167-I'm in a hurry to get ready for episode 146.

'I'll pay for everything!Please make it a big event!

Imelda had said that she would pay for the whole thing, but then--

'Don't tell Imelda, but I'll pay a little too. But then Estella said, 'I'll give you a little, too, without telling Imelda. I'll make the party more luxurious than Imelda imagined and surprise her.

Estella gave me an additional budget.
Honestly speaking, it was a great opportunity for me, as I had been worrying about the surprise plan that started from the obvious state.
Moreover, Estella gave me a considerable amount of money from the profits from the sewage business and the tax revenue of the 42nd district, which had jumped up after the gluttony contest. Our budget has doubled.

I think we can do a lot with this.
It's ....... ............ surprise. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this.
I'm sure you'll be surprised. But I don't think that's the case. ......

In the meantime, I've decided to try everything I can.

'So, the reason I asked you guys to gather here is no other reason. Take a look at this proposal.

As I said this, I handed the members of the group a sheet of paper on which I had written a lot of details, from the project's intentions to the planned completion, dimensions, and so on.
Since the work would be divided among the members, I handed each of them a piece of paper that had been carefully filled in to avoid any mistakes.

'Nice paper, hero.
'We have a large budget. I've made sure that all important documents are in order.'

Theron stroked the fine paper with his fingers and squinted happily.
In this city, even paper can be expensive. This proposal is made of white paper, which is classified as high quality paper, but not as high quality paper.

'As well as the paper, ...... how dare you even make something like this ......'.

Norma says as she knocks on the wall of the completion party organizing committee hall (a simple one-story building @ Umaro's work).
We rented Umaro for the night and built this building.
There is a large meeting room of about 16 tatami mats, and two private rooms of about 6 tatami mats next to it. There are also two flush toilets, one for men and one for women.
The hall is too splendid for a makeshift facility.

The small rooms serve as waiting rooms for those who are not participating in the meeting.

The place where the hall stands is near the 42nd district branch of the Woodcutter's Guild, so that the things prepared here can be carried quickly. You can have surprise guests waiting for you.

The door is locked, so there's no need to worry about anyone prying into your secret plans.
We don't want Imelda to find us while we're having a meeting in the sunlit pavilion.

'So, Mr. Yashiro. When should I finish this, that I should?
'You should have it done the day before the show. There are things I need to do with it.'
'Hmm. ...... I understand, that I do.'

Sticking out his chest, Becko agreed.
Surprise number one is now complete.

'A new mold. ...... I'm excited.'
'I'll make some more improvements to the old one, too. Naturally, I'll make it big enough for this project.
'I am fully enthusiastic, that I am!I will definitely create something that far surpasses the finished model, that I will!

The three of them left the hall in high spirits.
No one had time for idle chatter here any longer.
This is a big project involving the 42nd district ......, or rather, all those who have been involved with me!

'Are you sure you want to come in now, Yashiro-chan?

Next in line was Ukrines.
He is the most important person in the festival.

'What kind of clothes are you planning to make next?
'Well, so many ............'.
'We don't have much time, can you make it in time?'
'Yashiro-chan, ...... look at my hands, ............'

Ukrines' hands were shaking and trembling.

'Are you under pressure?If that's the case, you can reduce the variety: ......'
'No, sir. No, Yashiro-chan.'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

'I'm looking forward to it!In the style of Yashiro-chan, ...... "I'm super excited! That's right.
'Am I that kind of image?
'Oh, I can't stay like this. I'm going to take this design drawing and the paper pattern!

As if snatching a bundle of paper, Ukrines hurried out of the hall.
Now, I'm looking forward to the completion.

'Ah, ...... ladybug. Come in ......?'
'Oh, Millie!I've been waiting for you.

Like this, people keep coming to this hall one after another.
I've been having a meeting with someone all morning.
But that's it for today.

'Will you go with me to the Forty District?
'Hmm. What are you doing in the Forty District?'

'I want you to gather flowers with the anteater brothers. I want to decorate that large area with beautiful flowers. If possible, I'd like to put flowers on both sides of the path that Imelda walks.'
'Oh, ...... that's so pretty, ...... you'll leave it to Miri?'
'Oh, yes. I'll leave the placement and type of flowers to you. You can use the anteater brothers as assistants as you like. I don't have ...... permission, but I won't let you refuse.'
'Hmmm. ...... Hmm. I'll do my best.

So I cleaned up the hall, locked the door tightly, and hurriedly headed for the 40th district.

Four more days until the party. So much to do.

'Where are Jinetto and the others?
'The members of the Sunlight Pavilion and the lord's team spent the whole day yesterday discussing this and that. From now until the last day, we'll be separated. I'll leave the cooking completely up to Ginette.
'Hmmm ...... Jeannette, you seem to be very excited.
'Oh, that's great. It's not every day you see Ginette breathing so hard. You should take a look at it next time.
'............ I don't blow my nose, Jeannette.'

Millie giggles. From a large field on the other side of the field, Mormat waved at us.

'Yashiro!I've made some really sweet pumpkins!Please use it at the party!
'Even if you give it to me now, it'll be a burden. Take it to the sunny pavilion and tell Jeannette.'
'What, are you going out?
'I'm going to the forty-second ward.
'I see. Be careful.'
'You're a kid, I am.'
'You're still a kid in my eyes.

He smiles with a big mouth and shows off his neatly lined fangs.

'Well, come home early.

...... This guy, again.

'Oh. I'll be right back.'
'Yuck. ............ Oh, yeah!I'll be waiting for you!

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that," he said, laughing and waving his arms around as if he were about to cry.

I'll say that as much as I want.

I can't leave here until the ...... party.

I don't have time for lonely mormats right now.
I've got a lot of work to do.

After passing through the fields and the sunny pavilion, I stopped by Millie's store to pick up a cart for loading flowers, and then went through the narrow mountain path that led from the central square to the fortieth district.
He left Millie at the anteater brothers' place and ordered them to 'help' him, saying, 'HEY, HEY!I'll help you!'' They agreed, and I headed for my next destination.

''Hey!Sorry to call you here, Demilly.
'Oba-kun, ......, you're summoning a lord, you know this is war in this world, right?
'Don't worry about it. I'm out.'
'There's nothing left to get out of!

I met up with Demilly, the lord of the 40th district, on the main street and headed to the headquarters of the Woodcutter's Guild. He had business with Imelda's father, Stuart Javier.

'If you were going to Stuart's, you could have told me first and I could have met you inside.
'I didn't want to risk Imelda finding out if I wrote to you. That's why I didn't make an appointment today.'
'...... to meet the head of the Woodcutter's Guild without an appointment would be ...... the world's .......'
'The world isn't the world, so there won't be a war.
'But do you really think you can meet the busy Stuart without an appointment?
'That's what you're here for, isn't it?
'......The lord has been used cheaply. ......Well, that's fine.'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
He seems to be enjoying himself.

'Hey, Oba, do you want to go eat cake with me later?
'A date?

Why do I have to eat cake with a slippery old man?
You should eat that abominable hot chicken and do a lot of damage to your hair follicles.

Not long after, I arrived at the Lumberjack Guild headquarters, where Demilly's face had a tremendous effect and I was able to meet Javier immediately.
Thank goodness. There was something I needed to tell him about this party.

'Javier, we need to talk.
'No, that's fine, but ......, Yashiro. No matter how bald you are, you're still a lord.Don't use your chin like that.

'Stuart. I feel bad, Stuart. Hey, Stuart. Look at me, Stuart.'

Demilly was annoying and dazzling, so I lightly ignored him.

Today, I was ushered into a room that looked like a study, instead of the usual large office.
It seemed to be Javier's private room, with family portraits and the like adorning the walls. ...... Are you rich?............ No, I'm rich.

'I'm going to have a party next time, you come to the 42nd district to give me a shot.
'I'm also the guild leader of a big guild. Don't use me as a joke.'
'It's your daughter's fault, .......'

I'll make sure Javier tells you everything he knows about Imelda's request.

'This is the reason why I have to go to .......'
'Oba-kun, isn't there something wrong with the way you're explaining this?

The sun of the forty districts, Demily, is saying something, but I ignore it lightly.

'Well, Imelda's not that reckless ......'.
'Hey, Stuart. Are you not going to answer my question?No, it's fine.
'All right, I'm a man too. I'll do it for the pretty girl.'

With a thump on his chest, Javier said yes.

'Ambrose and I are going to do some tricks!
'You're being used as a joke!I just said it myself, but the guild leader here is trying to use me, the lord, as a joke!That's strange, isn't it?

Javier persuaded Demilly, who was being very cagey, and the preparation for Surprise #2 was complete.
I'll get someone to imitate Javier and make an 'appearance of the man himself! I'll give it a try.

I left the Lumberjack Guild headquarters and headed back to District 42.
But before that. I'll head in the direction of the sugar factory and shout loudly.

'I can't wait to see the Cheer Girls reunite in four days and perform in cute costumes!

Well, maybe now we can use all the sugar we want at this party.
Riding in the carriage that Javier had prepared for me, I headed back to the 42nd district.
The preparations progressed steadily, and the time flew by.

The next thing I knew, the party was just around the corner.

The day before the event,......, many people describe the day as ............, "Shuraba,".

'Sorry, Jeannette!Hold it back a second!
'Oh, yes!I'll be there as soon as Nephrite's is finished, so please wait a moment!
'Mr. Manager!I'll take care of Paula's!
'Wait a minute, Magda!I'll take care of Paula's!
'...... s*xy.'
'Don't be silly, come here!I'll fix you up.'
'Oh, Miss Delia. Your breasts look like they're about to burst.'
'Yes, it is. ...... I'm in some pain. ......'
'This is the fourth line in the ranking of words that Estella-sama would like to say.
'Can you not decide on your own, Natalia?

It's really lively.
............ In the next room...

The next room is.Why do I have to stay in this room with those ugly men?
'Of course you do!
'I heard that the walls of this building ...... are made especially strong to prevent Mr. Yashiro from peeping in, that they are.
'Umaro, you?
'That's why it's obvious!

Umaro betrayed us.
He should have made some kind of magic mirror that we can see in full but they can't. ...... He's so careless.

You can't see what's going on. I'm not sure if I'd want to peek at a lady changing her clothes.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I mean, ......

'Why are you here?
'I don't care if you're here!
'It's a party in the forty-second ward.
'It's like you invited me!You contributed a lot of sugar!

I'm really crying, so I'll stop tormenting you now.
Percy's sugar came in handy as we had a standing party where we could eat all the cakes in the 42nd district along with the food.
Cakes are instantly more gorgeous when they are gathered in large numbers.

'Yes, Mo-Mat. Done.'

'Oh,oh,...... this is the first time I've ever worn clothes like this,...... hey,yashiro. Isn't that weird?'

A tuxedo for a party, Mormat is tense and looking at me with caution.
I had given him a tuxedo and suit pattern as formal wear for men. ......

'That's weird.
'Don't say it so clearly!

What is this strange feeling?
Well, when a crocodile's face grows out of a tuxedo, it's not so strange.

Incidentally, the girls wore cocktail dresses that looked like they could be worn to a small party, or casual dresses of a different shape.
I have a feeling that they will look good no matter who wears them.
I'm looking forward to the unveiling.

'Hey~, there's a weird crease in my chest. ......

said Nephrite's voice.
Percy's ears twitched. Percy's ears twitched. ...... You dirty bastard.

'If that's the case, a pad will give you a nice shape.
'Is that right?
'Yes. Ms. Ukrines told me that it is used for shaping clothes like this. If you use it correctly, it will look very beautiful.

Ginette is sharing the knowledge she learned from Ukrines.
Since Ukrines had to dress the men, Ginette and Loretta were teaching the women's team how to dress themselves.
For the past three days, they have been studying hard at Ukrines' place.

'Should we include you, Pat?
'Delia, there's no more room for ............ you, or what should I do ...... you really look like you're about to burst.'

I want to see what's going on with Delia now!

'Everyone, look at my chest!This is Estella-san's direct teachings, a beautiful boob line with the correct padding!
''As expected of Estella!
''You're a pro.''
''Because the years are different.''
''Master .......''
''Shut up, guys!And Magda, don't say Master!
'Hey, Estella!Teach me your secret putt-putt technique!
'I wish you'd teach me, too, expert technique!
'Paula, Nepheli ......, I'm sure you don't mean any harm, but ......, you're stabbing me.'
'The years are different.
'Natalia, you're so annoying!

It's really loud.

'Hey, Yashiro. Estella ...... is a lord, isn't she?'

Mormat listened to the voice from next door with a worried expression.

'Is it okay for Paula and Nephrite to talk to each other like that?
'It's fine . Estella is Estella. It would hurt her more if you were to distance yourself from her like you did earlier.'
'Oh, is that so? ......'
'Yes, that's right. That's why you should keep the same ............ 'Have I seen your face before? I'm sure you've heard of me.
I'm not sure if I'm that much of a stranger, but I don't think I am either.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
'''' Yes! ''''

It seems that the girls have already changed their clothes.

'Oh my. You're all so naive. Hey, Yashiro?
'Shut up.'

Uclines looks at me with a grin.
He's having fun with .......

By the way, Ukrines is a self admitted 'old lady', 'I don't care if I see your skin now. I'm a dressmaker,' and so she dresses men.
Well, even if you are embarrassed by Ukrines,......, it's not like you're going to be naked.


The knock sounded hesitantly, and Ginette's voice could be heard from behind the door.

'Hold on a minute. I'll open it.'

I dismissed the men near the door and moved with Ukrines to the door.
As the door is a push-open door, you open it slowly so as not to hit the person behind the door.

'Oh, ......'.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the sight of Ginette, wearing a mature dress that exposed her broad shoulders. I'm not sure what to make of it.
...... Yes. Black is also good.

'Ya, Yashiro-san ......'.

I was about to admire the dress, but then ...... I felt like I was being admired back.
You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

'...... It's lovely.'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
............ You know, Ukrines is grinning too much next to me and it's annoying, so let's not do that.

I'm not sure what you're doing.Open up quickly, Yashiro.'

Estella said in an impatient voice and opened the half-open door with a jerk.
On the other side of the door, there are a lot of beautiful girls dressed up in beautiful clothes. ...... This is a feast for the eyes. ......

''''...... ohhh ohhh ''''

......There was a low voice that sounded like the earth was rumbling.

'Hey, what's up, Yashiro? ...... You can do it too .............'

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

'Ladybug, you're a cool ...... guy.'

Millie gives me very honest feedback.
But the rest of them just looked at me and didn't seem to have any particular impression.

'Oh, big brother. You look like an aristocrat.

Loretta says this because I'm wearing a tuxedo.
I'm also playing with my hair a little.
Well, when I was in Japan, I sometimes dressed like this, so I'm used to wearing it, but ...... the stares of people who aren't used to seeing me are not so nice. ...... Don't look too hard. I'm going to stare back at your tits.

I'll be back.I tried it on too!What do you think?
'............?Oh, yeah. It looks good.'

No, Percy,...... that was clearly a flattery,...... or a reflexive reaction to being suddenly approached. It's a social call,......, but it's okay because he looks happy.

I'm sure you'll agree.I'll take it!I'm sorry.You're so beautiful!I was so surprised!You're really something!

Nepheli, whom Percy admired greatly, was wearing a pale green dress. The dress does not expose much skin, but it is form-fitting and clearly shows her body lines.
She is slim and has long arms and legs, and when I look at her again, I realize that she has a model figure. Her breasts are neither too big nor too small, and she seems to be able to wear all kinds of clothes with style.
Are there many stylish avian beastmen?

'Yashiro!What am I?

Flapping her droopy golden retriever-like ears, Paula literally jumped out in front of me. Like this, "Poof! And.

Paula's dress is a girlish one with a big bow.
The white and pink colors are bright, giving her a lively feeling.
When she spins around, her skirt spreads out softly and her bushy tail wags happily, creating a very lovely finish.

Millie, standing next to her, is wearing a one-piece dress with a light blue base, giving the impression of a princess in a picture book. At first glance, I thought she looked like Alice.
The ruffles are fluffy and very cute.

I'm not sure if it's ...... or not.

The slightly wide open back seemed to be embarrassing. 'Don't look at me too much,......,' she said, turning red and running away from my gaze.

'...... Magda is the strongest today.'

Magda is coming to me, proudly and with absolute confidence.
It's a so-called Gothic Lolita or Gothic Lolita dress, based on black, with lots of frills and lace.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
Cat Lolita.................. Magi Angel......... I'm not sure what to say.I'm sorry.I almost got infected. ......

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.
'...... Today's Magda is using ...... Fallen Heaven'
I'm not sure what to say.Magda, you're a real fallen angel!

Don't rephrase, every time.
I'm not going to ...... be one of you. I'm not going to ...... be one of you!

'Hey, Yashiro, ...... are you sure this is what you want?

It's puffy, puffy, puffy!
Oh, that.
It's puffy, it's puffy!
That's it!
That's it, that's it!
That's it!
That's it!
That's it, that's it!That's it, that's it!

That's it!

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

'Oh no, this is not safe without a little correction.

Uclines walks over and puts his hand on Delia's dress.
She puts her finger between her breasts and the dress to check the lack of room. ............

I'm sure you'll agree.I'm sure you'll agree.
You can't do that, Yashiro-san!

I don't know why, but Jeannette stopped me.
Will other sects suppress your faith? ......

'I think I'll ask you to take off your clothes once. If we don't, if you stretch your chest even a little, it will go 'Biri! 'Hey, someone!
'Hey, someone!Is there anything ball-like around here?I'm in the mood to play volleyball with everyone!
I don't know what a volleyball is, but you can't do that, Yashiro-san!

The Spiritual Church ...... is a despicable oppression ............!

Estella glared resentfully at her puffy breasts.
Stop, don't look. What if it gets smaller? Don't hurl curses at me.

What Estella is wearing is a dress that emphasizes Estella's beautiful legs. It's a dress that emphasizes her beautiful legs. The silky smooth fabric conforms to the lines of her body, revealing the shape of her thighs and toned calves.
And this dress, which has a collar but leaves both shoulders exposed, does a good job of disguising Estella's disappointment.

'............ What is the meaning of your gaze?

She's as perceptive as ever.

'I was just thinking that you have beautiful shoulders.

As soon as I complimented her on her shoulders, she hugged her shoulders with the hand that was covering her breasts and hid them.

'I've never had anyone compliment me on my shoulder before. ............ Ya, Yashiro is interested in strange things, isn't he?
'Don't talk about me like I'm some kind of perverted fetishist.

I think there are a lot of guys who like shoulders.

'I'd be happy to see your armpits, too.
'Absolutely not!I don't like that!

...... Tsk.

'Yashiro-sama, then please enjoy my armpits.
'I won't let you, Natalia!You should be ashamed of yourself!As the head maid of the Cremona family!

Estella stops Natalia from raising her arms.

...... Tsk.

I mean...

'Natalia ...... looks oddly good.'
'Strange' is an understatement. I was rather confident, is that strange?'
'Not at all. It's going to change the way you look at me.'

Natalia was wearing a dress that emphasized her beautiful legs. She was wearing a dress that accentuated her beautiful legs, and the dress fit her body perfectly, with a collar, but both shoulders were exposed.
The dress fits her body perfectly and has a collar, but exposes a lot of her shoulders. It sounds like Estella's halter-type silk dress, but ...... Natalia is wearing a Chinese dress.
I'm glad I snuck it in there!I love the slits!I can't believe a Chinese dress would look good on a maid from another world. ...... New... look!

'Oh, ......, I think this dress is a little too ...... flashy for me.

One of the contributors to the gluttony contest. Sister Bertina, one of the contributors to the gluttony contest, raises her hand in confusion.
Flashy?Not at all. It's very ...... nice!

'That ...... shoulder is ...... exposed ......'.
'No, no, no. There's fabric.
'But it's ...... transparent and .......'

Bertina is wearing a see-through stole over a bare-top dress that fastens at the chest.
The dress is somewhat reminiscent of the image of Cleopatra.
Bertina is unusually shy. It's probably inevitable, since she rarely exposes her skin, but I feel like I've seen something good.

'Big brother, my dress is pretty cute too!

Perhaps it's because the others are the focus of attention, but Loretta is jumping up and down and making a strong appeal.
I've decided to wear pants instead of a skirt because I know Loretta will be running around in a dress.
The dress she is wearing is based on the Vietnamese folk costume called the ao dai,......, and is long-sleeved, but with a hint of s*x appeal and a neat silhouette that will increase your girl power by 35% just by wearing it.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'Is this all of them? ......'

But there was one more person.
Norma is getting smaller in the corner.

'What are you doing, Norma? Come here and show me.'
'Hey ......, but ............ is this ...... really the right one?'

The clothes she was wearing didn't seem to fit her, and her expression was dull.

'Norma. You look very pretty in that dress.

'Sure. It's very different from the other dresses, but I like it too. I like the color scheme, and the red ribbon is a gorgeous accent.
'......So, is it ............?

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
So. It's called the ...... sailor suit!

I've always wanted to see one of these, Norma's sailor suits!

'......, isn't that weird?
'What are you talking about Norma, ............ is the best.'

It's like that kind of store.

'Sorry, can you cover your eyes with your palms facing me?
'This is how ...... it is?'

Wow, looks like a dating ad.

'I think there's something wrong with .......'
'Yeah. I'm starting to feel that way too, looking at Yashiro's face.'

I don't like it, Estella. ...... You're so perceptive.

'I personally enjoyed it, and tomorrow I'll prepare a proper dress for you, okay?

'Well, then, Yashiro-san ......, what is Norma-san wearing right now ......?
'No, no, Jeannette. That's a good one.''

They're the old man's favorite.

'I'm leaving now!
'Wait, wait, Norma!It's true that it suits you!

After that, Bertina was very angry with me, and I promised to treat Norma to something sweet to make her happy, and the situation was settled somehow.
A little mischief caused a painful expense.

Because I wanted to see a sailor suit with big tits!

I'm not sure what to say. Please ...... repent.'

The day ended with a scolding from Ginette, whose cheeks were puffed up.

And finally, the day of the lumberjack guild's branch completion party arrived.