322-Episode 234 Store Opening, Yukata and Surprise

The stalls were in action and the churchyard was filled with lively voices.

'...... You should come by.'
'Yeah, Magda. Let's keep it lively.'

With the exception of Magda, the voices are lively.

'Come on, everyone, whether you're familiar with the 42nd district or new to the 24th district, please drop by!We have a lot of rare, cute, and delicious foods!
''Come to ......, come on in, come on in, come on in!
'Come on, have a look!And eat it!It's as good as salmon!
'Look, look~☆ I'm wearing a yukata too~☆ It's heavy when it gets wet~'

Yeah, yeah. It's good that you're active.
...... I wonder what Masha is doing.

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san. What's this?'

Ginette, the only one who hadn't been told, looks at me, half confused, half expectant.

'Ginette, you could hardly visit the stalls at the last festival, right?
'Oh, you don't think so, do you ......?
'Yeah. They said they wanted to surprise Jeannette no matter what.'
'Everyone ......'

Ginette held her mouth with her hands as if she was trying to hold back the feeling of being overwhelmed.
Her large eyes fluttered, and she drew a happy arc.

'...... I'm very, very happy.

Seeing her smile, all the people who worked on the project made a gut pose.

'Thank you, everyone.

He bows to the tricksters on the other side of the stall, then turns to me and bows again.

'Thank you, Mr. Yashiro.
'No, I'm not doing anything .......'
'That's right, isn't it?

Suddenly, Estella's voice comes from behind me, her elbow is on my shoulder, her weight is pressing down on me, and her chest is squashed. ...... hit me, there.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to say.

What's that weird exaggeration?
You'll be able to find a lot of people who'd like to have a look at it. Then you guys said, 'Well, let's let him experience the stall this time' or 'Let's make it a surprise anyway'.

Since then, this plan has been carried out in secret.
There are some things that can't be hidden when the event is held in District 42. There are many people who come to ask me for my opinion, and even if I cook, I have to use the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion.

I needed to be secretive enough to sneak around while Ginette's mind was on the expedition.

'Enjoy yourself as much as you can. You're the one who's going to show Donnis, Rebecca and the others how to have fun at the stall.
'I'm not sure if I'm up to such a big role. ......'

Despite her words, Ginette looked as if she was truly enjoying herself.

'I will enjoy it as much as I can.

She said and made a bump.
I'm not sure if it's just me or my arms.

'Shall we go door to door for now?

Umaro, the stylish designer, didn't just line up the stalls in a row, but placed them across from each other, creating narrow passageways between the stalls.
He must have thought that it would be fun to walk through the crowded streets and browse the stores.
The passageway is not straight, but curves gently to form an S-shape. When you stand at the end of the aisle, the stalls overlap each other but appear to be slightly out of alignment, making the area look even more crowded.

Although the number of shopkeepers seems to be a little insufficient for the number of stalls, ......

'Greatly selected, stall vendor!
'Let's see what you can do!
'Sell, sell, sell!

It seems my brothers are in charge of the stall.
It's usually my sisters, though, the sellers.
Come to think of it, I remember that my brothers were also vendors at the first mobile sales.
Since then, we've been sent to work on sewage works and fields, and our opportunities to sell have dwindled.

'Hmmm. You're a cute little vendor, aren't you?
'Structural reform of the stall industry!
'Hey, Hammaro. You're a store keeper too?
'......, you too.'

There are twelve stalls in total. Of course, some of them are covered.
Wearing them is one of the specialties of the festival.
It's fun to say, 'That one was better,' or 'That one was cheaper,' or 'Next time I see one, I'll buy it.

'Come on, Mr. Donati, come this way. I'll show you around.'
'This is a lively place. I wish I hadn't eaten so much of that food earlier.

In addition to the mapo doufu, there were other dishes of Ginette's on the table.
The amount of food was adjusted accordingly, but it was still easy to overeat Ginette's dishes.
We had set up the stall so that we could see it from the beginning, and we had told them that we would demonstrate and sell the food later, but it seems that our stomachs had failed to adjust.
Oh well, you'll want to eat something while you're walking.

''Hey, hey, guys. Don't come to the back, it's dangerous. Go around the front, okay?

Delia neatly dealt with the crowd of kids.
She's getting better at dealing with kids. Did he improve his skills by working on the waterwheel?
It may seem counter-intuitive that Masha is not liked by the kids and Delia is popular, but it somehow makes sense.

'Rebeka-san, if you want, you can come with me!
'Uh-huh!Yes,............, I'd be happy to .......'
'...... Poof!

....... They can do what they want.

'Why don't you take a look around, Sophie and Barbara, ......, huh?Sophie?
'Hmmm ...... Sophie's over there.'

I looked in the direction Barbara was pointing.

'I'm so ...... happy to be able to eat Bertina's homemade food!

You can see the unfortunate sister struggling in front of Bertina's store.
Ah ...... Sophie is becoming more and more disappointing ......

'Mmmm. I'll enjoy myself then.'
'Huh?You're here, Assunto.'
'Yes, I was. I've been supporting you behind the scenes. It's not every day you get to see such a gorgeous group of people together. ...... I can smell the money.

I don't like it. ...... Please don't say similar things to me. They'll think we're the same.

'Oomaroo. What about you?
'The kids over here want to play on the playground equipment more!I can't leave them alone!I want to hang out at Magda's stall!

She's crying. I'm really crying.
Yeah. You look like a good luck charm for a kid, so hang in there a while longer.
I'll give you a replacement later.

I'll run the stall.
'''I agree with Yangbold-san!
''Well, these carpenters are very bossy.

The carpenters' work is done for now. All that's left is for them to do the work of clearing out.
So for now, I want you to enjoy yourselves.

As I watched them rushing to the stalls.

'Yashiro-san, Yashiro-san!

Jeannette tugged at my hem.

'Look at this. Hammaro-san, you're very good at making takoyaki.'
'You're the master of the flip-flop!
'No, that's not a very nice thing to say, Hammaro.'
'Ginette, you just said, "Hammaro-san"!

Why is it that I'm the only one who doesn't get it? ......
I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
...... I hope he doesn't get carried away and make some mistakes. ............

'Aaah!I'm not sure what to do.

Hammaro's elbow hit the bottle of oil and he fell. The oil is splattered on the iron plate.

'That's dangerous!
'The fire ...... didn't come out, did it? Thank goodness. Hammaro-san, are you sure you didn't get burned?'
'Hey!Hammaro, what are you doing?
'First big blunder of the year... ......'

Hearing the commotion, Loretta comes flying in.
She picks up the fallen bottle and wipes up the spilled oil.
Fortunately, it did not catch fire.

'It's because you're on a roll!
'Shhhh ......'.
'Well, well, Loretta-san. It didn't lead to anything serious. It seems that Hammaro was not injured either.
'The manager is too lenient!If you don't give him a good scolding at times like this, he'll repeat the same thing again!
'It's deeper than the ocean... ......'
'See, you seem to be reflecting on it like this. ......, right?'
'I'll forgive you for ...... this time, manager. But be careful,......, don't get hurt or anything.

Oh, it's a sister dere.
I think I've seen a new genre.

'But ...... takoyaki is covered in grease ......'.
'This is going to have to be reworked.
'No, wait!

It's not just a matter of sprinkling oil on it, but ...... this might be fixable.

'Hammaro, take over!

Pour the oil onto the takoyaki griddle to prevent it from catching fire.
The oil slides into the hollows and makes a popping sound.
Roll the beautiful sphere of takoyaki on it for a while. ......

'It's a crispy fried takoyaki!
'Whoa!My brother has created something new!

No, it's not new, it's not new.
It's a familiar technique used by major chains in Japan.

'Try it. Be careful, it's hot.'

He offers Hammaro a fried takoyaki.
He throws it hot into his mouth and chews it ...... crisply.


It seems to be hot, and he runs around holding his mouth. I told you it was .......
Then he started jumping up and down and managed to swallow it.
The first thing he said after that was ......

The first thing he said afterwards was, 'Hell, yeah!

The taste was perfect, apparently.

'Oh, is it good, Hammaro?
'Just tell me how it tastes!
'It's like petals falling on a moonlit night!
'I don't know!The metaphor is so outlandish that it's hard to tell if it's good or not!
'It's more than good, it's delicious!
'It's delicious, isn't it?

Loretta confirmed and turned around to sample the fried takoyaki.

'...... Ahh, ahh, ahh, ...... but it's ohii~'
'......New discovery. Crispy fluffy ...... good.'
'Nuh-uh!I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
'It smells so good~'
'When Bertina-san comes, my portion will be gone!I'll hurry up and eat it!

Saying that, Loretta threw one of the fried takoyaki into her mouth.


She was doing the exact same thing as Hammaro. ...... So they're siblings after all. Don't jump, don't jump. It won't get cold, not like that.

'Mr. Hammaro. You've made a very nice discovery.'
'Even though you failed?
'Yes, sir. Failure isn't something to be ashamed of. It's where the seeds of success lie.'
'Yes!The manager's seal of approval!

Hammaro, who happened to discover (or rather, remind me of) the fried takoyaki, is overjoyed at Ginette's praise.

'Yashiro-san. These are delicious.
'I see.'
'I'd love to know how to make it. ......'
'You should at least be a customer today.'
'Ah, ......, yes, that's right. It's a good thing that you all have prepared this way, you know.

However, I can't stop myself from looking like 'I want to learn' or 'I want you to teach me'.
You workaholic.

'Oh, Sister. You look great in your yukata.

'Mogu Mogu ...... is it?Thank you ...... Mogu...... thank you.'
'Hey. Didn't someone teach you not to talk while eating?

Someone should tell Bertina.

The yukata-clad Bertina is very picturesque. The fried takoyaki in one hand is a nice accent.
The bright yellow yukata may be a flashy color for Bertina. It was very pleasing to see both the freshness of her new clothes and the ladylike appearance of a mature woman.
Her hair, unusually pulled up in an updo, is also nice. The three strands of loose hair hanging down from the nape of her neck are giving off a s*xy beam.

'Why don't you and Estella go change your clothes later, Jeannette?
'Do you have one for us too?'
'Oh. Natalia will dress you inside.'
'I see. Then we can go to ............ after we've visited the stores and change first.

Apparently, she wants to go around the stores in a yukata.

'Then go ahead. Until then, I'll take care of your single hair.
'Yashiro-san. You can't.'
''No problem. I'll take care of the lord.''
'Xu. Then, please wait for a little while.

Ginette bowed her head. I thought she was going to go first, but she still seemed to be waiting for Estella.

'Estella. Also, Rebecca and Sophie, go put on yukata.
'Ah, yes. Well then, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to .......'
'What is it?You're going to let me wear it too?Those pretty colored clothes, there's one for me and one for my sister!
'Are you sure?
'Yes, it's a good idea.

Rebekah and Sophie ran happily away. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
...... The old ladies, are they going to wear it too ............

'So we've got a bunch of guys, want to take a look?
'Yeah, I guess so. ......'
'Well, I'm ......, uh, ...... with Rebeka... ......'
'Okay, Philman. I'll feed you some freshly made fried takoyaki. Here you go.
'Hey, please stop!I decided to give the first ah-ahn to Rebeka-san. ......?I'm not sure what to make of that.I'm sure it's hot!
'If you don't like it, eat two of these at once!
'You'll die!

You idiot. How can 'catnip' be a cause of death?
It won't kill you.
It's just hot enough to kill you.

'Then get on the playground equipment.
'I have a bad feeling about this, sir!
'How about you, Donnis?Go back to your childish ...... mind.'
'What's that malicious mistake you just made?Hmm?What's that, Yashippi?
'No, don't be so serious. ...... I'm just kidding. ......'

I see.
Donnis, who is manipulating Mahr, is ...... the possibility that ............DD, not DT... ...It was not a joke to say. I'm deeply sorry about this--


Let's entertain Donnis and the others!

''Yashiro-san, if you go any faster, the lord and the successor will fly away!

With Donnis and Filman in the glove jungle, me, Yamboldo, and Hammy will spin. We spin as hard as we can. Finally, I'll turn it with Yangbold's unbelievable power!


Yeah, yeah. Sounds like fun.
I'm sure the rudeness of earlier has been erased from your memory.


It's shaking.

Ginette comes running towards us to shake her tits .

'I've been waiting for you~'
'Yashiro-san ......, please stop greeting me while moving your neck up and down.'

No, because it's bobbing up and down while your eyes are glued to it.

'Um, ...... how's it going?
'Hmm. It looks good on you.'
'Ehehe ......'

It was awful. I thought my heart was going to stop for a second.
I thought my heart was going to stop for a moment. I saw Jeannette in a yukata, dressed up a bit differently than usual, a bit shy, looking up at me, '......How do you like it? I'm not sure.It's not 'How's it going? Not '...... How's it going? It's not 'How's it going?I'm so embarrassed!It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.
I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.
It's a good idea to be as light as possible.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

He silently squeezed his fist against my side. I'm being groped.
What's this?Is this a new way to protest?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea. .........'
'Are you wearing it?

Gurgling ......
Oh, I see. You're embarrassed. Yeah, yeah, I see.

'Yashiro. You should repent.'

and Estella's knife comes at you like she's about to behead you.

I'm sorry.

...... That was close. I'm not sure what to make of it.
I haven't felt this nervous since ...... the first time I joined a hunting guild.

'Not at all. You're a disgrace to the ...... forty-two districts, aren't you?
'Don't use 'totally' twice.
'That's because you're totally. You're a complete idiot.

What do you mean 'totally'?
You gave me a strange title.

'But Estella really looks good in a yukata.'
'What, ...... what, suddenly. You're trying to make me feel good by complimenting me. ......'
'No, no, no. As for the yukata, I think you look the best.''
'Oh, ...... so you are ......, huh?'

At any rate, not just yukata, but kimono.

'Because it looks better if you don't have breasts.'
'Yashiro. You should be beheaded.
'Hey, stop!Don't come at me at real speed!

He continued to dodge Estella's attacks.
It's not as if she's been working with Natalia.
She moves more than Estella. I've been watching her up close and personal. ...... I've been making well-timed comebacks to Natalia's inexhaustible, multifaceted jokes, and before I knew it, I was up to par!
You're not going to be able to stop your attacks!If you can hit it, you can hit it. ......

...... Gosh!There was a sound.

'...... Ouch.'
'Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hit you?'

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your vacation. ...... There's no way I'm really going to level up, so there's no way I can compete with your seriousness. ............ Estella's hand hit my collarbone, and it hurt. You can't really level up, so there's no way you're a serious contender. ...... Estella's hand hit my collarbone, and it hurt. ......


When Sophie saw me crouched down, she came running over.
Oh, bunny ears in yukata!My ears and chest are shaking!Run faster!Bounce!

'Strike while they're weak!
'What are you here to tell me?
'You will get what you deserve for looking at such a beautiful dress. It's the punishment you deserve.

You idiot!
Evil eye?
I usually do!

'And what about Rebecca?
'Do you want to see?

With a slightly twitchy expression, Sophie pointed in a certain direction.
That direction happened to be in my blind spot, and I had no idea what was going on there. ...... For some reason, a feeling of 'I don't want to face that direction, no matter what! I'm not sure what to do. ...... There's a peach-colored aura flickering out of the corner of my eye. ...... d*mn it, there's nothing worse than a first-time girlfriend who can't take care of herself.

'Jeannette. I feel sorry for you. Let's go around the stalls.
'Yes, sir.'
'Estella, take care of Donnis, he's stretched out on the playground over there.'
'What the hell were you doing?

I was just playing.
It's funny ...... that Filman should also be stretched out next to Donnis, but ...... the rear's stamina is bottomless.

So, I went around the stalls with Jeannette again.
I'd like to open a restaurant in the sunny side of town someday.

Moving on from there...

'Hey, Yashiro, manager!You're late!Do you want some of the squid I cooked?
'It's not salmon, is it?
'The salmon didn't stick to the stick, did it ......?

I'm sure you've tried.
Delia's selling grilled squid. Masha's here. She provided the ingredients.
Also, soy sauce is a specialty of the 24th district. I can't stand the fragrant smell of it.

'Hey, hey~☆ Take a look at this one too!

Masha, who wanted to take a peek at various places, leaned out of the tank and called us.
At any rate, we took a piece of grilled squid and headed toward it.

'Grilled corn?
I was recommended to go to the squid stall, but since it's a good opportunity, I thought I'd do something I don't usually do.

This was certainly unusual.
Masha uses a brush to apply soy sauce to the corn.
Then she turns it over and puts soy sauce on it again.
This one has an irresistible aroma, too. ......

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san ......, I'd like to try this.
I'm sure you'll love it.

There's something mixed in here, corn.


Ginette bites into the freshly roasted corn and smiles with soy sauce on her cheeks.
It's rare to see this kind of expression on Jeannette's face. I'll make sure to burn it into my eyelids.

'It's a little unmannerly, ...... but it makes me nervous, isn't it?
It's not bad manners at all. It's a great way to get the most out of your life.

He bites into the squid with a gusto that would make a carnivore blush, and chews and bites and chews.
Mmm!It's delicious!

'It looks kind of tasty, seeing you eat it like that.
'Then, do you want to try it?
'No, that's as ...... good as it gets.'

He rejected me with a smile.
Well, even if he did, it would be a bit annoying.

There were also the usual baby sponge cake and popcorn stalls. There were also taiyaki and donuts. The sweet smell is wafting around here.
Kids are flocking to the sweet treats. I think I'll pass. There's a long line.
I just tell the ham kid on duty to hang in there and move on.


I saw Bertina in the middle of the stall.
The pile of plates in front of the store must have been eaten by Sophie, who was occupying the space. ...... She eats a lot, too.

'The sisters are making okonomiyaki, aren't they?
'Yes. It was quite difficult, but Magda taught me a few tricks, and I'm getting good at it.

As she said this, she dexterously flipped the okonomiyaki over with two spatulas.

'Well done!

'You're good.'

Ginette claps her hands in admiration.
Bertina gives an itchy, embarrassed smile.
It's strange how even a large spatula can look homey or even a little cute when Bertina is holding it.
Such sharp metal would have looked like a weapon to Estella.

'I thought I'd make some for the children of the church.
'I'm sure they'll love it.
'I hope so.
'They'll be happy. Because I loved the vegetable soup that Sister made for me.

Ginette was once a closed-minded girl.
It was Bertina, of course, who stood by, encouraged, and supported Ginette, and that is why the food that Bertina cooked for her left a deep impression on her.
Cooking is love. That's what ...... is all about.

'Sister is still number one in the vegetable soup ranking. I still can't catch up with her.
'That's not true, is it?Ginette is a better cook than I am.'
'Mm-hmm. Thank you, Sister. But in my mind, I'm still not as good as you.

Ginette's words seemed to come from the heart, not from modesty.
The taste of memories is strong, you know.

'Then, do you think your okonomiyaki is better than Jeannette's?
'My okonomiyaki is as good as yours.

Mother and daughter exchanging such a conversation with a smile. They get along well, don't they?

'Well, please give me one.
'Please wait a moment.

They exchange strange, theatrical lines and laugh together.
What are you guys doing?Are you trying to heal me and kill me?I'm going to die from being healed too much, am I?

Hmm. It's much tastier than I expected, Yashiro. I have to work hard too.
'Which ............?It's delicious. The degree of cooking is perfect.
'Mm-hmm. Please don't give me too much credit. I get carried away pretty easily.

Bertina looked happy as she said this.
The kids from the church are crowding around, so I'll give them some space.
Next time I'll make sure they have plenty.

And further on, ......

'Phew!I'm surprised you made it this far!
'...... I've been waiting for you, manager.'

At the back of the stall, there was a rather grand stall with Loretta and Magda.
What is it? I guess it looks a little more luxurious when there are employees of the Sunlit Pavilion in the stall.
It gives you a sense of security.

'Um, ......, what exactly is this place selling?

So far, Jeannette had immediately understood what they were making just by looking at the equipment in the stall, but this was a different story.
That's true, I suppose.

'...... This store sells food that the manager doesn't know about.'
'This is the first time we're showing it in Japan!

It's been hard to prepare for this, ...... especially since Loretta has been leaking information all the time.

'Because of Loretta's leaking of information, she's been doing a lot of .......'
'I didn't do it on purpose!
'I didn't notice the ...... at all.'
'I think the ...... manager would have.'

Magda. That's just plain bad.
Well, maybe they didn't notice because it was Jeannette. If it had been Estella, they would have known.

'Oh, I'm curious about the new ...... food!I want to see it!I want to try it!'

Ginette starts to get nervous.
In fact, this was the only restaurant that refrained from selling the food until Jeannette tried it.
Ginette is the first customer.
If Jeannette eats it, the ban will be lifted.

'Oh, so the mysterious new product is finally going to be released.
'I'm also very interested!

Estella and Umaro had only heard about the new product.
Estella was an accomplice to this surprise and Umaro had to make a stall for it.

'Ah!It's a steamer!

Jeannette will notice the steamer. Yeah. A steamer.
There's a big steamer in this stall.
And what's in it is--

''It's an 'Oppun'!

The lid of the steamer opens and white steam rises up.
Inside the steamer, there was a white, round, and fluffy thing.

It was a meat bun!
It was a juicy bun filled with pork and bamboo shoots!

'Come on, let's eat!
'...... It's hot, so you'd better break it open before you eat it.
'Oh, it's so hot!

Bouncing the bun in her hand a few times, Ginette cracks it in half.
From inside, the golden pork dripping with juices appeared.

'Oh, that looks delicious. ......'

Then, unable to resist, Jeannette bites into the bun.

'Huh, huh ............ ~~~~~~~!

She bites into the meat, savors the juices, and is thrilled by the chewy bamboo shoots.
Then Jeannette uttered her usual line.

''The juicy pork, crunchy bamboo shoots, and glutinous dough are going to make your mouth water!

Me, Magda, and Loretta all zay for each other.
''Wasshoi wasshoi'' I've had it!

''Hmm~!That's not fair!Only Magda-san and Loretta-san!Me too!I want to make this dish too!I want to learn it!
'I knew you'd say that!
'...... as expected.
'Yes, yes. I'll teach you tomorrow, but for now, you're a customer today, right?'
'~~~~~!I want to learn today!

This might be the first time I've ever seen Jeannette this frustrated.
She must be really jealous.

'Jeannette. There's one more thing, a new menu.

Ginette looks in the direction I'm pointing.
There's .

'......, welcome, sir~'
'Millie-san. What the hell are you selling ............?

Jeannette's face started to glow.

'It's so cute!
'This is called candy apple. I learned how to make it from Ladybug.
'~~~~, Yashiro-san.'
'Yes, yes. I'll teach you how to make this too.'

'That's not fair! Ginette protested with her whole body.
My impression of the surprise is 4 surprise, 4 pleasure, and 2 envy.

'It's so sweet ...... and the sourness of the apple is so refreshing ...... that I want to add it to my set meal.
'No, I don't think it's suitable for a set meal!

You can't have candy apples while eating grilled salmon.
At best, I'd sell them with the popcorn.

'I'm happy, it's fun. ......, but I'm still jealous!

Ginette writhes, holding an unknown dish in her hands.
Across the stall, Magda and Loretta are high-fiving.
Millie says, 'I'm sorry? Millie is apologizing for keeping it a secret. But I'm the one who made her do it. It's not Millie's place to apologize.

'Is this a success?

Ginette's reaction, rarely seen, left Estella at a loss for words.
I mean, you. You're laughing at me.

''You're thinking, 'That's so cute~', aren't you?
'That's so cute!I want to take her home with me.'

Estella likes Jeannette too much for some reason.

'Then it's a great success. Look at all these people around you.'

I turned around and looked around, everyone had a big smile on their face.
Some were laughing with their neighbors, some were smiling at Jeannette, some were intrigued by the delicious looking food. There were various smiles on their faces, and all of them were enjoying the moment.

'This is the kind of future you want to create, isn't it, my lord?
'When Yashiro says it, it sounds like a threat. ...... But, yes.'

Looking at the laughing people, Estella said with renewed determination.

'I will protect this smile. I will never lose sight of the future again, and I will never let the city become like that.
'That determination. I'm going to join you.

Donnis stood next to Estella and stared at the residents of his district, who were laughing with their mouths wide open.

'And ...... someday, that person and ............'.

I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that murmur .......

With such a lively atmosphere, the banquet came to an end.
We ran around preparing for it, and ...... the results were good.
The result was that we gained Donnis' trust and cooperation.
I think that's enough.

I'm going to keep pushing to destroy the BU.
That's what I was thinking at the time.