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'Hmm, ...... looks like we're over the hump.
'Haha, the pass. You're overreacting, Regina. Huh?

No, no, Delia.
Most people would have a near-death experience if they took your full force punch by surprise. It's a miracle your head didn't fall off.

'Ugh...... ouch......'
'Oh, are you okay?'

Delia peeked at Barbara, who was holding her aching jaw and raising her body, with an unguarded and easy-going air.
Barbara's shoulders shuddered. I'm not sure what to say. ...... Ahh, this must be traumatic.

'Ah ............ ah ......'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit nervous about this.
...... I'm sorry to hear that.

'Aash, I'm impressed!

...... What?

'That strength, the heat of your fists, and this straightforward pain, it's all too good!

Well, ...... was the wrong place to hit, huh?

I'm not sure what to say.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to use the site, you can call us at our own web site. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure what to say to you, even if you turn to me.

'Please let Aashi work for Miss!
'Huh!You can't just say that all of a sudden. ....... Estella, are you sure that's a good idea?
'Well, I can't do it right now, but after you've atoned for your sins, you can make a decision according to the river fishing guild's rules.'
''Hmm~...... I see. ............ hmm~......''

He's being very difficult.
It seems that he is indeed turned off by 'I'm in love with you'.

'What's your name?
'Barbara, sir!
'Oh, so you're Barbara.
'No, it's Barbara, Delia. ......'

Estella corrected her, but it didn't reach Delia's ears. I guess she doesn't think the information is that important.

'So, Paris, Paris.
'It's Barbara!
'I think I'll give up now, Estella. I'm going to give up now, Estella. ...... It's all in Delia's ear.

Norma, who seems to have some kind of connection with her, seems to have already reached enlightenment. I don't talk to Delia about difficult things. That's the best way to get along with Delia.

'Do you know how to swim?
'No, not at all!I hate the water so much, I rarely even wash my face!

You're so smart, dude!

'...... Let Omero wash your face.'

Despite her boldness (or, at worst, her crassness), Delia is actually a clean person. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends. ...... though she lacks subtlety.

Your assistant guild leader!He can't swim at all!

'Barbara, can I have a word?

Estella talks to Barbara, who is still excited about looking at Delia. ...... ignores her. I'm not going to go through with it. She's out of sight.

'Hey, Perapera. Estella wants to see you.'
'Yes, Miss!

...... Barbara reacts to the mysterious name, which is losing its original form, without going through the official name. ...... Estella's cheeks are twitching.

'Before we get to work, there are things you need to do. ...... You understand, don't you?'
'Yeah, ............ yeah, I know. You can beat me up, drag me through the streets, whatever you want.

I'm scared, scared, scared!What do you think they're gonna do to you, man?
Look, Estella's so shocked she's taken two steps away from you.

'No, I'm not going to punish you like that. It's just that I have a job that I want you to do well.
'A job?'

Barbara, who still looked at everyone except Delia with a wary gaze.

'First, let's hear what he has to say.

The eyes, like sharp knives, opened wide for a moment and shook with anxiety.

The one who appeared at the end of Barbara's gaze was an Okojo.

The owner of the cornfield that was damaged this time was Yap Lock.

'You ......, no, ...... you.'
'Hi. Good evening.'

A little reservedly, Yaplock stands in front of Barbara.
To the casual observer, it looks like Yaplock is the one being attacked, but it is Barbara who is stiffening in fear. The tension was palpable.

'I'm sorry it took me so long to ...... say that earlier, but ...... I'm sorry about this morning.'

With a sly grimace, Yap Lock bows his head.
Barbara gulped briefly when she saw this action. Her lips quivered slightly, and she clenched them tightly.

'In my defense,......, your face at that moment overlapped with my own in the past,......, and that's why I said what I did. I'm sorry for being so insensitive.
'That's not true .............'

He swallowed his words.
Maybe it's still difficult to deny honestly. For Barbara, who doesn't know how to open up to others.

'...... overlap with ............ Aarushi, is that for you?'
'Yes, I am. Hmm ...... really, I'm embarrassed.'

With that, Yap Lock begins to speak.
He tells me how he once almost gave up on life.
I thought I was looking out for the people I was supposed to protect, but I didn't have a proper grasp of the situation.
I was about to run away from the painful reality and put all my hardships on the one who should protect me the most.

'The one who woke me up was the hero there.
'Hero ......?
'That's what he's calling himself. It's like a nickname.

I brush away the unpleasant glances directed at me with my hand and turn my face away with few words so as not to disturb Yap Lock.
It's a good idea to keep your eyes and ears open for the latest news.

'People tend to blame themselves. The kinder you are, the more likely you are to blame yourself.

'That's what you are,' Yaplock said, looking at Barbara with a look in his eyes.

'If there's someone you really want to protect, you need to change, right now, in this moment. You don't want to have to turn your back on your life again.'

She took Barbara's hand and squeezed it with both of hers.
Then, nodding once, he scratched his little head, 'Haha ...... I've said something stupid again, haven't I?

'...... giggle. Haha ............ hahaha.'

Seeing the embarrassed old man, Barbara starts laughing.
You can find a lot of people who are interested in this.

'You ...... are a good person.
'That's because you have a heart that cares for others.

Barbara's cheeks flushed lightly at the compliment.
I'm sure he's lived a life where he wasn't likely to be told that.

'I'm sorry, Aashi. I was hit where it hurts, and it hurts too much, and I lost my ...... temper. Your ...... words pierced me right in the middle of my chest.'
'I see. ...... Haha. I'm glad to hear that.

As if caught by Barbara, Yap Lock also smiled.
He then stroked his mouth in a slightly embarrassed manner and spoke to Barbara slowly, as if telling her a story.

In fact, those are the words that are still deeply etched in my mind. ...... No, imitating the words alone didn't work, ...... but I still believe that those words have the power to make people see the value in life.

After saying all that, Yap Lock smiled at me.
So it's not that big of a deal. I was just pissed off at you for moaning, and I thought I'd smash you to bits, so I spat it out.
If you find value in it, then you found it. It's none of my business.

'And so, Barbara.'

Clearing her throat, Estella straightened her collar and took on the look of a lord.
She slowly approaches Barbara and stops a meter in front of her.

'You've done a lot of bad things in the 41st ...... district, haven't you?

He asks accusingly, with a sharp gaze.
In this situation, if Barbara were to tell an easy lie to protect herself, she would have to deal with it differently in the future.
In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.

'...... Ah. I did. I've done it.

There was a faint hint of fear in his words.
I might be separated from my sister. That thought must be haunting her.

'If you want to follow the proper procedure, you must first undergo the punishment I impose in District 42, atone for your crimes, and then be transferred to District 41, where you will undergo the punishment imposed by the Lord of District 41. It will likely be many years before those punishments are completed.

I know, ......, Barbara replied. But his voice is muffled.
Perhaps a wave of regret is washing over him now.
He understands, but he doesn't want to admit it.
Nevertheless, Barbara, who had stopped struggling, lifted her once-dropped gaze and looked at Estella.
To hear the content of the punishment that will be imposed on you.

'So, for all the sins you've committed in the 41st district, I've decided to take them.
'What about ..................?'

Estella lifts the corners of her mouth with a look of satisfaction.
A lord of justice who works for the weak. I think she thinks she's pretending to be something like that. She looks quite pleased with herself.

'He should be here by now. Oh, look. Speak of the devil.
'Yeah, ......'.

Estella points with her upraised thumb to the outside of the prison grounds.
The sound of horses' hooves and carriages could be heard clearly even without listening carefully.

As if they had not been told, the soldiers guarding the prison hurriedly lined up and began to make ostentatious preparations to greet the prisoners.
Passing through the soldiers lined up from the gate to the yard, there came a man...

'd*mn it!Calling on the lord of another district in the middle of the night, the lord of this place has no manners at all.
'Hmmm, Da-riiiin!I'm here too!

--It was Ricardo, the lord of District Forty-One.

'Yashiro. No matter how hard you try, it's impossible to keep Medora-san out of your sight.

Oh, no!
No matter which way I turn, he's right in the middle of my vision!
I'm not sure why I even called him, Estella!You didn't have to call him!

'I mean, I didn't call you, Ricardo.
'You're the one who sent me the letter!
'That's just how you interpreted it, isn't it?

Ricardo cut his throat like the leader of a delinquent group.
Is he really a lord?It's not like he's from a good family.

'Did I trouble you too, Medora-san?
'Nah. I just happened to be at Ricardo's place when the letter came.'
'Hmm. A lord invites an unmarried woman to his manor after dark for a secret meeting? ......'
'You, Oba......, don't say anything that will scare me. I was just talking about work!

Ricardo is getting goosebumps all over his body.

'No, darling!Are you jealous?'
'No, no. Not at all.'
'Sometimes I work late at night and sometimes I'm alone with a man in a locked room, but ...... only my darling can free my mind and body.
I'm not sure what to say.

I thought I was making fun of Ricardo, but it came back to me four times as big.
I have goosebumps all over my body. I'm a bird right now.

'So, what did I ask you to do?
'Oh. I made sure I found you. --Hey!

Ricardo gave the signal, and Ricardo's white-haired butler bowed condescendingly and signaled the carriage.
With that signal, the carriage opens and a girl gets out, accompanied by two female warriors.
How do you know the escort is a warrior?Because her muscles are very strong.

'...... ah'

Barbara shouts out when she sees the girl getting out of the carriage.
Her jaw trembles, and tears well up in her eyes, perhaps from relief.

'............ Teresa......'
'Teresa ah!'

Barbara runs off at full speed.
For a moment, Medora reacted, but she must have decided that there was no need to stop her, so she saw Barbara off without doing anything.


The sisters hugged each other tightly.
Rubbing her face against her sister's head again and again, Barbara seemed to confirm the warmth.

'I'm sorry, ......, you were worried.I'm sorry .......'
'No, I'm sorry, I've been waiting for you.'

The sister's voice was firm, while the sister's was tearful. As if to reassure her sister that she was fine because she trusted her.
But her small arms were firmly gripping her sister's body.

'I'm so glad you're okay, sweetheart. ......'

Her voice was firm, but seemed to have a slight lisp.

You can't say 'onee-chan' and 'go' is 'oh'.
She looks too young to be five years old, but she is about the same height as ....... You can clearly see that he's not getting enough nutrition, but he's still growing.

And perhaps. The heart is growing too.
This can be seen in her attitude of clinging to her sister but not being distraught.

'Onee-sha, if you don't, mee-yo'.
'Oh, ...... that's right, ...... if you cry, it's 'me-yo', ......'.

I sniffle, wipe my tears with my arm, force a smile and turn to my sister.
I think she knows she is blind, but she still wants to smile in front of her sister.
Well, you can tell, can't you?

'I asked Ricardo to take your sister into custody. It was an urgent matter, a special measure.'
'Oh, no. You're annoying me. I don't have time for this.'
'What are you talking about, Ricardo? As soon as you finished reading Estella's letter, you gathered your troops and formed a search party. Don't play the bad guy.
'Tëm, Medora!Don't say unnecessary things!
'Ricardo is happy to be of service to you, Estella.
'Heh ...... haha ............ so,...... haha'.
'What's with the overly twitchy grimace?
'Well, ......, there's something creepy about .......'
'Huh?You can't say it without sounding creepy!Estella, you!

Barbara, who was holding her sister in her arms, stared at the two lords as they argued.
She straightens her back and bows her head, though she is still squatting down to hug her sister.

'Thank you ...... so much for saving my sister, thank you ...... so much!

I need to learn how to use honorifics, but it's a sincere way of saying thank you.
She must have been really worried about her sister.

'...... Teresa.'

Barbara's face changed as she bowed to her lord.
A look of determination, of resignation.

She's met her sister. A look of satisfaction, as if to say to herself, 'I'm satisfied now.

'Hey, lady, you know, ...... I have a few more things I need to do. So, that ............ a little more ............ a little more, you know. Can you be a good ...... boy and wait for me?'
'...... Hmm. Wait.'

Oh, yeah. ......
You know Teresa's face ............, all of it.

The tears welled up in Barbara's eyes as she looked at her sister's face, smiling loosely.
If I were to speak for Barbara's heart right now, I would say, 'Let this girl alone be happy......'.

'Hey, woman.

Ricardo calls out to Barbara in a dusky voice. He gives her a high-handed, condescending look.

'You're a big man, Ricardo.
'I'm a big man, I'm a big man!Shut up, Oba!

He clicks his tongue and turns his gaze to Barbara again.
Then, with a wicked look on his face, he confronts her with the cruel reality.

'That kid over there understands everything.

At these words, Barbara's face pales.
He may have been trying hard to hide it, but kids are sensitive. The more you try to hide, the more they find out.

'When we raided your hideout, the kid said, "We're not going to try to steal from you."'

Barbara looked into her sister's face in disbelief.
Teresa didn't say anything, she just smiled.
It was an action that could be taken as some sort of affirmation.

'And then she said to us, who were trying to take her away. 'I'll do anything you want, so please give it to me, lady.

Barbara was shocked and speechless.
Ginette and the others had tears in their eyes as they thought of their sister.

Such a small girl was desperately trying to protect a life where she could barely eat.
Her sister is by her side. That alone must have been worth protecting for this girl.
Really, kids are very perceptive and ...... stupid, aren't they?

No one was able to say anything to the innocent girl who squirmed wordlessly and still grasped her sister's clothes tightly.
A painful sadness rose in my heart.
Then, I opened my mouth. Because there's something I must say.

Hey, I'm sure you'll agree with me. ......

'Ricardo's lisp is nothing short of disgusting.
'Why do you have to say such nonsense, Oba?

No, it's ......
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, and what you can do to help.

I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

'Why are you trying to bury me after I hit you?I'm not going to lose to you!

At the sound of Ricardo's boisterous voice, the sob story air that had covered the area faded away.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

In the midst of all this, Barbara could not hide her shock at the truth she had been told.

'Teresa ............ you, guys, do you know ......?
'......Hmm. I'm sorry .......'
'I also know what Aashi has been doing .............'
'Onesha, I'm not sorry......Onesha, I was just doing my best...... for you.'
'......Theresa............Sorry......... ...n,na......'
'Sorry, no problem. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry.'

The sisters hug, hug, hug, and huddle together.
From now on, Barbara would never do anything bad again.
It's the hardest thing, to be confronted with the fact that you've been worrying about someone you care about.
That guilt is more devastating than ...... any torture.

I'm sorry. Can I get back to you, Barbara?'

Estella clears her throat, and Barbara's shoulders shake.
Then, with Teresa at her back, she looks up at Estella with a desperate expression.

'I'll do anything to ...... Aashi without her!

I don't want my sister to see anything more painful than this.
The words came out of her sister's compassion, but Estella quietly shook her head.

'I want you to listen to this with me, because it's relevant to Teresa, too.
'But ......!
'Onesha. I'm going to ............. I'm listening.
'Teresa .......'

Barbara nodded her head in resignation as her sister admonished her.

Shrugging her shoulders, Estella lets out a wry smile.
I guess she feels like a bad person. A villain who tears the sisters apart.

'Let's see, first of all, regarding what happened in the 41st district, ......'

I'm not going to tell you about the crimes I committed, but I'm going to make you feel sorry for me, and I'm going to tell you about the outlandish measures I just told you about.

'Ricardo gave it to me, so I'm going to handle it all here. --So, that's good, right?
'You ...... should at least get my approval before you ............ do whatever you want to do, goddammit.

I'm sure you've written to him, but he seems to have moved on before getting Ricardo's approval. Well, he was going to do everything he could to reach that end no matter how it turned out.

'And so, you will be subjected to forced labor.
'............ Yes.'

When it comes to forced labor, hard physical labor in some kind of isolated and harsh environment is a promise. There is no way that this lax Estella will ...... be able to face her sins silently for several years without seeing her family and just wait for the day when her sins will disappear.

'From tomorrow, you'll be helping out in Yap Rock's fields.

Barbara looked up in surprise. Her eyes go to Yaplok.
Their eyes meet, and Yaplok scratches his head as if embarrassed.

'Yap Lock has made me an offer. He wants to hire you as a live-in.'
'Yeah, ...... no, but, Aashi ............ what?'
'No, actually, the field is getting a little too big.'

As if to make an excuse, Yap Lock says with a harmless face.

'I was looking for a serious, hard-working person.

I don't think that's the kind of thing you want to say to a burglar who's ransacked your fields,......, but I'm sure Barbara can handle it now.

'So, you'll be living in Yap Lock's house for the next year, helping out in the fields.
'Oh, um, ...... then .......'

I know what Barbara means.
And what will happen to my sister in the meantime ......?
Don't worry about that either.
I can see the result of Estella's smug ...... face.

'I forgot to tell you that there is one condition for me to hire you.

I forgot to tell you that I have one condition for your employment.

I forgot to mention, there is one condition for hiring you. For example, ...... with your family.'
'Well then, .......'
'Yap Lock. No problem, right?'
'Yes . I've asked Trubec Engineering to build a separate room for us. It's only one room, so it might be a bit cramped for the two of us. ......'
'Great!Not at all!Aashi and this girl will be together ............ for a long time ............. ......'.

The words that were coming out of her mouth were interrupted by the sniffling that preceded them.
Yaplock approached Barbara, who had squirmed several times and could no longer look up, and gently placed a hand on her slender shoulder.

'Now, please feel free to use it when it's finished. Until then, you'll be with my family. ...... Please be patient.'
'I can't ............ be patient, oh, thank you!

Lowering her head to a position much lower than the shorter Yap Lock, Barbara bows almost to her knees.
She then turns her reddened eyes and nose toward Estella.

When Barbara's gaze turns to her, Estella puffs out her chest and smiles.

'That is my duty to you as your lord. Once that's done, you're free to go.
'............ Yes.'

It was a roundabout way of saying it, but Barbara seemed to get the point.
I'm sure you're not the only one with a twisted personality here.
Why don't you just tell him, 'I've prepared a house and a job for you and your sisters to live together, so you can get rid of your evil ways and live an honest life.

'You're acting like a tsundere.
'That's you, isn't it?You're always so naive.
'I'm straightforward. I love money and boobs.'
'I love money and boobs. But ......, well, let's not mention it. You seem to have an aesthetic of your own.

Hmm. Just say it.

'I'm happy for you, Barbara. Now you can live together.'
'Oh. Plus, tomorrow you'll have a job that promises food and shelter. If I said this was a punishment, I'd be caught by the Spirit's Judgment, wouldn't I?
'Hmm. It's fine, as long as it makes you happy.

Certainly, no one will be unhappy.

'Hey, Belbert!

It's Barbara, Delia.
Maybe I'll have to hang out with him for a week or so before he remembers my name.

'You, if you're going to work for Yap Lock, you'd better work hard.
'Yes, sir!I'll work my ass off!

You seem to think this is a pep talk from Delia, Barbara. That's not quite right.

'Popcorn is my favorite food!I need to make some good corn. ........................ ......?

This is a case of Barbara being torn apart if the popcorn doesn't taste good!


Teresa tilted her head.
Teresa doesn't seem to know. So Barbara heard about it somewhere and wanted to feed it to her.

'I'm sorry, Teresa. I really wanted to feed you. ...... But I couldn't get it. ...... Well, now I'm glad I didn't get it this way. ......'

It's better to see your sister happy than to see the end of your misdeeds.
Work hard, get it right.

'Mm-hmm. I don't mind. I don't need a popup cone.
'............ Teresa. I'm sorry, .......'

Barbara couldn't seem to stop herself from crying, because it was too obvious that she was being reserved.
She groped for her sister's apologetic head and stroked her hair with a small hand.

'I'm sorry, okay?It's okay. It's okay.

She comforts her crying sister.
Everyone was staring at the little girl, unable to say anything.

...... Oh my god, ............ I can't help it.
--And when I was about to open my mouth, Delia broke the silence before I could.

'No, no, no!

With crisp eyebrows and a loud voice as if to assert something non-negotiable within herself.

'Popcorn is so good!Don't say you don't want it!

You might think that Delia was angry ...... at being told that she didn't want her favorite food, but what she did next negated that.
Delia kneels down in front of Teresa and continues to speak to her.

'The children of District 42, they all eat. You can't be the only one who doesn't know. I'll buy you a drink. Don't be shy, popcorn tastes better when you eat it with me.'

He pats Teresa's head with his big hand.
Teresa's shoulders shook at the sudden touch, but she gradually relaxed her cheeks and smiled unguardedly at the large, dependable hand that held no hostility.

Delia may instinctively believe that children do not need to be reserved. She may be a little biased, but that's her sense of justice, I guess.
He's really a good guy to take care of.

'Oh, that Miss ....... I'm a citizen of the 41st district,......, and I'm not in a position to be ...... treated by her.'
What's that?You work at Yap Lock's place, right?Then you should become a citizen of the 42nd district. Hey, Teresa. You want to be with me, don't you?


Teresa turns her head from side to side, as if looking at the world with invisible eyes.
She turns her head from side to side as if looking between Barbara and Delia, alternating between the two.
The sister who is reserved, and the sister who is kind and says there is no need to be reserved. Her unopened eyes dart to and fro, trying to figure out which one to listen to.

'Which one do you prefer?

...... Wow. You know exactly where you are.
Then she turns her head slightly and shakes her shoulders.

That movement is a gesture of refraining from saying something that has already been decided, but you might get angry if you say it.

'Go ahead and say it. Anything you say might come true now.

Because apparently, all the adults here are really into you.

'Oh, ............ ah, ...... is ......... ...'

It's hard to say, isn't it?
Then I'll give you a helping hand.

'Teresa has 42 wards where she can live happily and laughingly with her favorite sister, and a scary-looking muscle lord who says, "I almost killed Inopoke the other day, you know? and a scary-looking muscle lord says, "No, you didn't kill it after all! Which do you want to live in, the 41st district full of disgusting muscles that boast so subtly that you can't do anything but poke them?
'You, Oba!What's with the unequal choices!Also, that Inopoke was saved by the terrain!There was a hole, right?He fell into it and escaped my arrows!If it wasn't for that, I would've killed it for real!I'm serious!
'Ricardo. That's why my darling makes fun of you, you know.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. Or rather, he holds him down. Ricardo can't move.

'Teresa. You don't have to think so hard.

Estella pushes past my little joke and walks up to Teresa with a child's smile and tone of voice.
She crouches down in front of Teresa, strokes her hair and asks in a gentle voice

'Who do you like better, the scary old man over there, or me, who wants to be your friend?'
'............ Ohneesha.'
'So, I win, so I'll take it, you sisters!
'You're treating my people like they're your property!Also, I'm not an old man!I'm one year older than you!

Ricardo exploded with an incomprehensible obsession.
Perhaps she was scared by his voice, but Teresa grabbed Estella's clothes tightly.

'Can you please not shout so loud, Ricardo?You're scaring me.'
'Yes, I am!We're talking about popcorn now, so shut up.
'I'll .................. never forgive you if you make Teresa cry.

After being accused by Estella, Delia and Barbara, Ricardo put his uncontrollable anger into words, 'Hmph! Ricardo throws his anger into the night sky.
Hey, you bully! The girls are mad at me.

'............ You need to go through the process of moving out. You don't have to decide right now, but you can discuss and decide together after you get your living arrangements in order. I'm not going to force you to stay.

I'm not going to force you to stay with me,' he said bluntly, turning away.
You've rounded up quite a bit. In the past, he was all about 'Don't go against me! You used to be all about policies like 'Don't go against me!

'Oh!Oh no. ......'

Suddenly, Delia raises her voice loudly.

'You're not in the sunshine pavilion right now, are you?What should I do with the popcorn ......?'

Even though I said I'd buy you a drink, the popcorn shop that sells it is closed.
It's ...... hard to say 'no thanks' after you've gotten their hopes up. It's hard to say 'no thanks' after you've gotten their hopes up,. Kids are easily discouraged, and if they're reserved like Teresa, it hurts even more.

I guess that's why. Ginette showed her usual good-naturedness at ......, but...

'If you want popcorn, I can make it ......'.
'No!The popcorn has to be made by Magda!

It seems that in Delia's mind, Magda's popcorn is the best.
And Jeannette is shocked to see her rejected outright.
I guess it's not a defeat, but to be told so clearly that 'Magda's is better' is a bit much. ......
By the way, Ginette doesn't make much popcorn, does she? Magda has a monopoly.
Oh, I see. Magda's popcorn has already reached such a level.

'You're not going to start a ...... popcorn campaign, are you?
'Don't worry. Jeannette's competitive streak doesn't really come into play in such situations.

Just because she lost to Magda, it doesn't mean she's going to try to beat Magda.

It's just that I'm tempted to make some ...... tonight.

I'm sorry, guys. Popcorn, I don't think I can make it tomorrow. Maybe some other time. ......'
'I'll wait a bit!

Interrupting Delia's words, Loretta and Paula, as well as Neffery, stepped forward.

'It's tomorrow evening!
'Yes, tomorrow evening!
'By then, we'll do our best to make everyone think that everything will be alright!

The three girls showed their strong enthusiasm.

'I'll do whatever it takes to get healthy and open the Sunken Pavilion!
'Me too!I'll do whatever it takes to get well and return to Cantalucia!
'I'd say I'm going to ...... the eggs too, but I'll help Paula tomorrow. We'll both do our best to get Magda back to the Sunken Pavilion.'
'Yes!Nice to meet you, Nephrite!
'I got it. You, too, do your best, Loretta!
'Yes, sir!

The three of them put their hands together and nodded at each other.
Then they all turned their bodies toward Teresa and said with absolute confidence.

'Tomorrow evening, come to the Sunlit Pavilion for popcorn!

She has no intention of reneging on that declaration.

'Everyone, .......'
'You're all .......'

Ginette and Estella smiled and looked at the three of them.
Norma and Imelda are also smirking.
When Regina and I looked at each other, I got a wink that said, 'Well, we'll figure it out.

And Delia, ......

'Alright!I'm going to give you a hard time tomorrow morning!

I set my soul on fire for the popcorn.
...... If you don't do it in moderation, you'll be too tired and sore to open the store.

'Okay, everyone. Let's aim to open tomorrow night and do our best!

Ginette, the general producer of this health recovery diet, called out, and the three girls raised their spirits.

You can do your best when you have a goal.
That's the kind of town we live in, the 42nd district.

I'll leave Barbara and the others to Estella, and I'll do what I have to do.