388-Additive-free Episode 43 Bread-eating Final

The bread-eating contest was progressing, though not smoothly.
When I saw the next runner, I thought, 'Hmm? I cocked my head.

'That's Molly, isn't it?
'Yes. Her good performance in the race was recognized and she was allowed to participate in the youth division.
'No, that's just going to put you at a disadvantage, isn't it?
'I just thought it would be fun.

Is it enough if it's interesting?
...... Well, it's okay.
You can't simply divide the beastmen by age. It is not uncommon for a three year old kid to be stronger than me.

So, when I looked at Molly's opponents, I found Millie in the red group.

'Children's division?
'No, no, no!I'm an adult!I'm an adult!

Millie jumped up and down in protest.
What's that? I want to take it home with me.

And when I looked at the yellow group next to me, I saw a slender girl I had never seen before standing there.

'Who is that girl in the yellow group?A waitress on the main street?'

Her black hair was tied up in a high bun, but it looked more like a samurai's than a ponytail.
Her fearless face does not give me any hesitation to call her a beautiful girl. However, she still looks a little young.
Her age is around twelve to three years old?

I've heard that she's an apprentice in the hardware guild, and I think her name is Luanna.
'Luanna?That's colostrum.
'Yes, sir.
'I've never heard of her.If you don't correct me, Natalia, I'm not going to correct you.

I realized Norma was right behind me.
It was almost her turn.

'Luanna adores me, you know. She adores me, and even says she wants to be like me in the future.
'Yeah, like Norma. ......'

No way, that Luanna girl is ......

'Is there a reason you don't want to marry her?
'The technical side, that's what she's into!And it's not that I don't want to get married!It's just that I don't happen to have a partner right now!

What do you mean by "by chance" when you've never had one before? ............ Well, if he says it's by chance, then it's probably by chance. It happens all the time, there's nothing strange about it, and of course there's nothing wrong with it or anything to be concerned about. So throw the ashes of the hot cigarette glistening red in the flue into the ashtray.

It's okay that you admire me, but I'm a little worried about my physical strength.

Luanna does not have any animal features.
She must be a human, not a beastman.

'Do you have to be a beastman to be tough, your place?
'Yes,............, if you have a body like our maidens, you can do your job well.
'Yeah, ...... too much .......'

You'd have to be macho beyond human standards to do that. ......

'If it's not the same work as mine, but office work or customer service, I can leave it to a girl like her.
'It's Norma's job that she's longing for, isn't it?
'That's right. ...... I'll buy your efforts, though. ......'

But Norma seemed quite happy, saying something like that.
I think the junior staff is cute.

Is ...... okay with you?
It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. ......

'Muscles kill boobs, but ......'
'What are you talking about with a girl who's still growing? ...... Choose your words carefully.
'Norma's tits are awesome!
'That's not what I meant!

I complimented the most suitable person properly!You're being unreasonable!

'Well, I'm going to make sure to see how well you do among these beastmen, aren't I?

'Among these beastmen,' Norma said.
Molly is a raccoon, and Millie is a nana-hoshitennou.
I looked to see who the white team was, and saw Barbara standing there.

'The first prize that Teresa didn't get, Aashi will get it!

It is said to be ...... to get the first prize in place of Teresa, who was narrowly defeated by Masha in a special frame race, but Delia was the one who carried Masha, and it was extremely difficult to beat her, or even to lose to her.
But still, Barbara can't help but be enthusiastic.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
You'll find Mokoka in the tent, sticking his thumb up in the air, saying good luck.
So you're running with your best friend who can't participate on your back. You've got a lot on your shoulders. You have a tendency to lose, that's for sure.

When I saw Barbara, I realized something.
So, this race ......

'They're all B cups!
'You don't have anything else to think about, do you!
'Oh, ...... ladybug, don't say that out loud, please. ......'

Norma was angry with me, and Millie looked at me with tears in her eyes.
When I looked at the course, I saw Molly and Luanna looking down at me with red faces.
Oh man, ......

'I'm not as tolerant of boobs as Norma. I should be sorry. ......'
'I don't have that kind of tolerance either!
'Why not? You're used to having your tits played with, aren't you?
'Please don't mislead me!

No, I'm sure I didn't say anything wrong!
I'm not saying anything wrong! I'm not going to argue with you. It's not very popular. And I don't think you'll get much support from me here. It's a bit out of the way, really.

The waitress from the steering committee raises her arm.
That's the signal to stand by.
Molly and Luanna stare at the bread hanging in the air with tightened faces.
Millie looks a little uneasy, but somehow happy.
And Barbara is ......

'I'm going to go straight for it and cover it ...... with full speed ......'.

He's so enthusiastic that he's breathing hard.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be okay,......, because all the girls except Barbara are very quiet and seem to be very serious,......, and I'm worried about getting hurt.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.

'Get into position,.......'


All the runners rush out at once.
Molly and Luanna are swinging their arms hard and kicking the ground with beautiful form.
Millie, too, swings her arms from side to side in a so-called "girl's run," but she's an insect, and her speed is quite good.
But Barbara, who specialized in speed, was just as fast.

Molly, who had given Magda a good fight in the race, was left behind.
As usual, Barbara accelerated in a low stance, rolling up dust and sand.
She was the first to reach the pan and jumped up with her momentum.

He catches the bread with great skill, and--


Her momentum was so strong that she crashed into the wooden frame on which the bread was hanging.
It seems that she hit her nose as hard as she could.
He fell to the ground, writhing in agony and rolling around on the ground, screaming.


Amazing, Torbek's office.
It's such a makeshift wooden frame, yet it's so strong. I'm sure it won't falter even if a typhoon comes, and it can hold a hundred people.

'Umaro is really amazing, isn't it?
'I can destroy it, though. Shall I show you?
'You don't have to fight me.

Destroying it and being able to withstand impact are two different things.
It would be a pity for Umaro if he had to deal with Natalia and Delia. There are probably only a few materials in this world that can withstand such an attack that surpasses even natural disasters.

'K......!It hurts, but I got the bread!

Barbara endures the pain, stands up, and starts running toward the goal.
But before she could, Molly ran out. Luanna follows.

'When did they do that?

No. While you were writhing in agony.

Molly, as expected, seemed to get the hang of it after two jumps, and got the bread on the third.
Luanna, too, had a piece of bread in her mouth a few dozen seconds after Molly.
Luanna had jumped sixteen times, far more than Molly. She's the kind of person who learns with her body rather than thinking, and corrects errors through practice, isn't she? He's really a craftsman.

'I won't let you run in front of Arce!

Barbara shouts, chasing after the little back ahead.
The last spurt before the finish.
In the end, it's Barbara who has the edge in pure running, and the gap is closing fast, and ......

And ..................!

Just before the finish line, Barbara sneezed loudly and stalled.
Molly came in first and Luanna second.

...... Mm-hmm. Sometimes when you hit your nose, it makes you sneeze. Don't blow your nose.

So, all the riders except the red team have finished.
Millie is the only one left.

'Hm, yeah!Yeah!I can't get ............'.

Little Millie is jumping towards the pan far above her head.

'I thought players of similar height were supposed to run together?
'That's a basic rule. The fun comes first. For example, ......B Cup only race!

What's the point of having the same size tits?
No, well, I don't know how you feel about that.

'Also, since I put Molly in here, I wanted to mix her in with the younger girls as much as possible, in order to favor my army.
'Hey, come on. I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'Well, Miri can't help it, even if she's seen as such.
'Even Noma's ...... awful.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
Hmm, that makes sense.

'But that was unexpected.
'Master Yashiro wasn't too excited.
'As expected, not with a minor. ......'

I'm a former resident of Tokyo.
And the city ordinances are getting stricter.

'But Yashiro and Barbara are adults, right?He didn't seem too happy about it.
'He's too emotionless. ......'

He ran, he jumped, he hit the ground with a thud, he fell with a thud, and after that he rumbled and rumbled. ...... There was no time to enjoy the shaking.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
'Oh, that's a great quote.
'It's not a quote, Natalia. ......'

This kind of unsteady, unpredictable swaying is the essence of boobs.
Hey, isn't that right, folks?

'In short, children and children-intelligent boobs don't make me squirm, as a gentleman.
'Gentlemen don't get off on tits. ......'
'Yo, nice gentleman.'
'Natalia. Don't be amused.'

Norma smacks Natalia on the forehead.
They're playing like good little girls, aren't they?

Well, that's beside the point.

'I'm a gentleman who doesn't shy away from children, but I think I'll pay attention to ...... Millie because she seems to be an adult!
'Huh!I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think.

Millie hides her face and jumps up and down, trying to get out of the way as fast as she can.

That's it.
'Aaah ......'.
'But I'll do my best.

'Okay!I bought one!'
'I'm afraid it's not for sale.
'Yashiro, why don't you go tell Medora-san to take it down?

I'm not afraid of the vigilantes of the 42nd district, but with Medora, I can't even escape .......

The moment she managed to catch the bread, which was set to be as easy to catch as Jeannette's because of her height disadvantage, the whole hall broke into applause, and she ran across the goal with her face even redder than before.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

She hid her face with a large ladybug hairpiece and crouched down.
It's a great way to entertain the crowd.
It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you're the only one in the room. I'm sure they love you, Millie.

'......?I'm sorry.
'How can you make such a disgusting statement in this harmonious healing atmosphere ......?
'I didn't think ...... that even I had overlooked this ......!
'You shouldn't try to dye yourself into a yashiro, Natalia!

What a surprise. I was so distracted by Millie's gentle mood that I didn't look at her tits at all.
Millie is an adult this year, a grown woman. And yet ............
Well, I mean ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.
I'm not sure what to say....... But ...... children are fine ......, so don't look at them too much ......'.

If you're a kid, you're allowed to make a few mistakes.
If you're a child, it's natural not to do well.
This is the reason why the struggle between adults and children is going on in Miry.
That's how people grow up. So, Miri is growing up, too, in her heart.
If that's the case, one day ......

'One day, ......, I wonder if I'll ever be able to 'wow' Millie's tits. ......'
'You don't have to come!

'Then I'll do it for you.
You don't have to do this!Come on, Natalia. I think it's time for you to go. I'll take care of the chaperone for Yashiro, so get to the waiting line.

At Norma's urging, Natalia gave her a bow and then left.
Yes, yes. I think Natalia should jump a lot.

I mean, .......

'Why Norma?
'I'm an early member of the committee.

'That's true, but Norma has a race coming up.

'Then why don't you go get Estella and the manager?

Get Estella or Jeannette to ......?
Estella always interrupts me when I'm frolicking with my tits, and Ginette is ...... 'please repent already' ............ yeah, I like Norma.
Norma will tolerate me just fine.

'Nice to meet you, Norma.
'I really can't help it when you're so obvious. ......'

I'm somewhat taken aback.
Honesty is always to be admired.

'Come on, let's go get some bread for the next race.

He pushed me to go to the course.
As expected of a hardware maker. The installation of the pan went smoothly. So, technically Norma was the right person for the job.

'I'll definitely have the cream buns.
'You're going to save your milk to make it bigger. Good for you!
'No, I'm not!Don't look at me with those sparkly eyes!

Don't look at me with your sparkly eyes!' Norma walks back off the track, puffed up.
She's all puffed up. She's purring. ...... What?Before you know it, you'll be staring at her butt!

I'm sure you'll have fun preparing for the race.
It's going to be fun preparing for the race.

'Get in position, okay!


The race continues, and the smiles grow by the numbers.
Everyone seems to be shocked by the new bread.
And as soon as they learned that they would soon be able to eat this bread on a daily basis, their smiles grew into full bloom.

As a publicity campaign for the bread, it was a great success.
It has done its job well.
So ......

'I'm going to enjoy myself to the fullest without any regrets!
'Yashiro, if you make too much noise, you'll get in the way of the players!

I was warned over and over again as I worked to prepare for the race.
I don't think it's hard. There's a reward on the other side of hard work!

And so, once again, the high-profile race was about to begin.

'This is another ...... amazing combination.'

I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of all these people lined up there.
When they're all together, they're really powerful.

Natalia from the blue team, Deborah from the white team, Gilberta from the red team. The head waiter is lined up in a row.
You can find them at ....... Yellow team, why Ukrines?

'Hey, Norma.
'Oh, shut up. ...... The Yellow Team didn't have anyone who could compete with those head waiters.

So Ukrines came forward on his own.
Well, no matter who comes out, we'll have a hard time.
Norma is guaranteed a place in the final race after this one, and Medora ran with the old men. Even Paula will have a tough time against the head waiter.
So, the best thing to do is to throw in people who deserve to lose.

The players who are thrown in are not happy, but if they are candidates, there will be no problem.
You've got a lot of guts, Uclines.

I mean, look at her like this... Gilberta is so small. Well, her boobs have a lot of presence!
Short stature, big breasts. She's a valuable person who's treated like a goddess wherever she goes.

Okay, let's support Gilberta!

'Good luck~ Gilberta~'
'Lady Kometski, why are you cheering for the enemy army and not me?
'Deborah-san. This is what is called 'breast favoritism'. ...... To overlook the value of more than just size, ...... Yashiro-sama is not ready yet.

And then...And Natalia is posing. It's a pose that makes full use of the beautiful S-shape of the woman's weapon.
It is true that in terms of balance and style, Natalia is close to perfect.
But I love gaps, men!
Big is good!If it makes you look bigger, so much the better!

I even make a big bowl of rice!I like extra large portions too!

'Hmmm... It's fun to mix with the young girls. It's so lively and glamorous, it makes me feel young again, like I'm the same age as you.

Hahaha. Ukrines, good joke.
If you insist on being the same age, try taking off those long pants!
No, you really don't have to take them off!

And so, the race for the head waiter With Uclines began at the sound of the bell.

The one who jumped out was Gilberta.
Gilberta made a rocket start with her head almost touching the ground.
However, Natalia and Deborah also made up for their initial delay within a short distance.

I wonder why: ......
Natalia doesn't look like she's in a hurry at all, yet she's so fast.
She is moving at a very fast pace, with an expression and posture that makes her look like she is standing elegantly. It's as if she's riding on a moving sidewalk, and the sense of discomfort is unbelievable.
Deborah and Gilberta's expressions show that they are trying hard, but Natalia's face is always 'plain'.

'Oh my, you're all so fast! Wait~'

Ukrines is running far behind the head waiters, hurrying from place to place.
I thought, 'This is going to be a pity for Ukrines. ............


The head waiters suddenly stopped and stopped moving.
The three of them stared silently at Ukrines as he slowly approached.
Then, just as Ukrines reached the bread, the waiters began to move.
Natalia and Deborah are on either side of Ukrines.
And Gilberta, about a meter in front of Uclines.

'What?What is it?'
'Don't worry, just keep running.
'Just keep running.

As Natalia and Deborah told him, Ukrines moved his feet at his own pace.
In the middle of this, Natalia and Deborah took Ukrines' arms at the same time, and Gilberta kneeled down and made a foothold with her hands.


With question marks flying all over the place, Ukrines flew through the air, as the head waiters had invited him to do.

Natalia and Deborah supported her body, and Gilberta acted as a stepping stone to lead her up into the sky.
The trajectory was gentle, the altitude matching the height of the bread and the mouth as if it had been measured.
Uclines, with the best arrangement, caught the bread in one shot.

Before she knew it, Gilberta was waiting for her at the landing site, and she received the plump woman, who seemed to have some weight, with a gentle movement like a cradle.
Perhaps Ukrines did not feel the slightest shock.

'Oh dear. You took it off, didn't you, bread? Oh, isn't the new bread delicious?

Uclines landed on the ground, his face flushed from the brief trip through the air and the taste of the new bread. She's smiling.

'......?I just had to support you!
'Me too, sir!
'I think, I think, this is an occupational hazard ......'.

They've been in the habit of being supportive.
I'm not sure what to make of that. Uclines are not your masters, nor are they nobles,......, but if they support anyone and everyone, it may be an occupational hazard.

But I think it's a good idea. Natalia, ...... no, I think Natalia Owen, the head waiter of the Forty-second District's lord.
'Not at all.

Gilberta and Deborah's foreheads were sweating as they looked at Natalia.

'Guided, waiter's blood, to her.'
'She was the first to move. And it was very natural.
'The instructions were given in silence, and I'
'When I lifted the lady, I tilted my center of gravity by about seven millimeters, but I made up for it and got her back on the best trajectory, which was nothing short of brilliant.
'It's not so surprising. It's just that I remembered Mr. Ukrines' breathing. The two of you did quite well, too.

We're talking about a different dimension!
What, did he give you a silent command, did you tilt your center of gravity by seven millimeters, or did you remember his breathing?
Are you guys really human?

'Natalia Owen wins, I think, this game.
'I have no objection.
'Then I will presumptuously accept the honor.
'Race you, Natalia!

Estella's voice came from the outside.
It may have made sense to some of the waiters, but the winner of this race is Ukrines. I have no objection to that.

'Then let's get back to the race.
'I hope so.'
'This is where it all begins!

The waiters head for the three remaining loaves.
Gilberta is the first to jump!
I don't know what happened to the bread, because I didn't have time to look at it, but the E-cups were shaking under the laws of gravity and inertia. but the law of gravity and inertia was playing with her E-cups and they were shaking.
My eyes were drawn to her.
I wonder if there is a gravitational force in breasts?Hey, what do you think, Nyuton-sensei!

And Deborah!
She's the kind of girl who's too preoccupied with her feelings.
Even though I tell her not to use her hands, her hands come out before her mouth. However, the rule against touching the bread with her hands is observed, and as a result, she jumps up and down while doing a meaningless banzai.
It's such a useless movement. ......

'I love the way her belly button flickers every time she bangs!

I'm not sure if Deborah's gym uniform is long enough.
It's very nice!
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
It's very nice!
And her D-cups ripple powerfully above it!

It's so good!

Oh, shit.
I should've taken Norma's eye out and glued the pan to the hardware with superglue.
I want to see more of this race.

That's all it took.
Natalia, the do-it-all waiter, caught the bread in one jump.

Oh, dear!
You don't understand!
Natalia, you don't understand.
You don't know what you're doing!

'I'm sure you can do this if you've had a prime seat for that many times.

d*mn, was it a mistake to ask Natalia to help? ......
The other two will probably master it in a couple more ...... of these, too.

'Well, if you'll excuse me.

Refusing the other two head waiters, Natalia headed for the finish line.

'Natalia, you're the best waiter I've ever had!

I know!
Natalia, I know you!
That's it!
That's it!
That's what I, no, that's what the boys, no, no, that's what the world wants!

Natalia finishes with a plop.
I don't know what that means, but the cheering section applauds.
I'll give you mine. A standing ovation!


'That's what I think, Natalia Owen. You know exactly what's expected of you at this moment.
'Life is a constant learning experience, and I'm grateful to have had the good fortune to participate in this event.

Gilberta and Deborah caught the bread at almost the same time, then followed Natalia's example and skipped to the finish line.
The sight of bouncing tits with different amplitudes crossing the finish line must have been etched in the minds of those who were there.
If any of them were to write a history book, this day would surely be written clearly. Take about four pages, and be thorough and detailed.
You can learn the year by reading the words together, such as 'Let's shake our nice tits, ward athletic meet', future students.

'Phew~...... was a great game. Hey, Norma. ...... Huh?Where's Norma?'
'Norma went to the waiting line to get ready for the race.'

I was so engrossed in the game that I turned around and saw that Norma was not there, but Estella was standing in her place.
I thought, 'Race you, Natalia! I thought I heard that very close by.

'I want to give Natalia time to eat her bread. I'll stay with her until the end.

However, there were only a few races left.
Huh. ...... This fun time is almost over.
I think I'm going to get May blues. ...... I'm going to be apathetic. ......

I was starting to feel depressed, but the bread-eating contest was still very fun, meaningful, and most importantly, soft.
The girls at the end of the race were eating the bread and happily exclaiming, "It's so soft!
But there is something even softer, you know.
It's your boobs.

'Hmm?Yashiro, did you just think of the silliest thing?
'Are you an esper?

You're an esper. Don't try to sense people's thoughts.
And while I was doing that, the final race came and went.

Although the bread-eating race was more of a show than a publicity stunt, the aces of each team gathered here to make the last race more exciting.

Delia from the red team was eagerly waiting.
The yellow team was led by Norma, who had helped them earlier.
From the white team, Magda, who lacks the age and height to be an ace, but there is no one else who could be.
The strongest beastmen in the 42nd district, who were becoming familiar with each other, were all here.


I was expecting Natalia to be here, but an unexpected person came out to represent the blue group.

'Estella-sama~. Please watch me!

Tracy McCurry.

Lord of the 27th district and former tantrum princess.
She's an Estella fanatic and ranks quite high on the list of disappointing lords, but honestly, she doesn't seem like the athletic type.
Why is this guy ......

'When Natalia decided that she was going to participate in the head waiter competition, she was the one who recommended her.
'Natalia did?
'She said there was no one better for the final race.
'But I'm surprised Tracy agreed.
'That's, well, .......'
'...... Estella, did you force her to do it with a smile?'
'No, I didn't mean to ......, but when I said ............, "I'd appreciate it if you'd answer... ...you know.'

That's the same as asking you to participate.
But who is the right person for the final race? ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try.
I could die four times just from collateral damage alone.

'Oh, no. Another diplomatic issue. ......'
'It won't come to that!I'm sure Magda and the others will take care of that. Norma's here too.'
'You know, Estella...... Norma hates to lose, you know?I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

The only time Norma shows her care is when she feels comfortable, such as when she feels she is far superior to her opponent, when events occur outside of her domain, or when she feels strongly that someone is relying on her.

In the event that you're not sure whether you're going to win or lose against Magda or Delia, you can't expect ...... Norma to be relaxed and considerate of her surroundings in such an interesting race.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ......

'Ah~............ this'.

She sweated profusely, coughed vainly, and Estella put her hand to the side of her mouth.

'Miss Tracy. Please don't get hurt~ (I don't want any diplomatic problems)'
'Ahaha ......!Estella-sama is worried about me ......!You're so kind ......!
''Wait, Estella!My lord just blew his nose!
'...... I'm fine. That's his speciality.'
'Oh, I see. There are all kinds of lords out there.

Norma panicked, but Magda seemed to have gotten used to it. And Delia is unfazed.
I'm not sure who is the most sane of the bunch, but I'm pretty sure Tracy is the weirdest.
...... There's a lot of publicity about the lords of the realm today. I hope it's not my fault.

'Estella, what are you going to do about the bloodshed?
'I'd like to think it's not my fault ....... I really do.'

Nene rushed over to wipe Tracy's bloody nose.
The red stains splattered on her white gym uniform have formed a polka dot pattern. Fashionable~,...... is hardly the word I'd use. You can change later. I'll help you if you want.

'If you want, I'll help you ......!
'Come on, it's starting!Be quiet!

d*mn it!
Estella's senses are sharpening every second.
There's a chance she'll say, 'Then, please'!
There's no chance of that!
It just so happens that I have ten "Sleeping with Estella" tickets in my hip pocket. As a trump card in case of emergency.
Show this to her and she'll ............

'Help me change my clothes ......!
'Yashiro, shut up!

It's ...... fine, it's fine. Ijijiji.

'Magda~n!Keep up the good work!
'Delia-san!I know we're not on the same team, but I'll cheer for you to the death!
'Norma-dono!Please shake it loudly!
'Just a little time...'

Oumalo and Goozuya are having a great time.
We'll leave out Bekko, who was having a blast a while ago, now that he's quieted down.
Now that Norma has finished her work and is back on the course, it's time to start the race!

'On my mark, yay!'


The sound of bells rang out, and the ground let out a short, low roar.
The three beastmen kicked the ground in unison, and the earth seemed to shake slightly.

Magda was the first to reach the pan.
She's changing her speed depending on the opponent, isn't she? I don't know if he does it consciously or unconsciously, but his power is so different from when he competed with Molly. His speed is more convincing.

The dust rises high into the sky, and on the smoky earth, Magda lowers herself and shakes her ass.
This is the gesture that felines make before pouncing on their prey.

's*xy, s*xy, s*xy, ............ pfft.'

Beyond the breaking point, Umaro sank to the ground.
Another one of District Forty-two's famous perverts has burned up. ...... Hey, Natalia. Stop placing the fallen Oumalo next to Becko. It's not a morgue.

'...... hunting'.

Magda took aim and jumped up with every spring in her body.
Just when I thought I had him, the bread hanging in front of Magda bounced away with a pop.

'Oh, I'm sorry. I must have hit you on the cheek.
'...... Norma'.

Norma caught up with Magda and intercepted her.
Magda twisted in midair, and Norma, her long hair fluttering, glared at each other.
Delia catches up to them, and a three-way battle ensues.

I'm not going to let that happen.I'm not sure what to do.
'...... evade'.

Norma and Magda jump back as Delia rushes forward.
In the empty space, Delia jumps. However, her momentum was too strong as she charged forward with all her might to force Magda and the others to retreat.
Delia popped the bread off her face.
She landed roughly with white powder on her cheeks.

Delia wipes the powder from her cheek with her thumb and gently brings it to her mouth.
She licks her thumb.

'Aaah!It's so sweet!

It seems that the melon bread powder was very sweet, and Delia writhes in agony.
Seeing this, the third serious patient, Goozuya, sank to the ground.

'Pretty ...... too ............ ...... attached'.

Natalia is hurriedly arranging them in the morgue.
You're having a little fun, Natalia.

'...... can't be helped in this situation.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this. Twin tails.
Then she spins fast between Delia and Norma.


The twin-tails, wriggling like whips, hit Delia and Norma.

'What the hell, Magda?Is that possible?
'...... What?Magda just tied her hair up and moved around a bit.'
'Oh, ...... I see. Well, I'm not going to let you get away with it!

Quickly, Norma braided her hair up at high speed.
A very long braid is completed in no time.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I like the gap between her simple-looking hairstyle and her nice body. ......

I'm sorry about that!I'm not sure what to do.

Norma swings her hair around with the ferocity of a lioness.
A tightly knotted braid strikes Magda. But Magda dodges it with a flick of her finger.

'Hmph!I've got long hair, too!

Delia sees Magda and Norma and immediately tries to copy them.
But ......

'Oh, no!I can't get it to work if it's not at the usual height!

Oh, I see.
That's why Delia tied her hair low.
Delia can't just raise her arms and tie her hair where you can't see it.

'Hmph!Then I'll bounce that hair back and be the first one to get the bread!
'I won't let you!
'It's impossible to surpass ...... Magda.'

The three girls jump towards the bread at the same time.

'I'm the one who likes sweets the most out of all of them!
'I've never forgotten the taste of ...... the day I tasted it, not even for a second!
'...... Magda is the cutest'.

Each of them shouted their passion for bread.

I'm sorry. Well, there's one girl who's not on point, but don't worry about it. It happens all the time.

The three of them approaching the bread.
Delia's on the wrong track.
But Norma's in a good position. Magda mutters to herself as she is about to ...... be taken out.

'......If you open your mouth too wide, you'll see the lines ......'.

Norma closes her mouth involuntarily. The bread hits Norma's lips and bounces. Wow, that bread is going to sell!Cream bread with Norma's hickey (26,000 yen tax excluded). ...... Yeah, I'll buy it!

I'll buy it. ...... You can't do that, can you?

And Magda, who interfered with Norma, also missed the bread because her timing was not right.
I'm not sure what to do.

--And all of this was done in the air, and in just a second or two.
You guys are outrunning time and space.

And the three girls landed in turn.

As Delia stepped on the ground, the taut twin hills shook powerfully.

'This is the geocentric theory!

The great men of the past must have seen those two shaking mountains and came up with the geocentric theory!
I've just glimpsed the truth of history!

Then, Norma.

'Oh, man!That was a close one!

Normally, Norma would have used her knees to absorb the impact at the moment of landing and landed more quietly, but because she was twisting her body to stare at Magda, she couldn't kill the impact of landing.
The impact went straight through her body, shaking the softest part of her body unsparingly.
Plop, plop, plop.

'Two bounces!I've got two bounces on each side in one landing, now!I'm not sure what to make of that.

That's two for one, Norma, you horrible girl!

In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more than one.
And then...

'...... poin~n'.

He made a shaking sound with his mouth.
I'll buy your ...... effort. Yeah.

'...... body, but the soul shook. The soul of the tits inside Magda.

So Magda's tits have individual souls. That's awesome.
I hope the body will shake more than the soul.

And when I looked at Magda, I saw that her ...... tail was swaying.
In the case of a dog, a wagging tail can be interpreted as a sign of joy, but this is not the case when a cat's tail wags.
When a cat's tail is swaying slowly, it is aiming at its prey.

I was thinking about it, but the answer came to me rather quickly.

'...... Unya'.
'Hey, come on!Magda, that's my bread!

Magda punched the bread that Delia had flicked away.
But then she turns on her heel and jumps on Norma's cream bun.

'...... nya'.
'Don't use your hands, Magda!

The bread flees from Norma's mouth just as she's about to suck on it.

'Isn't that a foul?
'I'm sorry, Norma. It's just instinct.'

I quickly follow up.
Of course it's tempting to flirt with them when they're being flung around so much. You can't help it, you know. In Magda's case.

'So let's say it's OK if you don't use your hands to take the bread?

Estella says it's instinctive, so she makes a compromise.
Delia and Norma reluctantly agree to it.

'Then it's okay to do this, right?

However, Norma did not seem to forgive herself for being interrupted twice, and punched the bread on the next course with all her might.

Pan, plump.
Magda '...... nyah'.

'Haha. That's funny, Magda.

Delia is amused by Magda's behavior and plays with the bread.
You don't see Magda playing with things very often, but the combination of ...... delicious bread, the fun atmosphere of the field day, and the excitement of being cheered on by so many people, I guess she's in a bit of a spoiled brat mode right now.
She sometimes comes to me without warning. There must be some kind of switch.

'Ha-ha-ha!All right, Magda!Let's go get it!

Delia hit the bread on the string, and Magda chased after her.
Magda chased after her, but when Delia hit the bread, it slipped out of the metal fittings and flew away.

'Oh, no!

Magda, who had been playing with the bread, chased after it, but Tracy, who had been jumping on the bread unobtrusively, was at the other end.


The trajectories of Tracy, who had just kicked the ground at an inopportune moment, and Magda, who had passed the top and begun to fall, overlapped.

'Watch out!It's going to hit us!'

Estella shouts, but there's nothing she can do about it now.
Tracy and Magda are getting closer.

'Oh no!
'Avoid .......'

Tracy raises her arms to protect her head in surprise.
Magda, on the other hand, remains calm and twists her body in the air.

'......A little contact is inevitable......Please forgive me.'

After muttering and flipping her body, Magda's foot kicks Tracy in the chest.
It was a soft touch, just a light touch.

So, I guess it was not an external shock that caused this, but an internal pressure.
Her arms were raised above her head in an unreasonable position, putting an excessive load on the sarashi that tightened around her body, and the sarashi burst.

Following the buzzing sound of the laceration, 'byeeeeeein! I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm sure you'll like it.

'''' Illusion,'''' Illusion,'''' Illusion,'''' Illusion,''''

Illusion, again!

Tracy was in the air and gravity led her to land.
At that moment--

'''' Fantastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

The gospel rang out to the world.

It was as if the absurdity of the world was being cleansed away by the gentle and majestic swaying of her big, hidden breasts (though they weren't hidden anymore).
Several men, no, dozens of men, who witnessed this scene, lost consciousness and collapsed in a heap due to the sheer divinity of the scene.

To tell the truth, I don't even remember who won the last race.
I couldn't see the road ahead because of my tears!

I remember what Natalia told me. I'm overlooking the value of more than size.
So this is what she meant.
In terms of size, Delia is the best of the bunch.
But Norma's tits with two normal attacks and Tracy's surprise illusions are packed with more charm than size.
Of course, Delia's bouncy H-cups are hard to beat!
But the G-cup duo of Norma and Tracy can never be discarded!You can't throw them away!You can't throw them away!
I'm sure you're right, Natalia.

So that's what she meant.
So that's what Natalia was talking about when she said Tracy was the one for the job.
This is the kind of excitement that is appropriate for the final race. ............ Oh, my God. I can't believe I'm being put through this.
You've got it .......

Natalia ......, you're number one.

By the hands of Natalia, dozens of men were laid out and arranged in the morgue, and the morning program of the field day of the forty-two wards was over.