358-Additive-free Episode 13 To the City of Girls' Hea...

Then Barbara and Teresa were taken to a room in the prison.
It was a proper guest room where the relevant people could stay.
They were told that there was a twin room, but Teresa said, 'I'm with you, honey! We were told that there was a twin room, but Teresa insisted on staying with Barbara, so the room was changed to a single room. She said she didn't feel comfortable with too much space.

The people involved in the weight-loss project went back to the sunlit pavilion first and went to sleep early to prepare for tomorrow.
According to Regina's diagnosis, since the period of recklessness was short, her recovery was quick, and although it seemed a little premature, she said, 'Well, it shouldn't be a problem. They said, 'Well, it shouldn't be a problem, they're good people.

As for Jeannette, she said, 'Well, I'm going to eat more than usual for breakfast and lunch tomorrow to prepare for the graduation exam! She said that she was going to make the same diet food that she had fed to Sirach. The amount is large, but the calories are modest. He said that it was a healthy dish, and that chewing it well would make him feel full.
So, that left me, Estella, and Natalia.
And then there was Ricardo's group and Medora.

'The hunting guild helped us out, didn't they? Thanks for your help.'
'Nah. It's our role to stop the troubles in District 41. After all, I like that town.

I can't let you do as you please in your own territory-- that's what they say.
I don't know what's going on here. ...... yakuz...... No, it's nothing.
It's a noble thing to protect public safety, yes.

'Ricardo. Thank you for all your help.

When the matter is over and settled for the time being, Estella makes her point as a lord.
She thanked Ricardo with a gentle smile.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

'd*mn, that's a good one. You're the one who made me do it.
'Still, you could've kicked me out. But you didn't. For that, I thank you in no uncertain terms.
'Hmm......, well, you've gotten a lot tougher, so I thought I'd at least give you a ...... reward.

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'That kind of superciliousness continues to annoy me☆'
'You!What are you saying with a nice smile?
'You try to act like a big brother every now and then, don't you?Stop it, you're making me uncomfortable.
'I've known you since you were a little kid, so you're like a big brother to me!
'We're not related at all.
'Even Oba and Fudosan's daughter aren't related to you, but you're acting like they're your brother!
'Haha. I'm not as fond of you as Loretta is of Yashiro.
'Why are you always smiling when you spit out your poison?
'Because if you don't smile, you'll end up with a frown that could be considered diplomatic disrespect.
'You don't like it that much?Is it really that painful for you that I'm your brotherly childhood friend?
'Ricardo. ...... I don't want to say anything that will deeply hurt anyone.

You guys are really ...... close, aren't you?
I'm glad to hear that you're building a good relationship.

'You've become a good lord, that girl.'

Medora stares at Estella and mutters.
Her first impression of you was terrible, but now she seems to be appreciating you properly.
Well, Estella has changed a lot.
She's grown up, hasn't she?Except for her ...... breasts.

'Grow up ......'.
'Yashiro, shut up.'

...... And aren't you getting a little too sharp?

'They make unreasonable demands on you, but they also return the favor. If he keeps growing like this, he's going to be a very big man.'
'Yeah. Except for my breasts.
'You'll still be big, Estella.'
'Yeah. Except for her breasts.
'I'm looking forward to the future.'
'Yeah. Except for the breasts.
'Yashiro, the dungeons have just been vacated, would you like to be imprisoned for impiety?'

There's a bit of an abuse of power thing going on, this lord.
I don't like that kind of aristocracy.

'It seems there are still problems in the 41st district.

Medora raises her eyebrows and makes a difficult face.
Her eyes, gazing into the distance, were the color of deep darkness, like the sea before dawn.

'There are female warriors in the hunting guild, aren't there?
'Yes, we do. We carefully train them, regardless of gender, if they have potential.

The two women who were accompanying Teresa as if to protect her were both incredibly muscular.

The only women who can do that are a certain race and a few others.

'What's the employment rate like for women?
'Employment rate?...... That's right.'

He pinched his chin with his right hand and held his right elbow with his left.
Medora is recalling the situation in the 41st district, looking like she's thinking about it. I know you don't know the details of other industries, but I'd like to hear your vague impressions.

'It may not be so good.

According to Medora, the 41st district is a hunting town, and for a long time, the town was built around the hunting guild.
Therefore, there are many professions other than hunting guilds that are related to hunting guilds, such as weapon shops and demon beast dismantling contractors.
And those jobs tend to be male dominated.
Making armor also requires a great deal of strength and patience. It is not an easy job.
Even in the 42nd district, the only women in the hardware guild are Norma and a few others who do general work, and the only blacksmiths are muscular old men (even if they are maidens inside).

The same goes for the dismantlers.
Dismantling a hexenbiest requires a great deal of strength and determination.
In District 42, dismantling is done by the District 42 branch of the hunting guild. I heard there was no one willing to take on the job. Well, there are surprisingly few people who don't mind a lot of blood.

'Women's work opportunities may indeed be limited. There are even men who have too much ...... to work in the racketeers guild.

When I visited before the gluttony contest, there were a number of old men sitting idly in the back alleys.
In the first place, the employment rate is low in the 41st district.

'A lot of lodgings have opened up, and a good number of women have found employment there,......, but I'm sure there are quite a few who have lost out.

The 41st arrondissement has yet to break free from its one-pointed economy.
There is no diversity or ......
The economy that used to be centered on hunting guilds has shifted to one that targets travelers, adventurers, and other customers from outside. Even though industries other than the hunting guilds have grown up, most of the targets are still muscle-bound macho men who want to take advantage of the city gates of District 42.

Workplaces like the clothing stores in Uclines, where women flock in droves and their attention to detail is appreciated, have not taken root in District 41.
Old men are more interested in quantity than quality. Solidity over brand. What's inside is better than what's outside. That is not what women are looking for. That is why such workplaces have not taken root in the 41st district.

'I heard that Osina's store is in trouble.
'What, you've come to my darling after all? I thought it would be something like that since she's closed the store.
'Has Osina ever been away from the store a lot?
'No. Until now, I was the only one she could rely on, you know.

Medora says that even when it was hard, even when she was at rock bottom, she held on and clung to the store .......
So you must have been very desperate to come to me.

'The 41st district is known for its meat. It's hard to get customers to come to that restaurant with a menu that focuses on vegetables. I think it's delicious, though.

Well, it's unlikely to happen in the 41st district, where muscle-bound males are chuckling over a stylish one-plate vegetable-centered lunch. The muscles there are the most important tools of their business, and they must eat meat, meat, meat in order to maintain them.

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'That's because ...... I love the taste of that restaurant. I'd like to see them continue if they can. ...... But I've also seen her struggling with it.

It was quite a thing for Osina to run away, he said.
Medora, despite her unhappy expression, showed a certain understanding of Osina's actions.

'Can't you just hire Osina?
'That's something I've suggested a few times. ......'

Osina was more reluctant.
And Medora herself is not too keen on the idea.

'When you have an employment relationship, you are not equal in some respects, right?We want to be friends as equals. ...... I know it's childish and selfish, but...'

I know the feeling.
No matter how close you are, there are certain areas you shouldn't step into.
Because you're close, you want to maintain a good relationship without stepping into those areas. I understand this feeling.
Even between a man and a woman, it is not uncommon to want to maintain a good relationship without it developing into love.

'Then, what if?

Because I can sympathize with you, I have a suggestion for you.

'What would you do if I told you that I'm going to help Osina's store with its financial difficulties?' ......
'I'll go get a wife!Right now!'

...... Hmmm ............ I think I'll stop suggesting that.

'No, Medora is needed in the hunting guild, and it would help me too.
'Do you like me in the hunting guild, darling?
'Yeah, I guess so, ...... (better than being around me).'

He curls up his big body, shakes and writhes.
I've seen bears move like this when they come out of the river.

'The main street is a functioning inn town. But from the second street onward, if you go deeper into the city, you'll only find a mess of stores in the 41st district.

'Well, we had to move the restaurant during the gluttony contest. It wasn't always coherent, but now it's pretty bad.
'If you sort that out, you'll get more customers.

Customers only pay attention to what they're interested in.
Just as Ginette wouldn't go into an arms store, they won't go into a store that they don't need or aren't interested in.
Even if she passes by it, she passes it by.

However, if stores of a similar type are gathered in one place, shoppers will stop there.
If you create a street lined with stores that match the demographics of the customers, such as Takeshita Street in Harajuku, or gather stores specializing in a particular hobby in one place, such as Nakano Broadway, "going there" will become a purpose.

Even if they do not want anything, they can increase the rate of repeat visitors by making people think that there is something to do there.
And if it becomes popular, the place itself will become a tourist attraction.

'And there it is. I'm thinking of turning that area into a beauty center, with Osina's store as the center.

And here, the conversation turns to the lord.

'What do you think, Ricardo?
'Beauty?There's no need for that in the 41st district. The forty-first district is a city of men.
'The prejudice of ...... is lowering the employment rate of women, and thus the sales of Osina's store.
'What?Are you trying to say it's my fault?

It's obvious that much of the cause lies with the rulers who built the city.
Where are women supposed to work in such a male-dominated city? In the first place, a city where women cannot enjoy shopping will not attract women. Because they don't gather, there is no excitement. Because they don't get excited, demand is not created. Since demand is not created, profits will not rise and the industry will not take root.

Therefore, the source of the negative spiral is the narrow-minded lord.
'Obaah ......, let him say it.'

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'm not sure what to say. What blueprint do you have in mind?
'Can't you honestly say, 'Please tell me'?
'Shut up!My lord says he'll listen to you, so get on with your report!
'Eh~...... I wonder what I should do~'
'Well then, let's just forget about this matter and tell me!

I knew you'd want to know.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
...... Why am I taking on your debt? I'll make sure to collect next time.

'If there was a place where you could go and get beautiful, girls would come.
'That sounds like a scam. There's no way your face is going to change just by going to that place.
'That's why it's a place where the secrets to becoming beautiful are gathered.
'Hmm. I don't understand how ...... women are able to take pleasure in their faces.
'......, that's why you're not popular.

To begin with.
To be beautiful does not mean to tweak your facial features.

'A girl can be happy if her skin is clean, her nails are trimmed, or her hairstyle is slightly changed.
'Huh?Clean your skin and nails?You can just wash them, you know.
'Oh, no, this guy ......'.
'I don't think he understands at all.
'Ricardo. If you don't take a lesson from my darling, you'll be single forever.
'Hey, even Estella and Medora are taking Oba's side!

I'm not taking you for me. I'm disgusted with you.

'Haven't you ever done this before?Haven't you ever met someone of higher rank and tried to look as dignified as possible with your outfit and hair done to perfection?
'That's common courtesy.
'Before you go into battle, you take care of your weapons and train your muscles to make them look as good as possible, right?
'Of course you do. I'm risking my life, you know.'
'Girls risk their lives for love.'
'Huh?Are you ............ stupid?

Ricardo dismissed my opinion with an annoyed look.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before. That's what all the girls are trying to do every day. They care about their skin, nails, hair, and clothes, which you dismiss as trivial.
I'm not sure what to say, but I think it's a good idea.
''...... Is that all you have to say, Ricardo?''

Medora is particularly strong. You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this.

'......No, well, ...... you need to improve yourself, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman,...... yeah.

You should write down the words "mouth is the beginning of disaster" a hundred times and imprint it in your brain. A simple word can be the cause of a ...... murder case.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a great idea. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that he is very sensitive to the needs of girls.
'Baka, Estella. It's not surprising, is it?It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how you can get it.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

It's a great way to get the most out of your business.
It would be foolish not to find a business opportunity in it.
In the 42nd district, there was no timing or place to develop this plan, so it was saved. ...... It seems that there are other girls who are on a reckless diet like this one, and it's time to give shape to it somewhere. Maybe it's time for that.

'We'll set up a couple of beauty stores and market them extensively. Surround them with sweets stores that would be popular with women, and cute grocery stores that would also be popular with women.

Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam are very popular among women travelers.
You can get a first-class beauty treatment at a reasonable price, look around fashionable Asian-style goods, and eat delicious food.
It is a fact that more girls want to pursue beauty than to see the beautiful sea or valuable ruins. Fashion magazines are more popular than magazines about ruins.

'You want to build a beauty-related store, but you want to build a sweet store nearby?

I guess they're concerned about weight gain, just after the diet-related troubles. ......

'Estella . Which do you prefer, dieting or eating sweets?'
'............ eating and walking'.
'Well, that's what I mean.

Dieting is about working hard.
You have to have a reward after your hard work.
Don't you love rewarding yourself?

'They say they're building a town and stores for women, but this is just business. If the business doesn't work properly, it's meaningless. It's about creating more jobs.

It is meaningless to go bankrupt thinking only of 'for the customers'.
The first thing to do is to secure a profit, and as a byproduct of that, a high level of customer satisfaction, which is just enough to keep the business going for a long time.

And if you gain a little weight as a reward, you'll want to 'look good' again, right?...... This way, you won't lose any customers.
'Ku, black ...... but, frustratingly, irrefutable.'

In fact, men don't look at nails that much. There are probably no more than a handful of men who look for a girlfriend based on the beauty of her skin.
In short, it's all about self-satisfaction. A woman's pursuit of beauty is.
And eating good food is also a desire for self-gratification.

'Both are self-satisfaction, so the customer will be satisfied either way. Then, the feeling of 'It's always fun to go there! If the number of such customers increases--'
The more customers you have, the more the circle will expand.

That's right. I don't need to tell you how effective word of mouth is.
Furthermore, self-satisfaction does not last for a long time. This is because it is a self-contained satisfaction.
The desire never comes to an end. That is why the content will continue to attract customers forever.

'The fact that it is located in an alley off the main street is also a fashionable point.

Fashionable women tend to avoid chain stores and common items.
It is said that during the bubble economy, people were very brand-oriented and flocked to the famous ones, but such an extreme phenomenon would not happen easily.
Looking at it from a flat perspective, human beings, especially fashionable girls of today, love such information that "conventional is out of the question, but everyone knows it if they are well-informed".
It can make you feel good to know that you are fashionable because you know fashionable information.

I've witnessed this tendency among the girls in this town from time to time.
I've seen how doughnuts have spread since they first appeared, and I've seen the frustration of the nephews who missed out on them.
If it had been a dish that no one had ever seen before, started by a minor restaurant that no one knew about, it would not have spread so rapidly.

It was a phenomenon that occurred because of "the new menu of Hidamari-tei," which has been the first to introduce new, tasty, and fashionable dishes many times.
Naturally, fashionable girls know about it. Such a kind of common understanding arouses sympathy, and girls like to be the only one who knows something that no one else knows yet. That's what I think a fashionable girl is.

'If we reform, fashionable girls will gather from neighboring districts.
'Is it going to work that well?
'You're an idiot, Ricardo. You really are an idiot. Barker.'
'You're talking out of your ass!

You think it's going to work?
Jesus, he's ......

'We're going to make it work.

When you're ready to do something, all you have to do is act with an eye to success.
I don't like to waste my time. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it.

'But, you know, ......'.

But still, Ricardo was reluctant.

'You can't just fill up the 'first run' with that kind of store to attract women. ...... You'll get complaints from all over the place.
'Hey, hey, hey, Ricardo. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Don't decide the layout on your own.
You have no more aesthetic sense than if I were to make you do flower arrangement, you'd just put certain things in order without any taste, simplicity or sense.

'Right in the middle of the main street, near the monument to the giant mushroom (spirit god), there's a path that leads to the first one, right?
'Ah. That's at the central square.
'From there, the area to the right is an area of stores for women. That area will be in every alley from the first to the fifth.
'Wait, wait, Oba!You don't know what you're talking about. Even if you build a store for women in the fifth alley, there's no way you'll get customers. It's not that safe, and it's inconspicuous.

This is why the stupid lord who has nothing to praise but his muscles ......

'You're the one who doesn't know anything, Mukilde.
'It's Ricardo!

Don't worry about the details!
They're both the same. It's not like there's a difference between a 'Yamateisen' and a 'Yamanoteisen'!

'Because they only put up good stores in conspicuous places, they'll always have the name 'Gohonme' attached to them and their value will never rise!In addition to that, it's not safe. ...... That's something you should improve as soon as possible!I'm not sure what to make of it.
'U............, we have a lot of things to do here too......'

You've been so excited to go hunting for Inopoke, how dare you talk about how busy you are?

'But you know what, Yashiro?

In order not to be burdened by Ricardo's stupidity, Estella, who had been listening quietly until now, couldn't bear to see Ricardo's stupidity and sent him a question.

'Are you asking me a question on behalf of the idiot Ricardo?
'Yes. On behalf of the idiot Ricardo.
'You guys are .......'

I ignore the idiot Ricardo and listen to what Estella has to say.
His questions are often meaningful, so listen carefully, idiot Ricardo.

'It's true that the streets closer to the main road get more customers, isn't it?If you gather similar stores in all the alleys, the back alleys will be at a disadvantage, don't you think?
'That's what I think, right?

It's true that stores facing the main street will attract more customers if they are similar, for example, restaurants or clothing stores.
There is an irreversible difference, just like the difference between Cantalucia and Sunshine Pavilion in the past.
However, it does not mean that only the same type of shops will be gathered.
We're just gathering stores in the same category.

'Even if there are weapon shops and armor shops side by side, they won't compete for customers, will they?
'That's true, but ......'.
'Besides, some stores are better off in the back.'

Estella wrinkles her brow as if to say she doesn't trust him.
Don't you get it?
I'm sure you'll remember.
Look, think of all the things you do to make yourself look good.

'You don't want others to see you making a desperate effort to look fashionable, do you?
'Oh ............ well, you can find such stores at ......'.

That's right.
For example, dieting classes, custom breast augmentation pad shops, and other such shops that you want to go to but are embarrassed to be seen by anyone! It is easier for customers to enter such stores if they are located in the back.
Such stores are difficult to enter, but they are often very necessary.

If you bring yoga or aerobics here, it doesn't mean that people will think it's fashionable. If they don't gain some degree of citizenship, it's hard to say that they won't be prejudiced as 'a place where obese women who neglected self-control do group exercises to desperately lose weight.
Some people have a low understanding of beauty,......, like the muscle lord in front of you.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. That'll give you status, won't it?
'Like the luxury of the forty wards, right?
'Ah. Just like the luxury of the aristocracy, where young ladies who are proud of their beauty gather and enjoy tea in style, the first one will attract perfect fashionable beauties who have worked hard in the fifth one, cared about their hair, skin and fashion, and polished themselves up in that city of beauty.
'Hahaha ...... just thinking about it makes me feel self-conscious. ......'
'That's why.

Even Estella used to admire it.
There's a coffee shop in the forty-second ward that caters to fashionable customers, and she wanted to try their cakes one day.

'When you have a goal right beside you, you can work hard even when it's hard.
'I'm going to pass by the first one, thinking, "Someday, I'll do the same," and head for ...... to pursue beauty. Hmmm, I think I'm getting stubborn.
'You should be. You'll be stubborn, you'll work harder than anyone else, and you'll become a bit of a celebrity with the first bottle.
'I'll be able to live every day with a smug look on my face, like Natalia once did.

She must be referring to Natalia's smug face after realizing her popularity in BU. That was intensely annoying. ......
But I'm sure everyone really wants to be treated that way.
They want to be noticed as 'beautiful'.

Loretta, Paula, and Nephrite all made the wrong effort to be beautiful, after all.

'Yeah. I see. I'm not sure yet, but it sounds interesting.
'Ricardo, you should try it.
'You know, Estella, ...... you say that so easily, but ......'

Until now, the economy of the 41st district has been driven by men, or rather, Han.
I'm sure Ricardo is trying to say that we can't suddenly change the direction of the economy.

'Any reform that disparages men will be met with a huge backlash,' he said.

'I'm fine in that area.'
'How can you be so sure, Oba?
'The alleyway behind you is clear on the left, right?
'Oh?Oh, ......, yeah.'
'I'll make that the men's area.'

Ricardo's frown twisted further at the very simple answer.

'We can set up a weapon shop, a sturdy meat shop, or something similar to the forty-first district.
'Are you okay with that as usual?
'Ah. You don't have to change them all the time, the men will change on their own. More and more, they'll come, and they'll come in vain.
'...... What the hell are you up to?'

Ricardo's face twitches as he looks at me.
You're a rude one. I'm smiling like an angel right now, with a very peaceful heart.

'...... Yashiro. Don't smile so evilly.

Even Estella's face twitched.
'Who's evil?

'Think about it. To get to the first one, you have to go through the main road, right?'
'Yeah, that's right.
'You have to go through the main road to get back. In addition, the first street is lined with stores that girls love.
'So, what does that have to do with men?
'If there are a lot of beautiful women on the main street or the 'first street', men will come here on their own even if you leave them alone.
'...... ah'

What leaked out of Ricardo's mouth was an 'unintentional leak' sound, the sound of someone who knows what they're talking about.

'And these are women who have worked so hard to become incredibly beautiful, you know?These are not women who have been wasting their days without a good job and without much fun. This is a group of higher-ranked, highly conscious women who have taken it upon themselves to improve themselves!If there was a store that sold tools essential for work in a place full of such beautiful women, men would go there because they had no choice, right?I don't know why, but I'm going to polish up my manhood even more than usual.

At my explanation, Estella shakes her shoulders with a chuckle, and Medora lifts the corners of her mouth in a grin.
And for some reason, Ricardo's cheeks are dyed red as if he is embarrassed.

This composition means...

'Men are really helpless creatures, aren't they?
'Well, that's just the way men are. Hey, Ricardo.
'Shut up!Don't talk to me! But I can't deny that I'm not, so don't look at me like that!

--That's the point.

'It's possible to take advantage of your intentions,......, but is it really going to work that well?
'So, you know, ......'.

You're not capable of learning, are you?

'I'm going to make it work!

I've got all the pieces to do that.

'If you're up for it, I can help you out.

With Estella and Medora behind me, I give Ricardo a big smile.
Come on, let's make some money together.

'....... You've got a devilish grin on your face.

I don't know if it's a sore loser or what, but Ricardo muttered those words.