321-Episode 233 If you get drunk, you'll have more phy...

'I generally understand what you're trying to say.

Donnis nodded slowly as he finished his bowl of mapo tofu.

'It was ......, wasn't it? I've seen some good stuff.
'It doesn't taste too bad, does it?
'Mm. It's a blessing to be able to encounter new things even at my age.

The new thing is a mixture of a bit of nostalgia and a desire that I've been dreaming about for a long time but haven't been able to get my hands on yet.

'It's not going to be a marriage right now, but I think it's okay to keep an eye on it for a while.

Donnis was right, both Rebekah and Filman were still young. Rebekah is just a little girl.
I think we should let her live freely in the world under the watchful eyes of adults for a while.

'Then there's no reason to object, is there?

Maybe there is if you look for it.
But Donnis won't do it.
Because that's what Donnis himself wants to happen.

But he couldn't just admit it.
So he tried. Filman's true intentions.
And he did, in his own words, and he told Donnis how he felt. ...... though he got a little sloppy at the end.

I thought that was a great speech.
I'm sure Donnis was happy to hear that.

'...... provisional approval,' right?

I'm sure you get the idea.
But you're not good enough. I guess that's how he judged it.

'Yashippi is right, we'll see how it goes for now. I said it with my own mouth. Prove it to me, both of you. That you can do your jobs. That being together is a plus.
''Yes,'' he said.

Perhaps unintentionally, Filman and Riveka both replied gracefully.
So this is where we finally start.
I wonder how long it will take to convince them.

Maybe this is where Donnis gets tough.
Hang in there, Philman.

And then, just as things seemed to be coming to a head...

'May I have your attention, please?

Bertha says in a quiet voice.
Her eyes stare straight ahead, and you can see a kind of determination in them. Or should I say, determination.

'Bertha. What's the matter?

Donnis is acquainted with Bertha.
The two of them were the ones who dealt with the Koji factory and the lord.

'My lord, please forgive the rudeness of a person like me giving a direct opinion.
'Good. This is a serious matter for you as well. Say whatever you want.

I had a hunch about this conversation.
I wondered what Bertha was going to say. ......

Once he bowed deeply, Bertha opened his mouth with a mysterious look.

'I would like to know what you think about subhumans.

The air was tense.
Donnis hadn't mentioned anything about it.
If they had just left it at that, they might have been able to end the day peacefully for now.
But if Rebekah and Filmmann get married, there's no way they can keep it a secret.
Bertha's done a very drastic thing.
He's trying to completely remove the uncertainty that threatens Rebeka's future. And he's going to take all the blame for it, even if he's going to be accused of ...... creating the cause of the breakup in the worst case.
And now Bertha is opening her mouth to take all the blame.

Really. He's a mother figure, isn't he? The sisters.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience. I'm sure you'll agree. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

A subhuman can't be a noble.
Even if you're a powerful guild leader, that doesn't change.
Even Medora is not a nobleman. His contribution to Allbloom would be unparalleled.
Even Umaro should have been knighted for his contribution. It would not be surprising if the usefulness of sewage reached the royalty. ......, but it won't.
The reason is that Medora and Umaro are beastmen.

An older generation of people there. People would think that Donis Donati is a person who finds it difficult to accept subhumans.

But ......

'My heir has fallen in love with no such thing as a subhuman. Just a race of beastmen.'

Mahrul was doing a good job.

'You may not know it, but some of the nobles like the beastmen and keep them close. I thought it was wonderful ......, no, I envied it.'
'You're jealous ......?
'When you've been staring at a city for as long as I have, you can't help but think in terms of the past and the present. This is now a curse. ...... There are those who have escaped that curse. That's something to envy.

In Donnis's position, it would be difficult for him to act on his interests like Mahr.
In that respect, Lucia may be doing quite well. Well, he's an eccentric by nature.
I can understand why you might be envious of that.

I think Mahr's letter gave Donis a little push.
If you know what you want to do, and you know you should do it, now is the time to step forward.

'I've been wanting to do something about the name "subhuman" for a long time. ...... Well, it's been a difficult problem to solve. ......'

Slowly, Donnis's gaze turned to me.

'I was told by an old acquaintance that an interesting man has brought a wonderful gift to this city.

That's what he said to me.
Uncalculated, honest praise.

'It's just a name, but we've never been able to create that "just". For decades. And this man has done it.'

I suppose the gift is the name 'beastman race'.
It's just something I started saying randomly on the spur of the moment. ......

'I, too, highly value the name "Beastmen". I think it's the second greatest invention after the Hexenbiest Wall.

Bertha says this without smiling, but with a quiet demeanor.
The wall that keeps out monsters is the one used for the outer wall, right?That's what protects this town from hexenbiest attacks.
I don't think it's something that should be put on par with something as big as that, at least not in name.

'It's true that there are some nobles who think differently than I do. There may be people who will interfere with you in any way.

Some unrelated people might attack Donnis for taking a subhuman as his wife. I'm sure they will. Directly or indirectly.
They're the kind of people who would put undue pressure on a powerful lord of District 42.

'But that's all.

It would be a sanction that could bankrupt the district, it could push them out of power, and it would give an opening to the greedy people who would bite at any opportunity if they were given something to attack.
But even so, Donis remains calm.
'That's all I'm saying,' he says.

'What I want more than anything is the happiness of everyone who lives in this 24th district. This naturally includes my heir, the beastman heir who fell in love with, and you who care about her.
'My lord, .......'
'No matter how much noise the outside world makes, it is trivial compared to the happiness of those people.
'......Thank you for your words, ............'

Biting her lips, Bertha looked down.
You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier. She must have worked hard all her life not to let Rebekah and Sophie feel that way.
Bertha's body was trembling slightly.
That trembling may be a sign of joy that her long years of hard work have been rewarded - that the world has begun to change.

'Lord ...... Donnis-sama .................. reluctant'.

...... Oh, maybe not.
I'm not sure what to say.

'Haha ............ mature men are also ...... good!

Oh, ......, I heard some nasty muttering. ......
I'm going to have to stop sucking my pinky out of my mouth.

'But I have Yashiro-sama. ............ Stop it, don't fight for me!

Maybe Donnis and I can go bury him somewhere. No, seriously.
You're starting to hallucinate, and it's probably terminal.

'............ I wonder if I can love up to two people at once?

What's the worst that can happen?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
That's the kind that makes you completely deaf.
Take responsibility. They're your people.

'......Good thing I wore my underwear in case of emergency. ......!

I didn't want to hear it, that information!

'Yashiro-sama!I want to talk to you!
'I don't want to hear it!

I'm not going to listen to it.' I blackmailed Bertha into silence as her eyes began to bleed.
This old lady is ......

'Ginette's pants are enough for me!
'Honyaaa!What are you talking about all of a sudden?
'Oh, you're not today?
'No,............, no,......, but!I'm sorry!Please repent!

She squeezes the ladle and smacks me with her other hand.
It's Ginette who doesn't attack me with the ladle. Estella would certainly use what she has in her hand as a weapon.

'Natalia. Can I borrow two of those?'
'Would you like a throwing knife or a twisted dagger?

He's asking for a weapon he doesn't have in his hand!

'A twisted dagger.'

And he chose the one with the most killing power?

'Yashiro. I need to talk to you.'
'You don't want to talk, you want to kill!

It's ...... hard to understand why I should have such a strong desire to kill you!

'Can you please not spread the shame of the 42nd district?
'Estella, you!You're treating Jeannette's victory pants as an embarrassment!
'You're the disgrace, Yashiro!
'Are you saying that Jeannette is wearing such embarrassing pants?
'Listen, listen to me!
'Mr. Yashiro, please repent!

Ginette went to the trouble of putting down the ladle and smacked me warmly with both hands.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do.

'Yashiro ......, do you want me to put you in a coffin with that 'I'm soothed~' face?
'Calm down, Estella. It wasn't me who was at fault in the first place. It was Bertha.'
'That was a ............ maiden's heart, and I've managed to ............ digest it. I'm...'

You're too soft on the outside world!

'Hey, palm tree.'

Donnis is glaring at me with a grim expression ......, but his dignity and power are reduced by 80% because of the 'palm pips'.

'Don't you dare play games with me.

Donnis slowly rises to his feet.
Step by step, he approaches me as if he were stomping on the earth.

'How dare you allow yourself to be bodied by another woman when you have a fiancée named Miss Claremona?Shame on you!'
'You're doing something wrong, you know that?

Who's your fiancé?
And what do you mean, "let her in"?It's just skinship!

'Overflowing ......, I suddenly feel dizzy ......,' I said, leaning towards Yashiro-sama .......'
'Natalia, don't stir things up just for the fun of it: ......'
'...... sudden dizziness'
'Oh ......, brother, support me ......'
'Don't you guys get on it too, Magda, Loretta!
'Hey Yashiro!How do you get dizzy?
'I think it's something you're probably not related to, Delia.
'I want to get dizzy too!
'No, Masha, you can't stand up!

Oh, shut up!
Whenever I feel like playing, you come out here and there!

'Only Bertina and Milly don't get involved in this kind of thing.
'A ...... Miry is that ...... embarrassing, so ......'.

It's okay, Millie, you can keep it.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

You'll be able to get a lot more than that.

I'm not sure what to do.
You're not drunk, are you?

You're not drunk, are you?
It's non-alcoholic!

Jeannette gently touches Bertina.

'Sister, are you okay?
'Yes...... I'm fine...... yes, I'm fine.'

You're drunk...... but why?

'I'm sorry...... that, how should I put it...... the atmosphere of the party, a little......'
'Oh, ...... there are sometimes people who get drunk from the atmosphere.'
'But I'm not in a bad mood, I'm in a fun mood ...... ugh.

It's not that funny, but the laughter that leaks out at this point.
You're completely drunk.

'Sister, let's sit down for a while and rest inside.
'Yes, ......, that sounds better.'

Ginette said, and Bertina stood up with wobbly legs.

'That was close!

She stumbles over the legs of a chair and loses her position.
I was able to support myself just in time, but ............ it's so soft.

'Yashiro-san, it's ...... 'meh'.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

Bertina glared at me lightly. But you just extended your arm in the wrong position. It was not intentional.

However, Bertina didn't seem to be angry either, and smiled at me when I raised myself up.

'Thank you very much. You've been very helpful.
'No, thank you too.
'That's why you say 'meh'.

He got angry.
However, Bertina's cheeks were dyed lightly, and she looked so pretty that I would have liked to be pissed at her for hours with this face.

'Um, Yashiro-san: ......'

Despite Ginette's concern, Bertina leaned closer to me.
What is it?Is she really quite drunk and her pampering mode has kicked in?

'...... I have one request.
'I'll do the same for Ginette at .............'

I was startled by the words that were spoken in my ear.
It was unusual for Bertina to say something like that.

'Can you ...... do that?'
'I've been a substitute mother for a long time.

She seemed confident.
I think I can handle it once I sober up.


'Natalia. Take care of Bertina. And help Delia and Milly.'
'Yes, um, Yashiro-san. I'll take care of the sisters at .......'
'Ginette, stay here and help me a bit more.'
'Yes, is that ......?'

Ginette can't leave the weakened Bertina alone.
But it's also Bertina's wish. You'll have to stay here.

'At any rate, I have to prove that Ginette and I are not 'sluts'.
'Huh,......!I'm not going to get into it.
'No, calm down. I'm not that suspicious of you.

Ginette begins to panic wildly.
In the meantime, the members who need to be prepared are entering the church.

Hang tight, guys.

So far, it's been a battle between Rebekah and Filman.
A fight for the future of the Koji factory.
A fight for their own happiness.
Donnis may not be perfect yet, but he's got a pretty favorable opinion of us at this point.

Then it's our fight from here.
We're going to bring Donnis in to help us negotiate with BU.
That's why we're helping Philman fight.

Come on, let's move.
We're going in hot.

As a signal, I look to Estella.
--And she turns her head away.

...... Hey.

'Why are you looking away?
'It's nothing ......'.

That's not a 'not particularly' face, is it?
It's not like he's conscious of being called a fiancé.
Donnis is just a hair with some extreme love thoughts.

Oh well. I'll initiate.

'Don't talk to me if you're a slut. They'll think you're one of them.'

Varia!--I'm not a man!

'You promised to help us if we solved your problems!
'My problem is not solved yet!I'll have no end of worries until Filman settles down and takes over properly.'
'I've given you the opportunity to do so!

I've removed the source of Filman's indiscretions.
Filman and the others will decide for themselves.
After a few years, they'll settle down and take over.

But we can't wait that long.
We've got to get rid of this BU reparations nonsense.

'Donnis, I'm going to break the BU stereotype.
'That's another bold declaration of war.

Donnis is surprisingly big.
He's a few inches taller than me. And he's got a stout body.
So he's intimidating and powerful.

I stare at the single hair that is so powerful.

I'm going to destroy your values and make you rich, Donis.

'First, we'll lift the restrictions on soybean production and let you distribute tofu.
'If you do that, the other districts won't be able to keep quiet. The amount of soybeans produced in each district is standardized, and the soybeans harvested in our 24 districts are used for miso and soy sauce. It's a rule that can't be changed by my own opinion.
'I'm asking you to bend it.
'We don't have the fields to bend it.
'Just let another district make it.'
'Ha-ha-ha!Are you suggesting that we let our property flow out to other wards?If that happens, it will be when BU collapses. If that happens, my district will be destroyed. I can't help you with this.
'We'll keep BU.

Because what I want to destroy is the old stereotypes of BU.

'I'll show you what's new when you step out of the old world.
'Huh. ......'

Of course, it's not just new, it's reform through technology that respects, learns from, and utilizes the old.

'I'll show you the view that the 42nd district has seen.

Instead of looking at fireworks and weddings from the outside, you should come in and join us.

'Yes, yes, yes!I'm all set!

Umaro and his hamsters lined up in the restricted area, which was covered by a large sheet.

'What are you trying to start?
'I want to show you the possibilities of the future. Keep an eye on Filman and Riveka. And Sophie and Barbara, too.'

The Hammies call together the kids from District 42 and District 24.
The kids crowd in front of the seats.

I'm sure the damaged bodies of the kids from the 24th ward will stand out ...... in a line like this.
You'll be able to see the wrinkles between their eyebrows when you look at Donnis' expression.

'Donis. If you were to do something for the future of those kids, what would it be?

These kids are handicapped in some way.
If you could do anything for those kids, what would the lord of this district do?

''Mm......, if you don't care about the budget, don't make the city more walkable for them. Install handrails and signposts for the blind, and perches for the lame throughout the city, and then ......'
'Uncle Donis. I think it's important to make people feel comfortable, but also to encourage their independence.

Donis, whose thoughts were leaning toward barrier-free, received an opinion from Filman.

'We should give them job training and encourage them to be as independent as possible. They will not be able to stay under your protection forever.
'But what about ...... being treated too well?'
'Yeah,......, what does that mean?'

The one who disagreed with Filman's opinion was Rebekah.

'I understand that they need protection, but they are not the only inhabitants of this city. If we were to remake the entire city to suit them, wouldn't it make it difficult for the other residents to live here?
'No, but the normal people will adapt to them. ......'

He was probably upset that Rebekah had refuted him.
Sophie reacted to the words that came out of her mouth.

'It's normal!

Her ears perked up and she shouted louder than ever.

'They're normal!

That's what I meant.

Perhaps realizing his mistake, Firman turned pale and hurriedly bowed his head.

'I didn't mean it that way, but ...... was an inappropriate word. Sorry!'
'No,...... I'm also ...... sorry for shouting so loudly.'

If you ask me if I'm normal, I'd say I'm not.
But it is not inferior.
In the words of Donis, it is 'individuality'.
They're just normal kids with a little personality.

'I see ...... that this problem is quite difficult.'

As Donnis said himself, the idea is an idealistic one, with no regard for budget.
It's hard to make it happen.
Moreover, providing such facilities in the 24th district would mean locking them up, saying, 'You stay here.

So let me ask you the opposite. Palmetto Pippi. What would you do for their future?'

Donnis asks me.
That's right.
If I had to give a correct answer, I'd say ......

'I think what Sophie said is the closest.

I give the signal, and the hamsters rip off a huge sheet.
From inside emerged two large, wooden playgrounds.

One was a modified version of the Clove Jungle, a round jungle gym that spins in circles, but a little safer.
It has a backrest attached to the seat so that even kids who can't hold their ground can sit safely.
The result looks like a combination of a clove jungle and a coffee cup.

The other one is a big one, a box-shaped seesaw.
You could say it's a smaller version of the Viking ride at the amusement park.

It's a typical playground equipment with horizontal spinning hands and vertical swaying (not quite spinning). Many of you may remember playing with it in your childhood.

'Come on, kids!Listen to your brother Umaro, and play together in turn!
'''' Oh, yes! ''''
'Hey, wait a minute!You're too powerful!

A bunch of kids are rushing at Umaro with all their might.
If they're so energetic, they'll enjoy it to the fullest.

'Then, the first group, sit inside and hold on tight!Don't get up!
'''' Hahaha! ''''

Listen carefully to your brother Umaro, the kids are about to experience the playground equipment for the first time.
Four ham kids grab the clove jungle from outside and run out at once.
Immediately, screams and shouts of joy began to be heard from inside.

'You're turning so fast.
'There's a secret in that main shaft.

What connects the main shaft to the body is a roller bearing, a masterpiece of Norma and the hardware guild.
It reduces the friction between the body and the shaft to a minimum, allowing the machine to rotate with less force, and also increasing its stability.
It can be rotated even when the seat is full with a lot of kids.

Likewise, the box-shaped seesaw moves smoothly with the power of bearings.
'Kya-kya! and the kids waiting for their turn are watching with sparkling eyes.

'I see. ...... Normal, huh?

Donnis muttered to himself as he looked at the noisy kids.

'Looking at them like this, it looks like there's no difference between the two kids.
'Yes, they do. I think their smiles ...... are just as lovely as ever.

That's what Donnis and Filman think when they see the excited kids.

They all have the same look and smile on their faces.
They are shouting from the bottom of their hearts as they experience speed and movement for the first time.
In the end, they're all the same.
We laugh when we are happy, and we cry when we are sad. When they are moved, they shout out involuntarily.

'They know very well that they are different from others. They are looking for their own way of life.

They don't need anyone to tell them 'do this', 'you can do that' or 'I'll show you your life', they can live on their own.
But it's true that there are many inconveniences in doing so. So.

'We just have to make a receptacle for them so that we can support them when they want to do something.

We can't do it because there's no precedent.
It's difficult because we don't have the confidence.
I hope you don't have to do that.

At least after today, this church won't be closing its heavy iron gates as tightly as before.
Who would feel sorry for those frolicking children? Who would despise them? Who would want to hurt them?

'Mr. Donnerty'.

Estella comes up to us with the look of a lord.
She looks at the smiling children and smiles.

'That's the future we're aiming for.

The kids from the 42nd district, which was said to be the poorest district in the city, the kids from the 24th district, who were deeply wounded, and the kids from the hamsters, who were avoided as slum dwellers.
These kids are all mixed up, working together, smiling at the same thing.

'The possibilities are infinite. In order to expand the range of those possibilities, we've been doing everything we can right now. To open up the future.

The breakthrough of District 42 was brought about in this way, Estella said with powerful eyes.
Then, with her white, supple fingers together, she held out her hand to Donis.

'Please help us. For me, for you. And for their future.
'...... Mm. Right.'

With a wry smile, Donnis took Estella's hand.

'I'm a little curious, too. I'm also a little curious about the future you're talking about.
'I'm honored.

They shook hands tightly.

...... I managed to get Donnis on board.
With the help of various people,......, I was finally able to force my way in.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you need to do to get it. Well done.

'So, why don't we celebrate this handshake and make some more noise?
'Another round?'

Estella looks over at us.
Well, I think we're ready.

Except for Jeannette and Estella, the others had left the place in turn, each in secret. ......

I'm not sure what to say.Where did you all go, by the way?

Ginette, who had been engrossed in watching the kids play on the playground equipment, seemed to have finally noticed that the number of people had decreased.

Ginette looked at me with an anxious look.
I couldn't help but share a smile with Estella.
Hmmm... You should be very surprised.

I took out a bamboo flute from my pocket and blew it loudly--

'...... Wow!

Ginette let out an exclamation of admiration at the sight.

Magda and her friends were coming out of the church.
All dressed in yukata. Gorgeous.

The yukata-clad beauties made their way to the stall that Umaro had set up and began to prepare for the opening.
One of them is Bertina.
She had come forward earlier to offer Ginette a taste of her own cooking.
I didn't call out to her because I thought she'd definitely be on the eating side, but ...... she's really excited.

And it's the first time I've seen Bertina in a yukata. ...... I like it. The modest s*x appeal of an adult woman is intriguing.
You can also get a high score for being tipsy with sweet sake.

I'm not sure what to say. What's this?

Ginette is flustered, but excited.
Mm-hmm. Good expression.
Ah, deviousness is fun.

Donnis and Filman are curious to see what's going on.
Rebekah is trying to decide whether to go to the food truck or the playground.

I've done what I had to do.
All that's left to do is ......, a big launch, I guess.

'All right, you guys!Let the festivities begin!
'''' Oh, ''''!

The party will reach its climax with a high-pitched shout.