with her slender fingers and pours it into her mouth with gusto.


So don't talk while you have stuff in your mouth. ......

'Yashiro...... polypoly...... what the hell is going on with this...... polypoly......? What's going on? ...those little grains ...... polypoly ...... turned into this big white thing ...... polypoly ...... polypoly? ............ polypoly?'
'Aah!That's so depressing!Either eat it or talk about it!Also, the last question was polygonal too!'

They couldn't stop, they couldn't stop, and in no time at all they had eaten a whole bowl of popcorn.

'...... Manager, another one.
'What?You're going to do that scary thing again?

The merciless Magda is about to abuse Jeannette.
...... Do it yourself.

'It makes a lot of noise, but it's not very dangerous.
'...... There's some, isn't there?

Of course there's some. As long as the fire is lit.

'It fits with Estella's question, so I'll explain.

With that, I put a dozen or so kernels of exploding corn into the re-buttered pan.
Turn on the fire and heat it up. No lid.

'The hard-skinned exploding seeds can be made ...... by heating them like this.'

Poof!and a grain in the frying pan bursts open.
Everyone in the room shook their shoulders.

'This is how the water vapor inside the fruit expands and bursts, causing it to pop.

While I was explaining, the cones in the frying pan burst one after another, and some even popped out of the pan.

'...... Amu!Nice catch.

Magda catches the popcorn that has popped out of the frying pan with her mouth.
As expected of the cat family, he is very dexterous.

In a matter of minutes, all the corn in the frying pan was transformed into white, fluffy popcorn.

'It's like watching magic: ......'

Yap Lock, who was staring at the scene, seemed to be unable to believe what had just happened in front of his eyes, and his expression hardened.

'As expected of the Dream Rebirth Guild .......'
'I told you to stop that!

It's a garbage collection guild!
You can reclaim your dreams yourself!

'Well, I'll make you another one.'
'Hmm?What's up, Magda?
'...... Magda, I'll do it.'

In spite of his usual vacant eyes, Magda's eyebrows were raised and he extended his arms. As if to say, 'Give me the frying pan.

'Can you do it?

'...... remembered'.

Well, it's not that hard, just put the lid on and shake the pan. ......

'......If it becomes a menu item in the future, we need people who can make it.

Heh. ......
I'm sure you're thinking about the future with Magda.
That's true. The more people who can help when the menu expands, the higher the turnover rate will be.
You're small, but you care about such things. ......

'Okay, go ahead. But be very careful.'
'...... I'll take care of it.'

I put the butter in, throw in the corn, and hand the pan to Magda.

'...... Whoever makes it gets to eat first.'

As soon as I put the frying pan on the fire, Magda muttered these words. ......I guess he was just jealous that Jeannette got to eat first. ............

'...... Magda's bite is huge.'

You're not going to keep it all to yourself, are you ......?

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you're not looking for. ......
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm going to make tortillas using the other ingredient I got, corn flour.
There are many ways to make tortillas. However, it is not good to be too particular. So, I'll make a simple tortilla without letting the dough rise.
Mix lukewarm water and salt with corn flour and knead until the dough is about the consistency of earlobe. If you don't alkalize the dough with lime, it's hard to get niacin or other vitamins, but you can make up for it elsewhere at ....... There is no lime.

Roll out the dough thinly and cook it on both sides in a frying pan until it is crispy.
Since it will be devoured like an idiot anyway, I'll make a large quantity.

'Mr. Yashiro. Is there anything I can help you with?'

Shrugging my shoulders at the sound of the popcorn popping, Ginette came up next to me and offered to help.
But she's teary-eyed, perhaps afraid of the sound.

'Well, I think I'll have you make me some salsa sauce.
'Salsa sauce, sir?
'It's too bad for the monkeys. Don't do that.'
'......, eh?'
'Cut the tomatoes into cubes, mince the onion and garlic. ...... And squeeze half a lemon over it.'

While I'm cooking the tortillas, the ingredients are being assembled with amazing finesse.
This is not good. I'm being chased. ...... I don't like this feeling of being rushed.

'Yashiro-san. It's done. What should we do next?'
'I want you to sing and dance a mysterious dance.
'Yes, sir. I understand, ......?What's the point?

I don't like to be chased. Do something appropriate to pass the time.

'Shall we change the task then?
'Yes, you may. Cook it until it's crispy on both sides.'
'Yes, sir.

We switch places, and I move on to making salsa.
However, all I have to do is simmer what Ginette has prepared in a pot.
Sauté the onions and garlic, add the tomatoes and olive oil, cook for a while, remove from the heat, and add a lot of lemon juice and salt to taste. That's all.

The salsa sauce with a refreshing acidity is ready.

The next step is to make tacos using minced chicken from the poultry farms.
The minced meat is simmered with seasonings, and when it is light, it is taken off the heat.

The tacos are then placed in tortillas with vegetables and served with salsa sauce.

'Hey, is it ready ............?

I turned around and was mortified.

There was a stupidly large pile of popcorn on the floor.
There are six bowls, each filled to overflowing with popcorn.
...... Don't you know the limits?

'It's strange to the touch, easy to eat, and the taste is addictive. ............ I wouldn't call it a meal, but I think it's good food.'

It's not a meal, but it's a good food.' Bertina puffed up her cheeks and lectured.
...... I mean, how can you speak so smoothly in that state?You're too handy.

'Yashiro-san. The tortillas are ready. ...... That's a lot of food!

Jeannette was also surprised.

'Jeannette. You'd better eat it soon or it'll be gone.

Are we going to run out of these? ......

The Yap Lock family is also mindlessly devouring the popcorn.

'I can't believe that our corn can be turned into something so delicious. ...... It's like magic. ...... Yashiro is a miracle worker. ...... '

I wish you would stop your disgusting worship.
I'm not the one who invented popcorn.
Maybe it was someone else.

But these people ...... can throw a popcorn party all they want ...... even though I'm making the food ....... ...... Okay, fine, fine, fine. You can eat your fill.
I'll show you what I'm made of. ...... I'll show you what I'm made of. ............ Mmm-hmm.

I changed my expression and began to speak with a fresh voice that showed no trace of the black emotions swirling in the pit of my stomach.

'Okay, now for the tacos. Tortillas are not classified as 'bread' by the Church. That's right, Miss Bertina.'

...... How much are you into popcorn?
You're the American generation of the 80's. You were into Frisbees and American crackers.
Oh well. He doesn't care about anything but eating.
Then let's keep him quiet until the food is ready.

'Ginette, bring me some leafy greens.
'Yes, sir.

I put the lettuce and diced tomatoes that I bought from Mormat on a tortilla, topped it with a generous portion of minced meat, and wrapped the tortilla around the filling. Then dip it in salsa sauce and bite into it.

...... Yes!That's pretty good for an impromptu meal.

Let's eat.

Bertina was the first one to reach for it.
What is really going on with her stomach?
Also, I really wish someone would teach her the word 'modest'.
I mean, he's been away from the church for a long time, but I wonder if the kids are okay.

Following Bertina's lead, Yap Lock reaches out his hand.
I guess he's curious to see what kind of food his corn has turned into.

'This is ............ that corn turned into such a rich taste ......'.
'It's delicious, my dear.

It seems to be a hit with this family.


I felt a gaze on me and turned my head to see ...... Tot staring at me with envy.
A glint of light shone from his eyes.
...... Stop it. Don't look at me like that. If you admire me, you'll end up a fraud.

'Yashiro-san. Are you going to add this to the menu at the Sunlit Pavilion?'
'Yes, but ...... you don't like it?'
'No way, sir!

Jeannette's tension was getting very high.
She put her face close to mine, grabbed both my hands, and took a step, two steps, three steps towards me.
So close, so close!

'I'm so thrilled to have such a delicious dish on the menu!
'Oh, I see. ...... That's good. All right, just calm down. ......'

I was being pushed towards the wall.
If Jeannette puts her hand on the wall, it will be a great wall-don. The ...... positions are reversed, though.

'What ..................?I'm so sorry!

Ginette's face turns bright red as she considers her situation.
She hurriedly jumped back and got farther away from me than necessary.
It's the speed of a small animal running away.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

I'm feeling rather lucky.
However, it is not comfortable for Jeannette to be so embarrassed. Let's digress and buy Ginette some time to cool down.

'How's Estella?
'Yeah. Not bad.'

You're talking up a storm, this one.

'It looks good with grilled salmon.'
'No, it doesn't.'

It's a Japan-Mexico joint production. ...... By the way, 'ink' is 'inkan', which means 'Mexico'.

'Magda. What about you?
'...... I haven't eaten.'
'Hmm?Didn't your taste buds like it?'
'...... I'm full.'

Well, that's what you get for eating so much popcorn.

Judging by the looks on their faces as they ate their tacos, it seemed to be well received.
Ideally, it should be in a position where people want to eat it often and for a long time, rather than raving about it.
You don't have to eat tacos, you can eat tortillas alone as a staple food.

Mainly rice, sometimes tortillas. Sometimes okonomiyaki, that's about right.

'Well, .........'

When Estella, the Yaploks, and even the big boss Bertina started to show signs of satiety on their faces, I dropped the butter into the pan again.

'Yashiro-san, are you still cooking something?

Jeannette shouted in surprise when she saw what I was doing.

'We can't eat anything else.

Estella says in a dull voice, leaning against the sink.
She rubs her belly, trying to calm her stomach a little.
Behind Estella, Bertina shakes her head in agreement.

'Besides, we have to leave soon. ...... I'm worried about the children of the church. ......'

What are you talking about?
You've been eating as much as you want.

It was already past dusk.
The last bell has rung, and the sun will soon go down completely.

'No, what. I couldn't eat much, so, popcorn. Make some for yourself. You don't have to eat it.'

When I said this, a sigh of relief escaped from everyone.
They all seemed to be at their limits.

'Bertina and the Yaplocks can go home now. Oh, Estella too. Or rather, you'd better go home soon. You might end up regretting it.'

I say with a cool face.
As if to show my kindness.

'...... That's kind of a tricky thing to say.

As I said, Estella was caught off guard and reacted to my tone.

'No, you really should go home early.
'You're not trying to turn me away, are you?
'You're thinking too much. I'm just worried about you guys. The streets are dangerous at night.'
'No. I don't think Jashiro cares about that.'

That's what he said. ...... He's so rude.

'Isn't there something you want to keep a secret from us?
'I want to keep it a secret. ............ Hmmm ......'

The corn in the pan popped just as I slurred my words.
The high-pitched sound of the hard corn kernels hitting the metal lid echoed.
Estella's mouth dropped shut at the sound of the popping. She must have lost her chance to speak.
Well, that was part of the calculation. You blew up at the right time.

Estella and everyone else in the room is watching my actions. While many of them were wondering, only Jeannette had a worried expression on her face.
'Oh, is he going to do something again? ......', she seemed to be thinking something like that.

I ignored all of those stares and moved on to the next step.
Making the sauce.

I melted the honey I had gotten from Yap Lock, and brought it to a boil with butter and a little milk. When the honey has become smooth and silky, remove it from the heat.
Then, when the popcorn is no longer popping, I remove it from the pan, transfer it to a bowl, and pour the ...... sauce over it.
This is a great way to make sure that the popcorn is not crushed. The sweet aroma of the popcorn spread throughout the area.

'......This is ............'

Ginette and Magda choked on their sweet tooth.
Estella and Bertina are also watching my work without blinking.
And the children of the Yaplok family come right up next to me, stretching and peering at my work.

In fact, it tastes even better when it cools down a bit and becomes crispy. ............

'It's done!The honey popcorn is ready!
'Let's eat it!
'Yashiro, some for me!
'Yashiro-san, may I have one too?
'...... Magda held off on the tacos for this!
'I want to eat it!
'Big brother, I want one too!
'...... Oh, God, ............'
'Look at you. My corn is shining like gold. ......'

That was a huge bite.

No, wait, wait!
You guys are too full to eat anymore, right?
That's why I was going to show off my top-grade popcorn in front of you guys. ......

Is their stomach inexhaustible?

The first to reach for the honey was Bertina, who was still hot from the honey.It's hot! She struggled with the still hot honey, but brought it to her mouth.

'...... What a surprise. This is the blessing of the earth bestowed by the spirit gods, isn't it?

--I don't know what it is, but he started praying.
No, this is a common snack in Japan.

'Oh ............ it's so good ............'.
'...... Magda, I was born to meet this.'
'This is ............ me, I think I like this.'

The three girls are engrossed in their popcorn.
Come to think of it, I don't think there are many sweets in this city.
I've only seen Imagawa-yaki. Well, if there is bean jam, there must be sugar, and if you look for it, you can probably find it somewhere.
However, it may be difficult to find them in the 42nd district.
If that's the case, this honey popcorn would be a very powerful weapon, wouldn't it?

'............, you guys!I thought you were full!

There's hardly any left for me.

'...... sweets are another thing.'

Hey, Magda.
Are you sure you've never been in Japan?I mean, the idea sounds very Japanese to me.
I guess there's such a thing as a separate stomach in other worlds.

Yachiro!This is a treasure!

Cheryl picks up a piece of honey popcorn and makes it sparkle in the lantern light.

'No, you can eat this anytime you want, so just eat it.
'It's so pretty.
'Even if you keep it, it won't be pretty tomorrow. Eat it while it's clean.'

Convinced, Cheryl popped the popcorn into her mouth and smiled meltingly.

'Oh my goodness!

This is the same reaction as Ginette's.
In other words, Jeannette has the same thought process as a five-year-old as Cheryl.
Yes, that makes sense.

'I see. ...... So Yashiro was going to keep this all to himself. You're a tricky man, aren't you?

Estella complained as she mumbled, but ...... it's not looking good.

The mission is a failure.
I underestimated how nasty these guys are.

'Yashiro-san!Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, ......!
'Calm down . You're eating too much popcorn and you look like a chicken!'
'Here, do you think they'll put this on the menu too?
'Well, we can make a good amount of it at a low cost. It's okay to include it.
'I did it!Hooray!'

Ginette is very excited.
Magda is also quietly hailing.
Well, I'm glad you liked it.


But there was one person who looked unhappy.

'......This popcorn is ............ dangerous......'

Bertina's face is pale.
Did something bad happen to her?

'What's the matter, Sister?

Ginette rushed over to Bertina.

...... Her whole body is trembling slightly.

I'm not sure what that means.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you out.

'.................. oh'.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.
And ............

'......My stomach hurts.'
'You've eaten too much!

It was completely my own fault.
It proved that Bertina's stomach was not inexhaustible.

'...... It's not. No matter how much delicious food you eat, you won't get a stomachache. ......'
'No, you will. ......'

He kind of crouched down and started to torment me.

'...... It's so good, I can't eat any more. ............ It's right in front of me, but I can't eat it. It is an unforgivable sin, an atrocity... ...... that only the nose is happy and the mouth is unhappy. ............ .........Yashiro, repent!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

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