386-Additive-free Episode 41 Three of us related to Ya...

A special slot for the "Bread Eating Contest".
At this publicity event, which was set up in order to let the guests and spectators who came to observe the ward's field day know the deliciousness of the new bread, the idiot Gerassi happily declared war on us.
...... d*mn it. I wonder what he's thinking.
All right, let's do it that way.

'Here it is, Mr. Kou.'
'There's nothing to be excited about!

It's fine. You won without any trouble.
You've already won. Just leave.
You're a pain in the ass.

'I don't accept defeat, Mr. White!

A fish-faced man with a strange, high-pitched voice stood in my way, blocking my escape.
It's Gustave, a ravenous fish from the hunting guild.
...... Does this guy have something against me too?I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
'There's a theory that words contain mysterious magical power!I want you to avoid saying or doing anything sinister!

A high-pitched barking voice.
Ah, yes, yes. I'm sure you've heard of it.

I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had this problem. ...... Who do you think it was that made things work out with Rebekah?

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.
'Rebecca is not a bad person in all things!

Rot, your eyes!
It's better to be a knothole!

And so, for some reason, I'm surrounded by the League of Anti-Yashiro.
The one who set it up was ...... Estella, of course.

'Hey, Estella.
'Since you had announced that you would not participate due to your position of responsibility. I arranged for you to get a special slot that has nothing to do with your score.'

You are definitely enjoying this situation!
He must be enjoying my misery!
...... What a guy.

'...... is why I can't grow up.'
'It doesn't matter, does it!

'Shut up!Natalia, shut up!

I was about to complain to Estella, but before I could, Gustave interrupted me.

'If I win, you will have to apologize for your past rudeness.
'I can't think of any rudeness, can you?
'You've been so rude without realizing it!Are you the devil or something?

It's an unwarranted accusation.

'When I win against Yashiro-san, I'll need him to write a formal apology and a pledge that he will not contact Rebeka-san in the future!
'That would mean restricting Rebeka's actions as well, is it okay to trample on her dignity?
'............ It's safe as long as it's touched by Rebeka!
'Then the one just now is also safe, isn't it?
'Oh my god!I'm not sure what to say.

I will, if it's the right thing to do.

'Anyway!Please play against me!It's a serious competition between a man and his pride!

I don't want to put my manly pride on the line for a nine-year-old girl. ......

'And?What are you guys going to do if I win?
''There's no need to think about it!I'm not going to lose!

You guys are so close, man.
You guys seem to be in perfect sync, even though you've never met. You're a little out of tune.

''Then, if you guys lose, ...... ask me for one favor, okay?
''.................. gulp.''

Gustave and Filman froze.
Then, almost simultaneously--

''No, well, shouldn't ...... sports be done in a more wholesome way?''

--That's it.
You guys. ......

''Why not, on those terms!

Gerrardsy said confidently to the reluctant Filman and Gustave.

'Whoever wins can give one command to whoever loses. If I win, you'll be the head waiter for a day, Oba!
'Paymaster for a day............, you mean you want me to be an E-cup?
'You don't have to copy me like that!
'If you're going to replace Inez, you're going to need an E-cup!

'You can only think about your tits, can't you!
''What?Didn't you know, Mr. Erin?'

Estella scorned Gerasie with a dumbfounded look on her face.
Well, I feel like I'm being scorned along with her, that face.

There's no need to accept this kind of competition. ......

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

I think I'll give it a shot to get the ball rolling.
It's a great way to relieve some of the anxiety that's been bothering me.
To carry out an extension of this festival.

'If I win, you guys are to split the purchase of the officially released bread in large quantities and offer it to the 42nd district. We'll hold an all-you-can-eat bread event in the Grand Square!The name of the event is the 'Late Spring Bread Festival'!

The word "late blooming" has two meanings: it's too late to call it a spring bread festival, and it rhymes with "Yamazaki". Yes, great naming sense.

'Hmph!All right. I'll talk to the baker's guild in my district and promise to buy a lot!
'I'll talk to the bakers too.
'I have a baker I know very well, so I'll ask him.
''If that's not enough, you can buy from the bakers' guild in District 42.
'''Hahaha, it's not like we don't have enough--'''
''We have Bertina, you know.
''Hmm?What's the matter?Why are you silent?''

Gustave and Firman, who witnessed Bertina's appetite in the gluttony contest and the banquet, kept their mouths shut, and only Gerasie, who must have overlooked Bertina's ferocity during the banquet in District 42, looked relaxed.
It's no good, Gerrardsy. You have to be well informed.

'Hmm. It's easy enough to satisfy a Sister. Fine, I'll pay for that one.''
''Thank you very much!

Gustave and Firman, thank you with all your might.
Even Gustave sees you as a threat, Bertina.

Anyway, the spring bread festival is decided now.
I'm glad. I think I can manage now.
Actually, I baked a lot of bread yesterday, but there was a limit to how much I could bake.
I had calculated that there would be enough for about three pieces of bread for each participant, except for a few exceptional people. ...... Three pieces of sweet bread is enough, right?So I thought I could get by with that plus a few more for the exceptional people. ...... Well, I was still a bit naive.
The only ones I was wary of were Bertina and Delia,......, but the kids' eyes are blazing. They're going to eat it, too.

So we'll hold a bread festival later on (mostly) on the lord's dime. Let's do that.
It's great to be bought by others!
Me and Estella are all smiles. It's wonderful to have an event full of smiles!

'Well, I guess I'll just take a quick win.

...... crafting is easy.
I looked at Natalia and she gave me a reliable nod.
It looks like she followed my instructions to the letter. Good.

'Take your places, then.

The waiter urged us to take our positions.
Guerraxi on course one, me on course two. Gustave is on the third course, and Filman is on the fourth course at the front.
On the way to the second course, I overheard myself say something to the effect of.

'I think I'll go for the cream bun that Rebeka ate. The same as Rebeka's.'

At that moment, Filman's eyes lit up.

'I'm not going to let ...... you do it. ...... I'm the one who's supposed to be matching Rebeka!

I'm not sure that's going to work.

I quickly passed through Filman and took my position, and now I'm going to give Gustave this information.

'By the way, the cream buns that Masha was so excited about eating earlier are the ones hanging in the third course. I'm sure there are only a few people who know that flavor.
'Masha-san's highly praised cream buns!And it's a rare food that's not yet known to the world. ............ A common understanding between just the two of us. ......... ...The world of just the two of us is truly a dream kingdom. The two of you are playing the magic of love!I'll take that for sure!I'll take it for the kingdom of dreams and magic!

Gustave was easy to catch. Easier to catch than a black bass.
It's easier to catch than black bass.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... My stomach starts to ache from all the copyright stuff. ............ It's irrelevant, I have nothing to do with it. It's just a coincidence. No, really.

Well, now the two of them will be squashing each other over cream puffs.

'All right!Let's go.


I hear a grumbling voice from the course to my left, opposite Gustave.
Gerrardsy, in a crouching start position, was staring at me with his face fully turned towards me.

'What's that?
'Go ahead and set something up for me!Your usual little trickery!''
'......, you feel pleasure in being deceived, you're beyond a dominant, you're already sick, aren't you?
'That's not what I meant!It's not about that, it's about bouncing back from your clever tricks and winning completely!That's what I'm aiming for!
'So, if I don't say anything, you won't achieve your goal and become a loser on your own? ...... Pfft, he's an idiot.'
'Shut up!Say something to me too!


'What is it?
'.................. Nothing much to say.'
'Stop treating me like that!You need to be a little more interested in me!

Eh~ ......
There's nothing I want to know about you at all. ...... Even if you want me to be interested, I'm not. ......

'What color are Ines' pants today?
'I don't know!Ask the man himself!
'By the authority of the lord of the 29th district?
'I'm not going to lend it to you!What kind of authority do you have for such a trivial matter?
'On the contrary, if there's a lord who can use his authority for such a thing, that's a bigger problem!

I'm not sure if it's because we're talking,...... or if it's because we're worried about Gerasie,...... but the signal to start is not given.
Gerrardsy's legs began to twitch a little as he waited for the crouch start.
I'm squatting like normal.
I'm still 'in position'.

I signal to Estella, 'Just let me get started,' and I get ready to start crouching.

'Get into position, okay ......!

Finally, the waiter gives the signal, and the bell rings.


As I run out, I say to Gerasie.

'You're after Anpan, aren't you?You're always following your sister's footsteps, aren't you?
'Who's following you?I'm not after Anpan!

Gerasie says, running straight for the melon buns hanging on the first course, the leftmost one.
That's it. That's the only way.

If I don't go to Anpan on the second course in front of me, I'll have to go to the third course where Gustave and Filman are having an ugly fight over me.
Having fallen out of love, Philman and Gustave are trying to get to the cream buns hanging on the third course, and they're trying to sabotage each other as they go.
Filman's got a thing for Gustave from the hunting guild. I've heard that he's a very skilled hunter despite his fish face and joking voice. He was even selected as a member of the team that exterminated the Swarm that caused trouble when the gates were set up in District 42.
This is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your time with your family and friends.

'I will not allow you to run alone, Oba!

With a single shout, Gerasie picks up speed.
He's catching up to me with determination and guts.


'Too bad you can't beat me.

Gerasie and I jumped at the same time.
But right after that, there was a clear difference.
Gerasie jumped up, hitting the melonpan on the head of his nose, while I got the anpan.
One shot clear!

'Phew ......'.

I laugh through my nose and show him the triumphant face of a winner.

'Hoo-rah!Mifufufufu (did you see that?), helahi (gerarcy)!
'Don't talk with your mouth full of bread!It's distracting!

In the first place, the bread escapes because you hit the front of the bread.
The target is the lower side of the bread.
It's a good idea to suck on the bottom side of the loaf so that it rolls around from the other side to the front!

The dangling string is vulnerable to back and forth, left and right forces, and can easily sway.
This is because the string has little power to repel the force applied to it.
Where does it have a repulsive force?It is the wooden frame to which the string is connected. Since the crate exerts its greatest repulsive force against downward forces, the force applied to the bread should naturally be from top to bottom.
If possible, the easiest way is to bite the bread from the top side down. ...... To bite the bread hanging above your head from the top, you have to jump about one meter, which is not a trick that a common sense person like me can do. It is not a trick that a common sense person like me can do.

Therefore, it is necessary to block the escape route first and then apply force to the sucking.
Apply the force from the other side of the bread toward you.
This is a pincer movement between the lower and upper jaw.
It takes some skill, but once you get used to it, it's not that hard. And I've already mastered that sucking technique when I was in elementary school!

I'm not a career man, not like you!

But still.
No matter how you try to hold it in your mouth, some impact will be felt on the bread.
That can't be helped. It's unavoidable.
It is inevitable that even with my sucking skills, I will have a hard time when I hit a "bad bread".
So, the best way to win is to choose the bread that can withstand the most impact.
Shock-resistant. In other words, a bread that can repel the kinetic energy of a collision even when it is hung on a string with low resilience.

To put it simply without all the tedious formulas, "heavier bread" is preferable.
It is even better if the center of gravity is almost at the center, so that it is stable in the air.

Among these, Anpan is the heaviest bread with the center of gravity.
Jam and cream are light compared with bean jam.
Melon buns are the worst. Such empty bread is not suitable for the bread-eating contest.

In other words, even disregarding his experience and knowledge, Geraci had no chance of beating me. From the very beginning,......, right from the moment Ma'ru ate Anpan!

I'm sure you'll agree with me.Do you understand?
'Don't explain while eating!I didn't understand a single thing!

Gerasie's tone completely broke down. He must be very frustrated. Pfft, little thing.
You should be in a stylish glove compartment.

I finish the race without a trace of cuteness, leaving behind Gerasie, who is jumping up and down and playing with the melonpan.
I take the melonpan out of my mouth and look back to see Filman clinging to Gustave's waist.
He's losing in power, but he's holding on with his guts.

'Are you sure?If you jump now, these pants will come off for sure!You'll be able to see your pants!
'Oh, please stop!You have the eyes of the crowd (...... especially Masha's eyes)!

It's not ...... gutsy.
You think you can be a villain and a heel for love?You're so refracted, really.

I can't help it. I'll tell you another good one.

'Filmaan!Gustav!The bread on the course next to you is also cream bread!

Who said anything about 'that's one cream bun'?
In the past, each course just happened to have a different loaf of bread hanging from it, but there might be a race in the future where all courses have melon bread.
This time, I instructed Natalia in advance to hang cream buns on both the third and fourth courses.
Huh?Didn't you notice?
No, you can't assume the truth based on your own assumptions.
You can't trust the truth until you see it with your own eyes.

''Say it first!

Even the normally polite Filman and Gustave lost their tone of voice.
I guess it's all because of love.

''Love is scary.
'You're the one who's scared, Yashiro. ......'

Estella came to me after I won.
She's not going to put a ring of flowers around my neck or kiss me on the cheek. If it were F1, she'd do it.

'In motorsports where I'm from, the winner gets a cheek swipe from a beautiful woman ......'.
'I'm looking forward to it, the Spring Bread Festival'

...... d*mn it!
You interrupted me.

'No matter how you look at it, there's not enough bread today.'
'Yes, ......'.

He glanced at the players who were about to compete.

'You can see a few ...... beasts.'
'Wow, I'll try not to look there so as not to ruin the image.

I don't want to see a beautiful girl drooling and 'gulping'.
You'll need to convince her to wait until the bread festival, which is basically Gerasie's treat. ...... Estella.

'But I got some good information from watching your race. But I got some good information from watching you race, like how to suck a loaf of bread and what loaf to choose.

Estella smiles triumphantly.
You don't have to work so hard to gather information. ......

'Anpan is a good choice. It's heavy enough to keep you stable in the air, and even if you accidentally touch it, it won't shake that much unless you're too vigorous.
'Huh?You don't mind? Are you going to tell me about this?
'I told you the bread-eating contest was a publicity stunt.I don't care if I win or lose. Besides--'

I say to the stunned Estella with a big smile on my face.

'You're not going to shake no matter how hard you stick with it, so just get going,burberry outlet!

The blue ball sunk into my midsection. ............ Why do you still have it, blue ball? It's over, the ball game.

'I know exactly what you mean. I'm going to win the ...... championship by a landslide.

Estella, glowing with the will to fight.

'Well, if you're looking for a winner, I'd recommend Anpan. ......'

Here comes the devil's whisper.

'Melonpan is a rather firm dome-shaped bread with a thickness of 6 to 7 centimeters. ...... Put it under your gym uniform and you'll have an E-cup.'

Plenty of silence ensued for more than twenty seconds.

'...... I don't think it's a good idea to play with food.

I think it's not a good idea to play with food.
I've been weighing up my chances of winning against a pseudo-E cup experience!

'What the hell is this?

A high-pitched voice spat out towards the sky.

'This softness, this gentle sweetness, this mellow fragrance, ...... like ...... like ......... ...Masha. ...... And isn't it the taste of love!

The cream buns were devoured in a matter of minutes, and Gustave screamed in the middle of the course.
No, just get to the finish line.
Also, I almost accidentally said 'Masha's taste', but then I realized, 'That's a bit strange, isn't it? I'm sure you realized that and hurriedly rephrased it,......, Masha was shocked. I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I've heard of it. It's not often you get to hear a voice like that.
Ahh, I dug a grave.

'It's because I usually think about erotic things.
'Don't do that with you.
'Idiot, I would never make such a careless remark. ......'

Hmm?Wait a minute.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to help you out.
If that's the case, wouldn't it be better for everyone to live more openly to prevent such accidents?No, that must be it!
Okay, I've made up my mind!I'll live more openly from now on!

'Hey, Estella. From now on, we'll call the E-cup girl 'Me-kunpanna-chan', right?
'Can you please refrain from saying anything that would make Melonpan's impression significantly worse?

My nice suggestion was rejected, and the copyright of the other world was safely protected.
Just in case you're wondering, it's foreshadowing, 'mepanna-chan'. And it's '□' instead of 'RO'. Shall I make it black?"Mepanna-chan. What?Foreshadowing, right?Safe, safe.

'By the way, girls with less than an A cup are called "Nanpanman" and ......'.
'I'll stuff your mouth with blue balls if you say anything stupid.

No, they're flattened like nan ....... No, not at all.
I'm not a girl if I'm a nanpanman. We need to reconsider.

While we were talking about it, the race was still going on, and Filman was struggling a lot.

'd*mn it!Oh no!...... No, I can't do it.'
'What are you talking about, you spoiled brat!

Gustave urged, as Filman clutched his knees.

'Where's the guts you had to come after me?You were a great fighter just now, even for an enemy!
'Mr. Gustave, .......'
'And ...... are you sure?The food hanging above your head is a rare food that your loved one said was 'delicious' and has not yet been released to the public!If you don't eat it at this moment, are you okay with that?Is that the extent of your love?
''Gu...... Gu Shutaabushan......!

Sobbing, wiping his tears with his arm, and raising his eyebrows, Firman looks up.

'I'll do it!With the power of love, I will enjoy the taste of love!
'That's the spirit!

Gustave runs up to Filman and looks up at the bread with the same eyes.

'You see, all matter in this world has a mass. So, if you want to take a bite of that bread, you have to go to .......'

Then he began to explain in detail with gestures.
You know the concept of mass, don't you? You are indeed a good hunter.
They might even understand the law of inertia and the gravitational constant, if they do.

...... Well, your boss is a monster that defies all the laws of physics in the world.
If that thing appears in Japan, many physicists will lose their jobs.

And after a few minutes of lecture...

'Amoo!I'll do it!I can get it!

--Philman has successfully won the cream bun.

'So, from here on, it's pure competition!

Filman was surprised by Gustave's sudden rush, but still switched to full speed in hot pursuit.
The result was an overwhelming victory for Gustave, but it was a great effort by Filman.
Some of the spectators seemed to be touched by his performance, and they applauded him generously.

As usual, I don't understand the point of emotion in this town.
Because they were just motivated by the rather terminal stalker spirit of 'I want to eat the same thing my favorite girl ate,' right?

'Thank you for the instruction.

Filman holds a cream bun in his hand and bows to Gustave.
In the future, the 24th district and the hunting guild may be able to build a friendly relationship, it was a scene that made me think.

...... That bond, though, is precriminal in Japan.

No, no. I enjoyed it too. It's been a long time since I've felt that passion.

They shook hands firmly and praised each other's performance.
They nodded vigorously to each other and exchanged last words.

'Here's to love.
'Yeah, here's to love.

What are they talking about?It's cold.

I'm not sure why the whole place is filled with an air of 'that's a good story', but ...... it's just the sympathy of a man who's a bit of a jerk, isn't it?
I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who can see the reality. .......

I'll also say something to Gerasie, who has been jumping up and down with no one paying attention to her while she's been doing whatever she's doing.

'Why don't you retire now?
'Shut up!We're almost there and we're onto something!Don't talk to me!

After that, for about ten minutes, the whole hall just watched the jumping old man (he was still young in his twenties, but his hair was too tightly styled and he smelled like an old man, so I thought it was okay to call him an old man), and the time passed helplessly.
After struggling to catch the melonpan, Gerasie finally struck a gutsy pose with all her might, but 'Hurry up and finish! I've got a lot of work to do! Gelercy finished the race as quickly as he could, with silent pressure from the waiting line.

'Stick to ......, start training today, and you'll get your revenge next year!

He's going to come back next year, you old man.
I hope you don't miss me. ......

'So long, Gerasie. I'll see you at the Spring Bread Festival.'
'Tsk. I know!I'll be sure to prepare some good wine to go with the ...... bread.'
'No, I don't drink alcohol.'
'I'll drink it!
'What?You're coming!
'Of course you're coming!I'm paying for it!Of course you're going to join us!
'No, I can't let you devote your busy lord's time to such a thing. Please don't think about anything else and just offer me the money.
'Don't use a sane tone of voice only at times like this!The second half of ...... was not even decent!

I've heard that Gerrardsy is coming.
I didn't ...... call him.

'Yashiro ...... do you know what a diplomatic issue is?'
'Huh?So you'd take care of it?'
'No way. I'll do everything I can to interfere, secretly.'
'You're getting tough, Miz Clairmona. ......'

Gerrardy clenched his teeth and twitched his temples.
If you don't learn fast, you'll end up like Ricardo.

'But this bread is delicious. It has a crispy texture, but the rich aroma of butter is ......'.
'Oh, sorry, Gerasie. I'm really pressed for time. I really don't need that kind of thing, so can you please just leave?'
'You!I'm giving you my impressions of the new bread at ......!
'Just hurry up and go home!It's long past noon!What if the players are too hungry and start a riot!

I don't have the confidence to stop a rampaging Delia.

'Stick to ......, you're still a rude man. Then you'll hear plenty of it during the Spring Bread Festival!Hmm!

Yeah, ......, why should I listen to you? What a pain in the ass.
Go mumble to yourself in your room. I'll lend you Regina's best friend (Dusty).

'Maybe you're a very aristocratic person.
'Stop it. You're giving me sub warts.

Estella's warm smile gives me the chills.
I'm supposed to be having a social chat with the nobles?What a crock. If it's an all-you-can-get event, I'll gladly participate.

'I wish you could tell me the secret to being liked by many lords.
'Why don't you ask your own chest, the first lord to fall in love with me?
'What?Who missed you ......?No, that's not true!I haven't let my guard down yet, you know!
'I'm sure you'll hear a voice like this: ...... 'Petching, petching'.
'You're not listening to me!Also, my breasts don't make that sound!

He's always trying to play with me, putting himself on the shelf.
You've got a troublesome lord who's in love with you. Tracy and Ricardo. And Lucia too?

'Estella. You'd better choose your friends.'
'Yeah, ...... anyway, I'll be careful of men with bad eyesight.'
'Oh, Ricardo.'
'Since you don't seem to be aware of it, I'll get you a nice mirror next time.'
'Oh no, I'll get so lost in admiring it that I won't get any work done.
'Yashiro, what should I do? ...... I'm getting sick thinking about it.
'You're a man of few words, aren't you?You don't even have room for more milk!
'Neither do you!
'Whose tits are missing?
'It's me!............ I don't have any!I do!'

'I've got some!

And then, after laughing for a while.
...... Well...

'By the way Estella.

Estella is trapped and unhappy, so she holds out two index fingers. She points them towards the front of us. ......

'You're going back to the waiting line, would you like to walk in front of Natalia on the right or Regina ...... on the left?
'I don't want to go past ...... because I can see both of them developing.'


'Are you flirting with me again ...... and not being modest?Are you an adolescent with your first girlfriend?'You go home first, I'll see you off. I'll see you off. - Hmmmm!I'll see you off.' 'No, I'll see you off.' 'I'll see you off?
'It's too long!
'Are you proposing to me in a roundabout way, like, 'Maybe you're a very aristocratic person?Eh, is that so (smirk)?
'Isn't there ......?
'Yes, there is!'


'Maybe I'm hearing things wrong, but ...... did you guys talk about "ass"?
'No, we didn't!
'Well, we're talking about a nobleman's ass who's a good friend of ours.
'It's the secret to being liked by many lords!
'You don't need to ask me that, I already know.
'How would Regina know?
'Of course she does!We're specialists in that kind of thing.Let's see ...... his ass first ......'
'Alright, now go back to your nest, you rotten pharmacist!
'What, Yashiro?What?What was Regina trying to tell me?'
'It's something you don't need to know!

...... They're both poisonous.

Estella's expression was one of dismay as she visualized the minefield she could see and the future that awaited her if she went through it.
Even so, life is inevitable. ......

'...... Hey, Yashiro. I don't want to go home.
'What?Estella-sama, did you just say, 'I ...... don't want to go home today ......'?
'No, no, to my ears it sounded like, "I can't say that in public"!
'You're biting on both of us at once!
'Also, don't say "I can't say that in public" in public, you rotten pharmacist!

Estella's unintentional comment caused both of them to react.
I wish you could tell me how to get a pervert like that to fall in love with me here and there. ...... I'll try to do the exact opposite from now on.

While the sun was still shining strongly, I reflected on the fact that I might have made a mistake with the special frame ...... and tried to escape from reality.