275-Episode 187 Signs of Improvement

'Me, pudding a la mode!
'I'll have another pudding here!
'One pudding!
'You guys, eat your food!

The carpenters who came to ...... the sunlit pavilion with us are staring at Tracy with their nostrils wide open.
I'm sure you've already seen Tracy yesterday, but today's bite ...... How much do these people love boobs?

You're a tit supremacist!
You're the one!

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm going to do it.
I'm sure I understand the benefits of hips and thighs as well!

I'm sure you'll agree that Loretta's thighs are quite erotic.
I'm sure you'll agree.What, out of the blue?Big brother, have you developed a new disease?

Covering her thighs with a tray, Loretta glared at me with an angry, slightly pleased look.
It's a shame that you have to hide your praise.

'...... Lolita is justice'.
I'm sure you'll agree.

...... Well, let's leave them alone. It's always the same.

''d*mn, it's the end of the line.
''So, you're the one!

What the hell, you're defiant!That's why young carpenters these days are so .......

''Oh,...... thank you for waiting,...... ah,...... please don't look so much.... ...'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
She says she didn't bring a replacement for her sarashi, and her boin is still 'bent'.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. ...... I've had to stuff it with some stuffing to keep it from falling off, though.

'Once again, ...... Ginette, you're a panacea.'
'What are you talking about?Please repent already!
'And answer my question, Mr. Obeyashiro!

I'm accosted by two boobies. No, the four bulges are to blame.
Oh, when you think about it, that's kind of what you want!

'Cause, Tracey. That's the kind of offensive force that destroys the Sarashi.If you keep wearing tight clothes, the slightest movement will tear your clothes and your boobs will fall out.
I'm sure you'll agree............., ......, that's a problem.
'''Why did you make me change my clothes, Yashiro-san?
''Shut up, muscle. I'll have you banned.

Boobs are something to be enjoyed with the mind!
The Sunken Pavilion is not that kind of store. Don't get your hopes up.

'Sunshine Pavilion is a store where you can enjoy tits with your heart!
'No, it's not!It's a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal.

Ginette, who is a signboard tit, disagrees.
I see. That's one way to look at it. ...... Hmm.

'Ms. Tracy. I'll take care of this.
'Ugh. ...... I'm sorry, Nene. ...... I'm sorry. Thank you for your help.

Tracy is too scared of the muscle crowd to go near them, so Nene takes the pudding a la mode for her.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, sir. I'm sorry to bring this to you by a scamp!

Nene's negativity is kicking in a bit.
Is it anger over her disrespect for Tracy?
Or is it anger over a space full of ...... big-boobed people? ......

'It's a very unpleasant space, this place.
'You're definitely the latter, Estella.'

Crossing her arms, Estella, who doesn't even try to hide her grumpy face, glares hatefully at the heaving muscles.

'If you're skunked on B, you're skunked on ......B, you're skunked on ......B, you're skunked on ......!
'You're not mad at ...... Nene, are you?

I'm not sure if you're the type of person who sees everything you see as an enemy, or if you're the type of person who sees everything you see as an enemy.
But the carpenters' frolic might ............ have to be dealt with.
The store's morals are disturbed.

It's a good thing that Nene is Nene!
You're simple and cute!
'I like you when you're unpretentious!

'Nene!Run away!

Not only do you love tits, you also love beautiful girls, don't you muscles ...... care about anything, after all.

I'm not going to let you guys get away with this!You're not going to be able to ...... bother Magda at the sunlit pavilion!
'Why did you rephrase that?

Why did you change it?
That's why carpenters are ......

'Yashiro ...... may be a little too excited about this.'
'Yeah, ......'.

Estella seems to be feeling threatened by this atmosphere.
If you give them a scary feeling, they might fall into a highly conjectural phobia of the 42nd ...... district, which is overrun with terrifying 'predators'.

If Norma were here, she might be able to scold the useless men, but ...... she left after saying she was worried about the gears. ......

I looked around ...... for someone who could take his place.

I'm not sure what to make of that. Magda's character will probably develop a weird disease that says 'I'd rather be scolded than the other way around', Loretta's character is normal, and Estella's character is just 'jealous! And somehow, I don't know.

And, somehow, even if I say, 'Don't make a fuss about my tits! I don't know why, but I'm not persuaded. I'm not convinced. ......

If only Ricardo were here, with his strong face, he could say, 'Shut up, I'll bury you! ......'.
'Are you sure you're not mistaking Ricardo for someone from a ragtag guild?

It's a similar thing.

Anyway, there's no one in this place who can give a straight talk to those floating idiot muscles.
If it's ............, so be it.

'Hey, carpenters. Listen up.'

I walk up to Tracy and Nene, who are cowering under the stares of their muscles, and say in a clear voice.

''Boyne here is the lord of District 27, and Rustic here is the head waiter there.
'''Excuse me, sir!

The beautiful knees are lined up in front of you.
That kind of understanding is rather pleasing to me, carpenters.

'Oh, um, Mr. Obayashi, are you sure you want to go to ............?
'Well, it can't be helped. We can't work without him. It's only a few hours away, after all.

And these two have already experienced a lot of 'normal senses'.
They can call each other by 'san' naturally, and Tracy's 'tantrums' have not appeared.
Nene is also able to think and act on her own.
Her follow-up was very good.

As long as you remember how you feel now, you'll be able to maintain a good relationship with her when you return to District 27.
...... It's sad that I can't say that I won't be swallowed up by the atmosphere around me as soon as I return.

'Miss Tracy, Miss Nene. Please get some rest and eat.'

Ginette says smilingly as the kneeling carpenters take their seats.
But Tracy and Nene both rolled their eyes.

'What?Are you sure?Because ......'
'Yes, it is. There are so many customers here. ......'
'It's fine.'
'The ...... carpenters'
''They're not counted as customers!
'''Hey, hey, hey!Manager-san, Magda-tan, Loretta-chan, that's a bad idea!
''Huh?You see, I didn't mean it like that. ......?

Jeannette panicked. But ...... don't worry. Look at those happy faces of those carpenters.
They're happy to be messed with, that's what they are.

'Oh, um... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can't wait to get back to work.

Ginette tried desperately to explain and clear up the misunderstanding.
Hey, Jeannette.
You're being watched with a big grin on your face right now. That kind of panicked look is really cute to old men.

''Entrance fee, 500Rb.
'''That's too much!I've been ripped off so easily!
''...... magda as well.''
''You guys!I'll pay 1000Rb per person right now!
'''The price has been raised!

It's the same system that makes the first limited edition more expensive.
Although it was Oumalo who raised the price.

''Anyway, please have a meal. We can make anything on the menu, or if you prefer, we can make something off the menu.
'It's very uncomfortable to eat at a restaurant and not pay for it, isn't it?
'It's called "bribery food", Tracy.

As part-timers, the two of them were naturally served bribery food.
It's not something she's used to, and Tracy looks uncomfortable.

'Estella's going to ask for a bribe just for helping out a little.

'...... So. My lord has no restraint.'
'Hey, Yashiro, Magda!You're making it sound like I'm mean!
'That's right, both of you. Estella-san is just wielding her power!Am I right?
'No, I'm not!Loretta's opinion is the most different!You're not a good lord then!
'Estella-san is a lonely person, so it's good for her to be with everyone. Right, Estella-san?
''Eh~n!I like you, Jeannette!

Estella hugged Jeannette and nuzzled her face into the natural cushion.

''Aah!That's not fair!

Coincidentally, my voice and Tracy's were the same.
Although the meaning and the point of contradiction are the exact opposite.

'E, Estella-sama!I'm a lonely person too, so I'd like to be with you at ......!
'Ginette!I love tits too, so I want to have a good time with you!
'Please repent!
'That's right, Tracy.'
'It's Yashiro-san!

Why is it always just me?

Well, that's why the lonely Estella and Tracy ended up sitting in the corner eating bribery food together.
When Estella and I took our usual seats, Tracy sat down next to Estella.
At that time, Nene casually pulled out her chair to follow Tracy.

It's a natural way to follow up. ...... Although Tracy's illness is still the same.
Oh, I mean the disease of Estella's love.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
...... What a disappointing big-breasted beauty.

You're not going to get yelled at anymore, are you?

Estella said, looking at Nene pulling Tracy's chair.

'You've been able to follow up, and now that you're less reserved with Tracy, you seem to be thinking and acting on your own.
'If you say so, ...... you might be right.

In the event that you are not aware of the change in your movements, Nene looks at her hands and shows a surprised expression.
She looks as if she's been pinched by a fox.

'Tracy, you've had a calm face ever since you got here.
'I don't think ...... you're that calm. ...... Estella-sama is much more beautiful than you.'

What?It's funny, is there something stuck in my ear?
I feel like we're not having a conversation, did I miss something?You didn't miss anything. What's he doing in his brain?

'Mr. Obayashi is a terrible man.

Tracy says this with a smile on her face.
She doesn't seem to be afraid.

'I can't believe you changed me and Nene in such a short time. ......'

It's true that it's a measure that can be expected to have some effect, but it's only an 'attempt'.
The only reason why it has had such an extraordinary effect on you is because you are more easily influenced by the atmosphere around you than you imagine.

You might want to think about improving the way you are influenced.

'I can't stop shaking when I think that this is the person who is planning to make us sign an unequal treaty.
'They might make you sign one now.
'If that happens, let's seek help from Estella-sama.
'Yeah, ...... I'm not so sure about ...... Yashiro, either. ...... Even if he doesn't lose, he's a very troublesome opponent.

I don't know where the confidence in not losing came from.
I'm confident that I'll be able to scam her to perfection.

But Tracy said confidently to Estella, who was reluctant.

'No, sir. Mr. Obayashi is no match for Estella.

That's an unhelpful opinion in favor of Estella.
If you have a reason, I'd like to hear it.

'Because you're just like me, Obayashi.

...... Big tits?
What, me?

'Mr. Obayashi is definitely no match for Estella. It's called love and weakness.

A crazy voice leaked out of both Estella and I's mouths at the same time.

''Who's in love with whom?
''Wow,......, I'm in love with Estella-sama,............, yikes!
'No, I know that!I mean, ......!
'Oh?You're not?I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the future.

'Where does it look like that!

Is this guy's eyes knotty!He's a knothole!The more her tits protrude, the more her eyes are knotty. I must have misallocated her volume a bit.

'Hey, Nene. Didn't you think so too, Nene?

Nene too?

'But, in my case, it was a result of reasoning from a logical perspective.
'I'd love to hear what kind of logical point of view you're talking about.
'It's simple.

Standing behind Tracy, in order to fully affirm her, Nene threw her chest out in a dignified manner as she spoke her opinion.

''There's no reason for Oba-sama, who is a big-breasted supremacist, to be kind to Estella-sama, who has lonely breasts, except for love!
''Alright, Nene!Take off your shoes and lend me your feet!

Estella and I stood up at the same time and rushed towards Nene.
''I'll have to press the point of silence to stop her from talking nonsense!

'But, sir!Don't you at least hate me?

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
...... d*mn. I'm sure I don't hate you. But ...... you can't say yes or no at a time like this.

'...... Huh, hmm!It's ridiculous. That's why "gentle" is ......!
'Huh!I've been accused of having breasts!I'm sorry!I'm sorry it's so lousy it's unbearable to look at!
'Yeah ...... Nene. Let's learn, shall we?'

Estella wraps her arms around Nene's neck and plasters a demonic smile on her face.
Oh. You're going to get a spanking later. Take it as it comes, Nene.

'Not at all. You can have Ginette give you a foot massage later.'
'Huh?Why is it me?You're the one who suggested it!
'Nene, Nene!Don't do that thing where you sell out the Lord every now and then!I don't think that's a good idea!

I took my gaze off the noisy 27th ward duo.
What can I say? ...... Your face is so hot. I'm sorry.

'Hey, Jeannette. Give her a good foot massage later.
'............ Ginette-chan?'
'Heh!Ah, yes!I'm sorry. What is it?

Jeannette was waiting to hear Tracy and the others' orders, but she seemed to be in a daze.
Estella looked at her and bounced her shoulders.

'No, I'm going to get a foot massage. ......'
'All right, Estella!Let's go to the kitchen!
'It's not me, it's not me!Nene!Give Nene a foot massage!
'Then come with me!
'I told you, I'm not!

Jeannette's gaze migrates through space like a tuna.
His ...... mind is a mess right now. He looks like he's not thinking at all, that one.

'Hey, Jeannette.
'Are you coming with us, Yashiro?
'No!Just let those two go.

I'm going to try to calm down the panicking Jeannette and rescue Estella and Nene.
...... Estella, you owe me big time for this.

But more importantly, ......

'They've got it all wrong.

The truth is, if you're worried about something you don't have to worry about, you shouldn't have to worry about it, and you shouldn't have to worry about it.
...... I don't care what Jeannette is worried about or anxious about, it's none of my business.
But if we let Jeannette's petit panic go unchecked, the number of victims will continue to grow. So I'm stopping it. That's all.

So ...... this is not an excuse or anything.

The people of District Forty-two seem to get along quite well with the people of the other districts.

Ricardo was even impressed with the unity of the Sunlit Pavilion team.

'...... If you don't know them well, they might look like that. Even you and Magda.
'.................. Oh, yes. You might be right.

He smiled awkwardly, his tense cheeks lifting.
But as soon as he did, his face flushed red, his big eyes widened even more, and he looked at you with a 'Huh? The moment their eyes met, they let out a 'peep'.

'Oh, um, ............ today's bribe dish is curry!

That's all he said, and Jeannette ran into the kitchen.
............Well, I wonder what and how it was interpreted in his mind. ......... ...I don't even want to know.

'...... darling'.
'What are you playing at?'

Magda clung to me as I looked away from Jeannette, dumbfounded.

'......The result of listening to Yashiro's wish to be seen as a couple by others.'
'Magda. You're lucky you're not a god in a shrine. We would have been inundated with letters of complaint after our New Year's visit.

When did anyone ever make such a wish?
I'd be confused if you granted me something I didn't wish for.

'Hey, big brother!

I've just pulled Magda down, and now Loretta is coming.

'Big brother, what about me?
'No, I'm not!
'You're not?
'No, but I'm different!

I don't know what I'm trying to say, so I say, 'Oh, dear! Loretta.
Calm down, okay?

'How do you see me?"I love you so much, Loretta!I can't stop my heart beating!
If that's how you see me, I won't be carrying you around at all in the future.

How many years ago Young, that sense of ......

'It seems that we were mistaken, Nene.
'It seems so.

Thanks to the mysterious psychological damage, Tracy and the others' misunderstanding seems to have been cleared up.

'Then I'll monopolize Estella-sama ...... Gof!
'That's not the point, so wipe your nosebleeds. Or rather, let me wipe it, Nene.
'Yes, I'm home!

Tracy is having her nose munched by Nene. Estella is letting out a chuckle.
You've caused quite a stir, haven't you?

'By the way, Tracy. What kind of a man is the Lord of District 24?

Even if I'm going to meet him, I want to get all the information I can before I go.

'He's a stubborn old man, isn't he?
'Wow, a stubborn old man. ......'
'...... Yashiro. Why are you being so ............ against the lord of another district, well, it's a little late for that now. Don't do it in front of him.

Estella held her temples and let out a sigh.
You're not going to grow up worrying about every little thing like that, I'm sure.

But, as Obayashiro-san said, behind the scenes, I'm often called 'stubborn old man'.

Tracy chuckles apologetically.
You've also been called the "tantrum princess", a disgraceful name. ...... Perhaps all of us have such backstage names.
There are nicknames that express the negative aspects of the community that cannot be said face to face.

'Even in a majority vote, he is usually the last one to voice his opposition.

Is he a person who can push his own opinion in BU, where the phenomenon of syncretism is stronger than others?
He's an old-fashioned person, so he might not have much influence.

'Even in the majority vote on whether to seek compensation from the 42nd district, only one person voted against it.
'...... So that means you voted yes, right?'

This guy ...... is an Estella fan, but he's asking for compensation from the 42nd district.
What's wrong with you?

Because ......

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this," said Tracy, fidgeting as she glanced at Estella.

'I thought that if the majority vote for compensation was approved, I would be able to ...... meet Estella-sama in person.

'Kya! That's not it!
What reason do you have for agreeing to this?It's not like I'm going to be forced to pay a lot of money for this.
Because you want to see him?
I'll send you out at any time for a reasonable price!...... Oh, you can just give me the fee.

'Because of that, we've been able to get close to each other like this. ...... So I guess I made the right choice!
'...... haha ............ mistake, huh?'

Estella also laughed.
Nene is also nodding her head 'yes, yes'. ...... These people really don't seem to understand.
No, they are not thinking about the damage to others.

Even in Japan, there is no end to the number of people who post things on social networking sites that say, "Why are you posting that on the Internet? In Japan, there is no end to the number of people who post such things on SNS.
They are so focused on their immediate feelings that they are not aware of the subsequent developments.
And such rash judgments can lead to irreversible situations at .......

--Yes, like this.

'Magda, Loretta ......, take the two part-timers to the manager.'
'...... Are you sure?'
'Big brother, I hate to say this, but ...... the current manager is probably not ...... capable of taking it easy on you.' ......

I guess so.
Ginette, who is shy, is not good at that kind of talk, and is a pure maiden who is disturbed by the slightest thing. ...... Now, I'm sure that there is no time to be considerate of others. ......

But even that's their fault.

I don't care. ...... Magda, Loretta!Take me with you!
'...... Copy that.'
'Leave it to me!

Like trained soldiers, Magda and Loretta stepped up to Tracy and the others.
Magda restrains Tracy's arm and Loretta restrains Nene's arm, forcing them to stand up and take them away.

'Oh, hey, Mr. Obayashi!What the hell is this?
'Please wait, I'm sure you'll understand if I tell you. ......?

I'm not going to listen to your ...... pleas.
But, yes, the ...... Lords of Smiles might be able to give you some mercy--and look at you.

'Tracy-san, Nene......'
'E, Estella-sama......'
'Ah, that gentle face ...... is indeed the "Smiling ......"'.
''Good luck.

Estella waved her hand with a big smile on her face.
--Well, that's the way it is.

The two of them resisted until the end, but they were no match for the beastly duo of Magda and Loretta, and were swallowed into the ............ demon kitchen.

A few minutes later, an unprecedented scream rang out - the sanctions on the 27th district were safely completed.