276-Episode 188 Before I go home,

Tracy and Nene's part-time job, during which they ate curry in tears, has come to an end.
We can't keep them in custody forever.
After the peak of the day, their work came to an end.

After this, they would return to Estella's mansion to talk about lordly matters, and then send them back to District 27.

Natalia, who had returned to Estella's mansion earlier than me, should have made all the necessary preparations by the time I went to check on DOKE-ru No. 1. I guess we can leave the rest to her.

'Thank you very much for your help. It was a really good time.'

Tracy gives me a reverent bow.
She is very gracious, and her gratitude is clearly evident.

Her first part-time job seemed to be a fun experience for her.

'I can't thank you enough, Oba-sama and everyone else,' she said.

I can't thank you enough,' she said, bowing deeply.
Nene is still a bit unreliable as a head waiter, but her face seems to have changed.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of work.

This part-time job will be a major turning point for Nene.
What does it mean to follow Tracy, and when does Tracy want to be followed? Once you get a feel for these things, your body will do the rest.
It's not that Nene is a bad waiter by nature. He's just been reluctant so far.
Fear is the result of a growing anxiety about the unknown.
The 'might' part of 'I might get yelled at' stems from fear, and it can be dispelled by habituation.

Perhaps Nene will be okay now.

'If things go back to normal as soon as we get back to District 27, ............ we'll send Jeannette, okay?
'No, I'm fine!Hey, hey?Nene-san!
'Yes, yes!It'll be fine, I'm sure, maybe ......'
'Maybe .......'
'No, I'm sure!

We've got a deal.
If the "tantrum princess" and the "disease of not wanting to be angry" come back when you return to District 27, you'll get a double whammy of foot pressure points and the "judgment of the spirits.
If they think so, they will try to prevent it from happening again.
This is a good example of how to use the Judgment of the Spirits. Yeah.

'Yashiro......, are you using the Spirit God as well......'
'That's outrageous. Since it can be used for the good of others, I'm sure the spirit gods would love it.
'That's what scares me, you ......'.

Estella has a strong tendency to flirt with power, doesn't she?
She needs to be exposed to more lords and royalty to build up her tolerance.
If she shies away or shrinks, a hierarchical relationship may be formed.
In negotiations, the one who gets the mount position wins. There is no need to be sneaky. There is no need to be shy.

'You should be more brazen.
'I'd like you to be a little more sensitive.

What are you saying to me, a man who is sensitive to the subtleties of other people's hearts?
There aren't many men as sensitive as me.
After all, I'm so sensitive that I can tell the size of a dress by the sound of the cloth rubbing against it. ...... I'll spare you the details of what size it is.

I'm not going to tell you what size it is, but thanks to you all, I was able to spend a very peaceful time. And my throat doesn't hurt.

Tracy smiles mischievously.
She doesn't yell, so her throat doesn't feel the strain. But that was probably a joke.

'Really, I've been shouting at you for things that don't need to be ...... shouted at, Nene, I'm sorry.
'That's not true ......!

At Tracey's apology, Nene hurriedly turned her body around to face Tracey, denying with all her might.

'I understand that it was all for my own good!It's not that I'm sorry for what I've done,......, but I'm sorry for what I've done,......, and I'm sorry for being ungrateful,......!

In the event that you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your business, you'll be able to get the most out of it.

'Look, look, Nene. Your negative thoughts are showing in your words again. You're going to get your feet crushed again.

Nene, who had been on the verge of tears, trembled, shrunk, and unconsciously distanced herself from Jeannette.
Jeannette was slightly shocked by this, but it's just an after-effect of the foot hustle. You'll have to take it in stride.

'Oh, um, I'm not being negative. Thanks to you, I've become much more positive and I'm sure I'll change for the better in the future.

Even if it's not so much a statement of confidence, Nene seems to be making the most of her time here in her own way. She showed me her enthusiasm.

'Don't call yourself a "rag" anymore.

Estella says teasingly.
When we first met, you were so negative and called yourself a 'rag', weren't you, Nene?
Nene smiles in embarrassment at being ridiculed like that.

'Yes. I don't think of myself that way anymore. From now on, I will be like a clean, freshly grated rag, worthy of the McCurry family!

'So you're a rag after all!
'Yes, no!Positively!I've never heard of a dominant person expressing excitement when using a brand new rag, but it's strangely convincing.

'...... Magda dares to wipe the spilt milk with a brand new rag.
I'm sure you'll agree.I'm not sure what to do with it.
'...... such a rag and Nene are equal.
'Wow, ...... is a stinky foreman ......'
'I feel like I'm being told a terrible thing!

'I don't feel like it, I'm being made fun of completely.

'Ahhh, it's Estella's fault ......'
'Why is it my fault?I mean, I'm the one who suggested it, but come on.

Nene is fuming, and Tracy is laughing at her.
Just a few days ago, a scene like this would have elicited an angry outcry.
Truly, I've been surprisingly inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of this sunny pavilion.

'That ...... everyone'.

Ginette spoke up fearfully.
I guess she's trying not to scare me, since I'm in a position where she's unusually scared of me.
We often see this kind of scene after a hustle and bustle at the footstool.

'Hey, guys. Listen to him. Jeannette wants to finish off the foot massage.''
''No, no, no!Yashiro-san!

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
No, because. It's not every day that you get a chance to play with something like this.

I'd like you two to try some of our coffee.

I've already told Jeannette that the 27th district is a coffee bean production area.
So, I guess she wanted to have someone from the real world drink the coffee from the Sunlit Pavilion.

'This is the first time you've served me coffee, isn't it?
'I'd be happy to.

Both Tracey and Nene looked happy.
To them, coffee was something to be served to guests, not something to be served.

With all the customers gone, the air in the sunlit pavilion is quiet and relaxed.
Tracy and Nene, who have changed their positions from part-time waitresses to customers, take their seats, and Ginette and Loretta enter the kitchen.

'It's a bit unsettling, isn't it?
'So this is what our guests have been seeing.

They sit down and look around the restaurant.
Perhaps it was because they had been sitting in the corner facing the wall when they ate their bribes that they found it unusual to sit and look around the restaurant.

'Oh, that's right. You can stop calling me 'san' now.

Both of them had largely stopped their sudden onset of bad habits.
Tracy wouldn't yell at me anymore even if I stopped calling her 'sir'.
Nene can continue to call me 'Master Tracy' as before. That's what you'll call her when you return to District 27.

You can call me 'sir' or 'sir' as you like.

When I gave my permission, Tracy and Nene looked at each other and threw a reserved glance at the other.

'Nene, Nene, you go first. Please try calling me.
'No, no. I'll start with Tracy. ...... Servants are supposed to follow their masters.
'Well, I'll tell you who it is. From Nene, please.
'I'm afraid I'm going to have to take precedence over the Lord,.......'
'Nene, ......?
'Even if you look scared, you can't do what you can't do.

The two of them stared at each other with an acrimonious air that they had never shown before,...... or rather, they were staring at each other.

''What are you staring at so much, both of you?
''Because as soon as we stop using ...... 'san', we're going to be kidnapped by the manager .......''
''Oh, um, am I that scary?

Ginette came back with a cup of coffee and looked like she was about to cry.
Oh, I see.
I guess you're too scared to stop calling me 'sir' while you're in here.
Pavlov's dog-like effect.........

'Ugh, ...... is coffee.'

Ginette puts the coffee down in front of us with a wistful look on her face.
It smells so good, it fills our lungs with happiness.

'It smells great,......,' she said, 'and I feel euphoric, like I'm luxuriating in it, and I wish I could be that kind of person,......!

No matter how hard you try, in the end it's still a rag.
I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.

'...... A brand-new rag gets dirtier the more you use it. ............ In other words, it expresses your desire to be dirtied.
'Wow, Nene, you're a dominatrix.'
'No, no, no!I've never done anything like that.

Psychologically, you are a rag.

'You must have a good roasting technique.

Ginette's smile returned to her face when she heard this comment.
Being praised for her coffee is also a praise for her grandfather.

'It's refreshing and easy to drink.
'It has a nice aftertaste. There's no astringency or bitterness, just a long-lasting aroma. ......'

Ginette's coffee soothes the mouth and stomach after a meal. That's what it tastes like.

'I hope you'll try this one too!

Next, Loretta brings me a cup of coffee.
This is the coffee blend I taught her.

'This one has a different flavor.

Tracy says after taking a sip of the black coffee.
She seems to be enjoying the coffee, as if she is really 'tasting' it.

'The bitterness is pronounced and the taste is crisp.

Nene also seems to have a keen eye for coffee, and is able to pinpoint fine differences in taste.
They were born and raised in a coffee production area.

Estella doesn't know the difference because she puts a lot of milk in both of them and sweetens them with sugar.

'Both of them have a different taste from our coffee. I'd love to learn how to brew it.
'In that case, please visit .......'

Ginette was about to say something, but when she saw my face, she stopped speaking.

'Please come and have a drink as often as you like. You may find out the secret of the taste in time.

After saying that, he flicked his tongue at me.
As if to say, 'Mr. Yashiro has been infected.

What's that?
It's still too sweet.
But I'll give you credit for not casually sharing your recipe.
What other people want is what makes money. If you want to know, you have to pay a reasonable amount of money.

'...... Don't be surprised yet.

Magda, who entered the kitchen after Ginette and Loretta, appeared late.
In the tray in his hand was a cup of coffee jelly - well, if you're going to talk about coffee in the 42nd district, you can't start without it.

'...... Come on, to the dazzling wonderland of enchantment.

With these words, the coffee jelly was handed out to everyone.
Estella is smiling, clearly happier than she was with the first two coffees. ...... Your child's tongue.

'What is this, sir?
'The coffee is frozen!

Tracy and Nene are surprised.
We're just smiling at each other.

We scoop up the coffee jelly with whipped cream and gently bring it to our mouths.

''How dare you!

I hold my mouth elegantly and let out a marvel.

''I've never tasted anything like this before.
''But you can still taste the coffee.
'It's light, ...... bitter, and ...... sweet.'
'It's a fashionable food. ...... As expected of the 42nd district ......, it's a city ruled by the 'Lord of Smiles'.'
'I'm glad you like it, Lord of Smiles. I'm glad to hear your praise.'
'......As expected, the Lord of Smiles.'
'The 'Lord of Smiles' who rules the 42nd district is different from the rest.
'For now, Yashiro, Magda, Loretta ...... shut up.'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
You can't help it if you're looking at me like that.
I'll have to show the people of District 42 my Conversation Record. I want them to know what their lord is called.

'I'd love to import this dessert!It's unbearable that such a delicious coffee is not available in the twenty-seventh district, as a person from the ...... land of specialty coffee!
'Oh, but ...... the coffee jelly was Yashiro's idea, so ............ you'll get ripped off.'

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
I'm not sure what you mean by "ripped off". ...... Isn't that obvious?

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time and money.
'...... Yashiro is going to take over the 27th district.'
'Big brother, are you finally going to become a lord? ......'
'Eh, um, Yashiro won't ...... do that, will he?

Ginette is right. It's a pain in the ass for anyone to become a lord.
But it is quite beneficial to be able to manipulate the lords of other districts from behind the scenes. ...... Hmmm.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

I'm sure you know that, but I'm nailing it just in case. ...... Estella says it like that.
The ...... eyes are a little more serious.

'So, I'm going to go over there and try to steal that process.
'Yes, you're right. You should try it out.

Tracy and Ginette exchange a sly smile.
'Well, if you really go through the motions a few times, I'm sure Ginette will let you in on it.

'I'll tell you right now, if you'll vote in our favor in the BU majority.

I'll say something like that, just to see.
But, as expected, Tracy shook her head with a wry smile.

'As a lord, I have a duty to protect the lives of my people. I can't act selfishly based on my personal feelings or interests.

He softly advised me that such a bribe would not work.

'But if I think it's in the best interest of the people, I'll vote in your favor. Even if it means conflicting with the other lords.

I'm willing to defy the phenomenon of syncretism and resist the pressure to syncretism.
It was great to get those words out of Tracy's mouth.
Although it was only for a short time, the experience here may have given Tracy the opportunity to stand up for herself.

'Well, I know how a lord wants to take care of his people,' she said. I can't force you to do anything about it.

The lords must have something in common.
Estella and Tracy exchanged glances and smiled at each other.

'Then how about a cuddle ticket with Estella?
'Wait a minute, please!...... I'll think of something now. ......!
'Miss Tracy?

I'm not going to act selfishly based on my personal feelings or interests. ......
Tracy begins to hold her head in silent contemplation, like a little monk with a penchant for cunning.
No, if you listen carefully, she's mumbling something.

'......There is a possibility that my happiness will directly lead to the happiness of my people. ............'

That's not true.
If you sleep with Estella and the people go 'Yee-hoo! If you sleep with Estella and the people go 'Yee-hoo!', then District 27 will be seriously ill and it will be too late.

'Oh, um, Mr. Obayashi,......, it's very, very unfortunate, but I still think that weighing my personal happiness against the lives of my people is ......'.
'Sleeping tickets, ten-pack'
'I'm sorry, I need a little more time!
'Don't let your mind wander, Tracy!

As a fellow lord, Estella plans to discourage Tracy from giving in to temptation.
But she doesn't say, 'I'll give you as many tickets as you want! But she won't say that.
I guess he's always looking out for his own best interests.

'You selfish bastard.
'I don't want you to be the only one who says that.

The irresistible Estella stares at me. I'm not afraid of that.


Nene gently calls out to Tracy as she holds her head.
It's the duty of the head waiter to follow up at times like this.

'If you want to sleep with me, I'll be happy to do so as much as you want.

Nene looks at Tracy with a gentle smile.
It's a smile that clearly shows that she cares for Tracy, while at the same time being maternal and cute like a sister.
With such a smile on her face, Tracy replies with a few short words.

'Why do you say that?We used to sleep together in the past!
'Nene is a bad sleeper, so she can't sleep well.
'Yes, that may be the case, but ......'.
'On that note, Estella-sama must have a sleeping position like a goddess.

I'm not sure what kind of outfit a goddess wears when she sleeps,......, but Estella's strained, failed smile suggests she's a pretty bad sleeper.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.
'No, that's not true!How old do you think I was? We used to sleep together when we were very young!
'Tracy-sama had big tits since she was six!

Somehow, Estella, who had nothing to do with this, was damaged.
Estella was crouched down, unable to move.

''That's because it's an unavoidable force majeure. If that's the case, even Estella-sama should have something like that!
'''No, no, no, no.'''
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

I'm sure you'll agree. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.
'It's not my fault.

It's not my fault.' It was Nene who brought up the subject of boobs.
And I wasn't the only one who got in on it.
See, I'm responsible for less than 10% of the total.

'...... can't be helped. Because this is the 42nd ward, the city of boobs.
'That's just Gilberta's own words!
'No, no. There's a rumor that's been circulating in the 27th district as well.
''Really?Tracy, you're kidding, right?
'Well, it's just a rumor.

With her limbs on the floor, Estella sagged down.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'd like to think so. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
That's fine.

'...... Yashiro. The way you're staring at me right now is really annoying.
'Can you please stop taking it out on me?
'Can you please not say that with a half smile?Look, your shoulders are shaking!

If you're a lord who cares about his people, you shouldn't take it out on me.

'Come on, let's go, Tracy-san!

Urged on by a teary-eyed Estella, Tracy and Nene begin to prepare for departure.

'Manager, everyone. Thank you for taking care of us for such a short time.
'Thank you very much.

Tracy and Nene bow their heads together.

'If the vice comes back, call me right away. Ginette and I will come and see you.'
'Dada,......, it's okay,......, Nene,.......'
'Hi, Mochiron desuto mo, Toreshi-san......'
'Oh, um, it's okay!I don't do it that hard in other places.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ...... 'Please come back again' sounds like a terrible thing to say.

'If I have something I want to tell you, I'll send an errand to Mahr and use that Tohdokeru No. 1.
'That's right. I'm sure it'll go over faster that way.

The relationship between Tracy and Mael seems to be good, and as long as you don't make a big deal out of it, there's no problem in having them use DODOKE-ru No. 1.
...... Though I wouldn't recommend you to owe Mahr too much.

'So, I'll be leaving now.
'Thank you very much for all your help.

I see them off to the garden as they leave the sunlit pavilion.

'...... You can come and help us anytime.'
'Yes, sir. The two of you are important junior part-timers for us!

...... Is that something you'd be happy to do?
No matter who you are or who the lord is, these guys are always the same.
For better or worse, that's the kind of place the sunlit pavilion is.

'Mr. Obayashi. If you're going to District 24, please keep that in mind.

Finally, Tracy tells me something very important.

'The Lord of District 24 is a stubborn and stubborn man who is willing to disrupt unity for the sake of his own ideas. It may be difficult to break him down through ...... dialogue alone.'

He is a selfish old man who participates in the BU but keeps to himself.
I'm sure you've heard of it. It is possible for them to be strong.

If you only listen to him, he's a troublesome opponent.
But Merle gave the go-ahead. There must be a reason for that.
It's worth a try.

Above all, ......

'If you don't like me just because I talk to you, then why don't you like me?

Tracy, the "tantrum princess," happened to be a fan of Estella's and opened the door to dialogue.
As a result, I found out that she wanted to fix her tantrum habit, and I took advantage of that.

It would have been impossible to make them trust me so much if I had taken a straightforward approach.
At least, not to the extent that they would have leaked the information in the BU.

'We'll do everything we can ...... to help.

Tracy smiled back at me, even though I thought I'd given her a very nasty look.

'If the city becomes what Mr. Obayashi wants it to be, maybe a lot of things will change in BU.

Tracy left with meaningful words that showed a hint of hope.
The kind of city I want.
I wonder what kind of city she imagined.

What kind of city do I want? ...... I don't even know.

As I was leaving, Estella sent me this request.

'Please write a letter to Mahr. Write a letter to Mahr so he can get an invitation to the lord of the 24th district.

--I thought that was your job.

You'll owe Ma'ru a debt in my name, but ...... I've agreed to do this work because I think I owe Estella more than enough to compensate for it.