168-Episode 147: Everyone's making a fool of themselve...

'Are we there yet?When am I going to be able to leave here?

Imelda has been asking the same question over and over again, 'Why don't we go to the venue as soon as possible? Imelda has been saying the same thing over and over again.
Imelda is supposed to be picked up as soon as the venue is ready.
So even though I told her to keep quiet until then, she seems to be eager to see the show.

Despite the fact that the event was to be held at Imelda's Woodcutter's Guild branch, I had to give her a surprise, so I brought the half-asleep Imelda to the sunny pavilion early in the morning, and while she was there, I had all the hamsters prepare the venue.
Umaro was in charge of the set-up, while Ginette was in charge of the cooking.
Magda went to Becco to help prepare for the surprise, while Loretta and Nepheli entertained the guests. Well, the guests of honor are Javier and his friends, so it's forgivable if they are a bit rude.

That's why it's just me, Imelda, Estella and Natalia in the sunlit pavilion.
Natalia has been invited to help Imelda dress.
Ukrines will have to dress the participants over there.

'I'm getting tired of seeing Yashiro's tuxedo and I'd like to head to the ...... venue as soon as possible.
'I'm sorry, I'm getting bored with your crappy outfits.'

d*mn. Yesterday, people were crowing about me, and I was thinking, 'Huh, I'm a guilty man too, baby,' and then ...... Imelda... ......
I'm sure you've seen a lot of men dressed like this. ...... Well, that's okay, I don't mind.

It's not that I don't like it. Imelda doesn't praise you, so Yashiro is sulking.

That's disgusting, Estella.
Who's sulking?
It's just a little, 'This is boring!I think I'll quit now! I'm just in the mood.

'It's nonsense to compliment your clothes. A boring man is boring no matter how much he dresses up.

I'm sorry, I'm a boring guy.

'Mr. Yashiro's goodness is not affected by his clothes, and I have always seen it with my own eyes. It would be rude of me to praise you now.

Hmm?What is it?
In other words, 'You're always so cool, Yashiro-san~! Is that what you're saying?Is that what you're saying?

'You're a good judge of character, Imelda.
'You're cheap, aren't you?

Shut up, Estella.
Every human being likes to be praised.
Wouldn't you be happy if someone said, 'You're the world's best flattie'?


Then, the person Imelda has been waiting for appears.

'Here's your outfit for the special day!

It's Hammaro, dressed neatly in a small tuxedo.
He also seems to be tweaking his hair.

'Well then, let's head out.
'I have a carriage waiting for you, you can take it.

Hearing Estella's words, Imelda finally seemed to be in a better mood.

'I hope you'll make it a wonderful party for the extra time I've kept you waiting.

While she was talking high and mighty, her face was shining with excitement like a schoolgirl on a field trip.
I wonder if she's going to keep up her selfish character. The plating has already peeled off quite a bit. ...... Ah, you see. I'm not sure what to do.

'Let's go, quickly!Hurry up!Harry up!
'No, ......, just calm down.'
'I'm calm...'
'Then stop singing and dancing.

I successfully guided Imelda, who was spinning around, out of the sunlit pavilion.
There was a carriage with a fairy tale design that looked as if Cinderella would come in droves.
It was the work of Jan Bold, the number two carpenter at Torbek's construction company, whom Imelda liked very much.

'Oh my!It's beautiful!I've never seen such a beautiful carriage before!

In the past, no matter how fashionable the carriage was, the walls and ceiling were straight boxes, and the only thing that was done was to see how much beautiful work was done to them.
This time, however, the walls of the carriage have a gentle curve, giving it a cute form, just like a pumpkin carriage.

And the horse that pulls this cute carriage is no ordinary horse.
We managed to arrange a special horse that Imelda would like very much, for today only, after a lot of negotiations.
The horse that will pull this carriage, ...... that is!

'...... will lead you to the venue. I'll pull the carriage!
'Hello, Mr. Yamboldo?

Yes!'Yes, Mr. Yamboldo, of the tribe of the Ursaans, horse-faced, horse-like.

'Imelda seemed to like him, so I asked him to pull the carriage.
'You're treating her wrong!I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with that.
'Hee hee!
'Mr. Yangbold is going to do it!

Well, don't worry about it. Yamboldo is a strong type of beastman who can carry a huge log several hundred years old with ease. A carriage with two humans in it is more than enough.

And this guy loves this kind of nonsense.

As escorts, Hammaro and I took our seats, with Imelda between us.

'Come on, let's go, Yambold!

Yamboldo neighs!I'm not neighing.It was 'meh' though!
Anyway, pulled by a very enthusiastic Yambordo, our carriage began to move slowly and we started to run towards the venue.
Estella and Natalia were coming later on foot.
This carriage was a stunt to bring Imelda, the star of the day, gracefully to the venue.

'Ya, Yashiro-san!You know what?You're going too fast!The curve!I'm afraid of the curve!
'It's going to be a beastly G!
'Yangboldo!Slow down!Just slow down!
'You've got to be kidding me!
'Raging, the law of inertia!

Imelda and Hammaro clung to my arms as the carriage sped by at a tremendous speed. Before I knew it, I was in the middle. Hammaro is so light that he flies away when G is applied. ......

After that, Yamboldo continued to run amok, passing the Woodcutter's Guild and then turning back, and then turning back and then running past them again, each time making a U-turn while exerting tremendous gravity on us. ...... He was a complete bad ass. I've never seen a carriage drift before.

I'm going to have to revise my rating of ...... for Mr. Yambold. ......'

Imelda says with a very pale face.
He's a good worker, but he's also a guy who ...... has no idea what he's thinking in the first place. A lot of craftsmen are like that, aren't they?

I'm sure you'll be fine, Yashiro.So, I'm telling you, you shouldn't go to Yamboldo. ......'

The carriage stopped suddenly in front of the venue and Umaro came running up to it and said with a frightened look on his face.
You really should listen to the advice of someone who knows you well. ...... I was so focused on the surprise that I almost lost my life.

I'm not sure what to say.
'......This is the surprise. ......'

I didn't expect it to be this bad. ......

As my clothes got a little messy, I was asked to fix my clothes and makeup in the preparation committee hall.
Uclines, who was waiting for me, did it quickly and dexterously. You can also use make-up. ...... You are a versatile dressmaker.

I've never been in here before.
I've never been in here before.' This is where we were preparing for this party, so we couldn't let you in. And don't go into the other rooms. There are things in there I can't show you yet.'

For example, your father.

'So there's more. I'm looking forward to it.

The carriage sickness was gone. Imelda's excitement seemed to have peaked as the venue drew nearer.
Estella walks into the hall.

'Then let's head for the venue.
'How did you get there before us?It's a surprise!
'No, ...... you guys have been going back and forth for quite some time. ......'

It turns out that walking was much faster.
The surprises never cease.

Led by Estella, we walked for about five minutes.
I had missed it a few times before, but when I saw it again, I couldn't help but gasp ......'oooh......'.

The venue was beautifully decorated in a very glamorous and elegant way.

Millie and the anteater brothers had prepared a carpet of flowers. The sweet scent of the colorful flowers that surrounded the aisles delighted not only my eyes but also my nose.

'It's lovely.

Imelda is getting a little pouty.
Good, good, good.

We follow the path surrounded by flowers and come to a large courtyard.
This is the place where Ginette was acting suspiciously when she came to stay at Imelda's house before.
At that time, there was nothing but this house and it looked bleak, but now there are various buildings around it, and it looks like a little town.
There are warehouses for storing wood, factories for processing wood, and facilities for lumberjacks to relax. It's a very well-developed area.
How did you manage to build all these things?

'Ms. Imelda, Mr. Yashiro. We've been waiting for you.

In the courtyard, the residents of the forty-two districts gathered and greeted Imelda with loud applause.

'Gentlemen,......, what's wrong with your clothes,............, you're dressed up in an uncharacteristic way... ...Well, well, well, you'll be seen!

So many people, dressed in formal attire, gathered in good faith for a party of her own devising.
Imelda must have been very happy.
The thin film of water on her eyes glistened as it reflected the sun's rays.

In the courtyard, several long tables were set up with colorful dishes on them.
Near where Delia was gazing with sparkling eyes was the cake corner, where all the cakes that existed in the 42nd district were lined up.

There is a little stage set up in a position where you can stand with your back to the mansion. It is the kind of place where once you go up there, you will be noticed.

'So, shall we have a greeting from the host?
'All right.

As expected, Imelda was unafraid to make a speech in such a place, and went up to the stage with her heart in her hands.

'Ladies and gentlemen: ..................
'Calm down, Imelda!Just be normal and say hello!'

Even Imelda seemed to get nervous as she stepped up to the stage and drew all the attention.
After taking a deep breath, Imelda began to speak again.

'I would like to thank you all for gathering here today. I'm ...... happy to be able to hold such a wonderful party with the help of so many people. Thank you very much.

Very honestly, Imelda bowed her head in gratitude.
After raising her head, she glanced at me and gave me a smile.
When I responded with a small wave, Imelda looked forward happily and continued talking.

'It's impossible to have a party indoors with so many people gathered. There may be some inconveniences outdoors, but please enjoy yourself to your heart's content.

Imelda bowed, and the crowd applauded.
And so, the party began.

After the toast, all the guests crowded around the food.
The cake is very popular. ...... No, let's eat first.

'Hexenbiest sausage, please!
'Hey, Loretta!Don't eat so much by yourself, okay?
'It's all you can eat today!
There's enough for everyone else!

I'm sure you'll have a great time.
...... How much do you like hexenbiest sausages?

In the midst of all this, there was a group of people who secretly began to take action.

'Everyone, pay attention!
'Attention please!
'Hey, ......, ......, look at this!
'It's okay if you eat while you eat~!Look at me!
'Did you guys eat the salmon?

Norma, Loretta, Magda, Milly, Nephrite, and Delia appeared on the stage. Ginette and Paula had to prepare a meal, Natalia had to stay with Estella, and Estella and Bertina were asked to refrain from ...... their positions... ...Now, what are these guys going to do? ......

'Now we're going to put on a little show!

Norma announced, and the ...... audience, mostly men, cheered.
The people who had been picking at their food rushed to the front of the stage, and the standing party became as lively as an outdoor concert.

'First of all, the highlight of the show!Loretta!'
'Yes, sir!Today, a branch of the Woodcutter Guild was officially established in District 42!Congratulations!Let's have a round of applause!

He waved his arms in the air, encouraging the audience to applaud.
Satisfied with the applause, he now lowers his arms to quell the applause.
If he wore sunglasses, he would look just like a certain presenter. Well, he didn't close with a triple clap, though.

'So, to mark this happy day in history, the proud craftsmen of the 42nd district have prepared a special gift for you!That's ...... over there!''

Loretta pointed to the far end of the courtyard.
A huge 'something' was being carried in on a cart pulled by hamsters. The 'something' was covered with a large cloth, so that we could not see inside.

'It's very heavy, Magda, Delia, take it down and set it up in a good place.
'...... I'll take care of it.'
'What's Delia-chu, Delia-chu!...... d*mn it.'

He weaves his way through the crowd of spectators, unloads a huge "something" from a cart, and sets it up in a prominent place in the courtyard. Magda looked into the cloth, checked the direction, and nodded her head.

'Well then!Imelda-san, the star of the show!I'll come here where I can see you best!Here, here!And my brother and Estella, go over there and prepare for the unveiling!

As Loretta said, Imelda went up on the stage, and Estella and I stood on either side of the 'something'.

'Do you know what this is?
'Yeah. It's the one I ordered.
'Well, I'm looking forward to .......'

Then, when everyone was ready, Becko went up to the stage. Then Theron and Wendy went up to the stage, and the four of them, including Norma, lined up side by side.
These are the four people who produced this 'something'.

'Now, I'd like to hear a word from the leader of the production team, Gozaru-san.
'Mmm, mmm...... nervous, that I am. E~...... this.'

Becko is very nervous. However, he opens his mouth and begins to speak in a dignified tone.

'This time, I challenged myself to carve stone for the first time, that I did. It was my first challenge, that it was an important sculpture that would serve as a memorial to a memorable day. I was almost crushed by the tremendous pressure, but thanks to my friends who helped me, I completed what I can call my masterpiece, that I did!I am very proud of it, that I am!As a matter of fact, I have often visited this house ......, or rather, I have been forcibly kidnapped and visited there, that I have. At the request of Imelda, who loves beautiful things, I made a lot of food samples, and sometimes I was scolded severely, but I had a very fulfilling time, that I did. It was because of that time that I was able to make this stone statue, that I was able to make it. That is why I dare to say this, that I do. Thank you, Mr. Imelda, for showing me a new world, that you did.

Bekko bent his back 90 degrees in a deep salute. Imelda was surprised and covered her mouth. Her eyes are wide and ...... slightly moist as if they are about to fall out.

'Then you shall see, that you shall see!The title is "The Goddess Who Illuminates the Darkness"!

Becco shouts, and Loretta gives the signal 'Go!
At that signal, Estella and I pulled the huge cloth over the statue.

The cloth fell, and from inside emerged ......

'''Oh, ......'''

It was a statue of Imelda with a soft smile, so beautiful that it took my breath away.
Her appearance is noble and dignified. The figure proudly and majestically thrusting its chest out and gazing at the heavens was very brave, and the expression with its enveloping smile was very ladylike.
Combining two contradictory natures, stillness and motion, light and dark, her figure is as beautiful as a goddess and attracts the hearts of all who see her.

The "Goddess Who Shines in the Darkness" is a wonderful stone statue worthy of its name.

However, there is no explanation for the part of "illuminating the darkness".
Well, we'll find out when the darkness comes.

'Thank you very much for the wonderful ....... Thank you very much.

Imelda bowed ...... ano,Imelda bowed deeply of her own volition.
This guy is really growing up, isn't he? Perhaps she'll grow even more in the future.

'Well, well, well, everyone!We're going to put on a fun and cute show for you!Ladies and gentlemen!Costume change!

With Loretta's line, Norma and the rest of the girls on the stage took off their dresses on the spot.


Dozens of times more cheers than before came from the ...... mostly male crowd.
What emerged from underneath the dress was a springy and fluffy matching costume that looked like something an idol would wear.

'Come on, guys!Let's sing!

With Norma at the center, the girls spread out across the stage, posing as if they were about to dance.
Yes, they're idols ......, and they're also idols formed by professionals who have pushed their professions to the limit--meisters, that's their name. --They are idols.

I'm not sure what to say.

Look at this uniqueness!This is not a copy of something else!
This is an idol made by Meisters (first-class technicians)!

Before the upcoming show, the hall was filled with an excited silence.
And then the music starts...

Zundoco, zundoco, zundoco, zundoco
Zundoco zundoco zundoco zundoco
Zundoco zundoco zundoco zundoco
Zundoco zundoco zundoco zundoco

~ Haha~ A woman by the sea becomes a diver... ~~

Trumpet, trumpet, trumpet.
Zundoco, zundoco, zundoco, zundoco
Zundoco, zundoco, doko, doko.
Zundoko, zundoko, zundoko, zundoko.

Women in the mountains become Yamamba~...

...... Sorry.
There's no such thing as pop music in this world. ......
This is like a song the river fishing guild sings when they fish. ...... Living in the mountains doesn't make you a Yamamba. ......

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the song is performed by Omero with the River Fishing Dancez.

I'm sure you'll agree.

'Mr. Neffely!Over here!Look at me!Ooooh!We're eye to eye!
'Mr. Cheerleader!Shake it, shake it more, that I do!
'Delia-san!Oh, Delia-san!

Well, it seems that whatever the song is, it doesn't matter to the fans. ......
Goozja, I didn't know you were still a Delia fan. You're the only one who doesn't come to see me more than necessary, so I've been a little under the radar. No, you're the sensible one, the fox and the raccoon are the crazy ones.

'I!I am!I've found a new self in the days I've been coming here, and it blossomed in the cleavage of the cheerleader leader at the competition, that it did!Shake it more, that I do!

...... Becco. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with the way you've handled this.
You mean that?I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to say.

...... There's some kind of weird fan attached to Miry. ...... If these guys get even 10 centimeters closer to Miry, I'll forcibly remove them.

''A,Sole Sole Sole Sole!
''Ah, do-shita-do-shita-do-shita!

Oh, this must be Loretta's fan.

''There are too many strange people only when it comes to me!I want to speak up!

Well, don't be so uptight, FU-TSU-U.

The people who have been in the forty-two wards have always had fans. The cheerleaders at the last gluttony contest must have been the deciding factor.
The popularity of the idol meisters was great.

The members of Idol Meister sang six songs even though they were basically accompanied only by percussion instruments.
Sweat glistening on their foreheads, they waved their hands to the fans who cheered them from the stage.

...... It's not my fault that this kind of culture is taking root,......, is it?

The idol meister gets off the stage and starts to get excited with his family.
It would be a shame to let this excitement end here!

'All right, now, Umaro!Do some tricks!
'Huh?I didn't hear you!
'I just said that!Come on, get up on stage.
'I don't like it when you say things like that all of a sudden!...... Well, I'm going on stage anyway.

This positive attitude is Umaro.
I'll give it a try anyway!That's why he's in the position he's in now!
He's the best of the best!

Umaro does as he's told and takes the stage.
But there's not much you can do because you're not prepared.
We could smear a lot of lacquer or yams on his ears, let him get as much of a rash as he can, and when he's all swollen up, have him say, 'My ears are so big! And then, when they're puffed up, you can say, 'My ears got big!The big ears won't return to their original size, though.

Oh, right.

'Oumalo!How about an impersonation of Stuart Javier, the head of the Lumberjack Guild?You know him from watching him a lot.'
'Yes, I know him, but ............ no. Since I don't have a better idea, I think I should go with Yashiro.I'll do it!

Umaro stands in the middle of the stage with his eyebrows pulled up tightly.
I casually make eye contact with Natalia. With a nod, Natalia quietly leaves the stage. ............

'Now then, I would like to respond to the ultimate recklessness!I'm going to imitate Stuart Javier, the head of the Lumberjack Guild!

Imelda chuckled, but looked at him with some interest.
There were only a few people in the audience who knew Javier.
Umaro posed like a bodybuilder and started to laugh. He began to laugh.

'I love my own daughter and flabby little girls!

I couldn't help but burst out laughing.
...... d*mn, you've got a good point there, Umaro!
But the best part is yet to come!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.
What?What's that voice?

Umaro cowered on the stage, frightened by a voice that came from somewhere else.
Yes, the owner of this voice is ......

'That's me!
'Stuart Javier!

The audience went into a frenzy at the unexpected appearance of the man himself.
Wow, it's really exciting, isn't it, the appearance of the man himself. Does it work in other worlds too?

'Hey, hey, hey, why are you here?
'What's wrong with a father coming to his daughter's party?
'You don't have to come at a time like this!I thought my heart was going to stop!
'It's because you were trying to make fun of people behind their backs!
'Mmmm ...... anyway!I'll tell you this much!
'What the hell?
'I'm sorry!

You're so honest.
It's a good idea to apologize anyway, right?

'Oh, Imelda!I'm here!
'You're not invited.
'Of course not, Imelda!

The audience erupted in laughter.
Anyway, it was a surprise party packed with as many things as Imelda could think of that would surprise her.
I hope Imelda will be surprised and the guests will be excited as well.

'Ohba. I'm so relieved to finally be outside.

Demilly walks up with a smile on his face.
He and his surprise guest, Javier, had been hiding out in the hall.
Don't let Imelda find you.

'It's a great turnout.
'Yeah. Why don't you go on stage and get some laughs?
'Oba-kun ......, I don't think that's something you should say to the lords of the other districts. No, I don't care if it's you or not. ......'

Demilly sighs, his head shining.
But it's a really nice glow.
You look fresh for your age, like you're glowing. ......

'Are you a freshly cooked grain of rice!
I'm not sure what you mean, Oba-kun!

The party is going on in a lively manner, repeating such nonsense.
It's not a party, it's a banquet. There is no such thing as class, it's a big party.

On this day, everyone present forgets everything they don't like and everything they're worried about, and makes a lot of noise.
Before I knew it, it had become such a day.

And before I knew it, the sky was completely dark.

Finally, the finishing touches: ......

'Come on, come on!Everyone!I'm sorry to interrupt your excitement, but I'd like you to pay attention to the stage once again!

Loretta goes up on stage and attracts the attention of the guests.

'All right, big brother. I'm counting on you.
'Okay. Let's go, Imelda.'
'Do you want me to join you?
'The final touch.'

And then he gently holds out his hand. Like a gentleman.

'I understand.

Imelda gently places her hand over mine.
With all eyes on me, I escort Imelda up to the stage.

Standing in the center of the stage, I began to speak, trying to keep my voice clear.

'The party is about to end.

A ...... breeze blows through the air. There is a faintly sad atmosphere in the air.

'But first, I want you to take a look at the Statue of the Goddess Illuminating the Darkness!

The darkness is spreading just fine.
The guests shift their gaze from the stage to the statue.
At the feet of the statue stood Norma, Theron and Wendy.

'This Statue of the Goddess of Darkness is not just a stone statue. Let's take a look at it now.

He raised one hand, signaling to Norma.
He nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded nodded
It looks like it's ready, so I start the countdown.

'Five seconds to ......4......3......2......1... .........!

At 'zero', Norma pulls a lever attached to a metal plate.
A part of the stone statue's chest, specifically both nipples, snaps open, and the glowing bricks inside shoot out a blinding light.
A bright beam of light shot straight out from the nipple.
I screamed at the top of my lungs in time with it!

's*xy biiiiiiiiim!
'What are you doing, Yashiro-san?

The Statue of the Goddess Who Illuminates Darkness illuminates the darkness with her s*xy beam!

The production team of Bekko, Norma, Theron and Wendy all have a look of satisfaction on their faces.

'No, you look like you've done it!Hey, guys!You've been poisoned by Yashiro-san too much!

It seems that some of you are being too loud. ......
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

'............ It's beautiful.
'Do you like it?It's a stone statue that looks just like you, and it's shooting rays from its nipples.

Watch your mouth, Umaro!

'Moreover, this s*xy beam can change its angle.

I look at Norma and she clicks a lever on a metal plate to change the angle of the s*xy beam.

'Something's wrong with your nipples!

The s*xy beam cut through the night sky in all directions, then shone like a pin spotlight on me and Imelda standing on the stage.

'Two people ...... floating on nipples, isn't it funny, this scene!
'Huh ...... Magda got mad at me ............, I guess I'm a little happy.'

In the event that you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
However, it's a standard, low-key one.

'Imelda. Welcome to the Forty-second Ward.'
'Huh?Oh, yes. Thank you.
'From now on, as the head of this branch, as a member of District 42, you will work hard for this city and the people who live in this city.
'Yes. Of course I intend to. I'll change the 42nd district for you.

She proclaimed cheerfully on the stage, illuminated by the spotlight.
Ah... That's right.

From now on, you guys will change the 42nd district. ......

'To Imelda, I have a personal gift for you. It's the only one in the world, and it's made just for you. Will you accept it?'
'Well. You were still hiding the present?I thought the stone statue was the end of it.'
'Surprise, right?
'Yes, ...... indeed, it was a surprise. You've really ...... surprised me today.'
'Well, that's the last one.'

I handed her the present in a long, narrow wooden box.
Imelda slowly opened the lid and took out what was inside.
It's a pendant I made.
It is a simple and ordinary pendant that can be found anywhere. ......

'............This is ......'

When Imelda sees the pendant, she is speechless.
The tears pooled in her large eyes like a film and ...... flowed down without a sound.

'.................. Mother'.

Imelda's mother's face was engraved on the pendant top.
The family portrait in Javier's study. Imelda's mother, who was depicted there, was engraved on the pendant top.
Her eyes filled with tenderness as she gazed at her child, still small in her arms.
Her eyes seemed to be asking a question to her child, who was not yet old enough to understand.

'What kind of adult will you be when you grow up?

'Oh, ............, ............-sama...' .........!

Imelda held her mouth and let out a sob.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
From now on, she can be with her mother wherever she is.
I made this pendant with the hope that it would be a ...... thing that would allow me to expose just a little bit of my weakness when I was on my own and had to step up to the plate. I made this pendant with the hope that it would be such a thing.

Maybe that's what I want most right now. ......

Imelda cried aloud, clutching the sculpture of her mother on the pendant top.
Stoutly, she leaned on no one, but she did not hide her disgusting appearance.

After crying for a while, Imelda handed me the pendant and turned her back.

'Please put it on .......'

She then scratched up her long, beautiful blonde hair.
The nape of her white neck peeked out. Her skin was slightly steamy from crying, making her look very s*xy.

I put my arm around her and gently place the pendant around Imelda's neck.
She lets her hair down, brushes it softly with her fingers, and turns around to look at me.

'...... Does it look good on me?

Imelda asks with a slightly anxious, upturned look.
There's only one answer to that question.

'Yes. It looks very good on you.'
'So ...... is it? ...... Hmm.'

Imelda smiled tantalizingly.
Then, out of nowhere and from no one in particular, applause erupted.
It must have been the applause of blessing.

Imelda and her mother were both smiling serenely in the light that illuminated the darkness.
In this ...... s*xy beam.

'I still think this light is a little bit strange, don't you?
'...... Umaro. I'm in a good place.'
'But, Magda!You're in a good place, but you're in a s*xy beam.
'Haaan!I'm angry again!But strangely, I don't mind!

Laughter leaked out from the voice of the unreasonable pervert, and the usual 42nd Ward style returned.
Now, the party's over.

'Yes. I'm sorry to leave you, but ...... can't help it.

As I walk off the stage, Imelda begins the opening remarks.
Words of thanks to those who had spent this day with us and celebrated with us were laid out.
During the speech, Imelda's voice was choked with tears several times, but she finished the speech with dignity.

The ...... party ended with thunderous applause.

Where there is a beginning, there is always an end.
Yeah. Today was fun. It's been a while since I've been able to be an a**h*le.
It was really ...... great.

After the party, I walked from the courtyard to the gate through a path surrounded by flowers.
On the way, I heard light footsteps approaching from behind me.

'Hey, big brother!How was it?I'm a great host!I'm proud of it!
'Oh, yeah. It was a big deal.'
'Whoa!I got a compliment!I've been getting more and more compliments from my brother lately!
'...... Don't forget Magda's unassuming but brilliant support.

Magda appeared from the side of the excited Loretta, appealing to her as much as she could.

'That's right. Magda's presence makes you feel more secure, doesn't it?
'It's ...... hard to say something that's not ............ casual, but Yashiro is good at it.

Maybe it was the dimness of the surroundings, but for a moment, Magda seemed to be grinning.

'Mr. Yashiro. Thank you for your hard work.'

And here comes Ginette.
By the way, I haven't talked to Jeannette at all today. I've been really busy.

'You must be tired.'
'No, sir. I like to cook.

You've really grown up, guys.

You'll be fine now.
Loretta will be able to get any job she wants, Magda will be able to get along on her own, she'll be able to create a community and become its leader.
And Jeannette won't be cheated by someone, or cry lonely tears,...... or trust bad people to live in her house,...... anymore.
If you make a mistake, there are plenty of people around you that you can rely on.
That's what I've learned today.


Just as I was about to leave, Estella stopped me.
I thought we wouldn't have time to talk today since Demilly and the others were here. ......

'Did you come running?'
'Because you were about to leave.'
'Nah, no need to panic, I'll just go to the Sunken Pavilion ......'
'What's '......'?

Well, I thought it was strictly forbidden to use careless words with this guy.
I wonder if I'm losing my mind.

So, what is it you want to talk to me about so badly?I don't want to see you off at Demilly's. I'm tired today.'
'No, I'm not. It's about the city gate.
'The city gates?
'............ Hey, do you want to take a little walk?

Saying something like that at this moment is the equivalent of saying, 'Can someone who doesn't belong here please leave the room?
It's very rare for Estella to say such a thing to Jeannette and the others.

'So, Mr. Yashiro. We'll go help you with the cleanup.

Sensing the atmosphere, Jeannette turned back to the courtyard with Magda and Loretta.

'Let's go, then.'

I leave the gate with Estella.
It's about a fifteen minute walk from the Woodcutter's Guild branch to the city gate.
You can see the gate in the distance. It's a big gate. It's even more impressive when you look closer.

'It's finally finished.
'You did?
'Yes, I did. What is it?You were so passionate about the city gate, and now you've lost interest in it?

Rather, the reason I wanted to build a city gate was to make the road in front of the Sunken Pavilion into a city road.
Now that I've done that, I don't care about the city gate.

'Next week, we're going to have a ceremony to open the gates and the road, so make sure you're there.
'...... Why me?

The muscles in his face twisted in a 'nyoroon' as he grew somewhat fed up with the succession of formal events that had come his way.

'Don't make such a face. You're the one who brought this up, so you're responsible for it until the end!
'Well, I'm certainly the one who started the ......, but ......'.
'Unless something goes wrong, the ceremony is in a week's time.
'What's with the ......, that's a tricky thing to say.

Is this guy trying to cause some kind of trouble?
Or is the trap already set for ............

'...... It's a blink of an eye, a week.'

This is ......

'The average number of steps a day for a mature woman is 6,000 to 8,000.'
'......' What?What's wrong with you all of a sudden?'
'That's seven multiplied by a week, so ...... 42,000 to 56,000 times.'
'So, what are you talking about?
'If you have a week, that's how many times your tits will shake!
'I'm going to ............ stab you?

I just wanted to tell you that a week is a long time!
That's fifty-six thousand times!Fifty-six thousand plunge!

You can do pretty much anything you want with a week, and that means there's more than enough time for trouble to happen.

...... Am I looking for trouble, too? ............ If there is trouble, I'm still here... ......... Oh no.

Estella has made up her mind.
Whatever I decide, she'll have no say in it.
You're a lord. She can't keep her eyes only on me.

So he wants me to make sure I'm there for the ceremony in a week. That's what I'm saying.

I'm hoping that something will happen during this week. ............

'Hey, Yashiro: ............'

Estella mutters, turning her face away.

'I think I'm ...... cheating.'

I don't have the words to answer that question.
I've lived a cunning life, and I'm not qualified to tell others what to do.

So, at least go to ......

'I seem to like you a lot.
'Yes .......'
So, please listen to me as if I'm giving you an extremely favored opinion.

I say this with the utmost tenderness I can muster right now to the back of Estella's head, who doesn't say anything.

'That's not true, is it?

That's the best I can do right now.

'............ I see. Yeah. I get it. Thanks.'

After a series of short words, Estella looks up.
She looked back at ...... me with a sad smile on her face.

'I guess my cheating is better than yours.

She said, and walked off on her own.
As she walked past me, she gave me a quick, weak punch in the stomach.

Estella walked away, leaving me alone.

Really ...... they're all getting tougher.

At first, I thought I had gotten mixed up in the wrong place. ............

'Ohhhh ...... that was fun. Seriously.'

The words I muttered as I looked up at the night sky sounded surprisingly refreshing even to myself.