155-Episode 18 Magda x Eyes Volume 2

The forest was filled with the scent of mangled beasts.

'That's pretty close. ...... Don't let your guard down, you guys.'

Medora Rossel also seemed to have the skill of keeping her voice down.

'Look. A swarm is like a mosquito pole, if you will. If you kill the female in the center, the swarm will naturally dissipate. It's the female you're after.'

But the females are guarded by powerful Hexenbiests. It's not easy to even get close.
They had already fought more than a dozen times. Magda has also used the "red shiny thing" twice. There's only one lunch left: ......

'Hey, there he is,......!

The scouts come back to report in hushed tones.
By 'there', I don't mean the hexenbiest, but the female reigning in the center of the Swarm.

The air in the room is tense.
Everyone stifles and hides in the shade of the forest.

Gently peeking into the forest, I saw that there were nearly twenty magical beasts grouped together in the depths of the forest.
In the middle of them, there was one particularly large Hexenbiest. That's the center of the Swarm. A female.

The female is a black-shelled hexenbiest that looks like a combination of an ant and a crab, and is about two meters tall. It's about two meters tall and three meters wide. ...... It's big and hard.
I've never seen a hexenbiest like it.

'That's nasty .......'
'......You know a hexenbiest?'
'Yeah. It's big, hard, and fast.'

Medora Rossel twisted the corners of her mouth. 'Is he that tough of an opponent?' ......

'That's a hexenbiest called an Arikani.'
'...... Manchurian?

I'm surprised at the name, it's too literal.
Isn't there a concept of "twist"?

'Oh no, ...... Peruda doesn't want to ......'

Use Damare says with a blue face.
The Peruda is a four-legged beast with a snake-like face and tail, and it is poisonous.
It is a highly dangerous hexenbiest that requires four of the most skilled hunters in the 42nd district branch of the hunting guild to hunt against it.
There are two such Perudas.

'We'll take care of Peruda.

A large man with a piranha face and an extremely loud voice came forward. I think it's Gustave of the Piranha tribe, and he's a great hunter.
...... But he still has the same jokingly high voice. Are you kidding me?

'There's also Mahout.
'Hey ......, that's nasty.'

Drino, a swineherd with two large horns on his head. And then there's Alvaro, a Byakko with white tigers from the ears and nose down. These two are also well known hunters in the hunting guild.
Both of them have special abilities. ......

'Gustave and Alvaro. You two take care of the two Perudas.'
'Yes, ma'am.'

Medora Rossel's orders are a mess.
He's ordering her to hunt the Perudas by herself when the four best men in the division can barely kill them.
And Gustave and Alvaro have readily agreed to it.
Can you do that?

'The rest of you follow Drino's orders and take care of Mahout and the other hexenbiests. I'll take care of Arikani!
'All right.

Apparently, the hunters at headquarters led by Dorino will take out the other hexenbiests. Well, that's all well and good, but I'm amazed that Medora Rossel is so confident that she can kill that big ant crab by herself.
But strangely enough, it makes me think 'Medora Rossel can do it.

'Use and the others from the branch will be our backup. You've probably been worn out by this point, so you don't have to do anything crazy, but if it comes down to it, you're going to have to die for us.
'Oh, oh!Keep up the good work, you guys!

The hunters from the branch had killed most of the magical beasts on the way here.
The people at the headquarters had conserved their strength, thinking that there was a powerful hexenbiest in the center of Swarm, but ...... they were right. Medora Rossell, as expected.

I'm not sure what to do.
''''' Hey! '''''

In the event you're not sure what to do, there are a few things you can do.
The demonic beast notices us and makes a warning sound at once.
A warning sound to intimidate. Even though their ears are ringing violently, they never close their eyelids.
When hunting Hexenbiests, a moment's carelessness can lead to death.
You can't blink until you've killed your prey.

'Let's get out of here, you bastards!

Use Damare shouted angrily.
Numerous spider-like magical beasts rained down on the heads of the hunters at headquarters as they charged.
It seems they were hiding in the trees.
Magda and the other hunters from the branch shoot the monsters above their heads so that the hunters from the headquarters can concentrate on hunting on the ground.

Use Damare made a very good decision. He was watching carefully. Thanks to you, we'll have backup in time.
Hmm, I'm starting to think I should be allowed to call him .......

And then ......

--I'm sorry.

For a moment, I felt the air change.
The spider beasts are only numerous, but each and every one of them is no big deal.
Peruda has also been completely subdued by Gustave and Alvaro.
Medora Rossel, mankind's ultimate weapon, has also subdued the Arikani, which poses the greatest threat.
The same goes for the other magical beasts. ...... The current chill is ......

'Magda!Don't just stand there!The hexenbiest is still ......!

Use Damare's voice trailed off as he tried to warn Magda.
Use Damare's eyes widened.
What appeared beyond that was ......

'...... Bonaconk'.

Bonacon, a huge, flaming bull, was charging toward us. It was many times larger than the Bonakon Magda knew, and its horns were fiercely extended and pointed. It was the first time Magda had ever seen such a fierce-looking Bonacon, and for a moment, she felt her feet slump.


With a screeching roar, Bonacon lunges forward. The ...... target was not Magda ......, but Medora Rossel.
This Bonacon seems to be trying to protect Arikani.

'I won't let ...... it.

I was just a moment too late.
After all, one moment of carelessness can be fatal.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
If Magda doesn't stop him, ......!

He slides his body in front of Bonacon's eyes.
A sharp horn cuts his cheek. A red streak runs down his cheek, and blood seeps through with a burning heat. But I'm okay with this.
Magda glared at him, and Bonacon was momentarily frightened. And that was enough.


When Bonacon was frightened, Magda covered his whole body with 'something red and shiny'.
He holds his Masakari at the lower level and raises it at once.


He lets out a slightly dumb scream, and Bonacon falls to the ground.

'Good job, tiger girl!

You can hear Medora Rossel's voice behind you.
Magda was close to where Medora and Arikani were fighting.
It really was a close call.

'Well, I'll go to ............ too!'


A heavy crash sounded in the forest.
With his fist, he struck the hard belly of the ant crab.


It roars and strikes wildly.

Zugga-ga-ga!Sugagagagagagag!The sound of a steel stake being driven into an iron plate echoed, and gradually ...... the outer shell of the ant crab cracked and ...... broke.

It's a good thing I'm not the only one.

He swung his right fist and slammed it into the cracked and thinning shell.


With a high-pitched scream, Arikani buried his huge body in the earth.
Sinking to the ground, the ant crab stopped moving.

'...... really, I killed it all by myself.
'That was quite a feat, tiger girl!You can be even stronger!

You can be even stronger! ...... munching.

'. I don't know how you can be so carefree with your lunch in here.

I need to eat my lunch to settle my stomach.

Medora Rossell gazed warmly at Magda as she gulped down her lunch.
............ I won't give you that look.
As a sign of his intentions, he turns his back to Medora Rossell.

'I'm not going to take it away, you idiot. Eat slowly.'

A large hand is placed on his head. ...... dependable, big hands. Like a father you can count on.

A few minutes later, the Swarm lost control after the female ant crab was hunted and turned into a ragtag group that was ...... completely subdued.

Hexenbiest Swarm vanquished, complete.

'Well, I'm going home, you guys!
'''' Hey!Mom! ''''

Magda and the others were on their way home when Medora Rossel gave the order.
Somehow or other, Magda found herself next to Medora Rossel. Medora Rossel is stroking Magda's head all the time.

'It's kind of an easy head to pet,' she said.
'...... They say it's a national treasure.'
'Ha-ha-ha!That's good!I'll let you pet it some more!

Laughing wildly, Medora Rossel stroked Magda's head.
Unlike Yashiro, she stroked him roughly ............, but not too unpleasantly.

Then, through the gates and in the carriage, Magda returned to the sunlit pavilion.

'Darling!I've killed the Swarm!

...... with Medora Rossel.
She followed him, patting him on the head. ...... What should I do with this?

'Darling, you should see this!I've been injured!

The tip of my finger was slightly cut and bleeding.
It seems that the cut was caused by destroying the outer shell of the arikani. ...... It is amazing that that is the only injury after defeating that magical beast with your bare hands. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm not sure what to do.

'Please lick me!Spit on it and it'll heal!
'We have medicine, so put it on!
'We have disinfectant too!
'Wah, hey, ............ Mogot?

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the best way to get the most out of your wedding.
This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with us.

'Oh, ............ warm'.

At this rate, Yashiro is likely to be cold tomorrow morning.
Caution ............, I thought, ......

'...... head, cool'.

Perhaps it was because I had been stroked so much that my head felt sooty. It's not that the hair follicles have been catastrophically damaged.
That big hand of Medora Rossel's was stroking it all the time. ...... How can I say, ...... not enough?

'...... Well, for once.

Medora Rossel did her best.
You should be rewarded with something like that.

'Oh ......, I'm so nervous I'm going to die,......'
'No, I'm obviously going to die more than you, this scene ......'.

Medora Rossel writhes cutely.
Yashiro gazes at her with cold eyes.
But he doesn't reject her outright, despite what he says.

I'm sure you'll agree that Yashiro has a weakness for women with big tits and a strong push. ............ Is Medora Rossell your true love?

I'm not sure what to say. ~~~~......

'Well, I'm leaving!I'm going to be alone and enjoy my fingertips ......, or I have work to do at headquarters!
'Don't say horrible things, just go home!Get to work, get to work!And wash your fingers immediately!Wash your fingers now!

Medora Rossel is cheerfully sent off, and Yashiro returns.

'...... d*mn it. Hmm?


'Magda's injured too. You've got a little cut on your cheek.'


'Hang on, I'll get you some medicine soon ......'


'...... What the hell, you too ............ Well, it looks like you worked hard today... ...'

When observing Yashiro, ......

I'm not sure what to say.

What did he misunderstand? ......

'......What, Yashiro?
'Don't move.'

Yashiro kneeled down in front of Magda and gently put his hand on Magda's face, holding her down.
Then ......


...... and licked Magda's cheek.

'Is this what you want?As you can see, I've already figured out Magda's begging and I've ............ got it.What's up?'
'...... ho,ho.'

On the cheek ............chi ............chi... ......... chu..................

'...... I'm going to bed.'

The moment I made such an excuse, my face exploded.
I didn't think that ...... I would make such a mistake, indeed.

I think he misunderstood that Magda was forcing him to do what Medora Rossell was forcing him to do.
Mm-hmm. It's an understandable flow. That's how it was supposed to go.

But ............ cheek kisses are a bit too abrupt and ............ impossible.

It's a little too sudden,.......

I did the best I could and headed for my room. I can't wait to get out of here. ...... I can't move my body as much as I want to. I'm not sure what to make of it.

...... At the end of the day, Yashiro is ............ a natural at this point.
Magda is not supposed to be such a trifling beggar,............, not anymore,.......

Just one word: ............

'......Thank you for the meal.'
'Magda!What's wrong, Magda?

Leaving the confused Yashiro behind, Magda returns to her room.
He crawls into bed and pulls the covers over his head.

I think it's not fair to take you by surprise. ............ I think it's not fair. ......

I'm not sure what to say.

The day ended with me writhing in agony for the first time in a long time.