323-at the end of Episode 235.

As if to regret the end of the party, Barbara squinted at the kids who spent the rest of the time playing together on the playground equipment.

'Thank you so much for all the fun they had .......'
'No, no. It's like Bertina told me to do it.

Forty-two wards and twenty-four wards. We need toys that kids from both districts can enjoy equally.
We'll give that playground equipment to the church in District 24.

And that strange snack, too.

What Barbara liked even more than the playground equipment was the cotton candy machine.
Fluffy, sweet treats clung to the end of the stick.

'I've never seen treats like this in my long life.
'That's true.

Bertina, in her yukata, says with a gentle smile.

'I've lived a lot longer than Barbara, but I've never seen it before either.
'You really are an amazing person, aren't you, Yashiro?
'Please don't. It's just that the thing I knew wasn't in this city yet.

It wasn't me who invented it.
It was someone much older and much better.

'Yeah, but it's manual rotation. Let someone with more power do it.

I don't think there's anyone in this church with as much power as Delia.

'Mikel-san wanted to do it. The spinning part.
'Of course he can't, with that stamina-less Taro.

If Mikel spun it, two strings of sugar would come out and that would be it.
That's not cotton candy. It's string candy.

'Mmm, he's working hard every day to build up his strength. Especially today, when you saw your lover's beautiful figure.
'Oh, can you stop talking about that because it's unpleasant?

d*mn it, it's ....... You're both in love with each other. ...... d*mn it.

'It's true what you said, Bertina.
'Oh, what is it?
'Yashiro-san. You've really changed the way I see the world. He really changed my world.

Barbara and Bertina are looking at me at the same time.
Can you please stop ....... Don't look at me like that.

'And Sophie, she smiled so much.

Now Rebekah, Sophie, and Bertha are talking to Donnis and Filman.
They are probably talking about marriage, engagement, and their future lives and relationships.
They have just said that they will decide on a date first, and then set another date to discuss the matter.

...... Or rather, from a distance, it looks as if Sophie is giving Fillman a lot of bad advice.
Well, I guess he needs a good beating about the bush when it comes to treating women. A little spartan. ...... It's sick, his delusions.

It looks like a demon to me. ...... Is it a tsundere?
I'm not sure what to make of that.Well, I don't care.

'She was trying to atone for her sins of running away from her family home by protecting the children here. However, she couldn't forgive herself ...... for her past actions that she considered sinful, so she became more overprotective than necessary.
'Even if you knew that, you couldn't say anything to him?
'Well, ...... I didn't have any words to say to him.'

Barbara smiles sadly, and Bertina looks at me with an enveloping gaze.

'Only you can forgive yourself for your sins,' she said.

Those were the words Ginette had once taught me.

'Is that why you do penance?
'Yes, sir. You know it well.

Thanks to your daughter.

'But finally, ...... Sophie can smile so clearly, can't she?

I thought that Barbara's definition of 'laughing' might not be smiling or laughing out loud, but rather the way in which emotions that had been bottled up are now looking up. ......


A dignified voice said, and when I turned around, a beautiful woman in a glossy yukata jumped into my field of vision.

'You're really jumping in!

Natalia, dressed in a black yukata with a red goldfish pattern, lunges at me with a spectacular flying cross chop.
The goldfish on her yukata looks like a flying fish.

'It looks like the store is over while I was putting on your yukata.
'Oh, I'm sorry.'
'No, sir. It's a pity, but if I could have helped you...'

I could have helped.
The hall was filled with beautiful women in yukata, and the atmosphere became more lively.

The yukata I asked Ukrines to make for the kids here seemed to have been appreciated.

'Thanks to Natalia, I've managed to learn how to dress myself. You too, Mr. Bertha.
'If you have any questions, please call me at any time. I'll come running with Master Yashiro.
'Why did you drag me into all this?

Barbara and Bertha were learning from Natalia how to dress the kids and Rebekah in yukata.
As Donis had said, they would like to continue to hold such festivals in the future.

'I'd like to organize something that the kids from the church and the people from the city can enjoy together.

'I'd like to thank Mr. Ukrines as well, and I'd like to pay him a visit this time.
'Yes, sir. I'll be waiting for you. With Master Yashiro.'
'So, why are you dragging me into this?

Can you please not give me the impression that you and I are living together?
If I live with you, you'll be naked at home, right?It's ...... great!

'I'll be waiting for you, in the land of the naked people.
'Yashiro-sama. Please don't involve me in this conversation.

What are you talking about, the original naked tribe?
You're the chief, aren't you?

'The carriage is ready. Let's head for the Forty-second District soon.
'Oh, yes, that's right. I want to get home before dark.

Donnis and Lucia helped us find a couple of carriages.
We're going home in the carriage Javier rented, but Umaro and the others will be dismantling the building afterwards and won't be back until around midnight.

'Oh, ladybug!

Millie came running in with her clogs clacking.
In her hands, she holds a cotton candy and a candy apple.

'Oh, you got it?
'Oh, ...... this,...... for children,............ Miry, you're already an adult. ......'

No, no, no.
I'm not sure what to do.

If you get Millie in a game, you can keep her forever without evolving her.
If it's a game that's forbidden to play, and the costumes change every time she evolves, I'll pay for it and evolve her immediately. It's a good idea to keep them in their initial state. ............ No, in the case of Millie, you should protect her in her initial state without defacing her. ......... ...

I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if it's okay to do something a little naughty with Millie. ......'
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
It looks good on you. She also wears a ladybug mask. ...... Oh, is that the usual hair ornament?

'So, what did you want?
'Oh. You know... Miri and Natalia, we're staying overnight in the 35th district today.
'What?...... You want me to give you Miri in return for the carriage and the flowers in the garden?
'No, you're wrong!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one.
She said it contained food that Ginette had cooked and food that had been sold at a food stall.

'I see. Well then, tell them I'm indebted to them. It was a big help.'
'Hmm!Tell him I said thanks.
'And?Why Natalia?
'Oh, ...... that's, that's .......'
'It's an escort.'

'An escort ............, ah, I see.

'If Millie-san in a yukata enters the 35th district, the moment she enters ......, he will come.
'Oh, come on, Natalia. I don't think it's a good idea to call a lord 'he', but ...... make sure you get him. Millie is the property of the Forty-two districts.
I'm not sure what to do.

You're an idiot, Millie.
Lucia is that kind of person.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'No, that's not true. ............, right?
'Natalia. Even if it turns into a war, that's not an option. Do everything you can.
'Yes, sir.'

With a firm salute, Natalia and I took the mission to heart.

'What are you two doing that's so funny?

Estella, who was wearing a mature, wisteria-colored yukata, sighed as usual.
Just a different outfit can add 28% more s*x appeal.

Her hair is somehow put up in an updo. This somehow makes her look cute.

Really, I'm not kidding, Estella looks great in a yukata.
Well, I'm not going to say this because I'll get angry and say, 'It's because she doesn't have breasts anyway! so I won't say it.
Or rather, I made her angry just now.

'You look good with no breasts, Estella-sama.
'You!You just said the words I was trying so hard to hold back!
'Okay, both of you, let's play on the front.'

In the end, I said it and made her angry.
Well, Estella would have been more annoyed if I had said, 'You're cute' with a straight face.

'It's a cover for embarrassment. When I was about Yashippi's age, I used to be deliberately mean to get the attention of women I liked.
'Your first love must have been when you were 20.

And the other guy was nine.
...... In Japan, you'd be arrested immediately.

Donis looks strangely happy when Estella and I are talking.
So, it's not like that, is it?

'Mr. Donati'.

Natalia stood in front of Donnis and bowed deeply.

'Please forgive me for being absent for so long at the feast.
'Good. I don't mind.

Natalia had excused herself at my request, but as the lord's escort, it might have been impolite to leave her alone.
I'm sorry. I wasn't considerate enough.
I'll apologize for my rudeness.

'Oh, by the way, Mr. Donnerty.'

Before I can say anything else, Natalia bends her body into an 'S' and sighs in a very s*xy pose, 'hmmm ......'.

'Hi, I'm a beautiful woman who's the talk of the town at BU.
I've got my heart set on someone!I'm sorry to hear that!

Donnis turns his body halfway around in a panic and turns his back on Natalia.

'A father and son!
'That's a fair point, but first you should apologize for your rudeness.

I don't care about your rudeness in leaving the room.

'Don't worry, Master Yashiro.'

And now he turns to me and pulls down the front of his yukata, exposing a glimpse of his white, luscious thighs.

'I wasn't at my best yet,' she said.
'Please don't give your all for me!
'''' haaaaaan!Natalia, you're really hot! ''''
'You kids are like Umaro!

You, Natalia ...... seriously need to take responsibility and cure those kids of their illnesses, okay?
Because we can't tolerate war here, can we?

'Big brother!
'...... request for help'.

Loretta and Magda come running at a great speed.
What is it?What's going on!

'Stop the manager, sir!
'......Tell me, demon god.'

When I looked, I saw that Ginette was chasing them, though she had been pulled away by the leg power of the beastman race.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Magda, Loretta, can you give me the recipe for the meat buns?

...... I told you I'd teach you when I got home.

'...... says that he wants to learn and have prior knowledge before he learns from Yashiro.
'Manager, I intend to surpass even my brother!
'...... Can't you make a medicine to cure that workaholic?

It's a horrible disease.

'Let's welcome him for now.
'...... The manager is slow on his feet.
'Instead, his physical activity in other areas is unrivaled.'

So we lined up and waited for Ginette.
She bobbed her head up and down.

'No, don't bob your head up and down!

No, no, no. Your eyes are glued to me and you're bobbing your head up and down so hard. ......

'Ginette-chan, ...... even in yukata, you're amazing ......'
'Estella-san!Why are you crying?You'll get your yukata dirty, please stand up!
'I'm...!I've made up my mind!

Ginette was puzzled by Estella's tears. And the old man shouting. Shut up, single hair. Don't get upset by the swaying tits.

'Gosh...... anyway, I'd better get ready to go home...... hiccup...... ...... gusu'.

'Oh, um, Estella, ...... please don't cry ...... I don't know why you're crying.'

Ginette. Reality can be harsh, can't it?

'Yes, sir.
'You take care of that!
'I got it!
'''' Come aboard the big ship! ''''

I'll let the Trubecks and the Hammies take down the stalls.
Natalia and Milly are going to the 35th district. ...... They will probably go to Lucia to thank her for all the help she has given them.
Estella is going to Javier's place. Well, if we give her a letter, Lucia will understand.

'Excuse me, Mr. Yashiro.

Jeannette walks up to me and starts to squirm.

'Is this the bathroom?
'No, sir.'

She stares up at me.

'I'll get the ...... recipe when I get back.'
'Huh. ...... Well, I'd appreciate it if you could do it sooner, but that's not what I'm talking about right now. ......'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. ...... I may have to stay up all night today.

'Well, I'm going to take the same carriage as the sisters on the way back, aren't I?
'Hmm?Is that right?
'Yes. There are so many children, it will be hard for the sisters to go alone.
'Well, that's true.

Bertina must be tired after all.

'So, if possible, Magda and Loretta can also come to our carriage ......!
'I want to be in the same carriage as my brother!We don't talk enough!
'......The current Magda is lacking in yashiro.'

Loretta hugs both of my arms. I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.
...... It must be really hard for you to pursue Jeannette. I'm not sure if there will be any more surprises in the future.

'Hey, it's time to go home!
'Oh!All right!

I call out to Delia, who is dealing with the kids in the distance.
Both Umaro and the kids seem to like her, and she's very popular with them.
With that kind of power moving the playground equipment, it's no wonder they like you.

'Well, we're leaving, but you guys should come visit us in District 42 next time!I'll have Umaro build you some more new playground equipment.
'''' Yes! ''''
'Hmm!Didn't someone just make a huge promise to me?

We're planning to build playground equipment in District 42 as well.
I'm having Norma and her team make bearings for it.
If ...... is to be a 'completely new playground equipment', the hurdle rises dramatically.

Umaro, hang in there!
--When I was thinking about it, Oumaro came running towards me at a great speed.

'Mr. Yashiro!I want you to think of something!I want you to think of something!
'Eh~, why me?
'The children's expectations are weighing heavily on me!
'I'm a kid, and I'm crazy...'
'Is it okay if Delia-san becomes a liar?If Delia-san turns into a frog, the 42nd district will be more than hurt!
'No, no, no. There's no way those kids are going to cast the 'Spirit Judgment' on Delia.
'You can't say that it won't happen just in case!
'Hmmm ......, I don't quite get it. ...... sense of danger?I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh, ............ I can't help it, this is the last thing I'm going to do,............
'Oumalo!I'll think of a new playground equipment.
'Do you understand me, Yashiro-san?

The girls look at me and Umaro with cold eyes as we hug each other tightly.

'Oh ......, Umaro has finally infected his brother ......'.
'Well, I knew it would happen someday, but ...... it finally did.
'Umaro...... will blow you away.'
'Wait, wait, Loretta-san, Estella-san, and especially Delia-san!This is for the purpose of persuading Yashiro-san, not for any deeper meaning!
'Kitsune no Muneyou-sa☆ Which way are you facing?Everyone is this way~!
'For various reasons, I can't face that way, but my heart is facing you!

'Huh!I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm just trying to help the children ...... Delia's H cup ...... for the children. ......!
'Yes. I'm not sure what to say, but I know what you mean, Umaro. In conclusion, it's Yashiro's fault.

Why is that, Estella?

In other words, the most evil is that H cup ............

'Boobs can't be evil!
'......, right?It's Yashiro's fault, isn't it?

Estella's words were enough to convince everyone in the room. ...... I don't get it.
That's enough. I'm leaving!I'm uncomfortable!

'So long, Rebekah and Firman. I'll come back to see you when you've grown tired of each other.
'No, you can come and see me sooner.'
'That's right!You're our Cupid, you know.
''Hey! No!
'Shut up, you're making a freaky sound with your voice.

I'm very uncomfortable.
I feel like leaving as soon as possible.

'Then let's all go home!Hurry up, as fast as you can!
'...... Ginette. You really want to learn that new recipe, don't you?
'......Maybe the Sunlit Pavilion will be open all night today.'
'......The manager might do it.'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, you can call us at our own web site.
I'm sure that even Columbus was not that motivated.

'Well, Donis. Take care of that last one.'
'Can't you think of anything else to say goodbye?

Whatever words of wisdom I come up with, they'll be overwritten by the sight of your head.
Complain to your scalp.

'I'll send you a text if I need anything else. You, too, should feel free to drop me a line.'
'Thank you, Mr. Donnerty. I hope we can be more friendly in the future.'
'Of course. I thank you for this.
'It's been a benefit to us as well.

They shook hands one last time, proving to each other that what they had just said was true.
Then, Donnis looks at Estella and asks her if she can hear him.
He deliberately reversed his hand to cover his mouth so that I could hear.

'If you ever have a problem with a man who is not willing to compromise, you can talk to me. I'll give you a good talking to.
'Yes, yes......, that's not ...... yet............ ...... haha. So, if you get the chance.
'Mm!I'm on your side, Ms. Crea Mona.

I have no idea who you're talking about, but no matter what you say, I'll be able to debunk it with a simple 'don't tell me'. You perennial slacker.

After the greeting, which I couldn't tell whether they were bidding farewell or just saying what they wanted to say to each other so that they wouldn't leave anything unsaid, we left the woods together.
We come to the red iron gate of the 24th District Church.
Once we pass through here, the party is over.
The carriages parked in front of us will take us back to our respective homes.

'Never!You'll definitely come back to visit us, Estella!My knight!My eternal rival Magda!

Rebecca clings to Estella and presses her head against her.
But when did Magda ...... become Rebeka's rival? I don't know.

The party was a success, although there were some unimportant mysteries left at the end.
We have a good relationship with the 24th district.
Koji and soybeans. The benefits of this city's specialties to us are immeasurable.
Let's quickly get rid of BU and start making money involving the 24th district.

While I was thinking about this, Sophie reverently put her hand on the heavy iron gate.
She pulls the handle without any particular difficulty, and a heavy, earth-shaking sound echoes through the air.

Then, the door opens, and--

'Well, well, well. What a rare group of people.

--The lord of the 29th district, Gerasie, was standing there.


Donnis let out a surprised voice.

Apparently, Donnis didn't know either.

But what is this situation?
It's as if they knew we were going to hold the banquet here today and ambushed us. ...... Yes, to step in at this completely inexcusable time.


Estella whispers to me as she hides behind me.
She lifts her chin and guides my gaze.
Ahead of her were the lords of the other wards in ...... the BU.

These are the same people who were at the last majority vote in District 29.
The only one who was not there was Tracy.

'No need to elaborate. I've got it all figured out.'

Gerrardsy said in his same tasteless voice, and announced a decision that would likely never be reversed.

'In four days' time, we'll send judges to the 42nd and 35th districts. If they defy or refuse, we, the BU, will consider it a declaration of war and launch an all-out assault on both districts.
'Wait a minute, please!Our reply is still .......'
'What did you guys do with the reprieve I gave you?

Estella's words were cut off by the emotionless voice.
You can't help but feel guilty when you're pinpointed in the heart.

'I didn't expect you to meet with the lords of each district individually and start trying to win them over. ...... As expected of the poorest district. It's an act of questionable decency.
'What ......?

Even Estella expressed her displeasure at that comment.
But even that seemed to be calculated by Gerrardsy.

'What is it?Are you dissatisfied?If you are, you can have a majority vote right here and now.

He threatened me.
If a majority vote were to be taken here, he would be immediately convicted. The forty-two wards would have to pay a large amount of compensation to each BU ward.

'Well, wait a minute, Gellarcy.

Then Donnis intervened with a dignified voice.

'Miz McCurry is not here right now. I'm not in favor of forcing a majority vote under such circumstances. In the first place, there is a rule that a majority vote cannot be taken by an even number of people.

And even Donnis's words seemed to be in line with Gerrardsy's intentions.

'It's not an even number, Mr. Donati.

Gerrardsy smirks.
It's the kind of sickening smile that only comes from someone who's sure of victory.

'If you're absent, there will be five of us, an odd number.
'You're asking me to leave?

Donnis lets out a loud, gut-wrenching roar.
It's like the roar of a ravenous beast. A man with normal senses would have been frightened out of his wits by that voice alone.

'So, shall we decide by majority vote?
'...... ggh'

Donnis swallowed his words.
If we take a majority vote now, Donnis will lose five to one.
If that happens, Tracy and Donis, the two lords we've recruited to our side, will not participate.

'Let's hope you stay quiet, my dear DD.
'......, young man.'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
His comfort and confidence comes from the four lords behind him.
Those five, including Gerrardsey, are unlikely to disagree this time.
They've probably rallied to oust Donnis ...... and us.

'Donnis. If you back off quietly, you'll be able to attend the majority vote in four days.'
'...... however.'
'There's nothing to be gained by fighting here.'

He calmed Donnis, who was on the verge of losing his mind.
If you leave, we'll be in trouble.

'Hmm. I knew it.

Gerrardsy's expression turned grim as I exchanged words with Donnis.

'Donnis Donnerty has lost his mind, hasn't he?
'Isn't that too rude to Uncle Donis?

It was Filman who raised his voice.
But it was a trap.
The Gerrards are deliberately trying to provoke us.
He's confident that the more he does so, the more he'll gain the upper hand.

'You took a bribe, didn't you?
'Don't underestimate me, Gerasie. I may be old, but I'm still a lord. I am not swayed by money.'
'There can be bribes that aren't money. ...... Yes, like the question of an heir.'

Donnis glares at Gerrardsy.
I wonder how much these guys know.

'You were seduced by the lowly nobles of the outer districts to betray the BU. You even brought in the head of the koji factory, a major earner, and held talks in a closed church where others could not enter.

'No, it's not!This meeting is about the engagement of me and Rebecca, and there is no political implication ......, especially not about the 24th district betraying the BU!

Hearing Filman's categorical assertion, Geraci burst into a belly laugh.

'Marriage?You and the Koji Factory's construction worker?
'Yes, that's right!Please stop laughing!What's so funny?
'Of course it's funny.

The loud laughter suddenly stopped, leaving only a look of mockery on Gelercy's face.

'Isn't the Koji Maker still a child?

Filman's eyes were filled with murderous intent.
He must have felt that his beloved had been insulted .......
But before Filman could do anything else, Rebekah spoke up.

'I may be small, but I'm a grown man who leads the koji factory. I'm not a child anymore.

I'm an adult who is fulfilling my responsibilities to the world," she insists.
Gerrardy, of course, extended his arm and pointed his index finger at her.
It's a "Judgment of the Spirits" stance.


I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
But heedless of all of this, Gerasie laughs and says, 'You're not even an adult.

'How can a child who hasn't even reached adulthood be an adult!If you want, why don't you ask the Spirit God what he thinks, with your own body?

Rebekah's face turns pale.
If the "Judgment of the Spirits" is used, Rebekah will probably turn into a frog.
As long as there is a definite standard that an adult is an adult, Rebeka is still a child.

'Huh. Now that you've said that, you can't do anything against my will.

Gellarcy took Riveka hostage.
Filman was plain and Donnis was unusually bitter.

'Most likely, they were trying to outsmart the BU and monopolize the wealth. There's only so much land in the outer districts. They could make a lot of money by having the BU grow soybeans in secret.
'I've never even heard of such a thing.
'Can't you prove that either?
'No!Then, please send the 'Judgment of the Spirits' to .......'
'Inducing the Judgment of the Spirits is a trap - isn't it common knowledge among us nobles?

It is a common practice among the nobles to deliberately induce the Judgment of the Spirits in order to gain an advantage in their position. Such tactics must have been repeated since ancient times.
If someone were to ask me to play the "Judgment of the Spirits," I would refuse. There is no need for me to step into the ring of my opponent.

At the same time, I would refuse to present the Conversation Record.
They can be manipulated as much as you want.
If you have a conversation with someone that sounds like it beforehand. The name of the speaker is not listed. You can fake it all you want. --With humans.

Gellarousy will block the spirit god's magic and then confront Donnis with proof of the devil.
It's impossible to prove you didn't do it.

Anyway, he wants to make the 42nd Ward look bad by making it difficult for them.
Maybe he thinks he can take away the soybean rights by tricking Donis.

The BU is a coalition that relies on tolls to keep its finances afloat. It's easy enough to track down a single letter.

Gerasie's reptilian eyes glared at Estella.
I don't know if he's ever been such a jittery guy before,......, but I feel uncomfortable about that too.

'You seem to be exchanging letters with McCurry frequently, Creamona-dono.
'That's ......'.

Some letters Estella exchanged with Tracy. She must be referring to them.
It seems that the exchange of letters was fully understood.
I guess it's natural that the BU is guarded by guards who can only enter through certain passages. I was careless.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at ....... That's what I'm talking about. ............'

Gerrardsy did not say what he was going to say. But he knew exactly what he wanted to say.
Estella's eyes glittered.
Natalia, too, had just been staring at Gerasie in silence. ...... No, she seems to be glaring at the silver-haired head waiter behind her.
It's a check and balance between the head waiters. It's powerful.

'I've told McCurry about this. ......'

With a fake smile on his face, Gerrardsy advises Donnis.

'From now on, don't act strangely at all. Keep in mind that if you are suspected, you will not only be unable to participate in the majority vote, but you may also be expelled from the BU.
'............ Yes, sir.'

Donnis mutters in a very heavy voice. It would be more accurate to say that he growls.

Filman was completely overwhelmed and speechless.
It's probably too early for Filman to be in a war of checks and balances between lords.

'Lord Creamona.

Gerrardsy said, snickering at his new title.

'Four days from now, you can look forward to it. ...... hahahaha!'

Leaving behind a high-pitched laugh, Geraci climbed into the carriage.
An obnoxiously luxurious carriage pulled up in front of the church. A large, black-haired horse began to walk as if it owned the place.

None of us said a word until the carriage was completely out of sight.

'That ......'

It was Ginette who broke the silence.

'What's going to happen to me?

She spoke honestly, expressing her anxious feelings.
It was only to speak for the hearts of all present.
There were many words that needed to be said out loud. He must have been the one who started it.

'I can't help but feel like ......'.

Scratching her hair, Estella said with a sigh.

'I can't not do something about it, can I?
'But we can't work together if even the letters are being monitored.
'It's ......, isn't it?

Natalia pointed out, and Estella bit her lip.
Even if she wanted to meet with Tracy and plan a strategy, it would no longer be possible.
If she did that, Tracy would be excluded from the majority vote. You won't be invited to the lords' meeting.
Not even by letter.

'Anyway, I'm going to do what I think is right.

Donnis says, slowly walking away.
He pushes Filman on his back and leads him to the carriage.

'I have a mission to protect ...... this city and the 24th district.'

That's all he said, and Donis' carriage departed.
Rebekah, Bertha, Sophie and Barbara did not say anything.
All the people in this place now had no words to say.

The reality hit them too suddenly.
There wasn't as much time left as they thought. No, not anymore.

This is a pretty tough situation.

'...... hey'.

Red eyes look at me.


Estella asks me with a slightly grumpy look on her face as she stares straight at me.

'Even though we're in such a desperate situation, ......'

But behind that grumpy face...

'Why are you smiling?

--There was a hint of strange anticipation.

'Am I smiling?
'Yes, you're smiling. You're smiling with the worst face ever.'
'The best smile ...... I've ever seen.
'Is it your ears that are bad?Or is it your brain that's processing the information?

Both are doing very well.
Well, you're smiling, ...... but you can't help it, can you?

Because, for the first time in a long time,......

You can't blame them, though, because for the first time in a long time, a new name has been added to the list of names that don't hurt your feelings even if you smash them.