387-Additive-free Episode 42 Bread-eating Competition ...

My facial muscles are going to collapse .

'I'm looking forward to it~!
'Master Yashiro. The young men's division of the 'bread eating contest' is ready.'
'Alright, Natalia!Let's get this over with!

The kids, the old folks, the special guests, the whole charade is over, and now it's time to get down to business.
I've worked hard for this moment.
I planned the field day, organized the steering committee, taught sportsmanship to people who had no concept of sports, provided information on soft pants, and even made bloomers!
All for the sake of this moment!

'Natalia......, I think I'll be more kind to people after this race.
'Yashiro-sama, are you going to die?

It's not a flag, you idiot.
When a person's heart is filled with kindness, even their personality changes.
Even the Demon Lord is ready to save the world if he's touched by kindness.

Now, let's get started!
Let's start a carnival of poppin' for peace!

'The first race is between Use from the blue team, Becco from the yellow team, Oumalo from the white team, and Gaius from the red team.
'What a mess!I'm going to sleep for a bit, wake me up when it's over!

What's with that uninspiring lineup?
Who the hell are you, Gaius?

'Mr. Gaius!Good luck~!
'Hey, Gonsuke!Don't cheer for the enemy!

The old man from the hardware guild - I think it was Norma's right tit ......, or her right arm Gonsuke, or some other maiden "old man" - raised his yellow voice, which was never yellow. He is waving his hand with a yellow voice, not yellow at all.
A big guy named Gaius is looking down with his cheeks dyed in embarrassment. ...... Oh, I remember now. ...... That's Gonske's boyfriend, the woodcutter. There was a lot going on when we were preparing for the party. ...... Yeah, it's a waste of brain power to remember. Let's forget it.

'On your marks, sir.


The bell rings and all the old men start running at once.
The fastest is Ursse, followed by Oumalo and Gainus. ...... Becco, you can't exercise, can you? Well, he's the one who stays in his room and makes food samples all the time.

I'll take the win!I'll take the win!
'I won't let you!I'm dedicating this victory to Magda-tan!
'I can't pull a ...... with such heartfelt support, I can't!
I'm looking forward to the bread, that I am.

I'm not sure what to do.
Well, no one is expecting anything from Bekko, including himself.

'...... Umaro, win!
'Blood pressure's up!

As soon as Magda cheered, Oumalo's speed doubled.
The amount of blood flowing through his body increased, and his motor functions jumped twice as fast!
...... Is this a shonen manga, you.

'Hmph!Trubek, listen to me. ...... A hunter is hunting a beast that is constantly moving in unpredictable ways. It's easy to catch a loaf of bread like this--'
'Anpan, get it!
'Listen, you fox carpenter!

While Use was talking coolly, Umaro was the first one to get the bread and get out.
'Listen to me, Torbek,' he said. You always call me Umaro.

'Okay, ......, I got it, I got it.
' What?Before I knew it, the lumberjack had scored too!
'No, but... This bread is astonishingly delicious, that it is.
'Even the round glasses?

While I'm languishing in opposition to Umaro, I'm being overtaken by Gaius and Bekko, and I'm languishing in the Usse.
You know what? It's not a comic book, you don't have time to talk about this and that during a race, normally.

'd*mn it!

Use jumped at the bread with a red face, and finally caught the bread after four failed attempts, and reached the goal.
I'm sure you can do it in one shot. ...... Dasa.

I'm not sure why Yashiro can do it and I can't. ......

You've been rivaling me too?
I'm sure you're enjoying this. I don't care if you're doing it on your own. Don't get too excited and get others involved like Gerasie.

'Like Gellarcy the idiot.
'I don't know what you think you're doing, but I agree with you.

Natalia agreed.
'I don't know what you're thinking, but I agree. Yeah. I guess that's a given.

And the second race continued.

From the blue group, there was a big man who was the boss of the cowherds. He was an old man with a short beard. His short, close-cropped hair was laced with gray. His body, however, was undiminished, with muscles rising and falling.
His name is Morgan.

...... is too old to remember any of this!

Omero from the red team and Yambold from the white team will compete.
In short, it is a race for big men.
So, from the yellow team, which is full of big men (maidens), came out ......

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.

Medora came out.

'Hey, Ricardo!You're in charge of that thing!
'Idiot!There's too much height difference!They're all two meter tall men!
'Medora and the others.'
'Yeah, Medora first!
'I'm a woman, Ricardo!
'Why am I the only one?Ooba first!'
'You're embarrassed, darling!
'I'm too shy to be treated like a man!

No, no, Ricardo. No, Ricardo. That's just a common phrase of a pure-hearted boy who's in love with his boyish childhood friend.
Well, mine's not like that at all!

'By the way, you old cowherd is so small.
'Well, he's an old man.
'I'm 180 years old!

The people around me are all big.
Omero is two meters tall for nothing.
Sometimes I think he's just a stage set up to make Delia look smaller.

'Haha...... why am I in this pack of monsters......'
'Don't worry ......, I'm a kind-hearted six-year-old girl.'
'How can you tell such an obvious lie, Yang Bold?
'...... Mhmm'.

You're right, Omero is the weakest one in this group. That's for sure.
I mean, Yangboldo. He's so excited because he promised not to play "Judgment of the Spirits" today.

And Omero won.
Hmm?Did you want me to describe it?You don't need to.
...... We were just watching the race when Medora said, 'Oh my god, darling s*x! I was just watching the race when Medora glanced at me while holding her breasts. ............ I turned away so hard that I didn't see what was going on.

After that, the men continued to race for a while,......, and then it was finally the women's turn!

The first female runners were Regina from the blue team, Osina from the yellow team, Ginette from the white team and Bertina from the red team.
Oh, come on!
The main dish is the first race!
Are you sure?
Don't you feel like you're missing something after that?
Are you sure?

'More importantly, Regina!You're not going to replace Estella with ......'.
'I'm not replacing her!Stop messing around and concentrate on your work!

I would have loved for her to run next to Ginette, but then I realized .......
Oh, so this race is full of people who are not good at sports.
There's a great deal of feminine glamour in this race, but there's not much in the way of sportsmanship. ......
Do they even have the ability to run in the first place?

I waited for the race to start, with such anxiety smoldering in my heart.

'Get into position!


The bell rang, and we all started running. ............ Run, Regina!
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
Regina, however, is ......

'I can't ...... sun hot ............ clothes, I want to take them off ......'.
'I'll allow it!
'No, Yashiro-san!
'Regina-san, look, please do your best.'
'Hmmm~. You're forgetting that this is a race for everyone...'

Ginette and Bertina looked back at Regina, who was falling far behind, and cheered her on.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
...... Hey, you guys. Do you know the word "compete"?

So, the four of them finally arrived at the bread.
They look at the hanging loaves of bread slowly, as if examining them.

'Which one do you want, Sister?

'It's melon bread.
'Oh, actually, I was thinking of getting one of those.'
'I'm not giving it to you.
'Then it's a race.

As soon as she said that, Ginette jumped for the melonpan.
'Oh! What a cry from Bertina. A rather rare expression of impatience appeared on her face.
But, as expected, the melonpan plopped.
It landed, and poof!

'Ah, the melon is shaking!
'You mean the melon that's not 'bread', right?I don't need to check.

Natalia is saying something, but I'm sorry, I'm too busy to turn around.

'I'm not going to let you down either, as a mother!

And Bertina jumped up.
The tips of her ponytail swayed, and she yummed ............!

'The hidden treasure is coming!
I'm sure you're not going to get any benefit from this.

Of course it's a blessing!
Because right now, I'm in a very happy mood!

'Ah~...... Mmm!It's difficult.

Osina aimed at Pan with a graceful leap.
However, the bread does not synchronize with Osina's movement and shakes vigorously.

'It's shaking like a fish~!
'It looks like the bread isn't ....... Yes, I knew that.

And Regina is being burned by the sun's light and heat. ...... You're a vampire, aren't you?
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
No, jump!

'What, I don't have the energy to ...... jump anymore. ......'

You should jump!
There's always a demand, even for a recluse like you!
I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what you think pharmacists exist for!

I'm not sure.I'm sure you'll agree.
Don't you dare argue with me!
I don't listen to that kind of argument!Yes, I do!

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea to have a little more time to think about what you're doing.
'M...... time to work?
'Please wait, Master Yashiro. That's just too illegal.'
'That guy, he's on your team, so why not?
'That's not the point.
'You're shaking like that!I'm being called!
'If that's the case, this competition will be canceled next time ...... by the voice of a certain flatulent lord.'

You're a ...... authority. ...... authority. ............!

'Regina, hang in there!For the future!
'Oh no, it looks like ...... the head waiter was one step ahead of me. ...... Oh well, I guess I'll just jump. ......'

Regina bends her knees.
Then, with momentum, she jumps ............ and can't do it!
The timing of her knee extension and the timing of her kick to the ground were horribly out of sync, making it look like a vigorous stretch.
It's too slow!
It's too dull!

'Are you a ginette?
'You're terrible, Yashiro-san!

Ginette, who can't skip, is angry about something.
I thought I was giving her a fair evaluation.
Ginette's skipping is terrible!I guess she forgot to grow an organ that controls rhythm.

'I can even get bread if I try hard enough!
'Well, I'm not getting any at the moment. It's not even close.
'Mmm, mmm!It's just that ...... I'm not good at exercise, it's in my mother's genes!
'It's terrible, Jeannette!I can move better than Jeannette.''
'That's not true!
'Then let's play!
''As you wish!Even as a sister, I won't go easy on you!

The resemblance between the father and son made a cute glare and looked up at Pan at the same time.
And what were they thinking? ...... Well, they probably weren't thinking at all. ......'No! They jumped at the same time, calling out to each other.
So ...... compete.

Ginette and Bertina jumped up at the same time.
With their small mouths wide open, they both aim for the melon pan in the air. The mother and daughter's jump, which embodied ...... the word "dull," missed their target so badly that Ginette's head popped off the melon pan with great force.

How many times have you misjudged ...... that you can pop it off with your head before it touches your face?

And while the melon bread is gone in the air, once a person leaves the ground, he or she cannot dexterously change direction.
It's the mouth to mouth of Ginette and Bertina who keep approaching each other without bread.


Bertina's lips smashed into Ginette's cheek as she chased after the fleeing bread with her gaze.


They both collapsed and crashed to the ground at the same time. It's a good idea.

...... If Jeannette hadn't moved her face to chase the bread, their mouths would have collided. ............ What a dangerous mother and daughter! I'm sorry.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

'There it is: ......'

The pain in my body made my voice spill out naturally. Ginette rubbed her butt like that.
However, her face instantly turned bright red and she sat upright at the same time as her mother.

'I'm sorry, Sister!
'No, no, it's my pleasure!I've been so absorbed!
'I'm the one who's always trying to get the bread, that's all!Um, did you cut yourself?
'Yes. Ginette's cheeks were soft, so I'm fine!
'Yawa......!Sister's lips are the ones that are soft and puffy!
'Shh, that's not true .......'

After a moment of panic, they looked at each other and blurted out, ''Pfft! Then they looked at each other and started laughing loudly.

''Hmmm ......, the sisters have kissed me.''
''Hmm ......, it's been a long time since I've kissed Jeannette.''
'Yes. Has it been since you were six years old?
'No, sir. The last time was when I was eleven.''
'Oh, I don't remember that happening when I was that big!
'Yes. It's been a long time since I had a sleepover at church, and I had a scary dream about the past. ......'
'Myaah!I just remembered it!Please stop it!Forget about it!

I'm sure you've been doing a lot of that, Chu.
............ I think I'll live in a church.

'...... Well...'
'Yashiro-sama. Your hand almost went out right now. Please be careful, I'm not sure I can take it next time.'

What the hell. Isn't it cute when a boy is always spoiled?
Isn't that what girls are supposed to do?
Maybe Natalia doesn't have enough motherhood in her.

'Oh, you got it!

Osina smiles with a mouthful of Anpan.
Despite her slow pace, she kept trying and was the first to get the bread.
The whole time, I kept seeing her tits swaying like 'han......nari' out of the corner of my eye. They lifted up like this, 'han......', and returned like this, '......'. It was a nice sway that expressed the softness of the waves as it returned.
Osina, who had delighted the crowd, ran happily toward the goal.

'She's so soft!

She kissed Anpan, saying, 'You're so soft!
You've been watching, haven't you? Don't tease me too much.


Regina kicked the ground with a strange shout.
Her long green hair danced around her, giving her the most dynamic appearance in Regina's history.
Then, she bites at the jam bun hanging down as if she had set her sights on it.

'What the hell!

Perhaps it was the runner's high, but even though she was exercising, Regina's eyes were sparkling.
She smiled with real joy and failed to ............ land with a piece of bread in her mouth!

You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier. I'm not sure what to do.
...... I don't know why athletes are like that.

'Are you okay, Regina?
'I'm ...... fine. ............ jam buns, I covered you up before you hit the ground. ......'

A bite of jam bread is held in her right hand and held high above her head.
Don't worry about it, just get your hands up and passive. ......

'Regina. Do you want to abstain?'
'I'm fine. I'll take care of this myself later.'

Regina said lightly, got up, and quickly crossed the finish line.
She was able to walk straight, so I guess she's okay.

So, Bertina and Ginette, who are fighting for the last place,......, let's have a party to watch this scenery for a long time.

I'm so happy to be here.

'Melon bread, I wish I could keep it'
I'm not sure if you've seen this before. It's a problem for the progress of the field day and for the public morals of the city.

Natalia looks around the field.
Outside on the track, the men watching the mother and daughter frolicking together were all wearing shameful faces. They're all looking down their noses at me!

'Don't make a tight face, a**h*le.
'Yashiro-sama. It's 'Mayu'.

The muscles in my face have gone on strike. I'm beginning to think it's okay to keep them loose.
But I really can't get anywhere with this, so I give Natalia permission.
Natalia acted quickly, lengthening the string, making it nose-high, and turning both into melon pans.
No more fighting, she says, just eat together and finish.

'Would you like me to use my hands for this?
'No, that's as good as ......'.

I have a mixed feeling that this is too ridiculous ...... and that it's just fine .......

'I got it!
'I was a little faster than you, though.'

Almost at the same time, Ginette and Bertina, both with bread in their mouths, start running at the same time.
They must be thinking that they can't lose to each other.
There is no way that ...... can beat Ginette in a pure race.
Even Bertina won by a landslide.

'............ I think I'm going to practice running.'

Ginette seems to be shocked in a humble way.
You, you're too late for that,.......
I'll go with you if you jog!Even if it's every morning!I'll run alongside you!

And so, when the heated first race was over and the second race was about to begin, there was a little trouble.

'I definitely don't want to run after that one!
'I agree with you, Estella!

The lords of the forty-second and thirty-fifth districts began to complain.
They said that it made them feel sad to run after such a bumpy race. Well, the words are different, but that's the summary.

'Don't worry. I'm not expecting anything from you guys!
''It's none of your business! That's none of your business!

The head waiters tried to persuade them, and finally the second race began.
The blue team is Estella, the yellow team is Paula, the white team is Ines, and the red team is Lucia.

'A battle between Paula and Ines: ......'
'I told you I'd join you, anchovies!I'll dry them in the sun and then boil them!'

That'll make a nice broth. It's rich in glutamate. Inosinic acid for fish?I don't care.

Mr. Yashiro. I've set the melonpan for the second course as you requested.'
'Thank you. You'll probably see some interesting things now.'

In the bread-eating contest, you may go off course as soon as the race starts.
The rule is that you can aim for any bread you want.

'Get in position, ready.'


At the sound of the bell, two lords cut into the center of the course at high speed from both sides.

'Eh, wait!
What's going on?

Paula and Inez, who were cut across the course, rolled their eyes at the two lords who wore tremendous spirit.

''Melon paaaaa......n!

The two lords, who were hand in hand during the BU riot, clash head on.

''......Yashiro-sama. And Lucia-sama?''
'Yeah, I told her. I told her that melonpan is an E-cup.''

As a result, the lords flocked to the E-cup.

'It's the end of the world.
''It's the end of the world.
''Shut up, outsider!

Natalia and I are being stared at by the bleary-eyed lords.
Oh no, that's scary.

''But isn't there a bad balance with just one? I'm not going to say one hand is down, or one breast is up.

I'm not saying 'one breast'.
But let's say it in a positive way from now on!Let's do that!
We, the younger generation, are the ones who make up the language!

'They're after the free bread.
'...... I see. Get one of those melon pans here.

'The plan is to get another one later.'
'Probably, ......, if you ask for two melon pans, people will think, "Oh, he's going to put them in his clothes and say, 'E-cup! It's a waste of time and money.
'Oh, it's useless, but I'm trying to make a small show of it.
''Stop messing around!You can't concentrate! Isn't that so!

After that, there was an ugly fight between the lords who had nothing but melonpan in their eyes.
But it's not that interesting, so let's look at ...... or something else since it's not shaking at all.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ............ Oh, I corrected my statement and my true intentions came out. I'm not sure what to say.

It's a difficult thing to do.

Inez glared at the dangling cream bun and wiped the sweat from her forehead.
Then she takes aim again and jumps!
Wavy silver hair.
Her E-cups bouncing.

'I love the real thing!
''The powers that be flocking to fake E-cups look ridiculous.''

''Oh no, you've gone wild from fighting so much.
More importantly, it's Inez.

''I can't help it, I can't do what I want. ......''
'Inez. Try changing your hair.'
'Hairstyle......I see, I didn't notice because it's not a hairstyle I usually wear, but this ponytail (made by Manager Ginette) might be causing my center of gravity to shift further back than I'm aware of. It was a ...... blind spot.
'That's why you have to tie two knots and swing them to the left and right.'
'I see. I'll try it.

I'll give it a try.
Quick response.

Inez unties her ponytail and splits the knot into two on either side of her head.
Yes, twin tails!
Her long silver hair hangs down the sides of her head in a lovely way.

'That's it, I'm ready!

Inez jumps!
The tips of her hair dance and flail in time with her face.
Her hair gushes in her face.

'Aren't you in my way?

I'm not saying that changing your hairstyle will make it better. I just said, 'Why don't you try changing it? That's all I said.
I've always wanted to see Inez's twin-tails.
Most girls with long hair wear their hair in ponytails, so I just wanted to add a little something different.

'Oh my god ......'.

In spite of her complaints, Inez will continue the race with her twin-tails.
After all, she does not disappoint us. That's what I think of her as the head waiter.

On the other side of Ines, Paula was jumping at the jam buns.

'After the melon buns, the jam buns are what I've been after, right?

She jumps at it with great force, but the jam bun bounces off her forehead.
No matter, it's swaying lazily!
'Paula, aren't you getting a little bigger?

'Paula...... got bigger while I didn't see you for a while......'
'Heh?What are you talking about, Yashiro? I saw you yesterday......'
'It's okay, Paula. It's another story.'

Your gym uniform is amazing.
It's loose-fitting, but still shows off the parts that matter.
I'm sure there won't be any complaints even if the inventor wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

'I think I'm getting the hang of this... ...... Ei!

He took aim and pounced, but this time he hit the tip of the nose and the jam bun escaped.
It's a shame, but it'll take a while.

'One more time!

And as she bends down, a strand of silver hair hits Paula in the face.

'Oops, sorry about that.

Inez's twin-tailed attack.

'I'm sorry, I have long hair.
'I'm sure you did it on purpose!
'Pew, pew, pew.
'You're too good at deceiving me!

Inez, you were in a hurry because Paula was so close.

'Ines. If he's at the mercy of unpredictable moves, let him make predictable moves.'
'............ I see.'

'A loaf of bread hanging in the air can't be sure where it's going to fly.

'Then let the bread come towards you. ...... Good!

Once you push the cream bun with the tip of your nose, it swings like a pendulum and you catch it when it comes towards you.
If you're as dexterous as Inez, that's all the advice you need.

'I've mastered it.

Ines is running with a cream bun in her mouth.
I don't know if she is unaware of it, but she is making a very strong gut pose.
I wonder how happy she was.

'Yashiro!I can't get it!

Paula calls out to me in a disgruntled tone, as if she's frustrated that Inez beat her to it.
Don't get carried away, we're an enemy team.

'Paula. Try popping that bread once with all your might.'
'Pop it ......?'

Despite her skepticism, Paula did as she was told and shook the jam bun once with her headbutt.
The jam bun dangled away, reached its peak, and then came at Paula.


Paula catches the approaching jam bun with her mouth!
That's it.

It's a pseudo-flying disc!

Dogs are the kind of creatures that can catch a flying ball, but drop the fried food in front of them.
I'm sure such a dog instinct has taken root in Paula.
She's wagging her tail so much right now. She looks so happy. Yeah, yeah.

'Paula, let's play Frisbee together at the park next time!
'Oh yeah?Are you asking me out on a date?'

No, no. It's an invitation to go for a walk.
I'll throw, Paula'll catch, oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's fun.

I got it!
Oh, shit!

Apparently, the lords' duel is over.
Estella is running off in triumph. She's holding the melonpan she got in both hands.
If you run with a bite in your mouth, you'll get teeth marks.
...... Desperate?

'Anchovies!More melonpan!'
'Go eat some Anpan!

All that's left is unpun and Lucia.
Lucia, resigned to the fact that she can't do anything about it, jumps toward Anpan.
Perhaps it was because she had practiced so much with the melon bread, but it was a good jump.
She didn't give any unnecessary impact to the bread and sucked it with minimal contact.


...... Oh no. I was so caught up in it.
The way ...... Lucia's lips moved was unexpectedly s*xy.
Don't do anything out of character. You'll get a little nervous.

'Hmm!That's what I get when I'm serious!

--While sucking on a piece of bread, Lucia mumbled, 'Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......'.
She's still puffing out her chest.
Even though she's in last place.
...... or rather ............ what?

'Lucia has a bulge?
'I told you there would be, anchovies!I'll smoke you out!

I hope you don't want to get smoked. ......Oh, right, I almost forgot because the character was so far ahead of me. ......B-cups, that's about right!

'You've got at least a millie.'
It's a little out of reach.

There is a difference even among B cups.
If it is so much fun to wear gym clothes,......, it would be more ............... if leotards were popularized.

'Master Yashiro. Is it money you're thinking about with a serious face?Or are you thinking about your tits?'
'It's both, isn't it ............, and there's nothing we can do about it.'

While listening to Natalia's sigh, I thought about leotards for a while.
I wonder if rhythmic gymnastics will catch on?
I'm sure Neffery would love it. ...... No, sort of. I'm not sure.
So, Nepheli was participating in the 7th race a while later.

The blue team was Wendy, the yellow team was Nepheli, the white team was Nikka, and the red team was Imelda.

'Because of Imelda, the other three look so bland!
'Don't be rude, Mr. Yashiro!You can't honestly say that the others are inferior to me.

'No, I said you're too dense!

How positive can that young lady be?

However, it is a strange combination of ......

I'm not sure what to say.
'Oh, um, Hero-sama ......, that expression is somewhat embarrassing.
'Don't look at me like I'm obscene, anchovy!
'If the yellow group was Norma, the married woman's paradise would be ......!
'I'm not married!

No, but, Norma!
You're the one with the aura of a married woman. ...... Oops, you pulled out a cigarette. I'd better not.

It's time for me to shine!I'm sure you'll agree.

You've got to be careful what you wear, Imelda.
I'm not sure if I want to be in something like this or not.

I guess he only wants to participate in this kind of thing.

And then, at the sound of the bell, all the athletes started running at once.
Imelda ran glamorously, Nikka ran boldly, Nepheli ran spontaneously.

'And Wendy is determined to give up sleep for the night!
'No, sir!Regina has given me some medicine that will help me control my nighttime luminescence. ............ Ugh, it's true that staying under the sun like this can be terrifying at night... .........
'Master Yashiro. Isn't it convenient for a newlywed family to be unable to sleep, on the contrary?'
'Blast it, Theron!
'Why me?

Do you need a reason!
'Oh no, I'm embarrassed. ...... Turn off the lights.' 'What are you talking about? You're the one who's shining.''Oh, it's true~''hehe~''Are you doing that?You're doing it, aren't you?What?

'You're enjoying the sweet lovemaking that would never happen at Carl's house!
'That's an accusation!I'm happy to be here too!
'Oh, ...... then tell us more about your sweet night at home!
'Nice ...... ...... Nikka, you look like you're actually wearing ............ pajamas. It's so cute!
'I was a fool to expect that from you!

Well, I'm relieved in a way!
You're a life saver, Carl.
Those hunters surrounding you, they're killing you, aren't they?Can't you feel it?Nicca's a simple but pretty girl.

I'm not sure what to say.

Neffery jumped on the bread with a very Showa-era shout.
You don't say that very often. You don't say that very often.

'Huh?It's not going well at all.

Wow. I've never seen anyone say that before.
I thought only the great detective used that word.

'Hey, hey, hey, hey, you!

Percy comes running up to me.
What's the matter with you, man? You've got a prime seat, here.

'Mr. Neffely's in trouble!Why don't you give him some advice, like you did with your friend Nephrite?
'Huh?You don't remember Paula's name, do you?
'I don't care about that right now!

Wow, this guy is kind of a jerk.
You'd think he'd be a guy who thinks in terms of Neffely, but he's not even interested in anything but Neffely.
If he's not careful, there's a chance he doesn't even know the names of the lords of the 42nd district.

'Can't you see Mr. Nephrite's figure?So much, so much ......'.

He pointed at the jumping Nephrite with a trembling finger, and--

'Even the way he's jumping is really ugly!'

--He lets out a terminal scream.
Can you please stop spreading viruses here?

However, ......
It's easy to forget that ...... Nephrite has breasts just as big as Paula's. I'd say she's about a D.
The view from this diagonal position is ...... well, not bad.

By the way, Nikka is an E-cup who made a big impact on me from the first time I saw her. Imelda has grown remarkably and is now a G cup!Wendy is a C cup.

'Theron, don't worry!
'What is it, hero?

...... No, but...
To think that I have a monopoly on those C cups: ............

'Theron, blast it.'

'Why are you doing this, hero?

Teary-eyed Theron in the far waiting line.
Huh, I don't need a reason. A handsome man with a wife can blow up once an hour.


Percy grabbing my clothes and shaking me.
Hey, stop it!A man's shaking is no fun at all!

'Support Mr. Neffely, will you?

Oh, shut up!
There's got to be some way to shut this guy up. ......

I looked at Nepheli and saw that he was trying valiantly but not succeeding very well.

'It's funny ...... but I'm not giving up!Hang in there, I will!
'Haha!...... pretty.'

Percy coughed up blood and collapsed.
Ah, it's finally quieted down.

'Well, I'm gonna go throw it out.
'Hmm. Nice to meet you, Natalia.'

With Percy stained in blood, I concentrate on the race again.

'Nicca, hang in there!
'Wendy!Hang in there!
'Ne...... ferry......, ............ gud, rak! ......!'

As they each cheered, ......

'I don't like this!

Imelda seemed to be very upset.
After all, she was probably the least noticed of them all.

'You're not cheering enough!

No, you have the loud cheers of the lumberjacks.
You don't need to listen closely to hear them.

''Miss aaaaah!Go! Fight! Win!''

Ah, it's too hot.

''If you want to attract more attention, you should go to ......!

What did she come up with? ...... Well, it's probably not a good idea anyway. ...... Imelda spreads her arms and declares loudly.

I'll give you a handicap, folks.

The other three players were taken aback by her words.

'Please take the bread first. After you take the bread, I'll make a spectacular comeback. ...... This is what I call a spectacular race!

I don't know where you get such confidence, but you've made a big flag.
In the first place, the other three are not going to take the bread at the exact same time, so if you wait until all three of them take the bread, one or two of them might have reached the goal before you. ......

'''Well then, be my guest. ...... paku!'''

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to do.What was the struggle until now!

''Maybe it's because I tried so many times just now. ...... (squirming)''
'The results have suddenly appeared here! (Mogu Mogu)'
'It's easy once you get the hang of it (Mogumogu)'

The three of us run towards the goal with bread in our mouths.
Behind them, Imelda lets out a fearless smile.

'Ho-ho-ho-ho!That's a desirable development!And this is where Imelda Javier comes into her own!

As soon as she says that, she leaps with beautiful form.
Her flowing blonde hair reflected the light diffusely, making Imelda's whole body sparkle.
Her supple limbs drew beautiful lines as she flew through the air.
Her beauty is so overwhelming that it makes the viewer forget to breathe. The whole hall was focused on Imelda.

In the midst of all this, the melon pan that Imelda had aimed at was flung away with a pop.

'M, it's too difficult!
'What's the big deal now?

You've got to make a big comeback with one shot, if you've stirred things up so much!

As most of us expected, even after the other three players - Nepheli, Wendy, and Nikka - reached the goal, Imelda was forced to struggle with the melonpan, and eventually forgot all about grace and started bouncing around frantically.


The shimmering blondes and the strange shouts that escaped every time she jumped.
And the G-cups swaying majestically with her overwhelming presence!

It was just Imelda Javier's on-stage performance. ...... It was well worth watching, and the audience didn't complain at all.
Yes, I enjoyed the show.

I'm sure the world has become a little more peaceful after this day.